U.S. Physician on Fukushima: Beware of all the lifeforms you take out of the Pacific (VIDEO)

Published: June 10th, 2012 at 2:55 am ET


Fukushima Update
Uploaded by conradmillermd
Published on Jun 9, 2012

Conrad Miller, M.D. is a physician living in New York

At 7:30 in

Published: June 10th, 2012 at 2:55 am ET


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58 comments to U.S. Physician on Fukushima: Beware of all the lifeforms you take out of the Pacific (VIDEO)

  • harengus_acidophilus

    That's true!
    But where is the news?


  • arclight arclight

    arcs not well today.. drove through a 0.3 mcsv/h fallout cloud twice !
    had a major coughing fit.. fell a sleep for 10 hrs woke up bathed in sweat

    throat pain gone and cough gone??

    the peak in the cloud was 0.63 mcSv/h

    not alot to br done about that but its good to see a doc challenging the nukr censoeship.. its holding up effective science and hralth research..

    thanks for the post admin.. good to see the science community waking up to this travesty of knowledge cencorship…

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      The cracks in the monopoly system are starting to appear, but who knows when it will disappear…

      Part of that depends on choices we make as individuals..

  • mungo mungo

    take care arc, if in doubt, stay indoors… i think that is the mantra now, "stay indoors"

    • arclight arclight

      thanks mungo

      the health problem and the fallout is best described here about 5 minutes in

      after the gieger evidence

      • arclight arclight

        brat! heres the link!

        back to bed.. though the coughing fit has not returned, the headache caused by this mornings radiation has gone.. and the rads have dropped

        2 more stories

        a women went to the doctors a couple of days ago suffering from headaches , slight nausea and a sore throat.. the doctor said that he thought the symptoms were due to "something in the air" but would not elaborate further

        3 people i know ended up with headaches yesterday lunchtime as the large contamtion cloud paverhead..

        and my you tube stoped counting on yeasterdays video after 262.. 16 hours of frenzied watching and then … nothing for 12 hours..

        the above video has no hits after 2 hours 🙂 not even from subscribers.. "ive got a secret…" song by kate nash

        • arclight arclight

          lol ! im not rad fried eh?

          sorry about all the typos and memory loss another symptom..


          fully inbedded mungo 😉

          • arclight arclight

            fuck you tube

            Your video is blocked worldwide. Please note that the video's status can change, if the policies chosen by the content owners change. Learn more about copyright on YouTube.

            As a result, your account has been penalized and is not in good standing. Deleting the video, or permanently replacing the audio with a song from YouTube's Audio Library, will remove the penalty due to this claim. I want to replace the audio in my video with a song from the Audio Library.

            copyright/nuclear wars

            • arclight arclight

              doesnt explain the other video

              think they stop it if the video goes viral but its not always blocked just limited

              must be doing something right

              why has kate nash got a worldwide ban and a YT warning??

              manipulation at work

              going back to sleep

              at least i tried…

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Hey arc! Get well!

          • arclight arclight

            im ok now thanks bnb

            more worried about mediaa manipulation of the `800 000 000 nano sievert etc spike that NO ONE has noticed.. 🙁

            on the new video i explained the symptoms i had ..
            directly after 0.30 cloud with 0.63 mcSv/h spike
            sore throat both sides of the windpipe
            4 hours later coughing fit lasting forty minutes with black and grey bits coming up inintially
            slept for about 6 hours and woke up to a smaller coughing fit, fell asleep and woke up 4 hours later.. feeling good if a bit bleary..

            caught another cloud (see banned video) this morning and developed a slight headache that cleared with the contamination .. slight intermittant pain and tiredness left but otherwise feel ok

            thats the first clear quick health response to contamination.. 🙁

            feel like a lab lemming… 😉

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              Hey lab lemming,
              what do you think is the explanation that none of the monitoring posts nearby caught that spike? Do you think it's impossible that this particular station had a glitch? I just find it odd that after this one-moment-spike the levels
              – went down drastically immediately and
              – no neighbouring posts caught it (as far as I've seen).

