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Shell oil rig filled with fuel runs aground in Alaska — Worst development yet in crisis — “So it just happened, it’s dark, no one has seen it”

Japan Times: Prime Minister’s position on nuclear power “extremely regrettable” — “Deplorable” decision to continue fuel cycle project

FORUM: General Nuclear Issues Discussion Thread (Up to Mar. 31, 2014)

Prime Minister: Japan will build more nuke plants

Almost entire ground-level of Northern Hemisphere covered in radioactive fission product after 3/11 (GRAPHIC) — Study: “The impact of Fukushima radioxenon releases on the worldwide Xe-133 background must be investigated”

TV: Materials floating to North America from Japan could well be radioactive — There’s no monitoring going on (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Integrity of concrete at Fukushima plant studied — Salt water making it easier for fuel pools to crack? (AUDIO)

Kyodo: US gov’t sent “special team to counter nuclear terrorism” to Fukushima after 3/11

FOX News: “A Fukushima Fightback” — US Navy sailors say there was a conspiracy to withhold truth about radiation releases (AUDIO)

Fukushima Volunteer: “Their hair started falling out, they were almost bald, they told me they were wearing wigs” — More women at doctors’ offices missing hair

U.S. Navy Sailors on TV: “I’m not what I used to be… my thyroid’s not what it used to be” since 3/11 — “Degenerative disks all over my back… I was healthy before all of this” (VIDEO)

Former NRC Chairman in Fukushima: No excuse for any of us in nuclear arena to let this happen — I wish more people could come see it firsthand (VIDEO)

Report: Many sailors from USS Ronald Reagan suffered problems after 3/11 — “No amount of money would compensate me if I’m 23 years old and bleeding from my behind” -Attorney

Another M5 quake hits near same spot off Fukushima — Third in region over last 15 hours

Top Conservative Website: If lawsuit proves true and Tepco lied about radiation to get Americans in there, this is despicable

Independent flyover footage of giant sinkhole: 19 weeks later we’re seeing quite a different situation! — Comparison photos

CNN: Major health issues in ill US Navy sailors who were exposed to Fukushima radiation -Attorney

M5 hits Fukushima — Webcam shows intensity 4 quake rattling plant (VIDEO)

TV: US sailors having traits associated with radiation poisoning after Japan operation — Bleeding from rectum — Baby with birth defects — Cancer — Thyroid problems (VIDEO)

NBC Affiliate: US Navy sailor discusses sickness after serving in Japan on USS Ronald Reagan

Video: Navy sailors use no masks when scrubbing radioactive particles on USS Ronald Reagan after 3/11 — CNN: “The idea here is all about safety”

Paper: Navy sailors have experienced “great physical pain” after Fukushima radiation exposure says lawsuit — “Therapies such as chelation and bone marrow transplants” required