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Mayor near Fukushima: “I’ve lost almost all body hair from chest down” — “Nosebleed hasn’t stopped”

Mainichi: Fukushima gov’t requests temperature updates every one hour — Wants prompt warning of potential risks from increase

Asahi Reporter: Tepco graph shows spike above 90°C at Reactor No. 2 — Exactly how high have temperatures gone?

NHK: Highest temperature since claim of ‘cold shutdown’ — Asahi: Could force gov’t to revoke declaration

82°C at Reactor No. 2 — Keeps rising even after injection of more water — Tepco “set to dump in boric acid”

Nikkei: Reactor No. 2 hits 78.3°C — Tepco: Melted fuel may be moving inside RPV

Japan Journalist: It’s now 78°C in Reactor No. 2 — Can’t disclose source

NHK: Tepco “believes” Reactor No. 2 is in a state of cold shutdown (VIDEO)

Reactor No. 2 temperature shoots to 75°C — Tepco increasing water injections again — 5°C from warning level

Is the nuclear fuel in Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 damaged?

Asahi: Parts of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 footage “were unclear” — No “change in shape” of fuel assemblied “observed” -Tepco

7°C temperature increase at Reactor No. 2 (VIDEO)

Famous Japanese artist produces controversial poster illustrating dangers of nuclear power (PHOTO)


Speech for Japan: “We’ve got to act from our truth and our gut” — “There’s nothing to be afraid of except for our children and our future” (VIDEO)

Speech: “We’ve got to act from our truth and our gut” — “There’s nothing to be afraid of except for our children and our future” (VIDEO)

AP: Thousands march against nuclear power in Japan — “This must not be condoned by human beings, it is against ethics” -Kenzaburo Oe at Tokyo rally

NYT: Gov’t to focus on 8,000+ square miles most contaminated by Fukushima fallout — “Nobody really knows how to clean up radiation” says worker

US gov’t secretly injected people with plutonium — Disabled school children fed radioactive oatmeal (VIDEO)

Troubled Calif. nuke plant may not even apply for a renewal license — Says 4,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste stored onsite

“This is a developing story”: NBC has learned there’s been a leak at Hanford — “Radioactive reading” near cracked container of radioactive waste

“Sophisticated Press Manipulation”: Journalist’s detailed critique of PBS Frontline’s Fukushima program

DC Bureau: Report of “a possibly new and weird kind of spider that thrives in radioactive cooling pools” (PHOTO)


Tepco releases video of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4: Debris that fell on racks of fuel rods “apparently” caused no damage (VIDEO)