Photographer Sneaks into Fukushima: “I can feel a burning sensation in my eyes and thick chemical smell”… We drove straight out — An “almost entirely lifeless” post-apocalyptic world… “IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!” — “Radiation leakage is damaging environment and life in Pacific” (PICS & VIDEO)

Published: July 15th, 2016 at 7:49 am ET


Facebook post by Keow Wee Loong, Jul 13, 2016 (English edited and emphasis added): Fukushima exclusion zone… Never seen before photo of the Fukushima exclusion zone. When i enter the red zone, i can feel a burning sensation in my eyes and thick chemical smell in the air. before i went there the authority told me that i need a special permit to visit this town and it take 3-4 weeks to get the approval from the local council,, well too much bureaucracy bullshit for i just sneak in the forest to avoid cops on the road …AND IT WAS AMAZING !!!!! … Have you ever wonder what is like in Fukushima exclusion zone now ??? . to feel what is like to be the only person walking in the town when you have 100% full access to every shop and explore??. when i was young i always had a dream like this… everything is exactly where it is after the earthquake struck this town… The radiation level is still very high in the red zone. not many people seen this town for the last 5 years…is like it vanished … i can find food, money, gold, laptop and other valuable in the red zone… I’m amaze that nobody looted this town clean. unlike Chernobyl [where] the entire town is been looted clean. this is the difference between Chernobyl disaster and the Fukushima disaster.

Facebook post by Keow Wee Loong, Jul 9, 2016 (English edited): Ever wonder what is like in Fukushima exclusion zone now ??? … The radiation level is still very high in the red zone. not many people seen this town for the last 5 years…is like it vanished … I can find food, money, gold, laptop and other valuable in the red zone… I’m amaze that nobody looted this town clean. Well this is the devastating effects of using nuclear energy. Resident lives in Fukushima will never be the same again… The radiation leak at red zone by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is damaging the environment and marine life in the Pacific Ocean…

CNN, Jul 14, 2016: Photographer sneaks into Fukushima ‘Red Zone’… For more than half a decade, towns like Tomioka, Okuma, Futaba, Namie, have remained almost entirely lifeless, sealed off from the outside world, as the Japanese government keeps in place an exclusion zone for fear of radiation contamination. Last month, under the cover of night, photographer Keow Wee Loong and two colleagues slipped past authorities and made their way into the exclusion zone, taking a three-hour walk through the woods to reach the abandoned towns… There are few signs of life in the exclusion zone, Loong said, apart from a few cats and dogs; pets abandoned, now turned wild, he speculates. One dog chased the photographer and he was forced to fight him off with his tripod.

RT, Jul 14, 2016: Urban explorer and photographer Keow Wee Loong illegally visited abandoned settlements around the Fukushima Daichii nuclear power plant and produced a series of photos of a post-apocalyptic world inhabited only by feral beasts… Despite often venturing into abandoned sites, Loong was taken aback. “It’s very empty, it’s very quiet, and it’s kind of scary”… “Unlike Chernobyl, where everything valuable has been looted clean, here everything is in place.”… Unsettled by what he experienced, Loong got in his car and drove straight out… “I want people to see the devastating effect of a nuclear disaster like Chernobyl or Fukushima. I don’t care about the fame, but I want people to see those photos.”

Mailonline, Jul 12, 2016: Wearing a gas mask but no other protective clothing, Loong, 27, visited four of the evacuated towns in Fukushima – Tomioka, Okuma, Namie and Futaba – in June this year with friends Sherena Ng and Koji Hori… the towns have been completely untouched by humanity since then… [Loong said] If you visit any boutique or shopping mall in these towns, you will see the merchandise exactly where it was since 2011, nothing has been changed or moved.’… Loong added: ‘I even found money laying around the pachinko parlour, books dating back to 2011, gold and other valuables all still in place… Due to the high level of radiation, the adventurers only had a limited amount of time to explore all four towns and had to wear gas masks to protect themselves from the contaminated air. Loong explained: ‘The radiation level in the red zone could go as high as 4.8mSv – 6.5 mSv according to the reading on the electronic signboard on the road. ‘Upon arrival in the red zone, I could smell chemicals and felt a burning sensation in my eyes.’ … The urban explorers walked along an abandoned train station in Futaba, Fukushima, which was eerily devoid of life… ‘This was one of the creepiest things I have ever seen, I have been to many places, but nothing like Fukushima, the traffic lights are still operating but there are no cars around. ‘It all reminded me of the movie I Am Legend, like stepping foot into a post-apocalyptic city.’

Watch the video here

Published: July 15th, 2016 at 7:49 am ET


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1,287 comments to Photographer Sneaks into Fukushima: “I can feel a burning sensation in my eyes and thick chemical smell”… We drove straight out — An “almost entirely lifeless” post-apocalyptic world… “IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!” — “Radiation leakage is damaging environment and life in Pacific” (PICS & VIDEO)



    Japanese Prime Minister, Abe, has downplayed the consequences of the Fukushima disaster out of concern for damage to tourism and trade. The accident, in fact, continues to be an environmental catastrophe.

