Oregon Official: Reports coming in of seafood with radioactive contamination, “They’re kind of secretive, they don’t want to give up their sources” — Locals concerned about impact Fukushima disaster is having on area fish (VIDEO)

Published: November 21st, 2013 at 2:09 pm ET


The Oregonian, Nov. 19, 2013: […] A pocket of doubt persists despite reassurances from scientists and federal health regulators that Pacific-caught seafood is safe to eat. Health officials say Fukushima radiation doesn’t pose a public health threat in the United States. That hasn’t stopped lingering concerns. Christina Mireles DeWitt, director of Oregon State’s Seafood Research and Education Center in Astoria, said she’s noticed an uptick in worries recently. She receives about a call a week from concerned residents who’ve relayed second-hand reports of contaminated fish. Their stories aren’t specific, though, and Mireles DeWitt (who still eats seafood) hasn’t pinpointed what’s causing the increased chatter. “They’re kind of secretive,” she said. “They don’t want to give up their sources.” […]

The Oregonian, Nov. 19, 2013: Fukushima radiation in Oregon fish; Andy Norris is concerned about the impact the Fukushima nuclear disaster is having on local fish — Oregon Filmmaker Andy Norris: […] We’re pooling resources, we’re buying a community Geiger counter […] This is a huge nuclear accident. It’s not done […] 400 tons of radioactive water is being dumped into the Pacific each day […] We think it’s prudent to be doing some testing […] It’s not going to go away soon. It’s still coming over […] This is going to go on for years, if not decades. […] It’s a very sensible idea to buy this community Geiger counter […]

Watch The Oregonian’s video featuring Norris here

Reports of Fukushima contamination in albacore tuna off Oregon coast: [intlink id=”tuna-contaminated-study-entire-food-web-including-humans-be-affected-fukushima-radionuclides-spread-west-coast” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 21st, 2013 at 2:09 pm ET


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72 comments to Oregon Official: Reports coming in of seafood with radioactive contamination, “They’re kind of secretive, they don’t want to give up their sources” — Locals concerned about impact Fukushima disaster is having on area fish (VIDEO)

  • Nick

    Gone fission. Back in 2.5 billion years.

    Just, pray tell is an acceptable level of Cesium-137? Strontium-90? Plutonium-239/240?

    If these radioisotopes are toxic, how can there be a "safe" level?

    We are discovering that glyphosphate, Monsanto's baby, is possibly toxic at a parts per trillion level.

    Who's to say that the same isn't true for radioactive atoms/particles?

    We fool ourselves into believing that levels are "safe" …"within allowable limits"… "at or below levels of concern by government officials" etc

    The human body is a marvelous organism and is capable of handling a lot of environmental stress, but
    I am not convinced that human made toxins are exactly what one might call "nutritional."

    So, go ahead and eat your fresh caught fish folks, it's the doubt about it's safety that you will be told is more harmful than the "levels at or below federal standards."

    Almost like radiation sickness only happens to sad people.

    • or-well

      It's not a safe planet.
      It never was.
      Nukes and chemicals have made it worse.
      Even if we went back
      to fighting with sticks,
      no one can predict
      the synergistic effects
      of chemical interaction
      on generations of births;
      too many variables,
      it's just too diverse,
      and now we have added
      Nuclear's curse.
      Just like the Martians
      in War of the Worlds,
      what brings us down
      may be the microbes,
      as they can beat us
      with how fast they evolve.
      Nukes are only one problem
      that we must solve
      if we want to have any
      chance to survive,
      in any form
      a time-traveller
      might recognise.

      • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

        I hope you don't mind if I read this to the local poet's group next week. You write so-well imho

        • or-well

          Blue_Heron, please, be my guest.
          Challenge them to make anti-nuke verse!
          They need not fear it being worse!
          Just don't tell me if they throw stuff…

          • The pro nukes are starting to throw bananas at you, Or-well… hoping you will slip and fall..

