Paper: First Japan debris hits US, Canada — People warned about radiation — Recommended for Police to have Geiger counters — “Bodies will likely begin washing up in about a year”

Published: December 15th, 2011 at 7:30 am ET


UPDATE: [intlink id=”canada-tv-japan-debris-hits-bc-never-seen-such-a-large-quantity-of-debris-at-once-says-resident-moving-much-faster-than-expected-estimated-to-be-twice-size-of-texas” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

First debris from Japanese earthquake/tsunami reaches Olympic Peninsula, Olympic Peninsula Daily News, Dec. 14, 2011:

The first piece of debris that could be identified as washing up on the West Coast from the March 11 tsunami in Japan — a large black float — was found on a Neah Bay beach two weeks ago, Seattle oceanographers Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Jim Ingraham said Tuesday night.

Since then, the two researchers […] have learned that the black, 55-gallon drum-sized floats also have been found on Vancouver Island.

Ebbesmeyer on Debris Threat

  • About a quarter of the 100 million tons of debris from Japan is expected to make landfall on beaches from southern Alaska to California
  • Possibly in volumes large enough to clog ports
  • Flotsam in a current travels an average of seven miles per hour
  • Can move as much as 20 mph if it has a large area exposed to the wind
  • Many of those bodies and parts of bodies will likely begin washing up in about a year
  • Large items still in the water should be reported to the Coast Guard, as they may represent a hazard to boats and ships
  • Some shipping lanes have already been rerouted to avoid the worst of the debris

Ebbesmeyer on Radiation Contamination Threat

  • People should also be aware of the possibility of radiation contamination
  • The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant leaked a large amount of radiation into the water
  • No one knows what levels of contamination there are in the currents, and the
  • [No one knows what levels of contamination there are in] items being carried in those currents
  • [Suggests] local police take steps to have sensitive Geiger counters available to scan items
  • The event was unprecedented, and no one knows yet what levels of radiation, if any, items have picked up

Ebbesmeyer on Importance of Debris to Japanese

  • “All debris should be treated with a great reverence and respect”
  • Families in Japan are waiting to hear of any items that may have been associated with their loved ones
  • May travel to the U.S. to meet those who found these mementos
  • Rafts of debris include whole houses which may still contain many personal items
  • Japanese are known for storing important personal mementos in walls
  • Even the smallest of traceable items may be the only thing associated with one of those people who were lost
  • Contact Ebbesmeyer at for assistance
  • “I have a translator to read things in Japanese”

Read the report here

Published: December 15th, 2011 at 7:30 am ET


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154 comments to Paper: First Japan debris hits US, Canada — People warned about radiation — Recommended for Police to have Geiger counters — “Bodies will likely begin washing up in about a year”

  • goathead goathead

    That’s it folks!! No more beach life as you knew it!! From oil spills to nuclear catastrophes, are there, in fact, any beaches anyone can feel comfortable visiting now???

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    One I missed from Dec 7th
    Foreign Policy interviews Mizuho Fukushima anti nuke activist

  • bmurr bmurr

    Can we return to sender so that they can burn it and return it priority AIR?

    • Bones Bones

      So can someone measure the contamination in the freaking water for once? What are the levels on the west coast? If houses can float here, then those little particles did so what’s the level of contamination? I guess it would be rather high since they haven’t said anything. Unless, I missed when it was said. You can’t have beach tourism suffer now can you.

      • larry-andrew-nils

        hi bones.
        have you heard about the mystery illness with the seals and the walruses in northern Canada and Alaska coasts?

        … well, it’s radiation sickness to an obvious degree.


      • hbjon hbjon

        Evaporate a liter of sea water Bones. I will prepare a photgraphic plate. Meet you in the dark house at 1500 today. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself. You take the readings in a vacuum and I will do the ones in a magnetic field. You get the alpha readings and I will sort out the isotopes. Get moving Bones.

  • Yohann Gambleputty Yohann Gambleputty

    Just another by-product of so called CLEAN nuclear power!!! Olympic Peninsula one of my favorite places. Unspoiled natural beauty in jeopardy – what a complete shame.

  • James2

    Why would the debris be radioactive?

    Unless the debris got rained on by radioactive fallout, the Tsunami happened before the meltdown.

    I can’t imagine that entire houses would float across the ocean intact for nine months and arrive in any recognizeable form.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Dont know. This is all NEW TO ME…and you.

