PBS Reporter Miles O’Brien: “No one likes to see ocean filled with cesium and strontium and so forth” — It’s arriving on West Coast of U.S. as we speak — “Nobody likes the idea of eating cesium from Fukushima” — “Tainted water dumped into Pacific as we speak” (AUDIO)

Published: April 25th, 2014 at 7:41 pm ET


Fukushima revisited with Miles O’Brien, BURN: An Energy Journal, March 2014:

  • At 5:00 in – Alex Chadwick, host: There are traces of this water approaching the West Coast of the US, is this a cause for worry? 
  • At 5:05 – Miles O’Brien, journalist: Well, no one likes to see the ocean filled with cesium-134 and -137 and strontium and so forth… The truth of the matter is that this plume, once it arrives at the West Coast of the US — which is really happening as we speak — once it arrives, it is so diluted that it really is far, far below… drinking water standards.
  • At 7:45 – O’Brien: Nobody likes the idea of eating cesium from Fukushima.
  • At 10:00 – O’Brien: It’s very difficult to get a handle on all the leaks that they have and of course as a result there is tainted water that is being dumped into the Pacific as we speak. The actual impact on the ocean appears to be fairly well limited to the harbor around the Fukushima plant.

Ocean far below drinking water standards on West Coast? See [intlink id=”canadian-experts-predict-fukushima-radioactivity-in-fish-shellfish-to-exceed-govt-food-limit-to-be-well-above-1000-bqkg-maximum-according-to-scientific-model-a-high-priority-looming” type=”post”]Seafood off N. American coast predicted to exceed gov’t radioactivity limit — “High priority looming threat” to global ocean from Fukushima releases — Radiation levels ‘well above’ 1,000 Bq/kg according to model[/intlink]

Limited to man-made harbor/port/bay around plant? See [intlink id=”japn-times-prime-minister-telling-outright-lies-experts-nuclear-material-has-kept-gushing-into-pacific-far-beyond-man-made-bay-fukushima-fisherman-he-must-be-kidding-he-doesnt” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Full interview available here

Published: April 25th, 2014 at 7:41 pm ET


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92 comments to PBS Reporter Miles O’Brien: “No one likes to see ocean filled with cesium and strontium and so forth” — It’s arriving on West Coast of U.S. as we speak — “Nobody likes the idea of eating cesium from Fukushima” — “Tainted water dumped into Pacific as we speak” (AUDIO)

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    The fishing industry is about to be devastated very soon. How many thousands of fishing industry people will be losing their livelihoods as more people stop buying seafood in the Pacific? Boats sitting in the docks with no where to go. Sea Food processing plants shut down. Coastal towns without work, etc. As more people switch to other protein sources, the prices of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey are going to sky rocket and become in short supply. I can see a bird plagues, and animal diseases coming and then the industries can slaughter birds and beasts
    by the millions. How much world wide starvation is coming? If the Ukraine goes crazy and reactors melt down there, all of Europe will be a radioactive wasteland. How do we explain to God and our ancestors what we have done?

  • dosdos dosdos

    The one thing that gripes me to no end is the pseudo-science being used to explain the issues. Measure the radiation in the water at one spot in the Pacific at one time, and then saying, "See, the water of all the Pacific is safe to drink because of dilution." How can they have a good picture of what is coming this way if they don't measure a multitude of spots over an extended period of time? The selective use of the scientific process is not science, it's propaganda. The people who use this method to sway an argument are not scientists, they're shills.

  • Archie

    They are ignoring some key facts about the plume. Even if it did arrive at levels lower than drinking water standards this isn't a one time event; it will continue forever, building up in the fish, deposits on beaches, and the levels of radiation will increase over time as the plants at Fukushima degrade and radiation-tainted water continues to get dumped into the ocean. Hell has come a-calling and won't be going home for…ever.

    • razzz razzz

      I don't understand that reasoning. If the Daiichi radioactive plume is less than background radiation, wouldn't one have to add rad plume levels to the existing rad levels before the plume arrived, now making it a higher level?