    • GOM GOM

      According to Aljazeera, America: “Four years after the quake and tsunami, half of the tens of thousands still displaced are displaced because of radioactive contamination. Miles of northern Japanese countryside are piled with giant plastic bags of irradiated material, with plans for even a temporary repository still only in the negotiation phase. And on the site of the crippled nuclear facility, water still
      needs to be circulated over the melted cores and fuel storage tanks in the damaged reactors. Hundreds of tons of that water, which contains a laundry list of toxic isotopes like cesium 134, cesium 137, strontium 90, plutonium 239, iodine 131 and tritium, leaks every day into the nearby sea, while hundreds of tons more is pumped into hastily constructed 1,000-ton storage tanks, which now stretch for miles in several directions away from the plant. There is now roughly half a million metric tons of radioactive water stored in tanks around Fukushima. The decommissioning and cleanup of the reactors themselves will take a generation. Parts of northwestern Japan will likely be dangerous for human
      habitation past the lifespan of any of the tsunami’s survivors.”
      Fukushima at 4: New choices mired in old priorities




    Dr. Mark Cooper states, “Nuclear reactors old and new are far from a necessary part of a low-carbon solution. Nuclear power, with its war against the transformation of the electricity system, is part of the problem, not the solution.

    “A new study demonstrates that an energy system based completely on renewable forms of energy will be economically viable in the future. Within ten years, solar and wind power will be the cheapest forms of energy production for Asia's largest energy markets.”

    So much power was produced by Denmark’s windfarms on Thursday that the country was able to
    meet its domestic electricity demand and export power to Norway, Germany and Sweden.”




    “The United States has generated over 75,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel and high-level nuclear waste–extremely hazardous substances–at 80 sites in 35 states and is expected to more than double that amount by 2055… Uncertainties exist about the direction of the nation's policy for nuclear waste disposal.”

    “In addition to storing the waste, contaminated soil and groundwater must be treated and stabilized, nuclear reactors decommissioned, buildings demolished, some buried waste exhumed, sorted, and buried again because it wasn't buried right in the first place.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Please excuse me for providing(exposing) the official(commercial) consensus on the subject of Biological Effects of Radiation

    NRC:Backgrounder on Biological Effects of Radiation

    While scientists have observed genetic effects in lab animals given very high doses of radiation, no evidence of genetic effects has been seen in the children born to Japanese atomic bomb survivors.

    NRC regulations strictly limit the amount of radiation that can be emitted by a nuclear facility, such as a nuclear power plant. A 1991 study by the National Cancer Institute, “Cancer in Populations Living Near Nuclear Facilities,” concluded that there was no increased risk of death from cancer for people living in counties adjacent to U.S. nuclear facilities.

    September 2015

    Page Last Reviewed/Updated Wednesday, September 30, 2015

    They dont provide any links…

    • Jebus Jebus

      This paper reports the output of a consensus symposium organized by the International Union of Radioecology in November 2015. The symposium gathered an academically diverse group of 30 scientists to consider the still debated ecological impact of radiation on populations and ecosystems.


    • DUDe DUDe

      "..A 1991 study by the National Cancer Institute, “Cancer in Populations Living Near Nuclear Facilities,” concluded that there was no increased risk of death from cancer for people living in counties adjacent to U.S. nuclear facilities.."

      They recently where to update/redo that or similar test truout the country iirc..then cancelled it halfway..pre-results too inconvenient to hold against the official croocked version of reality..the "smoking gun" levels of their genocidal corruption is unbearable..suffocated in too insanity by the amount of smoking guns alone already whilest being shot at with the micro-WMD crap they release..

      • DUDe DUDe

        "..suffocated in too insanity by the amount of smoking guns alone already whilest being shot at with the micro-WMD crap they release.."

        ..sometimes by "accident"..often deliberatly to see what happens.. but most "accidents" are the result of the responsible humans screwing up or care to less to keep it they dare to call it accidents or "Mother Natures" fault is behind me..

      • Jebus Jebus

        That's the business as usual viewpoint of the NCI.

        Some peers say that's impossible…

        Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation: BEIR VII Phase 2 (2006)

        Chapter: 1 Background Information

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      No links.

      Well, they said so goddammit, that's good enough.


  • Jebus Jebus

    There seems to be plenty of correct scientific evidence to rest the truth on with one voice…

    Biological Consequences of Nuclear Disasters: From Chernobyl to Fukushima

  • Jebus Jebus

    It all kinda makes one uncomfortably numb…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Enjoy! 🙂
    Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb – YouTube

  • Can I just say Aloha and log off?

  • rogerthat

    How does the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown disaster show the enormous risk potential for the continued operation of the Diablo Canyon atomic reactor?

    Filmed by Ecological Options Network (EON) at Point Reyes Station in California, Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen presents A World in Danger.

    This presentation from the 2015 California speaking tour precedes a panel discussion “Tell All” between chief engineer Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds founder and president Maggie Gundersen, and EON co-directors Jim Heddle and Mary Beth Brangan. The follow-up conversation can be found here. …

  • rogerthat

    Another Worker Drops Dead At Fukushima Daiichi
    July 31st, 2016

  • rogerthat

    PARIS (AP) — A major nuclear power project in Britain is facing more hurdles as the government announced an unexpected delay and unions at EDF, the French energy firm that will build the plant, argued it would be so expensive as to put the company itself at risk.

