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Fukushima Photographer: “We have seen how it’s affecting children already, and no one knows exactly what’s going on” — We can only rely on nuclear experts in Germany, France, U.S.

Japan Scientists: Truly unusual deformities in Fukushima — Forests may be evolving into different ecosystems — “There’s been a sudden, large change”

Official: Sharp tremors being detected near giant sinkhole — Bubbles coming up from center (VIDEO)

Headline: “Rising doubts about Japan’s official radiation figures” — Large cities still exposed to high levels of radioactivity from Fukushima plant

AP: Flurry of films on Fukushima disaster — Shows authorities playing down health risks, not telling whole truth

Bizarre “radiation incident” as Fukushima plumes hit U.S. in March 2011 — Law enforcement divisions descended on home of teenager with geiger counter (VIDEO)

Emergency declared at U.S. nuclear plant after gas leak — “Event poses no threat to public safety”

Top nuclear official victim of home invasion — Burglars may have stolen secret info — Briefcase full of documents missing

Officials: Work by giant sinkhole suspended — “Increase in underground fluid movement” — Odor from hydrocarbons being released

Paper: Nuclear meltdown at sea “would have a far more devastating effect” than on land — Thousands of cubic miles of ocean contaminated

CBS News: U.S. nuclear waste leak a “major emergency problem” — Most dangerous substances known to science — “A ticking time bomb” (VIDEO)

WWL: Residents angry as Louisiana sinkhole continues collapsing — ‘Flash over’ discussed… like when leaving gas on too long before lighting propane grill (VIDEO)

Nuclear Engineer: Proof that fuel fragments were “sneezed” out of Unit 1 Fukushima Reactor and into Torus

TV: US nuclear plants “very vulnerable” to cyberattack — They’ve been quite successful disrupting these reactors (VIDEO)

L.A. Times: NOAA to start testing wildlife for Fukushima contamination

Nuclear Engineer on New Footage: Little doubt that failed fuel exists in Fukushima Unit 3 pool — “Highly radioactive” (VIDEO)

HuffPost: “Radioactive Fish Found In California” — Is it a good thing?

Scientist: “The melted core cracked the containment vessel, there really is no containment” at Fukushima reactors (VIDEO)

Scientist discusses Fukushima disaster during highly informative 20-minute interview (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Fukushima plume went down on ground, unlike Chernobyl — Due to ‘building wake effect’ — Radiation exposure going to be higher for people nearby (AUDIO)

Caldicott: Fukushima disaster the worst thing that’s ever happened — I’ve never seen anything so despicable in decades of being a doctor (AUDIO)

Japan agency reports 37 earthquakes near location of today’s powerful M6.2