    • HamburgGeiger

      The debris is probably highly radioactive because it soaked in radioactive waters for 8 months…

      The debris itself would be a much smaller problem if it wan`t radioactive! You could just collect and dump it. But now there are thousand of tons of radiactive waste coming up to your beaches. THAT is the problem.

      • James2

        If the water is that radioactive, then anything coming out of the ocean is radioactive. I don’t know why this debris would have more radioactivity than anything else.

        • HamburgGeiger

          Nobody said that the debris is more radioactive then the water. I expect the water to be radioactive, too. But maybe that dilutes on the long way. Perhaps the debris soaked up the undiluted highly radioactive water near japan in the first weeks as well as the fallout from the rain. And that stays in it, so it may be more radioactive then the surrounding water when arriving on US beaches. But we will know soon.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            It will be widespread news within a few months. There are thousands of civilians with Geiger counters that will confirm the debris is radioactive, unless the military closes the coastlines. Proof either way. This will kill off tourism, regardless of what the MSM says. Then people will start to question how this affects the local food supply. No one will be able to stop the food conversation.

            In a year and a half, tops, no one will want any agricultural products from California. No one will want Napa wines. Complete economic devastation of the 8-9th largest economy in the world. Housing prices will plummet. Anyone with any money (if there’re any left) will move east. Midwesterners will point their Geiger counters at the incoming Californians. If radioactive, they won’t be very welcoming. Expect severe civil strife.

            Then the waves of cancers will hit. The medical community will only be able to treat a fraction of these cancer cases, if at all. We’re only a few months behind Japan on that timetable. Straight off the charts.

            Then folks will look at jetstream maps and realize they’re in the path, too, regardless of where they’re at in the Northern Hemisphere.

            There’s nothing to do, really, except drag your radioactive butt around the planet. We’ve all been exposed, it’s just a short matter of time. The only good news is, they breathed it, too, and underground bunkers can’t filter out all this radioactive air. Their kids are just as screwed as ours. They won’t be around to continue the family looting.

            It’s called an ELE. Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, or just plain ole’ Happy Winter Solstice.

      • HamburgGeiger

        And yes, it has been rained on with fallout, too. But there is nuch more to it. Imagine what this debris consists of. Everything(!) has been washed into the ocean – think about more nuclear waste, all kinds of waste, chemicals, whole chemical plants, whole refineries, all kinds of bad stuff. All coming to you…

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          NUCLEAR WINTER IS HERE. Just what we’ve KNEW was coming.
          “Oh the HORROR” Brando A.NOW.

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


            “AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS SILENT?!?! WHY?!?!?!”

            Ummm. They are really, really, busy right now. Think DOD Bill and also currency difficulties. Really, really busy.

          • beamofthewave

            Not only silent but lying, I asked my congressman Kurt Schrader, here in Oregon about the radioactive debris and he said it wouldnt arrive for 3 years no worries. I told him it was already arriving and what are they doing about it and he said it would not arrive for 3 years. Liar knows better.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          I think what will happen on the beaches is terrible, but we must not forget what the stuff did to all sea life during the past 9 months.

          Let’s see how radioactive the stuff really is. Thinking of the sea life, I’m glad in a way that the debris is washed ashore and won’t circle the globe forever in the currents.

      • many moons

        We will never know if it’s radioactive unless we test it ourselves, that goes for the ocean too. If the EPA/NRC doesn’t want to do their job and test, I say great…cut tax allotment and start a new division called NRCBTP- nuclear regulatory commision by the people.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      We shouldn’t have to speculate about this. I would think it is a trivial task (technologically) to observe, measure, and analyze the debris well before it makes landfall.

      So… has the scientific community been tracking it? If so, where is the data? If not, why not?

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        They probably have not been able to get a government grant to do it. Nothing less would motivate them.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Perhaps that’s true (irony noted), and it’s only fair that they be paid for their work, but… why not fund that work, especially in a climate that allegedly needs “jobs, jobs, jobs” and “shovel-ready projects”.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Yes, houses and other large objects can and do float across oceans.

      Read Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki as a starting point if you find the subject interesting.

      Several themes are being mushed together in our discussion, including: amount of debris, size of debris, possible radioactiviy of debris…

      I speculate that various government agencies in various countries know exactly what will arrive and when. It would be helpful if they told citizens what to expect.

      I speculate that the silence is either routine bureaucratic chaos (there’s no money in our budget allocated for that purpose), or fear (we don’t know what to do), or worse. In any case, it’s, um, unhelpful.

