“Prestigious group of international scientists” interested in risk to West Coast from Fukushima radioactive plume — “Major concern for public health of coastal communities” — Bioaccumulation potential in region must be understood

Published: April 30th, 2014 at 11:33 pm ET


Georgia Straight (Vancouver Weekly), Apr. 30, 2014: The lack of available information about Fukushima-associated radiation risks in the Pacific Ocean and for North America’s Pacific Northwest region has caught the attention of a prestigious group of international scientists. The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)—which represents about 5,500 chemists, biologists, and toxicologists from more than 100 countries—is hosting a session on Fukushima’s continuing radioactive legacy during its 35th annual North American meeting, to be held in Vancouver this fall. […]

Release from Juan Jose Alava, Simon Fraser University faculty of environment adjunct professor and session co-chair, Apr. 25, 2014: “[The rationale behind the session is to] stress the need to conduct lines of research and monitoring aimed to understand baseline data and bioaccumulation potential of radionuclides and radiation risks in the region […] [There’s a] lack of knowledge and data from regional governments regarding potential risks of Fukushima-associated radiation in the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Ocean […] [There’s been] scant attention and lack of radiation monitoring… by the Governments of Canada and United States […] [Possible contamination of coastal and ocean food webs through bioaccumulation are] issues of major concern for the public health of coastal communities […] [First Nations that rely on seafood are] particularly vulnerable.”

See also: [intlink id=”canadian-experts-predict-fukushima-radioactivity-in-fish-shellfish-to-exceed-govt-food-limit-to-be-well-above-1000-bqkg-maximum-according-to-scientific-model-a-high-priority-looming” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”researchers-predict-killer-whales-west-coast-will-exceed-1000-bqkg-radioactive-cesium-coming-years-expert-govt-be-action-fukushima-contaminants-behaving-coming-next” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: April 30th, 2014 at 11:33 pm ET


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189 comments to “Prestigious group of international scientists” interested in risk to West Coast from Fukushima radioactive plume — “Major concern for public health of coastal communities” — Bioaccumulation potential in region must be understood

  • Archie

    Betcha they get shut down.

  • ftlt


    • While the meaning of number one, two and four are self-explanatory – what exactly does the third F stand for 😉 😉 ?

      • ftlt

        Fuku: The scientists have become blood suckering a bunch of new age priests.

        • We Not They Finally

          You meant new world order, didn't you? Why new age?

        • TimV

          Reply to "new world priests", Yes , it is new order priests. There will need to be one core of people to stay together for millions of years to keep cooling motors working on decommissioned nnp.
          Yes thought makes me up chuck, think of the ending of beneath the planet of the apes- masks removed , monsters they had become. Fortunately that was a movie and not real potential. Right. Yes , because no one will be progenerating in millions of years.
          Up side- look at all the Petrie dishes we are making on coast and in land everywhere in the world.
          Plenty of opportunities to climb from the slime again in ,many, millions of years from now.
          Why is my thinking here, many more npp to go awol, "let's build them on cheapest real estate we can"-must be on fault lines or fill or near volcanoes. WE ARE SO SMART!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Scientists studying West Coast human guinea pigs is a waste of time.

    We already know the harmful effects of nuclear radiation. Lump in thyroid, lukemia, tiredness, weakened immune systems, etc.

    All that's needed is to stop using nuclear .. We have endless supplies of solar and wind offered by nature.

    Man ruined things. Nature is wonderful.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Agree with your coment totaly.

    • We Not They Finally

      "We" (meaning the culture at large) really doesn't know any of those things. It's not a waste of time at all. It just has to be done honestly.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I posted on the Vancouver Sun story..hours ago..
    I commended the idea.
    And ask them to consider our work.
    It didn't make it past moderation.

    I was even nice…lol

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      How are they going to get around Enenews..when we have the documentation and set the forward hypothesis?

      • Sickputer

        They call us fearmongers Heart…but they are the ones who fear the truth. Truth threatens their jobs and pensions.

        They probably have more morbid thoughts about radiation poisoning than even Enenewsers. One, because they helped create of support the industry.

        Second, they are privy to smoking gun insider information from the governments that they dare not publicize.

        Third, they actually know what the effects are going to be as the fallout gets worse. Most have children and grandchildren. Seeing illnesses in their own families must make them secretly guilt-ridden. The majority of the nucleorats rarely warn their own families of the danger. I have a term for that…secret family genocide.

        A small group of the nucleorats may take fallout survival steps for their families. They read Enenews for tips to help their progeny to survive. Because their superiors and colleagues will lie to them without blinking an eye.

        I think the Fukushima fallout (water and air emissions) has been increasingly bad in the past few weeks. I only have anecdotal hospital evidence to support my belief, but the tipping point in my opinion arrived several months ago for many locations in North America. Japan tipped over long ago. Conditions will get worse.

        • whatamessa

          These people are supposed to be intelligent,why on earth would they be worrying about their jobs and pensions,when the Earth and Mankind are in this peril.Their pensions are worth JACK SQUAT,as more than likely they will be frikken dead.
          The people that run this industry are insane and evil,there is no other explanation for their behavior.
          Hopefully we are not too late to generate what is needed,a mass revolution,we have to show that we care about the Earth and each other, NOW.

        • TimV

          Response to concern for there children or grandchildren –
          sociopaths / psychopaths All!
          I'm not a scientist but I new in the sixties npp were not good, even then there was discussion of waste problem.
          Heck, I remember a Mervyn Griffin show where on stage a guy had come up with a method of reducing radioactivity and did so live in a one hour show.
          Not citing this as a way to move forward.
          Citing this to demonstrate how long we have known and how long our heads have been in the sand.

      • * Harlan's NETC has good data (at least as good as the stations takes data from) which goes back years. I suppose, however, that the SETAC scientists are unlikely to take note of that membership only set of records.

        * I'm afraid to ask how well Radiation Network and Black Cat have preserved their data, but in RNs case it has at least been possible for every stations to have been logging everyone else's station, as well as their own. (Again: membership only.) Perhaps someone has done so.

        But this is something those of us doing monitoring should at least be doing for our own stations. ("Vital-1", who posts to the monitoring forum is exemplary in this respect!)

