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ABC: Louisiana Gov. declares emergency, allows Homeland Security to assist — Spokeswoman: “This is extremely serious” — Report: Multiple caverns have radioactive materials

Nuclear Specialist: Thousands of times more radioactivity in some US spent fuel pools than what we saw after Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Local news reports cavern filled with radioactive material may have collapsed — “Concerns swarm about what could leak out” around sinkhole (VIDEO)

Sheriff Warns: Growing sinkhole could be catastrophic — 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane nearby — Over 300 feet wide, up to 400 feet deep

National Guard: Giant sinkhole is growing in Louisiana — Tests for radioactive materials in air and water underway — Site used for oil and gas production (VIDEO)

“Emergency situation” as fractures suspected at nuclear reactor — Ten U.S. plants may use same component — “Likely to reignite a debate over the risks of nuclear energy” -Financial Times

Fukushima Mother: We suffered from nausea and diarrhea — I wondered why the government didn’t help us evacuate, did they abandon us? (VIDEO)

“It’s Shocking”: We found Japan’s response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster is much worse than after Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Pregnant women used for decontamination activity after Fukushima disaster -Report (VIDEO)

*Asahi* Japan Physicist: Several millions will need to be evacuated from around Fukushima plant if gov’t used same scale as after Chernobyl — Japan’s handling of disaster “far worse” than Soviet Union

AP: Video shows plant officials ‘freaked out’ — “At least 5 of the 7 pools at the plant were in trouble” — Fukushima Chief: “The pool at No. 1 unit is now exposed… I’m out of ideas”

Fukushima Plant Chief after 3/11: “Reactor 3, probably steam explosion, it just happened!” — NRC Chairman had said a steam explosion could “reject an entire core” (VIDEO)

NHK broadcasts warnings about internal radiation exposure — Doctor: “Even a low dose will cause damage” (VIDEO)

Off the Chart: University researchers film while measuring radiation levels in evacuation zone — “‘Over’ means it’s beyond the capacity of the measuring device” (VIDEO)

Report: “Global public sentiment is still vehemently anti-nuclear” — “Extreme public resistance” in Japan, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland…

NHK: “The nuclear accident is continuing and affected areas are being devastated” -Student Ambassador from Fukushima

Asahi: Video shows Tepco’s hastiness when reporting Unit 3 as a hydrogen explosion — Cause “has yet to be determined”

FOX: Nuclear reactor halted on “suspicion of cracks”; “We have found anomalies,” says Belgium official — AFP: Possible cracks in reactor vessel?

10,000,000 sieverts ok for new device developed for use at Fukushima Daiichi

Tepco Official on Unit 3: “We don’t know if it was really a hydrogen explosion”

‘Alice in Wonderland’ was used to convince children in Japan nuclear power is safe (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima explosions could have actually blown holes through containment vessels (Harvard Video)