    French unions say the 24-billion-euro ($27 billion) project, which the EDF board approved late Thursday, is far too high and could go over-budget. The French government, which pushed for the project and owns a majority stake in EDF, didn't comment on the company's decision.

    Three major French unions said in a statement Friday "we know the success conditions are not all met" for the Hinkley Point power plant project. They have taken legal action against EDF's management to repeal the decision and delay the project. The court decision is expected on Sept. 22.

    EDF faces harsh criticism over the cost of the project, with some observers saying the company might not be solid enough to face the investment effort. …

  • rogerthat

    Nuclear worker: ‘Retaliation is very real at Hanford'

    Hanford nuclear workers say they often keep their mouths shut when they spot unsafe conditions on the job, because they say there's a longstanding culture of retaliation when employees speak out.

    Susannah Frame, KREM July 29, 2016

    A veteran worker at the Hanford Site says he was harassed, isolated and reassigned to cleaning tasks after he made repeated attempts to bring attention to safety problems in the lab where he works.

    “Retaliation and harassment is very, very real at Hanford and that’s a fact. I lived it and I’m living it right now,” said Dave Lee, an instrument technician assigned to the 222-S Lab at Hanford. “I’m cleaning closets and I’m replacing filters and if that’s not degrading and retaliatory, explain to me what is.”…

  • rogerthat

    Uranium contamination: ‘Radiation has been killing Adamawa villagers for years’

    By Kabiru R. Anwar, Yola | Publish Date: Jul 30 2016

    Babies born deformed in Michika areas

    Effects of suspected radiation from uranium deposits has been causing death and deformities among villagers in northern Adamawa, say residents who spoke to Daily Trust in Michika. A number of them claim to have witnessed cases of deformity in newborns, and even animals around the affected villages.

    The Director of Geology at the Ministry of Solid Minerals who is the former Manager of Adamawa Mining Company, Dama Zira, had a few weeks ago during a presentation at the Government House Yola, disclosed that radiation has killed many villagers in specific certain locations.

    The villages include Garta, Futudou, Himike, Sina-Kwande Nkala and Ghumthi, all in Michika area.
    Zira, a geologist from one of the affected villages, drew the attention of his audience comprising of a group of American investors, scientists, government officials and journalists to an unnoticed environmental disaster that he says has been going on for several decades.
    In the late 1950s when Zira was a primary school pupil, helicopters conducting aeromagnetic survey to search for uranium hovered above the rocks, frightening him and the animals he tended to. …

    • rogerthat

      By early 1980, as a young geologist, he witnessed the exploration activities in the villages by the defunct Nigeria Uranium Mining Company (NUMC). He often observed that the trees and grasses on the rocks were yellowish and poorly grown, one of the effects of uranium on the environment.

      According to him, there were several deaths from strange illnesses that caused migration from communities near the uranium deposits while the villagers sacrificed animals to appease deities, as they attributed the problem to evil spirits.

      Zira said: “The people of the affected communities for many years sacrificed hundreds of goats to appease a deity, seeking for protection from evil spirits which they believe are causing unidentified illnesses, and sudden death in the communities. Little did they know they are sitting on, and drinking, water from a huge uranium deposit which was identified by radiation experts as the cause of illness and rampant deaths among them.”

      His presentation drew the attention of the Federal Government and on Wednesday scientists from the Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Authority went to inspect the area. The geoscientist, who took a medical trip to Dubai in 2015, said he is himself a victim of radiation, an after-effect of several field trips to the various sites.

      When approached by our correspondent, Zira declined to be interviewed on the issue, saying he had no permission to speak to the press.
      Reacting to media reports on Zira’s claim, …

      • rogerthat

        the Commissioner for Solid Minerals, Barrister Shanti Sanshi Victoria said an expert team from the nuclear agency from Abuja had already arrived the state to inspect the site of possible radiation.

        She however denied reports that radiation had recently killed several people in five villages, saying only the outcome of the scientific tests by the experts could provide a clue as to the possible health problems in the area as there was still no proven scientific evidence upon which to draw conclusions.

        Corroborating Zira’s claim, a retired journalist from the affected area, Emmanuel Y. Kwace said villagers sought spiritual intervention against high rate of death, miscarriage and deformed babies. He expressed fear that Boko Haram bomb attacks in the villages may have aggravated environmental conditions and health problems in the villages.

        “Uranium was discovered a long time ago, but we did not know the effect. Children were born with four legs, four eyes, with no eyes or with an enlarged head. Animals were born with six legs. Because the residents were illiterate, they thought it was the influence of some demonic forces. Even churches prayed to cast out the evil from the communities. The earlier the government verifies the quantity of the uranium, the better. There are Improvised Explosive Devices in the area, which I believe may compound the radiation problem,” he said.
        Recently, the Federal Government commenced moves to generate electricity …

        • rogerthat

          from nuclear materials, particularly through the exploration, exploitation and utilisation of uranium. Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, stated that it was important for Nigeria to exploit available resources in order to meet its power needs.
          In March, the Federal Government announced that it was working towards generating 4,000 megawatts of electricity using nuclear energy.