        ** That being said, most of our private efforts amount to "ground monitoring" –or as mediated by having a Geiger counter inside the house. Over time, we develop a base line of our local background radiation, perhaps becoming aware of and documenting daily, seasonal and weather driven variations. With that baseline in hand, we're prepared to document departures from normal. (I've ended up preferring to use a simple, gamma only/mostly Geiger counter for this work.)

        Hardly any private stations have an approach to air monitoring (such as EPA-RadNet stations are doing) –which is difficult to do meaningfully on a continuous basis. Rarely does a private station have the resources to do gamma spectrometry. But that's okay, Simpler monitoring can be done more consistently and methodically.

  • captvldz

    I live in Everett Washington on the west coast and have a pregnant wife and a two year old. We are always tired now and my two year old is always exhausted. Recently i started having pain in my throat so i go to the doctor's and they told my i have several " anomalies" on my thyroid. I've also been experiencing pain in my tracheal and upper lungs. I work outside so im almost certain what caused this. My time is now very limited and we have no idea what my wife and son will do when im gone. Im gonna give it a good fight though. I wish my wife would have listened to me a year ago and flee but she didn't believe me.

    • captvldz

      Im only 33 years old and have no money to buy things to combat this growth that's spreading from my throat down. Im taking vitamin c but that's all i got. My "obama care" insurance won't cover the specialist needed to get this under control. Thank you admin for opening my eyes and everyone else here at ene. I think its better we know so we can prepare. The people deserve to know whether it will cause a panic or not. We have enough good level headed people still to counter the manic

      • captvldz

        Thank you chemfood. Im not giving up the fight. I tell everyone about fukushima. So many people at the hospitals and doctors office with repertory problems. The doctor's just say its stomach acid and turn them away. They did it to me until the evidence was undeniable. The medical profession knows

        • A pleasure. For lungs here we are enjoying baking soda face steams and (not russian) comfrey tea. Don't forget to spit if you're coughing up nasty goo!!!

          Next up …. add maple syrup. Thank you, Ontological!!

          Many will add years by natural remediation. Figure out simple protocols and consistently implement them now for your own family. Besides alerting others, it's the best we can do?

    • Ontological Ontological

      Alkaline chemo: 2 parts Maple syrup 1 part sodium bicarbonate heat syrup to 120 F and combine, cool use 10 days if there is any improvement continue.

      The machinery originally meant to nourish citizens (by serving them) and be nourished by them in return (by payment of taxes), has been converted into self-serving and corrupt machinery geared to exploit citizens. The government machinery (the police) designed to protect citizens from evil (thieves, murderers and other anti-social elements) has itself become evil. Amazing how this pattern is redundant throughout Human history.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I'm really very sorry to hear this news,… I wish you would write a letter to every newspaper or tv statiion… and still try to get your family to move to the east coast somewhere. I wish you well…you are in my thoughts ..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Or maybe it's just a little get- together.
    Some instruction on talking the talk..
    Like this..

    Gary Finch Outdoors 2014 Gulf Oil Spill & Ecosystem Conference
    Jan 29 2014


    "In cooperation with the Metcalfe Institute."


    It's time to further homogenize the pablum being spoon feed the masses …perhaps.

  • captvldz

    Chem trails like crazy lately. I wonder if they are trying to neutralize the stuff in air before it falls on us. If so they maybe only be getting a small percentage. I think its time for worldwide mourning because we are all walking dead. The dead shall inherit the earth. If they tell the truth we can begin to fix this in some way at least. some folks will stop going to work and some like me will continue to work until the end.

    • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Stax

      The chemtrails are unfortunately to alleviate incoming uva/b and uvc and to spread smart dust/morgellons disease liberally.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        chemtrails? morgellons? Smart dust? I had an interesting and somewhat horrific bout with what I thought must be bird or rat mites. Try as I might, I never could see anything under the microscope except blue and red fibers, unlike any color in my clothing. Perhaps ironically, one can see these colors in the imbedded colored threads in some money. There were also off white fibers in semi melted looking bundles. I didnt get any smarter from this experience….or DID I??

        It gave me the idea and method for gene transfer of the borneo shrunken head of Rockeffelor into tardigrades so human consciousness could survive the coming apocolypse….but thats another story.

        Now I just have phantom/extra sensitive smells and tinnitus. I think the little buggers burrow into the brain through the nasal cavity. Ive tried to flush them out with aerosolized cesium/plutonium/strontium mix but so far no change….other than some dead friends and stuff

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I think that is just wishful thinking.

    • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

      The question is "What can be done to get them to start talking and telling the truth?"

      I have a simple plan. Please at least come take a look and give me your feedback or suggestions.

      Registration to log-in is not required and not selling anything of any kind. I am simply asking for few moments of your consideration, your suggestions if any, or jump right in and give me A HAND.

      We are running out of time people, we need to get organized on a simple message and a simple, yet powerful plan of action, one which they, our leadership, elected or not, cannot defend themselves against.

      Please, do it for your kids, your grand-kids, everyone and everything you claim to love.

      I am not the best spokesperson or presenter, but the information is accurate, legal, valid and super simple to understand and to put into action, even your kids can do it!

      It is however, still a work in progress, so your suggestions, ideas and input are welcomed, encouraged and greatly needed.


  • captvldz

    I can get a replacement tracheal and live without my thyroid but have they done artificial lungs yet? Im just so angry they let this happen. After i found out about nuclear on enenews i was dumbfounded that they are basically boiling water. Retarded. Simply retarded to risk so much to boil water. God speed to all ene folks you people are all angels in my book god bless you beautiful people

  • norbu norbu

    "Prestigious group of international scientists” interested in risk to West Coast from Fukushima radioactive plume… well well, we have been interested in this for more than 3 years now. Better hurry up and catch up. Listen up "Group of scientists" you can find out alot of what is going down write here on enenews. Come on in dont be afraid of the TRUTH. Plenty of comfy couches and Organic popcorn.

  • Ontological Ontological

    They are putting absorbents in the air, and using microwave ionosphere heating to manipulate the atmospheric based ELEments. Again another sock on the nose for the ocean.

