PHOTOS: “Alien fish” caught alive off Pacific coast… Bizarre creature resembles “albino shark” with large distended stomach — Doctor: 3 exceedingly rare albino dolphins captured off Japan in one year… Fukushima must be researched as possible cause

Published: March 30th, 2016 at 6:17 pm ET


Pisces Sportfishing Fleet, Mar 29, 2016 (emphasis added): ALIEN FISH IN CABO? Jaime Rendon is the well known and liked local captian [sic] of the panga Dr. Pescado; he is also a great fisherman… he caught this strange creature off of Cabo today. It appears to be some kind of shark. He realized it was something special and RELEASED it him/her back into the Sea… Photos have been sent to local experts to try and find out what it is.

Pete Thomas (former reporter for The Los Angeles Times), Mar 30, 2016: Mysterious, alien-like shark caught off Cabo San Lucas — A Cabo San Lucas sportfishing captain on Tuesday reeled from the depths a mysterious alien-like fish that somewhat resembles an albino shark, or shark fetus. But the bizarre-looking fish, with a distended stomach, was said to be alive when it was caught… The photos appeared Tuesday night on the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet’s Facebook page, under the heading, “ALIEN FISH IN CABO?”… Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces general manager, has sent the photos to biologists in Mexico, and we’ve sent out inquiries as well, hoping to obtain an identification. The shark – or shark-like fish – is somewhat reminiscent of the infamous one-eyed “Cyclops” shark caught in the Sea of Cortez in [July] 2011… the shark fetus was pulled from either a bull or dusky shark…

Wire Service, Dec 4, 2014: Vet Urges Research into Albino Dolphins Captured in Taiji, Japan — Dr. Luca Giovagnoli [a Veterinary Medicine Surgeon] is urging further research into the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on marine mammals, after three white dolphins were captured in close succession… Albino dolphins are exceedingly rare in the wild, yet in the last 12 months, three white dolphins have been captured… “There are not many albino animals among cetaceans,” said Dr. Luca Giovagnoli, DVM, “and they are not all concentrated in one area.”… According to NOAA Fisheries, there have only been 14 recorded sightings of albino bottlenose dolphins since 1962… “This in itself is already a rare phenomenon,” the vet explained, “but when you tie the capture of many “genetically altered” subjects together we must consider other events. One of the probable causes of these genetically altered subjects must be researched in the Fukushima nuclear disaster.”

See also:  [intlink id=”report-sparrow-with-albino-head-near-tokyo-albinism-in-birds-common-after-chernobyl-extremely-rare-in-nature-says-expert” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 30th, 2016 at 6:17 pm ET


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  • Jebus Jebus

    Bill's curiously and conveniently havin' trouble just being coherent lately.

    He should probably just say "pardon me" and sitdown…

  • rogerthat

    Trump warns that a yuuge recession is just around the corner. Here is some context:

    April 4, 2016
    Fire Suppression

    John P. Hussman, Ph.D.

    In 1988, Yellowstone National Park went up in flames. In the worst catastrophe in the history of U.S. National Parks, nearly 800,000 acres of forest and surrounding areas were scarred by the uncontrollable blaze. The root cause of the inferno, as Mark Spitznagel recounts in his book The Dao of Capital, was fire suppression:

    “The spread of fire-suppression mentality can be linked to the establishment of forest management in the United States, such that by the early 1900s forests became viewed as resources that needed to be protected – in other words, burning was no longer allowed.

    ''The danger of this approach became tragically apparent in Yellowstone, which was recognized by the late 1980s as being overdue for fire; yet smaller blazes were not allowed to burn because of what were perceived to be risks that were too high given the dry conditions. And so smaller fires were put out, but in the end could not be controlled and converged into the largest conflagration in the history of Yellowstone.

    ''Not only did the fire wipe out more than 30 times the acreage of any previously recorded fire, it also destroyed summer and winter grazing grounds for elk and bison herds, further altering the ecosystem. Because of fire suppression, the trees …

    • rogerthat

      had no opportunity or reason to ever replace each other, and the forest thus grew feeble and prone to destruction… In 1995, the Federal Wildland Fire Management policy recognized wildfire as a crucial natural process and called for it to be reintroduced into the ecosystem… Central bankers, too, could learn a thing or two from their forestry brethren.”

      In recent years, every market retreat has prompted central bankers to wriggle forth with fresh promises of suppressed interest rates and projectile money creation. I remain convinced that the great “policy error” of the Federal Reserve doesn’t lie in the future; in some mistake that might be avoided by good foresight or data-dependency. No, the great policy error of the Federal Reserve is long behind us; in the misguided insistence on sustaining yield-seeking speculation, overvalued financial markets, and dramatic expansion of low-grade covenant-lite debt. The third speculative bubble in 16 years is already well-developed, and the consequences are baked in the cake.

      The danger of constant fire suppression is that it fosters the illusion that the entire forest is a controllable object, while actually weakening its capacity for resilience. Likewise, the danger of relentless Fed intervention is that it fosters the illusion that the financial markets are under the tight control of monetary policy, while encouraging malinvestment that amplifies the severity of the ultimate consequences. …

      • rogerthat

        Nothing has been learned from 2000-2002 and 2007-2009, when even persistent and aggressive easing was incapable of holding back the inevitable collapse of malinvestment.

