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AP: Radiation leak at Brookhaven lab in NY — 34 microsieverts on worker’s hand — Not announced for 10 days

Simply put, “It’s Over” — “Tokyo on the edge” — Show host appears astonished by latest strontium-90 findings (VIDEO)

SOURCE: iwakamiyasumi2

UPDATE: Strontium-90 at 195 Bq/kg found 30 km south of Tokyo

Gov’t radiation hygiene expert resigned position “when it prohibited an initial investigation” into Fukushima disaster

5.7 quake rattles Fukushima

Mainichi reports on “unusual abundance” of persimmons in Watari — One day after Mochizuki’s photo of suspected persimmon mutation


FORUM: Discussion Thread for October 10 – 17, 2011

Mag: Strontium-90 found 245 km from meltdowns in Yokohama City — 150 times background… DEVELOPING

AP: 4 diesel generator failures hit US nuclear plants — Prevents meltdown during power outage, like Fukushima

Radioactive fallout in rain 10 times more than originally reported

SOURCE: Mochizuki Cheshire Iori

Report: More plant mutations observed — Cases on the rise (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


Japan Times: Cesium levels spiking with unusually high amount of fallout in Okutama, Tokyo up to 300,000 Bq/m² — Home to World’s largest drinking water reservoir of its kind, built to supply Tokyo

SOURCE: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

TEPCO uses radioactive water from Reactors No. 5 and 6 to spray throughout Fukushima plant — Over 100 tons a day — Tanks close to overflowing

Report: Tokyo tap water in crisis? Comes from area that is radioactive as Chernobyl’s ‘contaminated areas’ — 100,000-300,000 Bq/kg

Another Fukushima worker exposed to high level of radiation — Radioactive material attached to jaw, neck — Severe internal exposure likely

Tokyo gov’t finds at least 5 times higher cesium levels than Japan gov’t — Over 50,000 Bq/m² near city center (PHOTOS)

SOURCE: Google Maps

Fox: TEPCO releasing hydrogen “to prevent an explosion” at Reactor No. 1 — “Generated by radiation that dissolved water”


100% release of Unit No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool assumed in NRC analysis — 50% at Unit No. 3 pool


Report: NRC analysis indicated “elevated child thyroid” in Alaska, Pacific island… With only 1 of 3 reactor cores releasing radiation (PHOTO)

SOURCE: Enformable

Mayor: Gov’t radiation figures “not that trustworthy” — Whispers about “sky-high cesium-137 readings”

Anonymous Fukushima Engineer: Another explosion at nuke plant possible — “It’s endless, endless – The task will never end”

Tokyo: Cesium at triple gov’t limit in radioactive compost made by elementary school children — Using fallen leaves!