  • captvldz

    Its like old computers that took forever to load a page. You know for a fact that blank screen will change any time now and then it happens

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Chernobyl has made wild boar in Germany and Austria unsafe to eat. And the subsistence farmers of the Northern Ukraine have been hard hit with birth defects and serious medical issues. So it caught my attention when they mention the First Nation peoples who live off salmon and seals etc. Those people and their way of life is doomed by Fukushima. I would think that the state of Alaska will be front and center sounding the alarm about the harm being done to it's peoples and food supply.

  • Nick

    Saw a gum bleed yesterday in a child.

    The other day it was a gushing nosebleed in another.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Nosebleed is a documented affect of radiation exposure.
      Mentioned in manga ..has supposedly upset the locals.
      Which locals? Those trying to maintain the status quo..in a highly contaminated area?
      They should just go spit in their neighbors faces.

      Manga about work at Fukushima No. 1 stirs locals’ ire


      Supposed complaints by

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Typo.. Supposed complaints by the locals?
        How will they know when the nosebleeds are no longer just exposure but leukemia?

      • bo bo

        Rose, the crazy part about that manga causing a 'stir'…is that supposedly the people upset over this is upset that the issue of nosebleed was even brought up!

        I looked at the page of this manga that got posted and it is of a guy who is simply being told by a doctor 'your nosebleed is unrelated to fukushima.' The artist seem to be simply reporting this fact that this guy was told this by a doctor.

        Of course, the msm in Japan only reports on the crazy half who are 'upset' over 'unfounded rumours'… but there are people also in the alternative media who laments the artist did not push boundaries enough.. but those voices are not reported.

        • I hear that fear and lack of smiling and too much banana smoothies cause nosebleed.

        • bo bo

          I'm reading more about this and it looks like the artists is smart to play dumb, by throwing this out there, but the scene of the doctor denying radiation as a cause – is a sly way for him to raise question in the reader's mind, without himself stating anything one way or the other.

          Well done, Mr. Kariya!

          This series is mainstream and very popular nationally ( as well as some international following as well)
          The story of the nosebleed is only first of a series of a narrative – I am curious how the story will unfold ( or will be permitted to unfold )

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Good find. Thanks for the link.

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    Yes indeed it is about time some large group of organized scientists came to look, measure, prod, probe, extract, analyze, write reports on, debate, publish, review, recommend, ignore, forget.
    Or I may just being unreasonably cynical.
    However, I think that they, documenting the the effects of radiation on the inhabitants of the West coast of the USA, will only be useful if it is done in conjunction with the complete cessation of operation and construction of all NPP's and nuclear research establishments except those that are concerned with medicine. All nuclear weapons have to be decommissioned. A way to electrically stimulate unstable elements like Plutonium to stabilize without decaying out harmfully must be found. Or something similar that could act to cloak the entire planet with some kind of soothing, neutralizing 'Tesla' flux for all these unstable elements in our environment. This, per chance, could by hazard backfire, making the rest heretofore stable bits unstable.
    Answers are hard to come by (that can withstand intelligent interrogation) on the future of civilization. Where is the technology? Does it exist in a form that could be useful to our current predicament? Is it that the theory of evolution is actually a joke and the elite are using the fallout to provoke a black swan 'evolutionary' event. A mutated race that can handle the high radiation environment of deep space travel. Grand schemes, eh?

  • Cisco Cisco

    Just more of the same bullsh#t. "This urgency came about as a result of 'the lack of knowledge and data from regional governments regarding potential risks of Fukushima-associated radiation in the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Ocean'." Kick the can down the road and CYA. Urgency…sure, right! So we'll put it off like the forecasts that the radioactive plume is will be hitting the West coast soon…WTF.

    If "this urgency" was urgent, a reasonable and thoughtful response would be to convene a meeting NOW. The announcement of this "prestigious group of international scientists" meeting this fall is just another form of disinformation to pacify the GP into thinking, we have the luxury of time to address the heath conditions of our West coast populations…outrageous!

    To the The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC, I say…go fuc#k yourselves.

    • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

      Exactly it's just smoke and mirrors, considering that BP and Exxon are among their partners and affiliated with the organization.

    • rogerthat

      Cisco, Sadbuttrue. Sad but true. They are all part of the great game of let's pretend. The never-ending story. Three years late, trillions of dollars short. What a joke this pinnacle of ''civilisation'' is. Do we deserve better? Can't see why. We acquiesce, they are us, we are them, a grubby infestation, the planet's killer disease. Even the cockroaches tremble.

  • Nick

    West Aussie,

    Deep space travel is not a remote possibility. To where?

    Mutated genomes don't just "freeze" their mutations, the chromosomal destruction continues with each dividing cell.

    So don't expect a mutated race to arise out of the nuclear waste land.

    No, the super organisms will most likely be bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

    Watch for more super-bugs resistant to current medical toxins.

    Rather than a prestigious group of brain-pans, I would rather see a
    social network fire ignite a hot flame of truth to the far reaches of our planet. Anmyone, anywhere can upload their observations of weirdness in the biosphere. Like excessive nosebleeds. Constant coughs. Upper respiratory discomfort being blamed on excess stomach acid (when it is the cells that are rapidly dividing that get zapped first by wayward decaying atomic energies).

  • 52Rockwell

    (I've ended up preferring to use a simple, gamma only/mostly Geiger counter for this work.)

    My I ask why do you prefer Gamma?I have a 1961 CDV 700 6a in Route with USPS. Should be here by Monday..

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    Nick, are you a shill?


      would advise, West Aussie, that you temper such questions with a little more respect, before making such inferences. We do our best to treat one another with respect. Should you desire such reciprocity, be the better of us all…

    • No Nick is not a shill

      Approved via stoc'ks "no shill" certification program, aka I can name that troll in 9 words. LOL

  • Nick

    West Aussie…

    Not that I am aware of.

    Our world has chosen to build bombs and boil water rather than listen to the children sing or watch them play.

    Planet Earth. Gone Fission.

  • "The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)—which represents about 5,500 chemists, biologists, and toxicologists from more than 100 countries—is hosting a session on Fukushima’s continuing radioactive legacy during its 35th annual North American meeting, to be held in Vancouver this fall."

