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Published: September 16th, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET


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Published: September 16th, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET


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1,451 comments to FORUM: Archive of Radiation Monitoring Data (Sept. 16 – Dec. 17, 2011)

  • Gmouse, my SOEKS can measure in mcR per hour. Micro Roentgen. Getting 9 mcR per hour background inside. Trying to figure out your readings to compare. 2.2 mR divided by 24 gives .091mR per hour x 1000 to convert to micro gives 91 mcR per hour. San Diego has ten times background as Vancouver Canada? What is R standing for with your equipment? shows 24 cpm for Vancouver vs 10cpm for San Diego.

    I’m sure this has been discussed before, that is the confusion around various measuring units, counts per minute, sieverts rads rems etc. I notice James reports cpm with his Inspector an instrument more expensive and accurate then my SOEKS. I haven’t found a simple conversion chart. Maybe thats not practical so I’m asking all you folks what the consensus is. How do we compare readings that are different units?


    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello everyone!

      May I shine some light and appreciation energy on you all today for each unique addition and commentary.

      Been going through some spins on the left and right, but it is good to come here and see and feel your energy of care and know we all have the commonality of being ‘truth-seekers’ and may I just say thank you all for flowing in your every unique way.

      Awesome to see us growing and I suspect we will as more and more people get their counters to join in the Citizens Radiation Monitoring Network here on EneNews.

      Big welcome to you GM. Yes, we can certainly appreciate a wise guide to keep us all on track here. As most know, many of us are relatively new to this monitoring and measuring the radiation thing. May I encourage everyone that is taking measurement counts to please keep a log for comparison some months from now. We as far as I know, do not really have any reliable past background radiation records for many of our local areas, so we are in the process of putting together reliable information for posterity purposes now.

      In regards to what brother Mark is saying, and welcome also to the crew, about the measurements, it has been suggested we put together a chart for easy comparisons of the different measurements. It has been suggested we have a simple agreed upon standard of measuring here at enenews that is compatible and understandable for all world-wide. With all the different counters and types of measurements, most counters have the ability to count in micro-sieverts (uSv/h), and many cpm.


      • James Tekton James Tekton

        I had originally posted this on the 26th of Nov, the day that went missing, and re-posted it on the 27th again here. Sure did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and only seeking a simple way for us all, as well as new comers to easily understand what our Geiger-crew is getting in the measurements being reported. Please chime in here brother HG, and everyone else as to what you think is an easier or a better way. This is what I suggested to the group.:.


        Time: hour, minutes only in your present time.: ex 2:13 pm or 2:13 am.

        Date: month, day, year.: ex 12-10-11 or 12/10/11.

        Micro-sieverts.: ex .450 or .45 uSv or .450 micro-sieverts.

        Milli-sieverts.: ex 1.450 or 1.45 mSv or 1.45 milli-sieverts.

        Sieverts.: ex 3.4 Sv or 3.4 Sieverts.

        10 minute total count: ten minute total count or 10 min TC.: ex 913 ten minute total count or a 913 10 min TC.

        (Total count can be from one minute to 24 hours)

        We divide 10 min TC 913 by 10 to get counts per minute.: ex 91.3 CPM or counts per minute.

        We have the given of the “Frisbee” (take a wild throw at it) Standard to be this:

        Average Background for comparison in our enenews stats: .020-.080 uSv/h and 5-60 cpm.


        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Please share your thoughts and correct this if it is wrong, and or add to it.

          Again, welcome GM. Is it possible for you to give us your info in uSv/h and cpm? Perhaps you can offer us some edumacation around conversions of the different types of measurements. Again, one wonders if there is a chart for easy reference ie, how many mcR are equal to how many uSv/h?, Or, how many mcR are in a cpm? How many uSv/h are in a cpm?

          Many blessings to you ALL, and thank you again so much for your good works. More pats on the backs for those who are sincerely contributing, and more positive reinforcement for you all. Keep on keeping on!

  • 12/9/11 southern Willamette Valley, Cascade foothills, 10 min. Avg. 1m height indoors .16 mcSv, on floor .16, outdoors 1m .17, wet grass .20. Freezing fog, no wind. SOEKS, bagged.

    • arclight arclight

      just poped into my head as i saw your post about freezing fog… when i go near the river i get a drop in the reading because it is warmer than the new freezing air sorrounding it! so the increase as you move away from the river is due to the freezing nature of the fog! i think that the particles are readily attaching to the frozen water droplets and avoiding the warmer aired places?? or is it electrical charge attraction?? heading out of my depth… but there is the basic observation for you guys to chew on! maybe you could repeat it??

      • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

        Where is the post please? My understanding is temperature, attaching ratios in the individual nuclides, and the state, size and shape of the water are all factors. Temperature most impacting I believe. In general, yes, the colder rain, fog, snow or anything is, the higher concentration. Rain, however, below freezing temperatures picks up more vapors than snow but snow is better picking up particles than rain under any temp and even better in cold temperature. So snow more particles than vapors, rain more vapors than particles. Snow more than rain, except for vapors when raining under freezing. All forms higher capacity the lower the temperature because most all nuclides attach ratios are ultimate at the colder it is. So it makes sense the freezing fog is higher. help?

        • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

          I mean freezing fog has higher capability for higher concentrations. Does that help?:)

          • arclight arclight

            thanks lethem so the high peaks and readings are particulate rather than gaseous! never got that observation in the warmer weather.. interesting, will bear that info in mind and see what develops! thanks!

  • Gmouse

    The conversion between sieverts and roentgens is a direct multiple of x10. 10 millirems is 1 microsievert.My digital dosimeter displays millirem or microsieverts per hr.
    Using different scales can confuse…Rads.vs.sieverts..conversions for effective,equivalent, absorbed, dose.Efforts from E posters all appreciated. thanks Mark

    • Gmouse, still don’t know what unit you are measuring, roentgens or roentgens equivalent man?

      1 Roentgen or 1R = the amount of radiation required to liberate positive and negative charges of one electrostatic unit of charge (esu or StatCoulomb) in one cubic centimeter of dry air at standard temperature and pressure (STP).
      Roentgens equivalent man or REMs = the product of the absorbed dose in rads and a weighting factor, WR, which accounts for the effectiveness of the radiation to cause biological damage.

      0.1 millirem = 1 micro Sievert according to chart

      micro symbol is that funny u that no one has on their keyboard so people type “uSv”. But on SOEKS screen micro Sieverts denoted as mcSv and micro Roentgens as mcR. According to my unit, 10 mcR/hr is equal to 0.10 mcSv/hr. I don’t believe I’m measuring REMS according to manual.

      Hope this helps

      • Wheever Wheever

        “micro symbol is that funny u that no one has on their keyboard so people type “uSv”. ”

        You mean like this? µ µ µ µµµµµµµµ? Heh. On the Mac you make the µ by typing option-m, I’m betting that on the PC it’s alt-m.

        Everybody has the µ symbol, it’s one of the high ASCII characters. It’s just a matter of finding it. 🙂


  • bfly

    That sounds good to me JT. I agree a chart would be awesome. I am thinking, if I take samples of “fresh”driftwood over the coming months, I could establish some sort of background before the tsunami debris arrive. If they arrive on my neck of the coast .my driftwood measurements are the standard 10min TCs …Background air indoor 25.0cpm 10min TCs .