        The market plunges that completed those market cycles essentially represented the mass recognition by investors that they had badly miscalculated. Each successive bubble encourages them to forget that lesson. Now, we don’t doubt that central bankers will continue their recklessness. Rather, what investors should understand is that easy money actually only supports the market when investors are already inclined toward speculation (something I’ve previously demonstrated in both U.S. and Japanese data).

        Until about mid-2014, Fed actions fueled persistent yield-seeking speculation, helping to drive the financial markets higher despite historically obscene valuations (on measures best correlated with actual subsequent 10-12 year market returns), strenuously overbought conditions, and lopsided bullish sentiment.

        Since mid-2014, however, the speculative impact of central bank jawboning has been increasingly short-lived. The main reason for this diminished carry-through is that investors actually shifted subtly toward greater risk-aversion more than 18 months ago; a shift that we inferred from deteriorating uniformity and broader dispersion of market internals across a broad range of individual stocks, industries, sectors, and security types, …

        • rogerthat

          including debt securities of varying creditworthiness (when investors are inclined to speculate, they tend to be indiscriminate about it).

          We still can’t imagine what central bankers believed that all of this intervention would achieve.

          Despite years of zero interest rates and massive expansion in the monetary base, the overall effect has been to move output, employment and industrial production hardly 1% from what would have been predicted purely on the basis of lagged non-monetary variables alone (this outcome can be verified by comparing constrained and unconstrained VARs).

          What possible marginal investment projects could take place at current interest rates that could not be productively initiated at rates a fraction of one percent higher?

          The answer is simple. Only 1) projects that are so hopelessly unpromising that even the slightest increase in the hurdle rate would make them unprofitable, and 2) speculative yield-seeking carry trades and foreign capital flows where the main consideration is interest itself, risking massive reversals in response to the slightest change in conditions.

          Tail risk

          Market collapses don’t come out of the blue. Across history, they have emerged primarily from conditions where rich valuation has been joined by deterioration in market internals.

          Though Spitznagel focuses primarily on the valuation side of market conditions, he makes a similar point – extremely negative market outcomes don’t emerge randomly: …

          • rogerthat

            “Truly, the real black swan problem of stock market busts is not about a remote event that is considered unforeseeable; rather it is about a foreseeable event that is considered remote. The vast majority of market participants fail to expect what should be, in reality, perfectly expected events.”

            From a full-cycle perspective, we continue to expect that the completion of the present market cycle will likely involve a retreat in the S&P 500 Index on the order of 40-55%.

            From a longer-term perspective, as I emphasized with nearly a century of evidence last week, we expect nominal total market returns to average 0-2% over the coming 10-12 year horizon.

            Emphatically, these would be only run-of-the-mill outcomes, in the sense that they would bring historically reliable valuation measures to the same norms that they have approached or breached during the completion of every market cycle across history, including recent market cycles, as well as cycles prior to the 1960’s when interest rates were regularly comparable to present levels. …

            – read in full, and have a look at Hussman's archives. he knows what he's talking about.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Disinformation of the highest order. This will make you sick…literally!

    "Nuclear Power Is Too Safe to Save the World From Climate Change"

    God Damn you Nick Stockton and "Wired"!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Surely Nick is being paid to play..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Speaking of cancer.
    I have an old friend that is moving up this way.
    He thinks that coming to work a homestead of land..30 miles into rough country, is going to make him live longer.
    A plan the making for a kazillion years ..many of which I am aware of.
    He's a bit delusion.
    Delusional enough to call me 'Sunshine'…lol
    What are his friends going to say
    Ya, and we might be seen in town and people will talk.
    That's all they are is talk.

    I'll remember to check their action when it's their turn at bat.

    (He's working it up for a young nephew, should work, if some loose woman from town doesn't finish him off.)

    • DUDe DUD

      Hi Heart , if i would visit the states , would it be ok for you if i pass by ?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Sure.. but like all those that wander my way'd probably be lost.

        • DUDe DUD

          Like in..even more ? lol

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


            • DUDe DUD

              Stepping out of the plane on Wild West grounds has been my main concern for years..and as long as i don't have to sign the houserules with my blood lol..i take my chances..

              • DUDe DUD

                I wanne meet you and your horses..and you live.. i'l check if i recover from the experience afterwards , if not , its probably an improvement lol.

                But first i have to visit the San Fransisco area..

                Don't know yet when i'll be leaving. I'l decided to roll the dices just now.
                Here is my email to exchange info and coordinates and stuff when the time comes..

                Goodnight Heart.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  That would be singular…DUD.
                  Her name is 'Mollie'.
                  There's the Wild West ..and them buckaroo cowboys.. like the oil industry.
                  The Old West ..fading faces like Mr. Finicum, in a world that doesn't have any idea ..the SIZE of freedom.
                  The New West ..Connecticut in the Rockies.
                  Old West rules ..right is right, wrong is wrong.
                  You're thinking gray?
                  You might have to get off the ranch..

                  But you're welcome…LOLOL.

                  • DUDe DUD

                    "..You're thinking gray?
                    You might have to get off the ranch.."

                    Sounds like so much fun Heart , you know i'm first a philosopher , i hope they don't end up stuffed to be a scarecrow on the field over there or something LOLOL.

