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Japan Nuclear Expert: Extensive areas in Kanto should evacuate if they want to be protected from radiation — Gov’t abandoned the people there

3 workers suffer cardiac arrest at Japan waste incineration plant — 49 microSv/hr found in scrap last month — Doctor associates with Cesium-137 exposure

Study: Cesium-137 immediately damages the heart muscle — Not slow-acting

Camera to be lowered into Unit No. 3 by crane (PHOTO)

OT: “This goes far beyond any corruption scandal we’ve had” says top reporter — It’s like finding out the whole world is built on quicksand — Implications so large, they’ve yet to be taken in (VIDEO)

Commentator: Me and my wife’s decision to leave Japan (VIDEO)

Outbreaks of tuberculosis and rubella hit Japan

Professor in Japan Blasts Gov’t, Tepco: “These are lies, they’re absolutely lies” (VIDEO)

Fuel rod containers damaged at another Japan nuke plant — Investigating if from 3/11 quake (VIDEO)

Martin Sheen: No issue is more serious than nuclear — Not just for U.S., but entire world (VIDEOS)

Caldicott: I think some of the Fukushima plant workers exposed to very high levels of radiation have died — There’s a coverup by Tepco and gov’t, so we don’t know what’s really going on (VIDEO)

“Radiation-contaminated prefectures such as Chiba (near Tokyo) should also start a serious health damage survey as soon as possible”

Report: Mortality rising in contaminated regions of East Japan — “Very likely the number of cases of disease and death increased associated with radiation”

Posts mentioning ‘leukemia’ get deleted says Japanese man diagnosed with acute leukemia after 3/11

Gundersen: Essentially Northern Japan is Contaminated (VIDEO)

New photos of tsunami hitting Fukushima plant released by Tepco

Documentary: We’re still in danger from Reactor No. 4 because Tepco can’t get their act together -Fukushima Resident (VIDEO)

Study: Contaminated water from Fukushima reactors could double radioactivity levels of US coastal waters in 5 years — “We were surprised at how quickly the tracer spread” (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Bacteria vs. Nuclear Waste: Scientists finding microorganisms may threaten storage of radioactive waste

Failed power supply at No. 4 fuel pool shows evidence of fire — Tepco says it’s “covered with soot” (PHOTOS)

Nuclear Engineer Concerned About Unit 4 Support Structure: Is it going to just punch through the floor and through cracks? — What is the load transferred to? Something that’s also flimsy? (VIDEO)

Incredibly contaminated house dust nearly 100 miles from Fukushima Daiichi — Gundersen: We’re getting a lot of Japanese sending us their vacuum bags (VIDEO)