PBS: Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species — Experts: Take your kids to beach and see them before they’re gone; Worst outbreak ever known in the oceans; Catastrophic losses nearly everywhere we’ve been (VIDEO)

Published: October 15th, 2014 at 6:22 pm ET


PBS Newshour, Oct. 14, 2014:

  • Pete Raimondi, lead scientist studying alarming epidemic killing starfish by the millions: “Almost everywhere we looked in the last year we’ve seen catastrophic losses”
  • Melissa Miner, UC Santa Cruz scientist: “Nope, I haven’t seen any [juveniles]… They get lesions and their internal organs start to spill out… that can happen within 24-48 hours”
  • Wasting syndrome affects almost every species of West Coast starfish. The plague has hit so hard over the last year, biologists fear some species could even go extinct.
  • Drew Harvell, Cornell Univ. epidemiologist: “This is the largest outbreak that we know of ever in the oceans — in terms of numbers of species affected, the geographic scale, the mortality… This is what we call a wide host range pathogen… it affects many different species — the most dangerous in wildlife disease, in terms of a potential risk of extinction… I expect in the next 2 weeks, we’ll lose virtually all the stars at this site”
  • And that’s exactly what happened. All the starfish that were here are now gone… Back in Sitka {Alaska], trouble is on the horizon.
  • Raimondi: “Without knowing the cause of these outbreaks, it’s impossible to tell whether the epidemic is nearly finished or whether another mass die-off is just getting started… this event is really frustrating — kind of scary”
  • After leaving Sitka, Raimondi and Miner began receiving disturbing reports. Healthy looking starfish they carefully counted just days before were suddenly losing arms and wasting away.
  • Watch the broadcast here

Taylor White, Sitka Sound Science Center: Every day I come in and I see more and more legs all over the tanks. It’s upsetting to see them just… start to crawl away from their bodies… We’ve been telling people to take their children out to low tide to see the starfish before they’re not there anymore.

Dr. Richard Ambrose, UCLA marine ecologist (7:00 in): When it hits, it seems to go through really, really fast. There were hundreds of thousands of sea stars… The scope… just is mindboggling. All the sea star species seem to be affected — even though it’s different species in British Columbia compared to the species we have here, and it’s in the sub-tidal and it’s in the intertidal… If it was temperature you might expect that in the intertidal they would be more affected because it gets warmer in the intertidal when it’s exposed. But we don’t see that. We see it just across sea stars in general, so whatever it is seems to not be as specific as the diseases that have affected the sea stars in the past. >> Watch the video here

Dr. Mike Schaadt, Cabrillo Aquarium (4:30 in): The animals have been compromised so much so, that the water-vascular system… dissolves to the point where none of it works… There’s been multiple events… none of them as big… I can’t remember any — from an area point of view or a devastating point of view — this seems to be the worst. >> Watch the video here

Watch video of the seafloor littered with sea star body parts here

Published: October 15th, 2014 at 6:22 pm ET


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562 comments to PBS: Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species — Experts: Take your kids to beach and see them before they’re gone; Worst outbreak ever known in the oceans; Catastrophic losses nearly everywhere we’ve been (VIDEO)

  • Dick Shenary

    Has anyone noticed Enenews headlines are often more drastic than the supporting documents underneath the headlines. For example: PBS: Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species — Experts: Take your kids to beach and see them before they’re gone; Worst outbreak ever known in the oceans; Catastrophic losses nearly everywhere we’ve been (VIDEO) When reading this headline I was unsure whether we would see the children again or extinct species. I know this is the most important issue facing this species including Ebola. I also think we need to avoid being overly dramatic. But, then again maybe not.

    • ManBearPig ManBearPig

      Why do you believe people are being over dramatic Dick?

      They are pretty much hell-bent on pinning any die off on Fukushima. You know I clicked on Taylor White's link above and on his web page, he does not mention Fukushima.

      This is not some connect the dots exercise.

      I've read the headline, the stories, and the links to the stories and there is no direct evidence this die off is from Fukushima.

      There are other sea life that are not affected.

      Maybe its a virus of some sort as it had been in the past according to Taylor.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        ManBear. are you properly educated yet?

        • ManBearPig ManBearPig

          As an anti-antinuke, I am properly educated to recognize the deceptive tactics used here. I am not a Fukushima Twoofer as are the majority here.


        • ManBearPig ManBearPig

          I am properly educated to recognize the deceptive tactics used here. I am not a Fukushima Twoofer as are the majority here.


          • SwimsWithGators

            Man-pig, you are one dumb son of a bee. I believe you believe what your write, but what you write is some damned stupid shit. You are so dumb you talk like Fukushima was just a little accident. Like you know all there is to know about radiation and its effects, proving again you are one stupid son-of-bee.

