Paper: News blackout over mystery barrels in Lake Superior — Purplish ooze, bouncing Geiger counters reported — No ‘immediate’ health threat to public

Published: February 23rd, 2013 at 10:13 am ET


Title: Our view: New mysteries emerge in big-lake barrel saga
Source: Duluth News Tribune
Date: February 22, 2013
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Our view: New mysteries emerge in big-lake barrel saga

[…] 1,400 barrels dumped in [Lake Superior] in the late 1950s and early 1960s not far from the Duluth-Superior Harbor. The Department of Defense barrels were said to hold scrap metal from a grenade project the U.S. was eager to keep secret from the Soviets. But reports of purplish ooze, bouncing Geiger counters and more long fueled speculation, concern and even conspiracy theorists.

The [Red Cliff Band of Chippewa] recovered only 25 barrels, and it did so under what was called a “news blackout.” No media was allowed near the recovery work and there were no briefings with reporters about what was going on or what was found. A “safety zone” kept curious boats well away.

“We need to stay focused on the work rather than informing the public,” Red Cliff Environmental Director Melonee Montano said in an August story in the News Tribune. […]

In January, the band did say there were no “immediate (health) threats or concerns to the public,” an assurance it reiterated a month later. […]

A Tribune editorial from 2012: [intlink id=”duluth-newspaper-maybe-yucca-mountain-type-nuclear-waste-dump-should-be-in-minnesota-wisconsin-or-michigan-instead-sounds-scary-but-is-it” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 23rd, 2013 at 10:13 am ET


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37 comments to Paper: News blackout over mystery barrels in Lake Superior — Purplish ooze, bouncing Geiger counters reported — No ‘immediate’ health threat to public

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Pitchblende..uraninite/uranium oxide..perhaps..

    • Jim

      Oh, I believe there is no danger – thousands wouldn't, but I do – NOT. This is like the situation in WA State – only it is underwater. The barrels have corroded, and we know what's in them. What nobody knows is how how to recover and treat the waste. Salt domes and old mines don't work – nothing works. What did the Russians do with all the waste they pulled out of the Baltic recently? The Japanese are burning theirs – insane.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste Problems

    Long Term Nuclear Waste Storage Fatal Flaw By Dr. Busby; via A Green Road

  • There NEVER has been nor will there be an 'immediate' health risk.

    😉 If you haven't figured that one out yet, I don't know what to tell you.

    What we do know of radiation is that unless the 'dose' is extremely high it won't damage your health 'possibly' until some time later.
    So technically, I guess that means it's almost never going to be immediate.

    However, the way I see it, is that the correcting of the situation or event should be 'immediate' otherwise health risks are 'imminent'.

    IMO – The Headline should say…
    "— No ‘immediate’ health threat to public, long term threats are most likely 'imminent'."

  • patb2009 davy crockett and the W54 were essentially Nuclear Grenades. The Crockett was a nuclear grenade launcher, think big brother of the RPG and the W54 was it's warhead

    I suspect the barrels could be from this program.

    Now when ever a nuclear accident occurs they always say "No Immediate Health hazard", yes to the extent the radiation isn't 10 Sv/hr it won't melt the flesh from your bones, but, you know it's a hazard by the extreme secrecy.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I thought your reference to the "Davey Crockett" recoilless rifle mini-nuke launcher and its cousin delivering the same low-yield warhead sounded familiar(?)!~But be aware that when I clicked on the 1st link you provided of the 2 my anti-virus/firewall software alerted me to an "intrusion attempt/malicious software toolkit" presence and my mozilla firefox browser crashed a couple seconds later!(?) Other than that "hint" I'm assuming happened when trying to look up a "sensitive" subject-the possibility that you listed may very well hold true in this case since it's yet another of the many irresponsible,dangerous and risky NBC Warfare experimental programs that left a pile of nuclear HAZMAT waste behind in its wake that's still buried,stored or dumped "somewhere" & still highly toxic despite 50-70 years of decay time having passed?!! I do however wonder why you'd suggest the remnants of this particular mini-nuke program might be what's been discovered in Lake Superior? I only ask because I haven't seen anything yet that ties that program to the region & body of water it was found in,although tossing the waste products far enough away from its point of origin to allow confusion,if just the shadow of doubt as to its TRUE source is enough to keep those who investigate or care at bay while the perps get away with it(murder?)! "Fly-dumpers" know this and use this tactic along with removal of anything traceable from construction debris,HAZMAT,etc. often! 🙁 ~**

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Pantex would have made any W54 cores and I would think the small number of weapons using them would have been assembled there as well.

