Ozawa: We may not be able to live in Japan someday — Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 8:14 pm ET


Transcript of Interview With Ichiro Ozawa, Wall Street Journal by Yuka Hayashi and Toko Sekiguchi, May 26, 2011:

Japan senior political figure Ichiro Ozawa

[…] Some day we may not be able to live in Japan. There is the possibility that the power plant can reach the state of criticality again. If it explodes, it’s a huge matter. Radiation is being leaked in order to keep the reactors from exploding. So, in this sense, it’s even worse than letting the power plant explode. Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time. This is not a matter of money, but of life and death for the Japanese. If Japan cannot be saved, then the people of Japan are done for. We can always print money. Ultimately the people will have to bear the burden. Government must be determined to put a stop to radioactive pollution no matter what it takes, money or otherwise. The Japanese people must understand the situation. […]

See also: If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits: Japan senior politician — “The government doesn’t tell the truth”

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 8:14 pm ET


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151 comments to Ozawa: We may not be able to live in Japan someday — Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time

  • xdrfox

    Well ! I think their starting to “get it” !

    • TraderGreg

      Yes – good start.

      • ocifferdave - Future Citizen of New Zealand?


        The right channel (right headphone/speaker) is in English. Fukushima workers tell how terrible their work conditions are. How they are dispendable and not being taken care of by TEPCO. TEPCO is screwing the little guy, the important guy, and the world! (I’ll repost this again at the end of the comments here to make sure we all see this.)

    • Vickigirliee

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    • charlie

      there. finally. the ugly truth, spoken by one of the Japanese elite, in the the WSJ.

    • fukushima live

      Who ever said earlier:
      Lots of foggy days lately…

      I really have a hard time seeing this much “FOG” being present in japan, I mean… Its noon isn’t it… So… Steam from low, is likely creating warm / cold areas, in the hills, being the cam is higher
      … So I think this is 50 – 75% radioactive steam… Anyone coming to that same conclusion???

      Wouldn’t that and the iodide being every presently deposited mean a china syndrome…?

      Oh yeah…It’s blowing towards Tokyo…

      • charlie

        weather report says it’s currently cloudy and 18 degrees Celcius, nothing about fog.

      • Major Domo

        “Who ever said earlier: Lots of foggy days lately…”

        Me. I said it a few times. From having observed lots of fog lately. From seeing it roll in, and roll out in rather short spans of time frequently since the live cam has been available for viewing. I check in a lot, night, day, work, home. Today the weather conditions there (where the camera is), many miles away, and at a higher elevation, with slightly different climate conditions than exist on the coast where Fukushima’s nuclear plant is, are supporting fog. Humidity, moisture in the air, sufficient to obscure the view of the camera. Here’s some shots I posted from May 15, morning. Started full fog, like it looks right now. I watched it clear within 10 minutes, and posted the sequence here:


        What alternative are you proposing? That it suffered a massive explosion, and the entire area is shrouded with smoke? Or that a massive meltdown into the Earth, or water table, is underway? Fires broken out at the plant? That they intentionally block the view of the camera to try and cover something up, while repeating an audio loop of birds singing in the background? Well call me an optimist. I could be wrong, but I think we’d know if Hell was breaking loose. No?

        And until we know, I’ll continue saying “Lots of foggy days” until I see evidence otherwise. Or until the plants stop steaming. Then I won’t care anymore.

        • Manifest Irony

          People just don’t recognize that that camera (I call it MeltdownCam) is looking through like 8-10 miles of atmosphere. If visibility is any less than that, you will see nothing but fog. It’s that simple.



        has been offline for quite a while, probably because they don’t want to lose the camera in a supertyphoon.

        • Major Domo

          Maybe, but I’d check again in an hour after the sun comes up, you’ll start to hear the early morning birds soon if you turn up your audio on the feed. The weather will probably still affect the view even after the sun rises, so limited, or no visibility until weather changes locally. For the last couple of days, the live cam’s either been shrouded in fog, or low lying cloud.

  • extra knight

    yes. japan will become an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland. nothing can prevent it.

  • Caveat Emptor

    “I like Americans, but they are somewhat monocellular,” the former Democratic Party leader said. “When I talk with Americans, I often wonder why they are so simple-minded.”

    Ozawa didn’t elaborate on what aspect of Americans made him compare them to monocellular organisms, a term also used to mean shortsighted or dumb.

    There is growing speculation that the 68-year-old former party leader – renowned as a backroom dealer and election strategist but unpopular among the wider public – may run against rival Prime Minister Naoto Kan in a Sept. 14 election for the party leadership.


    Ozawa was forced to resign as party secretary-general in early June over a funding scandal, though he has denied any wrongdoing.

    • mothra

      I believe, unfortunately, as a society in the US we have eroded our education to the mono-cellular level in critical thinking skills. MSM consolidated ownership by “The Big 6” corporations, coupled with the over 50 hours most citizens work with the least vacation or leave time of all the industrialized nations… Well, it makes informed consent and independent news investigation time a high hurdle. Most are sleep challenged too, struggling to make ends meet, eat and sleep or have a little quality time with loved ones.