                    I too often failed to understand your often difficult way's , certainly for a foreigner , with words around here..those i understood i could always appreciate..

                    I want to see if i understand you better with the normal things included like intonation , facial expression and bodylanguage..and the possibility to instantly finetune/explain..

                    If not..oh least i went to the other side of the world to find out lolol..

                    PS : i should not have said wild west , because i actually mean "within reach of their "legal goodwill" ".. somebody is insisting i visit for decades now..i was going to wait 'till Bernie got elected or some other miracle before i was going to take the i decided i'm not going to wait that long..

  • rogerthat

    Contaminated water, fuel extraction stand in way of decommissioning Fukushima plant

    April 3, 2016 (Mainichi Japan)

    With about five years having passed since the start of the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant disaster, nuclear workers still lack a method of treating the around 1,000 tanks of contaminated water stored on site, and the start of work to remove melted nuclear fuel from the plant remains at least five years away.

    "Until the contaminated water issue is solved, decommissioning of the reactors remains far off. We have to stop the water," says Tetsuo Ito, professor of nuclear energy safety engineering at the Kinki University Atomic Energy Research Institute. Akira Ono, chief of the Fukushima plant, says, "We're still at step one" of the decommissioning process, which is estimated to take until 2041 to 2051. …

    • rogerthat

      Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the plant's owner, is treating the contaminated water with its Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS), which can remove 62 varieties of radioactive material.

      However, ALPS cannot remove radioactive tritium, and because of this the treated water is stored in tanks. Tritium is extremely difficult to separate from water, because even if one of the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule is replaced by tritium, the chemical properties such as the boiling point barely change.

      The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has advised that tritium-containing water be released into the ocean, because its effect on the human body is very limited. Tritium-containing water is created even during the normal operation of a nuclear power plant, and it is released into the ocean in accordance with waste-disposal standards.

      However, there is local opposition to doing this at the Fukushima plant because of worries about its effects on the reputation of the local fishing industry, and no decision has been made on what to do with the water.

      Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years, so storing the water until the radiation naturally lessens is another option, but there is the risk of leaks during that time if the tanks' conditions deteriorate. …

      • rogerthat

        As for decommissioning the plant reactors, at the end of 2011 the national government put together a roadmap that estimated the decommission work would take 30 to 40 years. To decommission the No. 1 through 3 reactors at the plant, 1,573 units of spent fuel will have to be removed from the spent fuel pools of these reactors, and 1,496 units' worth of fuel that melted from the reactors will have to be removed. Safe removal of the melted fuel represents the largest problem.

        The national government and TEPCO intend to decide on a plan for the fuel's extraction in the first half of fiscal 2018, and start extraction efforts at one of the reactors within the year 2021.

        Toyoshi Fuketa, a member of the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), argues that nuclear fuel that is too difficult to take out should be stored on-site, saying, "There is the option of just removing as much (of the melted fuel) as possible, and hardening the rest (to seal off its radiation)."

        The cost for decommissioning the reactors is already estimated at 2 trillion yen, and this could grow if the decommissioning schedule is delayed.

        While the No. 1 through 3 reactors at the plant were shut down at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, they lost all power due to the proceeding tsunami and, …

        • rogerthat

          with no way to cool the nuclear reactors, they experienced a meltdown. The tsunami measured at up to 15.5 meters, and emergency underground power supplies were flooded and failed to function.

          Tanks for holding contaminated water are seen on the grounds of the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, on Nov. 5, 2015. (Mainichi)
          The No. 1 reactor was equipped with a cooling system called Reactor Core Isolation Cooling (IC), but this didn't activate, and on March 12 at 3:36 p.m. the No. 1 reactor suffered a hydrogen explosion.

          Then, on March 14 at 11:01 a.m. the No. 3 reactor also experienced a hydrogen explosion.

          The No. 4 reactor was already offline at the time of the disaster for a regular inspection, but hydrogen from the adjacent No. 3 reactor leaked in, and it suffered a hydrogen explosion as well at 6:14 a.m. on March 15.

          The No. 2 reactor was not hit by a hydrogen explosion, but among the No. 1 through 3 reactors it is thought to have leaked the most radiation. The disaster is rated a 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale, the same as the Chernobyl disaster.

          Masao Yoshida, the late chief of the Fukushima plant who headed up the frontline disaster-response efforts, testified to a government panel investigating the disaster, "We (who were on-site) imagined it as the destruction of eastern Japan. I really thought we were dead."

          Four reports on the disaster were put together, from the national government, the Diet, TEPCO and elsewhere in the…

          • rogerthat

            private sector.

            They differ on points such as why the IC in the No. 1 reactor did not activate.

            The Diet probe raised the possibility that the IC system's piping was damaged in the earthquake, but the national government's investigative panel denied that earthquake damage was the cause.

            Due to the high radiation levels in the reactor buildings, there has not yet been an on-site investigation to better understand what happened.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "The energy industry has lost more than 100,000 good paying middle class jobs since the start of last year, and just today we learned that Boeing could be laying off as many as 8,000 workers."

    Since Kentucky family support can't get me 50 dollar food stamp card in 5 months, I wonder how they will do when things are not all roses like it is now.

  • Nick

    Why is it that I am not in the least bit surprised about:


    In fact, call it just the tip of the iceberg of global greed and deceit.

    Money making money for itself while hiding and evading taxes has got to become the enemy.