            Look at the admin post. Do you see the word Fukushima in that post? No. But you go on about how none of the links do either. You are so damn stupid and so fixated on Fukushima that you can't see past the end of your damn stupid nose.

            We have seen some damn stupid whores for nukes here, but you are the damned stupidest yet. I laugh at you, you damned idiot. But then you are a fine example of the pro-nukers, aren't you? And damn proud of your stupidity, aren't you? That's scary as hell that your pro-nukers are so damned stupid. If not yet, you will be the death of us all with your stupidity.

          • Be careful M, swimswithgators eats alligators for breakfast.

            Then he munches on killer whales for lunch.

            He eats dinner by polishing off a few man eating sharks.

            YOu calling the wrong dude names…

            When you swim in the alligator pit like that, you better have thick skin and big teeth.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I think it's great, since we already know the consequences of using this technology on this planet.

    It will lead to/be the end of life as we know it on this planet.. 🙁

    Only fools would embrace such technology use.

  • aunavoz

    I have been here a long time. Early 2012 .. I remember the first round of religion wars.

    Bashing in someone's skull really does cross the line. Administration is not interested in policing the site anymore since IMO the more drama the better .. more hits .. more money.

    But it really is getting ugly when there are death fantasies abounding.

    • or-well

      Mass planetary death from radiation and mutation crosses the line and is ugly too. Tell me, what do you think it will take to stop the Nukists? I mean, seriously.

    • Jebus Jebus

      It's just your irrational fears surfacing.

      There is no immediate threat.

      There will be no immediate harm.

      All threats were within acceptable levels.

      Nobody died.

      The linear no threshold for physical harm is flawed.

      Some physical harm is actually good for you.

      Again just smile, you have nothing to fear…

      • aunavoz

        Bullshit both of you. And you know it.

        Zero tolerance.

        Explain it to the authorities after your arrest. Make sure you keep your hands over your head and say Yes Sir as you are handcuffed and taken away.

        • aunavoz

          I had a student make a similar remark at school once. The police were called and he was cuffed and put in the cruiser to Juvenile Hall.

          That's zero tolerance.

          Think you are that anonymous?

          Think you are above the rules my teens have to abide by?

          Think you are any kind of example.with that kind of shit?

          Ptttttthhhhhh! ,That makes me sick.

        • I knew you were a piece of shite out of the gate, LOL go away now little boy over compensating for lack of big toys.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          I suspect that our troll has multiple personality disorder. That is why he has so many faces. MBPig morphs into aunavoz when he can't stand that there is empirical evidence that his opinions are not. He accused me of being obsessive compulsive. It really makes me laugh because I am the opposite as anyone could see if they entered my house. But this is probably his problem so he transfers his outlook onto others.

          He probably really believes that he is always civil. But a multiple personality disorder doesn't know what his other personalities are doing. At the very least, he is very delusional. And I suspect he is really capable of harming someone, hence his severe agitation when I talked about all the people killed by the nuclear industry.

    • Sickputer

      aunavoz typed these pixels of light: "been here since 2012"

      SP: If you were here in 2012 you would have known VanneV was a lady…not "Van" a man" 🙂 She posted about 10,000 times in 2011-2012 as anne. Must have missed that, huh?

      AFAIK your Enenews posting debut is a couple of months after the January 2014 dissident stopped posting:


      April 5, 2014 at 8:27 pm

      Sure Mr VanneV. This is the expected response here (although you are a lone voice so far.)
      Instead of the unsubstantiated dogma here would you please provide some established studies' links to your claim.

      Unaccepble are global whatever.ca; before its news; above top secret; rense; etc. Please. Something peer reviewed would be nice.

      And provide links to the opposing statement showing it is weaker.

      You can't. But it won't matter anyway actually. This is afterall Enenews and only one side of the argument is permitted.

      So I won't hold my breath and Newsers will be delighted that you have supported their dogma."

      SP: Maybe you were just lurking for two years. That was quite considerate in a nod to the old style Usenet protocols. But if you did post in 2012 we would certainly take a look at the link if you can share it.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Is it life imitates art or art imitates life?

    Or does it all just repeat itself into oblivion?

    Edge Of Darkness


    Plutonium Lunacy LLC


    Ever since Fukushima the number of dieoffs in the Pacific has skyrocketed. Can you deny it? More than 3 1/2 years of radioactive poisons pouring into the Pacific every day has a cumulative effect and it is showing itself.
    Species are dying off, moving into areas they haven't been seen before, even the numbers of dead-bird-flocks-falling-from-the-sky events has increased exponentially. All sorts of strange things and each one of them can be caused by the poisoning of the Pacific.
    Peoples babies dying at birth has increased noticeably, Salmon with weird colorations and failing to reproduce in normal amounts.
    Heck, even obewanspeaks is not posting as often as he did, a sure sign of radiation induced lethargy 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 Too Funny!


