PBS Reporter: “The whole world needs to pay attention” to what’s going on at Fukushima — “Magnitude of mess is actually staggering” — “We really don’t know how they’re going to clean it up” — “Reminds me of the cartoon Fantasia” (VIDEO)

Published: March 24th, 2014 at 1:17 pm ET


PRI’s The World, Mar. 11, 2014 — PBS Newshour science reporter Miles O’Brien: The overall impression I had was what an overwhelming – the magnitude of the mess is actually staggering. […] Each and every day 100,000 gallons of water becomes too toxic to allow to get into the sea. So Tepco is – it kind of reminds me of the cartoon Fantasia, the sorcerer’s apprentice – they’re building a tank there every other 250,000 gallon tank to capture this water and try to avoid it going into the Pacific. Unfortunately they’re not fully succeeding. […] There really is no easy solution to start cleaning up that mess, to start capturing that fuel. […] That is a task which is very difficult. No one has built a robot that can do that kind of work under that kind of circumstances. So we really don’t know how they’re going to clean it up at this point. >> Listen to the interview here

NBC’s Today Show
, Mar. 11, 2014 (at 5:30 in) — NBC: This story seems really important to you personally. Miles O’Brien: It is. It’s an ongoing crisis there. I think we all think it’s kind of over, but every day hundreds of thousands of gallons of water get contaminated at that site and they have to be tanked up, held there somehow — and some of it is leaking into the Pacific Ocean. The whole world needs to pay attention to this and help the Japanese as they try to clean that mess up.

Watch the Today Show interview here

Published: March 24th, 2014 at 1:17 pm ET


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76 comments to PBS Reporter: “The whole world needs to pay attention” to what’s going on at Fukushima — “Magnitude of mess is actually staggering” — “We really don’t know how they’re going to clean it up” — “Reminds me of the cartoon Fantasia” (VIDEO)

  • bo bo

    In the PRI interview there was a quick mention of polonium found in tuna, then a quick write-off: 'oh but polonium…that's natural, and harmless…'

    Is this true? Purely curious. A quick search yielded wildly differing views. Confused. 🙁

    • earthsmith earthsmith

      Bo polonium is radioactive and there are different isotopes of it I believe but someone else probably knows more. And it is found naturally. Can't be good.
      And Mr. O'Brien should realize that the radioactive water is already here. Sure he is saying something but makes it seen like it's staying over there.

      • We Not They Finally

        Isn't polonium-210 sort of instant death? Remember the Russian journalist assassinated in London with polonium-210?

  • Substitute polonium for plutonium.. this is the answer…

    Is There 'Natural' Plutonium And Are There 'Natural' Fission Reactions? via @AGreenRoad

  • The goal of the nuclear industry is to confuse you, so that you give up resisting them.

    They have a playbook of lies, and this is one of them..

    They say that all of the man made things that they produce are 'natural'.

    Pure baloney..

    • Yep the soc troll must have had a weekend off, I guess that means after months of collecting unemployment and "conuslting checks" from the the nuke prop machine, he was pimping out the

      "plutonium is a naturally occuring daughter of uranium" jeez, we get more 2 headed whales than naturally occuring Pu daughters of Uranium, it is astronmically unlikely.

    • Cisco Cisco

      Exactly Dr. G! Dead on.

  • Lively discussion a this Cali news sites with a bunch of denyiers and downplayer jumping on my case….

    One even saying, there is no more cancer now than in 1920, we are just better at detecting it…..jeez!


  • Nick

    "A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has praised Japan for making progress in stabilising the Fukushima nuclear plant."

    This same team is scheduled to pay a quick visit to WIPP to praise their robust PR campaign.

    • We Not They Finally

      I've given up trying to even consider that the IAEA is capable of making credible statements. I've given up thinking that they are even credible humans. It's the emptiness of evil.

  • Folks, please review this EPA data that shows that many tens of tons of Uranium (and about 3% of that was Plutonium) was aerosolized into the atmosphere.

    Whether it was a nuclear type criticality explosion or not, the facts stand by themselves, the entire Pacific including Cali and Oregon was dusted heavily will subsequent rainouts.

    this is PROOF, you can argue about was it only half as much or was it double, but in any honest look, it was massive and we were lied to.


    • Cisco Cisco

      Nice stock!

      • Glad you like it, spread the word, go on to other sites and post comments and direct them to ENENEWS, AGreenRoad, NukePro.