      • gbear

        The link is about a RAFT………..MADE to float……….these are houses without that provision. I have a really hard time believing that ANYTHING is going to go that far across the ocean and still be recognizable. There may/will be bits and pieces of things, like walls, but entire things, don’t think so………plus it’s all been UNDER water (not above like the raft) — with multiple currents hitting it………

        Glad they’ve found some things so that they can be tested and destroyed as nec.

        Makes me really sad to think about all the wildlife out there………:(

    • hbjon hbjon

      The air current was travelling faster than the water currents, but in the same direction James. Even with a two day head start, the air current will catch up to it. Water in the area of the debris will show instability. Debris above water will even be contaminated with the one millionth of a gram stuff.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Remember that the USS Reagan, I think, anyway and aircraft carrier, was 100 miles offshore (of Fuku) at the time of the explosions/early meltdowns/criticalities. The US Navy moved ship and had the sailors washing the decks non stop for ???days? to wash off the radiation.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      No one has reported to have tested the debris field floating towards the US west coast from Japan, but, when the reactors blew, it was estimated that 80% of the radiation cloud went out over the Pacific. Some of that was modeled to reach the debris field while much of it fell into the waters closer to Japan and has remained there circulating in ocean currents that keep returning it to Japan’s coastline.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Well all I know is I cant afford a Geiger Counter, dont know anyone who has one. I’ll just have to watch for posters giving their readings. This news is not good…but we knew it was coming, soon to get much worse I’m sure.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Whoopie,

      Not many of us can afford a Geiger Counter, or run to where the radiation is less. We already know it’s here and the games are just beginning.

      Those who are lucky to have Geiger Counter’s and who are staying, will share their reports. We just can’t lose sites like this, or YouTube.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      BTW Whoopie…Thank you for all the links that you give us. Do you ever sleep? Please take care))))

  • James2

    Furthermore, the Tsunami debris is a totally different catastrophe than the nuke plant meltdown.

    Yes they originated with the same event, however the Tsunami Debris is a totally natural event and was completely unpreventable. It’s just the natural occurrence of nature. I always wondered how things moved such long distances from one coast to another.

  • James2

    “its just the natural occurrence of nature” – wow I must be out of it today….

    • larry-andrew-nils

      it’s denotes (it is)

      its is its belongings, or qualities.

      you remember this by using (in your mind) the apostrophe as an i

      it ‘s = it is
      its = it s

      • James2

        Yes, I took english class, hence calling myself out, i’m just half asleep. i notice I mess up their and there and they’re when I get in a hurry too.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi James2

          This old lady would get an F if I was graded in here. Thank goodness they don’t hand out report cards. lol..

          Sometimes I write: to were too should be… I’m not even going into the other mistakes I have made.

          I feel this way, you either like this old lady and except my mistakes, or you don’t. Either way, it’s not a problem.

          Just keep giving out the wonderful information that you have been))) This is why we are here. Thank You..

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Germany Google Searches for 2011
    The words Apple, Fukushima, EHEC and Sarah Engels in 2011 ranked among the top search terms in the German Internet. That was on Thursday released the “Google Zeitgeist 2011”. In addition to the most sought after topics, news, celebrities images and the search rankings this year also includes selected subject categories. One of the fastest growing search of the Year in Germany belong Fukushima, Minecraft, EHEC, iPhone 5, Samsung S2 Galaxy, American Idol 2011, Battlefield 3, 4S iPhone, iPad 2 and Sarah Angel. The evaluation of permits according to Google Zeitgeist, “a look through the collective eye of Internet users around the globe.”

    Speaking of Zeitgeist 2011, this is a must watch VIDEO in itself:

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Interesting item, Whoopie.

      That should help squash any claims by the media that they don’t cover the Fukushima story because the public isn’t interested in it.

      I wonder if there is data showing the ratio of searches to hits. I’m guessing that you’d find something like:

      Celebrity fluff search – high, celebrity fluff hits – high.

      Fukushima disaster search – high, Fukushima disaster hits – tiny.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Top Google searches here: What was it? Can’t remember.
        dont matter. It wasn’t FUKU

        • Ken31ONCA

          I agree with ya whoop, people are too busy playing video games or watching dumb shows like dancing with stars, american idol, they don’t want to know what’s going on in the world they wanna see who gets voted off some stupid island, and mainstream media is as bad and half the problem, cnn is a cain and obama commerical, wasn’t obama on picking ncaa teams in march when all this was going on? People need to occupy the media and maybe they will smarten up

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      (My day to repond to Whoopie) :>)

      “Speaking of Zeitgeist 2011, this is a must watch VIDEO in itself:

      I think that film is at least 90% correct.