    Fall doesn't sound real "urgent".

    New York Academy of Medicine ….. already knows

    Of course these symposiums are mostly "scientists" talking to each other. Not sure how they expect (or not) this info to reach the public. Nice enclosed information circle.

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    Sorry if I have offended Nick or anyone else, but the blanket denial of the possibility of deep space travel seems to me offensively argumentative as what I wrote was meant and written in a speculative way. It seemed to invite an unseemly argument so I decided to just cut to the chase and ask the obvious question.
    If others are prepared to vouch for him then he must be OK. I, of course, will sensibly keep my respectful distance and not engage Nick in any further exchange. If that's OK? I just want to comment occasionally on what I think is a terrible, world-wide catastrophe without getting into any arguments. Probably a pipe dream in the larger world, but here it would be nice.


      for reasons that I'm not free to go into here, West Aussie, I've long been a proponent of aggressively moving humans into space. As regards ideological differences, I'd suggest a far-more productive strategy is to develop the issue through inquiry. If-and-when you encounter adamant positions, move on to more receptive parties. As a great metaphysicist once taught me, "The truth will out!" Have confidence in the future you envision, and the prerequisites will fall into place. And fear not, as it's already in motion…

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        The problem with space is that only a "chosen few" will survive…much to the chagrin of all the others, who will be left behind to foot the bill.

        Space is NOT the answer to this problem.

        • Agreed, although we have a MASSIVE increase in "news" on habitable planets found, space travel, etc.

          Much of that is wishful thinking. Quite a few people understand that we are effing up this planet big time.


            regardless, stock, whether humans would've become instrumental in the destruction of their biosphere, nature offers a limited amount of time for any species to remain in stasis. Humans have to move forward or eventually be re-assimilated into their surroundings. This is natures way. That humans now find themselves where we do, is only testament to their myopic vision.

            Space is not a place where you go to seek shelter, but the place that receives you. Thousands of years of perception control have impeded the collective ability of humans to ascend to the destiny that every-other progressive species both accepts and undertakes. I wish I were free to explain more to why this occurs. Suffice to say, none of you has excuse to reject the obvious benefits of supporting such venture. All of which plagues your world will but dissipate into memory. If you're able to get past your conditioned perceptions, you'd selflessly commit all towards moving into space. That high-velocity planet killer that's now heading towards this 'nest' is reason enough to redistribute the eggs into other 'baskets'. It's also represents the terrible judgment against any species that fails to grasp the evolutionary rules of nature…


          at some time or another, pinksailmatt, we all get left behind. That's why graveyards were created; to have a place to reflect ones losses and ones own mortality…

        • ftlt

          THANK YOU PINK. And until we can prove we can live in harmony with ourselves and nature here on earth – even if we could go to space without destroying the planet to do it -, what hubris it is to think we should unleash our "obviously flawed" selves on other worlds to ruin them too.

          Frigging stupid.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            its not clear if AFTERSHOCKS continued allusions to evolution into space connotes physicality as we now know it.

            Velocity is the main impediment to space exploration, and the physics limitation to speed of light travel is mass. Its not clear if the assertion of mystics through the ages that consciousness detached from material, or in complete control of material is what AFTERSHOCK is meaning.

            Another way around is suspended animation…the old deep freeze. Creating a new space capable being is another sci fi idea, incorporating the essential cerebral constituents of consciousness, and perhaps telepathically linked individuals etc which would yield a kind of immortality.

            But lets be realistic; even in the worst scenario, the earth will never be as severe and fragile as human conditions in space. If the goal is survival in our physical form, the logic is to take whats left of earth and make it into a space ship. Not to go anywhere but around the sun as usual.

            Im not particularly favorable to the tease of AFTERSHOCK about space travel. It suggests he knows a superior something we dont, yet cant tell. Whats the point of it? If there is a solution, why wait till the last hour? If indeed he is talking about going within…the space within in order to control the space without…mind over matter…why not just say so?

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              "physicality as we now know it."
              Since there is no other at the current time..
              Mind if ..I have wonder at the softness..of my own flesh?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                indeed HOTR, I dont entertain much hope, in the time allotted me, of transforming from my soft skinned, slow and stupid caterpillar form into the vaguely imagined butterfly form, and even if it were to happen, the caterpillar form doesnt survive anyway. So, yeah, enjoy the bittersweet last days of life in (feminine) human form…

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  I'm good with ..natural transformation.
                  The caterpillar into the butterfly…ahhh.
                  I'm not into mutagenesis.

                  Sorry..I prefer the old house to the new condo…

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  The delicacy of form..
                  The perfection..of the newborn.
                  Forget it..

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    a sad lament HOTR, and lest we forget, a tortured, sickly one. Brought to you by the good folks who will not see. Such a lame, banal destiny for our earth. No redemption to it


              good stuff, CodeShutdown. Humans are relative toddlers to those who've accepted the challenge. You don't just throw a sail into the wind and expect to survive the rigorous conditions that await newbies.

              Consciousness (as you put it) is integral to all material states; cat-in-a-box kinda thing. Difference is, I've learned to accept what's discovered in that box.

              No need for complexity. You simply think and the consequences of that thought come into play. Consequences is the key parameter in how far you're able to go with this 'reality' control. All 'intelligences' utilize this 'creative' process. Problem is, humans refuse responsibility for taking the process further. They're still caught between the security of the tree and the desire to know what secrets pass overhead.

              You are all one mind that fears introduction to itself. It is how you maintain the facade of physical existence; denying your unlimited abilities.

              Cease thinking the path goes in one direction and you may be pleasantly surprised, where you discover yourself to be. I'm here to assure, it doesn't have to be the dead-end others would have you believe. And just so's ya' know, you neither need permission nor do you need consensus from 'those' about 'you'. It's only a matter of becoming proactive in place of being reactive.

              Chaos will abound with initial effort. Eventually, a disciplined reserve will temper the rudders control…

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Façade of physical existence?.
                Just when I never felt more alive..

                Facade ..is that why people have so little respect for life?