              • arclight arclight

                hi bnb the local monitoring staions are heavily averaged .. there was 4 monitors that spotted an emmission around the plant.. also chania in greece that tends to show the full range got hit with a 80 000 ncSv/h and then the fallout cloud crossed the black sea and we get a 70 000 mcSv/h in russia..

                eurdep is seriously compromised with the iaea approved software.. russia only gives data once every 24 hours so the sixe of the cloud is not represented over the 48 hours.. my guess is it just happened to pass on that days reading.. all these monitors kicked of at the right time!! and the french kept it from the skies in may because of the air polllution project for climate change..

                the fact that i am having lots of problems with a computer and internet that has generally been brillliant, echoes on the phone since i reported this and a strange stop on the incriminating video means im on the right track imho


              • arclight arclight

                "what do you think is the explanation that none of the monitoring posts nearby caught that spike"

                to clarify

                this statement is wrong! although the greek and russian monitors were stanalone…

                • andii

                  The following paragraph did my head in.

                  'The Rimnet network of 46 manually operated radiation detectors,….has been expanded to 92 since it was set up in 1988.

                  ….The network, which costs pounds 1.4m a year to run, would register the radiation from a Chernobyl-style plume only in areas where heavy rainfall washed large quantities of radioactivity down to the ground. If it did not rain, the system would not detect the radiation.'

                  Useless! What do they mean by 'manually operated radiation detectors'? Do they have to wind up or something!? And they wind up every hour? Because the data is supposed to be sent every hour.

        • Bobby1

          I lost a couple days' memory with my latest bout… I was posting here and everything, can't remember. It's really getting gnarly for the Yanks.

  • richard richard

    A book by Conrad Miller, MD (and surfer), 2004


  • I wanted to touch base on the recent coast to coast show that aired tonight featuring Arnold Gunderson…

    What peeved me most is that the host asked specifically about a china syndrome.

    The first answer that was given by Arnold was completely off topic. The host again asked about the possibility of a china syndrome occurring, only to receive an answer which was essentially stated as: Man Tepco dodged a bullet on that one.

    Now here's My official breakdown on this publicly aired program;

    Arnold basically 'publicly stated' these two pixels of light…
    One. A china syndrome has not happened.
    Two. He is currently involved in the engineering of a nuclear reactor. (mentioned earlier in the show).

    First off. For being a nuclear "whistle blower" quote. I find it hard to take in that he is currently involved in the design and advocation of nuclear power. A pro nuclear whistle blower??? That's equivalent to Julian Assange being employeed at the white house…

    Secondly, If tepco electric has no actual clue as to where the reactor fuel is. How can Arnold Gunderson; without any known evidence make a statement such as the one he made. Mentioning that a china syndrome was avoided entirely and that the reactor fuel was surely within the containment of the reactor…

    What kind of nuclear class engineer (genius). Can essentially be so unrealistic. If he knows beyond a doubt that a china syndrome had not occurred. (Even though all evidence known to date speaks…

    • lam335 lam335

      Sorry Tacoma, but you have failed to do your homework. Gundersen says that he is working on the AP 1000. His website includes several reports that he drafted ON BEHALF OF OPPONENTS of the AP 1000, in which he documents flaws that he finds in its design. The wikipedia provides a concise statement of his relation with the AP 1000:

      "In April 2010, Gundersen released a report (commissioned by several anti-nuclear groups) which explored a hazard associated with the possible rusting through of the AP1000 containment structure steel liner. In the AP1000 design, the liner and the concrete are separated, and if the steel rusts through, "there is no backup containment behind it" says Gundersen.[5] If the dome rusted through the design would expel radioactive contaminants and the plant "could deliver a dose of radiation to the public that is 10 times higher than the N.R.C. limit" according to Gundersen. Westinghouse has disputed Gundersen’s assessment.[5] Gundersen has testified before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards saying that "if a hole appeared, the chimney effect would disperse radioactive material far and wide""


      • lam335 lam335

        And see also this statement from the New York TImes article about the AP 1000:

        "Mr. Gundersen’s report was sponsored by the AP1000 Oversight Group, a group in Chapel Hill, N.C., that is trying to halt construction of the reactors."


