Officials were concerned injecting seawater may cause a sustaining chain reaction or re-criticality

Published: May 19th, 2012 at 5:34 am ET


Subscription Only: Ex-industry minister blasts Kan’s handling of nuclear crisis
AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
May 18, 2012

As an example of the poor communications, Kaieda said he told TEPCO to pump seawater into the reactors to cool them on March 12, 2011. But the government decided to reconsider the plan after Kan said the nuclear fuel may again reach a sustaining chain reaction.

From May 18 Nikkei Shinbun article translated by EXSKF:

About injecting seawater into the reactors to cool, Kaieda said Mr. Kan expressed his concern that injecting seawater might cause re-criticality.

Published: May 19th, 2012 at 5:34 am ET


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22 comments to Officials were concerned injecting seawater may cause a sustaining chain reaction or re-criticality

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  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    "…Kan said the nuclear fuel may again reach a sustaining chain reaction."

    Well, they've been using large amounts of seawater all along. What is it, X tons per hour? Even any fresh water they use drains right into the ocean.

    Hey, look at all this stuff lying around. Let's throw it into the ocean! Rods, cranes, bracing – anything that sinks.

    If they're so concerned, why aren't they down there working?

    Cowards. All of them, every last one, all Hikyoumono.

  • Longjohn119

    Well the fact of the matter is they should have been concerned. The rods/cores were melting down and regular water was getting instantly split into hydrogen and oxygen which caused the explaosions …

    So what happened when you ass mineral and chemical laden seawater and it starts splitting the atooms off the molecules like it does with pure water?

    NO ONE REALLY KNOWS … And no one really knows what new isotopes there are out there that are as deadly or deadlier than known isotopes …. And no one appears to even be looking

    Ya keep rolling them dice and sooner or later you'll come up snake eyes, GUARANTEED!!!!


    You have to watch the on air portions. The other bits are not so good. But really respectable information is contained on the fukushima crisis. (a good listen). However the host, not so much…

  • kintaman kintaman

    Bullsh*t they were more concerned about destroying the plants and them losing money. Idiots that they are.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Follow the money Boys….and girls. Until we TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF NUCLEAR they will continue to RULE. If I had money, I'd invest in SOLAR AND WIND. I'd buy stocks in EVERY SINGLE ENTITY OUT THERE. Afterall, after Daiichi, wind ect is the way of the FUTURE. Why dont these nuke guys get a clue? Oh that's right. We FOOT THE BILL 4 them. Easy Peasy.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Kintaman is right. As Kurt Vonnegut said, 'we could have saved the world, but we were too cheap.'
    I wish he wasn't right, too.

    • kintaman kintaman

      I had not hurt that quote but it is right on the f*cking money. They could have lessened this disaster immensely if they had acted quickly and decisively but instead TEPCO lied and held back and Naoto Kan (not the hero he is trying to portray himself as) hummed and hawed over what to do. TEPCO did not want to put salt water into the reactors as they hoped they might recover them. What kind of insanity is that?

      Instead they are now destroyed along with the north eastern part of Japan. Sure the rest may not be yet but given time it will be as the contamination spreads via the air, incineration, rain, ground water, ocean, food, stupid humans and other means. This, as you all well know, will not be isolated to Japan as it spreads around the world. Also, Japanese exports will carry the contamination all around for us all to enjoy. This is all so disgusting that it has almost driven me mad. I have to force myself not to think about it or I will drive myself (and my family) literally insane. Even when trying not to think about it I have to avoid certain foods and stay out of the rain….crazy world.

  • CaptD CaptD

    Saltwater would have "killed" the reactor, that was TEPCO's biggest worry;I believe.

    I read where Kan called the person in charge at Fukushima and told him to inject seawater ASAP, despite what others told him to do publicly (Kan included), because they all were "playing" the Media and the Utility Gangs…
    BUT I do not have a link…

    I believe Ex-PM Kan saved the day for Japan and all the people downwind!
    If they had not injected saltwater they would have had a much bigger problem!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Hi Capt….been in and out all day. No sign of Jtt?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Oh and appreciate your comment too. Remember way back when, we were saying Kan truly was trying his best to control this situation. And lo and behold! Time for New PM!! The NUKE PEOPLE love Noda. Kan not so much. bye bye!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    See this yet?
    I'm gonna send this to Right This Minute…
    If you run across any "interesting" videos, be sure to send them to RTM. If we all keep doing that, we WILL wake the Producers up to the dire situation in Japan…and how many of us are AGAINST NUCLEAR. It's a great show, in the morning here at 9am 5 days a week.