Physicians: Initial health consequences of Fukushima catastrophe are now scientifically verifiable

Published: March 7th, 2013 at 11:57 am ET


Title: Health consequences resulting from Fukushima
Source: International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Author: Henrik Paulitz, Winfrid Eisenberg, and Reinhold Thiel
Date: March 6, 2013
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On 11 March 2011, a nuclear catastrophe occurred at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan in the wake of an earthquake and due to serious safety deficiencies. This resulted in a massive and prolonged release of radioactive fission and decay products. Approximately 20% of the radioactive substances released into the atmosphere have led to the contamination of the landmass of Japan with 17,000 becquerels per square metre of cesium-137 and a comparable quantity of cesium-134.

The initial health consequences of the nuclear catastrophe are now, two years after the incident, scientifically verifiable. Similar to the case of Chernobyl, a decline in the birth rate was documented in the nine months following the nuclear catastrophe. Throughout the whole of Japan, the total drop in number of births in December 2011 was 4362, with the Fukushima Prefecture registering a decline of 209 births. […]

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Published: March 7th, 2013 at 11:57 am ET


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15 comments to Physicians: Initial health consequences of Fukushima catastrophe are now scientifically verifiable

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Soon we will see Godzilla! Think I'm kidding? Iran is already being overrun with giant nuclear mutated rats. 11 pounders, bigger than cats!

    'Tehran Rats: Iran Reportedly Battles Giant 'Mutant' Rodents With Snipers'

    "The International Business Times quoted Tehran city council environment adviser Ismail Kahram, who told Iranian news website that the rats "seem to have had a genetic mutation, probably as a result of radiations and the chemical used on them.""

    On the other hand, for a bit of truth about the question of whether genetic mutation is a positive or not re: nuclear radiation exposure:

    "Nearly all genetic mutations identified across the field of biology are harmful and confer a disadvantage to the species rather than an advantage. It’s not like in the sci-fi movies," Baker said in an email."

    The butterfly studies are only the beginning of what's about to sweep through the human populations in the next few years.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I just read a report concerning the dire state of Biodiversity and the numbers of species become extinct each hour which is three and the head of the department says if we do not do something now it will be too late as we have reached the tipping point. But hey new species are being created nothing like giant rats I can also think of a few human mutations like TEPCO and all the pro-nukers and trackers. Will they ever face the music, a sad mournful tune indeed.

  • weeman

    Can you imagine the numbers if the data was complete and not manipulated, scary stuff in fact it is criminal not to release full data and let the people Make a educated decision.
    You have a moral obligation to protect your livestock you are supposed to be their Shepard, that is your future,

    • Mack Mack

      —–> 2 things from the report have to be understood:

      1. The 'eating contaminated food' cancer number is based on 133,832 published results from the Japanese Ministry of Health and "a large part of the data could not be used"

      2. The cancers are based on a risk factor of 0.1/Sv, adopted by the World Health Organization, but the authors say this number probably UNDERESTIMATES the risks, and recent studies say the risk factor is twice as great, 0.2/Sv.

      —–> Here are the numbers:

      * In Fukushime Prefecture alone, 55,592 children were diagnosed with thyroid gland nodules or cysts. These must be classified as precancerous.
      * Decline in live births in Japan for 2011 = 4,362
      * In Fukushima Prefecture, decline in births = 209
      * Rise in infant mortality for 2011 = 75
      * Expected cancers from external radiation exposure = 18,950 – 41,303
      * However, if you assume a risk factor of 0.2/Sv, then expected cancers from external radiation exposure jump to = 37,899 – 82,606
      * Expected cancers due from contaminated food intake = 18,633
      * However, if you assume a risk factor of 0.2/Sv, then expected cancers from intake of contaminated food = 37,266
      * Expected cases of severe illnesses among Tepco workers in 2011 = 17,715

      —–> The numbers are INITIAL numbers. Meaning there are more to come.

      —–> Any corrections to my understanding of report are welcome.

      • Mack Mack


        —-> Important final paragraph in the report:

        "At present, there are numerous nuclear power plants operating at sites facing the potential risk of an earthquake. Most are much less able to withstand the force of an earthquake than nuclear reactors in Japan. Even a relatively weak earthquake could, at any time, thereby trigger another nuclear catastrophe almost anywhere, whether in Asia, America, or even in Europe."

