Kyoto U. expert: Melted fuel may have sunk into ground — “We are now head to head with a situation that mankind has never faced before”

Japan gov’t reveals ‘unlucky combination’ of rain and wind washed down radioactive debris over wide area around meltdowns — Radiation had been expected to go over Pacific now posting Fukushima radiation forecast maps from Swiss Meteorological Bureau — Latest shows particles traveling across Pacific (VIDEOS)

Swiss Meteorological Bureau

Smokers inhaling tobacco with up to 217 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium — Manufacturer calls that “no radiation” & WSJ headlines “Nicotine, Yes; Radioactivity, No”


The Texas radiation coverup — New 5-part local TV series on how government agencies are ‘protecting’ our health (VIDEOS)

Locals: Talk of Fukushima area being a testing ground for international experiments on radiation — Many families want to leave but can’t

Former Japan leader says meltdown of Fukushima reactors ‘would’ have released several times as much radiation as Chernobyl — “Or even dozens of times”

Almost 500 millisieverts of radiation for some in corridor NW of Fukushima meltdowns — Around 50/50 chance of cancer, says nuclear engineer

Tents over Fukushima reactors will increase dispersion of radioactive gases — Trapped radiation to be pumped up high into air

Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima reactors continue to emit significant quantities of radioactive gases — Latest figure is a Gigabecquerel per day (AUDIO)

Cesium-137 found in urine of child near Tokyo, despite mother’s stringent efforts at radiation protection — “Mixture of shock and a feeling that of course this is the case”

Radioactive slag used for road construction in New York, 10X normal radiation — “It is on all of the people’s lawns” says contractor (VIDEO)

Mysterious person in radiation suit appears on Fukushima webcam (VIDEOS)


“All around in the Japanese forum, a lot of people have been trying to figure out what the camera guy was trying to mean.”

Mainichi: 105 microsieverts per hour found outside no-entry zone (MAP)


368 microsieverts/hour detected in Futaba-machi, 4 km west of plant

Tokyo Univ. expert: Cancer or illness from Fukushima radiation will be in 5-10 years — “This is a disaster affecting all residents of Japan” (VIDEO)

Fukushima workers showered with highly radioactive water

*After Cleanup* High school: 7.9 microsieverts/hour — Day care center: 7.1 microsieverts/hour

Mainichi: Fukushima nuke plant workers blasted with beta radiation

“We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out” — Int’l conference warns that media talk of Fukushima health effects “may be harmful”

Japan gov’t finds 165 locations over wide area with cesium-137 exceeding Chernobyl evacuation levels — Data shows radiation could be “spreading to other areas”

The first comprehensive survey of soil contamination from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant

Fish caught in river north of Tokyo exceeded legal limit for radioactive cesium — First time seen outside of Fukushima