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Study Author: California iodine-131 probably double or triple what we reported

Alpha radiation detected on lid of septic tank at official’s home (VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert: “I should make clear that if the EPA safe drinking water level doesn’t apply to rainwater, nothing does” (VIDEO)

WSJ: Fukushima Leak Renews Concerns About Plant’s Stability — AP: Officials say no ‘immediate’ health threat

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Local official measures alpha radiation on bridge railing — Up to 1,000 times more dangerous than beta or gamma (VIDEO)

Tepco: Strontium leaking into ocean — Tons more highly contaminated water enters sea — “TEPCO has apologized for the incident and says it will determine the cause and extent of the leakage”

Cyanobacteria over 1,000,000 Bq/kg outside Minamisoma City Hall (VIDEOS)

WATCH: Commercial to air on CNN exposes cover-up and radiation leak at California nuke plant (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Radioactive fish at 400% gov’t limit found 200km inland at lake in Gunma

Physician: Nuclear Power Plants = Random Compulsory Genetic Engineering (VIDEO)

Tepco was concerned about high winds damaging Reactor No. 1 — Risk that cover “would spill over to the reactor building” — Only designed for winds of 56 mph

Kyodo: Storm may have halted nitrogen injections at three Fukushima reactors for hours — Tepco says no fears of hydrogen explosion

Video shows dark smoke from Fukushima Daiichi blowing over Japan on Mar. 15, 2011 after explosion at Reactor No. 3

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Caldicott: If Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 collapses I am evacuating my family from Boston (VIDEO)

Japan Gov’t Study: Fukushima contamination in ocean reached Alaska in under a month (MAP)


Over 100°C? New Tepco data shows temperature spiked at two gauges in Reactor No. 2 — Similar rise patterns for both charts

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JMA: A “rare” situation — “This is like the core of a typhoon, but it is staying for a long time” — 135 km/h winds recorded due west of Fukushima (VIDEO)

Tokyo radiation monitor spikes to 400% average after storm passes Fukushima, Japan (VIDEO)

Study: Fukushima contamination may be spreading south of Tokyo — NOT blocked by Kuroshio Current as widely reported — “A potential pathway for contaminated water”

Former Prime Minister Kan reveals nuclear coverup — After Fukushima he’s “devoting himself to nuclear activism, he now wants to abolish nuclear power in Japan” (VIDEOS)

Scientists measured 2,000 trillion becquerels of Cs-137 in one study area — Would’ve been much higher, but radioactivity was transported away by time of sampling

Forever: Iodine-129 “a growing radiological risk” — 15.7 million year half-life — Almost undetectable — Traveled along with iodine-131 from Fukushima — Concentrates in hotspots