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Report: 49 Million+ Bq/m² of cesium in Namie machi — Detected over 20km from Fukushima plant

“We Are Not Alone”: Japan’s richest man ‘unlikely ally’ of nuclear protesters — 10 mega-solar plants in works — Donating lifelong future earnings to disaster victims

Radiation went UP inside Reactor No. 3 after ‘cleaning’ by robots — May have doubled or tripled

Fukushima Worker: Nothing left we can do — Zero plan/idea how to manage leaking reactors — Tepco begins reducing # of workers

Will California close all nuclear plants in 2012? Secretary of State approves ballot initiative targeting Diablo Canyon and San Onofre — Similar idea worked in ’89

High-level whistleblower: Plutonium may cause explosion at Washington nuclear facility — Design manager warns of ‘dire’ consequences

ABC: Gov’t says nearly one-tenth of Japan has been contaminated by radiation from Fukushima

German TV: Japan TV star suffering acute leukemia after eating Fukushima produce (VIDEO)


STRANGE: Two high-profile Fukushima studies ‘edited’ by global warming advocate James Hansen — Wrote article “Why America Needs Nuclear Energy”

STRANGE: Two high-profile Fukushima studies ‘edited’ by global warming advocate James Hansen — Wrote article “Why America Needs Nuclear Energy”

Gov’t: Over 30,000 sq. km in Japan “blanketed by radioactive caesium”

Strontium detected at several locations in Central Tokyo — Highest radiation of survey found outside Gov’t building

Reporters ‘gawk’ as dosimeter detects over 70 microsieverts per hour

WaPo: “Many” spots 15 km out have higher radiation than at Fukushima front gate — Risk ‘minimal’, day in no-go zone like 12-hr plane ride

Suspected damage to fuel assembly racks in Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — See anything missing? (VIDEO)

Radiation expert: “I’m not ruling out a nuclear bomb-type explosion” at Fukushima (VIDEO)

“Huge steam explosions” if nuclear fuel hits water… Just a matter of time before corium melts through Fukushima station: Former secretary of UK gov’t committee (VIDEO)

Highest Yet: 1,600 millisieverts/hr detected in Reactor No. 3 — Radiation coming from floor (VIDEO)

China syndrome inevitable says architect of Fukushima Reactor No. 3 — Warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion — Melted fuel inevitably sank underground

Top Japan Official: There have been various discussions on location of melted fuel — We ‘think’ we are able to cool fuel inside primary containers and pressure vessels

Yomiuri: Unknown how much nuclear fuel has melted through Fukushima reactors and ‘dispersed’ — Questionable to assess that as nearly a ‘cold shutdown’

33.53 microsieverts/hr in Koriyama city (VIDEO)

33.53 microsieverts/hr in Koriyama city (VIDEO)

Yomiuri: 451 deaths “due to physical deterioration triggered by the disaster” — Number expected to increase dramatically — From “long-term fatigue and worsening of chronic diseases”