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Local Official: 5,000,000 Bq/kg and no decontamination — We can’t eat food grown here, but we are forced to live here

Japan Times Blasts Gov’t: Dangerous obsession with restarting reactors — Officials ‘fearful of public opinion opposing restart’

Japanese Magazine: Tepco workers ordered to make Fukushima look less severe than Chernobyl

Top 20 US Newspaper: The world’s food chain could be compromised — Japan’s radiation seems inescapable

NHK: More than half of thermometers in Reactor 2 not working — Tepco will start ‘start measuring temperatures again by late July’ — High humidity inside reactor blamed

Chicago Tribune Headline: ‘Fukushima quake/tsunami disturbed upper atmosphere’ -NASA

NYTimes Front Page: Computer worm used by U.S. to attack nuclear facilities ‘had broken free, like a zoo animal that found the keys to the cage’ — In 2010 ‘it began replicating itself all around the world’

Congressman to FDA: Unknown how radioactive fallout in US affected marine environment — Wants ‘a listing of all instances of species found to have elevated levels’

California Nuclear Professor: Radioactive tuna may raise cancer risks (VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert: ‘It is not advisable to eat bluefin tuna’ — Fukushima radiation deposited over 600,000 sq. miles of Pacific — Cesium crosses placental barrier of animals

New photos show what remains of No. 4 reactor building’s eastern wall

US Gov’t Memo: Nuclear fall-out in ocean does NOT gradually spread out — ‘Streams of higher radioactive materials’

Report: We’ve started to see the black substance in Soma City — Please be careful! — Very high radiation levels

Japanese Nuclear Expert: ‘When I try to figure out the true magnitude of damage, I am overwhelmed’ — Almost all of Fukushima Prefecture would be abandoned if gov’t regulations were applied (VIDEOS)

‘Even if the Japanese gov’t goes into bankruptcy, it still won’t be enough to compensate all the damages that will be produced’ from Fukushima Daiichi

FORUM: General Discussion Thread (Nuclear Issues) for June 2012

Former head of Japan’s #1 newspaper worked with CIA to promote nuclear power

Minamisoma official discusses black smoke when Reactor No. 3 exploded

Tokyo Professor: We are facing a nuclear winter in Japan

CNN: Japanese say gov’t “will simply flat out lie” about Fukushima — Adviser to Prime Minister Kan: People can not trust gov’t (VIDEO)

Marine Chemist: ‘The reactors are still leaking’ — ‘Why aren’t the fish getting cleaner?’

Stanford Publication: Were TV experts paid to say Fukushima Daiichi had a small leak when it was the largest in the world?