  • Gmouse said “My Rados digital gamma/X-ray dosimter shows 2.2 mr accumulation for last 24 hrs.

    Gmouse denotes mr which if read correctly means milli Roentgens. Proper denotation of Roentgens Equivalent Man is REM, therefore, 2.2mREMS/24 = .09167 mRems per hour multiply by 0.1 as per Wikipedia to get .9167 mcSv per hour, roughly what I’m getting here in Vancouver, way up the coast. So that solves that problem, I’ll guess Gmouse measures REMS not Roentgens. If Roentgens, however, 1 mcR = 0.01 mcSv as per SOEKS readout. Correct denotation for milli Roentgens is mR Thus, .09167 mR x .01 = 0.00092 mcSv/hr, a very low number.

    As far as counts per minute go if someone had access to a SOEKS and an Inspector or similar popular models and run them side by side to come up with a formula to compare CPM to mcSv per hour as read by these machines, I think we would have this comparison problem beat.

    God Bless Everyone

  • Sorry I’m confusing myself. multiply by 10 to convert milli REMS to micro Seiverts like you said in the beginning, Gmouse and according to Wikipedia but that means your getting .9167 mcSv per hour vs my .09 mcSv per hour, 10 times my reading!

    Still divide by 100 to go micro Roentgens to micro Seiverts as my SOEKS shows 9 mcR vs .09 mcSv

  • Net

    Hi all, Would everyone please state the city and state, or city and country when posting? Thank you very much. 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    GB2112 – Gatwick (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.2ºN, Long: 0.2ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Showing average of 0.13 microsievert/hr to 0.14 microsievert/hr and has been for some time according to the spectrograph

    Heading west

    GB2210 – Lyneham (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.5ºN, Long: 2.0ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.09 microsieverts/hr

    Heading west to coast

    GB2207 – Milford Haven (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.7ºN, Long: 5.0ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.13 microsievert/hr to 0.14 microsievert/hr
    Check out November 13th reaches 0.3 microsieverts and takes nearly two weeks before it returns to the new normal…

    Southwest as you can get in uk

    GB2219 – Scilly (United Kingdom) Lat: 49.9ºN, Long: 6.3ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.14 microsievert/hr to 0.15 microsievert/hr for at least a month

    Locality IE0005 – Clonskeagh (Ireland) Lat: 53.3ºN, Long: 6.3ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.12 microsievert/hr
    All other Ireland monitors show 0.08 microsievert/hr approx

    East coast uk

    GB2111 – Langdon Bay (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.1ºN, Long: 1.3ºE, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.13 microsievert/hr

    ES0020 – Pontevedra (Spain) Lat: 42.6ºN, Long: 8.8ºW
    0.17 microsieverts/hr seems to have weekly pulses of increase maybe??

    PT0107 – Penhas Douradas (Portugal) Lat: 40.4ºN, Long: 7.6ºW
    Peaking at 0,25 .. look at the month here! Very strong pollution?

    And finally this from Norway.. looks like my daughters are getting hit with comparible london/southeast results!! Bleeaih!!
    avoid the milk norskies!! no mushrooms no cheese!! i mean it!!
    will report crazy erratic readings from london uk in detail later but average is still same high!!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Hot Tuna!!

    Checking in from Durango, Colorado.

    We decided to check our favorite tuna from the can to begin to establish a background record for future comparisons.

    First we established the background before the tuna check. It was 52 cpm after a 10 min TC.

    We were really surprised when we checked the tuna. The first check comes in at .159-243 uSv/hr and 62 cpm after a 10 min TC.

    Here is a picture of the second check:

    May we suggest that everyone else that has some tuna round also do a check by putting some in a plastic baggie and covering that with a paper towel, and then placing your counter on that to get your measurement. Please post it here on the Citizens Radiation Monitoring Network.

  • alexa

    Posting from Toronto Ontario

    The hardiest indoor plants are sufferinhg because of radiation. These are all very hardy plants. This may be observed by everyone in US and Canada and defects are comparablewith those in Japan.

    I have a lot of indoor plants who have a lot of genetic defects – especially geraniums which I got 2 months ago from outside have new deformed leafs,curled,undeveloped leafs & leafs with holes. Geranium bought fom indoors have flowers that are different colours – pink & fuchsia for example.

    Kalanchoes are all dying:bought them from 4 different stores – more than 13 in total, all colours.

    Spiderplant – yelowing leafs, giant leafs,overgrowth of leaves.

    African violets – leafs are wilting (one or two at a time on every plant – I have more than 20),less flowers,deformed flowers, holes in leafs.

    English ivy and ferns are not doing well either.

    In addition to this, the carbon air filter in my basement cannot eliminate some of the radioactive gases coming in from Fukushima. I can still feel the radiation- which means that even an atomic shelter may not be of much use when Fukushima explodes.

    Also, the effects described above regarding plants are less in number however occur in basement also.

    • midwestern midwestern

      From central Illinois:
      I have a 35+ year-old jade indoor plant that is showing stress also. Ends of arms are dropping leaves, wilting, shrivelling up and dying.
      Oxalis, false shamrock, has developed brown spots on edges of each of leaves.
      Succulents like burro’s tail are showing a lot of stress. Cacti seem okay. African violets seem okay.
      These plants are all on ground level.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Gross Beta Count Rate up above 450 in Denver. Gamma readings up also. These readings seem to occur a few days after the snow. Maybe as the snow melts in the warmer air.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Look at Phoenix at 850. That’s where the largest nuclear energy complex is in the US. Also no water for cooling. Really smart putting nuclear PP there [sarcasm].

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    has there been a nuclear power plant meltdown somewhere in North America but no one is letting on?

    (pt3) Radioactivity in rain 20 000cpm / sq. meter Toronto Canada!!!

    Toxic Rain — Nuclear “rain out” in the USA?
    Mar 20, 2011
    “This is the biggest story in the world right now, inundating the US under a plume of chronic (long term) radiation exposure. We have only half our monitors working, internal memos show the EPA is LITERALLY laughing about raising exposure limits to industrial exposure levels, and radioactive fallout is raining on our people and crops.

    “NISA raised severity levels to acknowledge the truth about how much radiation exposure we’ve all been facing. Officials said they raised the incident level because of the cumulative amount of radioactive particles released into the atmosphere. WHERE do you think that ATMOSPHERE traveled?

    “Have you read about infamous “Japanese Airship Bombs” from World War II? Do you know why it was effective for the Japanese to simply tie a bomb to a balloon and let it fly into the upper atmosphere? Where do you think these bombs were headed? Read your history, people.

    “I have been saying from day six (when the radiation first hit LA) that we should be avoiding the rain on the west coast– especially after the “hydrogen” explosions probably sent stored spent fuel rods airborne.”

    • alexa


      I have been following Enenews since the beginning and Fukushima diary recently. I noticed aprox 1 1/2 day or 2 days after Fukushima diary guy symptoms similar lesser level symptoms. Same with West Coast, Denver posters and Fukushima events – a delay of aproximately one day.