      Probably a mute point since the EPA and every other government agency has accepted or uses new higher background radiation levels already set to compensate for Daiichi's radioactive releases, in air or sea/water.

      So, when they say less than background levels, they really mean less than newly set background levels.

  • Seraphine Seraphine

    I'm really, REALLY sick of seeing "when it arrives on the West Coast"
    It's ALREADY HERE. I, just by myself, am sick enough w/enough telltale signs to know PERSONALLY!

  • Mack Mack

    It’s ignorant to say radiation in the ocean is okay because it’s less than drinking water standards.

    #1 Drinking water standards are unsafely high

    #2 When you swim in the ocean, your skin absorbs the water (dermal absorption). (Your skin is the largest organ in the body.)

    #3 If the water you are swimming in is contaminated, your skin can absorb contaminants and carry them systemically to the liver, etc.

    #4 Have you ever NOT swallowed water when swimming; or gotten water in your ears when swimming? That’s directly introducing contaminants into your body.

    #5 As waves break, they create mist and droplets. You can inhale the droplets. The droplets could contain contaminants which are directly introduced into your body through inhalation.

    To recap, there are 3 ways you can be exposed to contaminants in the ocean: through skin absorption; through accidental ingestion; through inhalation of droplets.

  • Ontological Ontological

    It was here in May 2011 then a FUKU fuel flea bit me and gave me skull cancer. Many debate this many lose the battle, I am not stupid. I was perfectly healthy basically before then. Now I am lucky to be alive, with no help whatsoever from those who collect billions of dollars in donations for cancer, reading about the end of mankind. It kinda sucks! It does NOT take that long to get bone cancer from a good sized particle! They consist of ALL the god dammed ELEments!

  • 52Rockwell

    So the people went down to live with the ant people.When they were all and settled Taiowa commanded Sotuknang to destroy the word. Sotuknang destroyed it by Fire ,because the Fire Clan had been its leaders.

  • PaciFistic PaciFistic

    Still feel new here despite some submissions; tons of enenews haven't seen or read. But whenever there's talk about contamination reaching the west coast or turning up in marine life here, the authoritative word always is that it's not high enough to present a danger to human health, so stop worrying.

    Alright, fine, and depending on the instance, various contaminating particles may be named. But the contamination is never disclosed in figures, nor estimates of potential levels at periodic points in the future, if certain volumes of nuclear waste discharge into the Pacific were to continue at Fukushima.

    My background isn't science, but surely there must be someone with expertise, not pro-NPP, able to provide meaningful extrapolations for varying scenarios, with figures. The general volume of the Pacific and the rest of the world's oceans can be approximated, I'm sure.

    E.g., the background contamination of the Pacific prior to Fukushima should be available as a general reference to work from. Then it could be concluded that, even as sheer speculation, if it took 3 years to get to the current level, say at some location off California…then, given the volume of radiated discharge at Fukushima remains the same, in 3 more years contamination could be at a such and such level, and so on, for a range covering 40 years.

    This would be a marked change from the usual vagueness we're handed.

    • Crickets Crickets

      PaciFistic, I agree with you to some extent, and I too am a newby here. From what I've gathered though is that getting accurate counts can be difficult, as the contaminants aren't spread evenly throughout the sea. Some even sink to the bottom where it affects living things that could be lower in the food chain. Things like algae are consumed by fish, those fish are consumed by larger fish and so on, right up to our dinner tables. Also the currents coming across the Pacific would tend to channel the FUKU contaminants in a virtual river, right to our shores here in the west coast of America. All I know is that this crap is flowing into the ocean each and every day and it seems like there's a good chance that it will continue to do so for a very, very long time. And when I see reports that try to tell us "it's still at safe levels," I see LIE written all over it.

