OPCOM emergency survey of more black dust finds alpha radiation of 45 microSv/h — Measured at public housing project in Minami Soma

Published: February 18th, 2012 at 11:44 am ET


Title: More on Minami Soma’s Mysterious Black Dust: Spectrum Analysis by Prof. Yamauchi, and High Alpha Radiation Detection by an NGO
Source: EX-SKF
Date: Feb 17, 2012

[Heart Care Rescue]’s Facebook page has additional information of the surface radiation levels of this mysterious substance:【今消されたツイート】「黒い粉」通報によりHCRの専門部会OPCOM Institute of Isotopes緊急出動、放射線測定を済ませて只今帰還。南相馬市営住宅の駐車場でγ+β+α:61.321μSv/h、γ+β:15.622μSv /h,残り45.699μSv/h:α線!

(Tweet that just got deleted) Emergency survey by OPCOM Institute of Isotopes, special arm of HCR, upon the discovery of “black dust”. In the parking lot of a public housing project of Minami Soma City, measurement was:

which means α: 45.699μSv/h

HCR’s adds an exclamation point at the end, an apparent recognition of the alpha measurement.

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Published: February 18th, 2012 at 11:44 am ET


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37 comments to OPCOM emergency survey of more black dust finds alpha radiation of 45 microSv/h — Measured at public housing project in Minami Soma

  • many moons

    So much mystery
    First it was the yellow powder
    now it's the black dust..
    not a chemist in the world can figure out it's make up….maybe it's come from another planet….
    and what's killing the seals? No biologist can figure it out?
    Well we know what it isn't…it isn't radiation…why can we figure out what some of these mysteries are?
    Months go by…still a mystery!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      It's amazing isn't it mm? MYSTERY MY A**!

      • InfoPest InfoPest

        This Article I found might explain what the black stuff is.

        The lava rock material itself referred to as “tuff” is slightly radioactive. The same material is used as a carrier for chemicals like insecticide and as a filtration material. So it has a very high ability to absorb things. It is also frequently used as a road traction substance. If the local government has been using “tuff” as a road traction substance on the roads since it is winter in the area right now it could potentially be the source. That would mean that somewhere is a storage pile of this crushed lava rock that absorbed huge amounts of fallout. We already know outdoor piles of rock are at risk after gravel from Namie showed up highly radioactive. If this is lava rock being spread on the roads, not something else it does pose a significant risk to anyone handling it. Since this black substance has over 1 million bq/kg it has the potential to expose people to considerable amounts of radiation.

        Source; http://www.simplyinfo.org/?p=4943

    • StillJill StillJill

      That's too funny, (sick) manymoons! Don't these 'scientists' know they are "Dumb and Dummer" now? I'm talking Bart Simpson here!
      Larry, Curly, and Moe,…three blind mice, tweedle Dee and Tweedle DUMB-FUCK!

      • StillJill StillJill

        And, if their minds are THIS gone,…then their 'junk' is too. So let's hit 'em where it still hurts. Their egos,…."Whimpy" said it ALL 'or-well'!

        • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

          Ah, the Alpha emitter, the most dangerous radioactive particle to biological life forms.
          Less dangerous on the outside of the body because it had less penetrating power but with the recoil effects of the atom within the body, this is what does the most damage and in responsible for causing the high likely-hood of cancers. You can touch this stuff all day long but don't get it inside of you or you are done!

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        @StillJill..Nice change, addition to the "tweedle Dee, Tweedle…

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    SEALS has HIT Fluffington
    #Green #HuffPost: Alaska's Seals Not Sickened By Fukushima Radiation, Scientists Believe: ANCHOR… huff.to/wufEih

  • CaptD CaptD

    I saw this and thought it might be of interest to many readers:
    The concern over the weird ratio of I131 & Cs137 at Fukushima
    What’s amazing to me is that I seem to be the only one who thinks that I-131 levels should be decreasing with 8-day halflife because its only parents in the “standard NRC 60-nuclide list for reactors” are Te-131and Te-131m, both with shorter halflives, so they can’t be causing any I-131 buildup and certainly can’t cause the high levels of I-131 being reported in the flood of measurements that were published by TEPCO all on April 19, with measurements of seawater as far away as 15 km showing I:Cs rations of over 2:1 and as high as 3:1, but sometimes they’re equal, with few to none where I-131 is measured at levels less than Cs-134 and Cs-137 on a Bq/gram-water basis with 1000-second counting time of 1-liter sample, which matches up with usage of a gamma spectrometry machine like the GAM-AN1 by Canberra: http://www.canberra.com/literature/994.asp

  • CaptD CaptD

    I believe that the reason for the high Cesium counts is the interaction of Earth Quakes (EQ's) with the Coirium(s) with the groundwater below the complex and that may even be cause of the Black Dust that is now being widely observed in Northern Japan.