                What shall I be..an intelligent chemical activity in space?
                I'm already that..LOL

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  a chemical activity…fluctuating in the quantum here there now then everywhere wave function…but maybe not so intelligent after all, measured by our ruler. Its the individuated animal within natures framework that gives substance to the story of life

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    "individuated animal" =the softness of my own flesh.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      We're all in our places.
                      Humans persist on looking elsewhere..so goes the Human story of life.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      and with the softness, dont forget those curves, and the poetry, corny as it may have been. We call it raison d'être, and its paramount for the book of life. Even if one could sail the heavans of the galaxy, it would be for naught without raison d'etre

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                would that we could, by mere thought control, set the world aright, if for no other reason than the furry kittens and stuff. Tell me though, is a brain a requirement in your insinuated new frontier, or is it "awareness integral to all material states"? You mean Schrodingers cat? Frankly, Im not keen on lifting the veils that separate me from the rest of my kind. I would rather disappear like a sad dream from a maidens pillow


                  the former is but predicate, CodeShutdown, to the later. Obviously you can't do too much thinking without the means to do so. But confusing the mechanism with the process is a classic mistake.

                  Love that closing line. But alas, there is no separating any of us. It is one contiguous 'experience'. I'm just curious to whether humans would rather stew in their diapers or move forward. That's one of the few reasons for my presence; to offer solution to what appears intractable. Truth is, there's no need for 'me' to escape from this planet. Nothing can threaten what's long taken its leave…

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    "I'm just curious to whether humans would rather stew in their diapers or move forward."

                    We try HERE..AFTERSHOCK.
                    We really do.

                    The fight to offer truth at present is rather all consuming.
                    Consciousness has to be born of understanding reality.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Nothing can threaten what's long taken its leave…

                      A heartfelt cowgirl wave ..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      "Consciousness has to be born of understanding reality" doesnt wash for those who believe reality is a construct of consciousness. Its the vice in vice versa

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      which is but another reason, Heart, that I'm here. Most out here seek harmonious relationships with nature. I have to honor that vision…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      CRYPTICSHOCK "Most out here seek harmonious relationships with nature. I have to honor that vision…"

                      is the message as simple as meditate…or does it involve the "white brotherhood" in time/space warp saucers?

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      probably gathered by now, CodeShutdown, there's a prolific hierarchy in service. Assuming you'd want to put a face on it, it's likely you'd choose one that's familiar and reassuring. However, it'd be a mistake to assume those 'features' are wholly representative of the upper echelons. Fact is…bugs rule. And not unlike what you see here on earth, they make-up the majority of all galactic intelligences. As humans are so self-assured in their preeminence over all life about them, if-and-when they're made aware of what's quietly behind the scenes, they're in for a very rude awakening. The word "humbling" but scratches at the surface of what they're to experience. But as it's happened on countless other worlds, proven inter-species socialization programs are in place. Equitable technological and cultural exchange is critical to any initial reception. The 'quality' of that exchange determines the overall extent of access to other species / civilizations. The days of the free-for-all were settled long ago. That's why there are no mining platforms parked in orbit…

                    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

                      Is there any going back to the damn topic??!!

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      someone give that man a gold star…

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    surat shabd? kria? zen? LSD? see this is the problem with LSD…. if right thinking is a requirement to overcome the limits of the brain, we have a problem. Im back to the maidens pillow and my puff of fantasy called me

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      West, Nick is pretty think skinned and I read your thoughts and of course these people want to get off this planet, since we humans are collectively in the process of destroying it. The funnel of knowledge is now growing exponentially to those goals you mentioned, but I do not think we out here will be invited anytime soon. You will get to pay for it all though.. 🙂

      When you see the destruction of the planet's genome in broad daylight one wonders where all the smart people are hiding. After 3 years no evaluations, scientists, scholars, universities are even batting an eye over what we are seeing happen in real time very clearly inside Japan and in the Pacific Ocean.

      This world is an illusion run by money…money and greed will be our species downfall. 🙁

      • Indeed, that is amazing, don't forget "power" lots of pols will sell their soul in order to maintain their personal power and privledge.


        once you fully understand who-and-what 'you' are, obewanspeaks, you'll neither be 'left behind', nor will 'you' need an invitation…

      • Nails in the coffin Nails in the coffin

        Perhaps some of us were already invited:



          how's this for a disclaimer, Nails:

          "This site is not authored by anyone with direct access to confidential information. Rather, its purpose is to present to the public information that has been released, and to examine that information in a clear, balanced and intelligent light."

          AS: doubtless another of the endless psyop rabbit holes setup for sidetracking inquiring minds. But I'll give it the once over. Never know. Someone might be telling the truth…

          • releasing top secret information..

            "Since that time, Doty’s name has surfaced in connection with other alleged UFO/government secrets, such as the MJ-12 papers, so it is no surprise to find out that Doty (now a civilian) is also connected with the release of the Project Serpo story. And this fact alone makes the story suspect."

            re; ufo exchange program..

            first article was disinformation; over and

            out for good.

            • Nails in the coffin Nails in the coffin

              Whether it be psyop rabbit hole or truth, I find it incredibly intriguing. I find believing in 'they' gives me hope. I hope that life will somewhere persist after our time has ended and Earth is dead.

  • Nick

    West Aussie, I ain't offended. Obe: Think skinned? 🙂

    It's just that our urge to go into deep space reveals a lack of concern for maintaining a viable planet (the ONLY ONE humans will ever actually live on that has a breathable atmosphere).

    For years I have lamented our lack of leadership in space. We could have had a moon colony, a stepping stone to the stars. Instead we focused vast resources on a low orbit space station. Yeah, some amazing science has occurred there, but now we can't even GET to the international space station!)

    I also understand the importance of space probes and the need for nuclear powered means of same.

    Heck, deep space is in my genes. My Uncle was a JPL Navigator and helped the Galileo and Viking Missions to their ultimate successes.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Bioaccumulation potential in region must be understood"

    Oh ..but do let me agree.
    Oh..yes ..agreeably agree.

    Bioaccumulation ON-GOING.

    (Shall I mention ..biomagnification..or is that too forward?)