      I guess I’m saying our society is more barred, taxed to capacity or disincentivized from multi-cellular activity than mono-cellular. But, I can see how some could make that mistake.

      • John

        You are right. Exactly the bull’s eye.

      • DrNature

        Not to mention the Fact that The Nuclear giant, Westinghouse Electric,
        wields vast control of the major Media:

        “GE 2009 revenues: $157 billion
        General Electric media-related holdings include television networks NBC and Telemundo, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, 26 television stations in the United States and cable networks MSNBC, Bravo and the Sci Fi Channel. GE also owns 80 percent of NBC Universal.

        No wonder we can’t get any reliable information. Your television is one big commercial for nuclear power and big business.
        So are your candidates.

        • splashy

          So, who owns ABC, CBS, Fox? Why don’t they talk about it more?

          • mothra

            Fox is owned by News Corp.:

            ABC is owned by Disney

            CBS is owned by CBS corporation.

            Some have joint ventures together.

            More here:

          • DrNature

            CBS: Energy Giant Westinghouse (headed by Carlyle Group, Carlucci)owns CBS … Carlyle Group and associated energy moguls pretty much control the worlds energy resources.

            ABC: Disney Media (2nd largest media conglomerate in the world) owns ABC
            Major contributor to Bush Campaign
            Major share Holder: Sid R Bass- Oil and Gas Baron…Forbes #158 Richest man in America
            Based in Texas close to his Carlyle buddies

            FOX: News Corp. owns FOX entertainment Group:
            Founder: Rupert Murdoch media mogul
            and among top Wealthiest and Influential men in the world\
            Heavily invested in oil and gas along with Dick Cheney, Lord Rothschild and Carlyle group
            Strong supporter of Nuclear proliferation and Bush campaign:

            None of these parties are interested in losing money by reporting the truth.

          • mothra

            Internet social networking sites too. News Corp. Owns Myspace for example.

          • mothra

            And they own search engines – so your results may be filtered and prioritized accordingly too.

      • Dr. Strangleglove

        Mono-cellular? Not hardly. More like a virus.

  • ZombiePlanet

    Is reality sinking in? ?

  • Jack

    I got to see Seiji Ozawa conduct LA Philharmonic way back in ’71 if I
    remember right.
    He was a pretty ENERGETIC guy on the Podium. Wild.
    Probably there will be no new election in Japan. Re-occupation like
    1945 seems a possibility, but this time, maybe Chinese troops?

  • Jebus

    Here it is, Finally some truth to the matter. I am sad now for those people in Japan…

  • Maa

    Great, when u get what you want to hear, the passion dies.

    • Jebus

      The passion is not dead, It is evolving. I probably would have been the first to post in this thread, something very differen’t.
      As I was posting, My daughter called me on the phone. She is 4 months along and I prioritized my actions. A wonderful child, an awesome son in law, a house, business, two dogs and a cat. The world is theirs to live in and prosper. A wave of emotions befell me as I was talking to her. I was struggling to keep all this bullshit to myself, so as not to cause her any stress. I wanted to tell her take all these precautions, to prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I cried after finishing our conversation, and now I feel so much sadness for everyone on this planet. I am a father and there is nothing I can do to protect my children from these heinous people destroying their future, our future, mankinds future. So you see I only feel sadness now, The anger will return I’m sure.

      • WarIsPeace

        Very well said…reading your words made me cry. The utter frustration of not being able to do a damned thing is the hardest part of it…not, in fact, even really being able to explain it to others. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know.

      • SamsuLevin

        Yesterday my four year old son said to me: I hate you mummy and I´ll never love you again, because I didn´t allow him playing outside in the garden.
        You can´t do anything to protect your children and they cannot understand the situation when they´re so young.
        It´s such an unreal time we´re living in – the future of our kids is beeing destroyed and there ´s nothing we can do.

        • Mark V

          Sorry about this, but you know he will return the love eventually. We must protect our children as much as possible.

      • kx

        you aren’t alone in the frustration, NP is a acident waiting to happen, and the world already got 2 warnings, I can only really hope this is 1 more warning and we can recover from this and do the right thing, stop nuclear power as soon as possible.

      • Anna

        We feel the same way you do. : (

      • mothra

        It’s a process – grief. The stages roll and cycle back – it takes time and it’s unique to each individual.
        Denial: This isn’t happening. It’s safe or no big deal.
        Anger: Those corrupt &$/!@*#
        Bargaining: I’ll buy a water filter and _____. I’ll sign a petition, write a Senator.
        Depression: What’s the point in trying?
        Acceptance: This is unacceptable. It has to change, but it happened and I’m doing everything I can, and in the meantime I will ____.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    I’ll take one from tokyo. preferably young.
    one fukushima bride to go please.