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        Crickets……yes, am aware of most of those variables you mention. However, since the dilution model is brought up so often by pro-NPP people, then one extrapolation could ignore those variables for the most part and concentrate on basic, even, or consistent, dilution. Then we'd have something to go by, or present, even if hypothetical. In real terms, this may be meaningless, but not so meaningless when considering what pro-nukers are handing us. And they often bring up dilution as a mollifying argument against any possible contamination severity.

        In other words it may be helpful in a perverse sort of way, when it's understood that, as you indicate, we are not dealing with full general dilution, rather, with very specialized conditions presented by the dynamics of the Pacific currents and other factors.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Crickets – You have a very healthy disregard for the 'official' line.

    • vital1 vital1

      This radio interview provides a good comprehensive overview of the dynamics of contamination in the Pacific ocean from the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It also explains how bio-accummunlation in the food chain can concentrate radioactive contamination 100,000 of times or more.


    • Sol Man

      Fukushima is the major contributor, but all of the other events from the various locations are additive to the world's burden of radiation.
      My concern is of the total where prior to the point life is possible, upon reaching that point- it no longer is.

      The sun, wind, tides, and geothermal have been the earth's energy sources forever. We must do a much better job utilizing these while we search for other safe modes of generation.

      Nobody should have to worry about the world becoming uninhabitable because of our supreme folly.

  • vital1 vital1

    Cesium is just one of many different types of radioactive isotope contaminants that are constantly being release from the Fukushima Nuclear accident site into the Pacific Ocean.

    Tritium is just one of these. Tritium is being released in large amounts into the atmosphere, and into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Nuclear accident site. Their PR machine makes out that Tritium releases are harmless. This informative video tells a different story.

    04.12.2011 – Radioactive Berkeley: No Safe Dose


    The video also expressed a public concern over children visiting the Lawrence Hall of Science to exposure to tritium emissions from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (LBNL) National Tritium Labeling Facility.


    This video brings up a lot of independent research on the biological effects radioactive Tritium releases. That Tritium releases are something to be very concerned about.


    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      Thanks, vital1…..unfortunately, as have said elsewhere, can't get YouTube, radio broadcasts, webcasts, or any other audio, even flipping enenews pages is a task. Just the way my situation is here, and can't do anything about it, at least for some time.

      Enenews with limitations is still very good to have, and grateful for it.

      Appreciate very much everyone's continuing dedication here.

      Perhaps I can add something interesting here. Astrologers say that currently the now-dwarf planet Pluto is transiting the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, which among other things is related to the corporate world, and also to major systems and structures of all types.

      The significance of this passage is that Pluto, being the Lord of the Underworld and thus very powerful, is doing a number on many aspects of Capricorn. This is all symbolical representation yet meaningful nonetheless. Pluto wears a helmet which renders him invisible; also, his effect is said to be highly toxic as he roots out corruption and unworkable setups. Invisibility and toxicity. There we have it!

      Those interested in the truth will with some effort come to understand radiation as a byproduct of their conscientiousness, a reward of sorts, because they will then have knowledge of what they are faced with. It will be of help in times of danger. Pluto does bring rewards, apparently, but with an ironic twist of sorts.

      Therefore it pays to have sense for irony, which pro-nukers don't!

  • vital1 vital1

    When you add the Sr-90, Am-241, Pu-239, etc. and all the other 100 some odd isotopes in the water, the total radiation would be much more impressive."

    North Pacific Ocean water is now a mixture of toxic chemicals, and a verity of Radioactive isotopes, not just Cesium!

    All this weakens the immune systems of animals and humans, we could see viruses that would normally be under check become more infectious, or mutation of a viruses strain into more infectious strains.

    The Toxicity multiplying effect.

    A single toxin in the environment can be a hazard, and maybe an organism's
    natural biological defense systems can deal with this effectively. If an
    organism has other toxins present radiological and chemical, to deal with at the same time, you get a biological toxicity multiplying effect. The human or animal defense systems becomes weaker the more toxins it
    has to deal with.

    System overload, fighting to many battles on to many fronts at the same time!

    In the long term more human and animal life may die from the indirect effects of the radioactive contamination, as a result of the weakened immune systems, or from virus mutations. Hence the wide spread animal die off reports.

