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WSJ: Even though Ft. Calhoun reactor is in ‘shutdown’ it requires electricity to avoid melting of core

NY Magazine: This will sound familiar — Backup generators are working to cool nuclear materials

ABC: Federal gov’t “so concerned” about Ft. Calhoun situation that NRC chairman is headed to plant

NYT on Ft. Calhoun: Equipment ‘nicked’ 8 ft high, 2,000 ft long berm causing it to deflate

Flood berm collapsed after being punctured by an unidentified piece of machinery: OPPD

Residents’ urine now radioactive, measuring at least 3 millisieverts in all 15 people tested

OPPD: Water also leaking around concrete berm surrounding Ft. Calhoun nuke plant’s main transformers

Auxiliary building at Ft. Calhoun surrounded by water after berm failure — NRC letter said if water enters auxilary building, could have station blackout with core damage in hours

Ft. Calhoun nuke plant now running on emergency generators as workers try to restore electricity — Power supply cut after water surrounded main electrical transformers

2,000 ft berm holding back floodwater has collapsed at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant — River now surrounding two buildings

City near Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant gets 2.5 inches of rain in 6 hours (VIDEO)

City near Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant gets 2.5 inches of rain in 6 hours (VIDEO)

FORUM: Archived Fukushima Webcam Discussion Thread (June 26 – Dec. 14, 2011)

Senators demand congressional investigation into safety at US nuke plants — Public concerns heightened after recent news reports

TEPCO adding boric acid to No. 3 spent fuel pool to prevent situation which could lead to re-criticality

EPA radiation monitoring exists so Feds can say they have a system — Not to report data that would undermine public support for nuclear power, thinks watchdog

“The easiest way to not have any concern over data is to have no data at all,” said Hirsch

Mayor: “So many people in Japan are now saying that they can’t trust their own government” — Manipulation of radiation information suspected

Water level near Cooper nuke plant expected to rise this weekend, says National Weather Service

Resumption of radiation decontamination system “not in sight” — Unclear whether recycling of water can be carried out as planned

8-month-old NRC letter: At 1,010 ft water would enter Ft. Calhoun’s auxiliary building, shorting power and submerging pumps; Could then have a station blackout with core damage within 15-18 hours — Water now at 1,007 ft

WSJ reports press release from NRC saying Ft. Calhoun’s flood deficiencies were remedied — No mention of recent NYT report that NRC’s evaluation of plant’s new defenses is not complete

NHK: “Possibility that there is little water left inside the Number 2 reactor” because of full meltdown — New gauge measuring water level not operating because temps are too high

NRC yet to complete its evaluation of flood defenses installed at Fort Calhoun nuclear plant — Other flooding matter “still under investigation”