    The US Government patented the Ebola virus
    Human Ebola Virus Species and Compositions and Methods Thereof
    Publication number US20120251502 A1
    Publication type Application
    Application number US 13/125,890
    PCT number PCT/US2009/062079
    Publication date Oct 4, 2012
    Filing date Oct 26, 2009
    Priority date Oct 24, 2008
    Also published as CA2741523A1, 4 More »
    Inventors Jonathan S. Towner, 4 More »
    Original Assignee The Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Dept. of health

  • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

    A lot can be attributed in increased levels of HydroFlouric Acid, also a byproduct resulting from the melt/Corium creation process.

    Why do you think those buildings disintegrate they way they do? TMI Chernobyl, FD, every single reactor accident and the structures all exhibit similar appearance and instability.

    Hydroflouric Acid also perfectly explains the injuries sustained by the members of the USS Reagan.

    The recent horse injuries in N California, the starfish wasting, etc..

    When I get back I will post a paper I wrote on how Hydroflouric Acid is created during LOCA.


    • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

      People all this information is available right on the IAEA site and in a hundred other places.

      Research Aromatic Flourines inside Hydrocarbon cages known as Bucky Balls.

      Do a little research. It is not the HF directly attacking the starfish, rather it, along with a lot of other toxic elements, have put the ocean ecosystem out of equilibrium, and obviously, the Bad pathogens are having their way, just like in the human gut, trillions of microbes, good bacteria, harmful bacteria, all kinds of other organisms living inside you and when your gut gets out of balance you get sick, and sometimes you die.

      Every living organism on this planet requires and is engaged in a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the living organisms, sometimes directly, and sometimes indirectly, yet, when the balance is disturbed, Living organisms DIE.

      No direct link to Fukushima Diachii? Really? How can you even look yourself in the mirror or sleep at night?

      I have yet to find one other person that knows how to read and comprehend simple English! If I offend anyone well so be it.

      Read the Constitution for the United States of America, well actually just the first sentences of Article 1, Article 2 and Article 3, and answer this one simple question.

      "Is there a difference between Power Herein Granted, and Power Shall Be Vested?"

      I can assure you there is, those at the top know it, they also know that most, if not all of you, do not!

      Post replies here or send to…

      • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

        Why does that matter?

        Oh I don't know, maybe a little thing called Article 1 Section Clause 10.

        And that people, is not only the Supreme Law of the Land here in America, it is also the Supreme Law of Every Country here on Planet Earth, all Governments. PERIOD

        And because you do not know what it is, well hhmm gee that explains oh pretty much everything and your inabilities to stop this madness, however, the good news is that you are not powerless, just misinformed, uneducated and unorganized.

        I urge you to please Read what you will find there at Article 1 Section 8 Clause 10-little hint-Emmerich de Vattel and Benjamin Franklin.

        K if anyone gets it please contact me-radioactiveruss@outlook.com

  • If Ebola goes epidemic, do you think the ego hounds, the narcisistic personalities that pervade the nuclear plants will stick around? Will they isolate within the plant and have food delivered?

    When the coal utilities shut down because no one will come to work, will nuclear be able to keep going?

  • "Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing." — Denis Waitley

    • ManBearPig ManBearPig

      When the Tacoma Narrows Bridge fell in the 50s, they rebuilt it.

      Failure is the best teacher.

      Nuclear in the US has had an impeccable safety record since TMI.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        What about Hanford and WIPP and the plutonium which is unabated at Rocky Flats? What about all the leakage of radionuclides from every nuclear reactor in existence and the huge amounts that are released every year when nuclear fuel is exchanged?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          There are also many problems with existing nuclear plants.

          Is North Anna NPP still in operatiion? Ft. Calhoun NPP?

        • ManBearPig ManBearPig

          Speaking about plutonium VanneV you emphatically said it does not occur in nature. I will call you out on that statement.

          "Nearly all plutonium is man-made. It does occur naturally in very small amounts in a type of ore called pitchblende. Once the main source of uranium and radium, pitchblende contains one part per trillion of natural plutonium."

          Nearly all doesnt mean "all"


          Do you know where the part per trillion comes from?

          Neutron capture in U238.

          Also, if U238 is 238 grams per mole then there are 6.0e23 atoms per 238 grams and if there is 1 part per 1e12 then that is still 1e15 atoms plutonium in a mole of uranium.

          Care to determine the activity of pichblende?

          Now you realize how silly you are when you link all kinds of journalist links that say "ALL plutonium is man made".

