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Published: September 16th, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET


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Published: September 16th, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET


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1,451 comments to FORUM: Archive of Radiation Monitoring Data (Sept. 16 – Dec. 17, 2011)

  • For what it is worth — EPA graphs right now are OFF THE CHART in Bakersfield CA…data from 12.13 — just posted. Gross beta count over 1000 CPMS

    So if the graphs are so meaningless, as the EPA official stated…why were they taken down in March?????????????

    That is only one of my questions.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Thanks, eyechix. The gamma readings went up at the same time. I think I read that this makes it significant. Pretty scarey.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Denver is over 800 for the first time also. Something obviously happened in Fukushima. That’s why we probably got the video from Arnie today. Calm down as many people as possible. Not too many waves as they question the NRC chairman about safety concerns.

    • Bobby1

      You can’t get any more significant than off the scale.

      If the graphs are meaningless, why publish the data in the first place?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Missing 4 hours on Dec. 7. There are no time lapse TEPCO videos between Dec 7 00:00 and 04:00.

      Emergency Security Measures “Nighttime Training” Conducted on Dec. 7

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I believe that the missing time, the same night there were “emergency security measures nighttime training,” there may have been an explosion perhaps from recritcality at reactor #4. All the new cuts seen in the photos may have been done to mask the evidence of such an explosion.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Friday, December 9, 2011
      West Coast USA Be Prepared: An Emergency Happened In Fukushima on 12/7/11 (+ Video)

      “Some sort of Emergency occurred in Fukushima on 12/7/11. The next day, on 12/8/11, TEPCO announced that the emergency was just training. We find it strange that TEPCO did not announce the NIGHT TIME emergency training BEFORE IT OCCURRED.

      “Moreover, one has to question the wisdom of believing a company would have their already limited workforce stumbling around at NIGHT in the midst of at least THREE NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS for TRAINING.

      “If you live on the west coast of the USA you have at minimum one day to prepare if that ‘night time emergency security measures training” involved the airborne release of something other than training mist.

      “If you have a Geiger counter, now and for the next several days would be a good time for some intensive monitoring.

      “Here is a link to TEPCO’s PDF after the fact press release on the Emergency Security Measures “Nighttime Training” Conducted on Dec. 7

    • I totally understand and agree Eyechix

      My feeling is that the EPA charts are correct. If you go in and create a chart at the EPA you will find that Alexander Higgins’ charts are a bit condensed, although accurate.

      When one goes in and looks at all the readings in a 24 hour period at the link above one immediately notices the range of readings, from 0 to say 500 for Phoenix on 12/13.

      What we need to find is someone who knows what fallout patterns look like.

      Fallout beta patterns are no doubt different from readings in the immediate vicinity of a radiological emergency.

      From the Chernobyl literature, we know that fallout is highly uneven in air dispersion (and water and earth as well).

      I bet that someone familiar with fallout patterns could immediately tell us what the beta charts really mean but where to find such a person who will actually talk openly


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        One factor in the fallout pattern must be the jet stream.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Hi Majia, if Dr.Gregory Jackzo is about to be ousted by the conniving scum trying to burn him and take over the NRC,as it’s been alleged-then I hope he reads this and “seizes the moment” to “set-out” the family secrets and save his soul by doing “the right thing”! He’d be one of the best candidates for the job if the whole thing isn’t a staged “drama” act being put out as part of the script that allows the focus of the voting public’s “victims” to be shifted away from even more negative command structure changes & harmful policy shifts that could go “under-reported” & mostly un-noticed. Somebody “in the know” needs to think about how their actions affect the public-even if it starts with their own personal guilty conscience regarding children in their own family and I hope that their sleep is broken constantly by the haunting nightmares & thoughts of the suffering they are responsible for as a result of their “duties”!! Time will tell and time is a commodity I fear is in increasingly short supply… Take Care,Best Wishes to you and Yours majia!! ~PEACE~

        • lam335 lam335

          “Somebody “in the know” needs to think about how their actions affect the public-even if it starts with their own personal guilty conscience regarding children in their own family and I hope that their sleep is broken constantly by the haunting nightmares & thoughts of the suffering they are responsible for as a result of their “duties”!”

          They’ll try to absolve themselves of responsibility by saying they were “just following orders.”

          Where have we heard that before?

      • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

        Cleveland, Ohio – Radnet –

        Not as high as the summer’s spikes, but still higher than pre-Fukushima and consistently so. I remember the lower graph before 3/11 when it very rarely reached 50 cpm and never reached 100.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    I bet they are attempting to “CYA”, going through the motions of
    fulfilling their Duties, while aware that less than 1% of citizens are even
    paying any attention. So blanks are valid reports.

