Japan Professor: 25 times more Fukushima fallout detected in Tokyo Bay mud than maximum level found in nearby lake after nuclear bomb explosions — Cesium flow in rivers won’t peak for another 1-2 years

Published: February 8th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


Title: Scientist: Cesium sank 20 cm in Tokyo Bay mud
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Author: By NOBUTARO KAJI / Staff Writer
Date: February 08, 2012

[…] Last August, [Hideo Yamazaki, a professor of environmental analysis at Kinki University] sampled seabed mud at four locations near the mouth of Arakawa river in Tokyo Bay. […] 

The cesium deposit had a maximum density of 18,242 becquerels per square meter. That is 25 times greater than the peak cesium density in the mud in Lake Biwako, Shiga Prefecture, due to fallout from atmospheric nuclear tests in the past. […]

Large amounts of cesium flow in from rivers and accumulate on the seabed. The rate of that process will peak 1-2 years from now, Yamazaki said.

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Distance from Lake Biwako to Hiroshima is 270km:

Distance from Arakawa River mouth at Tokyo Bay to Fukushima Daiichi is 240 km:

Published: February 8th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


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13 comments to Japan Professor: 25 times more Fukushima fallout detected in Tokyo Bay mud than maximum level found in nearby lake after nuclear bomb explosions — Cesium flow in rivers won’t peak for another 1-2 years

  • arclight arclight

    go Yamazaki!! banzai!

    and quite right! but what about SEA to LAND transfer??

    heres another statement about the radioactive gravel.. he lays the blame…..

    Radioactive gravel likely shipped to over 200 companies January 16, 2012

    “Kinki University professor Hideo Yamazaki compared the gravel problem to the one of irradiated straw being sent out around the country: “It’s exactly the same problem. The stone quarry is inside the evacuation zone, and what happened was something the government could have predicted. It’s frustrating that the government does not think about the movement of materials, including gravel. The ones I feel sorry for are the gravel producers. It was impossible for them to notice the contamination at the time of shipping, and it’s not right for them to be blamed. The government’s actions have all been reactionary, and the locals are paying for it.””


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    11:15 A year after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, hundreds of animals, including livestock and poultry, even walk the streets without supervisio­n. VIDEO
    NO TRANSLATOR NEEDED. These poor poor animals.

  • Sickputer

    Peak in one to two years? When maybe only 20% or less of Daiichi fuel has been released. The potential for huge increases is a better estimate.

  • arclight arclight

    it all began as i watched the msmilkytheclown show! and she showed this seemingly pubesant professor talking about a study he was going to do on worms.. on national television.. what he didnt realise is that its been done before and then some!!

    Sex life of worms reveals Chernobyl effect
    09:45 13 April 2003

    “According to Ukrainian scientists, they may have changed their sexual behaviour to increase their chances of survival. It is one of the first pieces of direct evidence on how wildlife is affected by radioactive pollution.”


    Giant earthworm at Chernobyl raises fear of radiation

    “First a monster catfish and now a massive worm? The recent finding of another mutated animal near Chernobyl has made a large impact.

    Lately, pictures of four-meter-long catfish and a fat, one-meter earthworm, both 10 times their normal size, have been gaining attention after being posted on the Internet.

    The giant worm resembled an eyeless snake due to its length as well as its thickness.

    Because these findings were made near the Chernobyl disaster site, many are worried about the leaked radioactive substances in Japan. The non-stop aftershocks and the fear of a nuclear explosion do not help in easing concerns.

    “Genetic mutations caused by the Chernobyl incident have been continuously found,” “I wonder how long it will take to find affected species in Japan?” a netizen asked.”



    “In Russia, vermiculture is practised on a huge scale, even more so than in U. S. A.
    Here, too, earthworms were used to clear the toxic waste after the Chernobyl disaster.”


    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Gotta love msmilkytheclown.. found her before I found enenews.. she was one of the first to help me find more information! Cheers to you msmilkytheclown!!! ..and my most humble thank you 🙂

  • enemoe

    I don’t understand why there is a map indicating the distance to Hiroshima. This is not related to the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in WWII but rather the atmospheric testing of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

    This is, sadly, not surprising. Didn’t Gunderson say that Japan is dumping radioactive ash into Tokyo Bay every day?

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Enenews had a thread about this a few days ago, yes, they have been dumping radioactive ash and compacting it in Tokyo Bay. I believe the ash is coming from burning radioactive debris……get it in the atmosphere, then get the rest back into the ocean…..out of sight, out of mind…..and they are all out of their minds.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Why is it legal, to build something so dangerous to our earth, to our environment?

    On going Japanese Fukushima reactor meltdown

    San Diego, California — San Onofre nuclear power plant venting steam and SHUTTING DOWN due to an “unusual event”

    Byron Illinois — Chicago nuclear power plant venting steam during an “unusual event”

    A 60 year old reactor at the Experiment Physics complex in Moscow Russia burns from underneath

    Virginia earthquake at the Cuckoo nuclear power plant

    Quakes and shutdowns at the Hanford Nuclear power plants in Washington state

    Nuclear plant in Ontario which pumped radioactive water into the great lakes

    There are others with problems. This is not all of them.

    Even when they are working, they still leak, they have to be vented, and there is radioactive waste.

    Earth is changing with earth quakes, tsunami, fires, things falling from space. These all can have a dangerous effect on Nuclear Plants, resulting in letting the uncontrolled monster out.