Pediatrician: “Homes full of the most grossly deformed children we have ever seen in the history of pediatrics — all around Chernobyl” (VIDEO)

Published: May 2nd, 2012 at 6:41 am ET


Title: Who cares? Helen Caldicott and Kate Orff in conversation
Author: Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Date Filmed: April 2, 2012
Date Uploaded: Apr 13, 2012
Description: Columbia University’s Wood Auditorium — Helen Caldicott, Physicians for Social Responsibility; Kate Orff, Columbia University GSAPP

At 47:40 in

There are homes full of the most grossly deformed children we have ever seen in the history of pediatrics […] all around Chernobyl. This is new in the history of medicine.

Title: The Legacy of Chernobyl
Source: The Nation Blog
Author: Laura Flanders
Date: Apr 26, 2012

Published: May 2nd, 2012 at 6:41 am ET


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47 comments to Pediatrician: “Homes full of the most grossly deformed children we have ever seen in the history of pediatrics — all around Chernobyl” (VIDEO)

  • Repoguy

    Not even the Greek gods can save us from nuclear contamination

  • We need a time machine !

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    I want to say Thank You to the people here, both Admin and long time commenters, who have kept up the good fight, coming here to learn and post, taking this information and reposting, and helping to keep the world informed about the disaster that is nuclear power.

    If it wasn't for the efforts of several people here, there would be much less world awareness of what's happened, and what's to come. Yes, there are other sites, but you folks are the driving force in keeping these stories relevant.

    No matter how bleak, or how stressed some of us become, you are fulfilling a mission of great importance. Do not think this goes unnoticed.

    Someone said, "We are not humans on a spiritual journey, we are souls on a human journey." You are a group of very select individuals.

    Notice how some of the world's most significant spiritual teachers/leaders are completely silent on Fukushima? Something significant to ponder. Let's just say they dropped the ball.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Thank you, TIS. I share your gratitude as well.

      I believe enenews is a special place indeed, unencumbered by the typical "tow the line" protocols which sadly too often our public figures feel pressured to follow. Speaking one's mind and from one's heart, openly, honestly, without fear of losing "support" (financial or otherwise) or without fear of being demoted, fired or outcast, is becoming a rarity these days, especially for those in the public sphere.

      Enenews is unique in that it allows people to say what they truly feel, without fear of retribution. A true, living, breathing democratic institution at its best!

      Thanks again as always to Admin for establishing just such a rare place for us to share, learn, discuss, and debate. You are appreciated!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Time IS Short,….my thanks to you for allowing these (pixils of light) salutations to flow through you. I believe they are inspired utterances.

    The God in me, salutes the God in you, my friend! 🙂

    I, for one, want to read this every morning to myself.

    I thank you personally.

  • jdotg

    Not saying shes full of it but,

    "The mean concn of cesium-137 in brain, heart, liver, gonads, muscle, bone, and teeth were 0.440, 1.860, 0.490, 2.440, 0.017, 0.106, and 0.23 pCi/g, respectively, in cadavers from adults which were over 34 years of age at time of death in Poland during 1975" –

    But it appears to concentrate in my nuts more than my heart. In reality, it appears to affect bone marrow the most. Fact of the matter, it all doesn't go to your heart, as she makes it seem. Perhaps I just don't like her sensationalism, or her. And hows it covered up it took me two minutes on Google to find information.

    • hey jdotg! where ya been, bro?! you ever seen Chernobyl heart?,81.0.html
      this is the issue Ms. Caldicott wants to get through to you

    • arclight arclight

      hey jtdog
      long time bro!

      i have an idea to report chernobyl heart to the charity commission for misrepresenting their claims about cesium 137 effects on the heart.. ive got the full dope on it!! send that thar link and i reckon you will have these "LIARS" where you want them.. in prison for fraud!!

      also, you will get some great support from imperial college london (the child haters IMO) THEY HAVE SOME GREAT AND TRUE EVIDENCE!!!! honest!!

      please reference prof geraldine thomas as your source to the evidence of the chernobyl hearts lies and deceptions..

      do you want all the info to bust it?…i happen to have it to hand!!.

      are you feeling lucky punk!! 🙂

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    One thing to consider though is that our heart muscles probably aren't doing nearly as much cell regeneration as bone marrow does.

    Hence, it might take a much smaller concentration (radioactivity) within bone marrow (Sr90) to screw things up since there is so much stem cell activity going on in bone marrow vs the rest of our bodily parts.

    It's one thing to mess up a cell late in it's life cycle.
    It is probably a much worse situation when it is stem cell DNA getting garbled.

    Just a guess.

    I have seen horrifying photos of Afghanistan vets who look quite healthy, yet their very young children have serious birth defects. Missing arms. Fingers sticking out of shoulders.

    I have also read numerous Gulf War vets wives stories about the fact that DU concentrated in semen causes a very painful burning sensation if it gets in to their vaginal lining.

