PBS: 30 times more strontium-90 than cesium at Fukushima… and strontium is “much more dangerous… this is a problem” — Researchers far from plant “surprised by how much continuing radioactivity they found” — Like “ongoing experiment” (VIDEO)

Published: August 9th, 2013 at 1:46 pm ET


Title: Fukushima Reinforces Worst Fears for Japanese Who Are Anti-Nuclear Power
Source: PBS NewsHour
Date: Aug. 8, 2013

ARJUN MAKHIJANI, engineer specializing in nuclear fusion and president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research: […] now they have found strontium-90, which is much more dangerous [than radioactive cesium], at levels that are 30 times more than cesium [See also: [intlink id=”senior-scientist-100-times-more-strontium-than-cesium-in-water-at-fukushima-plant-strontium-gets-into-your-bones-it-changes-the-equation-for-japanese-fisheries-not-too-concerned-u-s” type=”post”]100 times more strontium than cesium in water at Fukushima[/intlink]]. […] And the unfortunate thing about strontium especially is that it bioaccumulates in algae, it bioaccumulates in fish. It targets the bone, because it’s like calcium. And so this is a problem. We don’t have measurements far out to sea. The Woods Hole Institute has done some surveys. And they were surprised by how much continuing radioactivity they found, but no clear explanation yet. […]

MAKHIJANI: We actually sent a proposal to Japan two years ago, some colleagues of mine and I, saying you should park a supertanker or a large tanker offshore, and put the water in it, and send it off someplace else so that the water treatment and the water management is not such a huge, constant issue. But…

JEFFREY BROWN, PBS: It sounds like still an ongoing experiment.


Watch the broadcast here

Published: August 9th, 2013 at 1:46 pm ET


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82 comments to PBS: 30 times more strontium-90 than cesium at Fukushima… and strontium is “much more dangerous… this is a problem” — Researchers far from plant “surprised by how much continuing radioactivity they found” — Like “ongoing experiment” (VIDEO)

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    strontium will get in the bones and affect the blood. Leukemia for the dolphins. Being sick feels horrible, (even to animals believe it or not). They were warned not to build reactors, now they blow up every 10 or 20 years and cant be contained poisoning all life.

    Theres only so many whales. Expect unusual mortality events to diminish over time, and finally stop altogether.

    Shame on Japan for being whalers. Shame on the pro nuclear for poisoning the ocean

  • Red Cloud Red Cloud

    And the measured value of 30 times less Cesium 137 is how much?

    Ah, there is a hint in the original article: one would have to drink the strontium water for a year to get cancer. I suppose they mean the water in our Coca ColaTM as well?

    So there is still no immediate danger. Worst fear for Anti-Nuclear pussies, a year or more still time enough to get richer for the pro nukers.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Only an idiot would allow nuclear, as proven by the fact that they can't stop the continuous spreading of deadly radiation.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Well, you know, they already built this chemical-reinforced wall, and what happened, of course, it's like a dam, so you have water coming in from upstream, above the plant. And then at a certain point, it's going to get — overtop the dam. It's like constant rain coming into a reservoir."

    They already tried the wall.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      So they have had the world musing on a technique that has already been applied.

      ABC: Ground to be frozen around Fukushima reactors? “An unprecedented challenge in the world” (VIDEO)
      May 30 2013


      Gundersen is talking in maybe's..

      Gundersen: Fukushima reactors “will become unstable” if new barrier causes water buildup underground — Nuclear buildings could topple during quake
      Aug. 8 2013


      Bingo..trouble with the groundwater.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      From story..

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Allow me to elaborate.

      Well, you know, they already built this chemical-reinforced wall, and what happened, of course, it's like a dam, so you have water coming in from upstream, above the plant. And then at a certain point, it's going to get — overtop the dam. It's like constant rain coming into a reservoir.

      And so that has been the problem, is those defenses have been breached because there's too much water and not enough wall. And at a certain point that's always going to be the case. It seems to me that there's a risk the same thing will happen with this new wall, because they already had a wall and it didn't work. So, building a new and longer wall would work for some time.

      The other problem is, of course, you need a massive amount of water to freeze that much soil. It would be a mile-long, apparently. If you have a power failure, another major earthquake — they had a power failure a few months ago when a rat ate through a wire — and that would then be very, very problematic, because now you have got so much water behind.


      • We Not They Finally

        "IF… you have another major earthquake"? Like why is it that immediately after the last earthquake last weekend, suddenly there were spikes of radiation 50-fold compared to before?? IF they had another earthquake?

