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Japan Professor: Leaders of Fukushima City refused to evacuate population of 400,000 after being asked by gov’t — Media didn’t report this thinking it would cause panic

Poster Inside Fukushima: “This is not the end — This is the beginning of a new nuclear age”

Tepco: It’s ‘really impossible’ for us to keep storing liquid from Fukushima reactors — We need to think about discharging it into ocean (VIDEO)

Tepco to wait to decommission Fukushima plant? — Official: “The radiation will be reduced” (VIDEO)

Brockovich: Residents near giant sinkhole need to get out — Serious gas pressure — Potential for explosion — Homes and land now useless (VIDEO)

WSJ: Concern there are cracks in Fukushima reactor buildings leaking irradiated water into Pacific

AP: Over 30 million tons of nuclear waste in Fukushima alone — Smoking mounds of disaster debris, possibly from spontaneous combustion

WSJ: Molten fuel could be outside Fukushima reactor — Experts concerned it’s not being cooled properly

(UPDATED) TV: Giant sinkhole to more than double in size? “It’s probably going to take out Highway 70″ — “You could look at loss of life” -Resident (VIDEO)

Man dies after being electrocuted at controversial new nuclear plant

Sheriff: Officials need to plan for ‘Sinkhole No. 2’ — “We’ve got to have plans in place where we can move fast”

Fukushima Workers: Smoke was pouring out of Unit 1 before tsunami hit — “No doubt” quake crippled reactors — Could torpedo Japan’s attempts to restart nuclear plants (VIDEO)

Video: 200,000 protest nuclear power

Gundersen: “I repeat, significant new material will be presented” at Fukushima symposium — Live stream starts Monday 9a ET

(UPDATED) TV: Concerns about second giant sinkhole opening up — “On verge of collapsing” — Could take out Highway 70 — Size may double (VIDEO)

Fukushima Workers: Plant ‘set to collapse’ from another quake or tsunami — “Critically vulnerable… completely fragile”

Video: Quake shifted Fukushima underground water and pushed it to surface all at once — Still gushing out 18 months later

Japan Times: Walls are cracked below ground at Fukushima reactor buildings — “As if the damage above ground isn’t enough to worry about”

“Tepco must surrender” — Official admits: We caused the accident at Fukushima Daiichi, I am very sorry (VIDEO)

Fairewinds: *Breaking News* Secret bombshell report released — Confirms Edison knew of major problems at San Onofre nuclear plant

TV: Governor Jindal to meet with local officials about giant sinkhole for first time

New development at giant Louisiana sinkhole — Another salt cavern now causing concern for officials