“Revelations on nuclear plants sound warning” — Harvard study reveals large-scale radiation releases just outside major US city that lasted for decades — “Surely this could not have happened, but apparently it did” (VIDEO)

Published: April 28th, 2012 at 1:58 pm ET


Title: Radioactive: Revelations on nuclear plants sound a warning – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Date: April 27, 2012 5:44 am

Like a dark family secret long suspected but never confirmed, the shock of discovery is all the more lurid for coming into the light years later. […]

Incredulity feeds the first reaction: Surely this could not have happened. But apparently it did, according to good authority.

That would be Joseph P. Ring, a Harvard University radiation safety officer who teaches at Harvard and the University of Massachusetts. […]

The plants operated in Apollo and Parks Township from 1958 through 1984. Mr. Ring found “numerous large-scale releases of ionizing radiation into the neighboring environment” during the operating lives of the plants. The emissions added up to “the largest quantity … of any nuclear facility in the United States.”

[…] Worse yet, he cited internal documents that said the operators knew of the problems that began with faulty construction but never did enough to stop them.

[…] this newspaper has long supported [the nuclear industry] […]

Read the report here

Title: Study Supports Communities’ Claims Against Nuclear Fuel Plants
Source: CBS Pittsburgh
Date: Apr 26, 2012

There is a new study about what went on at two now-closed nuclear fuel plants in Armstrong County.

The study appears to back up what many people living there have been saying for years.

“I’m one of the lucky ones,” Patty Ameno said. “There’s been parents burying their children here.”

Ameno is a fighter. She’s had neurosurgery for one brain tumor and has another. She’s also survived uterine cancer. […]

On May 2nd, another report is due out tracking the health impacts from radiation exposure.

Watch the report here

Published: April 28th, 2012 at 1:58 pm ET


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80 comments to “Revelations on nuclear plants sound warning” — Harvard study reveals large-scale radiation releases just outside major US city that lasted for decades — “Surely this could not have happened, but apparently it did” (VIDEO)

  • What-About-The-Kids

    Wow! This is HUGE! Good find, Admin!

    So the ugly truth, which we Enenewsers have learned over the past year here, is finally hitting the mainstream news. And we all know this is only just the TIP of the iceberg. How many more neighborhoods need nuclear power plants, both here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, have experienced the same horrors due to secret releases of high levels of radiation which have never been reported.

    I am glad to see the federal government is doing the right thing here, and prosecuting these criminals. Next they need to give the NRC a good hard look and see what hand they have had in turning a blind eye to such criminal acts by others in the nuclear industry.

    Time to clean house, America, and rid our beautiful nation of these Death Machines and the criminals who run them (or approve their licensing and relicensing despite these known serious design faults which lead to such "accidental" releases of radiation.)

    I hope these poor victims and their families receive the highest compensation possible. Not that any amount of money can give them back their health and rebuild their happiness and families. My heart goes out to them all. We stand with you in solidarity and will continue to do our part to see that all NPPs are shut
    down permanently.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Make that "How many more neighborhoods NEAR nuclear power plants…"

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Take a moment to read the moving comments section by the people whose families have been affected by this shameful legacy to put a voice to the very real suffering that has and is still occurring there:


        • What-About-The-Kids

          Interesting… After doing a bit of research on Joseph P. Ring's work at Harvard, I found this interesting tidbit, a lawsuit appeal dated back in 2000 in which a pro-nuke group of attorneys for So. Cal. Edison, in which his name was among them, filed to block the ruling of three judges in favor of a woman downwind of San Onofre who had contracted leukemia:


          It is interesting how Ring, through his research into the Pennsylvania tragedy, is now, over a decade later, showing up on the other side of the nuke issue…

          Perhaps a change of heart and conscience? Or…?

          If you read the appeal, you'll see what the average citizen is up against when trying to bring nuclear power plant owners to justice. Just read the HUGE, obviously well-financed list of attorneys and nuke "experts" she was up against.

          And read the ridiculous faux incredulity of these same " experts" in their comments about how "appalled" they were at the "ignorance" and audacity of the judges to make such a ruling in this poor woman's favor.

          We are the ones who should be incredulous (and we are) at this status quo criminal bullying behavior of the nuclear cabal.

          Well, we have news for you guys: Times have CHANGED. The public is waking up to your deplorable behavior and it is just a matter of time before more lawsuits like the ones in Pennsylvania will start appearing in our courts.