          I understand nuclear reactions and I did not go to Stanford.

          I made something with my education.

          • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

            Do you understand how small those numbers are? Seriously your arguments are nonsensical and of no real impact in the real world!

          • Yo Pig, you lying asshat.

            One of the lies of nuke….Plutonium is natural on the earth….

            Implication, don't worry about more Plutonium.

            1 part in a trillion is not something that we would worry about.

            But even that is a lie….1 in a trillion. the chance of a "spontaneous fission" to release a nuetron per decay if 5.4e-7, and the decay of U238 only happens every 4.5e9 years.

            The chances that an adjacent Ur captures that neutron are like 100 to 1 so the chances of pultonium are roughly 1e-18.

            Much less than even 1 in a trillion.

            Sorry, we won't give you the "organic" certificate for Plutonium. LOL

            stock out.


            • ManBearPig ManBearPig

              Here is the proof.

              One part per trillion. Nearly all IS NOT ALL

              You lose this round.

              "Nearly all plutonium is man-made. It does occur naturally in very small amounts in a type of ore called pitchblende. Once the main source of uranium and radium, pitchblende contains one part per trillion of natural plutonium."


              Figure out the activity of Pu in pitchblende

              6e11 atoms Pu per 238 grams of U. Figure it out.

              • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

                Care to get the RAD word out or care to get the 18E fraction out. Splitting atoms, splitting hairs, splitting truths, splitting babies from mothers, wives from husbands, splitting parts of towns and cities off from ('healthy') civilization or splitting your gigantic pay check off from the blood cesspool of criminals. What is yoked together, let no man put apart.

              • type of ORE, is the key word.

                Keep the poisons underground. Don't use it.

                But oh no some guys thought it would be neat dig this poison up, concentrate it and then blow it up..

                Yippeeee, are we having fun yet?

                600 to 6000 pounds plutonium just went around the world, enough to give everyone a dose of cancer.

                Yea, just like the free prize in a crackerjack box..

                Poison for free, just pays us to fails.

              • Pig you are a joke, false argument after false argument. Is one in a trillion or one in a quintillion small enough?

                Haha, now that you are tired and drunk you play the Michigan card, exposing yourself.

                • ManBearPig ManBearPig

                  Its non-zero, that was the point.

                  You put your Geiger counter up to pitchblende and get some clicks.

                  What do you think that is from?

                  You need to do the math, and find out what fraction of the radioactivity comes from alpha decay of U and alpha decay of Pu.

                  Remember you said "no safe dose" as one of your debunkings of lies of nuke.

                  Now you are in a position where "one part in a trillion" has bitten you in the ass.

                  So tell me genius, is there "no safe dose" and if you put a kg of pitchblende in your pocket and kept it there for a long time what would happen?

                  Ask Marie Curie. You lose.

            • ManBearPig ManBearPig

              Its pretty much game over for your 100 lies of nuke. I can pick apart each one.

            • ManBearPig ManBearPig

              No its over for your argument.

              There is plutonium in trace amounts as I always maintained.

              Maybe you should have studied nuclear at Michigan.

              Oh well, had your chance.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                Why would I have wanted to track radiation into my house with me and my children in it? I never wanted to study nuclear engineering. I only took one free course so I could have the knowledge to argue with nuclear shills.

                "Hey, genius, stop the radiation leaking out of Fukushima Daiichi, and then we will listen to you."

              • There is no argument.

                Poison is poison

                Dress it up like a pig, make it oink, slather on some radioactive lithium grease, jab it with GMO vaccines, put it on TV and put M up there to sell it.. saying it is the best thing ever, eat more plutonium for breakfast.

                It is still poison. It is still radioactive.

                It will still kill you.

                Alpha Particles, Beta Particles and Gamma Radiation Explained

                But feel free to convince us M, we are all WRONG. So WRONG. Radiation is not poison.. it is good for everyone. It is NATURAL.

                PROVE IT! Don't just talk your empty blather. PROVE IT!

                Drink a gram each of liquid plutonium, polonium and americium, and tell us how you feel the next day, and the next.

                We will listen, a lot more.

                If you live more than a month, we may even start to believe you.

                • ManBearPig ManBearPig

                  No one is saying radioactive material in copious quantities is safe.

                  That is why there is a discipline called "radiation protection"

                  I dispute your "diminished levels is deadly" meme.

                  You have yet to find indisputable proof of your position.

                  Your side is all smoke and mirrors, like your web site.

              • I did study nuclear at Michigan. Idiot.

                • ManBearPig ManBearPig

                  No you did not. You would have kept it up. You flunked it. Loser.

