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US nuke agency confirms “initial explosions at Fukushima were very likely ejections of core material”: Analyst (VIDEO)

… “and a vaporization of some portion of those cores”

Japan gov’t: Fukushima cesium equal to 168 Hiroshima nuclear bombs

300,000+ bq/m² of radioactive iodine deposited in areas near Tokyo before end of March: Japan study — Only includes I-131 (MAP)


“I think without a question there has been structural damage to the plant” in Virginia: Report (VIDEO)

130+ mph hurricane forecast to make landfall nearby NC nuke plant that’s only “built to withstand winds of 128 mph” — Could be a “once-in-50-year” event for Northeast (MAPS)


Dam at Virginia nuke plant inspected for damage after quake — Engineering experts had classified it as “high-hazard”

CBS Affiliate: Water level drop of 20+ inches in a day in lake used by reactors have many near quake-hit Virginia nuke plant concerned — Dam problem?

Paper: Japan raising radiation limit to 20 millisieverts/year leads to 160,000 lifetime cancers per million people

2pm ET forecast shows eye of Hurricane Irene moving closer to quake-hit Virginia nuke plant

Canada nuke plant shuts down after two malfunctions — ‘Heavy water’ leaking for months unannounced to public

Containment structure to be checked for possible quake damage at Virginia nuke plant — Reactors must attain cold shutdown before inspections begin

Paper discusses worrisome scenario that quake caused “underground” damage at Virginia nuke plant — Hardest place to inspect

“Emergency Declared”: Aftershock causes quake-hit Virginia nuke plant to report Unusual Event

Confirmed: Virginia nuke plant went into automatic shutdown after quake — Shaking interrupted circuits causing loss of power to cooling systems

Asahi: Public outcry over Japan gov’t “monitoring” tweets and blog posts — Program began this month, to continue until March

“Minor releases” of radioactive material have occurred at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant: Official — “Associated with normal station operations”

-Dan Stoddard, senior vice president of nuclear operations for Dominion

Hurricane Irene gusting to 150 mph — Forecast shows eye coming ashore at Connecticut nuke plant by Sunday evening (MAPS)


August 24 photo shows steam rising from multiple locations at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant (PHOTO)

nasteam Fukushima on the Mississippi? NRC says New Madrid fault “major area of concern” — 15 nuke plants in zone

Four days before March 11 quake, Japan gov’t told that 30+ ft tsunami could hit Fukushima plant

Argentum-110m detected in marine life: China researchers — All water samples contain strontium-90

“Quake sensors removed around Virginia nuke plant due to budget cuts” — Spokesman: We’re still evaluating “all of the instrumentation that’s at North Anna” to determine forces reactors dealt with