  • GQR2

    i read somewhere,sorry no links at the moment that thought of aliens and outter space increases under end of the world scenerios on a masses level. The government c-i-a probably encourages this. Not to say they aren't very busy messing with our atmosphere dumping things into space etc. I've noticed a lot more time in media i given to aliens and outter space than what the Military is flying over heads. Not too many people,in fact almost no one will mention that possibility. (which is likely what all the UFOs are imo)
    The only thing Nick the realist talks about is reality- most of us are "shills" for reality based assessment of the posted articles and related topics, Radiation overload death plumes that are covering our earth.


      it was a program, GQR2, that Wernher von Braun suggested could be used as means of controlling/terrorizing the public. He did not sanction the use of such techniques, but rather warned that they would eventually be used…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Where are we going?

    Rat Study Shows Deep-Space Travel Could Damage the Brain
    April 26 2014

    "Some rats exposed to the radiation astronauts would face on long deep-space missions develop lapses in attention and slowed reaction times, even when the exposure is extremely low, researchers say.

    The cognitive impairments—found in many, but far from all, of the test animals—appear to be linked to protein changes in the brains of the rats that were affected, the scientists say.

    If that is also true in humans, it may be possible to identify a biological marker that predicts sensitivity to radiation’s effects before a vulnerable astronaut is sent to deep space."


    We don't have to 'trip the light fantastic' to know this.
    We can stay right here and get stupid.


      again, Heart, look into the test procedures. They're based on simulated conditions…

      "The rats were first trained for the tests and then taken to Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York, where a collider produces high-energy proton and heavy ion radiation particles normally found in space. Some rats’ heads were exposed to varying levels of radiation that astronauts would normally receive during long-duration missions, while other rats were given sham exposures."

      "Once the rats returned to Johns Hopkins, they were tested every day for 250 days. The radiation-sensitive animals (19 of 46) all showed evidence of impairment that began at 50 to 60 days after exposure and continued through the end of the study."
      […end extract]

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      "attention-related deficits" … sounds a lot like what so many children are suffering from. I wonder if this too might be related to airport scanners…. and all the other so-called normal medical tests that might be needlessly being done to people all across our country!

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        There is quite a distinction to EM radiation past the ultraviolet range, much faster and more intense than a similar wattage of radio in the millimeter band used at checkpoints. Is it true they are not using x-ray backscatter anymore? That said, each frequency will have a resonance to different cells and structures of the body. Deleterious effects below the acknowledged thermal limit have been documented for years. Just more insanity on an insane world…

        I think they are referring to human subjects here "The rats were first trained for the tests and then taken to Brookhaven

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Where are we going?

    Space Radiation Remains Major Hazard for Humans Going to Mars



      read the article closely, Heart, and you'll discover their projections are based on laboratory data; derived from exposing rats to cyclotron emissions. They've performed no materials research into what space-based materials are available for shielding. It's akin to a bunch of naysayers advising two brothers that flight is hazardous to ones health. Without adequate materials research, engineering and planning, it just might have been…

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        No running naked on Mars ..darn.
        The shielding material ..some fig leaf.

        Can you imagine the exhilaration of the CLEAN air into which the two took flight?


          that comes later, Heart [couldn't resist].

          I regret the loss of so much. But I also know, the only way things have any chance of recovery, is for humans to ultimately leave this planet. The alternative is far more terrifying. I could tell you 'stories', but don't think it will serve any purpose other than getting 'you' more depressed…

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Oh ..I'm aware of the fate of Humans..if they don't get off the planet.
            I'm also aware of the limitations when/if they do.
            I'm also aware of the time frame.
            There's only so many ways to say too late ..for the majority of the population.

            • GQR2

              The space cowboys can't get a supermarket closer than a 100-200 miles in the case of the First Nation. We will all be feeling it soon, people in their garden condominiums,tall apartment buildings,projects,suburbia,rural communities in various ways like poor gardens and increased mutations and yields. – a very uncomfortable poisoned earth and because of the nature of the poisons that linger forever. It is too late. I saw a white bearded guy on the street at an intersection with a big sign it said repent in large letters.
              The ones who need to repent are busy booking the tickets they think they're gonna get to their underground bunkers,and the Flights to Mars. yep.


              actually, Heart, depends on how you perceive events. One way or another, we're all slated for the dust bin of history. Yet, each human seems to perceive their own place in eternity as somehow different from their own kind?! Could it be, each is harboring a secret from the other? If so, what's the basis for this?

              Truth is, just as you now exist (within the mind's eye), will you forever exist. Problem is, humans want their cake without limitations. They love the foundation for being, without accepting the responsibility for having the right to be!

              The solution to never being abandoned to ruinous conditions, requires taking on the responsibility for ones own thinking, Such also frees one from the prior limitations of others thinking. This – is – the test of intelligent being. Not whether you're thinking but how you utilize the resource called 'thinking'. Great responsibility comes with 'knowing' this and it does require practiced discipline in its application. [This is how 'we' do what we've been doing for all time.] It is not only transformative, it's transmutative.

              Sadly, humans have been only willing to accept but a small portion of this innate ability to change 'reality'. Some, amongst 'you', are already utilizing these 'techniques' but at the expense of those who accepted a limited view on 'life'. Whether 'you' continue allowing such is 'your' option….

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                I appreciate the concept..of Human existence ..not really being limited by physical perception..and connectedness ..eternally.. both esoterically and in physical reality.I'm even appreciative of mass elemental change.. in the framework ..yet the basic composite remaining the same.

                I was simply discussing the failing of a portion that makes us Human.
                I'm talking about the failing of the flesh.


                  which I've alluded to in the above, Heart. The simplicity of how reality is influenced by thought is both enervating and terrifying. So, for the sake of intellectual exercise, let's explore why 'adepts' are not bum-rushing the change you'd want to experience in your world? Could be, it's your world that needs changing! If they've freed themselves from the constraints of existence, they'd obviously have little motive in how things play themselves out on this planet. And of those who are concerned with how things 'progress', they would be restrained by their own 'mission' from unduly influencing how such 'progress' is brought about. Such only explains a portion to why they remain behind the scenes…observing. Of course, until such time as humans begin to accept responsibility for their thoughts, limited interaction remains in play. Like he said before, it's all about whether you can both eat while simultaneously retaining possession of the cake. Ancient parables come into play; camels through the eye of the needle, kind of thing. For those who lament the vulnerabilities of their place in this world, such is what fuels their presence through eternity; or for that matter, whether there will be an eternity. You can only leave yourself behind…

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    "Could be, it's your world that needs changing!"