            However, they did not count on all of the ENENews folks here throwing up banana shields to protect you…

            So you will never see all of the millions of banana missiles raining down on you, as they were blocked by your supporters and friends here on Enenews.. 🙂

            • or-well

              Ya mess with the 'o'
              ya get the rhymes –
              Ya yellow-bellied nuke slime!
              OOOH – they got me…
              Fingers, I'm dyin'!
              They'll say I died with my skin on
              far from the plantation,
              unpeeled and rhymin' them nukes to tarnation.
              Maybe I'll reincarnate as a mutation
              and ba-nanite spores will be my new weapon.

              Really, or-well, I think yer slippin'-
              yer not dyin', just over-ripened.
              Let's peel out and get to fightin'
              the Banana Gang, those slippery liars.

              With syllables blazin' and smokin' vowels,
              Fingers and or-well with rhyme in their bowels
              will split 'em lengthwise
              and sprinkle nuts as they howl
              and the cherry on top
              is for when nukes shut down.

              I dunno…something got a hold on me…

      • Dax

        or-well, loved your post !

    • We Not They Finally

      One 50/millionth of a gram of plutonium can kill you. "Not safe."

      It just takes ONE so-called "hot particle" of plutonium lodging in your lungs to become an "internal emitter" to eventually cause lung cancer. Meanwhile, people in Seattle (for example) are said to be breathing in TEN hot particles PER DAY on average. That's 3,650 chances per year for each person to wind up with lung cancer.

      There is a great article about plutonium contamination alone on a greenroad blogspot. By Dr. Paolo Scampa.

      Plutonium-239 is just ONE radionuclide, of course. There is no "safe." "Safe" is a malignant myth.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Seattle was exposed to approximately 5 hot particles, per day, as the xenon cloud passed over us. Not everyday since. Not that it matters as we have plenty of rads all around us and more on the way..



        • +100000

          And how many of these hot particles were plutonium, compared to cesium, strontium, 1,000 other radioactive elements?

          It would make for an interesting medical/scientific study, which could lead to even more interesting conclusions..

          How many people inhaled and held onto how many hot particles? How many were excreted and how many % were thrown out by normal lung cleaning methods?

          How would you study this?

          The conclusions could provide lots of hope, or predict what is coming, the other way..

          Autopsies and scanning electron microscope studies maybe?

          How did they take pictures of the monkey with a particle in lung?

        • Pete

          How do you know what has happened since, or how many hot particles the people in seattle are inhaling daily Now? You are stating as fact things you do not know.

          Hot particles are physical matter, they do not come from a xenon cloud, they may have traveled on the same path at the same time but they are not the same.
          Fuku has been constantly off-putting stuff since, smoke and gasses that no one knows about, what particles are in that?. Those typhoons that hit japan recently also picked up a large amount of particulate and threw it across the pacific.

          How many hot particles did we inhale from that?

          How much plutonium fell on Seattle and when did it stop? Has it stopped? What about neptunium, or ruthenium or technium or cerium (I could continue of course). What days does that cloud of aerosolized plutonium which is Still flying around the earth daily pass over seattle?

          If you have any data regarding these matters, please let me know, however I live in seattle and have read both of your references before you posted them, and they provide no data to support your supposition.

          • Socrates


            The particles can and were measured by Arnie Gundetsen and a scientist who used air filters to draw air through a filter. Those filters were laid over photgraphic paper. Hot particles emit photons and electrons and other other emissions that create dark spots on the photographic paper.

            In one-day, an average of ten spots appeared on the paper from an approximate amount of air which an average man would breathe.

            Seattle had high readings as did Tokyo. You could send each particle to the lab but that is not necessary.Pro-nbikers quibbles about what school the scientist went to. But the science is valid.

            I have sceen the presentations by Marco Kalkofen and trust the validity of the science which was repeatly on Tokyo and elsewhere.

            Take the air filter off your automobile and repeat the investigation. It will probably be negative at this point in time in Seattle. You might pick up hot particles from the road even now. Sorry for the bad news.