    (It is already but y'all are a bit slow to catch on to that fact).

    We as humans have tremendous potential, yet our very nature dooms us.

    Do not expect the Panama Papers to change the world, only you and I can do that.

    Nothing out there in our world is truly just and virtuous when there are some who take for themselves.


    Heck, even your stock portfolio of green investments has ties to shadow companies.

    Money traded on global markets is stained with the stench of it all.

    Time for a new paradigm.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "GIANT UNDERGROUND POOLS: A total of 2.1 billion yen ($18 million) was spent on seven huge underground pools built by Maeda Corp. to store the contaminated water. They leaked within weeks, and the water had to be transferred to steel tanks."

    So, they have seven huge underground pools sitting empty on the property?

    good place to hide bodies of workers. I know, over active imagination.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Wow uni, everything's breaking! Taxpayer money…Why does none of this surprise me? Thanks for posting this…

    • Cooter

      Nice catch uni,

      Notice the contractors are not real contractors but the nuclear cartel, who have a couple of backhoes and engineers up the kazoo who profess this and that and propose a fool proof answer.
      These unproven methodologies do not lend well with current, large scale, construction protocols.

      In short the world's nuclear cartel gets rich from citizens who get displaced and their land destroyed.

      What I didn't see in this article is the steel tube "sea wall" capable of stopping ALL the radioactive water from entering the Pacific Ocean. But hey it's something you can see from space. A wall that is not built to construction standards and does not work at all, as this structure is rotating towards the harbor. Resulting in the "water tight seals" having deformed and failed.

      Nuclear is a failed science and the premises of risk v. reward, the primary argument, has proven that the reward is not sustainable and the risk is not manageable within any safety setting.

  • rogerthat

    The Fukushima police investigated the case for almost two years. It is extremely disappointing. We wanted them to look into the case further. We can’t accept this decision.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY APR. 04, 2016

    Ruiko Muto, 62, head of a group of plaintiffs that filed an unsuccessful criminal complaint against TEPCO, operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, and its 32 current and former executives, for allowing radioactive contaminated water to be discharged into the sea. (Asahi Shimbun)

  • rogerthat

    California bans commercial crab fishing due to excessive radiation in seafood via Natural News

    In November of last year, California state officials placed an indefinite hold on the commercial crab season, in order to protect public health. The reason given by the state was dangerously high levels of algal toxins in the bodies of the crabs.

    But according to New York radio station 95.1 FM (SuperStation 95), insiders from the California Fish and Game Commission have revealed that the real reason for the ban was dangerously high levels of radioactivity resulting from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    Radioactive crab are so dangerous to eat that state officials felt the need to protect the public, Superstation 95 reports. But officials were unwilling to publicly admit the true reason for the ban, which contradicts official claims that the Fukushima disaster poses no threat to the U.S. West coast.

    Continue reading at California bans commercial crab fishing due to excessive radiation in seafood

  • rogerthat

    … The Earth collapses in on itself following an underground nuclear explosion in this harrowing video.

    Archive footage of an undated atomic test shows a shed and the surrounding land disappear as the ground collapses into a giant hole created by the enormous underground explosion.

    Rather than the enormous mushroom cloud you would expect from a nuclear blast, the land slowly sinks until dirt and and dust explode upwards.

    The footage was posted to YouTube by atomcentral and has been viewed more than 1.2 million times. …

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The Sun Triggers Large Earthquakes.

    Here's the paper and graph showing the corelation.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      measured (and extrapolated to sieverts) radiation in Fukushima about the same as in Germany…meanwhile half the birds studied show smaller brains and other defects. Critical thinking required

      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes. CodeShutdown. ty. Critical thinking is required? Bummer. Peace

      • Code, are you making the incredulous claim that "dose" may not be calculated correctly and accurately for each organism, even taking into account individual differences?

        Well that would just discredit the entire radiation cartel. We can't have that <sarc>

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          stock, they said the higher natural background level in Germany boosted their dose. I say set the background to null; zero dose. For all we know, life was doing fine with background. There IS NO zero dose control group and never was.

          So setting background to zero, just measure the amount from nuclear fallout. Whoa! suddenly and shockingly the nuclear radiation dose is INFINITELY greater than before.

          But radiation is radiation, says pro and anti nuclear advocates alike. Not true! Those background rays dont compare to breathing in buckeyballs and nanoparticles of plutonium!

          Set the background dose as the null point! Ive been harping on this for a long time; On those linear dose effect charts…where the effects of increased radiation come to zero at zero dose….the dose is not zero; Zero dose on those charts includes the background. How do we know? Because you cant remove the background!

      • aunavoz

        “Many species have been negatively impacted and the impacts appear to be increasing with time,” he said, noting that bird species like barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) and some warbler species have been particularly hard-hit. Both the numbers of species and population abundance are decreasing in many areas — likely due to radiation accumulating in the birds’ bodies even as it decreases overall in the area.

        Surprisingly, some species, such as the oriental turtle dove (Streptopelia orientalis) and the narcissus flycatcher (Ficedula narcissina) showed increased numbers in more radioactive areas, possibly due to reduced competition or predation pressure. “Not all species were negatively affected and some species even appeared to be positively affected.”

        Not all species seem to be equally affected.