      While there may be small leaks in the US, the radioactivity is mostly from Fukushima (based on cause, effect and comments from posters).

      I did two masters at Arizona State University – in Phoenix, AZ – in 1998 – 2000: during the time I was there I did not feel any radiation. In the last 10 years in Toronto I felt 3 or 4 times for less than a week something in the air (notradioactive iodine, something else) and then more radiation in fall of 2007.

      I live aprox 30 km from the Pikering nuclear power plant – upwind though – however it is not comming from there because everyone is reporting at the same time things on the West Coast/ Japan.It’s all Fukushimagate.

      • Bobby1

        DC-Baltimore area, thyroid is swelling up again after it had finally receded last Tuesday. Probably gaseous iodine-135 on the leading edge of the new cloud. May be going back to the Lugol’s solution again.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hi Anne,

      Doing great work. Thanks a lot for keeping track of the northern area up there.

      Here is a story about another leakage in japan.:

      I felt last week watching the cams that something else was going on. As far as it happening in this country, who knows? We certainly CAN NOT get reliable info from the babalonian epa or criminal govt useless eaters and breathers that are complicit in the purposefully planned extinction level events to kill us all off.

      We can be sure that the future holds more of this.

      Saw a report on Bloomberg that had Evelyn Rothschild speaking to a coming international currency. All as long planed of course. What was concerning is that he is running the empire from china. We have heard the stories of the elite building the elaborate hide-a-way cities to go to when they start the third world war. Maurice-hitler Strong is there too.

      All as planned in the protocols of the learned elders of zion, the PNAC documents, and in the world wide implementation of the agenda 21 by these very globalist pigs.

      What we all knew was when we see all the elites heading to china, all the local chinese(PLA) food places close, Cong-critters and Sen-toads leave town, WATCH OUT!

      It has already been said and bares repeating, sadly, because of the treachery and traitors in the leadership of this country for the last decades, we have all allowed our own destruction by not speaking out loud enough against the corruption that runs rampant in this bankster run world. Change!

      We reep what we sow.

      A day will come when all this fukushima stuff will be nothing compared to the real horrendousness that can come from more war and govt/mosad created terror to keep the sheeple in a place of fear so they are easily controlled. When you can place whole civilizations in fear, they are no longer thinking and are very easy to steer like a panicked pack of sheep. Expect this…

  • thelili

    @Bobby1 try myrtle oil

    This is about Hashimotos but you get the point and if you need the resource links they are listed toward the bottom of the page:

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Thank you lili for this great info.

      Good to see others caring for each other.

      Bless ya!

    • Bobby1

      Thanks lili, I will be seeing an herbalist soon. Hashimoto’s wouldn’t be a surprise… I don’t have the other symptoms of it yet, though.

  • thelili

    @James Tekton thank you Honey. I was working on not losing my temper today but it seems to be a losing battle 🙂

    Oh well such is life.

  • thelili

    @Bobby1 you are welcome. I used Hashimoto’s because that was the closest illness I could think of in terms of the thyroid swelling. There are probably others that come closer. Herbalists can be really helpful for alternative solutions.

  • arclight arclight

    Uk contamination update
    Earlier reading 0.08 to 0.13 microsievert/hour (dry cold)
    London outside reading, 1.3 to 1.8 microsievert/hr with a peak at 0.5 microsievert/hr!!! (after rain)

    Inside reading 0.11 to 0.15 microsievert/hr with 2 peaks at 0.25 microsievert/hr (taken directly after outside reading)

    other readings from eurdep

    GB2112 – Gatwick (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.2ºN, Long: 0.2ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Showing average of 0.13 microsievert/hr to 0.14 microsievert/hr and has been for some time according to the spextrograph

    Heading west
    GB2210 – Lyneham (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.5ºN, Long: 2.0ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.09 microsieverts/hr

    Heading west to coast
    GB2207 – Milford Haven (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.7ºN, Long: 5.0ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.13 microsievert/hr to 0.14 microsievert/hr
    Check out November 13th reaches 0.3 microsieverts and takes nearly two weeks before it returns to the new normal…

    Southwest as you can get in uk
    GB2219 – Scilly (United Kingdom) Lat: 49.9ºN, Long: 6.3ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.14 microsievert/hr to 0.15 microsievert/hr for at least a month

    Locality IE0005 – Clonskeagh (Ireland) Lat: 53.3ºN, Long: 6.3ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.12 microsievert/hr
    All other Ireland monitors show 0.08 microsievert/hr approx. big gap in all irish spectrometers last week as they were all switched off hmmm)

    East coast uk
    GB2111 – Langdon Bay (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.1ºN, Long: 1.3ºE, 1 m. Above Ground
    0.13 microsievert/hr

    ES0020 – Pontevedra (Spain) Lat: 42.6ºN, Long: 8.8ºW
    0.17 microsieverts/hr seems to have weekly pulses of increase maybe??
    PT0107 – Penhas Douradas (Portugal) Lat: 40.4ºN, Long: 7.6ºW
    Peaking at 0,25 .. look at the month here! Very strong pollution?

    And finally this from Norway

    • arclight arclight

      2 things.. was wondering whar happened to my earlier post? just found it so the above is a repost except for the first bit cncerning the STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!! warning.. 0.52 microsieverts in london! same as the smoke detector funny enough.. americium anyone?? 🙁

      readings were taken 1 meter off ground ten minute readings

      tried a wet test from the rain 0.17 microsieverts/hr
      indoor test taken directly after wet test 0.13 microsieverts/hr

      ouch! and hot particles too! by the look of it!! damn i hope someone is getting an analysis done!!

  • 0.11 µSv/hr Vancouver, Canada 14:42

  • Bobby1

    My 12-year-old just told me the moon is tan.

    I just looked. Yep.

    • arclight arclight

      the full moon over the past few days has been covered on and off with thin cloud that gives a tan coloured rainbow effect that soometimes shows clearly the bands of colour! dont remeber seeing that as often as recently and not so clearly!! thought woth noting as you mentioned about moon colour! cloud to thick to see at the moment!

      • Bobby1

        I’ve been watching the skies for 50 years and I don’t remember seeing quite that shade of color. The moon had just risen and was low in the sky.

        Wonder what the color of plutonium is.

          • Bobby1

            “Plutonium, like most metals, has a bright silvery appearance at first, much like nickel, but it oxidizes very quickly to a dull gray, although yellow and olive green are also reported.”

            It did look like it had yellow and green in it.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              from the article cited by xdrfox, oxidized plutonium has the colors:
              ” Pu(III), as Pu3+ (blue lavender)
              Pu(IV), as Pu4+ (yellow brown)
              Pu(V), as PuO2+ (pink?)[note 1]
              Pu(VI), as PuO22+ (pink orange)
              Pu(VII), as PuO53− (green)–the heptavalent ion is rare”

    • You may be seeing a bit of this aftermath of color !

      Enjoy it with your boy !

    • Jebus Jebus

      Solar winds are blowing away the Moon’s topsoil – NASA
      Plasma storms ‘sandblast’ decatonnes of lunar dirt into space
      7th December 2011 09:00 GMT

      Solar winds and plasma storms are “sandblasting” the Moon, according to top NASA boffins, causing large amounts of lunar surface material to be blown off into space.

