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Beagles to be injected with radioactive substances during gov’t toxicity experiments?

Governor: People should be held criminally responsible for Fukushima — Why has nobody been arrested?

Study warns of another nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi — Likely to be directly disturbed by large quakes (Full Paper)


Reuters: Russian sub had atomic weapons onboard when engulfed by flames — On brink of major nuclear disaster last Dec. -Report

NHK: Tepco told to find ways of measuring temperature at Reactor No. 2 and report by tomorrow — Still claimed no xenon detected

Gundersen: 1/3 of Fukushima kids tested positive for lumps on thyroid — Forebodes some real issues in future — We’re only 10 months into the accident here (AUDIO)

Tepco Handout: Xenon detected in Reactor No. 2 containment vessel — 9 hour half-life

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Gundersen: M7.0 quake can cause Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 to collapse — New study warns fault nearby Daiichi plant ripped open on 3/11; 70% chance of big quake this year

Top Japan Official: Evacuating Tokyo was a ‘contingency’, not worst-case scenario — "Implementing COST-EFFECTIVE measures was the proper response"

Magnitude 6.2 quake in same location as recent M5.5 near Fukushima — "Very Shallow" (MAP)

Japanese medical experts deeply concerned about children’s radiation exposure — 51% of kids contaminated with cesium-137 at Fukushima hospital — Some had clothing indicating high-level gamma rays

Magnitude 5.5 quake near Fukushima (MAP)

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195,000,000 Bq/L of cesium detected in Unit No. 3 turbine building — Basement is filled 10 feet deep with this highly radioactive water — No testing for strontium

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FORUM: General Discussion Thread for Feb. 14 – 21, 2012

Hospital doctor says patients suffering high-level radiation exposure from Fukushima — Complains media are not reporting his findings

Fukushima cities, hospitals say they can't wait any longer for gov't to help them -- Still only a "small number" of Minami-Soma citizens have been checked for internal exposure

Reuters Interview: “I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I’ve lost 8 kg and when I went to the doctor I threw up everything I took” (VIDEO)

Yomiuri: Right after Tepco’s test, temperature rose sharply and went overscale — Reporters starting to ask questions

Reporter asks if Tepco test caused device to break — Nuclear experts doubt foregone conclusion of instrument failure at Reactor No. 2

Tepco: Cable inside the thermometer is probably cut at Reactor No. 2

Reuters: Contamination concerns growing… High radiation levels 270+ km from meltdowns — Gundersen: Over half of Japanese living in contaminated areas… Includes places 400 km away from Fukushima (VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert on Reactor No. 2 Footage: Sort of like a scene out of Alien, everything is kind of dripping and oozing (AUDIO) — Tepco Today: There’s little sign of steam