Japan allows triple amount of cesium in food than Chernobyl did — Over 50% of store-bought seafood samples contaminated with radiation

Published: October 20th, 2011 at 7:07 am ET


TOKYO, Oct. 20 — Greenpeace said 34 of 60 seafood samples bought from at least several different stores in eastern Japan had radioactive cesium-134 and -137, reports the AFP.

The group also noted that the Japanese standard for cesium in food of 500 becquerel per kilogram compares with a 150 becquerel per kilogram limit in Ukraine after Chernobyl.

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Published: October 20th, 2011 at 7:07 am ET


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14 comments to Japan allows triple amount of cesium in food than Chernobyl did — Over 50% of store-bought seafood samples contaminated with radiation

  • jdstone1

    Well what else would you expect them to do?? also they will continue to burn radioactive waste according to this news piece.

    Also Tepco is asking for corporate welfare from the government.

    Wow together they can clean up the mess cover it up in a school yard with a 1.5m pile of bullshit.

    • lam335 lam335

      Thanks for the story about the incineration. People posted some interesting remarks in the comments below it. Apparently the facility in question, Rinkai (Waterfront) Recycle Power Company is a subsidiary of TEPCO, and TEPCO owns a 95.5% stake in it. One commenter remarks, “TEPCO is basically paying ITSELF to burn the stuff!”

      • lam335 lam335

        Also, one of the commenters, who sounds like a TEPCO shill, emphasizes that this debris is not from the power plant so it is not *necessarily* radioactive (yeah right). But my question is, then why is TEPCO contracting with a company (albeit one of its own companies) to dispose of debris from Iwate? Shouldn’t the government of Iwate be responsible for disposing of its own debris (or the Japanese government), if it is primarily tsunami debris, and not necessarily radioactive? (But of course it no doubt IS radioactive, since plenty of contamination has already been found in Iwate). I’m just puzzled as to why TEPCO seems to be in charge of something that seems like it should be the role of some government.

    • AkDave AkDave

      Truth Japan, USA, or who ever! No one has the means to deal with a Nuke mess this size so the best way is to do nothing!… lie about it!… up the limits!…. let people eat it!….. sell it!…. Burn it!… Dang! This will only stop when it’s to late.

  • jdstone1

    Hey after this announcement we can all go to Japan and eat in their 3 star food joints…. not.


  • Sickputer

    Coming soon to a seafood restaurant near you. You won’t have any idea what you are eating. And the seafood can turn up for sale anywhere in the world including Australia, Brazil, Africa, North America.

    Same thing with the rice crackers you buy at the big wholesale store. Placing import restrictions on Japanese food products will be about as effective as stopping the dope trade. Even easier to mislabel and ship these items because they look fine and aren’t normally considered toxic or illegal.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Soon, they’ll all be eating CYCLOPS! I’ll bet they’ll still squabble over who gets to eat the eye.

  • thelili

    @StillJill hahahahaha!!! Thank you for that 🙂

  • I am amazed that the industry has not tried to sell radioactive uranium, cesium and concentrated stuff from Contaminated Fukushima water in concentrated form as a food supplement or additive to water supplies, like flouride.

    That way they can sell this toxic stuff for a PROFIT.

    Glowing green sprinkles for breakfast cereal…

    Want to be permanently hairless? Just smear on some of this cesium concentrate salve.

    Want to be sterile and have no more babies? Just drink this Fukushima concentrate daily.

  • arclight arclight

    Results of ACRO’s monitoring in Japan (5th october 2011 update)

    “After the nuclear disaster of Fukushima, ACRO has extended its Citizen Watch of Radioactivity in the Environment to Japan.
    We have received samples from the Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures that show an alarming contamination.”

    a list of isotopes and measurements found!!


  • ion jean ion jean

    Everyone in Japan CHECK IT OUT…..Go to Youtube and watch all the footage I have this week of the myriad of deformed and suffering children of Chernobyl…..then multiply by four and ask your government if that seafood level is worth the cost of that scale of genetic mutation and family and community grief…

    Then start acting more like the Egyptians, take over your streets in peaceful protest and demand the ultimate sacrifice from those in power…..have THEM clean up your melted down reactors BEFORE they poison OUR entire continent too

    Y’see we never gave consent to the nuclear industry OR our military to contaminate all our food and air and soil with this stuff…we suffer the highest cancer rates and heart disease in the world because our bodies (2nd generation) are filled with radioactivity


    Stop eating all that seafood if your government won’t do their job, (I KNOW I WON’T BE BUYING IT) but

    oh yeah, I forgot, there’s this conflict of interest with GE/Hitachi, Toshiba/Westinghouse, etc… if the supreme nuclear empires of the U.S. and France aren’t helping you solve this problem, please let us (we the people) know by going public

    WELL at least your nation has plenty of money for all this clean up and healthcare, scraped like skin off the backs of the sheeple of the world


  • Sickputer

    Plenty of money? In Japan? I think not… They are teetering on the cliff soon to topple down on the Greeks. Soon to be followed by many others. When governments run out of money for their massive graft programs there is little left for services to the citizens. There will be great reductions in pensions, health care, and everything associated with government services. The only things of value will be secured shelter, commodities, and survival supplies. There is an ill wind blowing and it is not just from Fukushima Daiichi.