          • What-About-The-Kids


            …and the difference is, this time we are READY with overwhelming, undeniable evidence against the nuclear cabal that will rightly laugh them out of court if they even venture to try their same ol' worn out tactics and lame excuses, or their "radiation leaking from our plants are safer than eating a banana!" laughable lies…

            (Minor correction to previous post: Ring's name was listed among the nuclear "experts"she in the court document, not as one of the pro-nuke attorneys).

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Extraneous word "she" added by my smartphone (or should I say "dumbphone?) keyboard. 😉

              Should have said: "…nuclear "experts" in the court documents…"

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yep,…that's the FAT lady! (Doesn't she sing nicely?)

  • StillJill StillJill

    Sorry, those not in the US. "It's not over 'til the FAT lady sings"!

    It's OVER for NU-clear!

    Stick a fork in it! 🙂

    Oh happy day! 🙂

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      I wish it was over. can anyone explain to me why Energy Fues (formerly Denison Mines) has plans to drill a brand-new uranium bore hole to open canyon Mine at the Grand Canyon Ntl Park? It makes no sense if they really expect uranium demand to fall. Why spend five million to permanently toxify the soil and waters that go towards the village of the indigenous people still living there, when you are not even going to make a profit from doing so?

  • Sickputer

    The nuclear cabal has a convenient excuse.. Radiation is invisible, doctors can't conclusively link long term illnesses to an invisible toxin. So in court the cabal lawyers trot out life choices oc the victims (ie, victim smoked, working as a pest control exterminator, drove in smog for 40 years, yada yada, yada.

    Kinda like Big Tobacco. Can the nuclear cabal keep bribing judges, politicians? Probably. Until we are all layed out stone cold dead from The Fallout Age.

    BTW… Slightly offtopic. Just saw a B-1 and B-2 bomber zoom over my head about 300 feet over the freeway. They disappeared quickly into the thick haze in the sky. And this haze is not your average air inversion if hou catch my drift. I also have never seen a B-2 before on a training flight around here. People were pulljng over to get photos of the rarely seen bat wing plane. Maybe practice for a special mission and I don't think in the Middle East. Fukushima may be far worse than we know.

      • Sickputer

        Sorry… Questions sometimes get missed with many threads and no email notifiers of followups to a post.

        In answer to your question where I saw the haze and AF planes… West Texas. Bad air inversion days for the past 2 months. Virtually zero wind, but severe haze… and this is not a valley… It is an air inversion thousands of square miles beginning south of Lawton, OK and extending at least 200 miles into Texas. Not sure how far it extends soth, east, and west, but I am thinking many states west, not syre how far to the east. Not the kind of weather reports you commonly see on weather forecasts. For big cities yes, but rarely for bigger regions. May not be a popular topic for states to release to the public for numerous reasons.

        • Sickputer

          Update… I did some research and the B1 and B2 planes were part of a planned air show today, so that is why they were so low. But the sky haze was not planned. 😉

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          Air force activity over Davis Monthan AF base in Tucson also seems quite elevated lately…. Iran??

    • Extremely thick haze in the air in Phoenix today also…

  • Seems odd that the Headline starts with the word 'Revelations'.

    from article:
    "…what happened at the old plant sites seems an outrage."


    It IS more than an outrage, it's CRIMINAL!

    from article:
    "That raises a larger point: We live at a time when conservative (Almost ALL) politicians are strongly pushing the idea that prosperity will come when free enterprise is allowed to operate unfettered by regulations — as if the natural laws of human behavior have been repealed. To see how that might work out, a person need only go to Armstrong County and ask the people who live there."

    I've been to Armstrong County, and the people there WILL tell you. It's impacted them beyond belief. 🙁

    Shouldn't the Laws of Nature come first? Like clean air, water, and soil (food). Maybe we need a Magna Carta or Bill Of Rights type of document that lists the inalienable Rights of the Earth and ALL Living Things.

    Charter of The Forest: year 1217
    "At a time when the royal forests were the most important potential source of fuel for cooking, heating and industries such as charcoal burning, and such hotly defended rights as pasture for their pigs, collecting firewood, grazing, or cutting of turf for fuel, this charter was almost unique in providing a degree of economic protection for free men, who also used the forest to forage for food and to graze their animals."