    The Enenews forum "Methods for combating radiation and its effects," has lots of information on how to detox, and strengthen your immune systems.


  • Wyakin Wyakin

    V1-yes, radioactive trash emissions from FU are indeed far more than Cesium alone, and centuries from cessation.

    Miles, the latest spokesperson from the Ministry of Peace.

    The Atomic Energy Commission, successors Energy Research and Development Agency and Department of Energy, all were forced to pursue increasingly refined methods of controlling the perception of hazard of radioactive fission trash being spewed over the landmasses, populations, and food sources because of increasing public awareness.

    The biosphere is a radionuclide concentrator, not as nuclearists fancifully propagandize, a dilutor. The biological effects of fission trash byproducts have been known since the 1950s.

    Radiation protection agencies continue to uphold antiquated models of radiation exposure, developed before DNA was discovered. The ICRP model inadequately describes how internal emitters interact with living systems, and narrowly recognizes only direct radiation damage to the DNA molecule which initiates malignant growth though the extension of a stochastic system of radiation measurement, in direct disregard of radiation effects on the cellular level and on genomic stability.

    This should be a professional embarrassment for anyone using this model or referencing any food or water safety standards therein derived. The molecular effects of low level radiation on DNA is astoundingly destructive in so many ways, including those not well understood.

  • vital1 vital1

    A Comment just posted in response to a recent Kevin Blanch Youtube video "PACIFIC FISH FULL OF RADIATION".


    Hey Kevin…we met a couple years back in Salt Lake City at the state capitol building during a Monsanto rally…we spoke about my old youtube channel, as well as my employment in the seafood processing industry in Alaska…told you about the unusual burn marks on the cod we processed being a direct result of radiation poisoning…well my friend, i just returned from Alaska a couple weeks ago and i am never going back to that industry again!

    The fish out there are getting worse, and of course the large company i worked for are hiding the facts due to the billions upon billions of dollars tied up in the Alaskan fishing industry…they issue gag orders, refuse folks to film or take photos in the factory areas…and threaten to fire anyone who disobeys their orders….well, i no longer work for them…so here i am telling my story…good luck in San Fransisco….keep fighting the good fight…i am retiring soon due to my military benefits coming in…so that will free up my time to join the fight with all you amazing warriors out there :)


    Fukushima Breaking NEWS; PACIFIC FISH FULL OF RADIATION; kevin D. blanch 4/26/14


  • Mack Mack

    TRITIUM in the Pacific Ocean—>

    “20 to 40 trillion Becquerels of tritium have now been discharged into the Pacific Ocean”

    “Tritium combines within the DNA molecule inducing mutations. In numerous animal experiments tritium causes birth defects, cancers of various organs including brain and ovaries, and it induces testicular atrophy and mental retardation at surprisingly low doses. Tritium is organically taken up in food and is concentrated in fish, vegetables, and other food groups, and it remains radioactive for over 120 years. Ingestion of contaminated food causes 10 percent to combine in the human body where it can remain for many years continuously irradiating cells.”

    Source: Dr. Caldicott: http://rt.com/op-edge/fukushima-catastrophe-health-japan-803/

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Our planet is getting wrecked by a single nuclear plant.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    And we have 400 more Nuclear Plant Failures to go..we all will be dead or mutants soon.. 🙁

    Lets be clear here, all of these 400 built Nuclear Plants will fail or breakdown since they are manmade machines..this is not up for discussion. 🙁

    Extermination of Planet Earth right around the corner unless we change this current energy direction..

    • vital1 vital1

      There are around 1,000 nuclear reactors in the world, 442 for generating electricity. Fifty two off these are in Japan, a very earthquake active zone. There are another 250 research reactors, and the rest are military.

      There a probably more we don't know about!

