Report: Containers of dead babies and body parts found at radioactive waste site — “Even their amputated limbs and fetuses posed a danger to others”

Published: January 26th, 2012 at 1:29 pm ET


Title: 29 Fetuses Found at Uranium Site
Source: Moscow Times
Date: 26 January 2012

Workers uncovered three large jugs filled with the bodies of 29 fetuses as well as other assorted body parts and organs while excavating a radioactive waste site in Kazakhstan, newspaper Express K reported Wednesday.

More Information

  • Found by factory workers at the Ulbinsky Metallurgical Factory
  • Investigators located patient records at a medical facility on the factory’s premises
  • Contents […] included stillborn, aborted and abandoned babies, amputated limbs and removed organs
  • Doctors at the facility told police that the burial practice began after it was discovered that workers had been exposed to unsafe levels of uranium
  • Even their amputated limbs and the fetuses posed a danger to others.
  • That discovery prompted the medical facility to begin sealing the fetuses and surgically removed body parts in jugs and burying them

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See also: [intlink id=”sunday-night-movie-lead-radiation-doctor-we-were-wrong-a-huge-new-group-has-appeared-the-children-of-parents-who-have-been-irradiated-video-1hr-2min” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Description: During the Soviet era, the people of Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan were used as human guinea pigs in the testing of nuclear weapons. Today they live with the consequences. Whilst sheep graze in radioactive bomb craters, many in the population believe that the testing is the reason why one in twenty children are born with birth defects. […]

At 20:35 – 21:00 in

Dr. Boris Gusev, Semipalatinsk Institute of Radiation Medicine:

  • “We knew precisely where the radiation was.”
  • “We knew precisely how much of the different types of radiation that people were being exposed to.”
  • “What dose the population was receiving.”
  • “We knew everything.”

At 46:30 – 47:10 in

Dr. Boris Gusev, Semipalatinsk Institute of Radiation Medicine:

  • “Over the last 15 years we have thoroughly analyzed all the material in these archives.”
  • “We have made our conclusions and published our research, and at the same time we have continued our planned research of the population.”
  • Now a huge new group has appeared of 250,000-270,000 people.”
  • “These are the children of parents who have been irradiated.”
  • We thought that everything would go smoothly, that chromosonal damage and genetic effects would be confined to the generation of people who were irradiated and they could not be inherited by future generations.”
  • “But it turned out that this was wrong.”

Published: January 26th, 2012 at 1:29 pm ET


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45 comments to Report: Containers of dead babies and body parts found at radioactive waste site — “Even their amputated limbs and fetuses posed a danger to others”

  • Bones Bones

    Say hello to this, Japan. The rest of the world can be covered up, but not in Japan. The hot spot of hot spots. There is no escape, sadly. What will happen to the babies born with mutated genes? Will disease rates skyrocket in the subsequent generations? Infertility?

    This article is the true face of the nuclear industry. All the workers in the plants and processing facilities are just as culpable as those who control and profit from nuclear energy, don’t forget that. Just as a soldier who kills innocents because he was told to by a “superior” officer. Maybe, if you are apart of this death industry you will have the balls to at least quit supporting it. Your children are no different than these or children in Japan. We will have another nuke meltdown in America. It is just a matter of time.

    • lam335 lam335

      My guess is that these are primarily casualties of the Soviet weapon’s program. The Polygon in Kazakhstan was a center for research and testing for atomic bombs–I’m not sure if Ulbinsky is located within or near the Polygon, but I’m betting the Metallurgical facility was primarily directed toward producing material for bombs (although the weapons industry can’t be entirely separated from the nuclear power industry since they feed off each other).

    • How many did they didn’t find, MY GOD the HORRORS has began !

    • Bones,
      The nurse was right @ ex-skf.blogspot, she told months ago little people were being born deformed and others talked about Still Born’s !

  • Gotham

    This brings up the issue of Infant Death Rate (IDR)which is the 1st canary in the coal mine to bow its head – has there been a spike or exponetional climb in IDR in Japan? I know certain cities have reported such in the USA in the aftermath of Fu.

    Sternglass, 1986: A Massachusetts state task force found an unexplained 38% “spike” in the infant death rate (IDR) in Boston from 1981 to 1982. This was the first increase in the IDR in 9 years, and the largest in 17 years. A June, 1986, study by Dr. Ernest Sternglass, professor emeritus of radiation physics at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, connected the increase with large radioactive releases from Pilgrim during June, 1982.

