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Former UN adviser: If No. 4 pool collapses I’ve been told “during 50 years continual, you cannot contain” (VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima spent fuel has 85 times more cesium than released at Chernobyl — “It would destroy the world environment and our civilization… an issue of human survival” -Former UN adviser

Ambassador Murata writes to UN Secretary General: “It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor” — Appeals for independent assessment team

Head Researcher: Boulder, Colorado a “hot spot” for Fukushima fallout — None of their other US or Canadian samples came close to Boulder’s contamination, except Portland which was even higher

Former Japan Ambassador Warns Gov’t Committee: “A global catastrophe like we have never before experienced” if No. 4 collapses — Common Spent Fuel Pool with 6,375 fuel rods in jeopardy — “Would affect us all for centuries”

Beware ‘Spring Maximum’ for Radioactive Fallout

NOAA Scientists: Plumes from Asia contribute up to 20% of surface ozone pollution on US West Coast… closely related to radioactive fallout — Maximum at Los Angeles Basin, southwest

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CNN: “Sounds unbelieveable, but it’s true” — Japan paying for travelers to visit Fukushima — $63 to share photos on Facebook, $63 to answer 5 questions …More

Osaka Mayor: Japan will collapse if reactors are restarted hastily — Asahi: New safety standards for restarts written in just two days

Tepco gets gov’t warning about radioactive leak from Fukushima Daiichi — “At this time we have reserved the right to not provide an English version due to potential misunderstandings”

AP: US blasts tsunami ‘ghost ship’ with cannons — Sinks after multiple attempts — Huge column of smoke seen over gulf — Was to be salvaged, but “inspection showed the ship was not worth saving”

AFP: Fires, radioactive fluid leak at French nuclear plant — Level 1 on INES scale… ‘provisionally’ — Small pools of burning oil

Study Author: California iodine-131 probably double or triple what we reported

Alpha radiation detected on lid of septic tank at official’s home (VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert: “I should make clear that if the EPA safe drinking water level doesn’t apply to rainwater, nothing does” (VIDEO)

WSJ: Fukushima Leak Renews Concerns About Plant’s Stability — AP: Officials say no ‘immediate’ health threat

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Local official measures alpha radiation on bridge railing — Up to 1,000 times more dangerous than beta or gamma (VIDEO)

Tepco: Strontium leaking into ocean — Tons more highly contaminated water enters sea — “TEPCO has apologized for the incident and says it will determine the cause and extent of the leakage”

Cyanobacteria over 1,000,000 Bq/kg outside Minamisoma City Hall (VIDEOS)

WATCH: Commercial to air on CNN exposes cover-up and radiation leak at California nuke plant (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Radioactive fish at 400% gov’t limit found 200km inland at lake in Gunma

Physician: Nuclear Power Plants = Random Compulsory Genetic Engineering (VIDEO)