  • Ken31ONCA

    Well fukushima went bang, they keep thousands of in with spent fuel pool and on top of the reactor, when the explosion happened the rods went in every direction and they are highly radioactive. So maybe the first few piles of debris will not be very radioactive but it would make sence to me the debris from the plant would be. atleast they are talking about it and supposibly giving cops geiger counters although cops are usually busy they should of gave them to students or someone willing to investigate and take proper steps to clean it up

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Want to know what I think? (i’m gonna tell you anyway)
      I truly believe the pull out of Iraq is for one thing and one thing only. MARTIAL LAW. Think about it. When the SHIT HITS THE FAN economy ect (including Fuku radiation) this is gonna be a country of very pissed off people. There is no way in hell this withdrawal is for ANYTHING GOOD. IMO And i dont believe when they say their leaving IRAQ anyway. The Base there is A HUGE CITY. Their gonna leave that to the contractors ect staying there.
      TROOPS ARE FOR M.L. imo

      • Ken31ONCA

        I think ur right martial law and to get ready for war with iran. That way if it looks like obama won’t get in again they would probably do something like martial law, but that’s just my opinion but I also believe 9/11 was a inside job.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Yeppers. Me too 9/11. Plus there is no way in hell this country is on the mend. Krugman said it 2 days ago (the WORD)
          DEPRESSION IS HERE. When Paul K speaks I listen.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            They know it, we know it. When masses start going to ER sick with poisoning, THIS COUNTRY WILL EXPLODE. M LAW

            • Ken31ONCA

              I have to work outside I’m pretty grateful that I don’t have to work in rain cause I have seen how radioactive it can be. Plus I was off in april and may so I like to think I missed the bulk of it. Although all these 400 plants around the world most are leaking or dumping waste in our lakes and venting it into air, its definately not good.the “elite” must have something that makes them think they are safer then us, maybe they have a newer better iodine pill or they have clean food and water supplies they are definately gonna thin out the population

              • Whoopie Whoopie

                Yeah! Truthfully I paid no attn to these DEADLY THINGS until 3/11. I learned NOW they’ve been poisoning us all along.

        • Blondie Blondie

          Have you heard the latest propaganda out of the U.S?

          Now they’re trying to pin 9/11 on… wait for it… on IRAN!!

          I kid you not! LOL

          “US court claims Iranian 9/11 link”;

      • James2

        Whoopie You’re going too far down the paranoid track. They are pulling out of Iraq now because Oblama promised it to the voters in 2008 and hasn’t done it yet. He figures they will probably remember about October of next year and he won’t be able to fake it enough to win again.

        The whole Iran and syria thing is connected to the pullout. They have years of equipment on the ground in Iraq They have operational bases, electronic systems, people methods – everything needed to go to war with somebody else in the area. It will never be cheaper or easier to do it than now. As soon as they give it all up, the window is closed and it will be much harder to get done. The warhawks always use this argument to push their case. Patton wanted to attack Russia after WWII for the same reason.

        They can’t figure out what the economic impact is next month of what they are doing this month. do you think there is anybody smart enough in our government to figure out martial law? forget about it…

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          OK. I probably am. We shall see, eh James? I pray your right.

          • Whoopie Whoopie


        • WindorSolarPlease

          I think both of you are right..

          The president made a promise and he had to fulfill it or else it would be thrown back at him..

          I think eventually there could be Marshall Law if the protests keep getting bigger, he will need the military if this happens. I don’t think he would want this before the elections.

          I can see them thinking there is a need for depopulation.

          Some of them think, there are those who are parasites.

          Some think that it is right to put young kids to work, for slave labor.
          However, they would never do that to their kids.

          There are some that, how much you have, is how they respect you.

          If you have nothing, some look down on you, and they don’t care what happens to you.

          I do think there are those who are for depopulating.

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


            “I think eventually there could be Marshall Law if the protests keep getting bigger, he will need the military if this happens. I don’t think he would want this before the elections.”

            I think it will happen due to the upcoming currency situation. If he does it before the election, there will be no election. We would be in a national emergency. Think of the implications of that.

