Japan Physician: Radiation levels 40 times higher than reported by Japan gov’t — 12 Megabequerels per meter and NOT designated as evacuation zone (VIDEO)

Published: May 7th, 2012 at 3:13 pm ET


Footage of the NYC Press Conference May 4th 2012
Cinema Forum Fukushima

Dr. Junro FUSE, Internist and head of Kosugi Medical Clinic near Tokyo, Japan (in Japanese with English interpretation)

According to the numbers released by [Japan Gov’t] the amounts in a town called Nihonmatsu… are 300,000 becquerels per square meter.

Never the less this has not designated as evacuation site.

The current measurements of the soil there are showing 12 mega [million] becquerels per square meter.

But what’s happening is the people are just carrying out their lives as normal.

This is one piece of evidence showing how the government is under-measuring the radiation.

This fact has not been reported by the Japanese mass media.

Full Video:

Published: May 7th, 2012 at 3:13 pm ET


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16 comments to Japan Physician: Radiation levels 40 times higher than reported by Japan gov’t — 12 Megabequerels per meter and NOT designated as evacuation zone (VIDEO)

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Unconscionable and in a word, criminal! Where is the humanity and concern for their fellow human beings???

    • Dog

      They have been trying to make Japanese government act but, since they are avoiding responsibility, the situation hasn't changed a bit. This is probably why they needed to spread the info for English audiences.

      Now you know the sad situation of Japan and the possible danger which will fall on your head.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Yes, Dog, it is so important the rest of the world learns the truth. That is why most of us here continue to participate in this forum, to share what we learn with others and to continue to learn ourselves. There is strength in numbers.
        We are here to show our support for the suffering Japanese citizens. Our hearts go out to all!

        We can NEVER stop sharing the truth about the horrific dangers of man-made radiation exposure. Justice must be done so that the criminals in the nuclear industry are stopped, once and for all.

  • given such numbers the question of "where the corium is" diminishes to "show me a place where the corium is not (detectable)

  • StillJill StillJill

    Me thinks that the PRESSURE to evacuate,….is up to a fevered pitch!

    Some (show) of partial evacuations will be forthcoming I sense.
    The door is cracked open,….and they are feeling the release,….somewhat. Holding a tiger by the tail these past 13 months wore them flat out!

    The truth is now like a big, slow leak in your tire. It always wins! 🙂

  • Japan gov't is not handling the crisis of radiation poisoning and evacuation any different than it is or would be handled here. Chernyobl WAS DONE THE SAME WAY. In 1993 the IAEA, under the United Corporations/Nations, found no serious health problems 7 years later. http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2011/11/30/japanese-tv-program-in-1993-what-happened-to-chernobyl-children-7-years-after-the-accident-truly-terrible-things-emerged-several-years-after-the-accident-criminal-iaea-exposed/

  • remember, its the only way to ride a tiger, by the tail

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    12 million Becquerels per square (not cubic) meter. Arrrgh, that's an enormous amount of radiation. No wonder so many people are ill.

    Thank God physicians are breaking rank and are telling the truth.

    Like a small crack in a very big dyke.

    The one Japanese gentleman seated at the table is holding his head in his hand. Little wonder.

  • throwing_stones

    It would seem that perhaps the Japanese Powers That Be might have the mind set of,"We are completely screwed so why not screw everyone on Earth. Why us and not them.", and I do not mean that in a hateful or bigoted way. From what I have heard (no personal experience with Japanese people or their overall attitude) the Japanese culture seems to have a deeply entrenched superiority complex. As well they should have in my opinion. Until this whole sh*tshow took place. kill the hacs is absolutely correct. Only instead of a superiority complex our culture seems to have an inferiority complex (in terms of confidence in the ability to change anything due to bureaucracy) when it comes to thinking for ourselves as was planned for quite some time now it seems,"Let's just do what we're told we should do because we can't do anything about it anyway.", if you will. To make a long story shorter, this why I believe that SFP4 will fall making the whole site impossible to decommission, leading to abandonment of the site. There will be no one to step in once the workers on site perish from radiation poisoning. Our government will not step in and no other government will step in. there is not much they could do anyway aside from continuing to pump water down the holes that the corium left behind. There isn't really much left to do but pray for "new technologies" capable of handling these life destroying substances in their current forms.

  • demo demo

    How to know when/if Fuku unit 4 goes? Safecast and Radiation Network were recommended.
    Both are reassuring re radiation thusfar:

    Yes, it's precarious, but don't give up. It's SOLVABLE. Fear is understandable, but contagious and–if exaggerated–cruel and counterproductive.
    Please focus on creating the public pressure needed to get Fuku unit 4 stabilized asap, and then get all nukes shut down, riskiest ones first, and all "spent" waste into dry cask storage.

  • Satori

    The Nuclear Industry is lying about everything. The Nuclear Industry is managed by sociopaths. I am serious. The same people controlling the Nuclear Weapons are controlling the Nuclear Power industry. They are one and the same.

    Sweet people of the Earth, we do not need Nuclear Weapons and we don't need Nuclear Power. This devil technology has been unleashed on all of us. The sociopaths in positions of authority must be removed immediately and the entire global resources of humanity must be brought to bear on the complete and utter shutdown of any and all things Nuclear.

    If you newly awakening to all this, the Earth is on the edge of complete destruction. Dr Helen Caldicott can lead us out of this. WE NEED LEADERS not protestors! There is NO TIME.


    I will not give up on saving this beautiful planet while I am breathing.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    40 times higher .. with an ongoing situation and accumulative.