  • bc

    174 CPM (rain water) collected on a clean sheet of plastic 5:30 pm Dec 14 Vancouver island. Inspector EXP

  • arclight arclight

    London uk
    Readings today between 0.09 and 0.17 microsievert/hr (90 to 170 microsieverts/hr) with highs to 0.42, 0.39, 0.33 taken in the evening, earlier high peaks were few and got as high as 0.29 microsievert/hr
    Does this explain the high peaks ive been getting?
    FR2376 – FA0KRS912MA – 50 – SIT – GM (France) Lat: 49.5ºN, Long: 1.8ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    230 nsieverts/hr
    Found this redacted item!
    Below is a snapshot of the Web page as it appeared on 11/10/2011 CACHED IN OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER
    The La Hague plant, in northern coast of France
    “There you will learn that this plant, the dirtiest in the world with respect to nuclear discharges, was commissioned in 1961, half a century ago (…). The La Hague plant has been treating for decades “wastes” from different French and foreign plants, and has been “reprocessing” this material. In fact this reprocessing is entirely focused on the extraction, by chemical means , of 1% of plutonium produced by fission in nuclear reactors to uranium by fast neutron capture by the nuclei of non-fissile uranium 238. This plutonium, pure, is then packed in small packages and shipped to the MELOX plant at Marcoule, Le Gard, South of France. There, the plutonium is diluted at a 7% ratio into this uranium-238 and this mixture provides a new “nuclear fuel”, called MOX (mixed oxide).”
    “When these have been filled to the brim, TEPCO has just spilled the highly radioactive water in the ocean close by, while apologizing to the residents and fishermen. All this will continue until a closed circuit cooling can be established. We do not see how this could be done as the reactors remains unapproachable because of the prevailing high radioactivity in the vicinity. Two companies are directly responsible for this murderous dispersion:
    The Japanese company TEPCO
    The French company AREVA, which manufactures and markets the new plutonium fuel in its MELOX plant”

  • arclight arclight

    try this again!
    uk contamination update!!

    3 hr drive from heathrow to oxford to battersea to heathrow
    start time 04.30 gmt
    weather front was moving in from southeast, partially cloudy, generally thin cloud cover.. drove into intermitent rain showers and mist

    0.11 to 0.25 microsieverts/hr peaking up to 0.58 microsieverts/hr!!
    lots of hits above 0.33 microsieverts/hr! the peaks did not correlate to the percipitation events nor topography and seemed random in nature

    dense contaminated clouds are wafting over south east england (range that i checked), i suspect as the clouds are close that the contamination is coming from la hague which is upwind of london and the south of england!! i believe that AREVA are dumping toxic gases under cover of fukushima/usa fallout… people living near la hague should take precautions!! the eurdep map shows la hague as having high contamination! but this measurement does not include the higher peaks! the software smooths out the graphs! so there is a possibility of real risk to the local and downwind populace!!..

    CRIIRAD have issued statements asking for clarification of the recent air and water contamination and they have a petition requesting freedom of information concerning radionuclides in the atmosphere!

    this is getting really stupid!! god forbid other people get giegers in europe too! then the truth will be laid bare.. !! were getting constantly battered by gamma rays as well as others,, bet the icrp total annual dose accumulation doesnt take this in to account..

  • arclight arclight

    FR2376 – FA0KRS912MA – 50 – SIT – GM (France) Lat: 49.5ºN, Long: 1.8ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Apart from turning the monitor off at strategic points the highest still shows 0.26 microsieverts/hr, wonder what the rest of the graph shows.. the monthly view has been seriously redacted!!

    GB2112 – Gatwick (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.2ºN, Long: 0.2ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Concours with the last few weeks baseline of 0.13 microsieverts/hr and shows rises to 0.14 microsiverts/hr! the peaks are not shown!

    CH501250 – Jungfraujoch SMN (Switzerland) Lat: 46.5ºN, Long: 8.0ºE
    0.20 microsieverts/hr and rising

    FR0057 – AIGUILLE DU MIDI – 74 – SOM – GM (France) Lat: 45.9ºN, Long: 6.9ºE, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.28 microsievert/hr and rising

    FR0079 – MONTLUCON – 03 – AGG – GM (France) Lat: 46.3ºN, Long: 2.6ºE, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.24 microsivert/hr

    • arclight arclight

      Here is an analysis of the air by CRIIRAD the beacons are replaced by this PDF!!

      WOWSER!! CESIUM AND IODINE?? More dense in the south of france?

      Reactor problem monsieur?


      • Bobby1

        More of the iodine was in gaseous form. That corresponds to what has apparently gone on here in the USA.