        And the seismological ratings are unreliable. Dutchsinse noticed that. That the USGS kept moving their initial readings DOWN. So they say that it was "a strong 6." So people think 6.0 But what if "a strong 6" is really 6.9? But not even that. What if it's in the 7's, like maybe 7.8, but they are saying that it is 6.9?

        Speculative? Well, SOMETHING caused the 50-fold increase in radiation!!! I'm astounded that no one else seems to be talking about it.

        Also understand that the last thing they want to admit is that the new escalation is being caused by an EARTHQUAKE. Because then they could not bring seismologically unfit nuclear plants back on line, as Abe is intent on doing.

        I'd actually be shocked to learn that this new magnification of the catastrophe was NOT caused by that recent earthquake!! Input from anyone else welcome.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Why more strontium..?
    The MOX?

    • Red Cloud Red Cloud

      Who knows. But it is surely a matter of seek and you shall find.
      We have now "report" on some 3 isotopes of how many soluble little fission friends?

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Heart, A chemist told me the cesium tends to adhere more to surfaces whereas the strontium is more fluid, simply stated. His explanation was a tad more complex but I'm a layman type person.

    • We Not They Finally

      Every isotope attacks specific systems in the human body. Like apparently part of strontium-90 gets converted to yytritium-90 which attacks THE PANCREAS. As of May, 2012, 60% of children UNDER AGE TWELVE in the area already had diabetes!!! That's outlandishly alarming and I imagine that by now it is way, way WORSE. The new escalation alone should be frightful.

      So are there mass training programs in managing diabetes in children? Undoubtedly NOT. Everyone talks about cancer and of course that's a horror story. But untreated diabetes, especially in children (who eat so many sweets)is a killer all its own.

      We have a diabetic in the family, so we were especially interested in researching this; and from what we can tell, the root cause comes from STRONTIUM.

      This is just mass murder. All of Northern Japan should have been evacuated long since.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Fukushima Decommission Plan:
    1. Locate Missing Melted Fuel: It is of vital importance to map the corium lava tubes, and to confirm the whereabouts of the missing 218 tons of nuclear fuel, don't you think? Use modern drilling techniques to locate and follow Corium Lava Tubes1,2,&3 down to the missing corium. Accomplish this task in 2014.
    2. Stop Groundwater Contamination: An Extended Impermeable Wall and/or the Frozen Wall need to be built to isolate the Fukushima Ruins, surrounding all four reactor buildings with underground walls to stop the flow of groundwater through the Ruins. Accomplish this task by the end of 2015.
    3. End Ocean Contamination: The mouth of the harbor must be sealed with a permanent gate. Accomplish this task in 2014.
    4. End Atmospheric Contamination: Locate melted fuel in the reactor ruins, neutralized with boron and grout to stop the smoke and steam rising from the ruins and from the ground around the plant. Accomplish this task by the end of 2019.
    5. Store Spent Fuel: Put the fuel from SFPs1,2,3,&4, and the Common SFP into permanent dry cask storage. Accomplish this task by 2016, after all fuel at the plant has cooled by at least 5 years, and is ready to go ino Dry Cask Storage.
    6. Fill Reactor Buildings1,2,3&4 with grout. Accomplish this task by the end of 2020.
    7. Treat and Dump Stored Water: All remaining contaminated water stored at the plant should be treated and dumped by the end of 2019.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      TEPCO will push back on these dates, saying there is no way to accomplish these tasks in the allotted time. However, these tasks can–and must–be completed in the allotted time.

      The Japanese Central Government, under pressure from the international community (and from ENEnews. 😉 ), must step in to make certain that the expertise and manpower necessary to accomplish a full Fukushima Decommission in a timely manner is available, even if this means taking over the decommission effort from TEPCO.

      • We Not They Finally

        Philip, I actually admire your persistence with the likes of 7-point plans. The feasibility seems to be based upon ASSUMPTIONS which no one else seems to be making, but if you are the genius leading the way, I would not even know because I am not an engineer. Meanwhile, far from "pressure" from the international community, there has just been ENABLEMENT and LIES from the international community.

        The reality seems to be that whatever the feasibility of even well-thought-out ideas, there has not been the WILL. Or I guess like they say with psychology, you cannot fix a problem that you do not even admit to having.