        And then here's a press release from that AP 1000 oversight group itself:

        "The proposed AP1000 containment design is inherently less safe than current reactors," said Arnold Gundersen, former senior vice-president at Nuclear Energy Services PCC. Westinghouse did not analyze the scenario for failure containment warned of by Gundersen. He continued, "Westinghouse has ignored the long history of previous containment failures that indicate there is a high likelihood that the AP1000 containment might be in a failed condition [one or more undetected holes] before an accident begins."


      • That would be consistent with what I said. As he is clearly assisting Westinghouse, with the engineering of the AP1000.

        Pointing out design flaws, is essentially playing ball with the idea of "safe nuclear power".

        Which is an oxymoron on its own.

        Nuclear power is never going to be safe.

        • From your quote above " Less safe".

          Implying that spent nuclear waste can "safely" be moderated throughout its lifespan…

          Its a joke.

          He is doing his job. Creating and engineering the future of nuclear power. When in all reality there shouldn't be a need for nuclear power. As our species lived with out it for thousands of years.

          (reminding you arnold gunderson is essentially a nuclear engineer). As with any architect he builds the building. His position is to view the blueprint and moderate it.

          That position is still a Pro nuclear position. Thus his opinion is bias.

          • I should also remind you that "he profits from this corrupt industry".

            • lam335 lam335

              He is currently making his living by writing up reports that document flaws in reactor designs and corrosion/wear on actual plants that render them even more dangerous. And he receives donations for posting videos explaining technical aspects of the on-going dangers at Fukushima that most of the media is ignoring. Yes, those activities are deeply corrupt. How can he sleep at night?

              He has said repeatedly, he was pro-nuclear as a younger man, but he now recognizes that it is, in Gorbachev's words, "a technology that can destroy a country," and he has previously advocated new, non-nuclear technologies as alternatives (and although I can't read Japanese, I get the impression that he also advocates alternatives in his Japanese-language book on Fukushima).

        • lam335 lam335


          ""Mr. Gundersen’s report was sponsored by the AP1000 Oversight Group, a group in Chapel Hill, N.C., that is trying to HALT construction of the reactors."

          The oversight group is paying Gunderson. They are not trying to "help" the AP 1000; they are trying to KILL it. To claim otherwise is to twist the facts in order to save face.

          Your post was over-hasty; and the facts are NOT consistent with what you said. We're all human, including you.

          • They are trying to make it a safer design…

            Hence: Oversight group…

            They are paid to review the engineering of the reactor. So that the project can be approved by westinghouse for construction. It is a focus group of experts determining product safety.

            • Show me how they are fighting against an entirely nuclear free future…

              • Arnie Gundersen

                Arnie Gundersen has 40-years of nuclear power engineering experience. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) where he earned his Bachelor Degree cum laude while also becoming the recipient of a prestigious Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship for his Master Degree in nuclear engineering. Arnie holds a nuclear safety patent, was a licensed reactor operator, and is a former nuclear industry senior vice president. During his nuclear power industry career, Arnie also managed and coordinated projects at 70-nuclear power plants in the US.

                • Thats his current public bio. showing 40 years in nuclear power. (via a pro nuclear position)…

                  "Arnie has managed and coordinated projects at 70-nuclear power plants in the US."

                  (or in other words assisted in the design).

                  AKA pro nuclear

              • lam335 lam335

                "The AP1000 Oversight Group, lead by concerned Citizens in the Carolinas, including NC WARN, Nuclear Information and Resource Service and many other local and regional organizations.."