        I am not sure how many people are now "awake". Maybe 200,000? But the way it works in the world, is that somehow, magically, through energy, collection conciousness, a master plan, magnetic fields….whatever, the mechanism doesn't matter to me as an engineer. As a scientist, sure I want to know the mechanism, but as the feet on the ground, rubber meets the road, roll up your shirt sleeves and get 'er done Engineer, I just care about action and reaction.

        The action I speak of is the 100 Monkey Rule.
        And coincidentally the 100 Monkey Phenomonem with a Japanese Monkey, Macaca Fuscata, on the island of Koshima. Keep in mind, its an island.

        After 1 young Monkey liked sweet potatos but didn't like the dirt, so she figured out to wash it in the stream, slowly other young Monkeys followed with the washing in the stream, mostly only the young ones, after about 6 years, ALL of the young Monkeys and a few older ones were washing in the stream. Then one morning a new Monkey took up the washing habit, call him the 100th Monkey, and by that evening ALL of the rest of the island Monkey started washing in the stream, even Monkeys that had been observing but holding out for years.

        Pretty amazing, right! Then the habit transferred across other islands, and then to the Mainland. How? Who knows, but lets hope Humans are…

        • as responsive as Monkeys. Google it. Here is one link.


          So let's say we have 200,000 people awake on USA island. What if you spread the word…what if you bring 5 more people to being awake, realizing the awful mess this whole nuclear and radiation lies are….would one of those be the one?

          Would they Tip It?

          Tip it good!

          I have an intuition that we are close to a tipping point. Spend 1 hour per day making comments at other sites, especially now at WIPP. When the local revolt against the WIPP, that could be the tipping point of the whole USA.

          • hanaloa hanaloa

            Thank you, Stock for sharing the 100th Monkey phenomenon. I was directed to this book (The Hundredth Monkey) as a young adult and it had a profound effect on my thinking, especially because it was written in the context of a world on the verge of nuclear catastrophe. There are many skeptics who doubt the veracity of the story due to varying accounts of the actual study, but I believe that the theme is highly relevant and worthy of passing on.

            Another important aspect of the story as written by Ken Keyes, Jr. is the described phenomenon of younger monkeys teaching the older monkeys to wash their potatoes.
            The idea was that generally the older monkeys could not teach themselves or other older monkeys to wash their potatoes. Only the younger monkeys could teach them. Regardless if this story is an urban myth or parable, I think many of us can intuitively sense the truth of this idea. Perhaps the old adage could just well be that only a young dog can teach an old dog new tricks. Iʻm sure many of you parents can attest to that.

            Aloha Aina,
            Malama Aina
            Love for the Land
            Care for the Land

        • Homolumina Homolumina

          It was Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist, with others who wanted to find out how a group of isolated monkeys on an island discover new food resources and introduced potatoes to the monkey population. They displayed a certain sequence of behavior that was observed with all the monkeys on all the islands (being curious, licking the potato, biting it, then washing it in the ocean) . After a certain amount – I think it were 51 percent – had gone through that sequence, suddenly the rest of the monkeys behaved as if potato has always been their food, washed it and ate it. To explain this phenomenon Sheldrake defined that morphogenetic fields – quantum fields – do the interspecies communication, and when you have reached 51 percent saturation with new information, suddenly that information is available to the whole group that belongs to a quantum field.

  • Replacant Replacant

    How does a functioning nuclear plant deal with the water that is in contact with the reactor core? In three years they haven't built a water treatment building? Crazy making Tepco & Japans failures!

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Sort of difficult to build a water treatment building with how radioactive the area is.

      You could not let any equipment leave the site because it would be impossible to clean it up before it left.

      One would also need a water treatment technology, which at this point seems pretty obvious to be non-existent.

      Keep in mind that there was little if any training for a contained melt down, let alone complete melt through X3!

      And we have little info about just exactly has happened at Unit 4.

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    So now it begins…the general population is slowly getting acclimated to the true reality of this catastrophe.

    Feels all the more like "On The Beach" to me.

    • PaciFistic Pacifistic

      You know, the US atom-bombed the Japanese into submission. Not just with one bomb, but unnecessarily with two. And that was after, I think, the vast fire-bombing of Tokyo, which killed more than the A-bombs, right?

      Mind you, they had to bring the war to an end with the least loss of American lives. It's not as if Fukushima is a deliberate payback, obviously, but now it's all coming back across the Pacific, like, what goes around comes around.