      Honeywell, and later Alliant Tech *were* in the medium-caliber depleted uranium penetrator biz at TCAAP from the mid 70's to the early 2000's. A guy from some industrial clean-up outfit took pictures of all the DU junk Alliant left all over the plant when they abandoned it. The pictures were posted to NukeWorker way back then, but promptly censored. They are still available on the AlliantACTION site:

      The black projectiles pictured look like 30mm penetrator tips used in the A-10's PGU-14/B Armor-Piercing Incindiary rounds. The other yellow-rusty bits pictured are the DU rods from various stages of extrusion and shaping. The DU rod is enclosed by a machined aluminum shell – you wouldn't see the dull grey rod in finished ammunition and would presumably be shielded from the alpha.

      Alliant Techsystems is now ATK. Need some spare PGU 14/B for your chain gun? Their biggest consumer – Air Force A-10s – are all on their way to the scrap heap. ATK got warehouses full of this stuff they'll have to secretly dump in Lake Superior. Make them an offer:

  • markww markww

    HELLO LADY OF Red Cliff Environmental Director Melonee Montano


  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    "…no “immediate (health) threats or concerns to the public,” an assurance it reiterated a month later."

    Gee, never heard that one before. As I look at the massive increase in oncology cases and Infant Mortality Rates . . .

  • If they are not nuclear grenades, they might be depleted uranium. Almost as bad.

  • Sol Man

    "No immediate health threat…" Right, death can take up to two days (approximately) after the death rattle.
    Seems tptb could hardly have given humans a worse bunch of situations to deal with. I do get depressed for myself, but tears flow for the youth.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    @Sol Man; +1000! I know EXACTLY how you feel! Speaking for myself-I'm also depressed for myself,but to be honest I don't care if I live beyond my 50th B-day late this Summer or not and considering that the "GOOD" times and having a QOL worth sticking around for are long GONE and unlikely to ever get better for myself EVER again-so I'll be happy if I can still remember those "good old days" which ended for me just before,but ESPECIALLY after 9/11 and then 3/11 exposed just how deep the BS really runs! My cancer-stricken wife is 40 and my 26 yr. old son from my 1st marriage and the daughter my current wife of 22 years and I had is 21 now and I cry for them and the youngsters who are being dealt a death-sentence via TPTB and their puppetmaster,"special-interest" nuke-pukes & corporate scum who "bought their souls" & now have their homicidal greed and inhuman traits exposed completely for those who dare or "care" to look at the facts and logically assess the situation they find so easy to ignore since the implications of such harsh realities are so vast that the apathy they display instead of facing the truth and beginning the "end" of the Atomic Age "might" be the "normal",even "expected" response!!(?) But there's NO excuse for shucking their responsibilities and pushing their generations BS off on the youth while natural & man-made disasters threaten the survival of everything & everyone on Earth!I don't wanna see more babies getting chemo anymore!! :(…