          The Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Professor Lawrence Dim, when asked about the safety of exploring uranium across the country, replied: “Uranium exploration in Nigeria is quite safe. We have not had any cause to find out that there is any high level of radiation or exposure relating to that.”

          Dim added: “The issue is that the uranium we get in our soil is the natural uranium; although it has radioactive material, the concentration is low. So we don’t have any situation where the level of radiation coming out from it is detected to be harmful.”

          A title-holder from Garta, Yakubu T. Tumba, the Chiroma Garta told Daily Trust that exploration activities have started at Mbororo in Michika in 1983 by a team of foreign scientists. “They drilled eight boreholes and conducted some tests at Mbororo, where we believe they exploited the resource. They set up camp two kilometers from the site and were flown in by helicopters and other vehicles. One day, they assembled representatives of the communities and informed us …

          • rogerthat

            that when mining started several communities would be relocated. The site is 10 kilometers from Michika,” he stated.

            A medical worker at the General Hospital in Michika who sought anonymity because she is not authorised to talk to the press, confirmed that the hospital had on a few occasions in the past recorded cases of babies born with a single leg, or without eyes or nose.

            “Although we have not recently witnessed cases of strange sicknesses from radiation or of children born with deformities, in the late 1990s a baby was born with a single leg, just like a fish, with no private parts, so it was not clear whether it was boy or girl and another baby was born with a smooth, feature-less face, with no eyes or nose,” the worker stated.

            Joseph Takwale, the first council chairman of the old Michika local government area comprising of Michika and Madagali districts said he was aware of exploration activities by a foreign company at Mbororo in the early 80s when samples were taken by foreign scientists who flew helicopters over the rocks.

            He called on federal and state governments to take comprehensive assessment of the area with a view to guaranteeing safety of the population.

            “Government should bring experts to assess the quantity of the minerals and give advice on the minimum distance the communities need to settle from the uranium deposits,” he said.
            The Village Head of Michika, Abubakar Liman, also the Mukaddas of Michika, said …

    • rogerthat

      Seabrook nuke plant monitoring lapses appalling and reckless

      Posted Jul. 30, 2016

      July 21 — To the Editor:
      Last night was the second meeting of the Governor’s Task Force for the Seacoast Pediatric Cancer Cluster meeting. The task force’s goal is to coordinate a consistent strategy related to health and environmental concerns.

      This task force is providing an important function to investigate if there is a possible environmental trigger for the pediatric cancer cases that the state has recognized as a statistically significant “cluster.”

      While the eventual outcome of this task force may not be identification with certainty of the cause of these cases, it hopefully plays an important role in raising public awareness of environmental issues in our own backyards. I applaud Representative Tom Sherman for his continual efforts to organize and lead this cause.

      The agenda for last night’s meeting can be found here and the webcast is here

      • rogerthat

        One of the topics addressed at the meeting last night was related to Seabrook Nuclear Power Station.

        Representatives from the State of New Hampshire spoke about how Seabrook is monitored. Additionally, a non-profit organization, spoke about their real time monitoring which is conducted on behalf of and paid for by the State of Massachusetts.

        The state uses thermoluminescent dosimeters or “TLDs” to monitor emissions in the seacoast. These are placed around the seacoast towns usually one or two per town, however, some towns like Greenland and New Castle are not monitored.

        The TLD results represent average radiation values over a calendar quarter (or 120 days). If there are spikes of radiation emitted we would not necessarily know since they would be averaged over 120 days.

        According to Sandra Gavutis of, the Seabrook Plant routinely emits radiation, usually timed with easterly winds, as part of their maintenance. C-10 has also historically measured radiation spikes during plant operations like relocating nuclear fuel rods. According to Gavutis, each radiation monitoring station costs $7,000 in upfront costs plus monitoring.

        We were also told tonight that the state monitors an EPA RadNet station in Concord, New Hampshire some 27 miles from Seabrook. When asked, the state said that RadNet data would only really provide “control” or background information and would not be helpful to notify the regulators or public in the event of an emergency…

        • rogerthat

          Mr. Debanond Chakraborty from the state of New Hampshire Radiological Testing Division said “…you can consider that as a control location. But as far as I am concerned there is no continuous air monitoring or radiation monitoring done other than this one within the state either by us or federal entities.”

          I guess we would have to wait for the notice with the annual emergency evacuation route calendars.

          I find it alarming that there is no real time monitoring of the perimeter or NH Seacoast towns for radiation emissions from Seabrook.

          The Seacoast residents are left to rely on Seabrook plant officials to let us know if they had a large release based on the plant stack monitors.

          This account was presented in the Report by the President’s Commission following the Three Mile Island disaster, “On the first day of the accident, there was an attempt by the utility to minimize its significance, in spite of substantial evidence that it was serious” (

          We should embrace Ronald Regan’s words “Trust but verify.” Additionally, when asked, state representatives were unsure if and how they would be notified of a spike of radiation measured in C-10’s locations in Massachusetts.

          This coupled with the reports now that the concrete degradation that is delaying the request for re-licensing the Seabrook plant. …

          • rogerthat

            The concrete degradation is detailed here on the NRC’s website

            Are we living next to a future Fukushima Daiichi?

