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BBC breaking news shows Fukushima protester interrupting high-profile press conference — Televised for nearly 2 minutes, event ended abruptly (VIDEO)

Officials at leaking U.S. nuclear site don’t know where leak is at or what it’s doing — “Absolutely not, it’s underground” (VIDEO)

Situation heating up at giant sinkhole: Local news airs exposé on Governor — Reporter: “I think they were just trying to shut me up” — As Erin Brockovich brings spotlight (VIDEO)

Radiation expert back from Fukushima: Radioactivity still very high… not declining — Health risk played down since it can’t be dealt with — Children’s playgrounds at 200 times normal levels

Physicians: Initial health consequences of Fukushima catastrophe are now scientifically verifiable

TV: Stories of what’s really going on inside Fukushima plant only just emerging — “Conditions are deteriorating” (VIDEO)

Paper: Governor won’t answer questions on giant sinkhole — Reporter asks same thing 3 times in a row — Handler tries to create diversion

Governor: Leaks can’t be stopped at U.S. nuclear site — Will take years to begin removing radioactive sludge from leaking Hanford tanks (VIDEO)

Experts on Fukushima Plant: “It’s a pipe dream” — “Basically, we are groping in the dark” — “Like going to war with bamboo sticks” — “Like the fog of war”

“Plumes of radioactivity from Fukushima are migrating in the Pacific towards the U.S. West Coast” -Caldicott

News reports discuss melted Fukushima fuel being underneath containment vessels

Guardian: Fukushima workers trying to “stop radiation leaking into the sea” — Steel shield to keep contamination from entering Pacific?

Guardian: 2 years later and “still no closer to gauging state of damaged fuel” at Fukushima — Reuters: “Little useful data on fuel debris”

Newspaper: Father and son in Fukushima jail since January after rescuing animals inside exclusion zone

AP: “As a last-ditch measure” water from Fukushima reactors to be released into ocean… after ‘purified’ — No ‘immediate’ plans

More radioactive leaks at U.S. nuclear site? Newspaper: Recent revelations “may be only part of the story”

TV: “In Fukushima, mothers with young children pray everyday for an escape” — Black cloud is concealing truth (VIDEO)

Reuters interviews Fukushima worker: “I get stomach aches… They should give us a medal” — NHK: Thick steel plates cover ground due to radioactive substances

Huffington Post — Gundersen: Radioactive steam from Fukushima reactors rolled out “like ground smog”… Chernobyl’s went high into atmosphere

Strange: Asahi headline about Fukushima rescuers wearing diapers — Other ‘personal’ details

Fukushima 50 Special: Unit 4 pool “had boiled dry, raising the spectre of a nuclear fission chain reaction” — Feared nearby nuclear plant would be evacuated

Cattleman: “Condition I’ve never seen before” near Fukushima plant — “More than a skin disease, they have nasty spots” — I believe it’s caused by the explosion (PHOTO & VIDEO)