      Somehow it all seems kind of karmic.

      • We Not They Finally

        But the Japanese are suiciding themselves at the same time. Somehow, I'm not clear that karma works that way.

      • PaciFistic Pacifistic

        What I mean is, if indeed it is karmic, then the onus is on us to help fix the situation. Not sit on the sidelines and bemoan our fate.

        Well, petitions have been signed. One I think went to the UN. Local councils, in California and Alaska, have passed pro-active resolutions to monitor the environment and make available the results, to urge the federal government to act, and so on. The whole world needs to bear down on the Japanese government to allow us to help, instead of stonewalling, hiding the truth and whatever else negative they're getting up to.

        More than anything, we need to convince our own citizenry of the truth of the situation. With the nuclear industry sabotaging our efforts, it may turn out to be an up hill battle.

        • PaciFistic Pacifistic

          *We Not They Finally,* how do you think karma works? I'd be interested to know. However it is, IMO, the Japanese themselves have heavy karma. Which is why they got A-bombed in the first place. It's not as if the American military were thinking karmically. We are all merely subjects, i.e., subject to a natural law, which in itself is most impersonal. Do unto others, etc.

          The Japanese have not taken care of their history. Rather, they, and am here citing their right-wing faction, have really persisted in their attempt to revise Japan's history, much to the chagrin of their Asian neighbours against whom they had committed great atrocities during the second world war. Basically white washing it. Very contrary to how Germany went about healing their past; the Japanese went the opposite way by denying.

          Lost decade? The West liked to soft pedal it for them too. The truth is, it's been going on 25 years now since the Nikkei stock index went on a near-death downward spiral, which never got close to begin re-winding.

          Now, they're dealing with a second round of Plutonium, as Pluto the Lord of the Underworld transits Capricorn, the zodiacal sign of corporate affairs, high finance, and high-end systems of all types. And Pluto, as an enforcer of transformation, astrologers will tell you, is highly toxic. Talk about irony. A repeat situation because the Japanese haven't dealt with their karma. But we must deal with ours properly, however clumsy they are with…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        My understanding of karma is it is a religious subject. Please no discussion of religion here. If my religion isn't allowed here, neither is yours, be it Buddhist, Hindu, whatever.

        Thanks. And IMO the Japanese never deserved to be bombed. And payback is a bitch, no matter who's getting it.

        Let's please not get our debased human impulses toward hatred, the desire to kill, and revenge mixed up with cosmic forces such as so-called, "karma."

        Ask the Japanese about karma. I'm sure they can tell you a lot about it, since the concept is a deeply ingrained part of their culture.

        • PaciFistic Pacifistic

          To discuss this respectfully without arguing, while noting you asked for no discussion of religion here, because then I would guess your discussion is not religious despite your understanding (it is not mine) karma is a religious subject. And I say respectfully as I'm just going by what you said, and am not putting words in your mouth.

          As for whether the Japanese 'deserved' to be bombed, please recall my attempt to indicate that karma is tied to our personal history even as it belongs to natural law which is universal, and therefore impersonal. We make our own history by our action, and the meaning of karma, strictly speaking, is 'action,' which ties in with the process of cause followed by effect, and it is our action which is the cause of any related effect. 'Deserve' is our attribution of human feeling with regard to the working of this law, which you rightly point out can be a problem.

          It's true. The Japanese are most familiar with karma, which they call 'innen,' hopefully correctly transliterated. Then why haven't they (a certain highly vocal and powerful segment of their society) taken care of their history without attempting to change or deny it. The answer I think is human failing, which we are all subject to in some area of our character or another.

          Deserve is a tricky term. If one doesn't hoe one's garden there will be weeds, whether one deserves that result or not, as you, HoTaters, could well agree…right? And do we not reap what…

          • PaciFistic Pacifistic

            …what we sow?

            I don't belong to or have a 'religion,' but do know that karma was/is a Sanskrit term used by the Hindus.

            Does that make karma a religious term? I think not. And you referred to it as a 'cosmic' force. My sense of the cosmos is that it is impersonal, even if filled brimful of force.

            It's due to this sense that karma is not essentially (i.e., solely) tied to religion that it has gradually come to be accepted into almost common usage in our society, our thinking and our language, taking up an honoured place beside The Golden Rule.

