Photos: ‘Protection’ to be installed over No. 3 fuel pool at Fukushima — Concern over more debris falling in

Published: February 6th, 2013 at 4:48 pm ET


Title: Debris Removal from the Upper Part of Unit 3 Reactor Building at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
Source: Tepco
Date: February 4, 2013

After removing the steel truss debris, protection will be installed on the spent fuel pool and debris removal from the upper part of the operation floor will be started.

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Published: February 6th, 2013 at 4:48 pm ET


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13 comments to Photos: ‘Protection’ to be installed over No. 3 fuel pool at Fukushima — Concern over more debris falling in

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Well I guess two years is better than never. I don't think there is much spent fuel left in that pool. JMHO

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      There's probably not much left in any of the SPF's, including the CSFP.

      I can't imagine humans working directly over a melted corium, covered in water or not. What does it do to one's lifespan?

      • Jay

        COVER it ???? From WHAT ? Cooling Rain or snow ??? METEORITES ???

        Get Real TEPCO !
        The danger is in locating a water pool on the THIRD level where an earthquake ( your number one worry , tsunamy is 2 ) can Crack it and empty the water , you Bright , Smart , Glorios engineers !!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Whatever lowers the radiation releases is welcomed …it would be nice to be able to go outside again someday.

  • norbu norbu

    looks like a greenhouse.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I initially envisioned something along the lines of the structure from the goofy Paulie Shore movie "Biodome",but on a scale that would enclose a fairly large radius around the entire facility extending at least 50-100 yards from the edge pf the sea back including the HOT debris bulldozed over that was ejected during explosions!!(?)~But that was back when they still had the option of containing the releases via the coffer dam that was never built and now I'm not convinced they can do ANYTHING about the releases that inevitably will continue into the sea and through various mechanisms become airborne and transient at levels still high and accumulating beyond the ability of the land and beings it engulfs to continue to live in lands unable to sustain life for centuries despite the reduction of direct airborne releases & sky/cloud shine being possible to some degree.(?) I guess even a temporary break from direct airborne releases is better than nothing though…I have to wonder how they expect to complete the tasks outlined in their latest "roadmap to successful decon & decom" can be performed if the enclosure works as intended and the radiation is trapped and concentrated in areas requiring human presence?! I wish this was the bit of hopeful news I'd been waiting for but it just seems like "too little too late"and seems to all but confirm my suspicions that they plan to clean up,transfer & store only what remains after flushing as much as possible into the sea!!(?) :(…

  • This so-called "shield" is for THE CAMERAS! We all see criminality on-going in the cams.. from the remains of busted fuel rods. Now, they can let us see them remove such bits… as they still claim the rods are intact!

    I've seen the vids of that pool… is just one partial rack left in there.. and some mangled remains in the corners.. THAT'S IT!

  • Do you happen to notice how they can't seem to get any one single thing completed… before the scramble is on to start something else to hide what's going on there!????

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I have to concur on all points since the only thing they've accomplished or done that can be seen is new structures that "shield" the $29.99 RONCO camera TEPCO has not from the harmful effects of radiation,but from the harmful effects of the public still seeing enough to call BULLSHIT even with the "protective" plastic baggie they put over the camera that further obfuscates view with ice & snow added for good effect!! Even with the snow covering 75% of the lens and the blurred image through the plastic I saw them maneuvering a large,U-shaped item that looked similar to a giant magnet or a scaled-up version of the "Bat-a-rang" Bruce Wayne & the Boy Wonder carried on their utility belts!(?)~Oh yeah-during a snowstorm & while the TBS/JNN cam(provided by TEPCO of course)was completely down and later back up but so out of focus as to be a waste of time & effort. TEPCO doesn't waste "poor"(favorable to them)weather help in camouflaging their activities!!(?)~That thing I saw being manipulated by the crane was probably a big electro-magnet they use to fling whole fuel assemblies into the REAL "new"(?)CSFP they've been using & planned to in such an event all along-the Pacific Ocean!!(?) Someone in the thread mentioned "paying off the Yakuza"-so REAL work may proceed!~Pay them off for more chartered buses full of condemned men or pay them to LEAVE and let more capable "liquidators" like the Retired Fukushima Skilled Workers Corp,etc. take over??!!…sickening.. 😐 ~**

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    Still no real money being spent on this reactor's problem. "STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY!" WHY? Major General Albert Stubblebine III got the reason from his sources, who got a tape recording of the TEPCO stock holders meeting. They don't want to sacrifice the dividend! They need to be digging big holes and putting up structural steel and like #4 shoring up the pool. However, this reactor is "HOT!" They need remote cranes, and better robots. It's time to call on the "Retired Workers From Fukushima!" Pay off the Yakuza and get it done!

  • We Not They Finally

    The sinister side of the word "protection" was originally coined by the Mafia, but TEPCO makes them look like amateurs. How do you "protect" what's already melted down into the earth? All they can do is a flimsy attempt to cover this up — from the sight of cameras? And how can they even do that much? Humans can't get anywhere near these reactors and even the circuitry of robots gets fried. All they are "protecting" here is their image. Do they ever give even a moment's thought to protecting the Japanese people? They already have the blood of millions on their hands, including those not yet born.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    TEPCO put a cover over Unit1, to hide the ruins from sight.
    The corium burned through the Containment base, and into the sandstone underneath.
    (But we spotted a tear in the corner, which spews radiation into the air.)
    TEPCO didn't need to put a cover over Unit2, to hide the ruins from sight.
    Unit2 blew out through the Torus and burned down through the Containmant base, and into the sandstone.
    TEPCO will put a cover over Unit3, to hide the ruins from site.
    Unit3 melted through the Containment base, and into the sandstone underneath.
    TEPCO is building a cover over Unit4, to hide the ruins from site.
    TEPCO will soon show the world four pretty covers that hide their ruined reactors.
    TEPCO will announce that the spent fuel has been removed.
    TEPCO will then announce that the reactors have been "decommissioned".
    The public will forget about the radiation that fell on them from the sky.
    The public will forget about the radioactive water pouring into the Pacific Ocean.
    The public won't notice if allowable radiation is increased again and again.
    (TEPCO and other nuke utilities will be given permission to restart more reactors.)

  • W8R W8R

    EXACTLY… Well put….