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Local news shows ‘amazing’ and ‘terrifying’ images of wildfire that threatens Los Alamos nuke lab (VIDEO)


Senator: We hope we’re in better position to avoid a catastrophic fire at Los Alamos lab… We’ll find out (VIDEO)

NYT: Local fire chief says Los Alamos wildfire is entirely uncontained and highly unpredictable

All aircraft have been grounded due to high winds: Los Alamos Fire Chief

Report: Up to 30,000 drums of plutonium-contaminated waste stored in fabric tents above ground at Los Alamos dumpsite — Lab declines to comment

Congressman: It’s pretty jarring to see a boat tied up to a nuclear power plant — New aerial footage of Ft. Calhoun released (VIDEO)

NBC News: “This has grown much more serious just in the last few hours” at Los Alamos nuke facility — Mandatory evacuations ordered — Fire Chief won’t say fire won’t go in lab (VIDEO)

River water now surrounds spent fuel pool building and main reactor building at Ft. Calhoun after collapse of water-filled dam — Barriers at entrances to keep water out

Fire officials “shocked” and “stunned” at how fast Los Alamos fire has grown

Los Alamos Chief: “This fire is going to be with us for a while… potential to double and triple in size” — Already 68 sq. miles

5:24 pm ET: Fire has crossed onto Los Alamos lab property at Technical Area 49

100% chance of reactor core damage if floodwaters went above 1010 ft. at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant, NRC said in 2010 — River now around 1,007 ft. and expected to rise

Floodwater enters turbine building at Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant

Man rescues dogs seen on Fukushima plant’s webcam — TEPCO demands they be returned during “ghoulish and bizarre” conversation

Mainichi: “The melted nuclear fuel is sinking toward water under the ground”

TEPCO halts water circulation due to leaks

Raging wildfires only 1 mile from nuclear lab at Los Alamos force evacuation — “Officials insist that radioactive material is secure”

Many containers of fuel to power pumps were washed away after breach at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant

New docs show only 11 days ago workers at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant were still plugging holes where water could come flooding in (VIDEO)

WSJ: Even though Ft. Calhoun reactor is in ‘shutdown’ it requires electricity to avoid melting of core

NY Magazine: This will sound familiar — Backup generators are working to cool nuclear materials

ABC: Federal gov’t “so concerned” about Ft. Calhoun situation that NRC chairman is headed to plant