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Prime Minister Kan: I thought nuke mishap could destroy Tokyo

Tweet: Cesium detected in well water @ 31 becquerels — Almost 200 km from meltdowns; 40 km from Tokyo

More on “Second Fukushima” in progress for Japan and Pacific Northwest (AUDIO)

Lung cancers in Northern Japan will increase by 20-30% in 3-5 years as a result of Fukushima, according to estimate — Other cancers to follow

Almost 500 millisieverts of radiation for some in corridor NW of Fukushima meltdowns — Around 50/50 chance of cancer, says nuclear engineer

Nuclear Engineer: I find it very strange there’s been no photos of Unit No. 3 fuel pool for months

Tents over Fukushima reactors will increase dispersion of radioactive gases — Trapped radiation to be pumped up high into air

Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima reactors continue to emit significant quantities of radioactive gases — Latest figure is a Gigabecquerel per day (AUDIO)

Gundersen: People around North Anna didn’t lose power, only nuke plant did — Best info says a problem in switching yard (AUDIO)

Japan to have zero nuclear plants in future, says newly-appointed top Japanese official

North Anna: Officials unsure whether control rods fell into reactor core due to shaking or loss of power

“Disturbing Short Film Set in Near-Future Tokyo” (VIDEO)

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TEPCO: Unknown amount of ‘radioactive materials’ leaking from Reactor No. 3

Fuku1live: Strange flash in Fukushima nuclear plant (VIDEO)

Cesium-137 found in urine of child near Tokyo, despite mother’s stringent efforts at radiation protection — “Mixture of shock and a feeling that of course this is the case”

Discussion Thread for September 5 – 11, 2011

Bulldozers begin working on new reactor at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant built on fault line

WaPo: One week delay in revealing whether quake exceeded North Anna’s design basis — Seismic detector failed to record data

Yet nearly two weeks after the quake, Dominion officials were unable to say whether the quake shook the facility more than it was designed to handle

Officials change story about why North Anna reactors went into automatic shut down after quake — “There were multiple trip signals coming in”

Alec Baldwin: Big lie that filthy nuclear is clean power — 30 mile² solar array in southwest would power 1/4 of U.S. (VIDEO)

Radioactive waste in grocery stores near Tokyo? 2,720 bq/kg of cesium in tea product from Chiba, 5 times legal limit — Saitama @ 1,530 bq/kg

Plutonium-238, 239, 240 detected at Fukushima playground on August 15 — TEPCO admits they consider it to be from triple meltdown