          • ion jean ion jean

            In the midst of an awakening to that is the positive goal that the majority evolves past valuing wealth, it may already have, then…

            Heaven Help the Greedy Globalists when the scales of justice tip and spill them out into a soulless abyss…which will be worse than anything mere humans could do to them.

            I’m glad police will be issued geigers…then they’ll all understand what they are when i walk around with one!

        • truthseek truthseek

          Js2 – I am with you they are poised to do what they said they would with a small twist… But given Israeli demands of the US and UK to attack Iran (the attacks 2? weeks ago) The US is viewed to be poised to move these resources to IRAN in an expedited fashion, it is nearly expected and (Iran) has already been provoked. WWW3 has officially began.

        • Blondie Blondie

          The U.S aren’t leaving Iraq because they want to. They’d rather stay. They are leaving because they HAVE to;

          “Lame stream media fails on Iraq troop withdrawal”

      • JonahW JonahW

        We’re not actually pulling out of Iraq, though the election year will see a temporary draw-down. We’re sending government funds to private defense companies (who re-name themselves after every war so they can continually keep the public from remembering their profits and crimes from the previous war), who in turn hire “contractors” to take the place of soldiers. Same occupation, but privatized and not called “war.”

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          It is my understanding that we still will have about 17,000 troops there. What we are really doing is always disguised so as to mislead the populace.

          After watching the withdrawal ceremony on the evening “news”, I was stunned to hear that upbeat assessment of our adventure over there. No mention of depleted uranium to which their soldiers and ours were exposed, no mention of deformed babies. I wished their assessment had been a little less self-serving.

          • WindorSolarPlease


            You are right, there was No mention of depleted uranium to which their soldiers and ours were exposed, no mention of deformed babies. Do you think that will ever be mentioned?

          • CB CB

            The aircraft carrier in the first month after the meltdown went through a highly radioactive plum. The air induction into the ship is poorly filtered. It has over 3000 spaces, and 5,000 troops. It had to be decontaminated, and I know the _______ who had to help write the book. There was no instruction. If Arnie is correct in saying the average person on the west coast breathed in multiple hot particles a day in March & April, and this ship was in close proximity of Japan, than what were the troops exposed to. I talked to someone who said “It was bad”. Sorry so vague and no names, you can guess why.

          • Not just depleted – they’re using pure and enriched uranium.

            Yes, they’re that dumb.

            Busby: Enriched uranium weapons new battlefield horror

            Chris Busby Explains Why Uranium Is Bad For You (Part 1)

  • or-well

    Not just radioactivity,
    what other contaminants ?
    All washed clean ?
    Economic opportunity !
    Let BP organise a “clean-up” !
    With .gov subsidies !
    Hire the unemployed !
    Don’t give them gear – make them buy it !
    Pay waste-disposal Co. to truck it !
    Pay struggling community to landfill it !
    Have “captured” Regulatory body test it…later…all doubleplus good !

  • dosdos dosdos

    Keep in mind one thing. The debris arriving now was windblown across the Pacific. This is the stuff that floats high on the water and catches more wind than water as its propulsion, such as empty barrels, plastic containers, ziplock bags, etc. The stuff that floats down in the water, carried by ocean currents, is still out in the middle of the Pacific, about halfway here. So body parts are not likely to be found at this point. That arrives in another year or so.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      This is still speculation, albeit useful and rational.

      However, it’s not hard to imagine a high-sided, wind-propelled object (such as a boathouse), with who knows what inside it.

      I’d like to repeat my contention that it is technologically easy for governments or media to take photos of whatever is out there and show the public what to expect.

      Memo to self: see what Google Earth is showing over the Pacific. Something might be visible, even 1km up.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    No offense intended at all…but this just crossed my mind. Police and other folks with geiger counters will be present at beaches / coastlines for a longer period of time.
    Could this fact in all its bitterness be actually helpful to raise awareness for radiation issues among the population?

    I imagine someone checking debris with a counter on the beach, looking up, seeing San Onofre in a distance, looking at the beeping counter again, thinking “What if…?”

    • or-well

      It’s a good point.
      Will the “official” folks have geigers ?
      Will ordinary folks with geigers be allowed access ?
      Will honest readings be taken ?
      Will honest readings be released ?
      We’ll find out soon enough.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        I remember in the EARLY DAYS when I posted at Dutchsinse, we all discussed how those with counters should GO INTO SUPER MARKETS just for the attention it’d receive. JUST TO WAKE UP THE SHEEPLE.
        Now look where we’re at. The MSM is STILL failing to report this like they should. And the radiation is HERE.
        GOV SILENT.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication



        In answer to your questions.

