Guardian: “Danger Reading” in Tokyo — Radiation near level that triggers an evacuation — 17 times recommended limit — More contaminated than areas in exclusion zone

“Shocked” — CNN: Tokyo-area mayor says radiation there is higher than around Fukushima meltdown

Bloomberg: Yokohama official refuses to say if first lab tests detected strontium-90 — Koide: It seems to be a relatively high radiation dose

Mayor: “I thought the reading must be a mistake” — AFP: Radiation levels in Tokyo “much higher” than previously reported — Decontamination not working

Xinhua: Radiation in areas of Tokyo far exceeded levels in Fukushima on Thursday– Almost 6 µSv/hr at amusement park near capital

Belarus Expert: Radiation limits too high after Fukushima — Japan allows 20 times more cesium in drinking water than near Chernobyl

Japanese consultant: We don’t trust radiation reports from NHK or other channels and newspapers — Many in Japan unable to trust gov’t assurances -Globe & Mail

Australia: Fear that Fukushima fallout has affected greater Tokyo area — Has radiation spread further than Japan gov’t has acknowledged?

CNN: Concern that radiation leakage from triple meltdowns “may be more widespread than thought” — Strontium-90 one of the more hazardous types of nuclear waste

Gundersen: NRC wants radiation exposure limit 100 times higher than EPA (VIDEO)

Japan Radiologist: Radiation can cause mutations like “fingers growing out of a shoulder”, other deformities in future humans (VIDEO)

It’s the “duty” of scientific community to reduce public’s fear, anxiety about radiation — No health danger from 876 millisieverts a year? (VIDEO)

Mainichi: Worries are growing — Every rainfall brings a new batch of radioactivity — Radiation levels HIGHER after decontamination

AP: Radiation leak at Brookhaven lab in NY — 34 microsieverts on worker’s hand — Not announced for 10 days

Gov’t radiation hygiene expert resigned position “when it prohibited an initial investigation” into Fukushima disaster

Another Fukushima worker exposed to high level of radiation — Radioactive material attached to jaw, neck — Severe internal exposure likely

Fox: TEPCO releasing hydrogen “to prevent an explosion” at Reactor No. 1 — “Generated by radiation that dissolved water”

Report: NRC analysis indicated “elevated child thyroid” in Alaska, Pacific island… With only 1 of 3 reactor cores releasing radiation (PHOTO)

Mayor: Gov’t radiation figures “not that trustworthy” — Whispers about “sky-high cesium-137 readings”

Kyoto science prof: “Possibility that radiation will not only spread, but will start to accumulate in large concentrations”

Osaka: 700 microsieverts of radiation from parts of bridge made in Koriyama — “Serious concern” from residents

More on Dead Fukushima Nuke Worker: Internal radiation level unknown since early Sept. — “Died suddenly” — TEPCO not revealing cause