        Now at least there are escalating admissions that it is "bleak," "desperate," "overwhelming" and the like. Meaning that likely it has already been pushed PAST "Where there's a will, there's a way." I don't think that they can/will stop this at all by now, though I'd be gratified to be proven wrong.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Fukushima Decommission Plan:
      1. Locate Missing Melted Fuel. 2014
      2. Stop Groundwater Contamination. 2015
      3. End Ocean Contamination. 2014
      4. End Atmospheric Contamination. 2019
      5. Store Spent Fuel. 2016
      6. Fill Reactor Buildings1,2,3&4 with grout. 2020
      7. Treat and Dump Stored Water. 2019
      Simple, isn't it?
      Doable, don't you think? 😉

      • We Not They Finally

        And the technology to get these "simple," "doable" things done is WHERE?? The example of its EVER being done before is WHERE?? It's underway by WHO?? They have followed through on one single promise WHEN?? Which person over there has a clue about WHAT??

  • "So to give you an idea of the level of contamination, if somebody drank that water for a year, they would almost certainly get cancer. So it's very contaminated." – Makhijani

    This interview covers some good points, but leaves out or ignores some really tough journalistic questions.


    1. What about all of the PLUTONIUM?
    2. What about the testing of foods shipped to the USA?
    3. What about other animals and plants that are affected?
    4. What about explaining bio-accumulation vs dilution?
    5. What will the Pacific be like for future generations?
    6. What about the species who will become extinct?
    7. What about 'buckyballs' near the coast.
    8. What about the damage to ecosystems?

    Retrospective: Uploaded on Mar 17, 2011

    "I want to be very clear." – Pres. Obama
    You can tell by his body language he's not telling the truth or he doesn't really believe what he's reading. It's like when somebody says 'trust me' … don't do it.

    "In the wake of Japanese nuclear crisis, …U.S. officials do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the West Coast of the continental U.S., Hawaii or Alaska." – Pres. Obama


    Aren't those the same EXACT words (almost) that we're hearing in the other articles this week. The repeated rhetoric does not change.

    • We Not They Finally

      I think that there actually is some shifting of rhetoric because the escalation is now so alarming that they are panicked. It just doesn't mean that they can/will DO anything. And their priorities over there are all wrong. People's health and lives always seems to come in last. But at least now they are not spouting so much of "no immediate damage." So we know that it is very very VERY bad.

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    The lies GUSH out as the contaminated water continues non stop for 18+ months to GUSH into our oceans. GUSH says it's time to evacuate. GUSH also says we don't have the technology to stop me. I will be GUSHING forever. No I'm not seeping as some of you think. Leaking is not what I've been up to.
    GUSHING is my name, death is my game, finding me is impossible. Stopping me is a dream.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    "we dont have measurements far out to sea" Well..I have them, why dont you have them? "sounds like an ongoing experiment" yes Mengele, an ongoing experiment.

    Good news; there havent been any strandings reported for Japanese sea lions, Chinese river dolphin Baiji, or Caribbean monk seals for years. Bad news; theyre all extinct. It was a experiment. Next we gonna poison the whole dang pacific, see what happens

    Man is heartless, butchers dolphins. Dolphins could easily kill human but often help them instead

  • atlas

    Does anyone have a link to an official government source that states that the dose limit for children is 5 mSv/y. Although it's referenced around the internet, I am having trouble finding a proper source for this information.

    • norbu norbu

      Here you go.
      (rem) Health Effect Time to Onset
      (without treatment)
      5-10 changes in blood chemistry
      50 nausea hours
      55 fatigue
      70 vomiting
      75 hair loss 2-3 weeks
      90 diarrhea
      100 hemorrhage
      400 possible death within 2 months
      1,000 destruction of intestinal lining
      internal bleeding
      and death 1-2 weeks
      2,000 damage to central nervous system
      loss of consciousness; minutes
      and death hours to days

      • atlas

        Thank you, Norbu. I am looking for something a little different though. I am searching for an official Japanese government document that states that the current exposure limit for children is 5 mSv/y. Just after the disaster, the limit was increased from 1 to 20 mSv/y. I have found online sources that state that the current level for children is now 5 mSv/y, but I can't find the official documentation to back that up. This is for an academic paper, so I need more than news articles and the like.

        • Kassandra

          This is what I have

          In response to public pressure, the Japanese government’s education ministry subsequently reduced the allowable level of radiation from outdoor school activities to one millisievert during the summer of 2011.

          Ministry Sorry for School Radiation Flipflop’ (12 June 2012), NHK, http://www3.nhk.or.jp/daily/english/20120612_13.html, date accessed 14 June 2012.

          • atlas

            Thanks Kassandra.

