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Gundersen in Japan: 1,000,000 additional cancers from Fukushima over next 20 years — Based on university studies after Three Mile Island (1.5 HOUR VIDEO)

NYTimes: NRC official predicted rising levels of radioactivity may stop airliners from coming to Tokyo — “Unfathomable” challenges for Japan

Report indicated five Fukushima workers have most likely received a fatal dose of radiation -NRC Transcript

News Agency: "After working in affected areas, four workers have died, victims of leukemia or heart attack" -NHK TV

Journalist: Almost every day a worker would keel over with heat exhaustion and be carried out

AP: Radiation contamination detected 400 miles from Fukushima coast — Levels up to 1,000 times above normal — IAEA says safe to drink

WSJ publishes NRC transcript: Explosion “leveled the structure for Unit 4 spent-fuel pool all the way down to approximate level of the bottom of the fuels” — “So, there’s no water in there whatsoever”

Former Tepco executives say company has always known they were working with yakuza

“Unthinkable”: Reports surfacing of radioactive sheep in parts of Norway containing 4,000 Bq/kg

Book: Mentally handicapped working at Fukushima plant after meltdowns — Often given worse radiation suits than regular employees

Telegraph: Tepco raised “safe” radiation exposure limits at Fukushima plant to over 500 times original level — From 180cpm to 100,000cpm — Often reported as 2.5-fold increase

Tepco to begin coating seafloor with cement mixture (PHOTOS)

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NHK: 42% of residents’ radiation exposure tops annual limit — Survey excluded people working in places with high radioactivity — Only used 4 months of data

Anonymous Fukushima Employee: Workers were dropping like flies in the heat while clearing debris and watering reactors

Experts particularly concerned about weight of fuel in No. 4 pool in building with possible quake damage — Destruction blamed on Reactor No. 3 explosion

Telegraph: US gov’t was secretly planning to evacuate 90,000 citizens from Japan — Fukushima 50 forbidden from speaking publicly — Terrified of agonising death from radiation poisoning — New BBC doc Thursday

WSJ: Striking fact that many of Fukushima’s reactors are still off-limits — 1,500 microsieverts per hour — Still too dangerous for workers to enter

More journalists tour Fukushima: Parking lot areas “too contaminated” — Told to stay on metal plates so radiation is shielded somewhat

Radiation dose spikes to 48 sieverts per hour at Reactor No. 1 — Highest level in months — Remained stable until 10-fold increase — Instrument failure?

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Tokyo Professor: Gov’t was in fact lying to us constantly

25km from Tokyo: Radiation now 10 times higher at many locations in Kashiwa compared to pre-Fukushima levels — Only includes external dose (INTERACTIVE MAP)

4 quakes in 90 minutes near Fukushima — Began several hours after intensity 5- quake in Ibaraki