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NHK Video: Core Fukushima details unknown — Where was “radioactive material” released from? How much was released? Did quake affect plant?

French nuclear specialists agree Fukushima “could still explode”, corium a threat — Reactors remain in meltdown says expert, molten lava could break through at any point

Concern over Americium-241 contamination of soy beans around Fukushima — Legumes easily absorb highly toxic product of Plutonium-241

Worker at Fukushima on 3/11: You’d expect there’d be some emergency lighting that comes on, but there wasn’t a one — Pitch black (1hr AUDIO)

Strange Japanese press conference calls for jailing of Tepco officials, guilty of criminal error — Says international media damaged ‘Japan Brand’ (1hr VIDEO)

Report: Records of human deformations and still births after Fukushima yet to be published — Preparing data for public release (VIDEO)

American Worker on PBS: “Demonic” sounds came from Fukushima plant — I don’t know if it was the earth or building moving (VIDEO)

Gundersens on TV: Went to Japan to tell people the truth about Fukushima — Cold shutdown impossible — Japanese poised to become energy innovators (50 MINUTES)

Top Investigative Reporter: “They made it up” — Fukushima emergency generators were not destroyed by tsunami (VIDEO)

PBS’s Miles O’Brien: If radiation standards were enforced, there’d be a dramatically larger evacuation… “And that’s not going to happen” — “An eerie post-apocalyptic scene” around Fukushima (VIDEO)

Fukushima hit by M4.5 quake followed by M4.4 within last hour (MAPS)

Asahi: Iodine-132 not considered in tests showing high thyroid radiation levels in Fukushima residents — Dose could be much greater

Mainichi: ‘Hot spots’ found in large numbers near Tokyo, in northwest Chiba — Gov. alarmed by unexpected population drop after Fukushima

Asahi TV: “Unbelievable” — If Unit 4 pool gets a crack from quake and leaks, it would be end for Tokyo -Expert — Doesn’t have to be large tremor, already shaken many times (VIDEO)

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WSJ: “An eerie quietness” in Fukushima says top biologist — Bird population dropped twice as much as after Chernobyl — “Disturbing development”

AP Headline: “Japanese govt kept meltdown risk secret” — NISA spokesman replaced after letting it ‘slip out’ during press conference

AP: ‘Reconstructed’ gov’t minutes reveal “worse than Chernobyl” fears — Fukushima Daini’s 4 spent fuel pools mentioned

WSJ: A new ‘twist’ after Fukushima — Massive clouds of radioactive spores can travel 100 miles (PHOTO)


NHK: 80% of residents tested have radioactive iodine in thyroid up to 87 millisieverts — “Some residents face potential health risks from the exposure” -Hirosaki Professor (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sickened Minamisoma teacher with unusual rashes featured on TV segment — Doctor: “No doubt a lot of people are already being affected by internal radiation” (VIDEO)


Japan Times: Fukushima faces “insurmountable hurdle” if containment vessels are source of lethal radiation in reactor buildings

US Survey: Nuclear industry wrong — Fukushima having major, lasting impact on Americans