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AP Headline: “Japanese govt kept meltdown risk secret” — NISA spokesman replaced after letting it ‘slip out’ during press conference

AP: ‘Reconstructed’ gov’t minutes reveal “worse than Chernobyl” fears — Fukushima Daini’s 4 spent fuel pools mentioned

WSJ: A new ‘twist’ after Fukushima — Massive clouds of radioactive spores can travel 100 miles (PHOTO)


NHK: 80% of residents tested have radioactive iodine in thyroid up to 87 millisieverts — “Some residents face potential health risks from the exposure” -Hirosaki Professor (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sickened Minamisoma teacher with unusual rashes featured on TV segment — Doctor: “No doubt a lot of people are already being affected by internal radiation” (VIDEO)


Japan Times: Fukushima faces “insurmountable hurdle” if containment vessels are source of lethal radiation in reactor buildings

US Survey: Nuclear industry wrong — Fukushima having major, lasting impact on Americans

Mainichi: 73% of Japan worried about health due to Fukushima — Vast majority say gov’t “hiding” info on nuclear crisis

L.A. Times: Speculation that “supercritical fission event” occurred at Fukushima reactor irradiating plutonium, says nuclear expert — Explosion so massive investigators found fuel rod fragments a mile away

Just-Published Study: Plutonium being found away from Fukushima is from nuclear fuel fragments blown out after explosions

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Peroxides formed by seawater and melted fuel — “Even more likely to react with elements in core” — “Not clear exactly what kinds of chemicals were released” — Different than freshwater — Is this why officials ordered halt to pumping in seawater?

Nature Study: Long-term plutonium dose assessment needed after Fukushima — Concerns about Americium-241 also — Deposition south of plant, not only northwest

NBC’s Richard Engel on Fukushima: “Only time I’d seen a place on Earth that had been rendered uninhabitable for a long period” — “It has been excised from the planet” — How do you remove billions of invisible radioactive particles that are everywhere? (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Plutonium detected at multiple locations outside 20km zone — Up to 35 Bq/kg of Pu-241

NBC Special: A snow that would never melt began falling — Each flake bringing down cesium on city of 300,000 people 60km from meltdowns (VIDEO)

Worker falls ill at Fukushima Daini — We confirmed no radioactive materials were adhered to the body -Tepco

Leading Japan newspaper comes out against nuclear power: “The illusion of nuclear power safety has been torn out by the root”

Kyodo: No one knows what’s actually happening inside three reactors one year later — “Still great uncertainty over the situation”

Kyodo: Family suffered nausea, diarrhea after meltdowns 60km away, Mother very worried — “We think it’s a human rights problem and grave violation” says expert

Anonymous Korean official says radiation detections rising because two Fukushima reactors are currently leaking -Yonhap

NBC Interview: Please stop this inhuman treatment for the people living in Fukushima (VIDEO)