Paper: U.S. nuclear site “a true horror story” — Officials should be screaming at top of their lungs in outrage — “Problems could lead to explosions or nuclear reactions” #Hanford

Published: June 7th, 2013 at 6:55 pm ET


Title: Time is of the essence at Hanford site
Source: Kingston Community News
Author: MARYLIN OLDS, Columnist
Date: June 6, 2013

[…] Hanford’s 56 million gallons of the most contaminated nuclear waste in the western hemisphere is a true horror story. […]

In February, officials announced that six single-shell tanks were leaking. These are not the first leaks; there have been decades of earth contamination. […]

Bechtel National is contracted by DOE to oversee the construction of a vitrification plant. Vitrification means processing the waste into glass logs […]

The decision was made to begin construction of the plant before the design had been vetted. Consequently, there are design problems that could lead to explosions or nuclear reactions. […]

Senators Murray and Cantwell, et al., should be screaming at the tops of their lungs in outrage. Instead, it appears it’s up to us to make our voices heard. Surely they’d all want to hear from their constituents.

See also: [intlink id=”amazing-plutonium-leak-at-u-s-nuclear-site-hidden-from-public-official-a-very-deliberate-cover-up-i-will-use-the-word-that-we-were-lied-to-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 7th, 2013 at 6:55 pm ET


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42 comments to Paper: U.S. nuclear site “a true horror story” — Officials should be screaming at top of their lungs in outrage — “Problems could lead to explosions or nuclear reactions” #Hanford

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Nuclear Power = Power that Destroys

  • markww markww

    breaking news

    Holy Fukushima – Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans

    Radioactive isotopes of the type released from Fukushima have a half-life of 30,000 years. This means that we must permanently change the way we prepare our food.
    plus more information to help save lives and the governments in Canada and America lie


  • weeman

    It is the same old song and dance once again, since the dawn of the nuclear age you have been trying to find a solution to disposal of nuclear waste and you still have not found a solution, the original concept of the spent fuel pools were only supposed to be a short term solution to this was solved and in your great wisdom when no solution was hence forth you just built bigger pool and filled them to overflow in a uncontained building next to a nuclear reactor six floors up in the air, pure dead brilliant over educated idiots of the century.
    Do you not think we should be reducing the amount of waste produced instead of more and by law you should only be allowed a specific number of spent fuel bundles in a pool at one time and the remainder to be dry casked untill you figure the disposal out, I say knowingly, nudge nudge wink wink.
    It's not as if you need more radioactive elements to make more bombs you have a enormous stock pile.
    Nuclear is a dead end technology and you have to realize that before it is to late, give a hoot don't nuke.

  • A protected species of birds is transporting radioactive mud to make nests at Hanford. They have agencies trying to sort out that mess within a mess –per



    • weeman

      Now the swallow is not only protected but it is radiated, what a lucky bird.
      Now this is a prime example of how radioactivity can spread in mysterious ways, creeping death.

    • "Heaston says no workers have been contaminated." – from article

      How do they know?
      What if they have ingested a little dust. It only takes one ingested particle to cause illness.

      The different kinds of transport vectors for this insidious contamination is just unfolding.

      Birds use the radioactive mud for the nest. Not good for the bird or its eggs. Also not good, would be the dust from the mud nests as they dry and become airborne. To then spread or be inhaled at the next transport vector.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Lets see, 400 tons a day.
    2000 lbs to a ton.
    8 pounds per gallon.
    100,000 gallons a day.
    3,000,000 gallons a month.
    36,500,000 gallons of a year.
    73,000,000 gallons over 2 years.
    82,000,000 gallons over 2 years and three months,
    give or take a few gallons.
    Where did it all go?
    Oh ya, thats 82,000,000 million gallons of highly radioactive nuclear waste..
    Where did it all go?
    Hanford has 56,000,000 gallons of who knows what, but they mostly know where.
    Tepco can't even find their reactor cores, let alone keep track of 82 million gallons of radioactive waste.
    Where did it all go?
    If the potential seepage of 56,000,000 million gallons, accrued over 70 years, into the columbia aquifer is imminent,
    like it hasn't already decades ago,
    then why isn't Fukushima's 82,000,000 million gallons, accrued over 2 years, of highly radioactive nuclear waste being discussed?
    It may not be as radioactive and toxic as the shit at Hanford, but where is it?
    Where did it all go?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Same as it always was…

    Radioactive mouse hunt follows radioactive rabbit discovery at Hanford – 2010

    CLARIFICATION: DOE States Hanford 8,900 Rad Per Hour Soil Discovery Did Not Impact Workers, Water, Air, But Radioactive Rabbit Killed, Mouse Hunt Underway – 2010

    And here's something very gruesome, from Hanford…

    Workers uncover carcasses of Hanford test animals
    Dogs, cats, sheep, others exposed to radiation – January 14, 2007

    Same as it always was and this "hanford revelation", although very serious, is just another squirrel. It's been going on for decades. I live here, just east of Fukushima…

  • ML

    Here is one progress report on the beagle study:‎
    This doesn't detail findings.
    I found an article on increased breast tumors in beagles fed radon and strontium:
    Mammary Tumors in a Colony of Beagle Dogs at

    So do those in the know get to build the mega million dollar cancer centers to benefit from what is now an inevitable increase in cancers?

