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More than 8,000 km² in Japan contaminated with cesium-137 at 30,000 Bq/m² — “Size may increase in the future”

Fukushima Prefecture: About 6,000 square kilometers Northern Tochigi Prefecture: About 1,370 square kilometers Southern Miyagi Prefecture: 380 square kilometers Ibaraki Prefecture: About 260 square kilometers

MOX plant using weapons-grade plutonium being built at S. Carolina site with ominous looking reactors — Located on top of region’s most dangerous fault line (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


Japan gov’t prepares for further large-scale radiation release from Fukushima — Emergency drill on Monday presupposed further meltdown of No. 3 reactor core

BBC reporter measures up to 30 microsieverts/hour just inside exclusion zone– “I refuse to think about it” says local farmer

Mag: “Large quantity” of Neptunium-239 flew at least 60km from Fukushima meltdowns — Decays into Plutonium-239

Report: Japan gov’t trying to stop citizens from taking their own radiation measurements -NHK

Mystery fire at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant: Disabled ability to cool spent fuel pool — Feds sending special team of inspectors to learn more — Reactor will not restart until cause determined

Strange: Nuclear waste being processed during explosion in France had radioactivity of 17 becquerels/kg — 30 times less contaminated than what Japan considers safe to eat

Criticality? Nuclear chain reaction may have caused explosion at France MOX plant, says French nuke expert

Gard: “no risk radioactive”,, September 12, 2011

AFP: “Risk of a radioactive leak” after explosion at French MOX plant — No radiation has made it outside “for the time being” says spokesman — Security perimeter set up

Explosion at French nuclear plant — At least one dead — Produces MOX fuel

Expert: Already hearing reports of kids suffering heart attacks — Beware deadly cardiac problems in children caused by Fukushima radiation (VIDEO)

Japan Times: Nuclear fuel is escaping from holes and cracks — Years before leaking stops?

Discussion Thread for September 12 – 18, 2011

Windows Vista: How to raise/increase volume above 100% maximum level


Windows 7: How to raise/increase volume above 100% maximum level


“It was shocking”: .378 µSv/hr at train station in Greater Tokyo Area (VIDEO)

SOURCE: Skashima

Study: Fukushima released more radioactive xenon than Chernobyl — So large because there were three reactors

“I remember being in the lab thinking, ‘Wow, if this is all true we have a far more bigger accident than what we’re hearing right now’”

-University of Texas at Austin Professor Steven Biegalski

U. of Texas researchers: Fukushima release “so great” that radioactive aerosols in Washington were up to 100,000 normal

Dr. Koide: Massive amounts of radioactivity may again be released from Fukushima — Mentions “steam explosion” after melted fuel hits water

Kyoto U. expert: Melted fuel may have sunk into ground — “We are now head to head with a situation that mankind has never faced before”