            • Socrates

              Marco Kaltoken is a Registered Professional Engineer in Massasschusets. .His undergraduate studies were completed at Boston University. He is completing his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Worchester Polytechnic. He has thrity years experience in long distance transport of radioactive particles.

              The methods he uses are qualitative and to a degree qualitative. These methods have threatened those in the nuclear preisthood because nobady can argue that inhaling alpha particles is good for your lungs, yet fuel fleas come off reactors every day, especially during meltdowns and explosions. These particles must be small enough, less than 10 microns, to get into the alveolar sacks in the lung. Once there they may be engulfed by macrophages and moved to other places by arterial transport. Otherwise, these particles remain in the lung and emit alpha radiation. This causes the production of free radicals through hydrogen peroxide-type reactions. Cancer cells may result. Scarring may be seen on chest x-ray after several years.

              Transport is by aerosolation and jet stream transport. Contrary to the assertion of proNukes, these heavy particles become airborne and readily cross the oceans.

              • Socrates

                Your government does not want to take these particles into account because they would have to shut down many aspects of their favorite toys. Yet, since the time of radium, this effect has been well-known and repeatly documented.

                You cannot measure the radiation as with x-rays or external gamma rays. But hot particles emit internal radiation directly onto sensitive tissue internally for years, 24/7.

                • Pete

                  I know. Im in seattle and I have read everything you've quoted, in fact the filters they used in seattle replicated the average daily air intake of a healthy adult, it wasnt just a filter sucking in air.
                  This was a comment-jumble, my comment was in reference to the above statement
                  "Seattle was exposed to approximately 5 hot particles, per day, as the xenon cloud passed over us. Not everyday since." which is an untrue statement.

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Pete, There seems/appears to be quite a bit of supposition about how radiation contamination behaves. A statement of fact with this stuff is like the Wizard of OZ giving somebody a heart or brain or even courage. There is no way to follow this toxic stuff around and/or determine what if and how many hot particles you are breathing in today or even eating today or rubbing up against. They are everywhere now and they will follow their pre-determined decay rates depending on the types that are set free to roam the Earth.

                    I understand you are thinking and looking for some solid evidence to the contrary, but I am sorry that evidences does not exist. What does exist is the science we already know and it states the same.

                    I often tell others they may have dodged a hot particle and even radiation contamination only because there are no/so few humans here and the Earth which is covered 70% by water which grabs a great deal of this free flowing radiation contamination. We humans do not live in the oceans my friend, but we are starting to see the negative results this last 3 Core Nuclear Meltdown may be doing. Very disheartening for sure. 🙁

                    So as the oceans bring the hot particles free flowing around the globe with their predetermined "hot" decay rates closer to land, they may reemerge on the land as still "hot" particles/flees via many transport vectors. Bioaccumulation then comes into play as does the back ground radiation readings indicating such radiation…

                    • Pete

                      I am not looking for evidence to the contrary, it is a fact that fallout and plutionium fell and are falling on Seattle, I know, Im here.
                      However, perhaps I am not making myself clear.

                      It Is Much Worse Than We KNOW.

                      The statement "Seattle was exposed to approximately 5 hot particles, per day, as the xenon cloud passed over us. Not everyday since." is untrue in that:

                      -There were more than 5 particles a day… this low estimate based on a very limited survey, but even their average was 5-10 particles.
                      -particulate fallout did not (and does not) only fall when there is a Xenon cloud over Seattle, and the OP does not know when it falls or fell because the only the government does and they arent telling us.
                      Hence the statement is untrue.

                      The only real truth is that fallout has fallen and continues to fall, we just dont know what or when, and Id also be willing to bet that there are brand new things we've never seen before on earth are being created, none good for man.

                      And as much as the "sky is falling and world is over" statements annoy me (it may be but what does it help to re-state it again and again and again), minimizing the true impact and misinforming people annoys me even more.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Well there you go, and yes, you certainly realize then with what we are now dealing with and its all truly a very ugly reality of many unknowns.. 🙁 Invisible, odorless and tasteless.. 🙁

                      None of which any of us have any control over..
                      "because the only the government does and they arent telling us.
                      Hence the statement is untrue."