  • One of Japan’s greatest film producers Akira Kurosawa dreamed it all: Prophecy of Japan Nuclear Holocaust

    • Darth

      Have you read Dreaming The End Of The World: Apocalypse As a Rite of Passage AKA by a Japanese man.

      “What might be revealed by the more than 100 “apocalyptic” dreams collected by the author? Just as Jung saw the approach of the First World War in dreams, as well as the phenomenon of flying saucers, so might these dreams disclose the shape of things to come. Includes a bibliography, as well as an extraordinary and ample glossary of dream images and metaphors.”

  • ocifferdave - Future Citizen of New Zealand?


    The right channel (right headphone/speaker) is in English. Fukushima workers tell how terrible their work conditions are. How they are dispendable and not being taken care of by TEPCO. TEPCO is screwing the little guy, the important guy, and the world!

  • Ozawa: We may not be able to live in Japan someday — Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time

    Some day we may not be able to live in Japan. There is the possibility that the power plant can reach the state of criticality again. If it explodes, it’s a huge matter. Radiation is being leaked in order to keep the reactors from exploding. So, in this sense, it’s even worse than letting the power plant explode. Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time. This is not a matter of money, but of life and death for the Japanese. If Japan cannot be saved, then the people of Japan are done for. We can always print money. Ultimately the people will have to bear the burden. Government must be determined to put a stop to radioactive pollution no matter what it takes, money or otherwise. The Japanese people must understand the situation. […]


  • ?????????

    why do you americans give a toss what happens in japan? i find this really curious your here everyday.whats it got to do with you lot? you already killed thousands of them in the war with a nuke.whats your logic here? the japanese dont care for americans so why bother?

    • ?????????

      in fact if america got nuked they would have a party.funny and curious this is

    • In all reality. you fail to infer the obvious.
      This isn’t a statement in regards to “Japan”
      The whole planet will fall to this…
      Its called an ELE
      Extinction level Event.
      Its not so much about caring about whats going on in “Japan” but how the Japanese are planning on overcoming the situation.

      If Japan Fails…
      The World Will End.

      • ?????????

        as i said japan hates the usa so you make no sense to anyone.its almost like you want it to be fatal to people.you are probbaly happy its failing in japan.some sick people around

        • tony wilson

          we are concerned because we are breathing in this shit dolt.
          yes the japs hate the yanks..

          List of current facilities
          U.S. military bases in Japan
          U.S. military facilities in Okinawa

          The USFJ headquarters is at Yokota Air Base, about 30 km west of central Tokyo.

          The U.S. military installations in Japan and their managing branches are:

          Air Force:

          Camp Chitose, Chitose, Hokkaido
          Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Prefecture
          Kadena Ammunition Storage Area, Okinawa Prefecture
          Okuma Recreational Facility, Okinawa Prefecture
          Yaedake Communication Site, Okinawa Prefecture
          Misawa Air Base, Aomori Prefecture
          Yokota Air Base, Fussa, Tokyo
          Fuchu Communications Station, Fuchu, Tokyo
          Tama Service Annex, Inagi, Tokyo
          Yugi Communication Site, Hachioji, Tokyo
          Camp Asaka AFN Transmitter Site, Saitama Prefecture
          Tokorozawa Transmitter Site, Saitama Prefecture
          Owada Communication Site, Saitama Prefecture


          Fort Buckner, Okinawa Prefecture
          Army POL Depots, Okinawa Prefecture
          White Beach Area, Okinawa Prefecture
          Naha Port Facility, Okinawa Prefecture (return after relocation to the Urasoe Pier area)
          Torii Station, Okinawa Prefecture
          Tengan Pier, Okinawa Prefecture
          Camp Zama, Zama, Kanagawa
          Yokohama North Dock, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
          Sagami General Depot, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
          Sagamihara Housing Area, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
          Akizuki Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
          Hiro Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
          Kawakami Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
          Hardy Barracks, Minato, Tokyo

          Marine Corps:

          Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefectures. (Although these camps are dispersed throughout Okinawa and the rest of Japan they are all under the heading of Camp Smedley D. Butler):
          Camp McTureous, Okinawa Prefecture
          Camp Courtney, Okinawa Prefecture
          Camp Foster, Okinawa…

          • mothra

            I’ve heard and read numerous reports that they’re evacuating to Guam, Korea and others?

          • Heart of the Rose

            Do you think the top brass/gov is going to tell the regulars that they are being exposed?
            MORE military is being stationed in Guam..and Okinawa..etc.

        • mothra

          That’s incorrect. People here work hard to inform and advocate for others – unpaid, and they care. I suggest you get a handle on your personal grief and direct it toward something constructive, so you may be an addition to a greater effort rather than the opposite. You may assist yourself in the process.

          I understand this is all unwelcomed and uncomfortable news. I think you’ll find generally participants here are not consenting to or responsible for these events and desire change or a safe, new direction for the larger whole. It’s a commendable intention and advocacy burden worthy of your respect. If you can’t manage that, you have other options. Disrespecting participants is not among those and I don’t believe you’ll find it well tolerated.