      The new discoveries come to us from simulations conducted by NASA’s Dynamic Response of the Environment At the Moon (DREAM) team. In particular the DREAMers modelled the effects of a large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) – essentially a massive gale-force gust or storm in the solar wind, involving say a gigatonne of plasma being blasted out into space. Such a mighty puff of sun-wind striking the Moon can have serious effects, the lunar surface not being protected by any atmosphere worthy of name nor any magnetic field either as we have here on Earth.

      “We found that when this massive cloud of plasma strikes the Moon, it acts like a sandblaster and easily removes volatile material from the surface,” said William Farrell, DREAM team lead at NASA Goddard, in a statement issued yesterday. “The model predicts 100 to 200 tons of lunar material – the equivalent of 10 dump truck loads – could be stripped off the lunar surface during the typical 2-day passage of a CME.”…

      • ScienceDaily (Dec. 7, 2011) — Solar storms and associated Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) can significantly erode the lunar surface according to a new set of computer simulations by NASA scientists. In addition to removing a surprisingly large amount of material from the lunar surface, this could be a major method of atmospheric loss for planets like Mars that are unprotected by a global magnetic field.

  • 12/11/11 southern Willamette Valley, Cascade foothills, 10 min. Avg. 1m height indoors .11 mcSv, .14 outdoors, on the ground same, SOEKS, bagged. Sounds nice but 50 miles north of here, Corvallis Radnet still elevated, 150 cpm Beta.

  • arclight arclight

    YOU CAN RELY ON GOOD OLD CRIIRAD!! european contamination recognised, noted and detailed report here:
    scroll down to sign the pettition for release of information from all measuring stations!!

  • 12/11/11 7pm pacific standard time, Vancouver, BC Canada 10min average, .11 µSv/hr outside, .08 µSv/hr inside roughly 1 m height.

    I have been getting pretty consistent .11 µSv/hr outside for the last three days since obtaining SOEKS. I have found no difference at ground level. It has been dry for the last week here so I am going to use .11 µSv/hr as a dry weather baseline.

    Will next report during/after significant rainstorm.

    Posted this above but since we were recently talking about various units and possible conversion charts I will repost for all

    Here is the official Banana Splits
    REM to Sv chart with special thanks to Wikipedia

    1.0000 rem = 1000.0 mrem = 1 rem = 0.010000 Sv = 10.000 mSv = 10000 µSv

    and a chart measuring actual counts per minutes of different machines against a rem value. If this chart is true I can see converting cpm to µSv/hr may not be practical. Don’t know how accurate this is but it is all I could find. You have to scroll down to find the specific chart I’m talking about

  • MadMama MadMama

    Southern California checking in. Rain samples from 30 miles NW of downtown Los Angeles. The jet stream is directly over us today. Readings are 10-minute averages taken with an Inspector Alert.

    7:00am rain sample = 125% over background. Retested 5-hours later, decayed to below background.

    1pm fresh rain sample = 42% over background. Retested 2 hours later, decayed to background.

    Fast and complete decay to background levels indicate short-lived radon daughters were present.

  • James Tekton James Tekton


    That is our next three days of predictions and indeed, we are getting some light snow. It has been gently falling all day…so beautiful…and yet?

    Here coming in from the Durango, Co region using the Inspector Alert we did two outdoor checks and a few indoors. Present temp is Not sure what is above or below background. No history that we can find for this area yet, so it is all high compared to none being there. Maybe MadMama can help us figure this one out. What is above or below what established background?

    In this first check we were originally intending to check in uSv/hr. What we found out was, the total counter was on and while it was counting in the ten-minute TC, we were filming the uSv. When it went beep beep beep, we were really surprised in a good way to find that we can watch uSv/hr as we take ten-minute total counts. We actually discover this in this filming. Cool!

    And here is the second and higher ten-minute TC that measured in at 107 cpm.:

    As we continue to get snow over these next few days we will continue to keep checking this closely. Thanks for the weather reports from the west coast all. Much appreciation.

    We are now on the leading edge, and headed into the heart of the jet stream as it passes over us in it’s ominous way. Looks like we are in for it the next few days. All Spirit says, we pray and pray and pray and prays.

    It is Christmas time to be jolly…let it snow…let it snow…let it snow. <:~)

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      Present temp is 33 degrees and it is still snowing.

      Our indoor measurements were averaged at 54 cpm, and in the .124-.289 uSv/hr range today.

  • arclight arclight

    Kocevje: 174 nSv/h

    FR0057 – AIGUILLE DU MIDI – 74 – SOM – GM (France) Lat: 45.9ºN, Long: 6.9ºE, 1 m. Above Ground
    Nearly 280 nsievert/hr 0.28 microsievert/hr steady and rising during month.. eurdep map

    FR0079 – MONTLUCON – 03 – AGG – GM (France) Lat: 46.3ºN, Long: 2.6ºE, 1 m. Above Ground
    nearly 250 nsievert/hr and steady foer at least a month!!

    FR2376 – FA0KRS912MA – 50 – SIT – GM (France) Lat: 49.5ºN, Long: 1.8ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Nearly 250 nsievert/hr but spectrograph is “not complete???” very interesting

    GB2128 – London (Grays Inn) (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.5ºN, Long: 0.1ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Shows a nice steady 120 nsievert/hr and I was getting lots of 180 to 420 n Sieverts.. they must like a smooth average here lol!! mine was r 140 nsiev

    GB2112 – Gatwick (United Kingdom) Lat: 51.2ºN, Long: 0.2ºW, 1 m. Above Ground
    Nearly 160 nsievert/hr here! And this concours better with my m25 SE readings at lunchtime…

    none of these shows the true high peaks ! They switch off and marker pen or in the case of Ireland, no marker pen.. must be the recession! Go large euro anyone? Spare a physicist a marker pen wont ya fur me graff!!!!??

    I reckon its france!! Sucjh high readings across the country on eurdep and have been since fukushima hit! But higher in these places in france.. rememeber that the peaks are not being reported.. nor is clarification of the isotopes!!
    See CRIIRADS site and sign the petition for transparency as you read their latest declaration!!
    after a heavy stormy bit background levels have dropped to 0.01 microsieverts/hr and im crashing!! post an update later!
    i could not get a reading on any salmon today from the same shop! the cheese was only slightly registering.. have decided to buy the next hot food item and experiment at home with it!!

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello Arc,

      Your four little feetsies must be really tired out from running all over and getting all this great information for us huh. Wow!

      So hey, have you heard from HG lately?

      Been wondering about that web site that is collecting measurements info. Is it legit? Is it run by some one who is real and cares? Do they want info from the US?

      As I do not read the German very well, I was asking if someone in Germany can communicate with these folks.


      • arclight arclight

        german air space seems to be quite clean? i have been checking the rad maps.. saw him post on the thread recently! so hes still knocking around!!
        peace bro! gotta crash..

    • arclight arclight shows french contamination crossing southern uk and heading to norway!!


      shows increase recent!!

      🙁 IAEACORP??

