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Gov’t agency warns of possible M8 quake — Recent M7.3 predicted just before it happened (PHOTO)

Both webcams capture strong quake rattling Fukushima Daiichi (VIDEOS)

M7.3 earthquake strikes Northeast Japan — Japan TV warned of strong quake minutes before it hit — Several M5 and M6 follow (VIDEO)

The New Economy: Extreme radioactive contamination responsible for US’s fastest growing metro area

Report: Hawaii doctors finding uranium in people’s urine — Residents demand action (VIDEO)

Watch: US gov’t charges nun, anti-nuclear activists with sabotage (VIDEO)

*News Alert* Kyodo: Japan gov’t thinks they can restart nuclear reactors in a few months

Officials: We don’t know how much oil is below giant sinkhole — We don’t know where it’s coming from

State of Louisiana to hold briefing “specific to health concerns” for people in area of giant sinkhole

Outrage as AP exposes Japan scientists taking money from nuke industry — But we usually only fly coach so it’s OK — Radiation standards ‘twisted’ after 3/11 to limit evacuations

Gov’t Promo: It’s less than a stomach x-ray of radiation per day, so please come visit Fukushima — Children can even go outside (VIDEO)

Methane found just below surface in neighborhood near giant sinkhole — School bus will not enter area to pick up students still living there

Fukushima 3/11 Fallout Figures Released: Over 4,000,000 Bq/m2 in major city — Contamination did NOT come from much talked about Iodine-131 or Cesium-137

Study finds weathered BP oil is much more toxic than when it was fresh

Reuters: Last 24 hours have ‘killed’ French nuclear -Analyst — “It looks really bad”

Al Gore claims nuclear power will be used in future — “I think the waste issue can probably be solved”

New drilling platform above BP’s Deepwater Horizon wellhead in Gulf — Many large oil slicks nearby (VIDEOS)

Japan TV: More than 80% of homes are still contaminated with Fukushima fallout

Former Gov’t Scientist: ‘Tar pavement’ is beneath sand along Gulf — “Like a paved highway” after hurricane

New Study: BP using Corexit in Gulf made oil up to 50 times more toxic — Industry likes it so much, companies are stocking up for next disaster

USGS: Large M5 quakes linked to fracking waste — May have caused every quake since 2001 in area studied — Scientist warns of ‘worse outcomes’

Journalist: “Purple spots, thyroid anomaly, sudden death… Death rate 1.5 times!” — “Lots of symptoms with Fukushima kids”