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Kyodo: Pipe connected to Reactor No. 4 drops off — 1,000 times more radioactive water leaked than first reported

Kyodo: Leaking water at Reactor No. 4 “in contact with fuel in spent fuel tank” — May be from cold weather OR explosions

NRC spokeswoman for emergency at Illinois nuke plant also works as belly dancer — “Absolutely there’s no threat to the public” (PHOTOS)

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Asahi column: Nuclear explosion at Unit No. 3 would have blown reactor vessel to pieces

Tepco sends emergency email to journalists: Leakage at Reactor No. 4 — “They assume the water is from the well of the reactor”

San Diego area nuke plant shut down after ‘potential’ leak — No ‘apparent’ release into atmosphere — No ‘imminent’ danger to public says spokewoman

Report: ‘Empty’ Reactor No. 4 was actually filled with nuclear fuel

Fukushima hit by Magnitude 4.8 quake

Officials admit there was smoke at Illinois nuclear plant — NRC to start special investigation — Diesel generators still supplying power to reactor equipment

Illinois Emergency Mgmt. Agency testing air around Byron nuke plant — It’s a public duty to verify current radioactivity levels in area, says director

Nuclear Engineer: Small leaks in pipes carrying reactor water caused radioactivity in steam releases from Illinois nuke plant

Reaction on Local News: “Everyone is on edge” around Illinois nuke plant — “My niece called and she told me to stay in the house, so that’s what I did” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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Member of Japan Parliament: I now believe Tepco was trying to hide radiation levels measured after quake — People in Japan deceived (VIDEO)

Watch: Scuffle at Japan nuclear hearing — Gov’t official appears to assault member of public (VIDEO)


AP: Why was smoke seen at Illinois nuke plant, but no fire?

AP: Officials don’t yet know how much radiation is being released from Illinois nuke plant — NRC inspectors in control room

Rare quake hits near troubled Illinois nuke plant releasing radioactive steam — “That’s right, she said earthquake” (VIDEO)


Mainichi: Malfunction at Japan MOX plant — Mystery black particles found — Throws future of Japan’s nuclear cycle policy into doubt

Tepco Employee: What are they doing? Predicted that pipes would freeze causing water leakage — Now 23 points leaking — Tepco: “It’s hard to keep man power”

Asahi on “unusual” Fukushima information: Reactor No. 5 had inadequate quake protection — Official to conduct thorough investigation after Tepco found no “clear” damage

Japan journalist interviews father of newborn with heart defect: “Really frustrating I can’t prove it’s because of Fukushima” (VIDEO)

Japan journalist interviews father of newborn with heart defect: “Really frustrating I can’t prove it’s because of Fukushima” (VIDEO)

Report: “High level radiation cloud” detected passing over New Zealand city — Peaks reached an “incredible” 1.89 microSv/h