                      Where then is the truth you seek.. to be found?

                  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

                    Sorry Pete…The quote that "5 hot particles per day" were in the air for Seattle residents to breath during the early 2011 days after Fuku explosion comes from Arnie Gundersen. I am not willing to look for the reference now, but I do know it can be found both on Arnie's Fairewinds site and on enenews. Happy research hunting to you.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    Actually Arnie is very conservative. And it wasn't 5 hot particles in the air every day, but every person in Seattle was breathing in 5 hot particles a day. There were a huge mount of hot particles in the air.

                    “…Fairewind’s Arnie Gunderson says that people in Fukushima are breathing in 10 hot particles per day which only decreased to 5 per day in Seattle. These can lodge in lungs, digestive tract or bones and over time can cause cancers. They are too small to be detected on a large radiation detector….”

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        One drop of detergent can make five gallons of drinking water taste like crap. Put a drop of detergent into five gallons of greasy water and watch grease run. What are people thinking when they say, " The Fukushima radiation tainted water will be diluted?" Are they saying that it will have no effect? It's like saying that one drop of detergent will be diluted, so you can still drink it. Well, I know I wouldn't.

    • Gradius

      "It’s not going to go away soon. It’s still coming over". WRONG! In human term, is FOREVER. Yes, FOREVER. It will takes serevals MILLIONS YEARS to start to decay those levels again. For humans, a mere 1,000 years is already an Eternity.

    • JKBK

      So often I hear "Radiation level is very low and is only a small fraction of background radiation. So they will tell you that you not to worry." I watch video showing thousands of war veterans used as guinea pigs for nuclear testing and then were told that the health issue and pain they suffer later on is not due to radiation exposure. I wonder if there was anyone who has successfully sued government for radiation related illness.

      • Mack Mack

        Yes, some downwinders have sued successfully.

        In addition, there's something called the "Radiation Exposure Compensation Act."

        From wikipedia:

        The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act "is a federal statute providing for the monetary compensation of people, including atomic veterans, who contracted cancer and a number of other specified diseases as a direct result of their exposure to atmospheric nuclear testing undertaken by the United States during the Cold War, or their exposure to high levels of radon while doing uranium mining. The 1990 act provided the following remunerations:

        $50,000 to individuals residing or working "downwind" of the Nevada Test Site

        $75,000 for workers participating in atmospheric nuclear weapons tests

        $100,000 for uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters"


  • Nick

    what is an acceptable…


    What a clever way for a govt agency to downplay the news.
    "she’s noticed an uptick in worries recently. She receives about a call a week from concerned residents"

    • Lion76 Lion76

      exactly, because they want to still promote the language that "worry" and "concern" are the weak responses while arrogance and normalcy bias is the more acceptable response.

      We all know that if any of these group entities wanted to truly test the seafood to find out exactly what's in them they could do so with mass spectrum analysis (which is generally too expensive for a citizen to do but for a group entity would be more easily achievable).

      It's obvious to all of us who have been paying attention what they are doing. "Gosh, we couldn't have known!" durr.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, and just love the demeaning use of the word, "chatter." How's this for downplaying peoples' concerns:

      "Their stories aren’t specific, though, and Mireles DeWitt (who still eats seafood) hasn’t pinpointed what’s causing the increased chatter. 'They’re kind of secretive,' she said. 'They don’t want to give up their sources.' […]

      Typical know it all attitude. A nod and conspiratorial wink passed between interviewer and interviewee ….

  • We Not They Finally

    It's actually a good thing to have "a community Geiger counter." Just hope they are getting a GOOD one that picks up many radionuclides and across the alpha-beta-gamma spectrum. They cost thousands of dollars but well worth it. It's nothing compared to what it might save in human lives.