    EQ's + H☢T Corium(s) + Ground water = (Hydro Corium) Fissioning

    Fissioning + Time => Radioactive Steam Releases => Black Dust

  • StillJill StillJill

    Well, I'm deathly certain that 'they' do not have any idea what all 60?, 300, how ever many freaking isotopes HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN UNLEASHED UPON US, what effects synergisticly,…all swimming around on and in one another for 11 bloody months,…WILL TURN INTO!
    (Pardon the run-on sentence).

    I learned that in 3rd grade home ec cooking a cake!

    Think I'll go throw myself into a sauna to cool off???

    • Asahi: Sources say about 1000 kinds of radioactive materials …
      Jan 29, 2012 … Title: TEPCO to ratchet up efforts to decontaminate waterSource: AJW by The Asahi ShimbunAuthor: TAKASHI SUGIMOTODate: January 30, …
      enenews.com/asahi-sources-reveal-about-1000-kinds-of-radioactive-materials -released-from-fukushima

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Stock, you got mail. Just want to make sure you see this. 🙂

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    I'm sure everyone knows this already, but just out of curiosity I checked the comparison again between exposure limits for nuclear workers in the "US (Title 10, Part 20, of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR Part 20), "Standards for Protection Against Radiation," establishes the dose limits for radiation workers. Although the limits vary, depending on the affected part of the body, the annual total effective dose equivalent (TEDE) for the whole body is 5,000 mrem (5 rem)." (see NRC website: http://www.nrc.gov/about-nrc/radiation/health-effects/info.html#dose)
    This is a dose which appears to be the equivalent of 50,000 microsieverts per annum (see dose conversion charts at: http://www.stevequayle.com/ARAN/rad.conversion.html), from whatever source. The regulation does not appear to distinguish between internal and external exposure, which is an eternal problem when dealing with the nuclear industry. It also averages the dose to specific small organs over the whole body, another eternal problem with these people.
    Nevertheless, if we compare this figure (50,000 micrisieverts per year) with the 45.699 microsieverts PER HOUR coming from the black dust in Minami Soma, and we assume continuous exposure through air,food,water, etc for one year, X 8760 hours = a TEDE of 400,323.24 microsieverts per year, or roughly eight times the legal dose exposure for radiation workers in the United States (which in and of themselves should be denounced as ridiculously high, that is if anyone out there in power actually gave a damn about human life, safety, health and genetic sustainability).

  • arclight arclight

    【4.To A Nuke Plant】"Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Seen through the Eyes of Children" Series

    The 1st clip 【1.Introduction】is here:http://youtu.be/IRra9bqolO8
    The 2nd clip 【2.Looking Back】is here:http://youtu.be/FMo8BEiCWws
    The 3rd clip 【3.Children's Opinion Poll】is here: http://youtu.be/eBQSfkhLNE4

    "This clip is the second half of the Part 2 of the special video program entitled "What Is Our Future Going To Be?: Nuke Plants and Radiation Seen through the Eyes of Children," uploaded by OurPlanet-TV, a web-based media, on January 2, 2012.

    This 4th clip features a tour to the Hamaoka Nuclear Plant Exhibition Center, a PR center for the Hamaoka Nuclear Plant in Shizuoka Prefecture. Hamaoka Plant was ordered to stop by the former Prime Minister Kan in May 2011 due to the safety concerns, since it is built above an earthquake fault."


    link to japanese version on you tube page

  • Manifesto of Why Shut Them All Down
    I discovered just how poorly these plants were being run and how poorly
    they were designed from the get-go. And then I discovered how one of
    the basic premises of risk control, separation of risks, was completely
    ignored. That being that the used fuel rods were the most dangerous
    part of the plant, but for "convenience" the most dangerous things were
    stored right next too or even RIGHT ON TOP OF the reactors themselves.