  • sonnen.blum.239 sonnen.blum.239

    no more ranging free no more foraging no more forest without the invisible curse attached to it. Eat at your own risk.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Plants everywhere use their vents to release radiation. And must be stopped. And outlawed. And decommissioned. Those in public office must see to this.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    No wonder I'm sick. I was 5 years old and directly 200 miles east. I know it's from all these death machines exactly 5 nuke plants within 100 miles of our home. I'd move but where in the world can you go to get away from this shat. NO NUKES

    • What-About-The-Kids

      I didn't realize you were sick, Moonshellblue. I am sorry to hear that. 🙁

      I have noticed that there are many of us here who, suffering from a pre-existing condition which doctors have not been able to definitively name the cause of that condition, come here, searching for answers, knowing instinctively in our hearts that it may have likely been caused by our own exposure to man-made ionizing radiation, whether from living near a NPP or being exposed to the above grounds nuclear tests of the Cold War era, or meltdowns from Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, or the countless other nameless accidents and meltdowns no one had admitted to…

      Perhaps with the growing ability to trace one's radiation exposure back to its original source, and to read the genetic fingerprint of the damage to one's cells and DNA to pinpoint the cause of the damage, we will someday know the true, exact cause of our health issues. One can hope!

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Thank you for your kind words. I do think many of us with illnesses from cancer to heart disease, etc. can place the blame on radiation. My spouse is certain that my MS is due to exposure but I'm very fortunate as I do not use any of the interferons only natural supplements and my neurologist has called my last MRI "remarkable" Thus I cannot complain with the exception of the unrelenting fatigue. Okay, sorry for the diatribe but I really do think our population is being poisoned by nuclear power plants. I live about 30 miles from TMI and went through that nasty ordeal, talk about lies. I just don't understand how or why our government continues to allow these death machines to function. Chernobyl and now Fukushima. What a species beyond words, expect for two. NO NUKES

        • What-About-The-Kids

          You are welcome, MoonShellBlue. Yes, I agree. "No nukes" is about all there is left to say, when you think about it.

          I am so sorry you were exposed to TMI fallout. I am sure you've followed what our very own JoyB has had to say about her first-hand experiences at TMI with her husband, as the health physicists hired to measure radiation (but not beta radiation, not allowed!) in the workers there. All the lies and cover ups and a judge beholden to the nuclear industry. Incredible…

          I hope the PA news will help more victims of NPP radiation exposure receive recompense. It is only fair. If the members of the industry involved in the lies and cover ups only had a conscience and integrity.

          I have a friend with MS in Seattle who unfortunately has had her MS
          exacerbated by exposure to Fuku fallout. It has affected her ability to concentrate and she was forced to leave her job of 20 years. Too many people I know or have heard about have had their health adversely affected by Fuku fallout. Our bodies can only take so much bombardment. When will it end? Stop nuclear NOW!

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I for one wonder if the massive epidemic of Lyme disease isn't due in part to people's immune systems being weakened. But then there's pretty good evidence a virulent strain of Lyme escaped from a government lab (Lab 257), just offhshore from Long Island and Lyme, Connecticut.

        Cold war researchers were doing experiments on hard bodied ticks in several countries before the first rash of Lyme cases hit in 1979. Lyme was historically known in Europe, but was nowhere near as severe as what we have today.

        Experts say it is a complex illness, and while Lyme suppresses the immune system, there are other predisposing factors.

        I just wonder (and continue to wonder) how much radiation exposure has contributed to the rash of Lyme and autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue illnesses ….

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          And I say epidemic because only 1 in 10 people with Lyme gets a proper diagnosis. The CDC estimates something on the order of 250,000 new infections per year in the U.S.

        • What-About-The-Kids

          I wonder too, HoTaters. I have relatives with the disease on the East Coast.

          I hadn't heard about those experiments. Shameful.

          We need stricter laws forbidding such research…creating oil eating microbes in a lab has created havoc in the Gulf. Runaway microbes man has no idea how to stop? Sound familiar? Same as the runaway melted coriums at Fuku.

          Man's ignorant hubris is killing our planet and MUST be stopped through better laws, regulation and CITIZEN oversight so we can make sure they are being enforced properly!