        When the IAEA came out with the “totally safe” I-131 levels in Europe story, they mentioned they used aerosol detectors.

        • arclight arclight

          hi bobby that is an interesting point! what do you make of the cesium 137 and 134 registered on the analysis??would this be what is giving me these incredibly high and sreasonably constant slow and quick peaks?? thanks for the reply..

          • Bobby1

            If you look at Avignon for the 2 samples of I-131 collected on November 8, the gas and aerosols added up to over 200 uBq/m3. This is greater than any readings at Takasaki, Japan since early June (if you believe the CTBTO readings). Meanwhile the 2 cesium readings added up to 6.7 uBq/m3. What a ratio between iodine and cesium.

            The Romans aerosol sample collected 10/20 was not analyzed until 13 days later, so it had decayed by two-thirds or so by then. Add up the gas from that time frame and you have hundreds of mBq. This is not trivial.

            The cesium at Peage de R. climbed from 9 to 26.2 is less than 3 weeks. Meanwhile the iodine was decaying and decreasing.

            So we had a fast-moving blast of iodine that decayed quickly, while cesium was more slowly building up after that.

          • Bobby1

            Also I wasn’t aware that the Hungarian lab was releasing cesium also. Why did cesium increase by 191%?

  • arclight arclight

    79737 Herrischried OT Großherrischwand

    currently at 0.18 microsieverts/hr

  • Vancouver BC-Dec 14 12 noon 20 min count. Dry weather, average .08 µSv 2 spikes, .28 and .21. Common to get at least one every ten minute count since I got the machine.

    Dec 14 11:30pm 15 min count. have had light rain this evening. walked couple of blocks in rain. Took wet runner off turned upside-down covered sole with one thin layer of plastic food wrap and rested SOEKS on top of sole. Steady .06 µSv/hr for first 5 min one jump to .25 then .10 .11 to level at .08 µSv/hr last couple of minutes.

    Dec 15 12am Sample front step puddle formed after rain. Very light rain so this seemed to be the most practical way of getting a sample. Dipped a standard paper towel folded up fully in puddle allowing water to fully soak in. Enclosed sample in a zip lock baggie, the plastic of which is quite sturdy compared to the plastic food wrap I used earlier. and went back to apartment.

    12:02 placed SOEKS directly above sample on plastic baggie. After initial .04 reading. ( Consistently starts first reading 0.04 µSv/hr ) jumped up to .29 and stayed in .20s for 2 minutes til 12:04 counts .21 .16 .25 .16 .13 to .11 at 12:05 by
    12:20 count stabilized at .08.

    Took SOEKS off sample and moved to the open window, a couple of stories high, placed machine standing up with grill facing incoming outside air. 30 minute count tracking numbers every few minutes. Fluctuations from .04 to .11 but basically an .08 µSv average over half hour. No big spikes.

    • So my conclusion is that I was witnessing some sort of low level decay radiation as machine showed 2 minutes of basically point mid twenties µSv/hr which is more then double average background, before dropping back to normal levels. What this proves is I don’t know what. Was light rain all afternoon, the puddle slowly accumulated well when did water start emmitting double background radiation? All I can say is that I witnessed two minutes of double background radiation decay down to normal. I’m guessing it was radon. No way of knowing actual length of decay.But I’m very happy to see proof that this SOAKS machine is quite sensitive and picking up a relatively small amount of decay. Machine never stayed in twenties for that length of time ever..

      What else does this conclude? Nothing much. Machine can’t detect hot particles. I won’t be taking tests everyday. We know hotspots are random and spotty. Radio active particles are positively charged which will make them move toward negatively charged items. Maybe that makes particles cluster?

      Wish I could set up a 24 hour monitoring station. Still good to know I have working detection equipment.

      Good Night

      • bc

        As well if you lock sample in bag you are reducing stuff other than background which is the stuff we are looking for. I locked my meter in a large bag with the sample. Why dont you wipe a car to see if there is a difference in your findings. Radon is supposed to wash out eventually this stuff isnt washing out it seems. Being that you seem to think it is Radon, what do we need to do to prove it otherwise. I have collected fresh rain on a large sheet of plastic and been able to repeat my effect. I say it again I FEEL this is NOT natural radon.

      • alexa

        I think there are radioactive gases in the air which do not stay long in rain water or come out of the water when the water evaporates. in the last months I feel radiation even when it rains and, theoretically it should all be washed down by rain if it was a powder.

  • bc

    hi Mark,

    I played in the same rain as you yesterday. witnessed 290 cpm. I understand your reluctance to wipe a car. Can you find a way to collect enough fresh rain to totally saturate paper towel without having the rain mix with old rain like in a puddle just a suggestion. I think you will find your results will be even more elevated.