                "NC WARN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization tackling the accelerating crisis posed by climate change by working for a swift North Carolina transition to energy efficiency and clean power. Please click the links below to learn more about NC WARN."

                And see also this from NC-WARN's site: http://www.ncwarn.org/category/projects/4-nuclear-power/new-plants/nukes-cant-help-with-climate-change/

                Nuclear Information and Resource Service

                "2008 marked the 30th anniversary of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS). We were founded to be the national information and networking center for citizens and environmental activists concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation and sustainable energy issues.

                We still fulfill that core function, but have expanded both programatically and geographically. We initiate large-scale organizing and public education campaigns on specific issues, such as preventing construction of new reactors, radioactive waste transportation, deregulation of radioactive materials, and more. Our international programs and affiliation with WISE (World Information Service on Energy) means that our network spans more than a dozen offices and programs across the…

                • lam335 lam335


                  So with regard to your claim that the "oversight group" is "paid to review the engineering of the reactor," here again you have not done your homework. These non-profits ARE the Oversight Group; they are the ones that are paying Gundersen, and they are unambiguously opposed to nuclear power AND actively working to promote alternatives.

                  Working for groups like these is really is a curious way to try to "help" the nuclear power industry.

  • (cont:)
    otherwise). He should elaborate on the subject…

    I smell a rat when It comes to arnold gunderson.

    You can't have it both ways. You can't bite the hand that feed's you.
    Let me remind you that this is all coming from a guy who has been employed in nuclear power, as he also stated on this broadcast for over 40+ years…

    Are we really to believe that he is against nuclear power. Or essentially is it better to assume that he is simply Suiting the public into a New era of Nuclear Reactors with "little to no design flaws".
    (The error of their ways being that as it may; Is that the Nuclear design is nothing more than flawed)…

    Who asked Arnie to speak to the media….?
    Wasn't it the MSM that brought his "expertise" into the lime light…

    My point is nothing more than that this man may not be the best source of information for us to acknowledge, He is more than likely subjected to Non disclosure contracts on various projects that revolve around nuclear power. That to me is very very troubling…

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Good points.
      Just a thought: if he wants to speak live in the MSM
      they have to think he is managable…

      We'll see.


    • Bobby1

      It's just like (CENSORED) said, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing…

    • Ana Nabatonsti

      Tacoma- Thanks for bringing up those points. I turned the radio program off only 10-15 minutes into it, out of disgust. I had heard him downplay too many things in that short time.

    • Bobby1

      Arnie is pro-nuke. He thinks that nuclear power can be made safe, which is impossible. He downplays and minimizes things, like the rest of the pro-nukers.

      He's not the only one like this, but for some reason he has become a hero to some anti-nuclear activists.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Arnie is NOT pro-nuke. In his own words from his own website:

        Lessons from Fukushima
        • Fairewinds Associates
        Mon, Feb 27, 2012

        “It took two lethal disasters to phase out the expensive and accident-prone space shuttles. Now, we are living through the second major nuclear reactor disaster in history. Let's not fool ourselves again: we have a responsibility to use this critically important moment to finally switch to a safe and affordable supply of electricity — renewable energy. All the worlds' reactors can be replaced within two decades.

        “In the meantime, we can learn from Fukushima that nuclear power can never be safe. If there is yet another major nuclear accident, the people who will suffer can be given better protection if we hold the nuclear industry and regulators fully accountable and liable. We must put the nuclear regime under close public scrutiny and require transparency. But again, while doing so, we have to phase out dangerous nuclear power entirely, and do so as soon as possible….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Arnie's report on AP1000 was pre-Fukushima:

          Critics Challenge Safety of New Reactor Design
          April 21, 2010

          • Ana Nabatonsti

            excerpt from article,
            "Mr. Gundersen’s report was paid for by a combination of local and national groups, including Friends of the Earth, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, the Green Party of Florida and the South Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club."

            I think his opinion is wherever the money is…

            • The facts don't bear this out Ana.

              You should re-think that line.

