Paper: “Loud bang” heard at nuclear plant near Miami — Feds have yet to determine safety significance of incident

Published: August 15th, 2011 at 2:55 pm ET


“Loud bang” at FPL nuclear plant near Miami, Sun Sentinel by Julie Patel, August 15, 2011:

Florida Power & Light employees heard a “loud bang” Thursday at the utility’s Turkey Point nuclear plant 24 miles south of Miami when a large valve carrying water unexpectedly closed, turning off a system that cools equipment in one of the reactors, according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission report on the incident. […]

Federal regulators say they haven’t determined the safety significance of the incident yet. […]

NRC Spokesman Joey Ledford said the system cools “important safety systems, including reactor cooling system pumps.”

“It is a concern when the component cooling water system is not working,” Ledford said. […]

Read the report here.

See also: Nuclear Event in USA on Monday, 15 August, 2011 at 14:18 (02:18 PM) UTC

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Published: August 15th, 2011 at 2:55 pm ET


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14 comments to Paper: “Loud bang” heard at nuclear plant near Miami — Feds have yet to determine safety significance of incident

  • odiez1 odiez1


  • selfsovereign

    9 Tons of Groundwater Runoff Floods COMMON Spent Fuel BLD

    Has anybody seen this one? Is this old news?

    Cracks in the concrete piping underground caused the building to become flooded as groundwater levels seeped in.

    Hopefully this wont compromise the circulation pumps that cool 6,000+ fuel assemblies, each containing 90+ fuel rods. 50 thousand + fuel rods at risk. The iodine content of a spent fuel pool is 5/6 I-129. Half life 15.7 Million years. the 3rd articles down on right. Use a translator

  • jwfuki

    Who needs water circulating at a Nuke plant?

    Just ask Tepco, they’ll set ya straight!

  • maaa

    Loud bang, Hurray Meltdown on the way.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    no… i don’t have a good feeling about this miami meltdown.

    omg, it even sounds catchy.


    any other guesses?
    join the miami-meltdown-pool, where the winner also looses.

    place your bets !

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Nuclear Power Plants plus Old Needing Work
    equals Not Good

  • SmokinAces

    Quotes from the article:

    “It is a concern when the component cooling water system is not working,”

    No sh*t, Sherlock! What component are they talking about? Are they saying the cooling water system for the REACTOR “component” is now “not working”?


    “The noise was caused by the two-feet wide valve closing.”

    That is one hell of a huge valve to be closing fast enough to cause a “bang”. If this bang was due to the “water hammer” effect, that means there was a sudden stoppage of a huge mass of moving water because the valve closed too fast. A two foot wide pipe valve would control a major artery like the main feedwater system.

    And they are not shutting this thing down?

    Water hammer resulted at the TMI plant in 1979 and was a major human error screw up. In that episode, non coolant water was allowed to get sucked into the instrument air system, which then responded by closing an 18″ feedwater valve.

    An effect known as Water Hammer resulted which was a violent shock that tore out valve controls, ruptured the casing of a feedwater pump, and shattered pipes.

    If that’s the case in this instance then it’s a very poor engineering design. All valves should be designed close slowly enough to avoid the effect. For something that is supposed to happen in an automated emergency safety process, water hammer is a completely unacceptable result, from an engineering standpoint. This effect can cause enough stress to break your mains causing loss of coolant pressure and then eventually catastrophic meltdowns.

    This is Incredibly scary news for the Floridians and humanity in general as it turns out

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    The USA are in desperate need of a green party


    • maaa

      The green is pro nuke.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      I have a little “green party” every night….

    • Pallas89juno

      Dear Bread: We have a green party. However, either it is infiltrated or the U.S. citizen cultural traits of political and intellectual laziness combined with group think and self enforced lack of critical thinking skills, means it’s a sell-out version of the green party. Americans of the U.S. are, generally and intensely, over-reliant on leaderships, think that merely voting is the end of their political responsibilities and fail to see business-as-usual corruption or understand, when seen, that it needs be attacked in the present, ACTIVELY in the real world. An added party does NOT work in the U.S. There needs to be a revolution to start from scratch and THEN decide to mandatorily include multi-party existence and inclusion, with state funding of all elections, as a couple basics of a completely reinvented (learning from the best around the world, of course, not inventing where unnecessary) system as far as the U.S. citizenry is concerned.

  • Novamind

    Nothing to Report here folks. Everthing here is fine. Just a Technican Smackin the overhead crane with a sledgehammer to get the shut down rods to drop all the way down. We Will File The Report of an Abnormal Strangeness by the end of the shift….