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Kyodo: Japan gov’t seeking data for treating people exposed to Fukushima radiation

Pro-Nuke Climate Advisor to Japan Gov’t: “I’ve come to understand there are ethical considerations with destroying the lives of local residents”

Strange TV interview with pro-nuclear professor on study finding increased infant mortality in US after Fukushima (VIDEO)

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“Bewilderment”: Gov’t calling on residents to permanently return inside no-go zone in only weeks — “This is impossible” — I don’t believe the plant is under control, what happens if another quake hits? -Mainichi

“Are you sitting down”? Gamma rays seen in Fukushima footage — Appearing as out-of-focus streaks and flashes (VIDEO)

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Idaho TV: “Data showed a large spike in deaths — particularly infant deaths — in the 14 weeks following the Fukushima meltdown” -Report (VIDEO)

Sundance Premiere: “Death Row” in NY town where nuclear reactors leaked — “Almost every house on this street had somebody who was sick with cancer or something else” (VIDEO)

Japan Professor: “Inconceivable” that no records were kept by gov’t early on in Fukushima crisis — Top official says records will be ‘created’ soon

M4.3 quake hits near Fukushima within past hour — Strongest intensity felt at monitoring post 14km from plant

FORUM: Discussion Thread for Jan. 24 – Feb. 1, 2012

NHK: Tepco says increase of radioactive releases is from workers going in and out of Reactor 2 (VIDEO)

Fukushima hit by another M4.5 quake (MAPS)

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Radiation dose spikes thoughout Tokyo area around time of yesterday’s quakes (CHARTS)


Handle With Care: “Paintings will never be exposed to the atmosphere” — “Crates holding the pieces will be opened only inside the museum” — “Radioactivity will be checked upon arrival”

Tepco: Radiation levels from Fukushima increasing — Now releasing 70,000,000 Bq/hr

Op-Ed rips PBS Fukushima doc: Miles O’Brien’s cavalier treatment of potential increase in cancer — “An absurdly low outlier” — “Inexcusable muddying of the facts”

Radiation dose spikes in Ibaraki northeast of Tokyo near time of last night’s 5 intensity quake — Highest level measured since April — Double average

Japan Today: Police especially needed in Fukushima evacuation zone — 750 officers will be assigned to disaster area — Gov’t asking for ‘volunteers’ who are single

Kyodo: Gov’t ignoring actual radiation exposure of Fukushima workers — Casts doubt on adequacy of current system

Fukushima nuke plant ‘intact’ after quake — 5 of 7 on Japan scale: “Strong enough to make hanging objects swing violently and most unstable ornaments fall”

Fukushima Worker: Absolutely gov’t has the meeting records — Wonder why they hide it?

NHK: No records of gov’t meetings on Fukushima — Decided evacuation zones, food restrictions, more — Violation of law? — Also missing for meetings with Tepco (VIDEO)