Physician: US should continue monitoring milk, rain because of Fukushima — It “always” turns out that radiation is higher than first thought

Published: May 9th, 2011 at 4:17 pm ET


Canada and U.S. cut back radiation reporting, CBC News, May 9, 2011:

Canadian and U.S. authorities have both cut back radiation reporting after detecting only minuscule increases following the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear crisis, despite ongoing clean-up efforts in Japan. […]

But some critics felt the move was premature given that the world’s second-worst nuclear accident is still unfolding.

“Throughout this and other radiation accidents it has always turned out that more radiation was involved than we initially thought,” said Ira Helfand, a co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility and a physician who practices internal medicine in Springfield, Mass.

“The U.S. should continue to monitor milk and rainwater until we can be sure that the plant is under control and there are no further emissions.”

Published: May 9th, 2011 at 4:17 pm ET


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51 comments to Physician: US should continue monitoring milk, rain because of Fukushima — It “always” turns out that radiation is higher than first thought

  • ocifferdave

    They say nuclear energy is safe and nothing can go wrong. But if it did…you could wipe out the vitality of our country, deeping on how the wind blows. What great risk.

  • Noah

    Chernobyl implies that Fukushima is unstoppable

    Based on the Chernobyl event and the well known fact that it has not totally stopped contaminating the earth, water and air despite massive efforts.

    It is possible to conclude that the Fukushima event is unstoppable. The best outcome can only be, as with Chernobyl, a slowing of the rate of release, leakage, etc.

    It appears, as many have suspected, that the Fukushima nuclear volcano will be a permanent feature on the radiological map.

    Several centuries of leakage into the ground water of Japan’s main island and into the earth’s main ocean, and into the earth’s main air supply will alter the DNA integrity of all life on the planet well beyond the lifetime of any person now alive.

    History will record that it was this most technologically capable generation that screwed the hooch and led to the genetic decline of all life on planet earth.

    That same generation blinded by greed, lust for power, and infinite pride is now seeking to multiply the very technology that caused the decline in the first place.

    High Scientific Priesthood of their religion certify the safety of all that has gone before, and bless their efforts as wise.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I’m afraid that you could be right.

      Quote: It is possible to conclude that the Fukushima event is unstoppable. The best outcome can only be, as with Chernobyl, a slowing of the rate of release, leakage, etc.


      Makes perfect sense that, since Chernobyl isn’t totally stopped, what makes us think that a worse case Fukushima will be stopped totally?

      Looks like we can only hope they can slow it down, decreasing the out pouring of radiation.
      We will be lucky if they can do that.

      Hopefully through this mess, someone can come up with a new way to handle this.

      Nuclear Power isn’t safe, the plants need to be shut down, and stop building them.

      This earth was clean and beautiful, now it’s toxic because of ego, greed, power, and chaos.
      Sounds like the devil has been busy.

    • xdrfox

      G.E. Bringing Good Things to Life !

    • Adam

      Noah’s comments are sadly true.Well put Noah.

      • Discordian

        Sadly true indeed. I think he is overly optimistic in his assumption that there will be anyone around to WRITE the history of this disaster.

    • Pondering whether, even though we are getting low levels, what kind of isotopes are actually reaching us, and what the implications for each are.

      Bio-accumulation is a factor for all, but what weight do BMD’s carry? (biological Defense Mechanisms which tend to repair DNA or cancer – and only a certain radiation levels.

      • Pondering whether, even though we are getting low levels, what kind of isotopes are actually reaching us, and what the implications for each are.

        Also, are we currently under a mass cloud of Plutonium that we somehow don’t know about, or are current indenpendent monitors (detectors) sufficient to let us know it’s serious but not maxium rad level serious.

        Bio-accumulation is a factor for all, but what weight does half-life and BMD’s carry? (biological Defense Mechanisms which tend to repair DNA or cancer – and only a certain radiation levels.

        Idle thoughts …

        • fuckyoushima

          bones harbor blood stem cells because radiation targets rapidly dividing cells.

          radiation will weaken this country’s immune system. cancer is a second afterthought. assuming one does not die in a plague.

          we need the truth, and not getting it may destroy more than the food chain.

          nobody knows what radiation will do and how long it will affect.