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Some people think engineered microbes and/or GMO's cause Morgellons Disease, too. Have read several accounts of people who worked in sewage plants where GM organisms eat sewage sludge getting it. Vitaly Citovsky, Ph.D., published a study in 2001 showing Agrobacter tumifascens, the organism which causes crown gall in plants, can jump cross-kingdom from plants to animals. This organism is the most commonly used gene splice medium used in GM plants. Many Morgellons patients have been found to be infected with A. tumifascens.

            It's not clear, yet, (as far as I know) whether or not the humans infected with A. tumifascens are harboring a natural or a GM strain of the bacterium.

            Playing God is getting us nowhere fast, IMHO.

            Lab 257 is the book that talks about all the unsafe experiments conducted at Plum Island Laboratory. It's the kind of thing that could give a person nightmares. Example: one year there was a hurricane which washed over the island and flooded out the laboratory. All kinds of biological weapons materials washed into the ocean. Nice, huh?

            Yes, hubris pretty well describes the attitude of many of the weapons researchers of the past century. But then, war has never been pretty. Now the stakes are much higher than before.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              That is, sewage plant workers exposed to GM sludge eating bacteria developed Morgellons Disease.

              • What-About-The-Kids

                HoTaters, I am so sorry to now know about yet another thoroughly disgusting, immoral and criminal result of the highly ignorant, hubristic and wasteful use of what would be otherwise incredible, limitless human potential.

                Where are our real leaders? Our planet and all living things simply cannot afford to have man continue pursuing such unethical, deadly folly. Will our real leaders please step up to the podium and do something to stop this?


            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Lab 257 was the subject of a Congressional investigation. The investigation results showed the lab was highly unsafe. The lab directors ignored the safety changes recommend by the Congressional committee. The changes were mandated, but were flagrantly disobeyed.

              Kind of sounds like the nuclear industry.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Yep,…that's an uptick alright! 🙁

      Just got back from buying longterm store-able foods and supplies.
      So,…..I guess this is as good a time, as any!

      Was very nice refilling about 18 months of food and supplements!
      Putting them in deep freeze,….yeah,…knowledge IS power! 🙂

      Please do the same,…even if it's on a shoestring (bulk), like me! 🙂

    Prof. Takeda “3/31/2015 is the last day of Japan”
    Posted by Mochizuki on April 27th, 2012 · 7 Comments

    Prof. Takeda Kunihiko from Chubu university roughly estimated anyone can no longer live in Japan after 3/31/2015.

    According to his explanation, the yearly dose will reach 5mSv/y (External dose and the slight internal dose) in 3 years and 4 months from January of 2012.

    He states, he receives radiation data from one of his readers. The person measures radiation three times a day, at work, doorway of house, and the living room in Mie prefecture (500km from Fukushima). Prof. Takeda admits the data is scientific enough.

    From the radiation level has been in the increasing trend since last September. In linear equations (y=ax+b), the average from January to March (=b) is 0.10 μSv/h, a is +0.004 μSv/h. y reaches 5mSv/y in 3 years and 3 months, so yearly dose will be over 5mSv/y in 3 years and 4 months from January of 2012, when is 3/31/2015.

    Prof. Takeda admits the data was collected by an individual and a and b are calculated by least squares but it’s rational enough.

    The reason why radiation level is increasing is not explained.

    • arclight arclight

      hi taco
      thanks for the link..

      just thought i would point out that the rad levels didnt max out at chernobyl for 2 years.. i wonder/hope that soething like that is happening.. though i admit 3 corium and sp4 are/might be adding to the background contamination! suppose its a wait and see! 🙁

      yours hopefully

  • SteveMT

    This report explains a lot. The U.S. government had to have known about this nearly 30 year record of blatantly disregarding life on this planet. They looked the other way while all of this lethal exposure was occurring. Now I see how TEPCO can so deftly and repeatedly lie to the world. They had excellent instruction from Babcock & Wilcox in the use of the "Big Lie Technique." The U.S. and Japanese governments, B&W, and TEPCO just reserved their places in hell for the crime of genocide and crimes against humanity.

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Please, someone convince me that I am wrong headed about this, but this is what I see happening; yes this could be the swan song for the nuclear industry but what will that mean. I think it will mean, based on past performance, that those corperations who are involved in the nuclear industry will simply eliminate a non profitable aspect of their organization and walk away from all these plants and infastructure and if we wish to continue as a viable life form on this planet it will be up to us to deal with all the costs and work involved in decommisioning these plants, dealing with waste and all that entails and for the next say 7 million years we will babysit the children of the worst decision ever made by mankind. That's kind of how I see it going down. Now, of course, that's a best case situation, assuming we live through the present situation…………..


