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Leading Japan newspaper comes out against nuclear power: “The illusion of nuclear power safety has been torn out by the root”

Kyodo: No one knows what’s actually happening inside three reactors one year later — “Still great uncertainty over the situation”

Kyodo: Family suffered nausea, diarrhea after meltdowns 60km away, Mother very worried — “We think it’s a human rights problem and grave violation” says expert

Anonymous Korean official says radiation detections rising because two Fukushima reactors are currently leaking -Yonhap

NBC Interview: Please stop this inhuman treatment for the people living in Fukushima (VIDEO)

Strange: “Vertical earthquake” caused explosion at Reactor No. 1, says NRC report on Fukushima — Did not impact other units — Occurred March 12 at 1:36a ET


Gundersen: They tried to crush us — Our house was foreclosed on, there was bankruptcy — We were followed, harassing calls — Got sued for $1.5 million (VIDEO)

Massive amount of mystery black substance found on road in Minamisoma after several days of rain and snow — Emitting 50 microSv/hr (PHOTO)


Gov’t Memo: “One or more of the building explosions ejected radioactive material around the site” at Fukushima

AP reports 60km from Fukushima plant: Gov’t trying to avoid mass panic — We’re being told to get radiated and drop dead — They must think we are fools — It’s not really OK to live here — 1,000s waiting for internal radiation checks

Japan Nuke Agency: 14 reactors at 4 sites were affected on 3/11 — Fukushima Daiichi had most serious damage — Daini, Onagawa, and Tokai also

US evacuation out at least 150-200 miles, past Tokyo? Concerned NRC Staff: “Why are we being so rigid in terms of doing the right thing?” — Radiation exposure “just one of many considerations”

Controversy after US gov’t estimate showed 40,000 microsievert thyroid dose for California infants from Fukushima — Data not released to public — “Very high doses to children”


“Are people going to drop dead?” US officials surprised workers still at Fukushima after assessment No. 2 went ex-vessel and 400 milliSv/h dose measured

Human rights group on Fukushima: May have to bring in more doctors, borrow medical equipment — Gov’t not protecting right to health to its people — Mistrust growing -Reuters

NRC’s possible worst case scenario: Examined MOX at No. 3 — Also speculated steam explosion would “reject an entire core” from reactor

BBC: Clouds of fallout spread many kilometres across heavily populated areas — Cesium levels of rice may rise in future (AUDIO)

Iodine-131 detected in recent Minamisoma tap water (LAB REPORT)


Analysis: Reactor No. 3 well cap appears to be fractured — Explosion and falling crane examined as possible causes (VIDEO)


Los Angeles-area Meltdown: Cesium-137 still up to 1,000 times higher than standard — Plutonium also detected — Located between Chatsworth and Simi Valley

16 miles northeast of Malibu, CA

BBC Report: Residents feel like guinea pigs in radiation research — Survey Leader: I’m not saying they should be used as guinea pigs, but… (AUDIO)

4 Months Later: NRC says radiological material dispersed in ‘various forms’ around plant — Most likely from inside reactors — Isotopes indicative of core damage