      There are also plans to build another 50+ nuclear power reactors for generating electricity in India and China, in the next decade alone.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Ok then, we will have 1000+ failures in the near future..that will pretty much end it (life) as we know it and they had better get some life off this planet and soon…or life as we know it will be extinguished from this part of the universe.. . 🙁

  • vital1 vital1

    These facts point to one very straight forward conclusion, the Universe is full of life!

    It appears human beings have a very exaggerated sense of self importance. I think it is time for the human race to have bit of humility, and realise that the universe can very easily cope without its existence!

    It may be a shame that potentially, humans had a chance to develop into a responsible universal citizens but blew it because of an exaggerated sense of individual, and group importance!

    This psychotic sense of self importance has lead to the view that we are masters of the universe. Look, we’re stuck on a small speck of dust in the middle of nowhere, in the unimaginable vastness of time and space. Yet we still haven’t learnt to live together, and help each other, and respect the delicacy of Earth’s biosphere.

    How clear and obvious can the facts make it. If the human race is to flourish, and continue to exist, we collectively have to make fundamental changes in our thinking, and actions.

    • vital1 vital1

      Greed and power serve no purpose except to feed a psychotic sense of self importance.

      Our survival depends on on our ability to cooperated, and live together, plus respect all the other life on the planet. The diversity of life on earth can survive without humans but humans can’t survive without that diversity. We share the Earth with other life on which we depend for our very survival. Our sense of owning the Earth is an illusion!

      Clearly this also shows that we should have great humility in the face of the facts. Even on this planet our importance is not very significant. The planet and life will survive without us, and life in other forms will go on if we mess this up.

      We collectively need to remove from power and influence those who beat their chests like primitive apes, saying to the rest of us, look how much wealth I have accumulated, look how much power I have.

      If we let these people have control over human destiny it will lead to our destruction. They only have their self interest at heart. We need to get everyone collectively focusing on, and looking after each others interests, which are quite simple really.

      • vital1 vital1

        Collective Priorities for human life.

        Have fresh clean air to breath.

        To have clean water to drink.

        Have fresh food to eat.

        Have good shelter.

        For you and your children to live in a healthy safe environment.

        To live in a free and supportive community, that understands that individual rights have to be balanced with social responsibility.

        For this to happen we have to look after each others interests which are all the same. This means collectively looking after Earth’s biosphere, because it is what sustains human life.

        Human technologies that destroy these precious life sustaining biosphere resources in their resource extraction, mass manufacture, distribution, or disposal should not be made. The “Story of Stuff” explains the effect of the misuse of technology in our present system very well.


        Technology should be use for improving the quality of life and our biosphere, not for the creation of lots of junk that destroys it!

        If there is a God, this God has created a spectacular universe. God does not need you, or anyone to impose what is a very distorted view of what God is on to other humans in attempt to feed an exaggerated sense of self importance. Because frankly no matter what religion you are you have absolutely no idea what God is. God created a huge expansive universe, we live in and on an immensely small speck of it.

        • vital1 vital1

          Until we learn to live together, and cooperated with each other, I don’t see God letting us get any further.

          Maybe this is a very wise part of Universal design. Learn to love and cooperated with each other, and respect the gift of the biosphere in which you live, or die out. This seems to me to be a very effective law of the universe whether you believe in God or not.

      • vital1 vital1

        Typo correction; cooperated should be cooperate

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, or die out, and this is not working well these days for most of us and there will be no proffered solution for all our constant needs and human wants..
    "Our survival depends on on our ability to cooperated, and live together, plus respect all the other life on the planet."

    Gimme, gimme more.. 🙁

    You people must be blessed since you have so much more..praise God! Love your cross by the way..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "The actual impact on the ocean appears to be fairly well limited to the harbor around the Fukushima plant."

    And what is the impetus for the radiation to remain in the harbor?
    Miles is in complete denial of the ocean currents.
    Tons entering the Pacific daily ..but it is only affecting the harbor?
    How so?

    • tsfw tsfw

      Heart all those starfish must have crawled the ocean floor all the way from Japan 😛

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I never said that the starfish problem was radiation caused or induced ..but I suspect so.
        I also suspect the damage to the seals to be of the same.


