Physician: Does Fukushima fallout explain rise in blood clots? — Circulatory diseases one of most widespread consequences after Chernobyl

Published: October 27th, 2011 at 1:14 pm ET


Oct. 26 — This week, The Daily Yomiuri published an article that revealing an “alarming development” — Evacuees living in temporary housing units are developing blood clots in their legs.

Yomiuri says, “The incidence of the problem, known as deep vein thrombosis, was high in the shelters where evacuees remain inactive in limited spaces for long periods.”

Though according to a report by physician Janette D. Sherman, M.D. appearing in yesterday’s San Francisco Bay View, “There may be an alternative explanation for the increase in blood clots, in addition to inactivity.”

“Unless the biological properties of radiation are canceled, the adverse effects observed in the Chernobyl population will certainly occur in those exposed to the fallout from Fukushima,” notes Sherman.

“For both children and adults, diseases of the blood and circulatory and lymphatic systems are among the most widespread consequences of the Chernobyl contamination, and especially among evacuees and those who worked on cleanup.”

“Data from Chernobyl confirmed elevated Cs-137 levels and adverse effects upon the blood, blood vessels and heart.”

Read More: Blood clots found in the legs of Fukushima evacuees

Janette D. Sherman, M.D., is a physician and toxicologist. She has worked in radiation and biologic research at the University of California nuclear facility and at the U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory at the Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco. From 1976-1982, she served on the advisory board for the EPA Toxic Substances Control Act.

Published: October 27th, 2011 at 1:14 pm ET


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26 comments to Physician: Does Fukushima fallout explain rise in blood clots? — Circulatory diseases one of most widespread consequences after Chernobyl

  • Kevin Kevin

    No,no nothing to see here folks. I?ts just those lazy Japanese, now homeless are just sitting around letting their blood clot up. On with the nuclear renaissance!

    • jonjon

      Well most elderly in Japan stay home on the couch and watch TV all day. I believe living in a shelter would make them move around a bit more.
      However malnutrition could be another big factor. Who knows until they start to drop dead of heart attacks. Then maybe some groups will be willing to conduct an independent study.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Kev, “To Serve Man”….remember?
    maybe the Annunaki approaching with Nibiru, need
    our flesh to be saturated and laced with tangy radionuclides?
    That way we will already be prepared for quick munchie
    satisfaction for the big winged demons, as they work to
    harvest the plutonium and such for their spaceship fuel.
    then it’s off for another 3600 years!

  • OlympicLight OlympicLight

    This isn’t good. Blood clots are serious medical issues and work your way through your body. If it’s detected first in the legs, that means the ground is highly radioactive and its particles are travelling up the body. The clots will slowly spread, and once they hit any vital organs, game over. Since were now getting numerous reports on how this nuclear crises is even worse than Chernobyl, we can expect to see similar results, only magnified.

    • Folks, get out or walk around the house a bit and often, sitting at the computer all day is not good for ya !

      • “Evacuees living in temporary housing units are developing blood clots in their legs.
        Yomiuri says, “The incidence of the problem, known as deep vein thrombosis, was high in the shelters where evacuees remain inactive in limited spaces for long periods.”

  • This is good news for the nuclear industry.. How?

    Now people in Japan will spend their energy and time on sick people, and visiting in hospitals, instead of protesting nuclear power run amuk.

    I am sure the nuclear industry sees absolutely NO connection between diseases and radiation.. In their mind, one has to be exposed to massive Hiroshima crater like radiation, which then ‘may’ cause a cancer some years down the road, but certainly no disease, no deaths..

    Everything is fine.. move on, nothing to see here. Go home and watch some more corporate owned TV. Stay quiet. Do NOT talk with anyone about this. Keep whatever you find out SECRET…

    Keeping secrets is good for your health, or so say the corporations who make employees sign keep it all secret contracts.

  • Au Au

    So, what can be done? Try to avoid exposure (good luck) to radiation. Apple pectin to help tie up cesium. Eat foods that are known for potassium content as cesium looks like potassium to the body. Keep active. Make sure there isn’t any duplication and overdosing of Vitimin K if one is taking supplements. The Japanese have plenty of fish oil in their diet (thins blood) and Natto (thins blood). So, what does that say for the USA, who, for the most part, aren’t generally as big of fish eaters? Addition of clean fish oil and/or non-Japanese made Natto to the diet. How does one know if the fish oil is clean of radioactivity? Good question.