                  These young turks did


                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                    WARNING: Graphic Content – The Children of Chernobyl

                    • hbjon hbjon

                      The healthcare professionals are Godlike. They are miracle workers just like the people that run the nuke industry. They produce electricity out of uranium and fix holes in the heart with patches that cost 400 dollars. Criminals. The poor children are being tortured. Will someone please do something.

                    • ManBearPig ManBearPig

                      Exploiting children for your own agenda is worse than Saddam Hussein holding up a baby to show he is compassionate.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      MGPig, You said "Show the bodies…" Nuclear technology is killing the children. Attacking someone instead of acknowledging the truth exposes the lethality of the nuclear industry.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      MBP says Exploiting children for your own agenda is worse than Saddam Hussein holding up a baby to show he is compassionate.

                      Code; but thats not as bad as forcing babies to breath radioactive fallout, feeling no remorse about it and repeating that coincidence of illness is not proof of causation. Thats why a lot of people consider you worse than Saddam Hussein, and you know, even if they miss a few technical details, I think they have a point…

            • ManBearPig ManBearPig

              "1 part in a trillion is not something that we would worry about" -stock

              "There is no safe dose" -stock


          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Some people believe that the mines were salted.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            I made something of my education. I haven't killed anyone.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              I didn't cause or work for the industry that created Fukushima Daiichi the worst industrial accident in human history that has killed the Pacific, many babies, and has killed off many species of animals.

              I haven't destroyed all the land, water, and air on the earth with radioactive fallout. I am arguing to please save the children of the world. Please stop killing my children and the children of the world.

              • ManBearPig ManBearPig

                You put out poisons in the atmosphere when you drive your old beat up car. You really believe you are right. You didnt do Stanford justice.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  I don't drive a car. I take the bus or walk. When I taught last Wednesday, I walked a mile to work. I took the bus towards home, and then walked home the last half mile.

                  When I go shopping for food, I walk half a mile to the bus, and I carry my food home half a mile. My hands are disabled, so I can't use a basket. I have to loop a bag over my should, and loop bags over my arms.

                  You really can't compare nuclear pollution to automobile pollution. Nuclear is so much worse.

                  • ManBearPig ManBearPig

                    You take a bus that puts out poison.

                    You cant get away from it. You say my industry kills. I bet I can find 100 things in your life you do that leads to the degradation of the environment.

                    You use plastics? You cause environmental degradation and infant deaths.

                    Hypocrite. The most detestable antinuke.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The melting Himalaya , nuclear waste and climate change
                      “…In the past Tibetan villagers living near a uranium mine have reportedly died after drinking water polluted by waste. Some of natives in the nearby village from nuclear waste sites were died within a few hours of developing fever and diarrhea. The nuclear waste deposits (dumped into heaps)have been releasing the radioactive dust into the atmosphere and polluting a huge area due to the Leaching’ and ‘Open pit’. There is always probability of a disastrous failure due to the increasing number of nuclear power plants and nuclear waste sites. Nuclear power plants and nuclear waste sites will be the terrorists` targets in future. The energy source for nuclear energy is Uranium and it is a scarce resource. Its supply will be one of the causes for regional conflict in near future. The Nuclear disaster in Fukushima etc is a lesson learns to rethink for nuclear power. In 2010, the waste globally was 345,000 tons and estimated to be 450,000 tons by 2022, The entire industry has produced about 67,500 metric tons of used nuclear fuel during the past four decades. The next global issue is the nuclear waste that comes from nuclear power reactors. The waste is most dangerous rubbish dump in the world. This waste comes in the form of spent nuclear fuel rods or even toxic sludge. The planet's water cycle is the main way of spreading radiation in the environment. The radionuclides in water are absorbed by surrounding vegetation and…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The radionuclides in water are absorbed by surrounding vegetation and the air. It will get deposited on people, plants, animals, and soil. People will ingest and inhale radionuclide by drinking water, food and air. The half life of the radiation could stay in a person for much longer than a lifetime. The radionuclide in some of materials has more than 1,000 years. The Chernovil or Fukusima radiations have already harmed many people and marine lives. In 2011 thirty one countries were producing nuclear power and 435 reactors were used that meet only 15 % of the world's electricity demand. Nuclear fission and decay does produce both radiation and heat. If the heat dissipation fails then there is a risk of nuclear meltdown as in Fukushima. Radioactive wastes come especially in the forms such as a) the used fuel rods, old tools parts, cooling water, and from nuclear power plants. b) The hospital and clinic's old medical radiation equipment from c) The used smoke detectors (radioactive americium). d) Mill tailings from uranium-enrichment factories. e) Protective clothing of people (contact with radioactive materials. There are some options for permanent and safe dumping of nuclear waste such as: a) The deep geological repository-It is a underground storage inside layers of clay, b) The option of disposal in ice sheets c) There is an ultimate destination for the waste to directing it into the Sun. (High cost and risk of launch failure), d) Deep borehole option (burial…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      d) Deep borehole option (burial inside the Earth). This is a right concept but it could be dangerous due to the negative impact of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The flooding and rising groundwater could be a cause to spread radioactive waste into the water table. e) Disposal at depth of the sea. The physical containment of containers would fail in a long run and radionuclide would be dispersed and diluted in the sea. The currents carry the dilution and the radionuclide would be migrated from the disposal site. f) Centralized disposal sites, deep in the earth. To utilize a subduction fault by sending the waste to the center (deep) of the earth could be a permanent solution. (no maintenance cost, less expensive, out of terrorist access, permanent solution and threat less to marine foods, environment and people). The entire Himalayan melting snow rate is highly increased. The human influences for global warming in South Asia are terrible. The deforestation in Nepal shows it's direct negative impact on Himalayan glaciers and lakes resulted extreme climate changes and natural disasters. There are flood, land slides, heat waves/storms, early spring, draughts and danger of some species extinctions. The increase in global temperature creates a rise in sea levels, expansions of subtropical deserts, more frequent extreme weather / a change pattern in precipitation (heat waves /Tornados, droughts, tsunami, the earlier timing of spring events and heavy…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      the earlier timing of spring events and heavy rainfall/snowfall), the unusually melting glaciers in the Arctic and Himalaya and ocean acidification. Other effects are; and species extinctions. Future climate change is expected to particularly affect certain ecosystems, including tundra, mangroves, and coral reefs. It is expected that most ecosystems will be affected by higher atmospheric CO2 levels, combined with higher global temperatures. The climate change will result in the extinction of many species and reduced diversity of ecosystems. There will be more threat to food security from decreasing crop production and the loss of habitat from inundation (rise in sea level/ flood). Average arctic temperatures have been increasing at almost twice the rate of the rest of the world in the past 100 years. Fossil fuel burning has produced about three-quarters of the increase in CO2 from human activity over the past 20 years. The rest of this increase is caused mostly by changes in land-use, particularly deforestation. The global warming of more than 2 °C could lead to eventual sea level rise of around 1 to 4 m due to thermal expansion of sea water and the melting of glaciers and small ice caps….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      MBPig, I though you claim that you are civil and never attack anyone. You've attacked me many times just tonight alone.