              I personally hope he makes lots of money – to pay off the bankruptcy foisted on him by the nuclear establishment.

              He's also working extremely hard, every day, and deserves whatever monies might accrue to him and his wife.

              The good he has done for the world cannot be measured in money – it's incalculable.

              • Ana Nabatonsti

                Which line of mine are you making reference to Pu239? You been eating that pacific tuna til you heard the news a few days ago?

                You forget he told the world the tuna from the pacific would be table-fare for a full year after the fateful events of 3/11/11.
                Turned out he didn't have clue.
                That's a fact.

                I realize the radiation is getting to everyone.

                • Ana Nabatonsti

                  And now that I've researched Arnie's background in about 3 minutes, I can comfortably say his effort to enlighten the public and actually stop the advancement of nuclear power, has been minimal. I do more to stop nuclear power by whispering the truths to myself before I go to sleep every night.

                  I suppose a few of you Arnie fans are convinced Chris Busby is pro-nuke…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              That article is still pre-Fukushima. I don't understand why people supposedly anti-nuke continue to criticize one of the best voices against nuclear energy. His voice is heard. Those who criticize him are not and never will be heard. Because ranting is not respected. Only educated criticism is listened to. Arnie is anti-nuke. To suggest otherwise is either an argument for the nuclear industry, or just based on ignoring what he has said post Fukushima.

              • Ana Nabatonsti

                Arnie is the best voice against nuclear energy, from the perspective of the nuclear industry. In that sense anne, you are correct.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Arnie is listed as part of the anti-Nuke movement in Wikipedia:

          Anti-nuclear movement in the United States
          :Arnold Gundersen, a nuclear engineer commissioned by several anti-nuclear groups, released a report which explored a hazard associated with the possible rusting through of the steel liner of the containment structure .[124]…”

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Japan Nuclear Power: Nuke Reactors Must Be Restarted, Prime Minister Says

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Japan PM says 2 nuke reactors must be restarted
    The Associated Press June 8, 2012

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    “A Reuters survey, however, showed that nearly three-quarters of Japanese companies support abandoning nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster, although a majority set the condition that alternative energy resources must be secured.
    “The survey suggests big companies are less wedded to nuclear power than Keidanren’s position suggests….”

  • razzz razzz

    You can't expect one person to know everything, especially when information is treated like top secret(s) on a need to know basis with the general population on the bottom of the list for whatever reason.

    The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution fallout research results are being withheld and spoon fed to the public with a temporary conclusion that Fukushima fallout needs more studies. I'm sure their immediate findings are gut wrenching disturbing.

    Arnie sounds tired and ready for retirement but he's the only one stepping forward qualified enough to make sense of the situation with the scientific information available. He did a fine job explaining San Onofre troubles besides other plants around the US.

    Busby already is on the record saying Japan would spread the fallout waste around all of Japan to make illness ratios near par compared to ground zero when lawsuits claim radiation sickness, this will makes it harder to prove the Fukushima meltdowns caused all soon to be diagnosed cancers.

    Dr Helen Caldicott is weak in the mechanically minded area i.e. nuclear plant engineering and operation but knows her cancers causing conditions with kids when it comes to fallout.

    No doubt the government(s) as a collective know exactly what's going on fallout wise and with nuke plant risks but say very little and actually still promote more nuclear power. Free solar energy is not appealing to Congress.

    Germany offers some hope by winding down their nuke program.

    • Jebus Jebus


      And we will never achieve anything by dividing like a midseason episode of Lost. That is exactly where we are now.
      Anyone who creates negativity towards these three persons who are outspoken opponents of nuclear power, needs to step in front of the mirror and ask themselves, "What have I done, more than any one of these three, in bringing awareness to the dangers of this life threatening failed technology?
      No one of us has…

      A past generation has tried.
      They even managed to get 250,000 people together at one time, coherently demanding, No More Nukes.
      There was just not enough follow through, they didn't teach their children.
      It will take this and more to stop nuclear power.