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Same. I worry for the children. They've certainly been left a hell of a mess. And from what I can tell, they have no idea what's coming.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    @TimeIsShort; For what it's worth I have managed to personally "inform"(?) about a half dozen people per week about Fukushima & the realities the nukester PTB's& their coveted crap technology & not surprisingly it's the younger set that's most receptive to my "free lectures". I'd like to think that I at least "planted the seed of thought" hopefully inspiring their own concern & immediately followed-up with researching further & adding their voice & vote confident that they'd made the logical & right decisions when they're faced with the nearly hopeless situations & challenges left them by a handful of greedy humanoids via the support of their victims who either don't know any better or were "tossed a bone or 2" by their Masters to go along with the (nuke)"program" & let the MSM(do their "job" BS'ing)-since they bought ALL of 'em ahead of the disasters they knew would happen someday & were purchased as a "preparation" for the day(s) their own arrogance & incompetence & greed would call for the sweeping changes that'd doom the industry and rightly so if their victims/public were just given the facts & allowed to make the obvious & ONLY choice people who KNOW what's being done to them,by whom and WHY!!(?) With HUGE probs emerging @ Hanford, meteorite's pelting nuke facilities,barrels of crap,or should I say pcs. of barrels that "held" crap,etc. TPTB must really believe in the "dilution solution" judging by the uniform,global distribution they…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      achieved?!! Got hit by the word limit but I'm "done" for now…I've had enough personal disasters to think through as it is without dwelling on the one that has or is poised to ruin many more a day for EVERYONE!!(?) At least the increased presence of the lady judge's "Troll Patrol" proves ENEWSER's are a thorn in their radiation-loving asses!! 🙂 ~** Have a GREAT weekend EVERYONE("almost" everyone,that is!) ~**

  • m a x l i

    "Scrap metal"? Highly doubtful!

    If something gets delivered to a scrap yard, to be recycled and because there is money to be made of it, then it is scrap metal.

    If something is stuffed into barrels, dumped into a lake and surrounded by secrecy, then it is worthless, highly toxic, possibly radioactive waste.

    If someone official says, there is "no immediate" health concern to the public, then take this as a code word for "radioactive stuff that for sure poses a health risk for many humans in the long term"!

    Whenever you here the two-word combination "no immediate", run away as fast as you can!

    • m a x l i

      And by the way…I am tired of reading such stories. If thousands of barrels containing toxic/radioactive material get dumped into a lake or the ocean, then it didn't happen by accident. Someone is responsible. Someone made a decision to do so. Someone carried it out. Doing so is potentially mass murder. Every country has laws how to deal with murderers.

  • yvonne

    The MPCA found that the barrels came from the Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant, connected to classified production by Honeywell Corporation of anti-personnel grenades and mines. I just moved away from Fridley, MN where they are investigating a cancer cluster due to all of the superfund sites, one of them being TCAAP.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      It was actually *cluster bombs* and mines if I'm not mistaken, yvonne – not that it really matters. Same site, different production lines. Depleted uranium rounds were made in Bldg. 502 if that means anything. I doubt it's still there.

      • yvonne

        It was/is the underground plume that got in the aquifers in the area. But of course nothing that will harm us…they say it will be unlisted from the superfund site in 2040.

  • markww markww


    Never loose your hope no matter how dark it seems the next day always shines a little Brighter


  • Sol Man

    markmw: thanks for that, but it's difficult to get there when the hand is around the throat of all of humanity and they are breathing down our backs. I just want to point out that your comment above on Melonee Montano is spot on. Montano is being paid to cover up crimes against humanity, the earth, all of creation and the gods.
    Johnny Blade, I have read your comments, appreciate them and hope that things are going well in your neck of the woods and that Mrs. Blade is doing well. I think that at one time you mentioned that you are located outside of Chicago on the south side. My family lived in Homewood many years ago. Then to the NW side of the city. Best wishes to all!

  • pcjensen

    well…let's see how that works, legally. What HAZMAT license does the Red Cliff Band of Chippewa have? What other licensing is required to handle the material?

    Was an EIR/EIS done prior? I'm guessing, no, and apparently there were no public advisories about work to be done prior. And, if they recovered 25 barrels of 1400, how much longer to recover all?

    The only reason the merry band might choose silent complicity is because they've been paid a handsome price and convinced that there are no immediate health threats. 1-20 years from now, though … so, how much was the payoff? Enough to fund a medical clinic and doctors to deal with the rashes, the cancers, the infertility, the aborted fetuses, the deformed children, the minor ailments that never seem to cease…. these are the things that happen to people simply living near such dump sites.