          (hepa-reverse osmosis-polimaster)

          • xdrfox

            Any one feel tired lately unexpectantly ?

          • Flo

            Anyone had leg muscle pains?
            A little dizziness?
            Lungs feel heavy when outside for awhile?
            Coughing but can’t get anything up–dry cough?
            Feeling like you can’t get a good breath of air?
            Feel/sense powderish-consistency to the air that’s not like pollen?
            Anyone have a metallic taste in their mouth in March?
            Anyone’s air smelling like sulfur?

          • appariel

            xdrfox & Flo,
            What are you all taking? I’ve noticed some minor things, maybe? I’m taking a bunch of recommended supplements, but I’ve been too busy to perfect my routine. I do notice more “effect” after I’ve been outdoors for a while..:( Pollen? Overall I feel good. I only use RO filtered water for drinking, cooking. I’m careful about safe organic food and have a HEPA air filter. It’s frustrating to feel like you may be in trouble to spend much time outdoors. I’m pretty athletic.

          • terraohio


            Our property smells wonderful! The crabapples and magnolias are all in bloom and very fragrant, however, I have leg pains, chest pains, feel thirsty, and have lots of throat congestion. I do have allergies. Our mostly outside cat was very sick with diarrhea, no appetite, and the animal vet cost me $300. for fluids, x-ray, etc.. I had to feed him with a syringe for several days. They don’t know what was wrong with him but the x-ray showed irritated intestines. He’s much better now, eating and doing fine, but I haven’t put him outside yet.

            Could the cities be adding something to the water supply to make you feel thirsty? My mouth has been dry lately, too. Any thoughts?

          • Flo

            It’s just that since this thing with Japan, we’ve (my household) has felt all of those symptoms intermittently. Just wondering if anyone else has felt anything similarly.

            Each of those symptoms are new. They’re not allergenic or from pollen.

            And the air is just…different. We’ve seen hazy horizons when the skies are usually clear; there’s a constant fine powdery consistency to the air and it gets in the mouth…today over the horizon was so hazy but yet BRIGHT, like the light was being amplified and scattered, that we had to look away…it’s just all strange, and if nothing else, I wanted to see if there was a pattern of anyone else experiencing it.

            I’m the observant type, so I tend to notice things that other people are oblivious to.

          • Flo

            And terraohio, please if you’re having chest pains, get that checked immediately!

            I’m sorry to hear about your cat. I hope he/she is okay.

    • Anna

      @ Flo, I think this haze is partly from the chemtrails and I noticed too when I went for a walk that in a short time my throat felt dried out. It should have been a cool refreshing walk through the forest that is trying to bud but the dryness in the throat…that should not have been there after 5 minutes of walking. It was noticeable. I thought maybe it was just in my head, but , nope, it really was dry. Maybe I need to drink more water with that zeolite. I was taking zeolite last year and I stopped taking it because it was drying me out too much.

  • cossack55

    Well, gee, maybe after a couple a centuries of this humans will mutate into something with enough brains to realize nukes ain’t the freakin answer. Duh.

  • Almost 2 months have elapsed since the birth of this nuclear disaster-in-training. Seems this site alone covers the dimensions of all the facets of this unfolding catastrophe!

    While we encourage the Japanese government & associated agencies in their efforts to corral this monster, the flow of consistent, accurate & actionable advice has been truly skimpy!! When the US & Canadian agencies charged with monitoring radiation fail even the most lenient rules of reporting, we all are exposed to fear and unease of “What to do”!

    For the sake our our family’s future, we must pressure all relavent links to stimulate debate & action, especially on local, state & dominion levels. Time is slipping away; let’s get cracking!!

  • Franky

    It is greed and absolute irresponsibility to stop the monitoring of radiation in the milk and rain food in the US and Canada!

    • appariel

      I thought Canada hadn’t been sold out to the Corporate/Military Industrial Complex like a cheap whore!!… They aren’t even in major debt or losing their currency!! Canada is really letting me down. (& I loved their cheese!) 🙁 Canada even had a Green Olympics! NO testing?? I don’t get it.

      • Flo

        18% of the world’s uranium comes from Canada.

        Sadly, it’s always about the money.

