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Japanese Researcher: They remind me of Godzilla (PHOTO) — 95% of worms die, survivors grow 10 times average size when raised on Tokyo soil contaminated with Fukushima radioactive material

Fukushima ranked Level 8 on newly proposed nuclear scale, above Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Analyst: They are worried about a breach of the salt dome — Chevron emptying billions of cubic feet of gas from cavern after Louisiana gov’t issues warning

Fukushima Mom: “Strange”… Gov’t found something on son’s thyroid, but they’re not going to do anything about it — NHK: Family “has no choice” but to accept gov’t policy (VIDEO)

NHK Documentary: “The worse-case scenario was unfolding” as Unit 3′s pressure reached its limit on March 14 (VIDEO)

NHK Special: ‘Unexpected finding’ revealed in Tochigi Prefecture — 17 times radiation limit in front of school (VIDEO)

TV: Official warns Louisiana sinkhole at risk of enlarging — Other wells in area could become destabilized (VIDEO)

Japan Times: Study finds ‘abnormalities’ in 52% of second generation offspring from butterflies collected May 2011 — Unusually small wings, premature death

Very shallow, intense quake hits Fukushima — Registered 5- of 7 on Japan seismic scale — No tsunami warning issued

Louisiana Sinkhole: Radioactive waste in cavern may have exceeded radiation limits — Up to 20 cubic feet pumped inside

Louisiana Test Results: Radioactive thorium, lead, and more detected in sinkhole samples (VIDEO)

Japan Newspaper: Tokyo area turned out to be as contaminated as Fukushima -Kyoto Professor

Five quakes M4 and above hit Fukushima in last six days

Fukushima Chief Yoshida on Video: We must bring foreign experts in to help — Spoke like reactors not stabilized (PHOTO)

TV: Concerns about integrity of top of giant Louisiana salt dome — Measures 1-by-3 miles (DIAGRAM & VIDEO)

Report: Yellow radioactive substance in Kashiwa neighborhood near Tokyo — “I saw the roofs of other houses, most of them were covered with it”

ABC: Louisiana Gov. declares emergency, allows Homeland Security to assist — Spokeswoman: “This is extremely serious” — Report: Multiple caverns have radioactive materials

Nuclear Specialist: Thousands of times more radioactivity in some US spent fuel pools than what we saw after Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Local news reports cavern filled with radioactive material may have collapsed — “Concerns swarm about what could leak out” around sinkhole (VIDEO)

Sheriff Warns: Growing sinkhole could be catastrophic — 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane nearby — Over 300 feet wide, up to 400 feet deep

National Guard: Giant sinkhole is growing in Louisiana — Tests for radioactive materials in air and water underway — Site used for oil and gas production (VIDEO)

“Emergency situation” as fractures suspected at nuclear reactor — Ten U.S. plants may use same component — “Likely to reignite a debate over the risks of nuclear energy” -Financial Times