    This is done to conserve cost, if they were to ship off the


  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    I believe they know exactly how much has been released, just like they know to nth degree how much money they made today. I figure they really want to protect their ~Family Jewels. Betting too that they have every measuring device possible around & in their homes now if they didn't before. And I would like to see just what kind of detoxification they do & the vitamins mixtures ect.

    How much water have they poured into those plants since the earthquake? And how saturated would that soil be? I would expect that those min quakes we have seen are mini china syndromes with soil as wet as it must be.

    With so much salt water in the soil & around the plant how would that affect the Corium?

    Thanks CaptD, it helps to have people put numbers ect. in context. I only know what I have learned since being here. I really do try to read most comments because of the information I learn from them. That is why I was here for months before commenting, trying to learn along the way.

    Could the these levels of Iodine be from them burning the wastes? I don't even know if that is possible, but it popped into my head reading the link.

    Good point StillJill, ya how do they react to all the chemicals in the air & soil?

  • How do iodine-129 and iodine-131 get into the environment?

    "Iodine-129 and iodine-131 are gaseous fission products that form within fuel rods as they fission. Unless reactor chemistry is carefully controlled, they can build up too fast, increasing pressure and causing corrosion in the rods. As the rods age, cracks or wholes may breach the rods. Cracked rods can release radioactive iodine into the water that surrounds and cools the fuel rods. There, it circulates with the cooling water throughout the system, ending up in the airborne, liquid, and solid wastes from the reactor. From time to time, reactor gas capture systems release gases, including iodine, to the environment under applicable regulations. Anywhere spent nuclear fuel is handled, there is a chance that iodine-129 and iodine-131 will escape into the environment. Nuclear fuel reprocessing plants dissolve the spent fuel rods in strong acids to recover plutonium and other valuable materials. In the process, they also release iodine-129 and -131 into the airborne, liquid, and solid waste processing systems. In the U.S., spent nuclear fuel is no longer reprocessed, because of concerns about nuclear weapons proliferation."

    No way does this come from burning radioactive waste, unless it is fissioning inside the furnace..

  • bleep_hits_blades

    "The whole west coast should have been evacuated. It's an extermination, Alfred…"

    "People should get the hell out of the northern hemisphere."

    Also – mass global starvation/food shortage. She recommends the Southern Hemisphere, right on the equator, in the mountains.

    Leuren Moret June 2011 interview. Very good info as usual.


    Just incidentally, Leuren has been black-balled by Jeff Rense, who periodically angrily rants about how the Fukushima quake could not possibly have been caused by HAARP.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    The concern here is what was the original output i the beginning. If the bq's alpha level are this high, what was the out put of the gamma and beta in the beginning before decay? What solid objects, buildings, biological forms were exposed and dosed by them?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Yes, I have a lot of respect for Leuren Moret. She is very bright & does a lot of research; I have found her info to be very reliable.

    She's a long-time anti-nuke activist & was active with the Japanese activists, years ago, who tried to prevent the development of nuclear power in Japan.

    Her info on the Haiti & Indonesian quakes is excellent, very compelling. She backs up her statements with abundant supporting data.


    Her theory that HAARP was used to trigger the huge Japan quake – she backs that up with quite a lot of info about HAARP activity at that time, & US military ship in the area (as seems always to be the case when HAARP is used for this purpose).

    It struck a chill into my bones when, right after the Fuk. quake, BOTH Alex Jones & Jeff Rense IMMEDIATELY came out & delivered rants to the effect that NO WAY! could that quake have been HAARP triggered. This was BEFORE Leuren had any interviews about it.

    Rense used to have Leuren on his show, but not since she has come out with her views re HAARP & Fuk.

    Alex has never to my knowledge had Leuren on his show, & we know that he tirelessly searches for new & informed people to have on the air. So her exclusion is noteworthy.

    I mention this because, alas, I'm not certain that our trusted media gurus are necessarily all that trustworthy.

    It chilled me when both Rense & AJ come out with such definite statements – BEFORE they could know that for sure, & with absolutely no research/debate on it. Just open & shut case period!

    That is RED FLAG behavior in my book.

    Dis-info assets can be kept going & groomed, giving a lot of great info, held on the back burner, their trustworthiness built up JUST for use in such an important op as this one – if the Fuk quake was indeed an 'op'…. which I think is a possibility that cannot be dismissed out of hand, as Rense & AJ (the supposed rivals) would have us believe.