            I find all of this appalling, reckless and haphazard to say the least. The lapses in real time monitoring of emissions from Seabrook Station pose a real threat to health and well-being of all New Hampshire residents as well as a national security risk.

            The state of New Hampshire is appropriated funds every year for emergency preparedness.

            Additionally, the state of New Hampshire is appropriated funding on an annual basis by the utility to address issues related to Seabrook Station. In 1998 and 2000, the total funding appropriated from the utilities for emergency preparedness for Seabrook Station was $1.2M and $1.4M, respectively.

            I believe they receive money annually and have for a long time. Shouldn’t some of that annual appropriation be used to fund a few real-time radiation detectors in our Seacoast towns that can be used to alert us of an emergency and if we chose to know, what levels of radiation we are being dosed with through regular maintenance activities?

            Mindi Messmer
            Rye Democrat Mindi Messmer is a candidate to represent Rye and New Castle in the New Hampshire House.

  • "They" killed admin, this thing is on autopilot

  • I am aghast that the Pope is carrying the flag of the NWO asshats. Preaching "no borders"

    Earlier in his pilgrimage, Francis had expressed dismay that many people and places aren't welcoming enough to refugees or those fleeing poverty in their homelands.

    Yep, sovereign nations that control their borders work against the interests of the NWO.

    sorry, its not this easy…..
    where he implored God in prayer to "keep away the devastating wave of terrorism"

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

      This Pope is a Jesuit, and the Jesuits are supposed to be co-founders of the Illuminati. That's why many believe that this Pope will be the last pope and that he is the anti-Christ.

      Just like Putin controls the church in Russia by having KGB members become the prirests, some believe that members of the Illuminati have become priests and have infiltrated the Vatican.

      Unfortunately, the master minds of control are extremely devious. What is not receiving media scrutiny is the fact that both Hillary and Trump will not go against the TPP. Starting with NAFTA the machinations of the global elite are controlling everything and everyone.

      Too bad for the earth that they are complete insane and their thirst for power is destroying the earth and themselves as well. They THINK that they will be reincarnated on this earth. But there is no life and no reincarnation on a planet killed by nuclear radiation and other toxins.

      Hillary is a witch and thinks she will rule the US because of her witchcraft. But she is dying of nuclear radiation from Fukushima and other toxins. Just think of all the time on airplanes she has spent in the last five years which the radiation levels are extremely high. Hubris is deadly for the practitioner.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    How will "One Order' be derived without first setting conditions for control?
    By setting up localized frictions…
    Like placing immigrants where they are unwanted..
    Allows for more control of ALL the population.
    Home grown fascism using imported ingredients.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Whereas, in the US ..there is some import.
    But socio-engineered racial strife.. is enough to set the precedent.

  • who would do something like this.
    He lied about the massive radiation he knew was coming "just monitor"

    And then he left with his family on an unplanned trip to South America, with GE CEO Geoffrey Emmelt. Proof is at the bottom, please read this whole thing.

    For those who haven't been running down the Fukushima rabbit hole (requires a whole lot of red pills, lol), let me explain.

    Obama gets a huge portion of his funding from the Energy businesses and especially nuclear. Same with Hillary. They do the bidding of their masters. So when Fukushima happened, it could very well have caused the death of the Nuclear Cartel. Releasing the truth about Fukushima would also cause mass panic, and near term financial losses. So Obama downplayed it, pretended that no radiation was coming, although clearly the experts knew that plenty of radiation was coming.

    The radiation dose, and thus future disease and cancers, could have been cut 75% simply by him going on TV and saying stay out of the rain, and curtail necessary trips. Instead, he threw the American people under the buss, we are just starting to see the front edge of the cancer epidemic.


    • The next part of the plot? Radiation mixes very slowly between the northern and southern hemisphere, so the safest thing to do to avoid "the plume" is to go to the southern hemisphere. Which is exactly what Obama did, taking his family with, and the CEOs of General Electric (builder of the Fukushima power plant) and Westinghouse (also a nuclear powerhouse)
      Let me be very clear, he killed Americans

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        The reason the politicians arent moving to south america in droves is because science tells them cesium is only twice as bad as potassium, which is a thousand times greater in quantity naturally.

        So they arent actually worried. With Fukushima, science has made all out nuclear war acceptable in terms of fallout danger. The public will call you a conspiratorial nutcase for questioning science. But there is scientific fact; the healthiest humans ever to live on earth were living with 70 bq/kg of radiation from potassium, whereas an equal amount of cesium causes irreversible heart damage. Thus cesium is 'infinitely worse' Ask a scientist how much more dangerous is broken glass compared to sand. They are made of the same material and there is much more sand

        It is a combination of ignorance and greed which has made leaders, governments and corporations the evil…the evil nobody can see. Thus the earth was lost

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Question, did Congress and the rest of the government take iodine pills after Fukushima? I wrote the question to a congressman, no answer.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
    TOKYO, July 28, 2016-Analysis of the recently conducted muon examination of fuel debris in Unit 2 has concluded that most of the fuel that melted and resolidified remained within the reactor pressure vessel.
    …The most recent analysis indicated that, of the fuel debris clearly identified within the RPV, the largest portion, approximately 160 tons, had fallen to the bottom. Only 20-50 tons remain in the reactor core, and another 70-100 tons remain in the upper part of the RPV.

