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Report: Mayor says Tokyo citizens were irradiated -NHK

Palast: I just spoke to doctor in Ukraine, “There’s a tremendous epidemic of thyroid cancer there” — Doctor even has thyroid cancer (VIDEO)

Sickened Minamisoma woman’s blog shut down — Recently featured on major news network

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Gundersen on CTV: The country of Japan is contaminated — “Just routine checking an area here and there” in Tokyo found all samples to be radioactive waste (VIDEO)

Gundersen on RT: All 5 samples I took in Tokyo qualified as radioactive waste — People should never return to some areas 60km from Fukushima (VIDEO)

Tepco checking debris fallen to bottom of Reactor No. 4 — May move control rods — ROV to be sent into Spent Fuel Pool


Airlines considered halting flights after Fukushima meltdowns — “You know, radiation — They are worried about radiation” — US officials concerned commercial air traffic would be grounded

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima 10 times worse than Chernobyl

‘Fukushima Fifty’ workers speak out: If you blamed Tepco for symptoms, told not to come back — 5,000 CPM internal radiation — “None of them trust anything TEPCO or gov’t says” -Asahi

“The smoke — It’s black” murmered Prime Minister Kan after Reactor No. 3 exploded

Nursery School Teacher: Tepco worker told us to flee large city 60km from meltdowns — “He suggested maybe we would be affected physically by radiation”

FORUM: General Discussion Thread (Nuclear Issues) for Mar. 12 – 25, 2012

Asahi: Serious concerns about whether depopulation now a reality — Entire mountainsides to be removed? Bleak hardly does justice to assessments of Fukushima Pref. future

Gundersen: Entire north of Japan has a public health hazard

NHK Video: Core Fukushima details unknown — Where was “radioactive material” released from? How much was released? Did quake affect plant?

French nuclear specialists agree Fukushima “could still explode”, corium a threat — Reactors remain in meltdown says expert, molten lava could break through at any point

Concern over Americium-241 contamination of soy beans around Fukushima — Legumes easily absorb highly toxic product of Plutonium-241

Worker at Fukushima on 3/11: You’d expect there’d be some emergency lighting that comes on, but there wasn’t a one — Pitch black (1hr AUDIO)

Strange Japanese press conference calls for jailing of Tepco officials, guilty of criminal error — Says international media damaged ‘Japan Brand’ (1hr VIDEO)

Report: Records of human deformations and still births after Fukushima yet to be published — Preparing data for public release (VIDEO)

American Worker on PBS: “Demonic” sounds came from Fukushima plant — I don’t know if it was the earth or building moving (VIDEO)

Gundersens on TV: Went to Japan to tell people the truth about Fukushima — Cold shutdown impossible — Japanese poised to become energy innovators (50 MINUTES)