  • fuckyoushima

    “For both children and adults, diseases of the blood and circulatory and lymphatic systems are among the most widespread consequences of the Chernobyl contamination, and especially among evacuees and those who worked on cleanup.”

    of course, the cells in the bone marrow which are rapidly dividing get killed, causing -penia(s) (low counts) in the blood.

    the above quote is not referring to blood clotting.

    people on radiation therapy get immunosuppressed owing to lowered white blood cell counts.

    anemic owing to lowered red cell counts.

    of course it is possible that the effect of some heavy metal that has not been well studied can cause clots at some toxic concentration as a chief manifestation of toxicity (calcium, a cation is involved in clotting cascade), and that there is increased exposure to this heavy metal due to fallout, but that has nothing to do with radiation effect.

    people need to stand the fuck up, in more ways than one apparently.

    • fuckyoushima

      if anyone has a plausible biological mechanism whereby nuclear radiation, or a singe radioactive isotope, can cause blood clotting in the absence of other effects, please share it.

      i like to learn new things.

      radiation is clearly a complex biological phenomenon and has a multiplicity of effects on the human body, but we are all now in what is called late-look bias, whereby anything bad will be traced back to the fallout simply because we expect it to be.

      • Bobby1

        Cancer patients treated with radiation therapy have a higher risk of thromboembolic events.,f1000m,isrctn and others.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Bobby: Excellent research, thank you, much! I was reading the headlines and was just wondering if increased radiation dosimetry had anything to do with thrombolitic episodes. So after checking the headlines, I immediately went down to the posts by the individual bloggers and there was your good link. Thank you very much.

          • Bobby1

            Anything that alters the immune system in unknowable ways can be expected to have an unprecedented effect, in unexpected ways such as blood clotting.

            Some people will get cancer from radiation, others heart diseases, but everybody will have their immune system messed with.

      • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

        I’m not so sure radiation causes clotting directly, but as a secondary reaction instead makes more sense to me. Radiation attacks the platelets in the blood which are responsible for clotting (this mechanism is controlled by the liver) and as a result thins the blood as evidenced by zillions of cancer pages out there. In my experience, when the blood is thinned, the body notices and will rapidly try to clot it and if it does a “good” job the person may end up with a blockage. (Many rh negative women have this problem during menses – they naturally have thinner blood and thus, tend to have more clotting..) Cancer patients also end up having 2 enemies from the radiation, too thin and too thick at the same time. I’ve heard red clover is good for cleaning the liver/blood.

        and I couldn’t agree more with standing-tfu.. gawd people piss me off.

        • Au Au

          So, LTEC, it is a narrow path to tread with radiation concerning blood thin and thickness. Sounds like radiation could trigger a DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) type picture where there is intravascular coagulation AND hemorrhage.

          Red clover is good for cleaning blood, as mentioned, but can also thin the blood over time and it is advisable to stop it’s use 2 weeks prior to surgery. That herb is very valuable. It saved one of my kids once after the doctor could not find anything wrong with her blood work that could explain extreme fatigue. Red clover turned her around in 8 hours.

          • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

            I’m afraid so – we’re volatile little creatures huh!:) (and yikes, that link is disturbing..) That is fabulous regarding your daughter though! I heard its actions being described as a blood thinner too and before I used it once, I brought those concerns to a medicine woman I know. She explained it by saying that the actions of red clover help the liver filter and would better be described that way instead of its result of possibly thinning or thickening. She said it’s viewed as a “blood thinner” because the majority of people have thickly clogged blood and that’s the normal result for them; however, for the smaller percentage with thin, it should thicken it as its real action is allowing the liver to do its job in balancing the blood and filtering out the crap (yes, she said Weird huh? It worked!

