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NHK: I felt rather apprehensive seeing the hastily built facilities — Reactor cooling pumps on back of truck — Pipes covered with sheets to keep warm (VIDEO)

US Navy vice admiral reported 1,500 microsieverts per hour thyroid dose south of Tokyo on March 20

Tepco: Smoke spotted at another nuke plant late Saturday — ‘No reports of radiation leaks’

NHK: First aerial footage of Fukushima plant since 3/11 — Shows explosion ‘distorted’ No. 3 reactor building

Report from Tokyo: 6.5 microSv/h at Japan’s busiest train station — Equal to 57 millisieverts per year, 10 times Chernobyl evacuation levels — Near Imperial Palace (PHOTOS)

Reports of nuclear fuel rod pieces being ejected from Fukushima reactors and/or spent fuel pools

NYTimes flashback: Broken pieces of nuclear fuel rods found outside Reactor No. 2, says nuke executive — Covered up by bulldozers

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Well-known journalist sickened — Had toured Fukushima plant Monday — Severe diarrhea, sudden fever, can’t stop shivering

Photographer on recent visit to Fukushima town: Not a sound could be heard — Eerily silent -Asahi

PBS: “U.S. surveillance now suggested that there were flakes of deadly radioactive fuel scattered around the reactors” at Fukushima plant — U.S. made secret plans to evacuate all citizens from Japan (VIDEO)

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Documentary: After first explosion, only a matter of time before nuclear fuel would melt through into the open — Evacuating out to 300km from Fukushima was worst case scenario -PM Kan (VIDEO)

AFP: 470 millisieverts per year detected near Fukushima — Some areas will likely be off-limits for ever

Reactor No. 2 rises above 50°C, was 29°C on Monday — All gauges at bottom of RPV show distinct increase — Same area as ‘faulty’ thermometer

BBC Doc: Radiation “tens of times worse” than Chernobyl will be scattered if everything melts down — “Fallout could have affected the whole world” — Impact remains to be seen (VIDEO)

Suicide? Official found dead, head covered with plastic bag — Had measured radiation at Tokyo park recently in news

Officials: Fukushima plant worker death from "overwork" — Died of heart attack day after he started job

Magazine Scandal: Serious abnormalities found in evacuees; Sapporo doctor shocked by quick onset of suspected thyroid cancers — Such rapid growth was impossible in children before 3/11, says report

Again? Temperature up 20°C at Reactor No. 2 RPV in last 3 days — Other gauges at also rising (CHART)

HCR: Mystery black radioactive powder detected outside school — Local official posts 3 videos of black substance (PHOTO & VIDEOS)


Asahi Source: Locations in Chiba came under heavy nuclear fallout; Borders Tokyo — Contamination has potential to affect ecosystems

BBC: 4,000 Bq/m3 of cesium detected in OCEAN water at least 30 km from Fukushima coast

Scientists: First time radioactive silver detected in ocean — Radioactivity levels in seawater are not diminishing as hoped — “Reactor site still seems to be leaking; it hasn’t shut off”