    • There has no doubt been very significant ‘spikes’ in stillbirths, miscarriages and IDRs all over northern Japan, but this is not something we will be allowed to hear about, any more than the people of Japan are allowed to hear about it. Each grieving woman/family will be made to feel alone in their loss, as if they are somehow personally responsible so they won’t be talking about it to others. And the doctors will be keeping the crematoriums well supplied, prevented from speaking on pain of immediate impoverishment.

      Miscarriage/stillbirth rate ‘spiked’ more than 200% in the plume path following TMI. No one is willing to argue that TMI was somehow “worse than” Fukushima. So these are valid statistics to ask about, but aren’t likely to be statistics Japan is bothering to keep public records on anymore…

      • Auntie Nuke

        JoyB – Where did you find that information on stillborn spike after TMI? I was there, one mile away when it happened and not only didn’t evacuate until Day 3, on Day 2 I walked around Middletown for a couple of hours and about a week later (after evacution, on the way to the airport) actually posed for pictures in front of the leaking reactor < !>. In the wake of that, I decided not to allow my body to give birth, ever. I’d be fascinated to know the numbers and where to find them. Please post response to me at Nuclear Hotseat on Facebook. Thanks. (And if anyone besides JoyB has this info, feel free to chime in.)

        • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

          “In the county where TMI is located infant deaths soared 53.7 percent in the first month after the accident; 27 percent in the first year. As originally published, the federal government’s own Monthly Vital Statistics Report shows a statistically significant rise in infant and over-all mortality rates shortly after the accident.

          Studying 10 counties closest to TMI, Jay M. Gould, in his meticulously documented 1990 book Deadly Deceit, found that childhood cancers, other infant diseases, and deaths from birth defects were 15% to 35% higher than before the accident, and those from breast cancer 7% higher. These increases far exceeded those elsewhere in Pennsylvania.”

          “The Spring 2000 edition of Environmental Epidemiology and Toxicology Mangano and Ernest Sternglass reported that in counties adjacent to nuclear reactors, infant mortality falls dramatically after the reactors close. The RPHP study found that in the first two years after the reactors were shuttered, infant death rates fell 15-to-20 percent. In communities near Big Rock Point in Michigan for example, the decrease in infant mortality rates was 54 percent; at Maine Yankee, the percentage decrease was 33.4 %.”

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    This is horrifying, but hardly surprising. There is a really good documentary video at YouTube on Polygon. Please watch it if you haven’t already done so. It follows the life of a family living in the Polygon region, and the lives of the local people there. The “story” (real life) drives home the HUMAN effects of nuclear experimentation.

  • Ruffcut

    There are some great but depression Doc’s about using bunker buster DU bombs in Irag where they don’t want to have children from the horrors of deformities from some sweet weapons.
    Our tax dollars at work, fighting a fathom terrorist and fucking alot of people up. Raise that amerikan flag up, way up high, even if you have to pull the whole thing out of your ass, first.
    I am hoping for a fema camp on a beach, if I play my cards right.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I’ve read – probably it was here, actually – that babies with birth defects in Japan are killed at birth, the mothers told that they were DOA, very deformed.

    That does sound consistant with the way the Japanese govt. has been handling things. (and other govts. too of course).

    So we will almost certainly not be getting the real story re birth defects in Japan – and elsewhere.

    The govts of the world are running scared, I do believe. If the light ever goes on in the dim-bulb public mind – I mean, imagine the outrage.

    On the other hand… hard to imagine an ‘outraged’ herd of cattle…

  • vivvi

    Of course, for every obviously deformed baby born, there are dozens more who appear healthy, but have dna damage or internal malformations that don’t yet appear evident. We will see that problem becoming obvious in years to come. Such devils these nuke puke bastards are, unleashing this poison on the lives of all children not yet born. Hell is too good for the scum that did this.

    • vivvi,
      And the deformed baby’s that live with the defects or are they killing them to hide the evidence and telling the parents they died ?

      Wonder if they have a State records Dept. there that keeps records as our CDC ? Sure they do !

      • StillJill StillJill

        I was told that they were killing them at birth,…but not telling the parents of deformities,…saying rather, the stress of delivery,…the baby just died.

        • StillJill,
          Odd the parents do not want to see the lost child ?
          It may help the grieving process !