        I suspect the same here ..damage by direct exposure ..and/or enough exposure to allow for secondary conditions to manifest .. bacterial blight.

        Seaweed farm dead in Hachinohe city / Rotten and blighted / Fisher “Haven’t seen such a damage”
        April 24 2014


        • tsfw tsfw

          When we look at the symptoms, the number of species affected within the specific areas, and in the time frame involved, it becomes pretty obvious. The list is just too long and the effects too severe to ignore. I wonder what's going on down there as we speak. What creatures are suffering, dying, conjoining …
          Where are the marine biologists, they don't seem to divulge much.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..Miles should gather all the bucks he can…because…
    A. Someday..[perhaps soon)..and 'they' will be through with him.
    (he'll have done his 'seedy' bit)
    B. He's a liar.

  • id8

    What is he lying about?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Of course .. truth proves itself.
      The next person over from him is worried about the radiation in the Pacific not just the harbor.
      I think he knows better.

      Let's let .. physical reality and time take ..their course ..for a bit.
      Ask me again …further down the road.

      • id8

        That Miles seems to be the lone media gun covering this is frustrating.
        I wish he would pound the point that the US is not even bothering to measure the radiation. I tell people that, they don't believe it.
        I get the rolled eyes, "oh oh, lookout, he is one of <i>those</i>" shtick. This within ground zero of Vermont Yankee, where NPPs are not popular, yet people just don't want to know.
        There becomes the same kind of blind confidence in the authorities that is stifling the Japanese right now.
        I can't understand why anyone believes anything they say. I too question everyone, everything.

        Media, driven by audience size has a genuine reason to stay away from it, folks change the channel, just as my good neighbors here dial me out. So rather than take it out on Miles, I send him notes, thanking him, telling him to keep it up.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I'm sorry I was rough on Miles..
        Here in the rabbit hole ..those that know the truth often tell the best 'stories'.
        Often..not 'one in the same'.

        We'll see.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Miles..can talk to the masses. ..and tell what I consider partial truths.
    But here ..he isn't addressing the masses.

    • id8

      Let him know we are here, let him know we want more. Let him know the criticism. All of these enterprises are audience driven. Politics is driven by numbers, poll numbers. We need to become a force, people who will not be dismissed, will not be ignored.
      The coverage of this issue is pathetic. The fact that there is not already a major internationally driven effort is a crime. Meanwhile, the trillion dollar NPP industry is positing itself as our savior from the ravages of carbon dioxide.
      Carol Browner, former EPA Administrator and Obama Administration climate “czar” has signed on with Exelon’s Nuclear Matters front group and was named chair of the board of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), the nation’s leading environmental political action committee.
      That this is coming form the "left" and supposed environmentalists means there is effectively no political counterweight anymore.

      We need to become that counterweight, we need to push this.
      Let them know.

  • sworldpeas

    "and so forth" is the new "banana"

    • GQR2

      You're onto something sworldpeas.
      Stock ought to add it to his list of lies and obfuscations just a red flag phrase.
      haiku material for sure.

      • sworldpeas

        Good morning GQ. You know you're being LIED to when the on-going releases of highly radioactive isotopes from "world's worst" nuclear accident are being referred to as "and so forth" Or when you're told dilution is the solution. or or or 🙁
        and now a Haiku…

        Reporter my ass
        Miles and Miles of lies
        Can't fool Enenews

    • bo bo

      So true, if we are lucky plutonium is filed under 'so forth' 'etc.' 'and other radionuclides' – but usually omitted altogether

      • bo bo

        Sneaky propaganda misinforming the public, pretending to inform:



        'There are a few forms of radiation, but the most deadly that are currently polluting the planet are cesium-137 and electromagnetic radiation.

        With recent radiation tests done by county officials on the shores of California showing a 500 percent increase in radiation, it is now widely believed by experts that cesium-137 has entered the food chain so any seafood caught in the Pacific ocean is very suspect of significant contamination.