    For what it's worth.

    Today has a more pronounced "On The Beach" feeling than others for me today.

  • Ganxet Ganxet

    To get a better perspective of the radiation units, look at this converter:

  • jdotg

    Yeah, been hangin bros. hbo documentary? Made for TV. Whats that mean?

    Entertainment, and sensationalism.

    After reading one comment from professor thomas that, "uk received no fall out," you can assume she's either A) a moron or B) has been paid. Seeing as it dispersed into the atmosphere its everywhere.

    "five million people lived in areas contaminated and 400,000 lived in more contaminated areas"…"During 92-2000 in Belarus Russia and Ukraine about 4000 cases of thyroid cancer were diagnosed in children (0–18), of which about 3000 occurred in the ages 0–14 years. For 1152 thyroid cancer patient cases diagnosed among Chernobyl children in Belarus during 1986-2002, the survival rate is 98.8%."

    1 % of people, certainly less if you figure for 5 million…

    How come when I Google "chernobyl heart" several websites appear to want my money, but none state, figures or fact? Like how many children out of the 5 million had heart conditions, this seems to be rare info across the webs, caldicott has it tho.. Also look at Belarus, not exactly a first world country. Poverty and malnourishment is the norm without even accounting for radiation.

    "The only real adverse health consequence of the Chernobyl catastrophe among about five million people living in the contaminated regions is the epidemics of psychosomatic diseases"


    Its survivable, and Ill believe what I want, not what you want me to,…

  • jdotg

    Which one has the right to freely determine for thyself through education.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The deformaties being discussed do not present themselves…in the normal range of defects.
    These horrific afflictions cast upon innocent children is a tell tale sign of radiation exposure.
    Scientific proof:
    Alani, along with Dr Christopher Busby, a British scientist and activist who has carried out research into the risks of radioactive pollution, collected hair samples from 25 parents of families with children who have birth defects and sent them to a laboratory in Germany for analysis.
    Alani and Busby, along with other doctors and researchers, published a study in September 2011 from data obtained by analysing the hair samples, as well as soil and water samples from the city.
    Mercury, Uranium, Bizmuth and other trace elements were found.
    The report's conclusion states:
    "Whilst caution must be exercised about ruling out other possibilities, because none of the elements found in excess are reported to cause congenital diseases and cancer except Uranium, these findings suggest the enriched Uranium exposure is either a primary cause or related to the cause of the congenital anomaly and cancer increases. Questions are thus raised about the characteristics and composition of weapons now being deployed in modern battlefields."
    It is radiation exposure…
    There is nothing..that can produce these same effects.
    I don't give a damn… about what anyone says to the contrary

    • Finch Finch

      When you study human genetics, you will have to learn all the abnormities that ocurred, and they are many ! There are many more reasons why the DNA code can be incorrect than radiation.
      We are not helping the victims of Fukushima by showing these pictures which have no whatsoever scientific correlation with radiation – t
      Another thing is that there is absolutely no free science, no free scientists who can make studies about the impact of radioactivity or Uranium ammo on humans. Why? Because it is not wanted. Powerful organisations pay for scientific evaluation and they only pay those that bring the right information, e.g.: there is no measurable correlation between the abnorm growth of fish and shrimps in the Gulf of Mexico and the Corexit . Or, there is no measurable effect on the population of Ukraine .
      So we are in the middle of fearmongering and misinformation on the one hand and the dawn of academic freedom :
      Dear rose, don't let the fear into your heart, there is enough work to do for the sake of our future.

      • jdotg

        I like you.


        In addition to above, Ive had enough of Busby's crap spewing also. Not much of Busby's scientific research is peer reviewed. And he is typically the only people you hear of referred to as scientist in many of these articles.

        Appears he left a college over a dispute in ethics

        Many research documents are unavailable online that are referenced in that CV, and several which are linked back to the same site, WHICH HE OPERATES, which asks you to pay for the research. C'mon, you really believe this guy?

        "As one of many examples, in Busby’s Menai Straits “report”, when calculating expected numbers of cancers, he concludes that the 4-year period 2000-2003 is only 3 years. This seemingly trivial error is important because it leads to an under-estimation of expected numbers (by a factor of 3/4 or 75%)."

        I also like this one,
        (6) Honorary Fellow in Dept of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Liverpool University.
        Busby’s name does not get a mention among the list of honorary staff on the website of the Dept of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Liverpool University, and when you ‘phone the Department, nobody seems to have heard of him! Despite this, Busby still claims an affiliation to Liverpool University.

        read rest at…

        • Hogweed

          Try his current university post,31.html

          He completed his PhD at the University of Kent

          • jdotg

            Guess you refused to click the first link, all that's covered. Happens to be the same place that gave him a degree to begin with. Nano systems biology? C'monnn

            So ill do you the favor,

            About the Liverpool position, "As an aside, it appears that this may have been set up for him by his friend Vyvyan Howard. Howard was a colleague of the notorious Dutch pathologist, Dick van Velzen (famous for taking and retaining body parts without parental consent), and co-authored at least 25 papers with him. Howard now appears to have been exiled to the University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland. "


            Seems they work in the same department, convenient, but unfortunately busby's profile isn't much other than his name.