    • What-About-The-Kids

      Sadly, I believe your summation of the situation is probably spot on. 🙁 Corporations come and go, but deadly nuclear radiation is forever. It has always been we, the taxpayers, whose money has subsidized these criminals, we just didn't realize the extent of their crimes and so few of us (sadly) spoke out against them.

      Now thanks to the Internet and easy access to information, the truth about the monsters of the nuclear industry are now becoming more widely known, slowly perhaps, but surely.

      But when the general accounting is done on the estimated costs of decommissioning all the NPPs is finally done, the realization that there isn't enough money put aside by the nuclear power companies to pay for the decomissioning of a majority of their planets will finally hit home. I am guessing this many even be the reason our own NRC keeps extending their licenses…the alternative, shutting them down, is just too expensive.

      Who will pay? Our children, grandchildren and generations to come. What a shameful legacy we have left our children. Forced to pay for the clean up, decommissioning and babysitting of this digusting biproduct of Man's incredibly stupid hubris, while suffering the very real serious and often deadly health effects
      and genetic damage.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Seems like kind of a teaser to show how my country is doing something about those dirty nukes. Im skeptical to say the least. It is nice to see something being done. I think were gonna find out a lot more about how horrible this is in a mainstream media type of way soon. I just don't know if it's too late or not. I'm also not confident in my government or my regulating committees. Good for those folks though I really hope they get compensated. Even though there's no such thing as compensation for lost children. Shut them all down. Compensate with the money of the executives who made the decisions.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      I definitely see your point and share your skepticism, StopNP. However, the one good thing about this is that it IS setting a legal precedent, which will serve as a model for others in cities across America to follow. The outcome of the trial, if positive, will serve to inspire others to follow suit, and in this way, a critical mass (sorry for the bad choice of words) of people stepping up to fight for their right to live in a nuclear-free environment will be reached…

      I do hope the saying "better late than never" will applicable in these trials and lawsuits, for all our sake's.

      • stopnp stopnp

        The more I dig into the available information about the nuclear "system" the more disgusted I become with my government and it's regulatory agencies. Every aspect of this industry is horrible. From the cradle to the grave. Oh wait there really is no grave because what's left lasts for hundreds of thousands of years.

        I definitely agree with you though. I am glad something is being done.

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Again, seeing things as they are, I don't hold out much hope that the trials will be anything more than a national security state game show and as far as the government is concerned, well this is the work they do, in our name.

    This has been a harsh learning experience for us all, it will be interesting to see how far humanity will go to make it right with the natural world……………….


    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      This is barbaric behavior by any other name, given that the horrendous amount of depleted-uranium tipped weapons (along with weapons-grade Uranium, found in the Busby study of Fallujah hair samples) was probably not really necessary to win this trumped up, preemptive war against terrorism (control of oil, Israeli defense, etc.). Except for the truly "shocking' display of aggression, the effect of the weapons used in Iraq seems like a territorial takeover by chimps and lions who wipe out the previous genetic male dominant animals by killing the 'enemy's' infants and children first. I do not know any other rational reason, as an aggressor, to permanently destroy the genome of those you invade, let alone poison the land for anyone who steps foot on it afterwards. Don't tell me we didn't know what we were doing! Was it necessary to use uranium this way, was it profitable in the long run? Hell no, unless we have a death wish for the planet. In short, we can't make this right unless we can make a global decision to shut down unsafe nuclear plants, i.e., all of them. Clearly, nuclear energy production is not warranted at this point, based on our rudimentary understanding of the entire systemic impact on the human genome and other life forms.

  • Fred

    The solution is quite simple. The top 5 plant officials must be required to live immediately adjacent to, and downwind of, the plant with their families in company provided luxury housing of normal construction. The parent company brass must be located adjacent to, and downwind of, the oldest or most troublesome plant the corporation owns. Company headquarters must be located on the property of the plant the company brass live next to…never in downtown XXX.

    Plant safety and maintenance budgets would suddenly spike to new high levels. The finest nuclear engineers, not the kids right out of school that work cheap, would be sitting at the throttles making sure the company brass' wives and kids never had a company-generated neutron pass through their DNA.

    Many plants would, very quickly, be closed down and dismantled. Company brass must live on the property until the property is totally radiation free and manacured like a putting green at Augusta National.