            Good advice about potential surgery with any use of herbals too, thanks! Amounts and length of use of such things is always something to keep in mind with “the more the better” mentality that sometimes creeps in and betrays us!:)

          • Irritated Kalifornian


            I was reading your comment & was curious, did you ever find out what was causing the fatigue in your kid? Regards IK

          • Au Au

            @Irritated Kalifornian-Her fatigue started with a sore throat she picked up while I was out of the country picking up her sibling who had finished high school in the southern hemisphere. She was taken to the doctor, at the time, and she was put on antibiotics but, it did not return her to a state of health. NOTHING was helping her pull out of it for 2-3 months (alarming fatigue. Blood work was clean- no mono, etc.) until the organic red clover which I made into a tea (clover flower tops) and I also had her eat the clover flowers. It did some pretty impressive work! Thank heavens! as that was pretty frightening to see her like a limp rag doll. She was a newborn when Chernobyl happened and we were over there on that continent and got to live through THAT contamination for years…so I was a little scared her immune system might have been comprimised in some hidden way. Luckily, she has been fine ever since that episode. She only needed two days of red clover tea @ 4 cups/day. The human body is amazing. And so is red clover. Like LTEC stated, it cleans the blood/liver—must have been something with the blood/liver that wasn’t showing up on her labs.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        Anytime the vascular cell wall is weakened, the body can form and throw clots or aneurisms as the cell wall weakens, stretches, and, possibly bursts like tiny overinflated balloons, breaking off and entering the blood stream. Cellular adhesion, the cells sticking to other cells, is controlled by many factors, especially chemical factors. Cesium 137, in enough dosage, alters and weakens the cell walls, altering the cellular adhesion, shredding here, clumping there, especially effecting the normally smooth vascular cell. Does the body reabsorb the forming clot? Does it break off and head for the heart or the brain? This depends on many factors, too, including the level of strength or damage to the immune system. Movement reduces the chances of forming the types of clots created from inactivity by pumping good gases and nutrients to these cells. The environmental refugees, asked to stay quietly indoors, are getting a double whammy – Bad rays and lack of movement. Given the fact that they are stuck where they are due to nuclear fall out, I’d say any clots formed from forced inactivity were secondary causes of nuclear fall out while weakened cell walls from radiation was a primary cause. When a person dies of a heart attack because of their fear during a tornado in America, it is viewed as a direct death as much as having been swept up and torn to pieces. Same during heat spells, etc. But, it those cases, no one is working hard to lay the blame for deaths on anything but the actual cause as is the case for nuclear radiation.

      • OlympicLight OlympicLight

        Thanks for sharing vic, very well said.

        You raise some interesting points f-u-shima, but as chernobyl is the only large scale nuclear disaster scientists have to base their studies on, any similar experiences the japanese victims in shelters will have will be compared to it. Thus, as vic said, cesium and other chemical elements weakens cells and immune systems which can lead to clotting. Either way, the fact these people are forming blood clots isn’t a good sign. They should first get up and exercise, even if its just walking around the shelter, and also take precaution as to what they eat or drink. This should help boost their immune systems as well as avoid eating contaminated foods.

  • ocifferdave

    Anybody have the latest map of where the radiation from Fukushima might have gone globally? Trying to see if it reached Honduras in any large amount.

    • RAH

      We can run but we can’t hide. At this rate it will eventually circle the globe.
      Although New Caledonia in the Southern Hemisphere is as desolate a place as you can get. It is a French protectorate, and used as a base by the French Navy.
      Tropical, warm. Radiation levels probably low for now.

      • ocifferdave

        Mayhap we can and mayhap we can’t I rekon’. However I be thinkin’ you can choose not only how ya gonna live the rest of yo’ short life but also mayhap how ya gonna die. In peace or in pieces. Down somewhere safer where there ain’t no nuke plants or stay down wind from six troubled ones. Down wind from six troubled ones while in a country with 100 potential ones!!! What’s yo’ choice gonna be?

  • fuckyoushima

    “Radioactive isotopes are absorbed via respiration and with food and water. These very small particles are transported throughout the body via the blood and lymph systems. While in contact with the lining of the vessels – and incidentally the gut – the isotopes cause damage to the cells via release of radiation.”

    this is all true, and may cause endothelial wall damage. but this would also affect marrow stem cells, reducing thrombocytes and decreasing the likelihood of clotting.

  • Human0815

    When there are Children and young Adults in this Group i would be concerned but it seems like that only the older Ones are affected,
    i think it is fair to say that the DVT happened because of a missing Treatment!

    When we look to:

    we can see that the biggest Group inside of this Evacuation-Center are/ was Age 45-59 with their Parents, Age 70-100!