                    • @PIG you sir are a pig. Red pill might help but seeing the real you might be too much to take all at one time.

                    • Crickets Crickets

                      Pig, you're an a-hole, and you're grasping at straws because you feel guilty about how you make a living. I think it's called cognitive dissonance. Be pro-nuke. It's your choice. But you don't necessarily have to be an a-hole as well.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      I agree that the bus and all cars should be run on solar. There are some wonderful engineers who are bringing about this change. It should have happened in the 1970s.

                    • Truthiums And Factiums Being Made Illegal By Dr. Yamashita, Prime Minister Abe, Denial The Norm; via @AGreenRoad

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  I don't drive my car anymore. But it is a 93 Honda. I didn't qualify for Cash for Clunkers, because Hondas get too good of gas mileage.

            • ManBearPig ManBearPig

              Neither have I. And if you imply it you are insane.

            • ManBearPig ManBearPig

              I havent killed anyone. If you think I did you are insane. I think you have a pathological issue with nuclear and killing babies. You must have called soliders baby killers in the 60s and 70s

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                ManBearPig accuses people who yearn for peace and a healthy environment for upcoming generations of being insane. His despotic nuclear cartel poisons the environment yet he feels no shame or remorse. Thus he is clinically a psychopath. He relentlessly pushes nuclear like a drug pusher.

                This paper estimates at least 220,000,000 kg of sea life will die, cost over a trillion dollars, equal in damage to a four megaton hydrogen bomb, will kill at least a million people; Infectious, cardiovascular and other diseases are bigger contributors to death than cancer.

                Fukushima released 860,000,000,000,000,000 Bq, equal to 9660 hiroshima bombs. When did nine thousand dirty nuclear bombs become harmless?


          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Pitchblend doesn’t have plutonium.
            noun (Concise Encyclopedia)
            Amorphous, dense, black, pitchy form of the crystalline uranium oxide mineral uraninite; it is one of the primary mineral ores of uranium. Pitchblende is found in granular masses and has a greasy lustre. Three chemical elements were first discovered in pitchblende: uranium, polonium, and radium. Deposits, frequently in association with uraninite or with secondary uranium minerals, are known in the Czech Republic, Britain, the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan in Canada, and Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah in the U.S.

      • Impeccable? Only if you count absolute, frequent, failures and FUBARS..

        Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/p/nuclear-accidents-around-world.html

        All paid for by the public of course..