    For more information about the muon study, go to

    Page three of the TEPCO pdf shows "transmission" and then "analysis" assimilation. The pixelation from the transmission was assimilated (darkened to black) for the analysis. The pixels are identical. Notice there is no actual muon transmission image provided, except for examples. There were muon images shown for unit one. There is no fuel visible in the reactor core or the RPV. What is "upper part of the RPV" for which they claim a majority, 70-100 tons of melted fuel is located??
    Why the need to claim fuel has been located and disseminated as such, when there is in fact, no such finding? The nuclear industry is reporting hastily, that it is found, also.
    Why? Where is the muon image?
    An objective view…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Freedom from this…

    Nuclear worker: ‘Retaliation is very real at Hanford'

    Hanford nuclear workers say they often keep their mouths shut when they spot unsafe conditions on the job, because they say there's a longstanding culture of retaliation when employees speak out

    According to a newly released report from the Government Accountability Office, which is the investigative arm of Congress, Dave Lee’s experience isn’t isolated. The investigators found the U.S. Department of Energy routinely allows “unlawful retaliation” perpetrated by its contractors at sites such as Hanford.

    To this…

    Exposed: Cancer Charities Pocket Millions in Donations

    All the connecting dots are greed over conscience…

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    July 28, 2016 at 9:54 am
    Just looking in to this DU mishap and once again, came across "cesium137 dissolves in water". Is anyone aware of this process and it's effects in salt water (ocean)? Explosive, I had also read. Also, if it dissolves, how does that affect the test results for samples collected off of the North American West Coast?
    …Bob Kelly, who was a U.N. nuclear weapons inspector in Iraq in the 1990s, told NBC News …
    …Far more dangerous, he said, would be something like cesium-137, which comes in powder form and dissolves in water.
    July 28, 2016 at 10:19 am
    So…What happened at Fukushima?
    In the early 1970s operators at the Hanford, Washington, site removed a large fraction of the Cs-137 and Sr-90 from the site’s high-level tank waste in order to reduce the requirements for cooling the tanks. The cesium and strontium were concentrated and sealed in stainless steel (SS) capsules (see Figure 5.1) for potential uses, for example, thermoelectric generators and sterilizers. The expected applications for the Hanford capsules did not materialize and ceased entirely in 1988 after one capsule being used in the commercial sector was found to be leaking (USNRC, 1989). The almost 2,000 capsules contain a total of 67 million curies of radioactivity,…

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      which amount to about 37 percent of the total radioactivity at the Hanford site (ROO, 2002). They have been described as the nation’s most lethal single source of radiation other than inside an operating reactor (Long, 2002). …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Another Worker Drops Dead At Fukushima Daiichi
    July 31 2016

    • A lie is being perpetrated on the Internet that no radiation related fatalities have resulted from the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe. Anyone using any semblance of logic will know that this is fantasy! The evidence is overwhelming and clear, that large numbers of people have died, and more will die in the future as a result of this ongoing nuclear catastrophe!

      Please use the reports on this page to counter the lie, and educate people. Everyone is welcome to copy and use any of the information on this page.

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Nobody died.
        The Pacific is unaffected.
        Radiocontaminated fish is good for you.
        Evacuations cause cancer.
        Fukushima is in cold-shutdown.
        There is 100 tons of molten reactor fuel now located in a safe place.
        Radiocontaminated swaths of land are safe to live and raise children.
        Mutations are healthy.
        Nobody will ever die from the Fukushima disaster.
        Nuclear is green and profitable for the community.
        Waste is not a problem- gov't is.
        Fear of radiation poses the only problem to human health.
        Trust us- we know what we are doing.
        We didn't exactly say meltdown.
        The ice wall is cold.
        We need more money.
        Radiation is good for you. Ask a banana. They're radioactive AND good for you.
        Forget Fukushima.
        Chernobyl and Hiroshima are scare tactics to prop up solar and wind.
        Vote nuclear- we're here for you.
        Smile. Nuclear loves you.

  • Increased Southern Hemisphere background levels so far this year!

    The question is what is creating this increase?

    Has there been major new releases from the underground molten nuclear reactor cores, or damaged fuel rodes at the Fukushima Nuclear catastrophe site?

    The other possibility is there has been another major nuclear disaster or event somewhere, that is being covered up!

    If it is a northern hemisphere source creating this increase, it means there would be greater increases in background levels there compared to the Southern Hemisphere.

  • They "got" the pope, wow, after promoting unfettered travelling across borders, he is now suggesting that Islam is not violent, and that capitalism is a form of terrorism.

    I guess we need wide open borders, especially to Muslim terrorists, and get rid of capitalism and replace with socialism or fascism.

    Come on Pope, this is getting pretty effen obvious.

    Shame on you.

  • Wow this thread is so long in the tooth it reached a new month.

  • Every election I fool myself into thinking that I will be a conscientious objector to the "election process" and then I get drawn in.

