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Published: September 16th, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET


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Published: September 16th, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET


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1,451 comments to FORUM: Archive of Radiation Monitoring Data (Sept. 16 – Dec. 17, 2011)

  • hamster

    Hamster here again. I thought I stated what city and state I’m in. I’m in Bellingham, Washington. I am concerned about how much radiation I got last summer hiking around the west side of the Cascades. I will be testing my car’s air filter sometimes this week.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Good morning Hamster,

      Welcome as the good Dr has expressed.

      We have been trying to simplify our readings into a universal expression for all to easily understand as there are three different ways to make measurements.

      Most of us are now using CPM and uSv or both for our measurements. I see you have brought in the third measurement as many like to use, the milli-rad. If you can please, try to convert your milli-rads to micro-sieverts and express it this way, uSv or write micro-sieverts.

      Again, I will suggest we make a chart that explains to all the new folks this system and others that will be coming along here as more and more people get their counters.

      On a beautiful sunny warm day the readings in the Durango, CO area outdoors are 56.6 CPM and between .130-.262 uSv.

      Indoor readings are 52.3 CPM and from .120-.209 uSv.

      Thank you ALL for your great works.

      • LEFTYM0M65 LEFTYM0M65

        Hey James! Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, my husband seems to be coming around. He’s not treating me like I’ve got a ticket to the looney bin anymore at least. ;-D That’s a relief. I think he figured out I am going to do this whether he likes it or not.

        I found the sight the other night and showed it to him. It gave a bit more credence coming from people who work in the industry sounding freaked out as I am. I wish I had found that months ago. I would never have wasted so much time. Oh well…two tears in a bucket…and so on.


    Fairfax, VA 11/30/2011 @ 6:15 pm

    Images Scientific Instruments Model GCA-04W

    Weather: Gusty Winds, 45 F, Partly Cloudy

    Outside: wand wrapped in plastic 2 feet from ground – 5 (1) min readings – .122, .146, .142, .178, and .198 uSv/hr

    Inside: wand wrapped in plastic 2 feet from basement floor – 2 (5) min readings – .142 and .165 uSv/hr

    These readings are some of the highest I have gotten.

    Contents of Oreck Vacuum Cleaner from 3 days accumulation – 1 (5) min reading – .165 uSv/hr


      I meant to say these are some of the highest I’ve recorded without active precipitation. My bad. 😛

      • alasanon

        The Jet Stream is coating the East Coast…From Japan with Love?

      • ion jean ion jean

        I think what happened is the cold north wind came in as the jet stream shifted south in the last day cause i had unprecedented air readings in VT on Sun but they were back to normal on Mon…beware cause i see more to come as the jet stream continues to drag along Northern Japan and its a matter of which way the dragon’s tail is whipping as to where it will hit on the East Coast of 30 to 50 N Latitudes


    Maybe I should write some Haiku. Poetry seems in order.


    Fukushima jet stream
    Hot particles
    On the winter wind

  • MadMama MadMama

    Southern California reporting in.

    Heavy Santa Ana winds are perhaps stirring things up just a bit here today. Winds from the north (onshore) right now.

    30 miles NW Los Angeles: exterior 10-minute average, 10:45am = 42.7

    Note: Exterior readings since August have averaged 38.29

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hey MM,

      Particularly interested in hearing your weather reports as we tend to get your rains that turn to our snow.

      It is looking like that now. Snow is forecast so we will be doing checks on rain and snow swipes soon.

      Thank you so much for your excellent reporting.

      Stay tuned!

    • crystalwind crystalwind

      I can’t figure out where this storm in Arizona is coming from. Supposed to hit worst tonight and tomorrow, coming from CA and Pacific but where did it come from? And how does it relate to the jetstream at this time? Is anyone travelling to here sometime? Would like input on correcting my readings.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Paging WCG,

    What is your weather?

    Please check in with latest Radiation monitoring. Email.