        The nuclear/military industry is the biggest corporate welfare collector bar none. It collects entitlements at a rate that boggles the mind, when compared with anyone else..

        • ManBearPig ManBearPig

          says you. Lets see what industry has zero defects. None. Not even your line of work.

          • Yea, so when the 1 in a million 'defect' happens and someone pushes the launch button and starts WWIII with WMD that you made M, how are you going to feel?

            All peaceful and happy that you are responsible?

            You are right, no one is perfect, no one.

            Not even the people in charge of pushing the nuclear missile launch buttons, or the ones guarding the suitcase nukes.

            Did you know 83 of them are missing in Russia?

            Better hunt them down M, that is part of that mess that needs cleaning up.

            Defects in humans around nuclear bomb launch buttons are TERMINAL for all life on the planet.

            Already 20 close calls.. how many more can we get by with M?

            Can you clean up that FUBAR, if everyone launches everything in the next five minutes?

      • Sickputer

        Re: failure is the best teacher

        SP: To paraphrase Edison:

        "Worldwide nuclear power plants have not failed since the meltdown at Three Mile Island in 1979. They've just experienced 10,000 accidents and 10,000 "normal" vent releases that secretly went unreported."

        The deniability factor of invisible toxins is a huge incentive to keep the polluters rolling down The Road and onto the Last Beach of carbon forms on earth.

        Starfish and eagles today…bipeds and killer whales tomorrow. The mutant humans of the 22nd century will be the legacy of a failed world nuclear policy. Three big complexes blown in the past 35 years and Fukushima really should be counted thrice.

        A bakers dozen meltdowns by 2050 should finish off the weak species. Will the human race really expire if all the bees croak? Einstein said so, but I have my doubts for a total extinction. Mankind is too damn mean and inventive to go quietly into the night. Future Shock zombies will carry the final torch as infrastructure crumbles in the civilized world. No place on earth will be safe from desperate scavengers. Way beyond Mad Max. Waterworld culture more likely. How much will a 100-year-old pack of Pre-Fukushima tobacco be worth in 2114? Priceless. Tobacco addiction is clinically worse than heroin. 150 years after the Columbian Exchange every part of the human traveled world was a tobacco buyer. From Indians in Chile to the Eskimos to the coolies in China. Fatal attraction. Like nuclear energy

    • ManBearPig ManBearPig

      I have his books on my shelf.

      See we are not that different. Just have a different opinion.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        ManBearPigs opinion is that some of the most poisonous stuff on the planet is harmless…he believed nuclear engineers were so smart there would never be an explosion/ melt down, but there were many. Now he believes nuclear engineers are so smart, there wont be a meltdown. He believes its worth it to risk killing the earth for short term profit and a rather small portion of the total energy use. He believed they could solve the nuclear waste storage problem, but they never could, yet he still believes they will! And even with no functioning nuclear waste long term storage solution, his opinion is that society is doomed if we dont build more reactors.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        "I have his books on my shelf."

        So I guess you haven't read them.


  • Aloha good people, join me in ending nuke on this planet. thank you, very much.

  • Shills never have a rebuttal to what my grand kids ask. "Why do we not get a choice about whether we want to eat, drink and breathe radioactive isotopes?"

    All I can say to the kids, is that people who make money from the nuclear related industries (including war and defense) could care less about what happens to you.


    • And yes, my grand kids are apparently much smarter than shills who think *natural* is the same danger level as man made.

      After all, we live in an area that has a fair amount of old mines, ore tailings from long ago and we talk about drainage and watersheds. They've all worked outside, building things with me and preparing garden spots. They're always nature conscious and curious… love to watch baby birds getting fed, or check out the types of ants, marble bugs and worms. Now we turn over boards or dig holes and only a few barely moving earthworms that soon die when exposed to air. No robin or other nests now for 2 years. No garter snakes. Not even any baldface hornets or wasps to avoid.

      Life has diminished. My grand kids are feeling cheated.

      • They have been cheated.

        Future generations, who haven't been born yet, have literally been robbed of what should be the TOP PRIORITY for everyone.

        >>> Pure CLEAN air, water and soil.

        Nuclear Testing, Nuclear MELTDOWNS, and Nuclear Waste Management debacles have changed it all. 🙁

  • Sounds like from what the live cams are recording that the recent inundations of water At Fuki are raising hell with the ground there. Liquification in progress?

  • (He means they received training pants.) 🙂

  • Funny how the pig just picks up all my posts, like their lack of empathy, and tries to negate them. Without facts.

    No wonder Muslims hate pigs

    • ManBearPig ManBearPig


      Ive negated every one.

      How is that pitchblende working for you?

      You said plutonium is exclusively man made. Care to change that?