            I think the 1 mSv/y level is a target for remediation, not a dose limit. See pg 19 of this IAEA report: http://iaea.org/newscenter/focus/fukushima/final_report151111.pdf

            1 mSv/y is probably unrealistic as a dose limit for evacuation purposes.

            I am still hoping to find a document that states that the dose limit is 5 mSv/y for children.

          • We Not They Finally

            Kassandra, problem is that these set dose limits don't really MEAN anything. Is that alpha, beta, gamma combined, PLUS ingestion and inhalation? Whatever dose they already lie and downplay that the populace is getting, it's WAY WORSE. And once particles are inside the body, they can become permanent internal emitters concentrating on specific organs or bodily systems. These people are DROWNED in radiation. The ONLY humane thing to have done was to evacuate northern Japan, but they haven't and won't.

          • atlas

            That's a nice set of slides. Thank you.

          • atlas

            One of those slides led me to a gov't document that is very helpful to my work. Thanks again.

            (Still looking for a document abt. the 5 mSv/y dose limit.)

            • We Not They Finally

              And what if your found the document? Can you find a child over there, any child, who is not getting WAY MORE as we speak? Radiation is complex, cumulative, and arrives in multiple ways. And they don't even CONSIDER internal radiation. And there are close to 2,000 radionuclides!! So they are measuring all of them? You bet NOT!

              The only way to reduce the bombardment is for those people not to LIVE there anymore.

              • atlas

                Well said…

                Those issues are important but I don't have space to tackle them. I'm working on particular issues related to the government's changing dose standards.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Over 1 million tonnes of highly radioactive water leaked into the Pacific since 3/11/2011…….. NO END IN SIGHT… EVEN THE VAST PACIFIC CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH.. At this point it wouldn't surprise me to hear that they have been dumping spent fuel rods into the ocean to keep them cool..

  • Sickputer

    I really doubt they can obtain or build enough supertankers or onland tanks to handle the longterm storage needs. Economically such unprecedented storage efforts would require trillions of dollars (US).

    I believe the Japanese long ago ran out of viable options and essentially the plant has gone rogue.

    Godzilla does not have to be visible to destroy Tokyo.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ..not just cesium-134/137
    ..not just strontium-90

    when a nuke reactor blows it's hard to find a radioactive isotope that is NOT on the chart..

    just go to goog-images and search for "chart of isotopes"..

    here's one of many:

    Before the meltdowns there was approx 2200 metric tons of nuke-fuel at FukuDai-1..
    ..but, after meltdown the total mass of radio nucleides dramatically increases during the uncontrolled decay process in-situ.

    We must quickly face the fact we are dealing with widespread bio-accumulation and geodynamic concentrating of toxic chemical elements.. these elements will disperse then reconcentrate in remote areas far away from Japan. Just as alluvial gold disperses and reconcentrates in flowing water following the rules of physics, the thousand isotopes in rad-fallout will each take their own path through the troposphere of planet Earth.

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      duh, wish this site had edit function…

      **when a nuke reactor blows it's hard to find a radioactive isotope that is NOT on the chart..

      that's not what I meant to say..

      better to say:
      ..when a nuke reactor blows almost all of the hundreds of radioactive isotopes you see on the chart will be spread far & wide.

  • Heart of the Rose asked why more strontium? I think it has something to do with the filtration equipment that only filters cesium. So I think the coolant circulates through the system and accumulates strontium as only cesium is being filtered. Of course major leaks at melt through points.. Nothing is being done as money is tight in Japan. USA is ignoring all this as Japan is too big to fail. The nuclear industry is too big to fail. Upshot will be increased cancer deaths world wide but that has been happening anyways due to the myriad of pollutants created by our economic system. No complaints so far. Lawsuits? Forgetaboutit. Despite the dire situation, little media or public attention except the relatively few free thinkers who have historically been relatively few. Just sad. Proof the world is run by criminally insane fools.

    • We Not They Finally

      Mark, I skipped over to the part about "criminally insane." Unfortunately, they are also the ones running the asylum.

  • razzz razzz

    Arnie and other scientists seem to know almost exactly the available radioactive poisons inside a spent fuel pools and know enough to fear a release if they were to catch on fire. But when it comes to meltdowns, no one ever speaks of what total radionuclides the melts are capable of producing. Shouldn't be the same or less than what is in a spent fuel pool?

    The actual possible melted fuel assemblies involved are Units 1=400 2=548 3=548(with some MOX). During the explosions, how much of the fuel rods were ejected or vaporized? Less fuel left behind would leave less potential for radioactive fallout at the site.