          • Auntie Nuke

            That may be a western concept; not sure. But the Japanese seem to be a socially compliant people, prone to accepting what those in positions of authority have to say without challenge. If a such a mother is told by her doctor, “It’s best you not see the baby; it will only hurt you worse,” it’s unlikely she’d feel able to challenge and demand to see the child.

            Which brings to mind… What is the current birth rate in Japan? What is the rate of birth defects, stillborns, death shortly after birth? If Japan is showing none of these in their official records, then they really are “cooking the books” to hide the devastation of what they have done.

          • StillJill StillJill

            Doc,….my money is on,…we NEVER know what these doctors are telling the Mothers/Fathers,…nor do we know what, and how, they kill the children of God, now do we?

  • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

    Abandoned babies !!!

    “Contents […] included stillborn, aborted and abandoned babies, amputated limbs and removed organs”

    “Abandoned babies” indicates that the babies were still alive. The rest is truly terrible too, but still it was dead when put in the container. But abandoned babies are neither stillborn nor aborted, otherwise they would be listed as such. I don’t want to try to imagine how the abandoned babies ended up in those jugs.

    What a horrible find those workers uncovered. I imagine the ones who opened the jugs will be haunted by that impression for the rest of their lives.

    • Hemisfear311,
      Yes, it means they euthanized them then !

      What amount of deformities ? any ?

      Someone living in Japan could answer please, are there some deformed people that live in Japan ?
      I ask for insight, that is all !

      • Never mind ! : (
        From video !
        “Why do we hardly see [malformed and disabled] people in Japan?” to the medical worker”

        • StillJill StillJill

          That is the clip I was recalling too Doc,…thanks.

          Oh the horrors, is right!

          Knowing we see but the tip of the iceberg makes my blood run COLD! 🙁

        • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

          Doctors and midwiwes killing newborn babies is so against all that they represent, giving life, protecting life. Don’t they have the Hippocratic Oath in Japan?

  • Auntie Nuke

    What is it about radiation and nuclear issues that promotes such a high level of insanity? Does it automatically short circuit the human traits of empathy and conscience? The more one delves into the history of the nuclear/industrial complex, the more horribleness comes to light. It seems that all things nuclear corrupt common sense and elevate what I can only label as “evil.” We will never know the true story of these people.

    And the scientists continue to interpret this violation of human lives as “data?” And they’re surprised that the genetic damage has been passed on to another generation? In truth, we are all made up of genetic material created by our maternal grandmothers. Why? The female’s full complement of eggs are formed in utero – meaning the egg that matures into a child was created in the grandmother’s womb. Thus the first generation genetic damage is only a fraction of what’s coming. If the grandmother became pregnant after exposure to radiation, the full damage won’t be shown until the grandchild is born (if it can be) and matures.

    It’s already one in 20 children born with birth defects, in the first generation. The chickens have not yet begun to come home to roost on this one. Perhaps we truly do live in the “end times,” though not as fundamentalists would have it.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Do you mean “fundamentalist” in this sense?

      What is a “fundamentalist” ?

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Auntie: The lack of empathy is built into capitalism quotidian behavior. The higher in the hierarchies, the less empathy is a hard and fast axiom that only appears to have exceptions. People who are like us, not billionaires or leaders of billionaire enmeshed militaries and covert orgs, still have souls and empathy. My estimate is that maybe 50% or a bit more of all humans could, once educated, realize the big picture of what capitalism/fuedalism/monarchy/globalization or any other hierarchy of exploitation/hoarding is and the U.S. global martial and covert status quo reinforcing role in parasitizing and destroying the planet mainly for the “benefit” in materialistic terms of the wealthiest (far less than 1%, in reality) and what the consequences of industrialization, moving away from simple subsistence living, all any species is allowed by the ecosystem, are. However, those at the top, however pleasing, charming or generous their boundlessly funded public relations campaigns or even personal interaction with them, may make them look, are de facto the most psychopathic and sociopathic by many orders of magnitude in all human history for the murderous globally unjust decisions, daily they make, usually consciously to, first, preserve their wealth at all costs, up to and including the 6th mass extinction event, anthropogenic.

      Solutions to global warming? All already exist. Want proof? Teach a class or sit in on a class where the instructor has about 40 students, community colleges are good for this, and the teacher asks the students in one 3-hour section to come up with the solutions to all world problems. It rapidly becomes clear that the solutions exist. Therefore, what prevents the solutions from being implemented? The wealthiest, their systems, militaries, and covert orgs–actively and intentionally. Read “Tragedy of the Commons” (online Garret Hardin); books: “Lies My Teacher Told Me” James Loewen, “Indispensible Chomsky”.

