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Series of quakes hit near Japan disaster zone — Magnitude 6.6 followed by 6.2

Radioactive manganese-54, silver-110m and cobalt-60 found in seaweed sample 30km south of Fukushima

SOURCE: Greenpeace

GreenPeace Fukushima Seafood Results, September 15, 2011

FORUM: Archive of Radiation Monitoring Data (Sept. 16 – Dec. 17, 2011)

Japan Gov’t: Reactors at Fuksuhima Dai-Ni nuclear plant will be decommissioned

AP: Danica Patrick “worried about the radiation levels in the food and water” during trip to race 93 miles from Fukushima meltdowns


Both cesium-134 and cesium-137 increase in latest San Francisco Bay Area milk sample (CHART)

SOURCE: UC Berkeley

French nuclear giant Areva temporarily shuts down 2 uranium plants in wake of Fukushima

French Report: Radioactivity 10 times normal in Avignon — Cause of “anomalous increase” could be directly linked to explosion at Marcoule (CHART)


Kyodo: Cesium in sea likely to return to Japan in 20 to 30 years

Gov’t scientists: Cesium from Fukushima to reach Atlantic Ocean

U. of Tokyo analysis: Mystery explosion at Reactor No. 4 caused by radiation dissolving water in boiling spent fuel pool — Contradicts TEPCO’s assumption

UPDATED: ***DOCUMENT INACCURATE*** Americium-241 found in soil west of Tokyo at 74 becquerels/kg


WSJ: Tepco needs to find ways to prevent new nuclear reactions — May happen if fuel not adequately cooled — “Containment vessels are largely empty of water” after leakage

The most difficult challenge facing Tepco is how to plug leakages in the primary containment structures

Experts fear radiation from damaged nuclear fuel has weakened structures of reactors and spent fuel pools at Fukushima

West of Tokyo: 24,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium in soil sample — 250 km from Fukushima (VIDEO)


32.6 µSv/hr in Namie on Sept. 9 — Outside 20 km exclusion zone

More than 8,000 km² in Japan contaminated with cesium-137 at 30,000 Bq/m² — “Size may increase in the future”

Fukushima Prefecture: About 6,000 square kilometers Northern Tochigi Prefecture: About 1,370 square kilometers Southern Miyagi Prefecture: 380 square kilometers Ibaraki Prefecture: About 260 square kilometers

MOX plant using weapons-grade plutonium being built at S. Carolina site with ominous looking reactors — Located on top of region’s most dangerous fault line (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


Japan gov’t prepares for further large-scale radiation release from Fukushima — Emergency drill on Monday presupposed further meltdown of No. 3 reactor core

BBC reporter measures up to 30 microsieverts/hour just inside exclusion zone– “I refuse to think about it” says local farmer

Mag: “Large quantity” of Neptunium-239 flew at least 60km from Fukushima meltdowns — Decays into Plutonium-239

Report: Japan gov’t trying to stop citizens from taking their own radiation measurements -NHK