        • or-well

          that’s my suspicion, but:
          there’s A LOT of coastline….

          some debris will most likely make landfall outside of modelled patterns

          there may be multiple contaminants of concern

          as James2 seemed to imply there will probably be opportunistic scavengers

          all in addition to radiation concerns and plain old cleanup costs even without.

          I hope coastal residents treat the debris cautiously and with due respect for the dead and their relatives.

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


            “I hope coastal residents treat the debris cautiously and with due respect for the dead and their relatives.”

            Yes, I too hope they will. So much grief over so many lives swept away in just a few minutes time.

      • arclight arclight

        dont worry the iaea has been confirmed to be in charge of the dosimitry testing around the pacific and they will only be testing for cesium !! 🙁

        as for beaches with lots of debris .. closed off like the gulf!!

  • Ken31ONCA

    awhen does the government do stuff easier or cheaper, them pulling out is not for the troops or the families or the voters its all for another agenda, they do want the baddest of the bad to come back here for the martial law, cause not just any soilders are gonna turn on their own people, they need soilders from other countries who don’t likw america and the ones who will do what they are told or shoot anyone, I wouldn’t go thinking james is right and its nothing to do with martial law at all.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Like I said: I’M WISHY WASHY KEN. I truly am not sure WHAT is gonna happen. I know I saw an article the other day where it said the majority of Troops are FINALLY waking up to the fact that our Government is corrupt. Lost link. So, if our gov DOES declare ML, will the troops TURN AGAINST FELLOW COUNTRYMEN? ONLY THE CRAZY, GUN LOVING ONES WILL.

      • Ken31ONCA

        It will definately be a battle! For every corrupt soilders there are probably 10 citizens and 10 retired soilders awake to what’s going on, and then there are guys like james who have no clue and no purpose and are basically no good for nothing, but good will defeat evil again, just there will be lots of collerital dammage.

      • many moons

        Seems like everyone is wishy washy, but it’s unchartered territory.

  • oscar419

    I can hardly wait to see how “Deadliest catch” evolves after all of this.

  • I am shocked and saddened that there has been NO EFFORT by the US Coast Guard or other organizations such as Greenpeace to try to contain this debris while it was still offshore, before it hits the west coast. IF this debris is indeed radioactive as many have suggested, this will contaminate the beaches all the way down the coast. The costs and effort to decontaminate such a widespread area will be ENORMOUS, if even possible. Glad I visited that coast when I did, the seals, and garabaldis, and fish, and whales, and crustaceans, and kelp beds…are toast. Sorry to say that but its true – IF the debris is radioactive… It is GAME OVER for the west coast beaches and wildlife.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      It makes no sense, does it eyechix.

      WOW! I just now noticed this by the ADMIN:
      “Keep up the great work with the comments section folks! A few of you need to try harder to stay on the topic of the post at hand. No time to moderate closely, so off-topic comments may just be deleted rather than moved to appropriate forum. Repeat offenders will have comments queued for moderation. Thanks for the cooperation, Admin


      • Ken31ONCA

        Ya admin was prob refering to james and I, he went on a offensive lastnight calling everyone shills, and saying arnie was paid off and works for tepco, and I kinda got in an argument with him and it got heated cause he got all emotional started trying to put me down cause I work construction and we “put chemicals in the environment” I didn’t mean to get off topic but when unemployed bums get angry and start spreading false information and calling people like arnie a shill I told him what I thought about it

      • WindorSolarPlease

        I’m not a professional on this, I don’t know for sure if the debris will be radioactive. However, I “think” the Geiger Counters will click faster.

        I am also guilty for not staying on topic..I’m a lady, I like to gab..It’s easy to get side track.

        Sometimes some really good links, information, and new topics come out, when things get side track.

        Sorry…Will try harder also..

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi eyechix

      Maybe they are hoping most of it will sink?? (Just a guess)

      I agree, I am also surprised no one is trying to gather it before it gets here.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi eyechix, I think in the end it might be easier to clean the rubble away when washed ashore. I don’t think the rubble will contaminate the beaches even more than they already are at this day….
      I’m very worried about the coastline without beaches – what about Big Sur for example? Habitat and important hunting ground for so many different species!