    Your people are *Handling* the shit, Melanie.

    Good luck. I guess I'm glad this did not happen near my relatives, the Yurok in Nor Cal. The Indian Nation ought be all over this. Face the First nations and tell them what you received for your traitorous alignment with the Feds, Red Cliff Band of Chippewa.

  • pcjensen

    Now that I've read the article.

    $3.3million.. working with another firm – what firm and who gets what part of that giant pie? Under what program is the project? Superfund/ Brownfields?

    There has to be a whole bunch of laws governing this project, and they can be used to pry the lid off this "stealth" op.

  • pcjensen "
    Currently, program staff monitors nin (9) sites located within the exterior reservation boundaries in the context of Lake Superior watershed basin with multiple sub-watersheds included. Stream sites are monitored for a variety of water quality indicators, including dissolved oxygen, water temperature, conductivity, pH, total phosphorus, total suspended solids (TSS), total Kjeldahl nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrates and nitrites, and fecal coliform on a monthly asis during open water seasons every year. Macroinvertebrates are sampled annually. Any breech of water quality indicators will be thoroughly looked into. These sampling sites will remain permanent unless change is needed to accommodate monitoring project needs and assessment strategies. Other projects consist of completion of the Watershed Management Plan, community outreach and education, fieldwork, wetlands delineation, and partnering with environmental agencies. All program projects preserve, protect, and enhance Red Cliff's water quality.

    For more information on the Environmental Protection Agency Tribal Water Programs visit "

  • pcjensen

    t tat page: "Our goal is to provide educational material and community information related to the Tribe, Community, and Natural Resources. Important messages will be displayed to keep the community informed about the topics of concern."

    Right… how are "important messages" defined?

  • pcjensen

    The big mystery: where are those barrels now?

  • pcjensen

    Chapter 12 at the band's website seems applicable but does not describe the Band's licensing or authority for HAZMAT:

  • yvonne

    From my understanding since the Army won't clean it up Red Cliff is trying to, at least someones trying to clean it up! Here are some good articles about whats been going on.

    • yvonne

      I should have said since the Army, Honeywell or Alliant Tech won't clean it up.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Honeywell/Alliant/ATK was a contractor working for the post-war Army in TCAAP – an Army-owned facility for most of that time. The Army is directly responsible for the clean-up but can use Superfund dollars (= free taxpayer money). They look to the EPA for prioritizing the work, and the EPA has already decided the barrels pose little hazard and money shouldn't be spent on recovering them. They supposedly have other priorities for Superfund money. The Army wasn't told to clean it up by the EPA, so isn't planning on doing it at all. I think the Duluth mayor started complaining, so the EPA threw a few million to the Red Cliff Band to make a token effort.

      The dump site is on the other side of Lake Superior – fifty miles from the Red Cliff Band. They're only interest is getting to the front of the line for government cheese and then redistributing it to their cronies at fake environmental remediation firms. It's a money-making scheme – they have no real remediation capability themselves. It all goes to contractors (plus a little to themselves for their 'management and oversight').

      Kind of shameful to the Red Cliff people, but you won't hear too much complaining. Take the stupid lying white man for every dime you can – they already chumped your people for everything you had.

  • BigLoner

    For the past year I've been avoiding wild caught Pacific Salmon & Tuna ( obvious to people here on account of FukUshima ). I thought buying regionally caught fish from the upper midwest to be safer w/ much less mercury, cadmium, lead, PCB / PVC & other alphabet soup compared to years back when we still manufactured stuff.

    So now it looks like the Duluth area is crawling with DU. So much for the healthy trout, salmon & whitefish. Thanks for all your help Melonee Montano, er, MONSANTO.

    Remember, if A=6, B=12, C=18, well then, MONSANTO = 666. (I just had to sneak in that off topic topic).

  • yvonne

    what a horrible thing to say about your fellow people, would you rather it stayed in the lake???? who will get it out you???
    Idle NO More!