          In the meantime, best wishes to you and yours.

    • Major Domo

      Oh, you’re back. Hello Troll!

      • In Norse mythology, a troll is a generally negative synonym for jötunn. Later, in Scandinavian folklore, trolls became beings in their own right. In modern times trolls are depicted in a variety of media.
        In Norse mythology, troll, like thurs is a term applied to jötnar. In Old Norse sources, trolls are said to dwell in isolated mountains, rocks, and caves, sometimes live together (usually as father-and-daughter or mother-and-son), and are rarely described as helpful or friendly.[1]

        I am both helpful and friendly… Did you mean the post above? As I am not hiding under a bridge either, In fact i’m in everybody’s face…

        So if that was directed to me, I prefer you use a more valid term… You after all would have only insulted yourself…

        • Major Domo

          @taco – If my comment was in reply to yours, it would appear offset, slightly to the right (approx. 30 pixels) under yours.
          However, if the comment is vertically inline with yours, it means the comment is in reply to a comment above yours, as many levels as you can go straight up, until either you hit a comment that appears offset slightly to the left (which would be the comment being replied to), or until you hit your head on the ceiling. Check it out.
          Also, I thought it might have been obvious that I was replying to the rather ‘troll-ish’ comment above yours 🙂
          I agree though, it doesn’t do a great job showing the hierarchy and order of the posts.

          • ?????????

            hey hold on im a lady who isnt a troll you pathetic little man,who happens to have someone in japan suffering right now in fukushima.you sad sad pathetic excuse for a man

          • dually noted:)

            Sorry for the confusion…

          • barefootblogger

            To find the person to whom the reply is directed, I place my browser marker on the reply, then scroll up until I see where the marker goes inside the intervening comments.
            Ergo, troll question went up to ????’s comment.

            And, although not a troll, I do wish the ? marks indicated some form of open minded inquiry.

          • kx

            ?????? maybe its the gal that says radiation is good for you health, go eat 1kg of plutonium and take it to your grave.

            14000 more trolls needed please

      • ?????????

        who the hell are you?

        • ?????????

          i think major is a little confused.if a troll is someone who argues a point then you are indeed the troll major for not being on topic.

          • Major Domo

            Who am I? I am your master, bitch.
            Now, go away Troll …or ‘POET NOIT’ …or ‘?????????’, or whatever name you prefer.

          • Novamind

            @?????? You seem to be a Troll!- Not you Tacomagroove

        • Ashen

          @??????? – That’s an ugly thing to say. I abhor ugliness. Now stop causing problems with the good people here and get back on your street corner by the cheap motels…

        • mothra

          Ignore commentor.

    • They do give a toss, their leadership doesn’t.

      You may have heard, there is a bit of a democractic deficit in the U.S.

    • Godzilla

      I’m sure there was some hatred after the war, but also gratitude that we didn’t do to them what they had done to the Chinese in Nanking and many other unfortunate conquered people. There were mixed feelings, they also admire military victors.

      I’ve never sensed hatred from the Japanese as I’ve sensed from some other Asian peoples, and nowhere near as much as many Europeans and Brits (that’s not universal, but considerable.)

      Some people are compassionate and think that we all belong to the same human race and should work together for the common good. Other people are short-sighted and mean, even sociopathic, and see human society as a series of Darwinian struggles where the strongest nations thrive and dominate. I happen to be of the former persuasion.

      • Major Domo

        I’m with you Godzilla. More compassion. But it also comes down to those same Darwinian struggles, specifically the troubling evolution of the Human tribes. Tribalism is an instinctive throwback to primitive origins, and unfortunately, evolution doesn’t happen overnight. Hopefully one day, before it’s too late, we’ll all learn that we are one people, one family, with one home, all without a future, unless we learn to embrace our neighbours.

      • mothra

        Why stop there? Let’s roll on back to a time when Neanderthals and humans were at war. It’s relevant – evolutionarily speaking. There are always atrocities in the face of competition for resources. Perhaps the next evolutionary step is regarding sustainability vs. extinction – who, when, why and how is up for debate, but that’s what this battlefield is about right now and it’s a life or death proposition. We either evolve or we die.

        Personally, I don’t plan to fight on the corporate profit side in opposition to all ethics and values I currently hold precious.

        • mothra

          I’m just saying our current modalities and practices toward life are wholly unsustainable. We change or we don’t survive. Overall, we can’t take it by aggressive Neanderthal force without counter implications that undo the entire premise – though, some in world governments and appear to perpetually choose that route. The bridge has to come from a consensus of individuals making sustainable life choices. I realize change is scary, but I have faith that a new construct has untold rewards. Further, I don’t see tremendous evidence that we’re happier and healthier going along with the current status quo – I see the opposite.

          • mothra

            It’s as much about your choices of consumption and consumerism as it is about industry practice and corrupt government. Finite resources – infinite consumption and all the schemes to capitalize upon that reality in between.