    • BC, the puddle was dry that morning and had been tested days before, dry, with normal background radiation. The rainwater in that puddle I tested was accumulation of rain that day. But it was light rain so yes “old” rainwater. I will just wait for good rainstorm to collect fresh rainwater sample. Did you play in the same rain as me? I’m not sure.

      Where are you on the island? West coast? East coast? Interior?

      I think its radon. Pure conjecture. All I know for sure is I created a sample that gave me a reading double background for 2 minutes. Shows me Soeks is working is really the only result.

      I don’t even know how I could measure a half life. What was sample doing before I collected it? There are so many variables.

      More research needed.

  • arclight arclight

    LOL that enenews underwear looks a bit TIGHT for me to wear.. just noticed the advert admin 🙂 oh and could you place the logo on the trousers down the leg.. looks better than having it across you butt or crotch area ( i suspect that these were done with a bit of cut and paste !! ) also i would like the option of an enenews suit in the style of the 2011 summer catalogue from armani, black label of course with in built hepa filter !! just asking!!

  • ShineTheLight

    Hello All,

    Thank you for your good work – posters and admin. Eyechix thank you especially about the radnet alert concerning Bakersfield, CA. Bakersfield,CA is located in the San Joaquin Valley(for those who are from outside the US)which is a LARGE agricultural center. Bioaccumalation anyone…?

  • Wheever Wheever

    Southern VT, 12-15-11 4pm EST. Light rain, raining on and off all day. Looks like southern jet stream overhead.

    Background seemed low today, .08-.11µSv/hr, except for one spike to .29µSv that made the Soeks dump its confidence buffer. I have no idea why. It went immediately to .04 and climbed back to background from there.

    Rain tray was .13µSv, as was what was left of the old snow from 2 weeks ago. (The deck was .17µSv, but the dirt around here is .17µSv.)

    I’m surprised that everything was so low today. But that’s good!

    • arclight arclight

      Background seemed low today, .08-.11µSv/hr, except for one spike to .29µSv that made the Soeks dump its confidence buffer. I have no idea why. It went immediately to .04 and climbed back to background from there.

      i got that too, i think it is a small area of gas/particulate/s wafting by, as it causes an instant pulse the gieger software seems to try to average it out,, swinging to below the background radiation… i also get slow peaks that rise sustain then gently fall.. the geiger copes with that better!! you need to let the soeks gieger cycle for 4 minutes too at start up! as hamburg gieger pointed out!!

      • Wheever Wheever

        I thought I only had to let it cycle until the confidence buffer was full? That probably takes 4 minutes anyway.

        I’m not sure what’s causing it, Arc. It seems too fast to be something drifting by on the wind. (There wasn’t much wind today.) Seems almost more like a some sort of EM spike. Happened just like it does when the outside light kicks on. Weird.

        • I get that too. Seems to happen regularly. What is it? Hot particle? Spot of radon gas? Get them inside and out. Sounds like I get more then you two.

          • meaning I get spikes in the .25 µSv range. After rain sample experiment I have confidence in sensitivity of my Soeks.
            Wonder if I would have gotten these spikes pre Fuku?

  • bc

    Vancouver island rain seems to be VERY hot all the time. It is not radon, and if it were it would still be a huge problem. I’m done here. I will check out your site james

    get a geiger counter if you live near the jet stream simple advice, take it or leave it.

  • LapeerKate

    Detroit area – started raining about 8:00pm with high winds and temperature dropping. Thought I better check things with my Inspector.
    Background inside 45.7cpm (10min timed)
    Scan of rain wipe done inside over 23 minutes averaged 340.7cpm
    Wish I knew exactly what it is. Everybody stay warm and dry inside. Not nice out there.

  • Bobby1

    The Alexander Higgins EPA radiation graphs seem to be down.

    It looks like they went off the scale, then they pulled the plug, and declared cold shutdown.

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      I’m still getting some results from radnet (i.e. Twin Falls, ID is 195-621 beta cpm yesterday, but today many many zeros with a 35, 197, 235, 33, 34 etc). That doesn’t make sense being accurate though because all year I haven’t seen such low numbers. Pittsburgh looks normal today ranging 44-113 beta (“normal” with a can of salt mind you as it used to only spike to 50-60 range). Bitter shutdown.

    • I was in running graphs on gamma across time since the disaster and before at the EPA and the system crashed about 1 hour ago.

  • crystalwind crystalwind

    Can someone post a working link to a Fuku live feed camera? None of mine are working. Thank you.

  • Bobby1

    What is going on in Germany? The following locales have radiation levels increased by 40% or so, higher than any the past month, in the last 24 hours:

    Bad Lauterburg im Harz

    • Bobby1 did you see my comment below about gamma levels?