      Genius Female Scientist Honoured
      “”It is my hope that Marie Curie will remain an inspiration for young women contemplating a career in nuclear science and engineering. This exhibition will help to remind all of us of just how great her contribution was.”

      — By Sasha Henriques, IAEA Division of Public Information”


      but they are selling their must have service!!

      IAEA Implements Technical Cooperation Project on Marine Environment After Fukushima Accident
      Training Workshop at IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco Assures Uniform Measurement

      Sampling techniques for detection of radio-caesium isotopes in seawater are demonstrated in Monaco. (Photo: H. Nies/IAEA)

      Story Resources
      TC Project in Support of Marine Benchmark Study on Possible Impact of Fukushima Radioactive Releases in Asia-Pacific Region, 27 May 2011Enhancing Sustainability of Marine Coastal Environment (RCA)In Focus: Fukushima Nuclear AccidentIAEA Environment LaboratoriesIAEA Radiometrics Laboratory (RML)IAEA Department of Nuclear Sciences and ApplicationsIAEA Department of Technical Cooperation.
      Listen to this story..As a result of the releases of radioactive substances into the Pacific Ocean resulting from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, the IAEA is implementing a Technical Cooperation (TC) Project for countries throughout the Pacific Ocean region to monitor radioactive substances in the marine environment. Twenty-one IAEA Member States and three non-member States are participating in the project.

      err peace

  • MadMama MadMama

    @Jt – Unfortunately, I have no pre-Fuk background for reference. I’m simply establishing a present-time background to determine any “additional” radiation contributed by the rainfall. I’m taking a 10-minute interior count as a reference. Then I place my rain sample (paper towel/rain water swipe from a location cleared of dust before the rain began) in the same interior location and take a 10-minute count. The difference is the amount of radiation that arrived via the rain.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello MM,

      Yeah, thanks for that.

      Me too. Been keeping records to establish the long term pattern. We have more or less accepted that the unofficial official enenews scale is between 5-60 CPM and .030-.080 uSv/hr as the normal background ranges. The old ones.

      Keep up the great works.


  • 12/13/11 southern Willamette Valley, Cascade foothills, 10 min. Avg. 1m height indoors .16 mcSv, .18 outdoors, on the ground .22, SOEKS, bagged. Heavy frost, which we have not seen much of. Way below normal precipitation.

  • eyechix/ichicax4’s new YouTube post:

    lists 18 US cities with high EPA Beta CPM, and asks viewers to post this info to local weather FB pages.

    i did: (Louisville, KY)

    will be interesting, likely frustrating, to see how long it stays on their Wall, and the kinds of reactions and comments it receives before they yank it.

    took a screen shot of the post just in case i get lynched by villagers or … worse.

    whew. got the shakes now for some reason.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello ES,

      Great work. Big support 4 U!

      Keep up the good reporting and investigations. Everyone here is integral and important in this whole picture show.

      You said:

      “whew. got the shakes now for some reason.”

      That is the lifetime of fear programing facing the truth. It trembles when confronted with the real deal of knowing in your heart that what you are doing is enjoying the new sensations of breaking the imperial conditioning of Fear and now bursting forth into the new arena of real and good info that resonates in that place of the heart space. Keep at it for truly, the Truth will set you free!

      • Thanks, James-

        It was one of the scarier things I’ve done; hopefully it scares them some, too.

        Haven’t gone back there to check yet. I had to walk away for the day, but I’m not gonna quit now- good comments, ‘bad’ comments, no comments…no matter; i think people will look, and look further.

        & thanks to ichi for the push to do such a thing 🙂 “hooooyaaa!”

  • as expected, it’s being completely ignored. they just don’t want to know; they’re happy about the rain maybe turning into snow…black rain, white xmas. falala-ti-da.

    }:/ ggrrrff.


    i find myself slightly envious of the willfully blind.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    By Golly,

    We now have our very first nation-wide ‘nuklear’ weather reporter!

    Give up a big hoo-ya for the good sister here that is doing great works like so many others here. United we are at the leading edge of the latest light/knowledge around this whole horrific ongoing catastrophic extinction level event.


  • arclight arclight

    london uk

    during the day.. 0.09 to 0.14 microsieverts/hr the odd peak of more than 0.20 microsievert
    tonight ten minute reading outside, 1 metre of the ground air reading
    started as 0.11 to 0.13 then for three minutes a steady increase then decrease peaking at 0.17 microsieverts/hr! then returned to 0.10 to 0.14 microsieverts/hr

    winds from the west but could be crossing france first?? according to magicseaweed lower level winds

    dry slightly overcast cold windy day slight showers but very few…
    gonna go for a drive and see what i pick up!

    spare a thought for Stavern in NORWAY only two months of more normal levels of background radiation and its rising higher than ever before!

    scroll down to see the annual dose! shows an interesting pattern!!??

    Ikke drikk melk, unngå vill sopp og for guder skyld av en gieger counter

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Right on Arc,

      Good networking. 🙂 You and HG are the European center for EneNews there. Hold up the banner high. Make connections. Network!

      Paging HG?

      We are…Humans that refuse to jump into the sea of ignorance and have turned around to March towards the light that guides…the Truth. Let it guide you ALL well.

      Onward March-ers after Truth!!

      It’s not just a concept…it is Our Religion.

    • arclight arclight

      been out driving around getting same values except for betwwe 10 and twelve the odd slow low peak to 0.08 microsievert and four slow highs of up to 0.33 microsieverts..

      it appears that there are small pockets of contamination.. and like the stavern annual graph at the bottom of the linked page most of europe has a higher background radiation (even including the effect of sunspots during the night!! like tepco does! 0.03 microsieverts worth!!

      on the stavern graph you will see a recovery from a past contamination, after looking around a bit, the answer was right in front of me!! CRIIRAD again!! 🙂

      “The CRIIRAD seized on December 8, 2010, the Public prosecutor close the Court of Bankruptcy of Creteil of a complaint against the legal representative of the nuclear Center of Valduc, in Gold Coast, and against any person, physics or morals, whose instruction would establish the responsibility in the contamination for the buildings and the environment for the company 2M Process, with Saint-Maur-of-Ditches.

      Although the investigations led so far remain lacunar, the CRIIRAD considers that information available is sufficient to characterize:
      – the violation of the regulations of the public health code and the labor regulation relating to the prevention of the health hazards related to the ionizing rays;
      – the violation of the regulations of the code of the environment relating to the radioactive inventory management like to the protection of the air and water;
      – the violation of the provisions of the regulation on the transport of the nuclear matters and radioactive.

      The CRIIRAD requires of the public prosecutor to intervene as soon as possible in order to collect and safeguard the maximum of pieces of evidence.”

  • bc

    The second I saw the reactor explosions in March I knew the world would never be the same. After finally convincing my wife I should get a geiger counter. I bought an inspector exp for 300% more than before March 11. It came in Sept, it has been on and with me non stop. Early november I moved my focus from looking for particles to sampling rain water. What I discovered was interesting 120CPM, then it was a concern 340CPM AND it became a little frightening at 891 CPM. All samples done by folding paper towel square 2 inches or less (size of my muller window) Wipe vehicle and saturate paper towel. I have found this extra something in EVERY SINGLE RAINFALL I TEST.