        • aunavoz

          Not a denier at all of radiation damage Code .. but would suggest that there are unknowns and it doesn't all follow a cookie cutter path.

          Article above was quoting Mousseau ..

          Critical thinking.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            aunavoz, but that is my song exactly; all radioactive isotopes are different and act differently with different species, different forms (buckeyballs for example), different exposure routes, (ingestion, inhalation, external, seasonal etc). So we are in complete agreement; there are the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns. Never assume science has the unknown unknowns covered, thus default to natures pre-poisoned state.

            But the increased numbers of turtle dove…it reminds me about bees; Scientists determined their bee junk food substitute for pollen and honey was actually better for bees because they weighed more. Talk about lack of critical thinking! Junk food fed bees are unhealthy bees and prone to mold and varroa mites. We dont know if those doves arent suffering some reduced IQ or any number of sub acute ailments, or at least changing the balance of the nature the way it was before it was poisoned.

            critical thinking indeed

            • aunavoz

              Code .. I thought Mousseau was one of the scientists you respected.

              Those are his words quoted. So now he is junk science??

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                aunavoz; I have found blog communications to be fraught with misunderstanding. Please be very specific and include your opinion or intended point, if possible.

                This is what I understand your intent to be so far; You wanted to point out that Fukushima is no more radioactive than Germany. But Fukushima has three fully melted and/or exploded nuclear reactors and a 12 mile exclusion zone. So…its obvious Germany and Fukushima are not equally contaminated! Do you agree? So, whats your point exactly?

                Next, it appeared to me that you wanted to make the point that not all animals suffered, and in fact the Fukushima disaster was a benefit to some animals. In fact I will agree in the case of gamma feeding melanized fungi! But the idea that you can poison the land air and sea with some of the worst poisons known to man, and then believe this is good for some animals (besides fungi) is, in my opinion, the height of blind ignorance. Please dont take that personally…perhaps you meant something else, or just cant help it. Like I pointed out, even if a species increases in number, this does not mean they arent negatively affected. With reduced biodiversity and increased toxicity, who knows what the long term effect will be even on those species with temporarily increased numbers?

                Question for you; Is Fukushima a negative, neutral or positive influence for life on earth?

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            auna, just to get this straight, you posted a link saying Fukushima was not more dangerous than Germany without any commentary on your part. I pointed out the dire consequences of nearly 50% mutations on wildlife, then you came back with a link that some life has benefited from the nuclear poisoning. If I had to make a snap decision, I would say aunavoz is lacking in critical thinking. But Im not going to make that snap decision

            • aunavoz


              Code .. The link is about high school students actually.

              I know Enenews has a death agenda trying to prove Fuku is the final demise of life on earth ..

              But I passionately believe in these kids ..

              Perhaps as you draw your last hopeless breath .. A new way will be fojnd

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                auna, I read the piece about the students. It shows that the students cant think clearly and what they call science is severely handicapped by their professors and the nuclear agencies that have implemented the ICRP dose model. Its a very sad thing and your enthusiasm, while having a nice optimistic hopeful flavor, is in fact a phantasm.

                This simple fact SHOULD make the above more than clear; A large percentage of trees, insects, birds and other animals around Fukushima have defects and mutations! “morphological malformations
                in various parts including legs, antennae, palpi, eyes, abdomen, and wings. entire eye structures deformed … Wing aberrations, including broken or wrinkled wings…"

                Garnier-Laplace, et al; study showed that 90% of bird populations studied in the 50 km zone northwest of the Fukushima were chronically exposed to levels of radiation
                that could impact their reproductive success

                And aunavoz believes passionately in those kids that are so focused on a geiger counter and the ICRP model that they are blind to the loss of their land and the world wide tragedy of 4 ex vessel reactors? Grip reality Aunavoz. Look at a map to see how big a 24 mile diameter exclusion zone is. And beyond that, a sick zone without borders

              • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                aunavoz: "… Perhaps as you draw your last hopeless breath .. A new way will be fojnd"

                Sounds like the nuke legacy.

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  …and the cancer industry.

                  • DUDe DUD

                    "..Sounds like the nuke legacy.…and the cancer industry.."

                    That BRIBES and OWN's the universities where all that bucketloads of fresh brilliant talent is witheld the truth and Brainwashed and reduced to Property..molded like bonsaitree's to make the same mistakes and parrot the same lies for the same planetkilling warprofiteering OWNER'S..

                    • aunavoz

                      Hhd and dud ..

                      Along w code and obe .. Just provide your suicide plan ..

                      Because that is all you have left to offer this conversation.

                      Enenews "creed" all is death and doom has been noted ..

                      If you have no hope or activism .. Then share how you want to die.

                      Because that is tje Enenews message

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Don't tell us what we should do.Just mind your own bussiness then..
                      Did nobody tell you you should not mess with suicidal people ? If you think that's all we you think that comment is helpfull ?

                      There IS NO HOPE unless things change very drastically.. one of the contributions to that change is bursting tru the lying curtain's with current reality as blunt and true as possible..not that wischywaschy inbetween "not so good and somewhat alway's hopefull" message..prolonging status quo..

                      We are being executed and the shots have been fired by very powerdrunken man..not landed yet..that's how bad and urgent it is..

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Power Plant: "Death will come to your town, my little friend."