    • Maybe talk with a local grocery store and have THEM buy the food testing device so customers can easily test all food they are buying, BEFORE they purchase it.

      For a large grocery store, it is a cost of doing business, and in the future, we predict this will make them HUGE profits… compared to stores that do not have such a device.

      • grocery stores that sell gmo, pass bpa to us via our food and drinks are not interested in telling us about radiation they feed us as well.
        I contacted dozens of food companies this year, none, not one would admit to doing any testing for radiation or flatly denied there should be anything to be concerned about. they sell us feces via aspartame and just bank the profits no different than bechtel in hanford, selling us todays gmo groceries and nuke power and trading off the future of us all.
        just as congress raises the fictional debt for today, they trade off everyones tomorrows.
        I am, alreadyconsidereddead by the masters of mayhem and disaster, war and fraud. f them all.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Spectrometising (Spectrometizing?) posted here, a good scintillation unit can be purchased on E-Bay for about $200. See archived comments or do browser search to find the original posts, back in 2011. Vital1 might also have information on purchasing a unit which will do an adequate job testing food. He has also published a link to a user guide for testing methods here, several times.

      If one wants to know levels of specific isotopes, then yes, it might be true more sophisticated equipment is required.

      Can someone (Vital1 are you there?) comment further on this?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    No need for detectors.

    Radiation is in the ocean.

    More is being added 24/7, with no end in sight.

    Several species of sea life are sick and dying.

  • JMR

    All these articles mention 300-400 tons of radioactive water leaking into the Pacific every day? Does anyone else think that it has to be much higher than this if that is what the official version is? Anyone have any estimates on how much water is really leaking into the Pacific? It seems like it has to be a lot higher than that based on the impact on wildlife we are seeing.

    • The standard rule seems to be; admit 1% and deny 99%..

      Multiply 400 tons by 99 and it is more than likely close to what is actually going on.

      Who is actually going in and measuring this water underground? Who is measuring where it goes into the ocean? Who has the meter that tells them in 'tons' how much water is flowing underground?

      They say 1,000 tons a day is the whole underground river… prove it… They say only 400 tons of that is contaminated as it goes under Fuku; prove it.

      They say only basement water is causing the radiation in this water, no mention of coriums; prove it.

  • Socrates

    A Geiger counter cannot measure the radiation in the fish. They need more sophisticated equipment.

    • so true, but it seems a good, high quality pancake detector can protect you from the very worst, most radioactive stuff.

      If you have the time and can leave the detector on over a dry food item for 10 minutes or longer, it may give some indications..

      It would be REALLY useful and helpful to compare a standard food radiation testing device to a pancake style Geiger Counter and see what the difference is, item by item, and do a progression;

      1,000 Bq/kg item

      500 bq/kg item

      100 bq/kg item

      50 bq/kg item

      10 bq/kg item

      5 bq/kg item

      1 bq/kg item

      .5 bq/kg item

      Now put all of that on Youtube in short 5 minute segments, creative commons..

      That would help a lot of people, with REAL information that can make a difference, one way or the other.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Socrates, what do you think is required, in terms of equipment needed to do adequate (and accurate) testing?

  • rogerthat

    In response to JMR: Fallout on land flows into the sea, carried there by rain, rivers, groundwater, through drains when decontamination is done using high-pressure hoses to spray down buildings, roads, paths, concrete. The people doing the clean-up work also dumped leaves and stuff into the rivers. There was a lot of fallout from exploded reactors and burning spent fuel pools, and lots of radiation is entering the atmosphere every day. Some of that ends up on land or in the ocean every time it rains. And so on. There are lots of experts here, and it will be in the archives, so i hope others chip in with specifics, this is just my half-arsed summary

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Japan is now toast and they are being showered with trillions of "yellow cake" Bananas!