    If the melted fuel fizzles at anytime, then it would create even more radiation with new decay products. Just how much no one is saying or knows.

  • ftlt

    Get use to it – more on the way…

  • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

    Wish they would at least mention which samples they're talking about, 'cause if this extreme strontium-90 finding relates to the recent trench… Um… Consider how unbelievably EXTREME the radioactive Cesium contamination of that groundwater is (see my visual presentation to put things in perspective, comparing that trench with the fallout maps for Fukushima vs. Chernobyl: http://wp.me/puwO9-23w ), then the severity of this takes on a monster quality of a magnitude larger.

    This technology is over-the-top irresponsible. ALL nuclear power plants MUST be shut off by the end of this decade. It will be challenging enough to deal with the already-existing waste for the next… eternity.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Strontium, among others, has been a dangerous problem since before Ken took his first cruise to the far east…

    Fukushima radiation headed across Pacific Ocean
    Now 186 miles off Japanese coast, study reveals extent of release, direction of pollutants

    "The researchers also found silver-110, but it wasn't clear that was from the Fukushima plant. Another set of experiments measured strontium-90 levels, but that work hasn't been published yet."



    Never let a disaster go to waste.
    Right Ken? Timing is everything…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    You, your children and their children are now in the process of being slowly exterminated in order to achieve maximum profitability for our future medical and energy company's long term business plans.

    Nothing to see here and move along please.


  • NBC Nightly News now reporting.

    [re: Fukushima NPP]
    "Disturbing is an understatement."
    – Lester Holt NBC News Anchor

    At least Lester got his 2 cents in.

    IMO – The report has several, what I would call, glaring errors.

    Reported by Anne Thompson
    1. She states they started adding water to storage tanks today.

    2. She says the plant, "is still an active danger".
    (How about saying… It has been and still is destroying the environment and will do so for generations to come.)

    3. Leaking enough water to fill an Olympic size swimming pool every nine days.
    (Whatever. It's more than that. They don't have a clue.)

    4. "The leak causes little threat to the US because it dissipates."
    (FALSE. It spreads and accumulates and has been for 882 days non-stop with no end in sight.)

    (Note: Every news story has REPEATED this same line since Obama said it on March 17, 2011. Just because they REPEAT it does not make it true.)

    5. "The real risk is at Fukushima", she says.
    (The REAL THREAT not RISK is to our entire planet.)

    6. Japanese seafood is a 14 Billion dollar (year) industry.
    (It used to be. We import a lot of seafood and seaweed products from Japan. So… in that way it will affect us. They forgot to mention that.)

    7. They are *"grasping at straws… and now they can't solve it".

    *grasping at straws: This idiom refers to a drowning man grabbing any floating object, even a straw, to save himself.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    Yes there are so many straws flying around now that its like a tornado. where the straws are all flying in different directions, and moving so fast they just stick right into the side of a tree!

    Might be something like darts too, since you can't always predict where they will land either.

    I say bring me more straws for me and my friends!

    Bring me more of everything!

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    …little cat Z, and what's in his hat – VOOM!
    It's just whats we need, to clean up all that…

  • UncleCrusty

    Hopefully the world is starting to awaken to the fact that "we" are in serious planetary trouble. Maybe "We" can come together. PM Abe should ask for /allow help. National pride will kill in this instance.
    Get GE, Westinghouse, Babcock and Wilcox – The people who actually Build plants, not operate them. Get the French, Sweeds and even the Russian / Ukrainian / Belorussia folks too.
    Freezing the soil?? Really ? How about letting the real experts look and come up with a plan that might actually help. Water will win even with a wall of ice. it will flow over that as well AND make lovely radioactive steam. It also might sink the plants in a bog. They really need a "grown up" to help.
    Failure to stop the flooding (and I say flooding as 600,000,000 Tonnes is equal to about 160,000 THOUSAND GALLONS/daily) will prove the downfall of the (already damaged) ecosystem as we know it

  • UncleCrusty

    Hey… the previous post I posted? The line about coming together?
    I doubt it will happen. Im trying to see this with balance, lots of research, experience and some level of optimism.
    It is not working for me anymore. What I see is the planet dying a little every day, and a whole shitload of fiddle players playing as fast as they can.
    And now… time for a healthy dose of antidepressant. Peace folks. Thanks. End Rant.

    • We Not They Finally

      It used to be called "the five stages of grief." The real killer is the last: "acceptance." We just don't see a clue, a hint, or even a hope that this will be reversed or even contained. We just strive for a more humane humanity in the FACE of it.