    Also, folks up north-west please check in with weather and precipitation reports during the fronts that are coming in now.

    Batten down the hatches!

    Blessings and gratitude all around the house.

  • MadMama MadMama

    JT – Cool, very windy and clear. At least this past week’s chemtrail haze has all been blown away (over the ocean… Pacific’s taking a beating).

    No rain forecast through next Thursday. Thankful for that since the jet stream is dropping back down over us tomorrow. Heavy winds and then breezy for next week.

    The last rain I tested was in Sacramento on Thanksgiving. It was double background & decayed to background within a couple of hours.

    Good luck with your incoming weather.

  • Au Au

    Southern MI snow:

  • Human0815

    Tokyo- Setagaya Ward, Futako-Tamagawa

    1,5m above Ground Level made by Gravel
    2min duration


    at Ground Level

    0.18uSv/h after Rain

  • LA, CA HEPA Filter Test with commentary. It’s, HOT!

    Credit Michael Collins,

    We are breathing this goo! 🙁

    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      The Alex.Higgins radiation graphs do look very skewed and scaled down (by county preferences?) from city to city within one state. SF Bay Area is in highest (lowered from actual?) spike Dec 4 since Dec 1 start. It’s nothing compared to other cities/states but I don’t trust the graphs. San Jose is still showing ZIP. Rain and wind events will bring down the ever-increasing fallout to ground, so watch for spikes from here to eternity. I don’t know of anyone with a counter in Sonoma area, including me. Most people here don’t want to deal with this, yet it’s obvious to me that unless veggies and fruits are grown in hothouses, our inland CA growing areas are going to be well saturated by end of next year, in ‘patches’ of course. I’d like to rent a monitor, if no cheapies around, to monitor food-water, carpets, and our clay soil backyard where several outdoor cats like to wallow and roll. I tell the naysayers that, at least with a monitor, one can choose to not eat something that turns up really hot – and it will, over time, given the never ending Fuku nightmare.

      Whatever new event(s) TEPCO is hiding, with the crane blinkathon, degraded camera color and resolution, and night time ‘oil and dye’ light show of filmy dark greys, yellow green and reddish blobs, one thing is for sure: This is no ‘Brotherhood of Light’ show! The mega leakage of rad Strontium from underground waste water storage (Fuku. Diary) and sea water getting into the reactors does not appear to be currently helped by any ‘nitrogen injection’ goals. It’s very likely we are close to plume lift-off, considering several scientifically theorized warnings about a potential earthquake (large) for the December to January time frame. Keep the watch West Coast. Try to prepare in case of the near future event at Daiichi.

      Please post your counts if you have a meter, esp if the count is over background. Thank you!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Snow Check in Colorado.

    Today the snow has been lightly falling. It is still doing so just some time after sunset. Not a normal flowing and blowing sideways snow storm at all so far.

    It was 34 degrees most of the day and the snow is struggling to stick. We have 34 % humidity.

    The high reading of the snow was 1018 total ten-minute count and 101.8 CPM. There were highs toward .350 uSv.

    Here are the two parts of the first check we made.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Here is a picture of the background before we checked the snow sample. The lowest reading in the house today was 51.3 CPM:

    The second sampling of the snow sample awhile later came in at 76.2 CPM.

  • Bobby1

    This is antiprotons’ video of testing Virginia rain with a gamma scintillation detector on Nov. 21:

    First he thinks there is iodine-131 in it, in a subsequent video he says there isn’t. But I think I-131 is in it.

    Here is a list of gamma energies in KeV, the energy is on the left column. You can match the energies of these isotopes with antiprotons’ results:

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    An interesting observation.

    We see that the jet stream kind of went around our area and is dipping down into the Texas region.

    Here is the reading from Austin, TX on the epa site. Notice the uptick as the jet stream dips down.