      Greenpeace lives on donations and doesn’t have neither means to deal with 100 mio. tons of rubble nor the space to put it. That’s a governmental issue to resolve, methinks.

    • many moons

      Eyechic pollution from Fukushima has been arriving since last march. Thankfully this 3 dimentional stuff has finally come ashore. It gives a visual to the invisible radiation that has been everywhere, unseen and un accounted for, for months. Plolution that has been effecting our health. Now we can look at this mess of ruble on the beach as a blessing. The worse it looks the more we can start to save ourselves because people WILL SEE the damage!!!

  • James2

    If entire buildings are going to wash ashore, that means things of value will wash ashore – along with tons of junk. Jewelry, coins, scrap metal – People will be digging through it all for sure.

  • Ken31ONCA


    • James2


      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Now now. Grandma says: Shake hands and forgive and forget.
        You CAN ya know. It’s easy as PIE. Or not.

      • Ken31ONCA

        Yeah well I wouldn’t of said anything if I didn’t go back and read the comments ur still making I’m trying to keep up with the posts here not continue lastnights debates, but I don’t want to be off topic anymore so I will just ignore your dumb comments like me being a paid nuclear shill. You keep ur dumb comments to yourself and I won’t insult you.

  • sworldpeas

    I’m sure some amount of nuclear fuel pellets that were blown out of the reactors, then landed on top of the tsunami debris that are now merrily making it’s way here. Also the debris is following water and air currents so it has been rained for the last 9 months. The debris will have hot spots just like Japan.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    CaptD just posted this re: our conversation this morning about Martial Law
    That is why there is such a big push to “hire Vets”, can’t have highly trained combat READY folks angry at the system unless you have new laws to hold folks “forever” and these CAMPS already to accept massive amounts of the new poor:

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Just found this: interactive before/after pics of different towns hit by the tsunami….of course lots of rubble have been cleared, but it gives an idea of what’s underway in the ocean.

    Mouse-grab the bar in the middle of the picture to see the same spot before / after.

    Those poor people. It’s just too much.

  • The real threat is that all the debris is potentially contaminated with radio-nuclides.

    The levels of contamination could even be potentially deadly.

    The problem is the reactor 3 sfp had been ejected into the atmosphere where the main proportions of fallout moved up and east Into the pacific ocean.

    The main masses of nuclear fuel, cement, and dust particles; that were ejected during the Reactor 3 hydro-nuclear explosion were distributed into the pacific drift current system in a small particulate form.

    These particulates numbering in the trillions are equal to trillions of potential overdoses of radiation to the human body. (That is not an understatement),

    There was a potential for several apocalypses, released from the reactor 3 spent fuel pool alone…

    One thing to consider when reviewing these reports, is that small masses have yet to be reported…
    As, Larger objects in the debris field, have already been reported on the United States mainland.

    The particulate that I am speaking of is the radiation its self. It is a small mass, that weighs less than salt water. The weight ratio suggests that the substance is buoyant.

    So what we are looking at is a preposterous amount of radionuclides, (amounting to several full-on human apocalypses); Moving in a vast concentrated pool of debris; Steadily, inching its way to the United States and Canadian west coastlines…

    My main concern is that the debris field its self is highly contaminated.

    Further more, rain and storm systems on the US, and Canadian coast lines, are created through evaporation of the coastal waters.

    So each and every pacific rain out; is a proportion of that very same surface water, interacting with the cloud layer, to only again become fallout on United States citizens.

    This is a very real threat to all united states citizens, who live near coastal communities.

    • Our world leaders are not going to admit to any knowledge of radioactivity. This is due to two main reasons.

      1. The state of the economy. ( mainly foreign investments would halt upon the admittance of the united states being a radioactive wasteland).

      2. Criminal omission. (Stating that the government had known what they knew prior to these incidence taking place, would hold the parties criminally liable).

      • Ken31ONCA

        I noticed a few months back they are going to start to put radiation warnings on cell phone boxes and it brought be to the conclusion they are starting to lay groundwork to protect the nuclear industry, like when they jacked background radiation limits up by hundreds or thousands of times and expected nobody to notice. half the population may be asleep but the other half is pissed off, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next year. i know a year from now all the governments will be on vacation in thier underground bunkers that us tax payers paid for, so they probably know something we dont, but what that is who knows.