          • mothra

            It occurs to me… If we truly had free market capitalism rather than corporate monopolies and their governing despotism – we’d comfortably be there by now. The transition would be less painful and unethical. I expect these very few among us (1%) will perpetuate this global hegemony right to extinction, or until we effectively refuse. I suppose we are experiencing the tell-tale beginning of an evolution revolution right now?

            It’s happened before. It likely won’t be the last time either – whether that’s 40 years or 10,000…

        • fjn

          One correction. If my memory serves we haver recently discovered that the human race caries Neanderthal genes. It seems we spent some time inter-breading. Survival is the survival of the offspring not the individual. So If we had more dominant genes then the Neanderthals we simply out bred them since more Cromagnans would be born after each inter-breeding episode. Eventually Neanderthals would simply be diluted to the point of extinction except for the few remaining genes we carry with us today.

    • mothra

      Yeah, Harry Truman really sought our opinion before bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima before most of us were born or of voting age.

      Respectfully, you are a douche-bag. The nuclear military industrial psychosis is a global scourge to all. Take a sniff. You won’t smell consent.

      *(No offense to actual douche-bags that actually perform a serviceable function)

      • kx

        “*(No offense to actual douche-bags that actually perform a serviceable function)”

        the good mono-celular ones eheheh

  • psky

    An Odd Directive From The Chinese Ministry Of Truth: “Delete All Rumors Of Japan Elites Emigrating To Hainan Island”


  • Novamind

    Mr.ozawa It has been brought to my attention that you have a Less than Honorable past. Your questionable current Actions appear to Indeed have alterior motives.
    It appears that the news flows slowly in Japan, so I would like to Inform you that Japan lost World War II in 1945. Due to the efforts of many single cell amebas here in America.

  • Gager

    Ozawa was accused of bribery a couple of years ago, and had illegaly received money for his political activities. Legally speaking he could not run as a candidate in Japanese elections, but his craftiness, his connections, had helped escaping the final indictement. His stand concerning Fukushima is highly ridiculous, since, as a deputy from one of the contaminated area,(iwate)he did not visit his constituency weeks after the disaster. His interview is done only in the light of Japanese petty politics, No wonder that, with such an “elite”, the Japanese disaster is going to last

  • hawkeye

    watch the itcz in the pacific ,could be more
    songda soon
    i wasnt commin back here until tuesday,,
    better get snow goggles and boots for the winter
    an iant talking about canada

  • hawkeye

    try an keep the kids as happy as you can

  • hawkeye

    i was going too write
    the world needs enima
    but what about creating a cyclonic spin in the atmosphere above fuku
    only 5 miles to space
    ya the only planet in the universe blowing off a radiation belt
    that will end or chances of being found
    no intelligent live there

  • hawkeye

    cool pizza here see all tuesday

  • hawkeye

    be cool TG

  • hawkeye

    just think what it would be like to be
    homeless,ecking out a living near 6 busted nukes
    abd a super typhoon has you in the cross hairs

    • Bevan

      Ha–That’s so true! And the probability of all these disasters back-to-back and the lack of media coverage or U.S. aid seems extremely unusual and unlikely….

  • hawkeye

    an the worlds governments dont care ,, about you
    cuz,there in a g6 going too a polo match

  • hawkeye


  • hawkeye

    nuclear plowshares for peace
    any one remember the commercial,back in the day
    now,you dont have to fight ww2,on friday night

  • blackmoon

    Val Valano interviews Geo-Scientist MS. LEUREN MORET.

    Most of us have been seeking info and expert opinions of this ongoing disaster.

    This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE interview that I have heard regarding this on going EVENT. It is a radio interview of approx one hour and fifty four minutes.

    It covers (among many other things):

    1 – The prelude.
    2 – What caused it.
    3 – Who caused it.
    4 – What actually happened.
    5 – Why it was done.
    7 – What PRECAUTIONS we should take.

    I believe that this is something that we should all listen to and pass on to our family & friends. You might not agree with all of her conclusions (although I DO), but there is PLENTY OF VALUABLE INFO GIVEN IN IT.

    I hope that you will find it useful:

    Here is another interview whith Ms. Moret on Fukushima, HAARP and the Elite’s plans for destroying our food supply and de-population:

  • icone

    Anyone watching the live cam today??? I havent been able to get a look. Is building 4 still leaning more than ever?

    All I see right now is fog or sky (grey screen) – every now and then theres a big flash of pink pixels. Hadn’t really seen that before – wondering if anyone else is seeing the same of if I have a crappy connect.

    • Major Domo

      Another foggy day. Lots of that lately. You can generally tell if the camera is online by turning your audio volume up, and listen for the cheerful chirping of the radiation poisoned birds.

    • RAF

      I have been seeing the same. It was bright sky blue for hours earlier today, and now it is solid grey.

  • SteveMT

    This typhoon is hopefully the hand of the Almighty putting and end to this by putting Fukushima under a few thousands meters of water. We sure can’t fix it, so I’m all for divine intervention at this point. I am trying to put some good spin on a bad situation if this remedy is not from above.