      • Bobby1

        majia, yes I did. The gamma and beta levels are correlated, which is what you would expect. I saw there was a gamma spike in Baltimore in late October, and they conveniently unplugged the beta detector for that time period. It can go the other way too, they’ll unplug the gamma when the beta increases. Depends which one is worse. Or they’ll take everything offline.

    • arclight arclight

      nice find bobby!! 🙂 the stuff spreads everywhere.. areva are so f666ed!! luckily though westinghouse is waiting in the wings!! there gonna take over arevas contracts in uk!! nice!! experimental reactor citizens of uk?? well its a coming just behind the areva/tepco poluution clouds… suck it up you brits! err and me of course! 🙁

      ALL THE IRISH SITES HAVE A WEEK MISSING! sorry about shouting there!!

      IE0016 – Coolgreany (Ireland) Lat: 52.8ºN, Long: 6.2ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
      2011-12-07 22:00 2011-12-07 23:00 1.03E+02 NV
      2011-12-07 21:00 2011-12-07 22:00 1.02E+02 NV
      2011-12-07 20:00 2011-12-07 21:00 1.03E+02 NV
      2011-12-07 19:00 2011-12-07 20:00 1.04E+02 NV
      2011-12-07 18:00 2011-12-07 19:00 1.06E+02 NV

      SPOT THE GAP!! 🙂

      2011-11-30 18:00 2011-11-30 19:00 1.06E+02 NV
      2011-11-30 17:00 2011-11-30 18:00 1.02E+02 NV
      2011-11-30 16:00 2011-11-30 17:00 1.02E+02 NV

      het mikey, could you grab a few of the LADS and sort these irish dosimitry fekkers from trinity college dublin and the likes!! GO LARGE ON THE SHELALEY BOYS!! (still a legal weapon in ireland i would hope!) god bless all here!!

    • Bobby what graphs are you referring to?

  • crystalwind crystalwind

    I just asked for a working link for live feed. Please disregard. The ones that didn’t work yesterday (in the webcam forum)now seem to work.

  • Gamma Radiation

    I am beginning to think I was lied to by the EPA.

    I’ve been running gamma readings for various dates at the EPA’s radnet.

    The EPA guy told me (as posted above) that while beta isn’t reliable, gamma is very reliable.

    Guess what? Gamma spikes mirror beta spikes and the gamma levels we are seeing for energy ranges 2 and 3 (which I’m using as exemplars) are definitely increasing from 2600-3100 in May to 3000 to 4500 in November and December (for Phoenix).

    Furthermore, there are significant omissions in the gamma chart that happen to coincide with beta spikes for Phoenix.

    I tried to get a historical baseline and was thrown off by Dec 2010 data (lots of spikes during a week in dec 2010) but now I’ve found that week corresponds to a very strong solar storm that impacted earth

    It is hard for me to believe that I was deliberately deceived and I’m still not confident I was but the gamma readings are rising…at least in Phoenix they are…

    • Bobby1

      If you could get a large enough sample for both 2010 and 2011, you could probably ignore the solar factor. You really can’t, but this is down-and-dirty statistics to get an idea of what is going on.

      You could use a paired-sample statistic like the Wilcoxon signed-rank or the one I used in the pdf’s. This would negate the seasonal effect.

      The EPA data is hourly IIRC, you would probably need to average it into daily. Then it could be correlated with the jet stream and other conditions.

    • Net

      Hi majia
      Thank you for calling them and trying to get some good and accurate info. I suspect that they intentionally turned off their stations so the public won’t know what the real readings are. San Jose Bakersfield, Fresno CA has be turned off since April or May. I don’t know if I have ever seen any postings for these on Alex Higgins site. It makes me worried because I live in the bay area. All of our produce and milk comes directly from these areas! I thought carrots were a good choice because they are grown underground, but then I read that they are not safe. Almost all carrots in CA are from Bakersfield. 🙁

  • arclight arclight

    Uk London contamination update
    GB2112 – Gatwick (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.2ºN, Long: 0.2ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Gatwick is showing higher activity on the 16th December up to 0.14 microsieverts/hr
    Locality FR2376 – FA0KRS912MA – 50 – SIT – GM (France) Lat: 49.5ºN, Long: 1.8ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    2011-12-15 12:00 2011-12-15 13:00 2.30E+02 V
    2011-12-15 11:00 2011-12-15 12:00 2.42E+02 V
    2011-12-15 10:00 2011-12-15 11:00 2.36E+02 V

    24 HR GAP!………………………………

    2011-12-14 10:00 2011-12-14 11:00 2.30E+02 V
    2011-12-14 09:00 2011-12-14 10:00 2.30E+02 V
    2011-12-14 08:00 2011-12-14 09:00 2.25E+02 V
    2011-12-14 07:00 2011-12-14 08:00 2.34E+02 V
    2011-12-14 06:00 2011-12-14 07:00 2.34E+02 V

    Yesterday and today getting very high peaks! Up to 0.63 microsieverts!!