      • Ourself Ourself

        I can personally sit directly in the fire without being burnt. It only makes me more inspired and more dedicated to doing what is best for all beings. What would be best, as all of you already know, is to put out this fire and let the grass grow over the charred remains. Do your best to water it, friends. Any little bit you can do helps, no matter how small it seems. What is the ocean but a collection of small droplets?

        • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

          "What is the ocean but a collection of small droplets?"

          Wise words? Don't think so.

          Just someone who found out, that we are all death on the nothern hemisphere, if we don't cool it and the whole inventory got blown to the air.

          He's ahead of the majority.

          Let's say, thank you Japan,
          that you let it leak to the sediments of your Isle,
          and destroy your country,
          in order to keep us responsible naked Apes out of it.

      • UncleCrusty

        At this point, I think we're in global denial. My response to the situation today was to go out and take care of my little patch of earth. The roses are beautiful, the grass is cut and we trudge the road.
        Be well Sir/Ma'am. Thanks for the comment

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    I would recommend every US-citizen, to write a letter to his/her local politician, that you have a little doubt, that 311 did happen by accident and that you question, if ruling the world by atomic bombs and owning the weather by 2025 is the right way.

    You could imagine you're government to say sorry and to immediately evacuate all Japanese to a handful of civilized Countries.

    Thank you

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    We need a worldwide indipendent birth control (that after all I read, was denied by the islmaic and catholic church (so must have been denied by someone else)) and not a nuclear holocaust, that was claimed to be written down by someone else.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    What a wonderful world – LOUIS ARMSTRONG

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Cologne Cathedral,

    Very interesting comments..

    • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

      Thank you

    • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

      I will ask Dr. Holger Strohm to make a new english edition
      to his masterpiece "Quietly into disaster" that includes the bonus material, that is part of the german edition.

      Until that day, perhaps you ask someone with german origins,
      to listen closely to the german edition (means bonus material),
      especially to Prof. Hermann Scheer (that it is all about the bomb; he died suddenly) and Mr. Sebastian Pflugbeil (about the catastrophical conditions of NPP in the former "DDR" (german democratic republic) just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

      These conditions haven't been catastrophical because of the conditions of the DDR, but because of the implicit problems of NPP in general.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    Most of us think, that it is all about the money.

    That's what they say, when they deliver GMO-Wheat to Afrika.
    But it isn't.

    These tiny little cotton peaces are just a promise.
    They never deliver.

    It is about the power. The power to make you believe,
    that you have to deliver GMO-Wheat to Haiti.

    Well, they didn't want it, although they suffered from the earthquake.

    It is abaout power, not about many.
    They are not greedy, nobody is really greedy.

    But most of us are in fear, they could loose their life.
    But what does it mean, when everybody looses his/her life,

    because some say, "it's written in the bible."

    What does the bible mean to us?
    Fortunately today much less than a few centuries before.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral


    how can you be greedy, if you own everything?

    The uranium, plutonium, weapons,
    green cotton production, jewels, gold.

    So you think you can escape if you own gold?
    When the price of everything falls, as the price of green cotton goes up, how can you expect gold to be a save heaven?

    It is not at all a save haven. Nor are jewels, arts, houses.
    There is nothing like a safe haven.

    They own it all, and they make the prices,
    like they want them to be.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    So you accept a little interest for your government bond.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    And if they want you to kill anybody,
    you deny it, because you don't want to be a victim
    of depleted uranium.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    This is a multipolar world,
    and until everybody is awakened to accept that,
    we're going to face wars.

    So let's have a indipendent birth control
    and stop wars and environmental and atomic extinction.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    And remember:

    It's not about the green cotton,
    it is about making you believe you've got to do, what they want
    and to control you.

    And the mass media is just about making anybody fear,
    that they will take him out tomorrow.

    Well, if that leads us to a nuclear holocaust,
    I would say, let us oppose them.

    Thank you

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    And listen closely,

    if you all pay your rent,
    nobody would suffer from the housing market.

    Many of you would be far better of.

    Houses are only cheap at the lowest point since years.
    Then they may equal the low prices of renting.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    Well and if you only eat fruits, you don't need a doctor
    and if you deny to work for the military,
    there will be no wars.

    Anything I have forgotten?

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    Barry White Love´s Theme .

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    Teenager in Love – Lollipop – Earth Angel – Sh-boom! .

    Some beautiful girls from the west-coast of the USA.

    If only I could find some sweet Japanese Girls
    singing that cultural heritage of yours for you.