            Thanks for your comment, HoTater. It's a reminder how important it is to be clear about our terms, especially one which is not about endearment. But tied to necessity and responsibility.

            • PaciFistic Pacifistic

              Apologies! My bad!

              Karma in Japanese is 'inga,' not 'innen.' Although the latter has the idea of the law of causation, cause and effect, it's used more with the meaning of fate/destiny.

              A little dyslexia on reading long-ago almost forgotten memory/usage.

  • Nick

    "The principle advice for the Japanese government was that it should "cautiously balance" the different factors that affect the net benefit of clean-up to ensure the actual reduction of radiation doses to the public. "They are advised to avoid over-conservatism which could not effectively contribute to the reduction of exposure rates."15 November 2011

    The IAEA was there in 2011 and 2013. No indication from them that Fukushima is a fiasco, an unwarranted experiment on a planetary scale, etc.

  • ftlt

    NPR is the enemy of the people.

    It is a globalist reactionary mouthpiece.

    The Exxon Valdez's damage award slashed today – our living space loses again to the "private property" rights agenda.

    Can FUFU be seen as any different by these greed crazed capitalists and their hirelings? NO!!!!

    They will choose to ignore FUFU, like all else that is inconvenient, with the same power of positive thinking, the innate atavism of their class and all their lies/myths, they create to believe in. All so, they can validate their right to live in wealth. power and splendor, while all else suffers to maintain their exalted positions at the top of the dung heap they have created.

    Smash Globalism and Capitalism now, or our earth is doomed. (The funny and righteous thing is, it will take the glutenous capitalist pigs with it. HA..HA..HA)

    OCCUPY!!!!! And Fight For A New Socialism!

    • ftlt


      Nice article on extreme weather. Read the quote at the bottom.

      It will make the denialists cringe.

      The denial lies and myths they spin to maintain the status quo know no bounds.

      Nuclear Power/Weapons and Climate Change are part of the same problem = greed and stupidity.

      Live Well Not Better

    • bo bo

      Glad I can always count on you to smash NPR into smithereens. Thanks ftlt.

    • orsobubu orsobubu

      Ftlt, I agree in general, but I have to disagree on the strategic directions that seem to emerge from your post. If you're referring to "Occupy" as a reminder to the Occupy Movement, I believe that kind of radical, not top-down, not centralistic organizations are a failure. Also I do not agree with the call for a "new socialism", and believe that the solution is the opposite, a rediscovery of the "old" Leninism.

      • We Not They Finally

        "Occupy" got co-opted so quickly, there was not even a CHANCE to be "radical, "not-top-down." And we seem to have done terribly with ANY "ism." IMHO.

        • ftlt

          WE: Co-opted???? Only, if by being beaten and jailed by the 1000s is being co-opted.

          It was important.

          Hard with stand the force of the police state, the fixed courts, the influence of the globalist's puppet state apparatus and winter out of doors. They did good. They were a spark.

          The outrage only needs the right spark to be ignited at the right time. Then the movements will coalesce into an irresistible force. Certainly, there is fuel for it everywhere one looks. FUFU and nuclear madness being at the top of the list of fuels.

        • orsobubu orsobubu

          Why, WNTF? "-isms" are only a semantic way to express ideologic content. Everything produced by our brain is an -ism. For example, both you and me are anti-nuclear-ists.

        • orsobubu orsobubu

          WNTF, a clarification on the term "radical": in the sense I intend it, a revolutionary opposition cannot be radical, and Occupy was a radical minoritarian opposition: radicalism, to me, is a strategy about extreme fight on singular, civil battles on specific topics, aiming to subvert those specific policies, in the sense to enlarge freedom of choice against conservatorism only in that specific sector of social organization (but not exclusively: a right wing party could fight a radical battle on reactionary purposes). For example, a fight against a specific use of monetary policies, or against apartheid, or for abortion freedom, are "radical". To the contrary, a battle to end the use of class exploitation, capitalistic production and money market is "revolutionary". In Italy, for example, the radical party is entirely in favour of european wars against dictatorships in Middle-eadst or Africa, or it is in favour of von Mises' free market libertarian economy. All of these are not revolutionary, they distract people away from real structural problems. They assume that capitalistic way of production is here to stay forever. Also battle against nuclear energy is "radical". But, in my opinion, it is the only radical battle that prevails on revolutionary instances.