    Just 'food for…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    … thought. And more food for thought here —

    Re Rense on Moret – in Rense's most recent session with Yoichi Shimatsu (whom I respect and who has terrific info), Rense went into another tirade on that subject, that HAARP was not, could not have been, used to trigger the Fuk quake.

    Youichi agreed, but rather hesitantly, it seemed to me. My impression was that Rense pretty much sprang that on Yoichi, surprising him and placing him in the awkward position of having to agree or commit a sort of faux pas by disagreeing with his host – which Yoichi could have done in a tactful way; but he had to think quick and chose to be polite. But his agreement rather lacked conviction, it seemed to me.

    I am leaning towards seeing Rense as a tool of the dark forces here, unfortunately. No way of knowing for sure, but it really looks like he has been tasked with trying to destroy the credibility of Leuren's HAARP theory, which I think has sufficient plausibility that it cannot be so readily dismissed.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    bleep_hits_blades, I wish I had taken her advice when Leuren Moret was screaming to people on the West Coast to flee to somewhere like Ecuador last Spring. She was the only one doing so that I can remember.

    She was also the only one to warn, in the Japan Times in 2004, that an earthquake could cause a devastating nuclear catastrophe there. So, I'll listen to anything that she has to say.

  • Summary of where radioactive iodine comes from

    Spent fuel pools with damaged fuel rods; plenty of these at Fukushima

    Nuclear reactors damaged by melt down/melt throughs – Fukushima

    Fission from melted corium – Fukushima

    A good conclusion would be to say that unless some other facility is melting down, that radioactive iodine being found at this point; nearly a year after the 'accident', it is coming from Fukushima reactors, corium,

    • CaptD CaptD

      Sadly the nuclear fix is in, TEPCO and the Japanese Gov't. are in nuclear denial* as to their responsibility and or the effects of that denial on the health implications of ALL nearby residents…

      We are now are being ruled by those in Nuclear Denial*; instead of by Leaders that demand an end to the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disast­er RISK that Nuclear poses to mankind! The nuclear industry is fighting tooth and nail to maintain it's market share; yet NOW Solar (of all flavors) is far less costly to construct, faster to construct and carries with it N☢ Nuclear radioactiv­e baggage that can kill a Countries economy and or those living nearby!
      Ask The Japanese!

      *Nuclear Denial
      The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!
      Remember Nature does not follow design basis calculations or even engineering RISK formulas…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Yes, NoNukes, I've been very impressed with how accurate Moret's info has been – what she was saying IMMEDIATELY after the quake and destruction of the plants. She predicted so much, so accurately, and way back then she was saying that Tokyo and the West Coast and Hawaii should be evacuated.

    Still not to late to leave – better than remaining, esp. if SFP 4 goes, and is looking like it probably will.

    For myself, I'm older and just don't want to try to relocate. I used to be such a traveler and adventure-lover, but no more.

    I seem to have what people used to call a broken heart – am just crushed, devastated, frankly, at this huge travesty/ disaster. It is just to big to take in, and move on.

    Younger people probably have more energy and resilience. But for me, if this is the kind of world we live in, and the kind of people who have the power in it, then I just lack the motivation, the will, to keep struggling to make it here.

    • 8thandLamar 8thandLamar

      Wow…thanks for the commiseration. Early on, I was able to evac. some younger friends and family and I was planning to follow. But I seem to have hit a wall. I thought it was post-Lymes BS, but ya’ know what!?! It’s a F-in’ BROKEN HEART !!

      Thank you enenews information AND psychotherapy……

  • CaptD CaptD

    Yet more from me about this:

    Here is my explanation of the Black G☢☢

    I believe that the reason for the high Cesium counts is the interaction of Earth Quakes (EQ's) with the Coirium(s) with the groundwater below the complex and that may even be cause of the Black Dust that is now being widely observed in Northern Japan.

    EQ's + H☢T Corium(s) + Ground water = (Hydro Corium) Fissioning

    Fissioning + Time => Radioactive Steam Releases => Black Dust aka Black G☢☢

  • tbbokun

    Can anyone refresh me on the burning of fuku waste, because when I hear black dust the first thing I think of is unburnt paticals, soot! Is it incinerated or is it just burnt in large bon fires. Smoke goes up, particles start to stick together, become to heavy to remain suspended, and fall back to earth as a black dust.