    Now. I introduce a barrier and sample slows a bit.
    Sample is decaying to background in hrs or evaporating (i don’t think so) or so long lived decay is undetectable for my inspector.
    Bismuth 213 is my best guess. if so stable lead and polonium are left over. There is lots of INTERESTING information about bimuth 213, for one it can be created by bombarding radium with bremssrtahlung photons from a linear particle accelerator. It is also in the decay chain of uranium 233. Used extensively in cancer treatment. Falls between 2 elements on the periodic chart that are used in research around mechanizing bio-organics or somethin. Only thing, do we have a global linear particle accelerator? HMMM!

    I took a 170 CPM sample and timed 10 min counts till it hit background and stayed there 2 hrs 20 min.

    my highest reading 891 CPM was on November 24. Please could an honest scientist comment on my hypothesis. Sample taken in many locations. 10 X background is a dose and if my effects are repeatable they are real. Haven’t read anything else here yes maybe its common knowledge what it is.


  • bc

    BTW i live on Vancouver island

    • arclight arclight

      hi bc

      earlier in the thread there is some discussion about radon gas! with one view stating the rate of decay/evaporation.. there was the statement that asked “where is all the radon coming from?” at the time we taked about gaseous hexaflouride an a bunch of other nasties on general headline threads too!

      if you use the enenews search option top right of page.. with such terms you may glean some answers or further research materials..
      you may have problems getting to comments on long threads as it will only take you to the last page in a multi page thread. but some stuff is easier to get to!!

      i would be interested on your take on this as well to support your theory.. good luck and happy hunting!!
      peace and goodnight to you all!!

      • bc

        Hi Arclight, I’m going out on a limb. This is not natural radon. Time will tell. If it goes away great. I don’t think it will. Cant find my way around here well don’t have a ton of time. Thanks though. I think we will find a link to fukushima.

    • desert_lady desert_lady

      Thank you. wow.

  • Arclight, what do you think about your four slow highs of up to 0.33 microsieverts? Are they actual spikes maybe coming from a man made source or natural anomolies?

    Reporting from Vancouver BC, 6pm local time, outside reading over ten minute period averaged .08µSv/hr with two short peaks of .25µSv.

    So my background reading has dropped from the .11 I was getting the last few days. I don’t know much about natural radiation but I would imagine that background should stay constant. But that is not my actual observation. What say you?

  • To BC and others. from what I’ve gleaned from the links below, radon is a gas that is a byproduct of uranium decay. It is found everywhere in the ground throughout the world in varying quantities.

    Radon gas is in the ground so when it rains the water table rises, pushing radon gas up into the air. Since radon gas is readily soluble in water, I can see how radon gas could mix with rain water. As rainwater sample evaporates, radon gas dissipates and radiation readings are lower. Radon has a half life of 3.5 days. But it is soluble with water so if you can somehow keep your rainwater sample contained you should be able to measure half life if it is radon. Sounds like your sample is on a paper towel so radon gas can escape and dissipates giving a false half life measurement.

    Hope this helps

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      good thinking. I think part of that containment concerns the temperature too. It seems logical it would make a difference as the sample warms up, the capability of rainwater in holding those gases decreases.

  • Oh finally BC, you are taking rainfall samples from your car which is negatively charged. Radioactive particles are usually positively charged. Your car is a radio active particle magnet.

  • Estimating1 Estimating1

    Yes, I remeber this conversation. There are more reliable ways to get more accurate measurements, if you are looking for measurements relative to atmosphereic conditions or a static ground surface condition. But we are subject to another dynamic, resperation. In this discussion that you are refering to previously having, you mentioned car swabs and air filters not being trust worthy means of evaluating levels of radiation since they are radiation magnets, and I do want to point out that we are all very similar to air filters and the high consentrations seen in air filters may be a model for the concentrations you may find in our lungs. Does anyone run everyday?(retorical) I would say we should evaluate what we are looking for before we determine if the survey method is appropriate or not. I don’t think I would be a good candidate for a Tech Witness in support of Arnie Gundersons Campaigns, as there are some technincal holes in that method of hood swabbing, but at least we know something is there and hopefully we will be able to notice when it is no longer there. With regards to posting radiation data; I spent about $30 at 2 seperate Asian food markets in my area, I purchased items that were supposed to be from Japan (not very many) and eveything accept for 1 item had no noticable increase in appearant radioactivity. The one item that did was a japanese sweet potato, (the sign said imported, but maybe it was grown in California?) and it was around 140cpm (5 minute average), which I assume could be a “natural” level. I am learning how to get my videos to youtube this weekend and will include them in my posts ASAP.

    • Air filter testing is a good idea I think for the same reasons you outline above, Estimating 1. I’m not sure about the car swab test. I don’t know why that test is so popular. Regardless, the type of radiation detectors most of us have will not detect hot particles. So even consistently low readings does not mean everything is good.

      The car air filter test also seems to be something done in a lab requiring equipment not found around the house. That is a test I would like performed on local Vancouver air filters. Propper food testing requires more then a geiger counter. You can detect high levels but not low levels that are still above normal. I will eat nothing from Japan! Peace

    • Wheever Wheever


      I didn’t say trustworthy, I said I didn’t know how *meaningful* they are.

      I think between a home HEPA filter test and a car swab, the HEPA filter is definitely much more meaningful and important. It at least is grabbing shit out of the air you’re breathing all the time. What’s on a car is a different story.

      One of the things I’ve discovered in trying to figure this stuff out is that ASPHALT ITSELF is slightly radioactive due to the incorporation of natural radiation sources such as stone and granite. Now, not much more radioactive, maybe 2x background, but as it’s worn down by traffic, the asphalt particles are going to be attracted to, and deposited heavily on, a vehicle due to its negative charge.

      In other words, yes, a car shows much higher levels of radioactivity. But because it’s driving down a surface that is shedding radioactive particles. This doesn’t inform us of the *source* of that radioactivity, nor whether it’s from Fukushima.

      Which doesn’t mean it’s not killing us, you understand.

  • Au Au

    I need to have some timely conversation here. What about Christmas travel- LA to the midwest on the 15th? Is this out of the question? Should the flight be cancelled? This is an expense I am about to toss in the the bin. Conversation please…I need some perspective. Thanks.

    • alexa

      A former coworker is going for a vacation In New Zeeland soon. I really wish I could go away also in South America when Fukushima blows again. Au, it is dangerous if you happen to be in LA or flying the day of the next explosion.

      • Au Au

        : (
        I cancelled it in the wee hours of the night. Better to not have regrets. My delusional self wanted someone to say, “Everything is fine. Everything is fine. There is no danger. ” Thanks for your reply alexa. sigh- everything is forever changed…

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Hey Au,

          Go for a long drive instead and if you are going to see family, do it. This may be our last peaceful Christmas as a free country. Make the best of it!

          Take the money you would have spent on the flight, and drive out, but for sure, get out of LA and go see some country while you can.

  • Estimating1 Estimating1

    cool, the water just got muddier, there are many short lived decay products, I guess we can only conclusively test week old snow, or car hood swabs that are radioactive for more than a day or so, as long as they dont evaporate it should still be relavant. Thanks.

