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Emergency officials now urging residents near giant sinkhole to check homes for sinking, holes, cracks; Immediately report changes

Mainichi: “Nuclear devastation” for Japan, in peace time — Fukushima disaster “the same as war” -Buddhist Nun

“Unsettling News”: There’s no way to fix it if salt cavern under sinkhole has failed, says state engineer — “There’s little that you can do”

Intense Magnitude 5 quake nearby Fukushima plant — Hits hours after even stronger quake in Northern Japan (MAP)

No sinkhole measurements revealed publicly in 10 days — Problems with flyovers by Civil Air Patrol, State Police helicopter, and now EPA airplane (VIDEO)

NHK: Mayor says work to remove radioactive substances “making no progress” (VIDEO)

Physician: Overwhelming number of cases being reported from around Japan — Medical data in Fukushima is sealed, no idea what’s truly going on there

Emergency officials at sinkhole meeting discuss possible hurricane heading for Gulf Coast — New aerial footage (VIDEOS)

Yamada: We cannot cover Fukushima Daiichi reactors like after Chernobyl — It’s more complex (AUDIO)

Listen: Melted fuel may have broken through concrete under reactors — Tepco just assuming it didn’t -Fukushima Volunteer (AUDIO)

NHK: Many Fukushima nuclear workers leaving after exceeding exposure limit — Young people must be trained to work at plant -Tokyo Professor

6-year-old playing on radioactive waste dump 20km north of Fukushima Daiichi

Teacher: “I’m lying to a room full of students” — Fukushima City should be evacuated

Reactor Specialist on Unit 3: “I can’t tell you if it’s a hydrogen explosion or a nuclear explosion” (VIDEO)

Japan Nuclear Expert: Melted fuel may have gone through cement floor and into ground under Fukushima reactors — I don’t believe Tepco’s claim for one second — Where in the world is it? (VIDEO)

Physician: We don’t know what’s happening — Cesium levels in soil not going down after Chernobyl, some areas have gotten even higher (VIDEO)

Chemist: Residents near sinkhole already reporting respiratory problems, headaches — Concern over impact of many chemicals in air at same time

Asahi: Gov’t calculations “were way off” — Anti-nuclear sentiment has grown so large it could force change in energy policy

Officials: Sinkhole measurements unavailable — Police want study of “simultaneous venting of the aquifer as the exploratory rig is being drilled”

Fukushima Daiichi worker dies from heart attack — Tepco questioned over fatality rate at plant — Not caused by radiation “because he died of a heart attack”

Mainichi: Almost 20,000 becquerels of cesium detected inside Fukushima man — “This is not a level that would affect health” — Equals less than 1 millisievert per year?

Japan Nuclear Professor: Fukushima smoke stacks releasing radiation on a daily basis (VIDEO)