Pneumonia cases “surge” in Japan’s Tohoku region — Frequency of pneumonia also increased after Chernobyl

Published: April 20th, 2011 at 3:53 pm ET


Pneumonia cases rise in Tohoku, Kyodo, April 20, 2011:

At least 11 people have died of pneumonia and about 150 have been hospitalized with the illness at Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital in Miyagi Prefecture since the March 11 quake and tsunami, the hospital said Tuesday.

The number of patients is five to six times higher than during the same period last year, it said.

Many patients contracted pneumonia as a result of inflammations caused by seawater entering their lungs during the tsunami, or due to low body temperatures shortly after the disaster, the hospital said. Dust, chemical substances stirred up from dried sludge and a lack of oral hygiene are also believed to be behind the surge in cases.

Cases of pneumonia are also increasing at hospitals in other tsunami-ravaged areas, including Kesennuma City Hospital, also in Miyagi, and Iwate Prefectural Miyako Hospital. …

Read the report here.

The characteristics of the course of acute pneumonia in patients subjected to prolonged exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station, Lik Sprava (Russian) via National Center for Biotechnology Information, July 1992:


Distinct changes in the clinical picture of acute pneumonia were noted in patients subjected to constant prolonged (1986-1990) effect of small doses of ionizing radiation as a result of residing in the contaminated territory after the Chernobyl atomic station disaster. These changes included increased duration of the disease, frequency of protracted forms, suppression of the immune system. …

Read the abstract here.

The Effects of Radiation Sickness, Saad Mohammad, M.D., December 19, 2009:

The effects on the pulmonary system are not acute and usually appear one to six months after exposure, especially after therapeutic exposures. Pneumonitis with resultant alveolar hemorrhage and pulmonary edema occurs earlier than the dreaded post-radiation pneumonia, which is often fatal. Patients that recover from the pneumonia almost invariably have pulmonary fibrosis (scar tissue replacing normal pulmonary parenchyma), which can cause serious disability.

Read the report here.

Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, Annals of  the New York Academy of Sciences, 2010:

Published: April 20th, 2011 at 3:53 pm ET


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11 comments to Pneumonia cases “surge” in Japan’s Tohoku region — Frequency of pneumonia also increased after Chernobyl

  • xdrfox

    I posted a link here last week about them setting up clinics to monitor people and knew something was up and knew it had nothing to do with the flue !

  • Caveat Emptor

    Thank you for your service.

  • k

    I really loved japan…

  • Mothra

    Atypical pneumonias are also reported in Southern California, Mexico and the UK. S. Cal also reports gastroenteritis and eye irritations. Boise, Idaho has elevated ILI activity for three weeks on CDC flu report as well as New York and Maine.

  • Jim

    I think this is a pretty misleading article. The reason why cases of pneumonia have probably risen after the tsunami is because many of the elderly no longer are in the warmth of their houses but in evacuation centers with no heating and not much access to doctors or medicine and inadequate food. Remember that every year thousands of people die from flus and a majority of those are the elderly because their immune systems are weak and can’t fight off the infection.

  • John

    Thank you for being the voice of reason Jim. Do not forget that this region has also just been hit by a devastating tsunami. Could this not also be the reason for flu like symptoms. FLU LIKE symptoms. I live in Hokkaido, only a few hundred kms from the Tohoko and their are no indications for concern up here yet America seems to be in a state of paranoia. Please dont forget about the 27,000 something people that instantly perished in this disaster.

  • Chernobyl Deja Vu

    Just my luck to be in Germany during Chernobyl! How easily the clock turns back to April 1986 rembering the precautions that were taken to avoid bringing fallout into a home.

    I also remember the horrible immune system health disorders that I endured during 1987. From a person who has had just one cold and has never had flu, this was significant and clearly a result of Chernobyl:

    * Pneumonia
    * Cytomeglo virus
    * Epstein Barr Syndrome

    My mother was with me in Germany and died of cancer 6 years after Chernobyl. She did not eat processed foods, smoke, drink, or have any lifestyle factors that were conducive to cancer. It was Chernobyl.

    I also aggressively detoxed with clay and other herbs and she did not.

    There will always be people who overcome health obstacles and survive. My 1987 health challenges gave me the opportunity to learn to seriously detox and improve my immune system.

    Fukushima has changed our lives – forever- However, my faith and confidence in the forces of natural, healthy foods and herbal remedies that have helped me in the past, will not fail now.

    What is important to understand is that low levels of radiation are very harmful.

    What I did then, is what I’m doing now.

    * Protect the Thyroid
    * Detox specifically for heavy metals
    * Detox on a regular basis as my body requires
    * Support a robust immune system
    * Eat Super Foods and Antioxidants daily.

    We and all of our animals have been doing this, in Washington state, since March 18.

    Just a tablespoon, or so, of clay in their water will remove heavy metals, radioactive particles, detox & remove parasites, bacteria & viruses.


  • Jim

    A sad case of collective nucleophobic hysteria. Everyday since March 11th!