    • bc

      Government says radon but Im not in an area known for it. And my tests are spread out over many miles. One recent one was totally dry as I had driven home and wiped the glass windshield same effect. No matter what it is it is dangerous at those levels. Natural radon is too simple an answer. Rain is rain and I bet this isotope is all over us. everywhere not some local radon event. Almost 30X background thats significant radon over a huge area

    • Wheever Wheever

      Well, as to week old snow: here in Southern VT, the snow on the ground–which is about a week old–is showing .13µSv/hr, which is about the same as it showed the night it came down.

      What does that tell us? I have no idea. .13µSv is maybe a little above background around here. Does that mean that there are small amounts of longer-lived radionuclides in that snow? I would think so. But it could be anything from anywhere, natural or unnatural, but certainly NOT radon. Which is fucking terrifying.

  • I am only guessing myself. Have degree in hard knocks and used to be a Pinball machine mechanic. Radon is a gas and has a half life of 3.8 days. I’m thinking collect rainwater on paper towel and secure in a ziplock baggie. Assuming elevated radiation detected, it should go down by half in just under 4 days if it is radon. If it is something else hightened radiation count should remain for longer. Waiting for rain in my area.

    • bc

      Hi Mark I did lock my 891 CPM in a plastic bag and started a 24 hr count after about 2 hrs it had followed the same pattern and I stopped the test. I have watched the rain replenish with activity by wiping the same spot again and again. I have squeezed a wet sample into a new paper towel and been able to transfer the effect to the new paper towel. I have tested saturated clothing and seen obvious count increases. When a barrier is introduced activity drops slightly. I don’t believe the natural radon idea mostly because of the multiple level 7 disasters going on. If someone smarter than me can conclude radium in huge amounts can be from fukushima then we are looking at bismuth 213. Mark your just across the pond from me. You should be able to repeat my tests tomorrow. Please suggest a better test surface that will validate my procedure. You have no idea how hard I have tried to find another geiger counter close by, this is going to get interesting.

      • bc

        Be quick if it rains for an hour before you test your possible 300+ count will only render 100 or so.

      • I am by no means any type of expert on this having owned my SOEKS detector for less then a week. So far all readings have been in the normal range, .08 to .11 µSv/hr. It hasn’t rained in a while here in Vancouver so I haven’t tested rain yet. It is an interesting theory of yours that you are detecting bismuth-213. While it is a decay product of uranium 233, uranium 233 has a half life of 160,000 years. Your equipment detects radiation or it doesn’t. I’m betting it does. Even if its not calibrated properly you are still detecting consistent elevated readings for rain water. But the 64,000 dollar question, Is it from Fukushima? remains unresolved. Your detector is definetly measuring a short half life and from what you have said I am confident it will measure a long half life. Whether or not it is naturally occuring radon or Fukushima fall out is unresolved. If it rains tomorrow I will conduct tests of rainwater and report in detail. Radio active particles are positively charged. Your car is negatively charged as the negative terminal of the car battery hooks up to the metal frame and body so that automotive wiring requires only one positive charged wire, the negative wire is in effect all exposed metal of car. This way a car uses half the wire as other electric applications. Over explaining for the sake of all who may read. Therefore the positive radio active particles will be attracted to the negatively charged car and you will get elevated readings. So for true rainwater readings it has to be collected some other way. Good Night

        • arclight arclight

          mark the average background in london should be 0.03 to 0.15 microsieverts/hr

          are you getting any readings (even brief) of lower than 0.08 microsieverts/hr ? what is the radon situation in your area?.. for instance london is a low radon gas area! and i used to get lower numbers as low as 0… ! not recently though.. and it is the same over alot of european airspace.. the background levels have increased by nearly 3 times… from 0.04 all the way to 0.12 approx! with high peaks! its interesting that your measurements are so steady!
          oh and i agree that this thread should have some discussion about radiological matters as we are all on a learning curve..

          as an aside.. i read that the scientists have some new ways of testing for cesium 134 and 137 (i believe) it will be implimented when they start “monitoring ” the pacific ocean.. and sounds like they will only be looking for cesium?.. my point is that everyone should look out for information about this new “testing” that the nukey boys have come up with.. it would be cool to get hold of such a gadget or method!! keep yer eyes and ears to the web boys and girls!! heads up!

          • Cursory research tells me I am not in a high radon area.
            And yes last night reading dropped to .04 µSv/hr and peaked to .22 µSv/hr. I do a ten minute count. readings fluctuate and I take a number that seems to come up the most often. .11 for the last few days but .08 last night.

            This is interesting talks of a study done to show deposition of continental radon on island of Japan. So you might be detecting high radiation from a radon source miles away or from Sellefield mess or French Areva mistake……

  • bc

    you will notice bismuth 214 in the radon rainwater article We have 2 possibilities both very similar. I came up with my Bismuth 213 theory watching a you tube vid about california rain. So this natural radon is sweeping the entire west coast and has been for weeks no years? Or the situation in Japan is the cause. Its a coin toss. And I’m not qualified to say really. Either way if it continues it will be a major public health crisis. Good night wake me up when it rains.

  • BC, the radon has always been with us just nobody noticed it as nobody bothered to buy Geiger counters before Fukushima. Radon gas is another health hazard that the authorities have minimized. Google radon gas and you will find studies going back 50 years. Now that we have a huge nuclear disaster on our hands all higher then normal radiation readings will be blamed on Fukushima. I suspect that at least some high readings reported are from local nuclear plants especially our American friends. I’m sure these plants many of them quite old have been leaking radiation forever. Now that people are equipping themselves with Geiger counters it will be harder for nuke industry to get away with what they have been for what looks like decades. Even here in BC we are not that far from Hanford on the Columbia river and nuclear power plants along the coast south of us.

    Even though strictly speaking this thread is here to post readings, I hope everyone including Enenews moderator will agree with me that what we are trying to do is very technical and discussion of methods are important so that we are all actually reporting fact. I want to be on record as saying that I am open to criticism of my methods and understanding of radiation measuring.

    • bc

      It is very technical. I’m ok with scrutiny regarding my methods. Study it for a while Mark and let me know what you think.

    • Wheever Wheever


      I’ve been wanting to make these points, but since I’m new here I didn’t want people to think I was a Fuku denier.

      But YES. By a show of hands, how many of us had a geiger prior to Fuku? Not many. So really, we have no idea what we’re seeing. It could be Fuku, it could be, say, VT Yankee. It could be so many things that really WE HAVE NO IDEA, AND IT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME.

      That’s why it’s very important we learn as fast as we can about methods and “natural” (pre-Fuku) background.

      One of the things I’ve noticed in peoples’ monitoring posts is not taking into account that daytime testing is affected by the sun and cosmic rays. My daytime testing is always .02-.05µSv/hr higher than my night time testing, even if my GC is in shadow. (If it’s in bright sunlight it’s even higher.)

      Also, people need to be aware of the effects of EM fields and static electricity on GCs when doing readings. I’ve noticed that handling the plastic bag my Soeks is in will cause a jump in readings. And every time my motion sensor light comes on, my Soeks shows a jump to like .35µSv and dumps its confidence buffer. This happens every time.