  • ML

    Development of a Myeloproliferative Disorder in Beagles Continuously Exposed to 90Sr

  • Let's celebrate the recent triumph of truth and the people of Portland Oregon over corporate money (which outspent the people 4 to 1). The issue of fluoridation is most instructive. Here's one great article:


    –and the one Mercola references:


    –which bears upon the special interests and official flim-flam we in the nuclear awareness community are forever swimming upstream against –per James F. Tracy's:

    "The wide scale US acceptance of fluoride-related compounds in drinking water and a wide variety of consumer products over the past half century is a textbook case of social engineering orchestrated by Sigmund Freud’s nephew and the “father of public relations” Edward L. Bernays. The episode is instructive, for it suggests the tremendous capacity of powerful interests to reshape the social environment, thereby prompting individuals to unwarily think and act in ways that are often harmful to themselves and their loved ones. The example is especially pertinent today as Western governments withhold data and utilize propaganda techniques to suppress knowledge of new technologies and life-threatening disasters such as the still-unfolding nuclear breakdown in Fukushima."

    Vote Green!


    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Thanks for posting this information. Please be sure to post it to the Off Topic Thread as well so more will see it. In Gainesville, Florida, we are reduced to buying distilled water so we won't be drinking water in the city fluoridated and containing strontium 90. I wonder how many cities are still mindlessly fluoridating their water supply? If people want to brush with fluoride, they can buy it in their toothpaste and do not need to drink the water. The links were excellent.

  • jackassrig

    Don't forget about the VLCC's and super's carrying ballast and bilge water from the Japanese waters to parts unknown and discharging before they enter a port.


    • combomelt combomelt

      Thank you Roger Thunderhands. A link to the Hopi prophecies and The Gourd of Ashes…

      • andagi andagi

        Dear Combomelt,
        'If you value the destiny of future generations more than personal welfare, please make survival of the Hopi way your primary concern, and let the successful resolution of their plight at the hands of the industrial world be your personal responsibility and greatest pleasure.'
        Beautiful. Folks, keep reading, posting, sharing ENENews -generating change worldwide 24/7!
        Aloha All.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    People of Washington should demand that Hanford be cleaned up and removed, completely.

  • ftlt

    This Hanford news is a rehash of a problem that has lingered for the past 70 years…

    They will continue to do nothing.. Because, most likely they cannot do anything even if they wanted to… The problem is just too big..

    We have created a monster…

    Look at the world outside your door… Even the natural clouds are often different today… The landscape has changed…

    Build and grow until it kills us all… It probably already has – we just don't know it yet…

    • ML

      ftit: "Even the natural clouds are often different today.."
      Yes. I don't recall the numerous dark lenticular clouds that are often in the sky now.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          The breeze is gone from Hawaii, also. Undoubtedly, radiation from Fukushima and elsewhere is playing a very large part.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Noctilucent Clouds Get an Early Start
          “…One of the greenhouse gases that has become more abundant in Earth's atmosphere since the 19th century is methane. ‘When methane makes its way into the upper atmosphere, it is oxidized by a complex series of reactions to form water vapor," says Russell. "This extra water vapor is then available to grow ice crystals for NLCs.’
          “The early start of the 2013 season appears to be caused by a change in atmospheric ‘teleconnections.’
          “’Half-a-world away from where the northern NLCs are forming, strong winds in the southern stratosphere are altering global circulation patterns,’ explains Randall. "This year more water vapor is being pushed into the high atmosphere where NLCs love to form, and the air there is getting colder.’
          "’All of this has come as an interesting surprise for us,’ notes Russell. "When we launched AIM, our interest was in the clouds themselves. But now NLCs are teaching us about connections between different layers of the atmosphere that operate over great distances. Our ability to study these connections will surely lead to new understanding about how our atmosphere works.’"

  • Baha 2012 Baha 2012

    The window to recover has been past, the world is declining into a hellish radioactive sate .. It’s been said that we now live in purgatory … and it seems purgatory has graduated and received it’s diploma to become hell …

  • Mack Mack

    Did you see this? They're going to vacuum the radioactive waste at Hanford.

    Yes, vacuum.

  • jec jec

    Anyone remember all the older news about Hanford? Like the worker who ate Oyster Stew then went to work? His stomach was radiated by the oysters from the mouth of the Columbia. Guess where the water from Hanford drains into, The Columbia. Or the radioactive whale found near there. Was this today? NOPE 1950 and 60s..Just think how IMPROVED the radiation levels are now (sarcasm). The oysters showed radioactivity from ZINC. Zinc accumulated in the pancreas, guess what has been said to cause or at least be associated with pancreatic cancer? Zinc….

  • hbjon hbjon

    The risks outweigh the benefits of every carcinogen used in any shape, manner, or form. Humans live to 100 years old when free from these evil toxins. We are what we eat, drink, breath, and absorb.