                      No need to pick our poison, auna. It has been done for us…and every generation to come. Forever.

                      Nuclear: You can't fix stupid.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                    • I wonder what anusvoice is trying to incite with this..

                      "If you have no hope or activism .. Then share how you want to die."

                      Brow beat them into the hands of the waiting control freaks with some stupid premise that everything done by us all here is just some big waste of time?

                      Well you are WRONG anusvoice.. We have no trouble seeing the real and manifest effects we are having and no amount of your silly commentary is swaying anyone.

                      We are strong, Our numbers are becoming a problem and we know this.

                      Here's to continuing the awakening. And a lump of coal for the trolls.

                      Every person chooses their alignment.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      "I wonder what anusvoice is trying to incite with this….."If you have no hope or activism .. Then share how you want to die."…"

                      Fear mongering with a fringe theory based on a strategic false premise of suicide and hopelessness.

                      5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary 'attack the messenger' ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as 'kooks', 'right-wing', 'liberal', 'left-wing', 'terrorists', 'conspiracy buffs', 'radicals', 'militia', 'racists', 'religious fanatics', 'sexual deviates', and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      I have a feeling aunavoz use to post here under another name years ago.

                      It's OK that this person sees some type of hope with the younger generation, but then, the numbers we here are creating daily are mounting quickly against this younger generation.

                      Passing the baton to the future should be a positive fluid process.

                      After Fukushima..nothing fluid about the pass..someone dropped the baton and then tripped over it.

                      Those that drop the baton and trip do not win the race.. 🙁

                      Best get to shutting all these Nuclear Rattle Traps down and regroup the current brain trust that set up the race.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog gets it. Nice!

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Here is a little hope! 🙂

                      But then, surely it will be scarfed up for some exotic taught by others weapon production.. instead.. by our slave masters.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      auna, you assume that there is nothing but a message of doom which does no good. But if you look at it from a different angle….like a cancer warning on cigarettes for example….nothing but gloom and doom. Or telling the driver he is about to drive off a cliff, or hit a bus. Such gloom and doom!

                      I have gone to the official autism statistics and I get the same projection as shown in this graph. Look at this;


                      Now whether you think this is caused by vaccines, chem trails or fukushima, or all the above, if you have hope for a better year 2030, you should start ringing the bell of gloom and doom, and you better start now. Autistic children of tomorrow are unlikely to fix the worlds nuclear, pharmaceutical and autism problems.

                      What do you do? You seem content with your faith in the young or unborn, and to tell bell ringers they are useless and should commit suicide. Somehow I think better of you than that….cmon, up your game a little

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      You hit that head on the nail code.

                      I work in a world of operational signs, decals, and stickers.

                      Nobody move, till ya read all the signs.

                      Remember the song? It's true but in a different way.

                      Nobody thinks for themselves. They just stand there confused and waiting within the error that the multitude of signs doesn't cover. They call for help on their own errors. It's insane and preprogrammed daily for control.

                      My daily interactions with people prove this to me.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      The point is of the youth seeing around this is because it has not been drilled into them yet by many, many days without end, inside the hampster wheel.

                      They aren't ready to do as their told…

                    • DUDe DUD

                      yes aunavoz , Code and Jebus said it better then i ..less combative yet eloquent..

                      But i like to add to Jebus last comment..

                      "..They aren't ready to do as their told…"

                      But they aren't told the truth especially they deserve the full blast of the real picture of what is happening in/with this world , how it is being setup to (d)evolve aka choke in radiation to death.. and how they are being setup/kept ignorent to NOT be able to change a darn thing about it in their future..if such thing , a future , still exist..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      many a scientist is a firm believer in standard dose models and radiation dangers. They are sincere. On the other hand, it doesnt take a scientist to realize that poisoning the sea land and air is not OK and doesnt lead to good outcomes. Thats where the idiocy of teacher, student, media and blogger shines brilliantly

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. I am going to beat the hell out of the next person that uses his finger to write "Wash Me" on my car. Peace

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      That's choosing your battles wisely… 😉

      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes. stock. ty. This post was directly under Code's comment on "critical thinking." Sensible people get the message,the reminder,and wash their cars. My remarks are simulated remarks from someone that doesn't apply critical thinking. It's been a slow day up 'til 'bout now. Onward! Through the Fog! eh?

    • I am going to put a jujitsu takedown and the next person that writes "Global Truth Washing" on my Jeep.

      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes. stock. ty. Is not "Global Truth Washing" what is going on? The Truth is being replaced by Lies. The Nuclear Industry has been doing this all along. Now lies and deceit are pervasive throughout society. Truth is Politically Incorrect. Today we are expected to "tow the party line." The lie is that we should. Peace

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Even better to put the offending fingers under the mica window of your Geiger counter and then make them look at images/x-ray of a hand with prominent bone tumors visible and tell them, "ha,look at you now asshole"!!! TheENDare the days when everything we do holds potentially devastating consequences for even the smallest, silliest acts of bordem or stupidity even though the true impacts may take years to become apparent. A former neighbor girl who was a witness to the ultra high detection of radiation from the snow and underlying layer of soot taken from the hood of my Jeep decided to go ahead and be a smartass by eating a snowball gathered from the same car hood two years ago has recently been diagnosed and posting about the non-hereditary cancer she still rejects the suggestion I put forward to remind her of the incident that she did just to ridicule me and my stance on the harm posed by 311 and my unsubstantiated claims of the harmful effects of the nuclear industry even via normal, unimpaired operating conditions. IMO the world was fukd and doomed to be destroyed the moment the geniuses solved the problem of releasing the energy which is destined to be the means to the END and they're not showing any signs of slowing down the race to the finish line which I'm not alone in feeling that it is coming up REAL SOON either!! :-(…

  • Cooter

    Article from Nucnews,

    Subcommittee for Dose Reconstruction Reviews (SDRR), Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health (ABRWH or the Advisory Board), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

    "Status: Open to the public, but without a public comment period. The public is welcome to submit written comments in advance of the meeting, to the contact person below. Written comments received in advance of the meeting will be included in the official record of the meeting."