      It’s little details like these that can make an already terrifying situation even more terrifying. WE HAVE TO BE AS SCIENTIFIC AND METHODICAL IN OUR MEASUREMENTS AS WE CAN BE. It’s a question of survival.

  • arclight arclight

    uk contamination update

    reading air, 1 metre above ground, inside cos its warmer 🙂 more than a ten minute reading

    0.09 to 0.13 microsieverts and no peaks registered after an hour or so (i know! hardly technical but describes no roving dense clouds of contamination! yahoo! but its left a slightly higher background veering towards the 0.13 microsievert)

    will go out into the FRESH AIR and drive around a bit to get an overall picture, hope the levlels are lower outside!

    brrr! gets bike kit on 🙁 two pair of sock day i think!!) bags up gieger and away!

  • bc

    Yes we have no pre FUKU data. And nuclear science is so complex. But my inspector is a simple machine. After reading about low dose radiation exposure I find it VERY hard to believe I have been getting dosed 10X background for my whole life living here, I have managed to live a healthy life, I have worked outside in the rain as a gardener for 15 years and have two healthy children, I question if that is possible being radiated heavily for my lifetime. I believe we will all start to find similar characteristics in rain samples indicating we are all looking at the same isotope from the same origin over a vast area. I have carried out dozens of samples letting the meter find its own background at that location before commencing the test. An extra 20-50 counts for solar or magnetism makes no difference when your well above 10X background. If this is not natural it should be obviouse before too long that people are suffering some health effects.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      What bothers em is that previous background radiation was already elevated by all the nuclear testing, mining, and throwing nuclear waste around since before 1945. And in one place in Australia or New Zealand the natural background radiation was so high it was called by the natives “the place of sickness.” Also, background radiation has been elevated by cell phone towers and radar and depletion of the ozone lavel. At this point all so-called background radiation is responsible is already unsafe. And each addition to the background radiation makes is even more unsafe.

  • bc

    Good thing nuclear medicine is working hard to find a cure for cancer.

  • I called the regional EPA office today and had a conversation. Please let me know what you think.

    A manager at the regional office called me back.

    Since I’ve expressed my fears and concerns on this blog, I will recount what he stated. I’m summarizing and paraphrasing here:

    He repeatedly stated that beta readings are unreliable because they are subject to considerable environmental interference.

    I said that the beta increases I had seen in the EPA data were not random events, but reflected patterns that could be empirically detected in the charts across cities so that an increase in one city would often be mirrored a day later in a monitoring city further east, particularly if both cities were under the jet stream. These patterns were also evident in gamma levels.

    He stated that he saw no significant increase in the readings and that a significant increase would be measured in the thousands.

    I asked why, if that was the case, the EPA emergency responders’ guide tells emergency responders to take protective action at 300 CPM beta.

    He responded by saying that the detectors used by emergency workers are less sensitive than the EPA’s radnet monitors so a reading of 300 on an emergency response Geiger counter is not equivalent to a radnet reading of 300.

    I wasn’t sure how to respond to that because it sounds sensible, although I’ve read nothing along these lines.

    I asked at what level the EPA’s protective action guidelines were implemented?

    He stated that evacuations are recommended at 50 millisieverts!!!

    We then had a very non-productive conversation about the ubiquity of radiation and the effects of low-level ionizing radiation.

    My reaction to the conversation was to acknowledge his point about the sensitivity of the radnet monitors in comparison to hand held detectors. If he is correct on this point some of our concern about the high radnet readings may be misplaced if we are concluding that anything over 300 is particularly…

    • However, his discussion regarding the ubiquity of radiation was right out of the “banana doctrine” literature and I wonder whether he has actually looked at any of the medical research on radiation.

      I got the feeling he knew next to nothing about this literature. He sounded like someone who knew a lot about radiation’s physical properties, but relatively little about its biological impacts.

      Additionally, he was unable to explain why beta counts would remain low for months and then spike and he was unable to explain the empirical patterns evident when one cross-references beta charts with jet stream data.

      In sum, I feel a little less concerned about severity of the spikes because of the sensitivity of the equipment, but I remain convinced that the spikes are not “normal” and that some source(s) of radiation are causing the spikes.

      • Finally, I should mention that I went into radnet and ran some historical comparisons (though beta levels are only available for a couple of years) and found that Dec 2010 and some very high levels, which may have been from Palo Verde.

        Also, a whole week was missing for Phoenix in feb. That was the same week Palo Verde reported an incident to the NRC but claimed no releases.

      • James2

        there’s some good information you found. The US EPA has set a radiation limit higher than Japan.

        I think he’s probably well aware of the spikes. Did he offer any explanations at all?

        Of course he doesn’t care about literature – EPA has obviously been told to stand down, that’s what they are going to do.

        I’m betting this was their smartest guy too.

        • His only explanation for the spikes was “interference.”

          I stated that we hadn’t had any spikes in Phoenix above 300 from March to the fall and that the significant post-Fukushima spikes only began in the fall and the 700 level spikes are very recent.

          He was very polite and we spoke for almost an hour.

          I felt as if we spoke in circles.

          I would not give ground on the spikes but I did acknowledge that a geiger counter is not nearly as sensitive as the EPA’s sensors and emergency responders probably have hand-held geiger counters…

          • James2

            I’m not that familiar with the various measurement methods, but I would not be surprised if their sensors aren’t pretty inaccurate. 20 years ago I worked with a guy who was an environmental engineer and did some research on EPA air measurements and found a lot of problems with the locations, with the equipment, with the calibrations- everything.

            50ms limit is too high – especially because we know they are going to be slow to inform us. 100ms is where real health problems kick in – you don’t want to take a chance on going there.

            I’m sure the circular conversation was intentional.

            Did the guy appear to have any intelligence at all?

    • bc

      I have had that conversation myself here in Canada

  • Mack Mack


    Thank you for making that phone call! What do your instincts tell you after talking with him?

    • Mack Mack


      Also, did you happen to ask him why so many cpm graphs are blank since Fukushima?

      • His only explanation for the blanks was that the beta readings were so unreliable that many locales stopped using them.

        I do not know how to interpret the call. I really do not.

        I see the spikes in gamma also.

        I don’t believe the levels have to be thousands of times higher to be “risky”

        He clearly knows little or is divulging little about the health effects of radiation.

        However, he may be correct that levels of 300 CPM as measured a hand-held geiger counter are not in fact dangerous for emergency responders.

        I JUST DON’T KNOW.


        • Wheever Wheever

          “However, he may be correct that levels of 300 CPM as measured a hand-held geiger counter are not in fact dangerous for emergency responders.”

          This makes no sense. If a *less* sensitive GC reads 300cpm, it should mean that there is MORE radiation than the hand held is detecting. THIS IS A FLAT CONTRADICTION.

          • Wheever you are correct.

            I was in a hurry to pick up my kids and wasn’t writing clearly.

            What I meant to say that radnet measures of 300 may not be the same as the 300 level of a geiger counter

            the geiger counter reading would more likely be, in actuality, higher!

            I want to warn people about high levels but am concerned about misleading anyone if the beta charts are inaccurate!