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Kyodo News Advisory: M6.4 quake jolts northeast Japan — Intensity 5- of 7 (MAP)

*AP Headline* ‘Gundersen: Tokyo soil would be nuclear waste in US’

Radiation spiked near Fukushima — Highest in months for Iwate, double normal levels


Minamisoma Official: “The children are the sacrifices” — “The businesses forced the mayor to keep the children here” 25km from Fukushima Daiichi (VIDEO)

Former Fukushima Governor who took on Tepco: My friends committed suicide — One still in coma (VIDEO)

Hydrogen levels quintuple at Reactor No. 2 in last two weeks

New Tepco Survey: Most contaminated location is near Fukushima Daini, not Daiichi (MAP)

Atlantic: Japan in Uproar Over Censorship of Emperor’s Anti-Nuclear Speech — “Seemed to suggest that the nuclear crisis is not over” — Left out of all major evening news programs (VIDEO)

Fear of radiation a “psychiatric disorder” in Japan — The Cure? Have them work at decontaminating radiation, says doctor -Mainichi

NHK: Water level “far lower than previously thought” at Reactor No. 2 — Just two feet deep — Anticipated it was 5 times higher — Decommissioning reactor could be “much more difficult” (PHOTO)

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TV Interview: Do you believe Tepco is ready to run nuclear plants? — Tepco after 20 seconds of total silence: “That is a difficult question” (VIDEO)

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Gundersen’s Latest: Think about ramifications for Tokyo… How would you like kneeling in radioactive waste to pick flowers? Cobalt-60 in majority of samples, up to 1,481 Bq/kg (VIDEO & CHART)

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German TV: Armageddon if Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 collapses and melts down — Could change the world — Most likely consequence is that reactors 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 get out of control — Interview with nuclear engineer (VIDEO)

Fairewinds President: Organic farm in Portland stopped producing food after radiation tests — “Very frightening what happened on West Coast” (VIDEO)

FORUM: General Discussion Thread (Nuclear Issues) for Mar. 26 – Apr. 1, 2012

Watch: Japan’s top nuclear official freezes when questioned publicly — Remains motionless for over a minute (VIDEO)

Another quake hits Fukushima — Same location and depth as M5.2 hours earlier

Powerful M5.2 quake hits off Fukushima — 4 of 7 on Japan intensity scale (MAP)

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Radiation dose triples at Tokyo monitoring post early Sunday — Doubles at another

Asahi: “Officials scuffle with audience members” (PHOTO) — Entire gov’t to be mobilized for Oi nuke plant restart — Strong likelihood Japan could have no nuclear reactors in operation if locals don’t approve — Mayor clearly opposes restart


Hydrogen levels quadruple at Reactor No. 2 in last two weeks

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PHOTO: 150-foot boat lost in tsunami now just miles from North America — First confirmed large piece of debris to cross ocean — “Canada was still monitoring the boat Friday evening for marine pollution”

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