    31 2011-12-01 22:48:53 2011-12-01 23:49:01
    32 2011-12-01 23:49:07 2011-12-02 00:49:14
    37 2011-12-02 00:49:20 2011-12-02 01:49:28
    41 2011-12-02 01:49:34 2011-12-02 02:49:41
    46 2011-12-02 02:49:47 2011-12-02 03:49:55
    45 2011-12-02 03:50:01 2011-12-02 04:50:08
    40 2011-12-02 04:50:14 2011-12-02 05:50:22
    35 2011-12-02 05:50:28 2011-12-02 06:50:36
    37 2011-12-02 06:50:41 2011-12-02 07:50:49
    39 2011-12-02 07:50:55 2011-12-02 08:51:03
    40 2011-12-02 08:51:08 2011-12-02 09:51:16
    41 2011-12-02 09:51:22 2011-12-02 10:51:30
    48 2011-12-02 10:51:35 2011-12-02 11:51:43
    56 2011-12-02 11:51:49 2011-12-02 12:51:57
    74 2011-12-02 12:52:02 2011-12-02 13:52:10
    90 2011-12-02 13:52:16 2011-12-02 14:52:24
    103 2011-12-02 14:52:30 2011-12-02 15:52:38
    104 2011-12-02 17:53:11 2011-12-02 18:53:19
    114 2011-12-02 18:53:25 2011-12-02 19:53:33
    152 2011-12-02 19:53:38 2011-12-02 20:53:47

    Also, Amarillo, TX has been very hot all last week with readings over 500 CPM.

    Give some credence to our learning curve around how the jet stream is all we have to use and watch for the potential of greater amounts of fallout if we are under it and there are rains or snow bringing it down.

    What is blatant and sad is Amarillo, TX and all those states like where dutchsense lives is they are all downwind of the Los Alamos area that is still putting out massive amounts of radiations as well as what came in the smoke that went east during the fires.

    There are studies of the increase in cancers and leukemia patients that are down wind of that region. Pretty staggering and pretty darn scary.

    • Texas will be in the midst of a potentially bad plume event by Sunday, Monday. Im keeping an eye on it all weekend, really gonna need some people to check rad levels in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, AZ, NM, and TX and post them here if possible. Please see vid i did earlier…


      Would appreciate your posts if at all possible!
      ichicax4 on youtube

  • Every year, over my bah-humbug objections, a tree is brought into the house and covered with geegaws.

    This one is a live Balsam Fir in a pot, I have no idea where it grew or how long it was under cover (it was in a store).

    Room air tonight was .13 mcSv. The tree’s foliage was .17. The soil in the pot was .22. There would appear to be some contamination of the potting soil. 10 min. avgs.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Hello everyone,

    It snowed last night and is still actually trying to snow now. Maybe an inch or two that is melting fast. It is still way to warm here now (40deg) for snow to really stick, or winter to happen. We always hope for the preverbal White Christmas here so we shall see what comes. Considering that there is still grass, dandelions, and some mints growing, it is a mighty unique situation indeed.

    So, what is getting under our skin here is this map showing the dispersion from fukushima still spewing radiation into the atmosphere. As if we did not already know this, but it hits home again here.

    We must watch the jet stream maps and epa site closely this coming week and do all the researching we can to get as many measurements as possible like eyechix is also saying here. Please everyone, do all you can to help collate weather and radiation data here on the citizens radiation monitoring network.

    How dang sad that it stops showing us where it is going just over the Pacific. No dispersion or plume maps over the north american continent, but then they pick it up again over in Europe. How does it feel america to be considered low class citizens and be denied the truth that everyone else in the world is being given? You pay your taxes for protection and get a police state. You pay for the measuring services and get nothing in return.

