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Mainichi: Massive radioactive waste buildup in Tokyo suburbs like Kashiwa, Abiko, Inzai — First time center over capacity since September

Fukushima Resident: “It seems there are already many cases of mysterious illnesses” — “I hear that malformed babies are born”


Report: Vegetable mutation harvested north of Tokyo in June


Alert declared by Minnesota nuke plant after ‘bleach’ leak — Local schools affected

Cesium levels rise sharply in Fukushima after New Year’s quake — Chiba too


Duluth Newspaper: Maybe Yucca Mountain-type nuclear waste dump should be in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan instead — Sounds scary, but is it?

Japan Times: Alarming gov’t report discussed ‘Tokyo Exodus’ and collapse of Spent Fuel Pool 4 as rods melted through concrete walls

Report: 3 quakes right underneath Fukushima nuke plant — JNN live camera down immediately after — No word from Tepco, gov’t

Asahi: Baby humpback whale found dead near Tokyo Bay (VIDEO)


Video: Fukushima birds unable to fly

WATCH: Fukushima birds unable to fly — Allow humans to approach… As do sickened Alaska seals)

Report: Tsunami debris washing up in Alaska since September — “True dimensions of what’s going is probably not appreciated even now” says expert (VIDEO)

Bloomberg: Japanese don’t want a nuclear future — Nation proving it’s ok without reactors claimed to be so vital — Yet gov’t coddling industry

Financial Times: “Everyone feels absolutely furious, it just bubbles inside — We feel like we could explode” says Fukushima woman

Report: Lead-210 detected in Yokohama sample — 8,400 Bq/kg (RESULTS)

Japan Experts: Unknown if radiation will decrease over time — May rise again as highly contaminated debris comes from mountains

South Korea: Radioactive store-bought seaweed measures 0.81 microSv/hr (VIDEO)

South Korea: Radioactive store-bought seaweed measures 0.81 microSv/hr — 20 microSv/hr on tissue used to wipe car hood (VIDEOS)

AP: Local Alaska officials concerned Fukushima radiation sickened seals — “There may be some surprises” says prof… But “gut feeling” not connected

Reactor Operator: FOIA response shows US knew in March that Spent Fuel Pool No. 3 leaking — “Flooding of pool may not be possible due to damage” (VIDEO)

Local Japan official found with shotgun blast to chest — Lectured against nuclear power after Fukushima

‘Fantasy’ plans of doubling nuclear capacity would cut global carbon emissions by just 4 percent — Need one new plant each week for two decades

Leak, 2nd partial shutdown raise concerns about quake damage at North Anna nuke plant

New Year’s Update: Fukushima Timeline website now live — Feedback requested