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          No idea why everyone overlooks this, but the chronic EXTERNAL dose is far less significant than the chronic INTERNAL dose around Fukushima. I don't care much for the IPPNW's math, but their omission of a known internal dose pathway is inexcusable. I *expect* the IAEA and WHO to ingore this, but IPPNW?

          The internal loading is through THREE pathways, not two. The obvious ones:


          and then the eternally-dismissed and glossed-over third one:

          -The liter of air-filter mucus that runs from your nose down the back of your throat all day and all night. It grabs samples of nearly every radionuclide in the air including noble gasses, radio-iodines, alpha-only emitters and aerosolized metals over a micron or so.

          It is such a good indicator of exposure that old-school cold war army and navy medics were trained to get nasal swabs from their unit if operating in areas suspected of contamination. No small units of common bullet-stopper soldiers were ever going to get fancy gadgets like a Geiger counter. Besides, nobody cared much about gamma ground-shine. If the ground was *that* contaminated, then you were surely being cooked from within by whatever you inhaled and swallowed.

          Internal radionuclide loading could have been tracked far better at Fukushima. Instead, everyone will argue about the credibility of everyone else's estimates for decades.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    And now this:

    '11 Hidden Signs You Might Have a Thyroid Problem'

    They're going to have a hard time keeping this under wraps much longer. The Japanese mothers may be docile, but not the US mothers. And when they find their children are sick because of the lack of response from the US government, not to mention the lies over food safety, watch out!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    Spring is coming..and I'm worried.

  • kintaman kintaman

    Still I am being told by people (friends, acquaintances, Japanese family, former colleagues) that I must be touched in the head or too panicky for having picked up and left our lives in Japan so suddenly after 3.11.

    I find that the lack of human understanding of this still ongoing disaster (thank you media!) is "almost" as stressful as the actual disaster.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      kintaman, people always have an opinion and love to judge and in this case you are right. IMHO Also I understand as I have been called serval nasty names because of my stance against nuclear power as I'm sure many on this news group have experienced. I've been told that I'm crazy and why don't I just shut up because nothing can be done about it anyway. So the sheep continue to eat their Sushi and pretend our planet is not in dire straits and I no longer say anything to each their own.. kinsman, you did the right thing please try to shrug off the nay sayers. I don't know if you have family but kudos for evacuating which I'm sure was very difficult to do. Please don't beat yourself up for making an intelligent decision.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @kintaman; I also have friends left in Japan who have similar mindsets although a couple of them have changed their minds during the course of the last year and seem to show regret & perhaps ashamed that they'd been a part of the display of apathy emanated by the bamboozled public's lack of any logical response or even worse "defended" the industry & govt. idiotic policies & data/findings! One guy still brought home-made candy from North-Central Japan where he's lived as a school teacher for years back home to pass out to the kids at a Christmas party(?)but assured that it was made by his spouse with "clean" ingredients and yet the baggie of "chocolate covered little logs" with a tan,porous,crispy(rice?)insides weren't the "big hit" they were expected to be and the small baggie that my wife brought home wasn't eaten and were instead used as a "gag" to trick unsuspecting family members into thinking our chihuahua had left them a "special gift"LOL 🙂 But at least it shows people are thinking about the issue even if they aren't willing to say so! I haven't heard any new claims by them of "all is well" regarding Fukushima radiation impacts and imported foods are in high demand now there as advice to "avoid the cheap,local foodstuffs & agricultural products including LOCALLY bottled water and the teacher no longer mentions his previously enjoyed hobby of deep-sea fishing & eating his "prized catches" which tells me that they're "aware" but unwilling to…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        admit they'd changed their own lifestyles due to ridicule from their "programmed" colleagues & co-workers!! EXACTLY the way TPTB "designed" their propaganda machine to efficiently operate!! 🙁 ~**

    • Songie Songie

      If the folks who didn't leave Japan didn't ridicule your decision to leave, then their own decision to stay would be called into question. They have to ridicule you in order to save face.

      Hang in there. Your decision to evacuate will be vindicated plenty soon enough.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Good point, kintaman … may you find peace with your brave decision …

    spread truth … peace !!