    These supposed chicken-crapo scientists in this country that can do these dispersion and plume maps should all be taken out and shot at dawn for the crime of covering up this huge catastrophe. Start with all the NOAA slime. It is unthinkable that we have so many supposed scientists in this country and all they are is a bunch of useless hacks kow-towing to the agenda of more govt COVER-UP and corruption. This is a crime of the highest magnitude committed against the people of this country and only a few really care. It is down right despicable and horrific that we are not…

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      So back to this map. Just wondering if this is right or not. It says 1500, 500, and 10 m that I am interpreting as altitude in meters. A quick check reveals that 1500 meters is just under a mile high. Colorado is about a mile high. And 10 meters? That would be a fog of highly radioactive gases floating on the ocean surface? And no one sees or detects this? Something is not right.

      The ongoing testing of the theory that we can use the jet stream forecasts to roughly gauge where this poisonous toxic radioactive contamination is going seems to be working well. So far, we are seeing some corroborations of this theory and some who are employing the structure into videos and making good points to consider in their local reports and observations. Kudos. Thank you all for your diligent works and additions to the jet-stream radiation tracking experiment. We need more data to prove the theory.

      You want to see Chinas HAARP in action? Notice the quick turn around of the winds over japan in this last 24 hours and how fast the wind is blowing this contamination into the jet stream and on over into the Pacific to america.

      • James Tekton James Tekton


        America, your days of freedom and peaceful existence are almost over. You have voted for and will receive the “change” into a police state hell and eventual emergence into more world war that we will lose. You asked for it america. Apathy and complacency is a vote FOR this agenda now. The continued following and belief of the blabber mouths on lame stream media and talk shows is your own doom slapping you hard in the face and still, the land of the free and former home of the brave does nothing to save itself. It is as pitifully sickening as it is to watch the people in japan smile and do absolutely nothing to stop their eventual demise also.

        This is what you all wanted so badly? The high level of ignorance and apathy have sealed the deal on the holocaust that is coming to america. These corrupted slime bags in govt have effectively declared war on EVERYONE in the entire world. These zionist pigs and their bankster overlords. Your doing nothing about the corruption and cover-up’s of this truth is another death knell for your country and ways of life. Ignorance is the greatest sin against Creation.

        The one and ONLY ONE chance you all have to continue existing in some form of a free country is to GET RID OF THE BANKSTER PUPPET sotero/obama and ALL the corrupted israelli shill senate toads and congress critters NOW!! If you ALL do not do that immediately you will live to regret reading this and NOT doing anything to save your own futures, as well as the futures of your children.

        The time is nigh and the radioactive storms are approaching. The war drums for isreal’s gain are beating and the lame stream media are drumming you and your children off to more war. What are you going to do america? Be free, or continue to be a slave. Live…or die…this is your brain on radiation.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    cont from first part here.

    It is down right despicable and horrific that we are not being given a dispersion map or proper and real readings from this govt like they get in japan and Europe. It is a sign of societal collapse when the truth is so well obscured and covered up for profits and gain. Stop paying anything to this corrupted govt and pull out of all banks and the whole dam system NOW if you can.

    Admin. Sure is hard to express what can be said here when there is such a limitation on words making these longer self written posts hard to communicate to the group in the shortened bursts.

    Is anyone else having difficulty with this?

    • PayAttention

      @ James go to page 1 of the discussion forum and read Beau Bendquist’s posts on his radiation dispersion maps

      he is answering questions and you can request a radiation dispersion map of an area !

    • James Tekton

      I agree with you and appreciate that you posted these thoughts!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      JT & Admin; In a rare short post coming from me(lol)-I’ll just say that I concur on all points made & would add that they were very eloquently put out here on my favorite place to be when a dose of reality & logical thoughts are needed most 🙂 …and it’s much appreciated by myself & the other good folks here who I hope will grow in both wisdom & numbers as I’d hope would happen when the general public gets sick & tired of being spoon-fed bullshit!(with an emphasis on “tired” rather than “sick”! 😐 ) ~PEACE~

  • I have been hiking the west slopes of the North Cascade Mountains all last year. Only got geiger counter a couple weeks ago, so it was suggested I check the air filter to see what radiation I might have driven through. Results: 20 – 40 CPM. Not as bad as I feared. This is Whatcom County, west slopes of Cascades.