  • 21stCentury

    How to Fix Fukushima…

    All contamination from Fukushima needs to be relocated and tucked into the Japan Trench subduction zone 150miles offshore.
    Using large scale mining and dredging methods.

    This could end up being the worlds biggest mining dredging project.

    All runoff water is to be captured and managed into large bore offshore HDPE marine outfall dredge pipes connected to a TRANSOCEAN floating drilling platform where the dredged solids are dewatered.. the contaminated water is injected into deep wells drilled at the top of the trench escarpment into the subduction fold.. the contaminated dredge solids are deposited thru vertical caisson drop under geomembrane in massive piles at the bottom of the Japan Trench.






  • asterisk

    This site doesn’t, and will never excel at credibility as long as over the top unscientific posters such as “tacomagroove” continue posting their tripe.

    • Cassie

      Mr. Asterisk:

      With all due respect, one avenue you may wish to consider:
      if you have any credentials and expertise, roll up your sleeves,
      jump in, and make your own comments. If you have contributed your wisdom, I apologize.

      Nature abhors a vacuum. Perhaps if scientists will awaken
      from their slumber, we could have a rich discourse concerning
      one of the most significant events of our lifetimes.


    • Jeremie

      I totally agree with you asterisk. I have already mention here that credibility is VERY important in our analysis and comments. When “new” people not aware of how serious the situation is come here, I bet they often run away thinking “what a bunch of apocalyptic-conspirationists”.

      • kx

        bofe you guys just into caracter assasination, lets just hope he is wrong.

        • Jack

          TacomaGroove is a Groovy Gal!
          And Jeremie and Asterix….
          You have not met the standard of communicative value
          set by Ms. TacomaGroove.

      • tony wilson

        i totally agree asterisk jeremy shut up and take your shill asterisk friend away…

        where are all the fucking scientists?
        on holiday playing with their kids.
        counting blood soaked money.
        ideas why not a website run by the iaea with the greatest nuke minds to put everyones mind at rest.
        the silence from government and science is deafening,even michio kaku has vanished.
        all the industry specialists, from 2 months ago have proven to be wrong at best filthy liars at worse.
        stop your crap instead find some information that can explain what the fuck is the plan for the site.

      • charlie

        jeremie, asterisk, stop attacking tacomagroove and instead please offer useful or helpful scientific information. Lead by example, not by attacking our community.
        We like it here, if you don’t like it here, you can leave.

  • hawkeye


  • hawkeye


  • hawkeye


  • Stacy

    We have friends in Japan and they do not hate Americans….and we do not hate them. We care about this crisis because we care deeply for them as people and as our personal friends. We also care for the planet as a whole.

    • Darth

      If you really care about your Japanese friends encourage them move out of their country. Hammer them with this request. I know – it is awful to have to cross the line and actively intervene like this but sometimes the stupor must be breached. Ultimately they will decide – but at least you can say to yourself you tried.

    • tony wilson

      tell you japanese friends to get as many people as possible and riot until they get an action plan from the commatosed criminals running that now rotten land.

  • mikael

    So the shittheads and the covards that instead of facing the truth, attacs others with stupid comments.
    You may belive we are dilutional, but everything we have discused and predicted has comed tru.
    You may ridicule and cal us names, but that, shittheads, dont alter anything, nothing in fact. And this meltdown is going to be even more dangerous, and if this is not somehow slowed or contained, it will be a nightmare senario.

    I will predict to you my shitthead freinds, that:
    Forgett the gulf incident, this dwarfs that. And within 3-6 months the western parts of USA wil have a level of raidation, that exides Tjernobyl and will be unhabital.
    Nobody will by anything from USA as to Japan, because of radiation.
    But the again we are just a bunch of lunatics, and to the shittheads, go and trust you head into the sand, and be happy.

    Its like the Gulfincident, werer I told them that the real scope of catsrofe, will manifest it self in months or years after the iminiate blowout, and then we where labeled as lunatics and scearmongers. I have read more dangepamflets and toxical components and live in a fallout sone, but thenagain try to explain anything to the shittheads is virtualy imposible. They are well trained and obeidient citicens, reds the news and are stupid anouf to belive it.

    Wake up, the clock is ticking. Because of the downplaying and lies, we have pushed it to where Time is beacomed the essence.
    They have to start to act now, or its going to be ugly.

    • For you. like for most of us, the facts speak for themselves. You are right, things are going to get real ugly unless a miracle appears.

  • Finally some truth-Mikael!!!!

    “In 3-6 months much of the western US will be uninhabitable”! And,…to quote Mikael again,…he put it so much better than I-
    ” and to the shittheads, go and trust you head into the sand, and be happy.” AMEN- From our collective lips-to God’s ears!

