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Engineer/Activist: California reactor could shake itself to bits and lead to meltdown if restarted — Bathtub worth of radioactive water a day was leaking at San Onofre (AUDIO)

Kyodo: Cumulative radiation doses at Fukushima Daiichi increase 16-fold — Measures needed to reduce exposure

Mainichi: Elevated strontium found in Tokyo — New gov’t study didn’t check if regions outside Kanto and Tohoku also affected

Retired Fukushima engineers coming to US to ask for help — Will meet with lawmakers, visit major cities

Gov’t detects Strontium-90 for first time in 10 prefectures — “Unable to measure” Fukushima and Miyagi

Gov’t Probe: Quake may have created rupture in Fukushima reactor vessel which grew larger

Experts assuming Reactor 2 had cracked containment vessel that allowed releases directly from melted nuclear core — Radioactive plume was blown south (VIDEO)

Medicated worker intentionally lit fire that burned nuclear sub… Twice — Navy had blamed blaze on vacuum cleaner (VIDEO)

Asahi: Cables connected to Fukushima reactor thermometers “on verge of breaking” — “Plant still not out of the woods”

More cooling needed after Fukushima reactor heats up -Asahi

Tepco: Cesium getting stirred up? Fukushima plant still emitting 10,000,000 becquerels every hour

Kyodo News uses term ‘Hot-zone’ to describe Miyagi, Iwate and Tochigi Prefectures… not just Fukushima

*Batman Spoiler Alert* — ‘Dark Knight Rises’ nuclear plot revealed (VIDEO)

Asahi: “Our worries are growing more and more” says Fukushima mother — “The problem of the nuclear plant is still ongoing”

New gov’t report stresses they still know very little about health implications of Fukushima disaster — Possibility of gov’t meltdown cover-up raised on NHK (VIDEO)

Tepco: Total estimated cesium release into air is triple amount published 2 months ago

New Gov’t Report: No answer for how radioactive materials leaked from Fukushima reactors — Unknown why Unit 1 exploded — Don’t know reason Unit 2 released so much …More

Nuclear Worker: “There’s been some people dying, young guys, of some weird cancers” (VIDEO)

NYTimes on “Surreal Serenity”: Hotel owner gave me mask, coat — ‘Radiation levels are high sometimes when it rains’ (VIDEO)

Japan Gov’t Officials: “Infinite” damage can be caused by a nuclear power accident -NHK (VIDEO)

Former GE Nuclear Inspector: They made us wear lead vests to falsify radiation exposure when in Taiwan — All the lead did was cover our dosimeters (VIDEO)

‘Growing concern’ over worker shortages at Fukushima Daiichi by gov’t and Tepco -AP