    • Fred

      Spent fuel pools will be built right behind these company owned mansions where the swimming pool should be located. I bet we find a solution to the spent fuel problem within 3 months….

    • truthseek truthseek

      Spot on Fred!

      Helping them to be trully responsible
      in all decisions and actions.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    "While the Apollo site has since been cleaned up, a lesson can be drawn. The nuclear industry — which this newspaper has long supported — doesn't lack for regulation, and indeed the Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission sometimes cited the facilities over the years. But apparently not enough.

    " …doesn't lack for regulation" ???? Says who?

  • I will tell you a secret of India: India began its nuke industry via its research facility BARC in late 1950s. Its 2012, what is the nuke capacity? 4780 MW. Total thermal, hydro and nukes 199627!Thus right today the percent nukes is 2.34%!
    Dont you find that it is a commendable feat? Let us hope that they will have no more nukes. But nuclear terrorists are embarking on a continuation of the nuclear war to reach 63000 MW by 2032. And of course grow further! And year after year the society will not get any electricity outside the nuke industry.
    There is no pure reason for the non harmonised.
    From pure food pure creatures become
    From pure rain is the production of pure food
    In pure soil.
    Pure Rain comes from pure sacrifice(return)
    And pure sacrifice from work
    And work from the all embracing integrality running everything
    And the all embracing from the Unknowable Ishwara
    Those who disregard this wheel of life
    Are living for themselves
    And will be destroyed.
    The night of Brahma is drawing near
    We will lie fallow for 4.32 billion years
    After a few Fukushimas spaced a few mortal years apart Distributed in vulnerable regions.
    And wonder of wonders
    I am the master of my fate
    I am the captain of my soul
    I will fight till the last drop of my blood
    Because you foolish rulers!
    Life is not due to your generosity
    But comes from following true knowledge:
    To see one changeless life in all the lives,
    In the separate, the One Inseparable.
    But the modern extracts…

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi all – look what a few people can do! Back in Feb., I posted a link to a crowdfunding film project about Areva's plans in India ( nuke the people, that is). Now the 2 filmmakers got more money than they asked for and are currently finishing the documentary.
      I'm so happy – here's once again the link to see their awesome trailer and read the latest under "News":

      GO INDIA

      • Thank you Bread and Butter. I had missed it! Have you more?
        Love to see and hear.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Good morning Ramaswami! No, I don't have more at the moment, the filmmakers are trying to find a company to get their film to the cinemas.
          I might drop them a line and ask if it's possible to buy it on DVD. I'm a huge fan of public Film screenings, and this one would be perfect for it.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Thanks, B & B! I LOVE stuff like this! Citizen-run, crowd-sourced creative works that can have such a lasting impact! How empowering!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration! We should all support the producers work and buy a DVD of the documentary. Great idea! 🙂

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          What-About-The-Kids and B&B, I found another crowd-funding source recently in another context. This seems like a good place to mention it in case anyone here has a SHUT THEM ALL DOWN project in need of funding (hint, hint). I have not used it – just was interested in one of the existing projects – but I liked the look of it.


          • What-About-The-Kids

            Ah, yes! Thanks, Aigeezer! I've heard about them too.

            A "Shut Them All Down" project? Sounds like a GREAT idea to me! Thanks for the spark of inspiration.

            Hmmm…anyone have some ideas for such a group-sourced project? We could start an entire new forum heading for this, much like the new Alternative Energy forum here… 🙂

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              What-About-The-Kids, you've amplified the spark. Thank you! Here's one partly-baked suggestion.

              Can we find some alternative power-generating project that we all feel comfortable with, crowd-source fund it, build it, and donate it to some community near Fukushima?… not just as a token gesture to appease our consciences, but as a proof-of-concept demonstration that Japan (and therefore the world) will never need nuke again?

              I kind of lean towards something completely off the beaten track, such as kitegen's suggestion in another thread:


              … but of course I imagine there would be some back-and-forth about risks vs. payoffs.

              What I really like about any project along these lines is that it can break the horrible "ain't it awful" helpless feeling that we often experience since 3/11. It also could keep our minds off "they need to do X" for any "they" and for any "X".