  • from tokyo

    well I don’t know about how it will be in 3-6 months in the US but nothing is impossible.

    tepco said meltdown is unlikely to occur, then it melted down and even passed this “worst scenario” thru by “melt-through”
    “worst” is not bad enough when tepco is at work.

    I cannot move away right now b/o work but i probably will not stay here (in tokyo) a long time. I’m preparing to move away.. though most tokyo ppl do not even think in their dreams that they should do so..
    fxxking manipulating mass media!!

    • I expect you are aware of Mr Benjamin Fulford in Japan – at least on your open forum?

      He had this to say back in April:-

      “Rockefeller is a power broker behind GE, the company that manufactured the flawed reactors now spewing radiation in Fukushima. In addition, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, acting as an envoy for Rockefeller, met with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa on March 9th, two days before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster hit Japan. During that meeting Campbell promised that if Ozawa cancelled his plans to split the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, Japanese public prosecutors would stop persecuting him, according to Japanese imperial family and Democratic Party sources. Ozawa was also promised control of zeolite deposits in Fukushima Prefecture, the sources said. Zeolite is used to clean up radioactive waste. It is also worth noting that Senator Rockefeller once wrote an introduction to a book by Ozawa.”

      Tip of the iceberg, ‘from Tokyo’…

  • from tokyo

    congrats to japan mass media.
    this is an newspaper article of today

    they have now an “official counter” in a city in fukushima prefecture.
    the photo shows 8.02uSv per hour which is about 70mSv a year.
    and look at the smiles of the officials.

    note: this city is still not evacuating area, just “planned evacuating area”.
    they play down the risk and ppl think “we don’t want to move away. why do we have to do so if it’s not that serious?”

  • from tokyo

    today the officials said “we cannot lower the 20mSv for children because if we do so schools have to be closed down and children must be evacuated”

    anyone finds the error in this clever argument?

    news about uranium found at the grounds of fukushima daiichi (28th 21h jp time)

    radiation presented by government measurement instruments at max 80meters(!!) above ground to play down air radiation (miyagi prefecture)
    tokyo shinjuku is also at a height of 20meters

    • “anyone finds the error in this clever argument?”

      yes – it implies a complete disregard for the health of your next generations, if any…

      A caring government would have advised (and planned for!) evacuation of mothers and children out of Fukushima Province within the first few days.

      But I guess when you are surrounded by NPPs wherever you turn in Japan, the options are reduced.

      We all pray you collectively make the right decisions about how to secure your health and well being and how to deal with those who have put you in such a dangerous and untenable situation.

      • from tokyo

        thank you.
        air radiation in tokyo seems to be okay atm (NOT trusting goverment’s numbers but data from independent measuring groups) being around 0.07~0.1uSv/h.
        Tough we all are worried about food contamination since they do not test and even if they did, everyday there are news about vegetables over the “new” limit (2000bq!) which have been shipped out on the market.
        it’s like russian roulette because the officials do not feel the need to control the testing situation.

        But even about air radiation, the situation is really bad for people in Fukushima.. I hope the parents can protect their kids…

        I think we have to criticize even louder against the government.
        and you guys from all over the world do play a big role while doing so.
        all Japanese people are or at least will sure be thankful about it!

        • Bevan

          As we say in the States (and may need to follow soon), GET OUTTA DODGE!!

          But, I wouldn’t leave without raising some hell with those slipshod, murderous officials and all the nuclear utilities there.

        • I think you are here for a reason – like a karmic thing. I would love to log in tomorrow here and find one hundred of your countryman jumping in and building on, if nothing else, their personal awareness of the truths about your unenviable national situation. I would like to see you specifically post to tell us that you relocated safely; especially if the unimaginable occurs in the meanwhile, but you followed your instinct and survived and moved in time.

          Ive been so angry Japanese people haven’t reached out even to talk with us, but here you are. For what its worth, it means alot to me and my belief in mankind. To me your rejection of the spoon-fed BS the Govt imposes on the citizens there speaks more volume about the character of your people than the millions of them sitting there being (no offense) **very Japanese** (the stereotype of being super accepting, non questioning etc) about this dangerous situation.

    • Close the schools and save the kids lives! What decision is there to make? Send all the kids to the other ends of the island so they can survive. Cant they transfer to another district? I mean Japan has to let go of the fantasy that Fukushima the fabulous town to live in is still in existence. There is plutonium a plenty in the vicinity which means people should stay away from Fukushima for the next 20000 years right?

      Go, move forward and don’t look behind you. And if the parents cant do that themselves, do it at least for your children.

  • TEPCOzilla Threatens Japan, World Next???
    WIIJ-What IS Investigative Journalism.

  • mary

    There is nothing to explain this except “insane”..
    Every day I read and read the same things.. The people who build and maintain these power plants, seem to have thought and continue to think they can pretend things are Ok, and they will just be “OK”…
    Nuclear power is some thing we are not capable of harnessing.. How many thousands will suffer and die before we quit allowing these crazy people the ability to play with this deadly force?
    we have ONE planet.. And we have already had three nuclear accidents on three continents.. Mass destruction caused by it.
    Japan is just now starting to realize they might have to abandon their whole country as a nuclear dump site..~!
    How bad does the lesson have to be before these idiots running the show on nuclear power get it?
    Its deadly and impossible to control… It’s the most costly power imaginable.. Nothing cheap about it.. It’s nothing short of the power of armageddon in the hands of man..
    It’s insanity… Total insanity..

