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Tepco: We are focused on ensuring Unit 4 is kept in a stable condition and fixing the three other units… at Fukushima DAINI

Interview: I fear radiation and so does everyone in my community — Decontamination has gone nowhere after a year (VIDEO)

TV: Upcoming academic studies to report on fallout situation in U.S. — “All along the West Coast we’re going to be seeing the news” (VIDEO)

Shock? Russia owns 20% of all U.S. uranium reserves — Top Nuke Official: We are now mining in Wyoming… “This is something you probably couldn’t imagine some 3 or 4 years ago” (VIDEO)

Local Official: Be part of Hydrangea Revolution from anywhere… test dust from your air conditioner — Evidence to prepare for medical lawsuits is right above your head (VIDEO)

Wall St. Journal: “Area around Fukushima Daiichi sank half a meter” after 3/11 quake — May have damaged critical piping at reactors

Watch: Inside “the center of where it all began” — Japan’s massive weekly protests started with a few sweet ladies from Fukushima in a tent — Now 300th day of Occupy Tokyo on Friday (VIDEO)

Swiss Think-Tank: Dire situation for global environment if No. 4 fuel pool releases all radioactive material — Gov’t appears to be keeping information classified

Restarted reactors sit next to “Devil’s Triangle” where northern and southern halves of Japan meet — “How could we have built so many nuclear plants in such a place?” -Tokyo Prof.

Japanese Nuclear Expert: Containment vessel at Reactor No. 2 likely seriously damaged by quake on 3/11

Postponed: Problem at Japan’s restarted Oi nuke plant prevents reactor from generating power

Tokyo professor warns of possible active fault dividing reactors at Japan’s only operating nuclear plant — Shattered zone runs between Units 2 and 3 at Oi

Minamisoma Official: Plutonium detection not being published by gov’t — Mayor should be blamed if people die

White smoke from Fukushima Daiichi Reactor No. 6 turbine building

Local Official: I feel as if we’re being killed slowly — I want everyone in the world to know that we are living in constant fear — This is infringement of human rights

Fukushima Woman: Many are aborting their babies… It’s really happening — I know many women who were visibly pregnant then suddenly weren’t (VIDEO)

Documentary: An insurance person told me people from Fukushima may not be able to get life insurance, and especially cancer insurance (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Highly contaminated fish detected in Fukushima rivers and lakes — Up to 25 times legal limit

Tokyo Professor: Cesium detected in urine of Fukushima infants “definitely has no effect on human body”

Gundersens: We’ve stopped watching Jon Stewart as long as he accepts sponsorship of nuclear industry — It’s horrible… He was our favorite commentator (VIDEO)

I’m being approached all the time by scientist having great difficulty getting their Fukushima Daiichi-related reports published because of industrial pressure -Gundersen (VIDEO)

Inside the Tokyo Protest: “People are piping mad… they finally got angry” — Police barricades collapsed one after another — Riot buses blocked crowd from entering Prime Minister’s office (VIDEOS)