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Yomiuri Jet Flyover: Walls of OTHER structures at Fukushima plant were also blown away

CBS News: Japan gov’t collapsed during nuke crisis -Report — Details just beginning to emerge — Officials overwhelmed, terrified

NYT: Top Japan official warned of demonic chain reaction after Daiichi meltdowns — We would lose Fukushima Daini, then we would lose Tokai — We would also lose Tokyo itself

4 quakes M4.0 and higher hit Japan in last 4 hours — Chiba, Miyagi, Iwate

Weekends off at Fukushima: Not one plant worker could be seen says Asahi — Operational equipment lay idle — A cold eerie quietness

Momentous Decision: 3 Mayors in Fukushima refuse to meet with Japan officials — I strongly mistrust the government -Kyodo

‘Significant failure of containment’ inferred by NRC after first explosion — Protective actions ‘well beyond 50 miles’ if containment failure

New Report: Cabinet members were bracing for possible evacuation of Tokyo — Edano feared Daiini problems — Yoshida warned officials of meltdown on 3/14

US Dept. of Energy memo indicates ‘after-shock’ resulted in explosion at Reactor No. 1: NRC Chairman

Harvard refuses to send artwork to Fukushima — Officials cite radiation concerns, serious situation at plant

NRC officials suspected a ‘detonation’ at Reactor No. 1 weeks before Gundersen postulated that scenario at No. 3

Japan nuclear agency says hospital was too busy to properly treat radiation victims after Fukushima

Report: All 20 calves born at farm were stillbirths — 60km from Fukushima plant

Watch: NHK Japan shows aerial footage of Fukushima — Helps grasp amount of contaminated liquid at plant (VIDEO)

NHK: I felt rather apprehensive seeing the hastily built facilities — Reactor cooling pumps on back of truck — Pipes covered with sheets to keep warm (VIDEO)

US Navy vice admiral reported 1,500 microsieverts per hour thyroid dose south of Tokyo on March 20

Tepco: Smoke spotted at another nuke plant late Saturday — ‘No reports of radiation leaks’

NHK: First aerial footage of Fukushima plant since 3/11 — Shows explosion ‘distorted’ No. 3 reactor building

Report from Tokyo: 6.5 microSv/h at Japan’s busiest train station — Equal to 57 millisieverts per year, 10 times Chernobyl evacuation levels — Near Imperial Palace (PHOTOS)

Reports of nuclear fuel rod pieces being ejected from Fukushima reactors and/or spent fuel pools

NYTimes flashback: Broken pieces of nuclear fuel rods found outside Reactor No. 2, says nuke executive — Covered up by bulldozers

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Well-known journalist sickened — Had toured Fukushima plant Monday — Severe diarrhea, sudden fever, can’t stop shivering