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Radioactive slag used for road construction in New York, 10X normal radiation — “It is on all of the people’s lawns” says contractor (VIDEO)

Black smoke seen rising from North Anna nuclear plant after Virginia quake

“He heard a roar from the power plant and saw some black smoke rising”

Mysterious person in radiation suit appears on Fukushima webcam (VIDEOS)


“All around in the Japanese forum, a lot of people have been trying to figure out what the camera guy was trying to mean.”

Mainichi: 105 microsieverts per hour found outside no-entry zone (MAP)


368 microsieverts/hour detected in Futaba-machi, 4 km west of plant

New TEPCO data suggests there are 5 active faults near Fukushima nuke plant — Previously considered unlikely to cause quakes “Augmented Inspection Team” is only used when risk of reactor core damage rises by 100 — AIT already at quake-hit North Anna nuke plant

Spokesman: Quake damaged North Anna’s spent fuel bunkers; Concrete came loose — Not considered ‘serious’

CNN: Officials kept news from public that North Anna’s spent fuel casks shifted — Have known since shortly after quake hit Aug. 23

It is the first time such casks have been shifted by an earthquake in U.S. history -NRC

Strong aftershock jolts quake-hit Virginia reactors — Epicenter in same county as North Anna nuke plant

TEPCO trying to stop ‘leaking radioactive material’ from reaching water underground — Barrier may be complete by 2014

French map of cesium-137 deposition from Fukushima shows the US more contaminated than Western Japan (MAP & VIDEO)

Tokyo Univ. expert: Cancer or illness from Fukushima radiation will be in 5-10 years — “This is a disaster affecting all residents of Japan” (VIDEO)

Quake caused massive containers of spent fuel to shift at Virginia nuke plant — “We’re trying to learn as much as possible” says NRC

Fukushima workers showered with highly radioactive water

*After Cleanup* High school: 7.9 microsieverts/hour — Day care center: 7.1 microsieverts/hour

Local paper asks “Is North Anna safe?” Did quake damage nuclear reactors or underground piping?

Congressman: Emergency diesel generator was inoperable due to flooding at Maryland nuke plant where transformer exploded during hurricane

Mainichi: Fukushima nuke plant workers blasted with beta radiation

“We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out” — Int’l conference warns that media talk of Fukushima health effects “may be harmful”

Nuclear Expert: Quake-hit Virginia nuke plant should be distributing bottled water to nearby residents — Pipes under North Anna are potentially a grave public danger

29 million bq/m² detected in Okumamachi nearby Fukushima meltdown