    "Purpose: The Advisory Board is charged with (a) providing advice to the Secretary, HHS, on the development of guidelines under Executive Order 13179; (b) providing advice to the Secretary, HHS, on the scientific validity and quality of dose reconstruction efforts performed for this program; and (c) upon request by the Secretary, HHS, advise the Secretary on…"

    IMO it now looks like the HHS is in charge of jacking up the allowable limits (dose) of radiation.

    The article says: "Open to the public, but without a public comment period."

    However you can comment prior to the event, ask questions, or contact the person below.

    Theodore Katz
    Designated Federal Officer, NIOSH, CDC
    1600 Clifton Road, Mailstop E-20, Atlanta, Georgia
    Telephone (513) 533-6800, Toll Free 1(800)
    CDC-INFO, Email…

  • Nick

    Tax havens.

    Methinks we need to address the issue head on.

    I am a sucker who pays taxes.

    Why should rich suckers NOT do the same?

    Nick, you are dealing with fire.

    I know.

    • Yep, flat tax on personal consumption. 0% on the first $15,000 per year, so the poor don't get body slammed on necessaities. 10% on 15,000 to 80,000. 20% above that. Yachts included. Work vehicles and tools exempted. Houses not included.

      All solar and wind exempted completely.

      Simple enough right?

  • nick, If we are seeing just the tip of the Iceberg on global corruption, then what does it take to TIPP it?

  • Nick

    Think how much finangling is going on as we speak as money tries to NOT pay taxes on this and that with 2 weeks to go before filing deadline.

    The revolution will be a flat tax for all.

    Nothing else makes sense.



    F the tax code.

    Pay your share.

    • 70,000 pages of tax code, need to be 700. 10% of my entire business year is dealing with taxation issues and responding to vacuous letters from tax offices that don't even know their own rules.

  • Nick

    Then there is:

    Nick…careful you are playing with dynamite!

    (no I am not…THEY are)

  • Nick

    I hold a simple mindset when it comes to taxes.

    No one should pay taxes below $30,000/year for a single taxpayer.

    30-100,000 = 10%

    100,000-500,000 = 12%

    500,000 or above = 15%.

    No exemptions, no capital reinvestment wtf is this shit?, nada.


  • Nick

    When you realize how insane our tax codes are, how the rich basically screw us all, you will weep.

    So get wealthy Nick, what is the problem?

    Our world in a nut shell.

  • Nick

    Think about it……money making money for itself is probably the single worse thing ever to happen in the known Universe.

    So, Nick what do you propose?

    I think we are capable of much more as a species.

    The meek shall inherit the earth….

    Who said money was KING?

    F the rich.

    That will be the revolution.

    Of that I am certain.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Nick. ty. Texas employers pay for workers compensation insurance for their employees. For many this is all the insurance they absolutely need.

    It has come to mind that people who have workers compensation insurance,should not have to pay the penalty for not signing up for Obamacare.

    What scam insurance is,anyway. The banks own everything. If the banks were not so greedy,corporations could pay a living wage. Then all insurance would be affordable,but as it is,we are forced to pay with what we do not have. But at any "rate",

    "There is more to life than bread alone."


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      I think if you have a single payer or universal health care program worker compensation then goes away as it is not needed anymore. Many others are also eliminated.

      The entire program becomes a Work Safety Health Program instead.

      The reason the costs are high is not just the insurance carriers but what the hospitals and doctors are charging (getting away with) for their services and the behind the scenes costs are often created by the government.\

      Greed is the driving force on/behind all charges rendered..screw they neighbor is the..

      American Dream!

  • Nick

    In a sense, I have the luxury to know why

    poverty is a virtue.

    My grandfather, before he died, wrote a treatise called:

    Cooperation and Coercion as Methods of Social Change.

    This was in the 1930s.

    Before WW II.

    Both means still drive social change.

    I tend to like cooperation.

    It is the coercive forces around us that I detest.

    I realize that my grandfather hit on truths I can only glimpse, yet some of his legacy still resonates in me; those truths he carried to the grave, not running from them agonizing about what it all means….

    ….my other grandfather lived in a different place, in Japan and Hawaii, not really a Westerner so to speak….

    Both grandfathers knew that the natural world was the key, the window into their own sanity and self renewal.

    For that, my own soul has never ever doubted.

    It is not that in wilderness is the preservation of the world, it is more than that….we HAVE to preserve the wild(s).

    I bet if you did a survey….most of us would vote for saving 50% of the world.

    Humans get the other half.

    Think about it.