      • ftlt

        Orso: Look at the take of the socialist websites. They are living in some strange past. Global Research . CA is a fine example of what is wrong and weird with these economist Trotskyites and Leninist elitists – with clear strong ties to the failed old guard in Moscow.

        Counter Punch . com is a much better leftist site.

        There is much more exciting stuff going on in Latin America now. Where they have a different people first needs and input driven mindset and approach. It is a new socialism. It has links to the Latin based syndicalist socialist movements of Europe in the late 18th and early 20th centuries.

        Hopefully it will take hold and succeed there against the tide of the globalist onslaught. Look what is happening in Venezuela today where the 1% are rioting – we are being fed lies about it daily here in the media. Or what happened during the CIA run/aided dirty wars and operations like Condor in the 70s in the Cone of S. America and Brazil. Also, the movement is taking hold in Central America. We saw what happened in Honduras.

        There is room for change and evolution in socialism – there must be or it will fail.

        • orsobubu orsobubu

          ftlt, in my opinion, organizations like GR (thanx, I didn't know it), counterpunch etc are intellectualistic efforts all INSIDE to the bourgoisie circle of capitalistic production. They stay on one side, or one another side, but they don't really organize a structure outside the system. Often, they make profits from it. For example, GR opposes tax heavens, where a leninistic position is against money in general. Having such a revolutionary tasks, leninist movements cannot rely on bourgeoisie institutions or structures, like the internet, to advance their grasp on population. They have to run idependent structures rooted on real territories, not virtual communities or ethereal websites, which will be closed when the global crisis arrive. About south and central america democratic socialist experiences: nothing new, we've already seen countless national state capitalistic regimes like those, in the last century: they regularly fail in the struggle against imperialism, sometimes they aim to imperialistic policies themselves. Finally, I cannot catch your link between Lenin or Trotsky and bourgeoisie economists in America or elites in Moscow; Stalin killed ALL leninists. You have a clear method to distinguish among so-called "internationalists": real ones (aka leninists) tries to build class structures among workers, spreaded on different continents. Very different from national solutions. Also, they never endorse or join false bourgeoisie instruments like democratic…

          • orsobubu orsobubu

            … like democratic elections.

            • ftlt

              OOrso: Lenin was just an evolution. When capitalism fails as we know it must, (assuming it does not destroy all complex animal life forms first. – not a strong assumption haha, we will see what we get.

              Certainly, what comes after it will be a strong central state/global apparatus. What direction that apparatus will take nobody can be certain of – even within the confines of socialism.

              Marx was only a quantified starting point. Lenin added to it. What comes after that will add to it.

              Socialism is not found in some "holy book" like the bible. Written by those who were close to the godhead of socialist thought and must be obeyed to the letter.

              Socialism at its core is only the rejection of the individual's right to privately hold and control the means of production (regardless of the interests of the greater social group.) It is that simple.

              Conversely, capitalism embraces and protects the interests of those who individually control the means of production (regardless of the interests of the greater social group.). It is that simple.

              Don't get stuck in the mud seeking marxist-leninist cook book perfection. Socialism is evolving. Baby steps first.

              Capitalism took from about 1350 (following the Black Death) until the end of the World War to take full state power in most of the industrialized world. That is over 600 years. One would hope, socialism's rise will be accelerated as our world has been shrunk by technology.

              • orsobubu orsobubu

                Yes, it is all correct also for me. I wonder which is exactly a real example of party/movement you take as a model today, ftlt.

                • ftlt

                  Orso: There is none right now that I am involved in. I'm not in the forefront of any movement nor is there a viable socialist organization in the land mass once known as the USA.

                  Plus, I'm old now. It is a young persons game.

                  I would suspect, socialism will take hold here later rather than earlier – given that the region is ground zero for the major Anglo-globalist empire of today. Plus, our people are still mollified by the hope of a share in the rapidly diminishing opportunity of class mobility. *** The myth of prosperity ***.

                  Austerity is the thing that might make bring change. It has been in full swing for over 40 years. We have been given the proverbial frog on the stove routine by the globalists. We're at boil now.

                  The Amerikan province of the empire, is generally quite far to the right. It is moving ever more towards outright open imperial fascism. It is also beset by an always exploited lingering racial divide, exploitation by political active reactionary religious institutions and a mind numbing indoor "shut-in" isolated TV culture.