    Drive from west to east London
    0.13 to 0.18 microsievert/hr peaks of 0.42, 0.58, 0.33

    Drive into south London and return to west London
    0.12 to 0.16 , mcrosieverts/hr with a ten minute gentle peak getting to 0.28 microsievert/hr and gently returning…

    largest peak was 0.63 microsieverts/hr!! wow! That was in Herne hill that has hilly topography that might explain possible hot spot issues.. have got slightly high readings there before, but not constantly..

    Hamburg gieger.. you getting any of these readings? Think it might be headed to scandanavia though?!!

    Locality NO2024 – Stavanger (Norway) Lat: 59.0ºN, Long: 5.7ºE
    Stavanger has a constant 0.12 microsieverts with some peaks according to eurdep!

    And a slight increase in background radiation is nicely described on the monthly and annual graphs

    bear in mind that any short hard peaks are not described on these instruments!!

    the timimg is good for la hague to be releasing waste in haste!! or making merry while the sun shines!! and this ok for the




  • arclight arclight

    On eurodep graph has peak of 0.15 microsieverts but not described on the data, also the data is rounded of to the nearest 10 decimal by the look of it.. and the lower levels I describe match this chart well!! Except no peaks, little accuracy, slight ommisions, oh and the higher counts on eurdep remain NV (not verified! Just in case some one starts poking around! Deniability?)
    GB2111 – Langdon Bay (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.1ºN, Long: 1.3ºE, 1 m. Above Ground

    2011-12-16 05:49 2011-12-16 06:49 1.30E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 04:49 2011-12-16 05:49 1.40E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 03:49 2011-12-16 04:49 1.40E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 02:49 2011-12-16 03:49 1.50E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 01:49 2011-12-16 02:49 1.30E+02 NV

    0.15 microsievert average over an hour!
    0.13 microsievert over 9 months
    thats 21.84 microsieverts per week
    thats 808.08 microsieverts since the beginning of april?? roughly?? not a problem according to the wrinkly one,, allinson wade .. just looking at my gieger giving me 0.37 microsieverts/hr in my living room 🙁 now dropping to 0.15 microsieverts .. phew! /sarc

    suppose it would be more if you take into account other doses like xrays, bananas, radon and sun spot activity at night especially :/ and releases from uk plants of course..

    got a bit o space left to tell you about the huge bunkers they are building at dounray death plant!! there huge!! compressed waste to be looked after for three hundred years! oh the wonder of it all!! thats only the low level waste made during decommissioning!! LOL! what a joke! and they cant do anything about the contamination in the sea silt that keeps bringing particles on to shore, and spreading!!

    no nukes!!

  • arclight arclight

    stops on the twelfth of December!!!!.. from this..

    look at the way the beta and alpha are jumping about here!!

    and the alpha here

    repost final report (nothing since)

    cesium 134 and 137 !! well, another enenews first!! europe is having its very own meltdown and criirad has been shut down?? i think im feeling a bit …down!! methinks la hague.. no milk for another 90 days!! and still not news worthy! largest poisining case in history and not a peep!! gieger settling at 0.15 microsieverts inside, drops to 0.13 every now and again… time for bed and another glass of apple juice! (doesnt half make you urinate!! 🙁 )

    peace! wonder if busby has a comment?? or has he been “shut down” too! if they take eurdep offline, feck then there will only be yours truly left!! :/ and the irish system has been compromised! i cant believe they are consistantly getting such low figures! and the missing “universal” week.. really trinity school dublin.. do you think were that thick?? pug ma hone!! and suck on that bone!!
    grrrr!! mighty impressed with the uk coverage (if a bit softened), some good scientists doing some good work… i should thank you all for doing a good job!!
    well done eurdep uk!! any chance of more data points to reflect the wind currents?? just an idea, could fit in nice with the existing software! fuck nilu!! do it yourselfs!! please!!
    peace light and love to all here.. remember

    • Bobby1

      I know it’s hard to tell, with all the nuclear plants in Europe emitting all sorts of radionuclides, but I think the elevated readings are from Fuku. There was a criticality in October that released xenon, krypton and (though Tepco didn’t admit it) iodine gas. It made its way to Europe and the IAEA even admitted that it was there. CRIIRAD showed a big jump in iodine. This was gas and it traveled faster than the cesium aerosol. Then the iodine started decaying and the cesium showed up.