        • appariel

          But, they have so many other natural resources to sell.. Would they really suppress all testing against all semblance of reason, and then poison themselves, their families, and employees?? It still doesn’t add up for me.
          Also, Agriculture is a multi-Billion critical industry in North America. Where is their say during this disaster?

    • Anthony

      Totally agree.

      • Deetu 3

        @ Heart of the Rose-totally-that’s why anything food related that’s not done by them is becoming illegal…for the public’s safety of course..

  • any

    The EPA has “returned to the routine RadNet sampling and analysis process for precipitation, drinking water and milk.”

    Would somebody please tell the EPA that radiation levels are not “consistently decreasing,” one has only to look at the Berkeley data to see this:

  • Random

    I wondered how long the Berkley website would be allowed to function:

    I thought that it would attract ‘too much attention’ as people flocked to it for actual, reliable information. Usually, the gov strips funding from Researchers producing work the gov objects to – I thought Berkley would be ripe for fund -stripping because it’s a public university. Well…I hope it continues but I note that it’s data was originally collected every few days (Milk testing) and this is the longest gap (7 days) since its last report. Now, this could be legitimate – calibration and testing, need time before posting – or…are they being pressured/discredited/stripped of funds?

  • beachbum

    Here is a sight that might help us keep an eye on this radiation.

    Wish there were more. Keep the faith, We are strong in numbers. Don’t let up. Speak the truth loudly.
    Love and Peace out!

  • Yes Flo!!

    Here in the Sacramento valley(ish) Mountains above 3,500 feet),…I have personally experienced every single one of the very well described symptoms you mentioned!

    Yesterday I traveled 40 miles down into the valley to find the freakiest clouds ever! They were puffy, then BLACK underneath,…and there was a thick trailing underneath them like rain,…yet IT didn’t fall ,like rain,…it huvered (sp). I do not care what people think anymore–this is as plain as the nose on our very faces. I no longer need anyone to accept reality. I FINALLY get it. “There are NONE so BLIND as those who WILL not see”. I always wondered, “Won’t they”? Or, “Can’t they”? I now believe the answer was under my nose all along. Those that WILL NOT see. Implies an act of the WILL. And so it is.

    So, here’s my choice,….die with integrity, with my boots on, so to speak. With the SUNLIGHT of the SPIRIT shinning in my heart,….OR, run and try to hide. Well, I now that you ‘we’ can RUN,….but you ‘we’ CANNOT hide.

    I’ll join any action steps that this ‘forum’ comes up with. I think there is a reason ‘we’ are gathering.
    But, sheesh, I’ve been wrong about almost everything else in my 50 short years! 🙂

    God bless you my dear friends! 🙂 (Yes, even you TROLL’s)

    Jill in radiated Cali.

  • xdrfox

    @ Jill, Flo
    Look at the times here and relate with area you are in !

  • VERY helpful link Doc,….HUGS back to you from yesterday. I’ll paint my ‘shiny ‘mesh over temperal’ WHATEVER color is TO THE GOOD OF THE ORDER! 🙂

    I truly NEEDED the info. from this link you’ve so kindly provided! My poor chihuahuas, I’m trying to GET THEM to CRAP IN THE HOUSE! Now, who’s looking at who, as in CRAZY?

    By the by,….I got a 25# bag of Sweet pdz yesterday,….and now the pedal meets the metal right? What the sam hell do I do with it to make it zeolite??? 🙂 My roommates think I am going to blow up the kitched today,…and I’m almost ready to be 51/50’d!
    (You trolls love hearing that one, huh?)
    But don’t worry,…..I’m a wirey one!

  • xdrfox

    @ Jill,
    Un house break them, that’s a first ! Poor pooches ! Confusion ! : \ LOL
    Glad I have a Cat, knows where to go in the house, and covers it.
    Are you using a litter bin ??? Maybe with real dirt in the beginning, then go to litter !

  • 🙂 Thanks Doc!

    I’m going with the old saying about them eating,…..”when they get HUNGRY enough”,….well, wouldn’t the same theory hold true here? 🙂

    So far,…the pups seem willing to blowup first!

    Just tried puppy pads–SUCCESS!

  • Gillion

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    if your cough persists, seek professional help such as traditional Chinese medicine physicians – I have had very good experiences with them.