                  The critical mass for a vital socialist party/movement is yet far off.IMO

                  Will the USA provide international leadership on the left? I doubt it very much. Unless, there is the unthinkable – global war. Then what will be left to provide leadership too.

                  I do think involvement in the anti-nuclear, the environmental (along with climate change) and broad based social street movements – such as…

                  • orsobubu orsobubu

                    Ha! your last most interesting sentence was cut off…
                    You described perfectly the situation. Glad to hear every word coming from you, ftlt. America has the biggest capitalst structure among all the countries so, since we live in a capitalistic world, you have the most interesting society of all. What a pity for the nuclear contaminations. It is clear, too, that a lot of american people believe that a "libertarian anarchism" can save them all. Obviously, for me the solution is a transitional period of communist dictatorship able to wipe out the capitalist dictatorship, instead. Then, a march from libertarian communism to anarchism could represent the way to go for the centuries to come. Limitless clean energy sources, extensive automation, medicine breakthroughs, space colonization, deserts irrigation etc. Impossible tasks in a wage work/capitalist economy, under the constant menace of crisis, famine, nuclear holocaust and wars. Keep up the good fight, ftlt. Workers of the world, unite!

                    • ftlt

                      Orso: The cut off was, that I believe, it is proper to be involved in individual important issues. You cannot expect a lambasted population to have correct political thought, given the barrages of capitalist propaganda they constantly are exposed to. Real issues must be addressed and fought for in united fronts.

                      Where do you live – country??

                      Your comment regarding "libertarian anarchism" points to Europe. Where the manifestations of Libertarian-ism (ism – haha) often lie far to the left of that the reactionary antebellum Calhounist Amerikan version is mired in.

                      Still generally, one must distrust the any libertarian agenda. As at its very core, there lies "Property Private" – always as the major tenet of its creed". Yes, even of those on the far left of its spectrum find a way of squeezing "ownership" in.

                      To me, this tenet is an obstacle to change and the perfect nook for charlatans and hucksters to hideout in and sell their self serving snake oil elixir ideas to a gullible public on the midway .

                      It is no surprise to me that the grifters of the Amerikan far right have grabbed a total strangle hold on the libertarian movement here.

                    • ftlt

                      HAHA Ouch! "Private Property" Chronic dyslexia raises its ugly head and strikes again.

      • ftlt

        Orso: Look at the take of the socialist websites. They are living in some strange past. Global Research . CA is a fine example of what is wrong and weird with these economist Trotskyites and Leninist elitists – with clear strong ties to the failed old guard in Moscow.

        Counter Punch . com is a much better leftist site.

        There is much more exciting stuff going on in Latin America now. Where they have a "different" people first needs and input driven mindset and approach to social governance. It is a new socialism. It has links to the Latin based syndicalist socialist movements of Europe in the late 18th and early 20th centuries.

        Hopefully, it will take hold and succeed there against the tide of the globalist onslaught. Look what is happening in Venezuela today where the 1% are rioting – we are being fed lies about it daily here in the media. Or what happened during the CIA run/aided dirty wars and operations like Condor in the 70s in the Cone of S. America and Brazil. Also, the movement is taking hold in Central America. We saw what happened in Honduras.

        There is room for change and evolution in socialism – there must be or it will fail.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Nuclear industry isn't meant to be, and is ruining earth.

    • PaciFistic Pacifistic

      Einstein was attracted to the big picture (sorry about that). Do you think it all started with him?

    • name999 name999

      tried to sign on to soundcloud to read article but could not find it…now signed on at least.
      The header said he lost his arm during his work…

      • We Not They Finally

        He did. He lost his arm out of going to Japan. Circumstances may be unclear. Something happened that required an amputation.

  • http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/578263-cover-up-japans-biggest-slum-not-on-maps-or-allowed-in-film-fest/

    not included why? maybe so these poor unfortunates can be wipped away to fuku and the area redeveloped from slums to tourist trap?

    nahh, those folks are safe, wont be any depopulation effort for those poor bastards in osaka,, right,, right? right?
    land of the rising sun, rising fascism and rising radioactivity!

  • Nick

    Miles is right, but I just don't see folks waking up.

    It is more than Fukushima.

    It is our entire capitalistic globalopoly that is at fault.

    No one, anywhere should be making nuclear weapons. Us? We just scored a bunch of plutonium and enriched uranium "back" from the Japanese.

    Think we are just gonna stash it at WIPP? Nah, we get to make Bombs!