  • dosdos dosdos

    This is no doubt considered damage control, trying to hide the truth from the world. But they can’t hide this. They will try, they will fail, they will fall. You can’t destroy a generation of children and go undetected.

    • dosdos,
      With 56 reactors in Japan we must figure that this practice of killing the deformed babies has been standard protocol for a very long time and we will never know how many children have died even in the past either !

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Agreed: Eventually comes the balancing to whatever consequences by a lame pernicious, and invasive species. The balancing is richly diverse though looks more like black and white cruel extinction pressures to those of the pernicious species. I hope sufficient numbers of humans get, instead, on the solution side of things, and this does not guarantee any foreknowledge or neatly packaged and comforting pre-understanding that most soft materialistic types demand, but is more related to understanding that we owe and that we belong to the earth and not the other way around (Chief Seattle paraphrasing). There are sides to be realized in such a balancing because a) we owe and b) there are 100 million (minimum est.) NON-human species–even humans and bad bug viruses, “pest” insects, weeds and the like–are all treasures waiting to be discovered. The fact of NON-human species is, by far, the most important non yet collectively realized point that humans must understand in order to evolve through any of these currently revolution FORCING (no choice) circumstances: a) Nuclear failure cataclysm(s), b) Anthropogenic thermal maximum and c) related to the former two anthropogenic mass extinctions. This is the fifth thermal maximum, mass extinction event in 500 million years. If you’d like to know more about that problem, study the Late Permian Thermal Maximum; this will be far worse and is coming together more than 1000x faster than that event. You could also study the less severe Paleo/Eocene thermal maximum event.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        I meant to say this is the 6th thermal maximum and mass extinction event in 500 million years. Ours, the anthropogenic or human caused one, is the 6th. There were five previous such “main” events. There have been numerous shorter glacial periods with glacial warming/melting periods in between each of these often tens of millions of years long thermal maximum events.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The CNN report is an excerpt from the full length movie (unless the same people were interveiwed). The woman and her daughter, who have deformed faces, are the two main characters in the full length movie. Very riveting story. What a tragedy.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Hell itself has opened its maw for all the sheeple conservative’s to watch in horror. Too bad they will never see that abortion is going to be about as popular as a haircut in Japan shortly. If you were to use their pitiful and limited world view it would be safe to say that nuclear power is the Joseph Stalin of abortion causing fetus tissue damage. Dr. Tiller is rolling in his grave right now curing the prick who shot him over a few thousand abortions a week (not that he could kill that much fetus per week but lets give them the benefit of the doubt.) The amount dead from radiation in the US is moderately estimated at 20 thousand. Imagine how many multi-fetus grave sites will be showing up in Japan? Point being, if we can’t pull the data from the teeth of the incompetent medical community for their records we can just dig in the back yard and count the number of DNA’s in each canister and then determine what left over organs are contaminated or show clear signs of genetic warping. The people may not speak, but the blood of their children will tell the tale of negligence and utter disrespect that the nuclear industry has levied against the people living withing 250km of the plant. I would say “I told you so” around March 30 or so in some of my posts, but lets be honest here Enenews and our loving community has done a spot on job pinpointing missing data and asking the hard questions. It’s a damn shame to see the mutation sinking in so quickly. This report was one I had been looking forward to and dreading for about 2 months now. Now that it’s in the public’s eye I am both stricken with grief and rage. God bless the unborn. The body count with this report now sits at – 29 recorded unborn dead – 5 semi-confirmed workers deceased and 1 under debate/TEPCO code word (shut up and die we paid your family off)

  • StillJill StillJill

    WE are seeing the tiniest tip of the dead fetus iceberg. They are a crowd the size of the ocean,…and yes, their blood cries out! 🙁

    I’m realizing that I only thought I somewhat understood the Japanese. I have no present stomach to try to understand.

    What animal kills it’s young? What animal can walk away from it’s flesh and blood? No animal I want to know!

  • StillJill StillJill

    I don’t think there is ANYTHING that is truly NATURAL anymore! Probably hasn’t been for centuries.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Still: I’m with you on that. I feel that, perhaps metaphorically or poetically speaking, humans have contaminated nearly everything, which doesn’t mean we have a reason to give up (you, most others in here, and I wouldn’t give up); but only makes our obligation to improve conditions for the 100M est. non-human and human population treasures that remain, more grave, or joyful, depending on the day and the point of view.