    • hamster,
      Good news, … maybe, all it takes is one in the lungs !

      Just be happy and you’ll be OK says the wise dr. in Japan !

    • Corvallis radnet station has just spiked above 150 CPM Beta; this is in line with fast Pacific winds and flashing FD#1 lights.

      Their graph looks a bit suspicious. It took a dive in quite rainy weather — almost off the chart, after three months of steady climb. Then no readings for a few days, then a slow climbout at a much diminshed rate, as if it had been deliberately recalibrated. OTOH, my own SOEKS mcSv readings, fifty miles south of there, have been pretty consistent and relatively low anyway, a 3-month climb from .10 to .20 mcSv, more or less. .30 about 2000 feet higher up. OMMV.

      • Risabee

        I am convinced the levels reported by radnet are now very much manipulated.

        The charts show straight lines and strange “bottom” readings that cannot be real.

        I think a few places are still reporting relatively accurately, e.g., North Dakota, but I’ve noticed that whenever I post data on my blog about high Phoenix readings they suddenly drop radically the next day.

        This could be coincidence, I grant that.

        However, there is no doubt that Enenews is being monitored and that the desire to avoid “any level of panic” will overwhelm concerns for public health exposure.

        There is something terribly macabre about this looking glass world where dire dangers loom yet are impossible to distinguish from mirrored projections…

  • john lh john lh

    Shanghai, China

    Most of the places show reading 0.8-0.11 uSv/hr.

    Railway station: 12-15 uSv/hr.

    But it seems that the radiation is flow in air… Most of the places can get this readings up to 14,15.

    It is about 100 km from Qinshan Nuclear plant in Zhejinag Prov. and not too far from Japan.


    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello John lh,

      Always good to see you share your thoughts and info here. Thank you very much.

      So, is this 12-15 uSv/hr or .12-.15 uSv/hr?

      If it is 12-15 uSv/hr then that is a very high. Please do all you can to protect yourself and your families.

      Thanks again for your good works.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Hello HG,

    Been missing your input.

    Are you OK there?

    Here is a bro in Holland. Maybe you can hook up with him.

    And is WCG out there taking measurements still?

    What happened to everyone inputting data here?


    • HamburgGeiger

      Hi James Tekton,

      I`m okay but nothing unusual to report here in Hamburg, Germany.

      I hope everybody noticed that my “radiation waves” were distortions from my navigation system. It has an online connection and transmits from time to time. I checked that after emailing with the manufacturer of my geiger, and I found nothing. But the next day it became obvious that the navi sometimes make the geiger go nuts.

      Btw, I posted a link to two or three times but I do not see you all posting your measurements there. Why? We always wanted a worldwide map to show our findings. There it is. Just register and login.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Checking in from Durango, Co with snow readings.

    Today, it was snowing most of the night and morning. It stopped mid-afternoon. Got about six inches total.

    Here under partially cloudy skies it is 31 degrees outside. This is a video of the counts in uSv and then a picture of the CPM. The highest reading we saw was .395 uSv in the freshly falling snow. It seemed to be slightly raising.:

    After a ten minute total count in the snow, we got 96 CPM.:

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    Haven’t been testing much lately, but I got out today to do it. Got a high of 0.46 mcSV per hour from my bike ride.

    Then I tested a soil sample from the bay where the water has receded lately…0.37 and then 0.42 mcSV per hour. All high…

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello WCG,

      Nice to hear from you.

      Not sure what happened to all the counters here. Maybe they all gave up or something?

      Amazing that your readings are so much higher than ours are here. You can see that even though the reading is double what it is normally here, which is just at .200 uSv and below, our higher reading of .395 uSv is still lower than what your average readings are. I wish you could do counts per minute so we could get a better comparison. Were you still considering buying another counter? If you do, get an Inspector Alert. It will be worth it in the long run.