  • Ontological Ontological

    Planetwide Bullshit Service = PBS. I don't & won't believe you! I do NOT believe ANYTHING you monster bastards report! PERIOD!
    Your Fantasia movie is all about you & your ridiculously LAME lies! A farce of many belief system failures well over 40 years along now. Liars, robbers (of viewers like you. Thank You.} and just plain IDIOTS! Its all in the bag now. HEY LET'S ALL VOTE IN BIG BIRD FOR PRESIDENT!

    • We Not They Finally

      Wow, you guys are harsh. PBS is the network. O'Brien is the guy who lost his arm out his trip to Japan and is trying to give some kind of honest assessment. It may be too little, it may be ignored. But HE'S not "a monster bastard." And Fantasia (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) is not a bad analogy. It's when the floods become so extreme that even a hundred, a thousand, tens of thousands of bucket carriers cannot make a difference. It's not just a cartoon — it's an analogue for a situation completely out of control.

      • Ontological Ontological

        I lost my fibula bone to rebuild jaws/sinus. That does not give me any more credibility why should losing an arm? Same cause different situation. Still totally UNIMPRESSED! They have proven they will lie to cover the truths. Period. Sympathy/Empathy I do NOT have anymore!

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Ontol they gave my sister a bone builder called Bonita I think and it caused her bones in her jaw to grow . She had stage 4 cancer breast

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, WNTF, it's a good idea not to shoot the messenger. Otherwise no one gets the message.

      • bo bo

        WNTF – This guy Miles O'brien might have tried his best to phrase it within the confinement of PBS and the TODAY show – I'm grateful he's trying his best to get into the main stream media – but the fact that the guy was probably required to downplay the situation – that's what makes me fume.

        The message:

        'oh, tuna is still safe… polonium? Yeah…. natural stuff…radiation…not here yet but we have to watch out, cuz it MIGHT be arriving soon… but oh, yeah, the poor people in Fukushima, they got it bad… really sad FOR THEM, those people OUT THERE, OVER THERE, FAR AWAY from US'

  • Obvious Obvious

    Protect your food and water resources. Move to a place not in the fallout path. Detox detox detox.

  • Obvious Obvious

    Simply ludicrous…

    "So we want to be sure that something like Fukushima, an incident from natural causes, doesn’t happen because of malicious purposes. What we’re trying to do is going into the direction of standards that the whole world would have moral obligations"

    Moral obligations? Yah, right… Whose morals? The nuclear industry?


    • We Not They Finally

      "fall into the wrong hands"? It's been that way since the 1940's. It's been escalating terrorism ever since on the part of whole countries and their establishments.

  • slayer454 slayer454

    I know many of you have seen me post this link but what more can I add ? There are many educated commenters on here. Please take the time to read the information.

    I hear a lot of people say " Oh there's nothing I can do
    about Fukushima".. Well the truth is you can educate yourself on how to protect your family from the long term effects of radiation.

    Fukushima facts and how to protect yourself


  • Sol Man

    From the concentrate to evenly spread
    in a steady state, disseminate.

    Rather impossible to avoid, no?

  • We Not They Finally

    All of the above commentaries notwithstanding, it would be good to put in a good word for Miles O'Brien. He's trying to do the right thing, whoever he is surrounded by. And he did lose an ARM[!] out of his trip to Japan, however that happened. I say, cut him a break.

  • NondiPloom

    There is no way to clean it up. Eventually life-forms as we now know them will cease to exist on this planet.

  • We Not They Finally

    The planet is also going to die totally eventually without any hope. If they are afraid of anything not only will Nuclear power end once aND FOR ALL BUT THE PEOPLE WHO DID THIS FRAUD WILL END UP IN PRISON TO THE END OF TIME…

  • Nick


    Why are we worried about nuclear terrorism?

    Hasn't enough vile crap been released into our precious biosphere to poison us for all time?

    Our efforts should go not towards, terrorthwart, but nuclear elimination.

    The giant dirty bombs of Fukushima, WIPP, and Hanford (+ Chernobyl,etc) are plenty to be AFRAID of.

  • sludge7051-x

    According to this PBS documentary, the area around Chernobyl is unfit for human life, but wildlife thrives, no significant rise in mutations. How can this be? What can we learn?

    Radioactive Wolves Of Chernobyl – Scary Mutations [Full Documentary] . . . http://youtu.be/dK99dvJO5PY