                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    if the clock numbers revolved at the same rate as the hands, the clock would not tell time. In the tumultuous experience of life, is it the material…timeless moments of the material world that are the fixed numerals of the clock, and consciousness moving through, like the clock hands that give sequential order…time; or is it that consciousness is timeless and the material bits march by, or of course is it relative, thus irrelevant?

                    What is the weight of love? For a thing devoid of mass, light speed is easy. And at the speed of light, the universe is -at least- compressed into a two dimensional instantaneity. Indeed, all moments of our heartfelt existence, exist forever, depending only on the vantage of perception.

                    But what is the significance or purpose of invoking the occult promise of alien intervention?

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      answer to first paragraph, CodeShutdown, resides in the later of the three suppositions. However, none of the prior two conditions are irrelevant. Again, it's the brain/thought quandary.

                      Brilliant thoughts in your second paragraph. When I get that proverbial inquiry to "…what's love?", I always respond with the clinical definition that it's "interdependence". They usually get intimidated by its sterility and quickly move on to questions dealing with reproduction, and so on. It's cute.

                      Your third paragraph's question was touched on in an earlier post, to someone else today. These are attempts by 'others' to circumvent humanities own ability to fulfill their own destiny. They don't reveal what you must discover for yourself. You must become what you're interested in knowing.

                      Nature (while a synthesis in itself) offers no freebies in its tireless quest to explore the phenomena of its spontaneous existence. Doorbell ringing. Oh my! I was just thinking about you! Really? Who was it that was just thinking. Me…you…who knows…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Doorbell ringing = The Force 🙂

  • Nick

    Now we are getting somewhere.

    Ionizing radiation destroys brain cells. Got it?

    Hence my theory of GMI (global mass insanity) is not too far from our current reality.

    Do a random survey of those around you. Anyone report sleep pattern alterations? Anxiety? Depression? Fatigue beyond "normal"?

    Bet you'll spot a trend.

    • GQR2

      Nick no joke,the people are showing signs of increased mental dysfunction. Increased impulsiveness,clumsiness,loss of logic,inability to add and subtract,even people with adequate and average intelligence. Its a loss of skills in some cases (attorneys not being able to count out basic change in a transaction) rudeness in many cases
      and a failure to develop basic thinking skills or at least implementing them. This is information gleened anecdotally from a clerk in a small convenience store. People asking mind numbingly stupid questions with no shame of not being able to think for themselves. No basic manners, no sense of dietary dangers a lot of mindless munching feeding children candy and chips for breakfasts. Its truly increased and its hard to miss. People are hostile impatient in some cases. Its like the clouds bring idiot-itis and i don't mean this with any condescension ( hell its affecting me too,all of us)
      The gmo's almost 20 yrs of them are taking their toll as well as the toxic clouds of chem trail aerosol and Radiation low levels and this is active process. It's going to get worse.

      • califnative califnative

        GQR2 I see it too and it'll get worse. Don't think the CDC "Zombie Apocalypse" didn't know about it a head of time either. http://emergency.cdc.gov/socialmedia/zombies.asp Oh it all in fun though, TV shows, Halloween costumes…the jokes on us and most don't know it. The effects of radiation on pilots: http://climateviewer.com/2014/02/28/airline-anomalies-post-fukushima-interview/

        One more thing I am mad about, I can't go to the grocery store and find where the origin of food is grown…have you noticed in the fruits, nuts and vegetables section are all grown in the U.S.! They hardly mention which state or country now, but we eat it because they know we don't have a choice. Starting to see more mutations, romaine lettuce was huge, red cabbage was flowering inside with deformed core, onions rotting from the inside, broccoli discolored in yellow… Radchick is tracking this increasing nightmare: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mutation-Watch/330100447017280

        I bought the cabbage not knowing what the inside looked like, do I throw it out or eat it? I ate it knowing I need to buy my fruits and veggies from a local farmers market because I can't grow my own food. Moved to AZ, getting higher readings here than California and New York, NETC is lit up across the U.S. today. The Matrix was on TV last night…the surreal is becoming real.

        • GQR2

          "the surreal is becoming real" califnative

          it truly is. i should mention that a small drunk?heavy breathing person got in my personal space at a gas station last summer. i did not want to think Zombie. (read about the rabies vaccine dumps from the sky and bio warfare in this country.
          AIDES Accident or Intentional,Emerging Viruses by Lenard Horowitz is an essential read for History..so anyway, i suspected someone's deliverance like type family member perhaps?
          The person(zombie)had a wide tabaco stained toothy grin and was about 6 inches from my face eye to eye. Eyes blood shot and gleaming.
          The others at the pumps were nervous for me,while the thought on my part was wondering whether or not i would have to punch him out. Knowing i could cold clock him easily. OK the point of my story.
          This person was something else. Literally this mouth breather was in my face and he was no bigger than 5 ft tall. Fits the description of a Zombie. He might have been intoxicated he was ambulatory,non verbal and following people around until his relative? called him back to a pick up truck.

          This below is all to real and a like a bad dream or some other totalitarian's country's history but no its ours.

          • califnative califnative

            GQR2 strange man indeed, never known what drug someone is on and no doubt the increased radiation across the US is affecting everyone. I think the government knew the March 11 radiation would effect us mentally and physically hence the zombie introduction…again the jokes on us.

            "CDC has a fun new way of teaching the importance of emergency preparedness. Our new graphic novel, "Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic" demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy. Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary people into zombies."

            RT is a good show.

      • Nails in the coffin Nails in the coffin

        It could be ionizing radiation, but I think it is more likely microwave radiation, due to the transient nature of symptoms. Cell phone towers are virtually ubiquitous. But I've noticed that getting away from urban areas seems to offer some relief. Here is a film ("Resonance Beings of Frequency") that raises important theories that we ought to study further:


  • West Aussie West Aussie

    Thanks all for the replies and advice. As far as I can tell, it's that "illusion run by money" that keeps them hid obewanspeaks. Certainly, most of them have hidden themselves after meeting me. Usually after a lock change and re-location to another state or country!