      There was another criticality recently with rainbow colors on the webcam. Phoenix went to 850 beta and Bakersfield was over 1000. The leading edge of the gas is now hitting Europe, readings in Germany jumped today.

      • arclight arclight

        i have been thinking we are getting a double whammy! why is criirad offline with the isotopic results left as a final link!!?? if the problem is in france as well then the at war french government can request they cease under some odd war power maybe?

        the iaea cant afford another plant problem and there is a huge cover up to save the pensions/nuke shares from taking a dive…(see post below)

        if this is cesium 134 from fukushima, we are all fucked! going on early fuku data the usa got 10 times the dose of europe!! in iodine 131 and a warning was sent out to pregnant women and young children by euractive..

        recently, after mercoule CRIIRAD said that “present levels would not be ok if they persisted more than a month” and the levels have increased! they also said that however was in the downwind path should be very concerned!! and the levels have increased for nearly 4 months!!… i think we got another problem huston..

        if your levels are the same as mine and europe gets 1 tenth of the strength that the usa gets, but my readings become higher… begs the question doesnt it?

        is there another problem plant?? gonna sleep on it and maybe watch europe light up tommorrow on eurdep.. goodnight bobby, thanks for the input.. always appreciated!! 🙂

        • Bobby1

          The cesium 134 at Chernobyl ran about 50% of 137, while the 134 from Fuku was running at 90% in March. CRIIRAD has 134 closer to 90%. You wouldn’t necessarily expect 134 to be the same ratio as Fuku if the European cesium came from a recent NPP release in Europe.

          Plus the 134 would have decayed to around 50% by now if the cesium was from the March release, but it’s still high, so it’s recent Fuku cesium.

          And yeah, it’s gotta be at least 10x worse in the USA.

          • arclight arclight

            weve had a number of atlantic hurricanes and strong winds, so it might be possible for the fallout clouds to have ridden the waves of high winds.. would account for pre frontal spikes recorded in the usa and uk!! would explain why some eurdep hot sites are sorrounded by colder monitors registering lower.. maybe the nuke based monitors are more accurate?? its just the sort of game the iaea likes to play!!

            still nothing from the criirad beacons.. from monday lunchtime!! very worrying! have we ten times the measurements in canada or usa to support your fuku only posit i wonder?? and there could be a leak from a us plant? CRIIRAD rely on nuclear funding from thier training courses about health and safety etc… they can be squuezes.. but they still let us know!! merci criirad!! we can take some basic precautions because of them!! merci!!

            like your thoughts on the cesium 134.. a good logical point unless someone has a better expaination!!

          • arclight arclight

            what about readings from hawaii?? the levels there must be a bit noticable!!?? even stronger than usa mainland????

            • Bobby1

              America only has the crummy and unreliable RADNET readings. The EPA discontinued even its usual quarterly isotope measurements. A full coverup, even pregnant women are not being warned.

              • arclight arclight

                found this interesting.. some good links of this thread..great insight into weapons testing downwinders too!… the ratio described is 1 to 1 and the european cs 134 was lower, as you would expect.. means its largely fukushima?? shite! glad i bought the hepa filter!! will tell you how that works out when it arrives!! 🙁

                “Hi Red Mercury, I did not want to come off as minimizing the Fukushima fallout. I hope that I can try to explain a bit more clearly. The emissions from Fukushima have all had a Cs-137 to Cs-134 ratio of ≈1. This is true in our air and rainwater measurements, as well as the measurements of others in Japan and around the world. This ratio is what one would expect from cesium produced in a reactor — it simply is not possible to have radioactive cesium released from a reactor without this ratio being approximately 1. The two isotopes are chemically identical and would be transported in exactly the same way, so transport considerations do not factor in to the ratio. The only explanation for the large excess Cs-137 is that is remains from weapons testing. These levels are in the range that one would expect from previous measurements. For example, here’s a review article about how researchers have used fallout Cs-137 for decades to track soil erosion: Application of radioactive fallout cesium-137 for measuring soil erosion and sediment accumulation rates and patterns: a review. Authors: Ritchie, J.C., McHenry, J.R. Source: Journal of environmental quality. Apr/June 1990. v. 19 (2), 0047-2425 In that paper, they show some data where the activity in soil is approximately 1 pCi/g = 37 Bq/kg. Another paper with data from the Central Valley of California shows measurements of Cs-137 that are about 20 decays per minute per cm2. Using their core depth of 40 cm, this translates to 8.3 Bq/kg, which is still larger than our measurements. Mark [BRAWM Team Member] ”


                • Bobby1

                  According to the CTBT verification report at


                  Figures 2 thru 7 indicate that after 300 days, Cerium-144 would have a higher detection probability than Cs-137. Ce-144 is also very dangerous. I haven’t seen any measurements of this nuclide at all. Even radioactive tellurium and silver have been measured.