  • Nick

    In a sense, we all have to go beyond ourselves.

    Nothing else matters.

    I refuse to think, for a nano-second, that the path forward is hate and war.

    This Peace Nick knows otherwise.

    And I do mean wise.

  • Nick

    What if much of the climate change ahead is due to sterilizing and ionizing the biosphere?

    We can rant and rave all we want to about how carbon oxidizing (burning) alters the climate, but the reality is far more complex then that.

    We alter the ozone layer, allowing more cosmic rays to penetrate.

    Increased cosmic rays are also due to a quiet sun…totally NOT under our control (at least the last time I checked).

    Ions are not supposed to be created in vast amounts for biological systems…why else do you think anti-oxidants are important?

    The same biochemical drive to reduce the ravages of unpaired electrons also reduce heavy metal toxicity.

    Delicate chemistry, easily altered.


    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. Nick. ty. If only people knew to take anti-oxidants. It is a cheap and easy way to protect oneself from ionizing radiation. If only people knew.

  • Nick

    This what I mean about becoming more than ourselves:






    Of that, I am TATALly certain.

  • Nick

    Something is very wrong with our world.

    We need to rethink our place in the cosmos.

    To think otherwise is stupid.

    Tell me again what trumps reason?>>?

  • Nick

    Heavy metals, which have widespread environmental distribution and originate from natural and anthropogenic sources, are common environmental pollutants. In recent decades, their contamination has increased dramatically because of continuous discharge in sewage and untreated industrial effluents. Because they are non-degradable, they persist in the environment; accordingly, they have received a great deal of attention owing to their potential health and environmental risks. Although the toxic effects of metals depend on the forms and routes of exposure, interruptions of intracellular homeostasis include damage to lipids, proteins, enzymes and DNA via the production of free radicals. Following exposure to heavy metals, their metabolism and subsequent excretion from the body depends on the presence of antioxidants (glutathione, α-tocopherol, ascorbate, etc.) associated with the quenching of free radicals by suspending the activity of enzymes (catalase, peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase). Therefore, this review was written to provide a deep understanding of the mechanisms involved in eliciting their toxicity in order to highlight the necessity for development of strategies to decrease exposure to these metals, as well as to identify substances that contribute significantly to overcome their hazardous effects within the body of living organisms."

  • Nick

    Stress on organisms come in many forms.

    Yet it is the heavy metal side that most don't

    "listen" to, blithely ignoring the effects of energized atoms into the surrounding matrix.

    I am talking about energies at the quantum realm.

    Ofcourse it is invisible, etc, but that doesn't negate the effects of ionizing radiation and trans-uranium heavy metallic poisoning of the biosphere.

    You think lead in water is all we need to worry about?

    Oh, sister, you have some thinking ahead!

  • Nick

    Because we have released so much ionization…

    Our very neurohormones get "burned" up so to speak as they seek to quench the fire of the molecules they encounter.

    Less melatonin, more serotonin build up (since serotonin breaks down into melatonin) ….insanity, or worse.

    Radiation stress is real….look at how a freckling skin freckles in sunlight…..

    Insomnia is increasing globally.

    I can prove it.

    Get to the molecular level.

    Understand the implications of heavy metal toxicity on the brain.

    Way more than you probably have a brain pan for.

  • Nick



    We are supposed to just take melatonin, we need to grasp what it is in the first place.

    Not possible since we are talking about bioactivity on the atomic if not quantum realm, a resonating molecule of vast importance.

    I postulate that understanding tryptophanic neuronal pathways are a key to soul surfing.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here's a little bit more truth…

    Explainer: Why #PanamaPapers is just the tip of the iceberg

    And how tax evasion hurts the world's poorest people.

    The world has over 80 tax havens. Panama is just one of them.
    Organisations working on tax havens, like the Tax Justice Network, estimate there are over 80 tax havens in the world. The total quantum of money tucked away in these, a 2010 report by the Network estimates, is somewhere between $21 trillion and $32 trillion.

    To put that in perspective, the World Bank estimated the Gross World Product – adding up the GDPs of all countries – at about $62.2 trillion that year.

    Why are there so many tax havens in the world? As periodic reports on global inequality tell us, the lower half of the global population possesses barely 1% of global wealth while the richest 10% of adults own 86% of all wealth. The top 1% account for 46% of the total.

    And we wonder why our national debt is huuge…

    He's not the only one sayin' it…

    Take all this back and nuclear decays away.

    Nuclear power is like a loose corium.

    It must be fed, to stay cool…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Why The Major Media Marginalize Bernie – Robert Reich

    The major media don’t know how to report on political movements. Movements don’t fit into the normal political story about who’s up and who’s down. And because Bernie Sanders’s candidacy is less about him than about the “political revolution” he’s spawned, the media are at a loss.

    The major media have come to see much of America through the eyes of the establishment. That’s not surprising. After all, they depend on establishment corporations for advertising revenues, their reporters and columnists rely on the establishment for news and access, their top media personalities socialize with the rich and powerful and are themselves rich and powerful, and their publishers and senior executives are themselves part of the establishment.

    So it’s understandable that the major media haven’t noticed how determined Americans are to reverse the increasing concentration of wealth and political power that have been eroding our economy and democracy. And it’s understandable, even if unjustifiable, that they continue to marginalize Bernie Sanders.

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