              To do this kind of thing, we'd need to:

              1. Keep it small. (Make the next one bigger).
              2. Ignore all voices that say it can't be done. (Not everyone here shares the agenda of shutting down all nuke power).
              3. Choose decision-making mechanisms. (We'll want to gallop off in various directions).
              4. Find someone to "own" and "champion" the project. (Admin, I hope).

              … and of course, most importantly, make sure there is enough community buy-in to make it worth tackling.

              • What-About-The-Kids

                Brilliant idea, Aigeezer! What a wonderfully empowering way to channel ones energy (pun intended) into such a positive and potentially very productive project.

                Should we move this to the General Discussion section for now, so it won't get buried? Or better yet, what about the Alternative Energy forum? Looks like we already have a lot of participants excited about creating a future powered by alternative energy there! 🙂

    • See why Madam Jaya will not get any power ever to Tamilnadu from Kudankulam or any nuke programme ever:

  • arclight arclight

    hmmm this i found interesting..

    Obama Asked to Delay NUMEC Founder Award over Nuclear Weapons Material Diversions to Israel – IRmep

    WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Obama administration has been asked to delay a 2010 National Medal of Technology and Innovation award to Zalman Shapiro over lingering questions about the theft and diversion of US weapons grade uranium to Israel. Shapiro, a talented inventor, was the former president of the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation. Shapiro and NUMEC were investigated over the diversion of weapons grade uranium to Israel from the plant at Apollo, Pennsylvania. A March/April 2010 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists analysis estimates that 741 pounds of highly enriched uranium suitable for weapons production disappeared from NUMEC while Shapiro was president and was likely diverted into the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

    “there is no conceivable reason for Eitan to have gone [to the Apollo plant] but for the nuclear material.”
    Israel's top economic espionage case officer Rafael Eitan, who handled spy Jonathan Pollard in the 1980s, infiltrated NUMEC to meet with Shapiro in 1968…."

    "..Documents also include the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s 2009 denial of requests that it “issue a formal public statement confirming that he ……was not involved in any activities …” …"


    • arclight arclight

      i hope we dont have another norway apologists report on the way?? from the usa!

      maybe NUMEC subscribe to greenpeace now perhaps…??

      i do believe that you should give people the opportunity to change and evolve so i will say no more till ive read the report.. it better not mention virus….;/

      tea on with minimal milk (recent 0.62 mcSv/h spike in old london town!)
      gieger on (thanks for that nukies)
      camera on (thanks for the direction admin)
      and GAME ON!!

      • arclight arclight


        • arclight arclight

          heres the link to the great fruit juice spillage/contamination

          rasberry/apple drink

          rasberries nil bqs/l
          apple juice at 3 bq/l

          decontamination method
          VERY complicated and should only be done by a trained proffessional

          DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!/houmour

          • What-About-The-Kids

            LOL! You are too funny, Arclight! As always, I appreciate your much-needed comic relief. Thank you! 🙂

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Morning arc – what did I read today? Missiles on apartment block in east london during the olympics? Sweet! Hopefully you don't live within their range!! Makes me think of old Bethnal Green, where BnB spent the summer 2001, being run over on her folding bike aka Brick Lane beauty 🙂

        *no normal person drives on the left, lol
        *btw: Cattenom unit 4 emergency shutdown on Friday night – thanks to "electrical problems"

        • arclight arclight

          hi bnb!!

          the timing of my mentioning my olympic "special" videos and the installation of what i believ are ground to ground missiles is a bit worrying!

          as the olympic sign is copyrighted, would you know if i put a number of rings with cnd symbols in roughly the same position with remember bopal and directions to the nuclear dump 100 meters north of the stratford stadium, that they might blow me up with said missiles? or would i be infringing copyright (a much worse scenario)

          as a biker, i use all the road and pavement, drive through the house (hence divorce) and actually have driven everywhere.. i find it odd that people bother driving on the right or left… 😉

          weve had a manky time of it air quality wise and thats a likely culprit.. lots of peaks and activity mixed as is the weather..
          theres a problem in north west italy (just saying) maybe?????

          damn indeed!

  • thuddds

    Nuke plants "donated" almost 29 million yen to government in Japan? How much are other contries government's getting from the industry to keep the public in the dark?


  • RichardPerry

    So USA as bad as Japan covering up. I guess we should be grateful for not getting people all worked up and cause more health problems, but wait they should not have health problems if they were not told about the radiation leaks. Something does not add up, can a pro nuke fill me in, I am confused.