                  This report from the 1960’s:


                  is very interesting. It shows that strontium-90 uptake in wheat is much higher than that of Cs-137 or Ce-144. Wheat, you know, the stuff they make bread with. The stuff America exports around the world.

                  The CTBT also lists Cs-134 as a neutron activation product, rather than a fission product. That means 134 is treated as if it comes from neutrons interacting with concrete, steel and soil in a criticality.

  • arclight arclight

    LU0075 – Esch-Alzette (Luxembourg) Lat: 49.5ºN, Long: 6.0ºE

    2011-12-17 03:00 2011-12-17 04:00 2.03E+02 NV
    2011-12-17 01:59 2011-12-17 02:59 2.27E+02 NV
    2011-12-17 01:00 2011-12-17 02:00 1.93E+02 NV
    2011-12-17 00:00 2011-12-17 01:00 1.71E+02 NV

    2011-12-16 00:00 2011-12-17 00:00 2.75E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 22:59 2011-12-16 23:59 2.75E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 22:00 2011-12-16 23:00 2.28E+02 NV

    2011-12-16 21:00 2011-12-16 22:00 1.95E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 20:00 2011-12-16 21:00 1.61E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 18:59 2011-12-16 19:59 1.67E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 17:59 2011-12-16 18:59 1.41E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 17:00 2011-12-16 18:00 1.61E+02 NV
    2011-12-16 16:00 2011-12-16 17:00 2.27E+02 NV

    Not verified!! LOL! This ladies and gentlemen is the smoking gun, so to speak! Well done Luxembourg, the most real simulation of fallout to date!!

    Matches my findings exactly, except the peaks in london are higher.. to 0.63 microsieverts!! However the week graph using polyline on eurdep represents I think what is actually happening on the ground.. in peoples lungs, on peoples food and water!! Iodine 131, cesium 134! Cesium 137! Any plutonium.. ? I mean la HAGUE MOX CITY!!

    Run by a company that has gone down the toilet?

    And the iaea director said if there is one more accident, that will be the end of nuclear!! Want to change your statement
    mr IAEACORPORATION director?? Just wondering if you give a
    flying f%^ck about anyones children??

    And on that slightly sour note im off to bed!!

    Peace 🙂

  • CB CB

    follow ELE @iundrestmatdyou on twitter.

  • MadMama MadMama

    Hi All – We had an unexpected rain storm yesterday afternoon (12/15), here in so. CA. Although the initial reading was over 3 times (today’s) background, it decayed to background in 9 hours.

    Afternoon rain storm (10-minute counts w/Inspector)
    BG = 449
    4:45pm = 1397
    6:30pm = 563
    11:30pm = 478
    2am = 436


    Hi all!

    My readings outdoors.

    30 min reading .183 uSv/h Thursday, 12/15/11 Weather, 52 F, overcast, light rain
    30 min reading .146 uSv/h Friday, 12/16/11 Weather 47 F, overcast, breezy
    30 min reading .124 uSv/h Saturday, 12/17/11 Weather 42 F, overcast, breezy

    • arclight arclight

      hi leftymom where are u? did you record any large spikes??
      thanks in advance!

      • alasanon

        She’s in No.VA, USA as am I today… We just had a full day/ night of full blast Fuku-coverage RAIN (nasty) & her results correspond to the Jet Stream overhead and current precipitation patterns for Virginia. I know my eyes felt a little irritated until I moved away from a window during rainy day…. At other times, it was clear as a bell–today, Sat. seem light-weight.

        A march up to .183 uSv/h is a spike for this region!

        • alasanon

          edit: today seems lightweight, but I would not wish to roll around on the ground. I wish I had time to follow through on getting a measurement device, but I just listen to how I feel and watch the weather. My plans are in motion. I won’t be able to check in as much, but all’s well! 🙂 Happy Holidays! I’m so glad that the Fukushima Diary blogger just got to “higher ground.” Take care!

  • arclight arclight

    admin the red thread is not posting properly?? from james t post about food down is stuck in place!! posts go above???

    did a test on my chamois after the rain, in a plastic bag in the fridge presently.. well sealed!

    initial reading
    0.13 microsieverts in room background steady
    0.18 microsieverts/hr off chamois through one layer of plastic

    repeated with same results! will test later over 4 days and let you all know!


    getting the odd peak of + 0.25 microsieverts/hr still, but better than recently.. so far! crossing london tonight.. let you know the results of that!!

    Hey Arc, thanks.
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