            Current university post "(7) More recently, visiting professor at (yes – you’ve guessed it!) the University of Ulster, Coleraine! I wonder who set that up for him? "

            Guys out for profit, and an exposed fraud.

            • Hogweed

              Do you have a PhD in any science field? If so then your opinion on Busby's just might be worth something.

              "I wonder who…" – That's just innuendo.

              • jdotg

                Im not sure how my education has anything to do with him?

                Ill just leave it to people with higher credentials than me to debunk this fool.

                I can educate myself with regards to whatever a person with a "degree" has to say.

                Let me connect the dots for you, The "I wonder who" was in reference to Vyvyan Howard, who just so happens to be the group leader for, NANO SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, hence he hires and manages the department. Appears he has offered his helping hand to Busby several times..

                "Steward et al demonstrate that this claim of a significantly
                raised level of leukaemia in young children living close to the Welsh coast is illusory and
                apparently the consequence of various mistakes."- ttp://

                More debunking of Busby's research.
                Busby help found green audit.

                And another,

                "By following through the methodology of Green Audit with the same cancer registry data, we found clear evidence of data-dredging which renders all subsequent statistical inference spurious."

                "Some of the data analyzed by Green Audit are obviously incorrect. The error in the initial Welsh report was so large it should have been detected by data screening.. Green Audit admitted making similar errors in a report on Bradwell in Essex."

                Hmm not the first time mistakes were made, at least he admits it tho, so its all good. Like seriously,…

                • jdotg

                  Here's another just in case, disputing the same findings from busby's flawed welsh study,


                  • arclight arclight

                    hi jtdog..
                    wheres the listing for the file? says not allowed to see it?

                    theres no date ..

                    "..The second analyses are based on data provided for Green Audit by HTV. A reporter
                    was investigating cancer services for North Wales children at Alder Hey and carried out
                    some sort of “snowball” survey…"

                    an nhs site with a secret listing?? the nhs is public funded and has to be transparent by law!!??

                    like the reference to looking downwind as opposed to drawing the statistical circle around the plant as "snowball" whats that?? not very technical is it! err downwind was a good idea.. more practical as the smoke follows the wind!!

                    heres what richard bramhall and chris busby had to say about the links you have!!

                    "Afterthought: The Truth is Out There.
                    An article, The Truth is Out There, by Richard Wakeford and Robin Thornton in BNFL
                    World, June 2003 virulently attacked Green Audit's work in general. They wrote:
                    COMARE has serious concerns about studies, such as those of Green Audit,
                    that are published without formal peer review that would be carried out by a
                    reputable scientific journal in a standard way. Such publications often raise
                    public concern, which is subsequently difficult to allay if the results are
                    unsustainable, as is the case here
                    . COMARE wishes to emphasise that
                    any organisation or individual dealing with epidemiological data has a
                    responsibility to ensure that the data are correct before publication. .."

                    all the…

            • Character assassination (kill the messenger)… it's what's for dinner.

              They don't have anything else at this point.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              The professors normally have their CV's (Curriculum Vitae) posted at the website of the University where they teach. The information can normally be traced back to verify the professor's identity (and ostensibly the individual's reputation).

              • NoNukes NoNukes

                OT-HoTaters, what are your geiger readings recently? Curious minds and all. Thanks!

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Hi NoNukes, haven't done a reading in about a month. Busy month! Last time I checked (4 weeks or so ago) background Beta at about 1 meter above the ground was 0.05 uSv/hr to 0.1 uSv/hr. That's a lot lower than it has been for a long time.

                  That was outdoors, by the way. We had been getting indoor readings here in Fairfield (with HEPA filter in the room going full blast) measuring about 0.137 uSv/hr to 0.157 uSv/hr. The readings were really high when it was raining. Radon daughters? Am not sure what the readings did after it stopped raining.

                  Will try and get some readings today as this is more or less a "leisure day" for me.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            The professors normally have their CV's (Curriculum Vitae) posted at the website of the University where they teach. The information can normally be traced back to verify the professor's identity (and ostensibly the individual's reputation).

            Here is Dr. Busby's CV:


  • Cindy

    That top radiation map has been proven to be a fake…

    • Finch Finch

      BEtter take this one, this is a European Official Site:The Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics:
      take each link, these are the daily measures, also you can find videos of the amount of radiation spreading to Alaska and West coast in March 2011. At the end of each side there is the link for an English documentation ( but maybe you will find the data and videos interesting)