        However, that is not as widespread a concern as electromagnetic radiation. With the omnipresence of wifi signals, cell phones, TVs, computers, and microwaves this type of radiation is nearly impossible to avoid.'

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    “No one likes to see ocean filled with cesium and strontium and so forth” — It’s arriving on West Coast of U.S. as we speak"

    "The actual impact on the ocean appears to be fairly well limited to the harbor around the Fukushima plant."

    He can't have both ways..
    Which is it?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I don't have to listen to ..'double speak'.

  • bo bo

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a fence

  • GQR2

    That's just it,we can't see it,so therefore the PTB can ignore it,minimize it, not test for it, Lie about it, say things Like nobody likes to see that…like he is talking about a damn pot hole.
    oh really..how so? as Heart would say.
    How is it stable, exactly?

  • tsfw tsfw

    Stable like Lindsey Lohan.

  • ftlt

    Our food chain is being made toxic in plenty of other ways.

    Sugar in everything at = Toxic Levels

    Produce and grains engineered GMOed for resistance to super toxic pesticides and herbicides that we then consume in massive amounts.

    Chemicals in our food – See the Red Bull story – Banned in many countries for its chemical toxicity.

    Plastic containers = super toxic to children

    Factory farmed toxic meat – served almost everywhere you dine out and all prepackaged meat meals.

    Birth control, fracking and plenty more toxic chemicals in our drinking water.

    What's the harm of a few radionuclides in our food then?

    Heck, they might even be good for you. Just ask the food scientists at your local university. The ones who work on food industry funded grants – they'll tell you the truth

    Over the last 20 years, the food we now are given to eat does not even look like let alone taste the way it did before when I was young. Mush like chicken meat without any developed major tendons ought to scream at you. The "green revolution" is for cyborgs not humans.

    FUFU is just part of the problem.

  • "traces" "Like sitting in a stuffy basement"


    "This basically worked out as a pilot study," Neville said. "Because we did find these results, we were able to get a grant to look at albacore in much higher numbers all along the West Coast," Neville said.

    Ahh,, they got a bag of dirty money from URS and CO to prostitute themselves tripping over the obvious.

  • Doc Lemm

    I live in Ocean Shores, WA and take my rad meter out to check the yard and beach… Nothing so far and with voluminous amount of fresh wind and rain right off the Ocean, we'd had been hit along time ago… Repeat nothing happening. Do some testing before crying wolf!

    • Mack Mack

      Hey Doc – Exactly what levels/numbers are you finding, and do you happen to know what the levels/numbers were in your area pre-Fukushima? Thanks.

    • zogerke zogerke

      Ditto, Doc Lemm: Curious to know what kind of meter you are using, and what your baseline was before Fuku; and inside and outside variations? TY

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Doc, you will have a very, very large area needing to be checked, the coast line and your state are both long and huge, since Radiation Contamination never disperses evenly anywhere on this planet…its all a very sporadic event.

      Glad your checking and if you could post your specific locations and specific readings obtained each time that would be great. 🙂

      Pretty sure that is why we periodically see identified cancer clusters in certain regions, but often the contamination moves about and away from these cluster and the cancer is still present in surrounding areas, but just not as prevalent as in the exact cluster region identified.

      Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • sworldpeas

      Hi Doc, just because it's raining at your house but not across the street does not mean it's not raining at all. kwim

  • ftlt

    Any word on the sink hole in LA?

    Pretty quiet on that front.

    Has it stabilized?

  • 5 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is A Dead End Technology, by Jeremy Rifkin – Advisor To Heads Of State Around The World

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Venting via Kevin Blanch..

    Fukushima Breaking NEWS; PACIFIC FISH FULL OF RADIATION; kevin D. blanch 4/26/14


    Cesium, iodine and tritium in NW Pacific waters – a comparison of the Fukushima impact with global fallout

    "The water column data indicate that the transport of Fukushima-derived radionuclides downward to the depth of 300 m has already occurred."