    • hbjon hbjon

      That about summarizes it. Nice job Tacomagroove. Anybody know if Plutonium and other transuranic elements fission in water? And for how long? We know they will decay for the calculated halflives, but will they undergo spontaneous fission until they reach a certain mass? This science experiment will enlighten us in many ways.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re Whoopie being ‘too paranoid’ …. well, a wise student of this whole mess we are in said long ago, ‘No matter how paranoid you are … you aren’t paranoid enough.’

    Remember folks, we is in Disinformationland. Due to exposure to a lifetime’s disinfo (aka ‘news’), plus our own psychological needs to deny/minimize the mess we are in, our views are skewed in the lala land direction. Yes, even we the ‘relatively informed and awake’. In land of blind, one eyed man thinks he’s pretty hot stuff & has finger on the pulse of ‘reality.’ Of course, that is the natural bias of all of us.

    Debris field and Hawaii… I live in Hawaii – Oahu – close to western shoreline. Anyone have any news about proximity of debris to Hawaii’s west shores?

    • Ken31ONCA

      Hey thanks for the video, you did a great job summarising the situation. With all the scientists and the technology out there they should have drones and submarines studying it and should know a lot about the debris if not the american,Canadian or japanese then maybe the russians would but who knows if they would share the info if anyone is actually getting it. Hopefully they would have someone studying it. The police are supposed to protect the people but the goverment should be protecting them cause they are not qualified to deal with it. Either they should get nuclear or biological people there to deal with it and if they have to close beaches they should sooner then later but if it comes to that I can see it taking a while. I hope they are on the ball this time cause they haven’t done a good job in history protecting citizens, hopefully its dealt with in a better way then we all expect.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi eyechix & Ken31ONCA

      I agree with you both. There should have been attempts to clean this up before it got here.

      As far as giving police Geiger counter to deal with this, this is not in their job description.
      They know nothing about how to treat and protect themselves from potential nuclear waste. The Police have enough to do.

      They will probably have to close the beaches to make the beaches look ok, then they reopen them until another wave of the waste moves in.

      They won’t close the beaches forever. They will let the little kids play in it, just like they are letting the kids play in tiny corexit toxic tar balls.

      There will not be protection of the public, it would cost to much. Plus, I think we are already toast.
      They won’t be telling us anything, or else the public would demand more than what they are willing to do or can do.

  • bleep_hits_blades


    I’m watching your u tube vid.

    I share your dismay – I think we all do – but it seems rather inescapably true that the main reason nothing has been done is that this problem is, in most of its (many) aspects/ manifestations, of unmanageable magnitude. Others who know more than I do have said or hinted at the same thing.

    The only available stragegy/response that tptb have at this point is to avoid/lie/minimize/conceal – etc. Most of them actually should be facing capital charges for their part in this reckless travesty. And I would imagine that many of them are not sleeping too well of late. They might be dumb enough to play dice with our planet, if the price is right, but they ain’t stupid when it comes to lookin’ out for #1.

    What are you going to do with a radioactive debris field the size of Texas? Especially in view of the fact, which others have touched upon here, that just decontaminating a single room, or object, can take much time and effort – actually huge amounts of time and effort…. if in fact it can really be done. These radionuclides are virtually indestructible. and many of them are ‘forever’ (in human terms). ‘Decontaminating’ mostly just boils down to moving them from here to there, and there to… somewhere else.

    One doesn’t really have to have a Ph.D in nuclear science or a genius level IQ to be able to grasp the basic fact/reality — that the sorcerer’s deranged apprentices have finally gone ‘a bridge too far…’

    Which arguably was long overdue… to many of us it has seemed that it was just a matter of time before the bullet, finally, was in the chamber.

    “Things fall apart… the falcon cannot hear the falconer…mere anarchy is unloosed upon the world…”

    “This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends….not with a bang, but a whimper.”

    We only got one world. We can’t decontaminate the whole bleepin’ ocean plus beaches… nor the whole…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    …nor the whole world.

  • or-well

    Notice hereby given
    Madness has escaped containment.
    Pepperspray and tasers
    for your entertainment.
    GMOs and fluoride:
    happy dumbing down,
    ignore the folks
    in Hazmat suits coming through your town.
    Do not dissent or disagree
    with Tepcoclowns or Wash DC,
    ignore the feeling in your bones
    quietly hide inside your homes while we continue this experiment.

  • pg

    Since when do bodies ‘wash up’ after two years?

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    “Reverence and respect”? For this stuff? All over our beaches? I don’t think so.