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Over 1,000,000 Bq/kg of cesium near Fukushima plant — 10 times higher than highest measurement in prior soil survey

Local Interview: No telling how big giant sinkhole will get — More oil and gas reserves to be exposed? (VIDEO)

TV: Leaking gas is building up in aquifer near giant sinkhole — Bubbling has multiplied significantly since first discovered (VIDEO)

Photo: Cracks found in spent fuel rods at Japan nuclear plant

Kyodo: “Unrivaled vast-scale decontamination” after “unprecedented event that spewed a large volume of radioactive materials on a vast tract of land” #Fukushima

Report: “Nuclear” song to be performed during Super Bowl’s half-time show (AUDIO)

Legal Expert: 3 police died of acute leukemia after being sent to Fukushima within 50 kilometers of plant

“Bizarre disappearance” of US nuclear plant operator — Carjacking, private jet, $100,000 in gold bars? (AUDIO)

Asahi: Death rate spikes among elderly Fukushima evacuees

Guardian on Fukushima Workers: We felt like kamikaze pilots — “Acute radiation sickness” ever-present danger

Report: Police officer had unstoppable diarrhea after guarding Fukushima no entry zone

Reactor vessel “slips off” train track on way to U.S. nuclear plant (PHOTO)

TV: “Our entire state could likely be in some sort of need” if mega quake hit California — “Aid would have to come in from much further away” (VIDEO)

L.A. Times: Statewide quake may be possible in California — The fault in the model ‘snapped’

‘First Time’: Radioactive rice with more than double gov’t cesium limit found outside Fukushima Prefecture

M5 quake hits Fukushima (VIDEO)

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks Hydrogen Sulfide and Buckyballs during show with Joe Rogan (VIDEO)

US Gov’t Film: We must be very careful using radiation — Flies with white eyes, no wings, extra wings — Albino corn, distorted corn, stunted plants (VIDEO)

Machine guns requested for U.S. nuclear sites due to ‘radiological sabotage’ concerns

Fukushima Officials ‘Outraged’: A grave problem — Workers dumped waste “because they removed more radioactive materials than expected” (PHOTOS)

Paper: Engineer files police report after incident at nuclear site — Says she was grabbed, physically prevented from leaving meeting

International Media Covers Giant Sinkhole: Never has one unleashed so much oil and gas into environment — Resident reports heavy stench inside home (AUDIO)