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Ft. Calhoun nuke plant can’t be inspected for damage until floodwaters recede — Restart may be some time next spring

Japan gov’t told power company to deceive public by staging questions during nuclear forum


NHK: TEPCO doesn’t know where melted fuel is at in reactors or actual level of radioactive particles still being released — About to start checking

Cooling system for reactors and spent fuel pools stopped working three times over 16-day period at Alabama nuke plant

AFP: Fukushima parents extremely worried for children’s health — I want to know if my baby’s illness is from radiation (VIDEO)

AFP: Fukushima parents extremely worried for children’s health — I want to know if my baby’s illness is from radiation (VIDEO)

Damaged nuclear fuel rod stuck in Japanese reactor for 17 years — Experts have been unable to remove it, no solution so far

Bloomberg: “Everyone is being bitten by invisible snakes that will eventually kill them” says professor visiting Fukushima

Amount of contaminated water rises by 3,000 tons in a week at Fukushima plant — Not going as planned

5-day forecast shows cyclone approaching Japan (MAP)


“Muzzled”: Fukushima teacher quits after stopped from alerting students about radiation exposure — Asst. principal says “I don’t think the children are safe either”

Widespread concern amid radiation spread — Gov’t now ordering complete ban on all shipments of beef from Miyagi prefecture, Iwate may be next

Report: How the Brainwashing Was Done in Fukushima — Tweets “paint a propaganda effort by the Japanese gov’t that would make Goebbels and Edward Bernays proud”

So far 154 U.S. servicemembers have “elevated” internal radiation, up to 250 microsieverts — Military declines to release radioactivity levels where personnel worked

Germany discontinuing forecast of radioactive plume on July 29 — Final animation shows it heading south over Tokyo (MAP)

U.S. commander in Japan says “the reactors exploded” after tsunami — “I could probably teach a course in nuclear reactors”

Professor: Nuclear scientists claiming radioactivity is a healthy thing for people — An “incredible lie” (VIDEO)

Reactor No.3 requiring more water than No. 1 and 2 because of leaks and “other problems”

Document: 1600 Fukushima Workers Thought to Be Exposed to High Radiation

World’s most dangerous nuke plant located in Ohio, ranked by exposure to radiation — Fukushima was #5

People in Albuquerque more concerned over black Rio Grande water from Los Alamos-area fire — State officials don’t believe any test results have come back (VIDEO)

Newly released chart shows 133 acres burned on Los Alamos lab property — Officials had insisted there were only two tiny fires

Japan scientists say gov’t testing may be missing radiation threats