    Hot Bananas are now falling out of the sky and they are sneaking around and hiding everywhere! 🙁

  • ftlt

    Amazed people are still lining up at seafood counters and sushi bars

  • People are slowly waking up to this tragedy. Politicians should be very scared. The internet is a powerful military grade technology the incompetent ptb neglected to keep from the masses. More proof that there is not a well orchestrated conspiracy against the people just incompetant fools lying to us in charge mostly of their own fortune. Just think of any politician as a less kindly, meaner, more incompetant version of the Wizard of Oz. We surely do deserve better. And should demand more. Much more.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I like how you put that Mark. Yes, there are way too many incompetent fools as politicians and as Corporate CEOs and Nuclearcrats. What is almost as bad is all the "yes-men/women" who surround them too just for the sake of the money, instead of showing them the truth and wrongs that they make.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, they "all" should be very scared for what still comith this way! 🙁

  • isogoodhumans

    "we're buying a community geiger counter"

    oh, cmon people, is this as far as we've progressed since 3-11??

    #1. A decent geiger counter should cost a few hundred dollars. Many people own a few. A community geiger counter? I wouldn't even bother, because if you have to pool resources just to get a geiger counter you definitely don't have the resources to do anything about what you find using it.
    #2. A geiger counter cant analyze isotopes in food. The isotopes in food, if they are inside the mass, irradiate the mass and may not show up on the geiger counter outside the mass. But, when you consume the food and the isotope is exposed and then say gets lodged in the heart, now it irradiates the heart. So the same food that has a safe geiger counter reading will burn a hole in your heart.

    Its sad how little we have progressed.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    iso, you make a great point and the problem we have with Nuclear is that this is not progress. We are now moving backwards with regards to progress specifically because of technology use like Nuclear.

    There are no cost benefits at all with its application which means no progress, lack of progress, reverse progress and a waste of massive amounts of time and resources, both in material, debt and human costs.

    The massive costs now approaching will be felt in the failing health of all those humans and other biological life on this planet exposed to the radiation contamination created. They are now breaking down these health care costs that will soon be staggering for the entire system as it starts to collapse the healthcare systems worldwide. Shock an awe is now approaching the US health care system and it will get much worse.

    The nice thing is that the Nuck Puke boys and girls are still enjoying themselves while they still can.. 🙂 Porn really doesn't distract from one's current Nuke duties does?
    I feel so much safer now! 🙂

    • lickerface lickerface

      I have not eaten seafood/fish (with the exception of some damn radioactive dulse near 260 CPM for a couple weeks before I had a pancake-style Geiger to realize it was bad stuff) since Fukushima. Considering that many people are still indeed lining up at sushi/seafood restaraunts and enjoying poisoning themselves while having the choice to not do so, I and others here who have not touched a piece of fish since 3/11 should not have to pay for their damn ignorance.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    I think the community on the West coast should sponsor a community thyroid screening.

    I recently was told about a woman in California who recently had lots of hair fall out and her doctor said it is a thyroid problem. Exposures from the initial releases from Fukushima should start showing symptoms in adults now.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    enough, thyroid problems are already showing up/signs everywhere inside California. 🙁

    Some of it came from San Onofre and then Fukushima was the icing on the cake as the rates of disease are now skyrocketing.

    The truth is out there but its being splintered on purpose by the very best in the business at controlling/warping your minds.

    This is why all Nuclear Power Plants must be out lawed here in the US and worldwide.. 🙁

  • Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth; 'Carrington Effect'; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad

    • nohobear nohobear

      ummm, Goodheart, don't you think this is a bit off-topic for this thread about seafood contamination? Yes, a potential Carrington event is something to be very worried about, but must this be posted on every discussion thread? Really? It diminishes enenews credibility somewhat as a news/information source. Smacks of doomsday/death fantasy porn.

      Having said that, the events at Fukushima are bad enough and may have already catapulted us into an ELE.

      I guess my point is, the news of what has happened is bad enough, and we could ratchet down the fear factor a bit. Can you reserve the Carrington links for discussion threads that are more relevant?