    Do you choose the "face of pure evil" or the "arrogant wildcard"

    The choice should be obvious. There is no win in having a jack boot on your neck forever.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Really what's the point? The media steers everyone right into the wall.

      • Can I joust with 1 vote? Can I sway even 10 peoples opinion that Clinton is pure evil? Even then, would that sway their vote, LOL?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        OT. Horrible Histories – Epic Magna Carta Rap Battle – CBBC

      • DUDe DUDe

        "..Really what's the point? The media steers everyone right into the wall.."

        To a large degree, the convention watchers felt that the task had been achieved, though that takes a good deal of presumption and make believe. The brush of humanity had been run over the candidate, and she was there, glowing away for the task at hand.

        To this could be added another act of fundamental deception. The Democratic Convention was also advertising itself as a broad church of acceptable differences, one where a range of factions and politics had come together under a fusing, non-crooked maternal gaze.

        The cameos came thick and fast. There was the attempt by the running mate, Tim Caine, to show how sympathetic the Clintons, and the campaign, are to Hispanics. (I speak Spanish, so I feel how they feel.) Michelle Obama’s speech, in an attempt to promote Clinton, ended up being a pitch that looked somewhat presidential.

        Then there was husband Bill, whose account was as all his accounts have been: clipped, adjusted and moderated for the audience at hand. His attempt at recalling the love story from the time they met at the law library had its notable omissions, a point made even nastier by the fact that he committed a war crime, effectively, to distract a leering US public from his infidelity.

  • Nader; Hillary's Convention Con – How Do The Two Most Unpopular Politicians End Up Getting Elected In Supposedly Free And Fair Elections? Why Did Sanders, Who Polls Higher Than Clinton, LOSE?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Worker found dead at Fuku

    Bananas, most likely.


    What are the Options for a World Losing Its Future Generations?

    Birthrates are falling below population replacement levels.

    Because governments keep raising the “safe” limits for radioactivity in food, it is a little hard to say what the consequence will be, but it is clear that radiation is carried by air and by sea, and has been finding its way into our food chain and water supply since the accident occurred.

    As satellite images and computer models confirm, eventually we all share the same air and water. But being downwind of Japan, and directly in the path of rain clouds and ocean currents, the United States shares air and water with Japan much sooner than most other countries.

    The lighter elements, such as cesium follow the air and ocean currents and can circle the Earth many times before they fall to the ground or come down in the rain. Inevitably, areas with the highest rain fall are the hardest hit as cesium settles into our cities, pastures, livestock, food, and water.

    Because air and ocean currents move mostly clockwise north of the equator and mostly counterclockwise south of the equator, pollution tends to stay in one hemisphere or the other for a long time.

    The fact that most radiation poisoning is not easily seen is deceptive. The real tragedy will soon become apparent. Our future generations, our children, our infants and our soon-to-be-born, are the age groups most vulnerable to radiation poisoning.

    We have failed the future..

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Search for the word "meltdown" in this peice of crap…

    Japanese were not alone in banning its' use apparently

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Of particular interest are the lack of the terms "OMG" "Oh shit" and "M-effer"

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    At 10 cents an hour spent on this Fukup, I could buy a car by now


    U.S. Goverment Nuke Industry: Homicide, Omnicide, Atrocites, Ecocide, Biocide, Algaecide, Genocide,… …

    The Marshall Islands

    Bravo nuclear test in 1954. This was the largest nuclear weapon ever tested by the United States. The resulting fallout cloud covered an immense area and irradiated many populated atolls in the northern Marshall Islands. Whole populations were hastily evacuated from atolls in a panicked emergency by the US military, but not before they had been exposed to very high levels of radiation.

    This was followed by waves of sickness and death among the exposed populations. Thyroid cancers were rampant. Traditional foods were contaminated and became forbidden.

    The US government inflicted this radioactive nightmare upon them.

    Between the Marshall Islands and Fukushima

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      By what authority did they(we) do this? None, just brute force. It's a crime.

      • GOM GOM

        Omnicide ‎(uncountable) The total extinction of the human species as a result of human action. Most commonly it refers to human extinction through Nuclear Warfare, but it can also refer to such extinction through other means such as global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe. [Wiki]

        Mobile-friendly – Define omnicide: the destruction of all life especially by nuclear war. [Merriam-Webster]

        The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is an independent agency of the United States government

        Democide – the murder of any person or people by a government. [Wiki]


    Murderous MoFo's

    All modern governments are aware of the threat radioisotopes can pose to health. Yet, social conscience often is in short supply when a country’s economy is at stake.

    Chernobyl- mass contamination of people, crops, livestock. Russia turns a blind eye.

    Throughout the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, tens of millions of pounds of depleted uranium have been converted into munitions.

    These munitions are being exported to the Middle East, where millions of rounds have been fired. Uranium is incendiary and vaporizes on impact, and it scatters a fine dust throughout and around populated areas. Including our troops. All governments turn a bind eye.

    Ignorant of the same potential consequences: Japan.

    Imagine the future..


    Sailing The Farm [Free Book] pdf

    TriloBoat Talk: Thank you, Ken Neumeyer! and Fare Well!