  • Sol Man

    I love earth. Don't mind looking to space, but, really want to be right here, and live with the natural systems that are in place intended to propel us into the future. OK, dreamer…

    Seems to me that so much of the problems we have here are from small-minded people giving up their individual sovereignty in order to hitch their star to some fiat-paying, soulless, heartless, loveless corporation for a cash flow for their life's duration.

    When doing this they totally ignore the spontaneous, creative spark that may occur at any moment that would provide a fantastic new direction for themselves, and, perhaps the entire world.

    Think of Jonas Salk, Nicolai Tesla, Leonardo DaVinci, Robert Fulton, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Mozart, Paganini, Shakespear…the list goes on. These people came into the world and changed it for the better!

  • Dick Shenary

    Many people have complained that the US government will not analyze or test for radiation in the food chain and waters off the west coast. So now SETAC proposes to do this job and, I don’t know where the funding is coming from, and people are complaining that they are not acting swiftly enough. This is actually good news that a credible scientific organization is looking into this issue as the Canadian and US governments keep insisting that there is NO PROBLEM. One would have to ask – why is this rather large group of scientists spending this much time and resources on a NO PROBLEM issue? The results of this study will be published and then we can sit back and watch the governments with a new spin problem.

  • Seeker


    Just wanted to let you know someone cares.

    I have believed in reincarnation for many years after intensive thought and research. I believe we are souls that happen to have these bodies, rather than bodies that happen to have souls. I have communicated with many animals regarding what happens when their bodies die, and their opportunity to choose a new incarnation. At present the trend seems to be that they will hang out in an ethereal zone until a transition to a new arena for all life forms on this planet.

    It was never the case that this earth had an indefinite life span.

    P.S. Has anyone listened to Shimatsu lately? I have limited bandwidth but listen when I can, which is not as often as I'd like.

  • THE LIE: "Background Radiation" is High, Therefore More Radiation Doesn't Matter Much

    In some areas, Radon is not completely avoidable. Mostly it seeps into basements. Radon ventilation systems are very effective, they can reduce this amount at least 50% and maybe 80%, just depends how much air you want to move. So instead of a 37% of your exposure if you reduce that 80% it is 7.5%, plus 5% cosmic, and 3% soil, that is 15%. So by "so called 'natural sources" like med procedures, nuke medicine, those items are jacking up your dose like 400% to 700% from where is could be "naturally". the whole natural radiation lie, unravels as a complete joke… about half of us will contract cancer in our lives, and yet you can't prove that any one source caused it. Therefore by the "Scientific Method" radiation cannot be proven to be unsafe, therefore the PNPs Pro Nuke Pimps will state that "natural radiation" is proven to be safe, and therefore a little extra disaster radiation is OK too. Check the chart closely, the PNP lies immediately emerge.


  • FXofTruth

    What I find amazing is after 3+ years and knowing that 3 reactors blew up; billions of gallons of seawater constantly being radiation contaminated and released back into the Pacific; sea life is dead and dying by the millions; NOW WE GET CONCERNED SCIENTISTS and all the other "big deals" weighing in. Nice that you clowns found time to focus on the danger. Also, quit talking about the Government limits…they don't give a rat's behind nor are they intelligent to see the dangers.

    The politicians are too self-absorbed with their vanity and egos to care about the oblivious Public.

  • Nick

    Here's a bit of MT promises from MIT about our nuclear future….

    "It would be a mistake, however, to let Fukushima cause governments to abandon nuclear power and its benefits. Electricity generation emits more carbon dioxide in the United States than does transportation or industry, and nuclear power is the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the country. Nuclear power generation is also relatively cheap, costing less than two cents per kilowatt-hour for operations, maintenance, and fuel."

    Largest source of carbon-free electricity?

    I sure hope no MITers are part of this prestigious group!

  • Nick

    "The average fuel cost at a nuclear power plant in 2012 was 0.75 cents / kWh."

    That ain't .02 dollars/kwh!

    But…" US figures for 2012 published by NEI show the general picture, with nuclear generating power at 2.40 c/kWh"

    says http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Economic-Aspects/Economics-of-Nuclear-Power/

    The point is, the nuclear industry BELIEVES that it is a cheap
    way to boil water.

    Tell that to this prestigious group after they determine that the
    Pacific Ocean has been greatly compromised!

  • Nick

    When you gaze into a rapidly fading future and contemplate the vast amounts of nuclear waste generated to date, you have to question if ANYONE really has a clue what sort of price tag to peg on a nuclear KWH .

    Take WIPP. (all defense waste!)

    Take Hanford. Are we done yet?

    Take TMI/Chernobyl. Now take FukushimaNPP.

    Then there are the research piles and the 400+ operating reactors worldwide.

    I bet when is all said and done, we are approaching an actual cost of $1,000.00/kwh (pure conjecture on my part)

    Then there are the dead and dying humans. How do you put a price on that. The rest of the earth's biosphere?

    Whoo. Boy. Don't get me started!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Oh come on your think skinned! 🙂 Let it rip!

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    If you watch the "Uncensored Battle of Chernobyl" linked on our video page at: http://www.radiationhealthnews.com/fukuvideos.html
    You will see and hear the same game plan bullshit that the US, Canada, & Japan are using. The EU and especially France, just denied the Radiation was a problem, or it even entered our airspace! TRUTH! WATCH IT AND LEARN. As a US DOE "Whistleblower" on safety training for all ARRA Stimulus hirees, it's cheaper to fire the safety recommending person, than to do anything about the problem. It's no problem for Obama, as he lives on the US East coast, and does not have to eat, drink, or breathe radioactivity. The poor will just die a quicker and more painful death, and the rich & mobile will move before they die of "Hot Particles." 🙁

  • rogerthat

    MIT: ''nuclear power is the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the country''

    – the others are all radionuclide free. pick your poison lol

  • "Bioaccumulation potential in region must be understood"
    How long have you been in business? How infinitely irresponsible on your part to state this thing now instead of before such insanity began?