      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        nohobear, I for one think this "Carrington Event" reality potential/information should be plastered on every web site circulating/linked world wide every day 24/7 and then on every single government controlled and sponsored TV/radio program that hits the airwaves by law!

        …sorry to so adamantly disagree. 🙁

        We are currently using a failed technology with known worst case scenarios/parameters/outcomes.

        If we can not face the worst of outcomes then we should not be playing with the fire we alone created!

        • nohobear nohobear

          Fair enough Obewan. I see your point. If a Carrington event occurs, with over 400 nuclear power plants in operation, kiss earth goodbye. Most people don't get that, and it does need to be repeated often until it sinks in. There's lots of work to do to raise people's awareness and consciousness of the unacceptable levels of risk and danger of nuclear power. Since my days in high school (I'm in my 50's now) education has been continually dumbed down and or propagandized to make nuclear power sound benign.

          Many people will never be able to grasp the concept of nuclear annihilation of the biosphere. The idea is so horrific, that many people can not believe it even possible. But many more people can at least come to understand that the seafood they eat is contaminated and take precautions to minimize their risk.

          At a certain point, a constant reiteration of the same worst case doom scenarios engenders a burnout and sense of hopelessness. I think many long time enenewsers have experienced this, and have purposely taken periodic breaks from the constant flow of (bad) news from Fukushima. If hope is lost, then there will be no outrage, no demand for an end to commercial nuclear power.

          We have the same goals, to see an end to nuclear power. From your avatar and mine, we are both sci-fi fans. I would love to someday see a "prime directive" that forbids nuclear fission (bombs and power reactors) within the biosphere of Earth. A Utopian dream I'm afraid.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Radiation causes "lingering concerns", "worries", but should be "no cause for concern".
    Anybody who eats Pacific Ocean Seafood is very literally taking their life into their hands.
    The risk is already serious.
    In 2012, when Hawaii found radioactive contamination in cows milk, the milk producers began to add boron to the milk.
    Radiation is in the groundwater that flows into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.
    Radiation is in the fuel debris that were blasted out of Reactor3, landing in a 2km radius, half of which fell into the ocean.
    Radiation is in the fallout that lands in the ocean, continuing to circle the globe in 40 day cycles.
    Radiation bioaccumulates, working its way through the ecosystem, as algae is consumed by protozoa, as protozoa is eaten by small fish, as small fish are eaten by larger fish, and on up the food chain, to humans who pay a really high price for eating contaminated fish.
    Anybody who eats Pacific Ocean Seafood now is a fool.
    Don't be fooled by the official BS you hear, telling you "there is no cause for concern."
    Government Officials have no interest in protecting your health, nor in warning you of dangers.
    The US Government has made a deal with Japan not to even test food imports from Japan for radiation.
    Does this sound to you like the actions of a government that has any concern for public health?
    The US Government wants to make certain that the nuclear industry in the US and around the world survives.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Truly a long list confirming the reasons why most, if not all humans and mankind, are all seriously a bat-shit crazy species… 🙁

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      All that one must do to understand why people should not have nuclear power plants is:

      Watch the first, original "Batman" movie. 1967, I think. Just watch it. That this movie could even be made disqualifies the human race from this technology. Sure, we supposedly went to the moon about that time. Yeah, right. I must be getting older and wiser. Just realized that. The computer I am using at this very moment has more processing power than probably all of NASA back then. So why are we not doing five dozen missions all at once now, and easily. Answer must be: Batman and space travel. Think about it.

      Look at Fukushima. Think about Robin and Batman on that bat o copter or whatever and the shark repellant. Superimpose the picture with Fukushima in the background. Now that makes sense.

      Picture a successful moon launch happening at that time. Man, I don't know… I sure miss those days though. Back when F-troop was prime time. Now we have Fuku-troop. And the drunken indians would be an improvement in leadership.

      No disrespect for Indians intended.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Our failure to produce a bat-shit crazy Barbie and Ken doll set proves that we can't handle nuclear waste. We are just undeniably incompetant when it comes to telling our children the truth…

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