    If there are two things the sea has provided man throughout history, they are the abundance of wealth to be found within its waters, and the ability to travel long distances. With the proper tools and skills, man has lived from the sea since time began, and he will continue to do so as long as he survives on this watery planet.

  • Clinton Email Prove She Made a Shady Deal With Japan on Kissinger's Advice, Buying Fukushima Radiation Infested Food W/O Testing Hillary Clinton Threw American's Under The Bus, Doubtless Costing Many Lives and Painful Diseases

    Her emails, and lack of emails proves this clearly.

    Here is the breakdown:

    Clinton was Secretary of State at the Time
    She was clearly briefed on the dangers of Fukushima
    She was getting several emails a day on Fukushima updates
    People in government were pushing her hard to make a trip to Japan even though she was very tired and overworked
    These same people were imploring her to "Go talk to Kissinger" about strategies for the Japan/Fukushima deal
    Hillary went and got a strategy from Kissinger, and decided to make the trip to Japan to meet one on one with top officials.

    Now, with a big trip to a world super power and close allie, after the worst industrial accident in history, you know that there would be a lot of emails to coordinate the trip.

    But after that meeting with Kissinger there was not a single Japan or Fukushima related email in what she turned over. Not one. They were all disappeared. Under penalty of contempt of court, a jailable offense, or worse, she had all those emails purged.

    Why would anyone take a risk this large just to coverup a trip and discussion with one of our closest allies? 60 other top secret emails were released to the FBI (not disappeared), BUT the coverup of the…

  • jennywalters001

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  • jennywalters001

    Today is the greatest day of my life, i was diagnose of Hiv/Aids 2 years ago, this got me fraustrated and isolated because i was treated with so much stigma that i would cry my eyes out and think about committing sucide, on several times i was rescued by neigbhours, this continued for a couple of months and i was getting tired of being alive, One day i we nt online and started searching for a possible cure from Hiv Virus and i saw a post of a Dr that used Herbal medicine to cure Hiv/Aids, i contacted his email almost immediately, and he responded telling me that he would need me to send him some money before he would send the medication to me, i did and he could not send the medicine to me and kept asking for more money, i discover he was a fraud and stopped sending him email, i went back to being worried sick again until a friend in the hospital i went for checkup, told me about one DR AKULA of Sango Healing Temple, i contacted him when i got home and he assured me that i would get the cure within 3 days, the cure came through FEDEX DELIVERY, i started using it and after 7 days i went for text as instructed by him, to my greatest surprise, i was NEGATIVE, i went further more to 2 more hospitals and the result was the same; NEGATIVE!!! You all can contact him at his email:, he is 100% tested and proved to be legit, he is dependable and assuring. Thank you for your time.


  • rogerthat

    Something Incredible Found In Fukushima Muon Scan
    August 1st, 2016

    As we process the information released related to the second muon scan of Fukushima Daiichi unit 2 a number of interesting things have been found. This however, was a surprise. research team member Peter Melzer used an image analysis program to refine the image published by IRID & TEPCO. Image J software was used to do an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis. This refinement showed something quite different than TEPCO’s original image. …

    … the refined image shows TEPCO’s estimation of the bottom of the RPV is too low. The refinement shows that there is no fuel in the bottom of the RPV in any significant amount. …

  • rogerthat

    Preparatory home stays set to begin Aug. 21 in evacuated town of Tomioka
    23 July 2016

    …In the two zones, decontamination work has been almost completed in residential areas. Two convenience stores have opened, and a municipal clinic is scheduled to begin medical services in October.

    The town’s expert committee discussing the permanent return of residents announced on July 21 that “minimum municipal functions necessary for daily living are expected to be restored by the end of fiscal 2016.” Given the situation, the government has concluded that it is possible to implement preparatory home stays.

    At the meeting, government officials said plans are on the table to set up temporary accommodation for evacuees returning under the preparatory lodging scheme and introduce mobile shops.

    Some assembly members called for the full resumption of the Futaba Police Station’s main office in Tomioka, currently reopened partially, to help dispel anxiety over public safety among townspeople, while others requested the display of a town radiation dosage map, including “hot spots” where radiation levels are high.

    (Translated by Kyodo News)

  • rogerthat

    House demolition in 11 evacuated municipalities to be completed by March 2018
    22 July 2016

    … Covered by the ministry project are the cities of Tamura and Minamisoma, the towns of Kawamata, Naraha, Tomioka, Okuma, Futaba and Namie, and the villages of Kawauchi, Katsurao and Iitate. Evacuees had applied for the demolition of about 8,800 houses as of June this year. Of the total, residences in Tamura and Kawauchi have been dismantled, leaving some 5,600 others yet to be demolished, according to the ministry.

    Demolition work is to be finished by the end of fiscal 2016 on a total of 2,230 houses in Minamisoma, Naraha and Katsurao, where the removal of evacuation zones has made progress, and on 400 homes in Futaba, Okuma and Kawamata, where the number of demolition applications is relatively small. The ministry is set to accomplish demolition of 2,970 residences by fiscal 2017 in Namie, Tomioka and Iitate, where applications are in excess of 1,000 each.

    (Translated by Kyodo News)

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