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Farmer: Gov’t raised contamination standards to limit payment of relocation money

High levels of radiation in rice from Obama district — “Set off alarm in the Japanese media”

Explosion Danger at Reactor No. 1? Worker says hydrogen levels over 4% in pipe leading to Containment Vessel — Mainichi: “Danger of explosion” if over 4%


Highest radiation levels in months inside Reactor No. 1 silt fence (GRAPH)


Warned: Race competitors told not to bring personal food to Japan — Many teams wanted to — Told do not pack food in luggage


Yellow powder reported in North Kanto area after rain, as happened in late March — Near location of newly found cesium ‘mistake’ (PHOTO)

Taken Sept. 22 (SOURCE: Fukushima Diary)

Mistake? Local Gov’t: 330 Million bq/km² of radioactivity found yesterday 50 mi. from Tokyo — Had been ‘not detected’ for weeks — Now at March levels (CHART)

SOURCE: Google Map

Gov’t: Clouds brought radioactive iodine southward after meltdowns, not only NW as was reported — Now trying to determine levels because of cancer risk (MAP & VIDEO)

Map as of June 14 (SOURCE: NHK)

The Day in Nuclear: Drunk fishermen ram atomic sub, damaging hull — Reactors for Nigeria, UAE, Pakistan


Report: Marcoule victim was irradiated, buried in shielded coffin — Locals disagree with French gov’t radiation story — Failure to disclose what was burned during explosion

SOURCE: kmaschke

Off by 27 times? UC Berkeley study authors claim EPA’s limit for iodine-131 in drinking water is 81 pCi/liter — Actually only 3 pCi/liter


The Economist implies massive Tokyo nuke protest not the ‘real thing’: They chose where to march from ‘what could have been a menu of lunch options’


Japan nuke expert: 3 inch hole in Containment Vessel may have happened right after March 11 quake at Reactor No. 2


Dept. of Homeland Security-funded Study: Up to 430 pCi/liter of radioactive iodine found in N. California rain after Fukushima (CHART)


Radiation levels around Fukushima plant now over 400 times higher than announced by TEPCO


Large crane above Fukushima reactor goes down during storm conditions (VIDEOS)

Professor: Fukushima certainly worse than Chernobyl — Similar quantities of radioactivity released, but more people affected in Japan disaster (VIDEO)

Japan nuke expert: Melted fuel rods estimated to be 12 meters underground Reactors No. 1-3 — To be 100 feet deep in a year (AUDIO)


Report: Radiation level spiking around Tokyo as typhoon nears Fukushima plant (CHART)


Over 20 microsieverts per hour radiation dose now being measured in Futaba (MAP)


Mainichi: “It remains unclear where the melted fuel is situated” — “Temperatures of the pressure vessels alone are far from convincing”

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