      • How did you know I was talking about you, LOL

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        ManBearPig is a relentless defender of the safety of man made nuclear products. He often asserts they are safe and natural.

        Plutonium is extremely toxic, everybody knows that, so its a useless, futile argumentative exercise in semantics and obfuscation.

        Where does plutonium come from?

        Plutonium is created from uranium in nuclear reactors. In extremely rare cases, rocks with a high localized concentration of uranium can provide the right conditions for making small amounts of plutonium naturally. Only very small (trace) amounts of natural plutonium have ever been found in nature.

        So, unless you wanted to be a belligerent argumentative obscurest, you would say that the toxic plutonium that affects plant and animal is man made, coming from nuclear bomb and power plant fallout. Case closed and one more nuke pusher with rotten egg on his face

        • or-well

          Code, the only thing I'd change is "obscurest" to "obscurantist"…sorry…nitpicky me.
          Pig, whether paid script-following shill or "True Believer" hobbyist idling away his retirement, will always repeat the lies of the last 70 years because he believes them, as the confirmed nukist culty that he is.
          He will discuss irrelevancies to deflect and obscure and make astounding leaps of illogic as befits a self-impressed believer in his own superiority and the "holiness" of his beliefs.

          I can see a future Pig giving this sermon, taken from Beneath The Planet Of The Apes


          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Your right, or-well, I meant obfuscating psycho jerk. Im afraid my I.Q. is not what it could be…fallout and everything

            "Glory be to the Bomb and to the Holy Fallout as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen."

        • ManBearPig ManBearPig

          I am a defender of peaceful nuclear technology and I question sham science used by antinukes that actually end up increasing the risk to the population by burning fossil fuels.

          I am a crusader for peace, and prosperity.

          I do not want mankind to go back to an agrarian society. I do not want to tie-dye clothes, make candles and soap, and grow my own food.

          I dont like singing Kumbaya outside of church.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Well then, let's all not worry about this peaceful Nuclear you adamantly defend here 24/7.

            Let's have all countries bask in the glow of the yellow cake too!

            Do you see how silly such a statement is?

            Peace, you see any peace lately?


          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            ManBearPig does not want an agrarian society with self reliant basic human skills and produces a torrent of argumentative obfuscating posts to promote what he claims are peaceful uses of a deadly product which only produces a small part of our energy wants and at great cost to current and especially future generations. Because its hard to believe anyone would be so crazy to promote such a dangerous tax subsidized enterprise with a history of extraordinary failures, uninhabitable lands and no end in sight to nuclear waste storage, I cant say I think this is a real person…perhaps a conglomerate of paid industry supporters, or a Siri like netBot.

            • or-well

              Conservation alone could eliminate the need for all nuclear power, a net consumer of energy BTW.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              From day one these bozos have been chasing this Nuclear Shit all over the globe, terrorizing all comers/nations who want to play in the same sand box.

              It's all about control, manipulation and our removed by force money..nothing else. 🙁

  • Checkmate

    Hey MBP, this is where you disappeared to… Well again I ask you, you expert, HOW do you completely stop the radiation coming from Fuku. How do you completely stop the radiated rainwater from going into the Pacific?
    Please give us the facts. Tell us…we are serious…we really want to know. How to completely stop it!

  • Checkmate

    Hey Stock, you have a great sense of humor…lol.
    About that hating pigs bit…lol.

  • Maybe everyone can chip in and get M some dinner. He probably hungry from working sooooo hard, despite not cleaning up anything yet.

    He is being so nice to everyone.

    He is helping everyone sharpen their sword of truth, and is being so helpful.

    Plus he is helping ENEnews pay the bills by boosting the views and ad revenue.

    Maybe someone here can adopt him and take him in?

    If he comes back often enough, maybe ENEnews can even chip in for an award of some kind..

    Any suggestions on the award title or type?

  • Joust on warriors of the truth! stock out

  • Look up "reaction formation"

    A psychological problems of the nukers.

  • Yo MBP is a little lost dog who needs a rescue, anyone up for that?

  • 53rockwell 53rockwell

    Ahh Now ya sounding like me on a bad Saturady night . My Boyz. Love yalllz
    Give the mofos hell in a handbasket, F enm 2x

  • We Not They Finally

    please dont worry about some species….Worry about all the species including the survival of homo sapiens.,The way it looks now is all life on planet earth will soon come to an end.I surely hope the mindless greedy idiots who have foolishly opened the door to hell for all of us.We had a chance with Kennedy to share with the world our knowledge of advanced technology which the aliens and ufo information which would have made electricity gas oil and nuclear energy totally unnecessary..We could have been living in a utopia instead of a dying planet..Now we all face the same hellish end.

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