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Quote: We may not be able to live in Japan someday

    No one should live there now!!!!

    Most likely to follow is: Canada, US, Mexico

    Our body’s and our environment cannot keep taking layers after layers of this.

    Most likely our food, water, soil are contaminated.

    Our farmlands have been flooded, probably with toxic water.

    Any safe food brought in, will be very expensive.

    Some, will make money on this disaster. They never let a good crisis, go to waste.
    Not sure why anyone would call a crisis, good?

    Best odds to get through this is, be in a bunker with lots of food and water dated before this disaster, or move to South America.

    If you plan to leave the Country, do it soon or they might not let contaminated people in.
    Eventually, I can see border crossings closed, they can only take so many in.

  • Sam

    My lovely Golden Retriever Baxter here in N. Ca. does not
    want to go outside much. especially when it’s windy. He
    knows something is amiss out there. My tractor sits idle
    right now as the winds and clouds seem like a nuclear winter.
    I agree with Mary . Total insanity! the disconnect going on is a form of mass hysteria masquerading as “everything is normal.”
    Scratch the surface and there you will find the Mad Hatter
    driving out of control though seemingly sane. We all have
    been living in a sociopathic fraud bubble for the last several decades. What will it take for us to save ourselves?
    This site is so so important to keep going. It is an island of
    sanity even if we have to read trolls and gloom and doom
    oracular pronouncements. At least there is no censorship here!

  • glenn

    I can’t find the reasons why they’re not entombing the Fukushima nuclear plant. Usually a decent web search answers my questions, but on this very important question I can’t find any official or scientific answers. What’s stopping them? (and just stating that it can’t be done is not an explanation).The way I see it the whole plant should by now be deep underground in the center of Mt Fukushima. There’s clearly no other solution so what the hell are they waiting for?? It’s incomprehensible and infuriating! If anyone knows of a link to a scientific of governmental site that explains precisely why the plant is not being buried I would greatly appreciate you post it.

  • tony wilson

    sam,things have not changed look at this medievel scene.
    Dance of Death or Danse Macabre.


  • Kan eager to meet Ozawa, Hatoyama over attacks against him

    Saturday 28th May, 04:30 PM JST



    Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Saturday he is eager to meet former Democratic Party of Japan leaders Ichiro Ozawa and Yukio Hatoyama over mounting criticisms against him within the party after returning to Tokyo from his trip.

    Speaking to reporters traveling with him, Kan also said he expects all DPJ lawmakers to act in unison to counter a no-confidence motion against him, which major opposition parties are threatening to submit shortly. Kan currently heads the DPJ that shot to power in 2009.

    He made the comments as he discussed moves within the party toward siding with the opposition parties to bring Kan down over his alleged ineptness in handling the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

    They also followed Ozawa’s call for Kan’s immediate resignation in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, saying, ‘‘I think the sooner he’s replaced, the better.’‘

    The main opposition Liberal Democratic Party and its ally the New Komeito party agreed Friday that they will jointly submit a no-confidence motion against Kan as they are dissatisfied with the government’s handling of the aftermath of the disaster.

    • blackmoon

      The world is dying and he is worried about his political future!

      • Not that this is MY idea of how to solve problems, but I am really surprised no one has tried to assassinate him.

        • Beach Girl

          I know but what are your ideas?

          • 1. Immediate short to long term: move all citizens to a strategically safe location out of immediate harms way in Japan regardless of costs or logistics involved. It is the only right thing to do for the innocent citizen victims.

            2. Japan removes responsibility of crisis COMPLETELY form TEPCO and takes a 100% directive approach to their relationship with TEPCO,

            3. Japan govt appeals to international nuke community for best and brightest ideas on resolution or minimization at least of emissions if still possible.

            4. International Nuke body makes recommendation for action from ideas on table.

            5. Japan approves and executes action with international support.

            6. If efforts fail then UN steps in and rescues the citizens for temporary or permanent relocation.

            7. Japan Nuke industry pays the bill for all of the above – TEPCO pays until they have exhausted all finances, then Nuke Industry profits pay more, then Japan Govt handles the rest.

            8. I have no idea, even if the above rolled out without a hitch, what to suggest now to save North America.

            Maybe someone else can pick up from here…

        • blackmoon

          He’s no dummy. That’s why he’s over there with the other criminals.

  • blackmoon

    Dr. Rima Laibow from the Natural Solutions Foundation, discusses Fukushima:


    Here she gives information on how to protect ourselves from radiation:


  • Rebecca hudson

    If someone doesnt stop them they are gonna kill the whole earth.