      Peaceful wishes from winter wonderland. 🙂

    • Bobby1

      I wonder if different brands of counters are affected by beta radiation differently. The iodine, strontium, and tellurium isotopes which are no doubt here are all primarily beta emitters. Cesium, while mostly gamma, also has a strong beta component. I don’t know if there’s a way to isolate beta from gamma with these Geiger counters.

  • arclight arclight

    Not sure what happened to all the counters here. Maybe they all gave up or something?

    ahem! you know that lovely pristine patch on the eurdep site all over england? not so pristine any more! got the soeks and working on the upgrade!

    in microsieverts only for now! 🙁

    2.00 am 10 minute reading averaging at 0.16 microsieverts/h

    during course of day average 0.13 nicrosieverts/hr

    peak at 11.30pm in balham south london 0.18 microsievert/hr to 0.23 microsievert/h

    winds blowing directly from the west (usa) according to

    reading from eurdep gatwick

    shows 120nSv/hr earlier rising to about 130 nSv/hr

    hows that work then?? nSv/hr against microsievert/hr ?

    looks like the the gammas back in town!

    peace.. keep you posted

  • Wheever Wheever

    Southern VT, 12am est; dry with an East wind (VT Yankee is about 50 miles east.)

    .16-.20 µSv/hr

    This seems hotter than usual. Usually at night I’ll read .08-.12 µSv/hr. The jet stream is right overhead, so perhaps that explains it?

    Take care, all.

  • arclight arclight

    think im gonna puke…

    i switched my gieger on and it was gently ticking away at 0.11 microsievrt/hr for about half an hourand then just now it had a peak of 0.55 microsievrts/hr over about two minutes and is now slowly returned to 0.11 microsieverts/hr after another three minutes or so! what have i been missing?? winds from usa!

    • HamburgGeiger

      Hi arclight,

      my “radiation waves” were distortions from my TomTom navigation system. It transmits from time to time like a mobile phone. Are you 100% sure there was no mobile or something like it near the geiger at that time?

  • Au Au

    New snow came in the night in southern MI. It is cloudy and not snowing now.
    Snow sample total count 350 in ten minutes =
    .11-.15 µSv/hr
    We are directly in the middle of the jetstream now.

    @arc – yay! for you got a new GC but, boo for .55µSv/hr. Nov. 27 was the last time I got a µSv reading close to yours (.56). How long, on an average, does it take for our midwest wind to get to you? There’s no way it could take 10 days so I am thinking it is something local going on there UNLESS there a NPP on the east coast belching out radiation.

    • arclight arclight

      hi au! just got in! driven all over london and the reading is the same all over…

      0.11 to 0.15 microsieverts/hr

      1 period of low to 0.04 and three highs
      0.25 0.33 and 0.45 microsievrt/hr dueing the course of the day

      most poular hit was

      0.13 mcsievert/hr over 8 hours normal background would be about 0.04 mcsievert to 0.15 mcsievert.. the average or most hits should be well below 0.01 mcsievert! merde! whats with the highs? cesium or iodine? only radon in st austell managed this hieght! no source of radon that large in london!! iodine never caused the gieger to go that high so frequently? and the reading in gatwick on the eurdep map is measured in nano sievert per hour?? ?? how does eurdep measure?? what is a nanosievert

      0.01 nsievert/hr = 0.00001 mcsievert/hr are they measuring in a hepa filtered building??

      goes off to buy some more batteries! 🙁


    Okay…my readings are really weird. Opinions would be welcome from anyone with a good idea.


    Weather – Overcast, Light-Medium Rainfall, 62-65 F

    3:05pm – .011uSv/hr 5 min reading
    -Driving down the road holding the bagged wand out the window for about 5 miles at 35 to 45 mph.

    3:35pm – .017uSv/hr 5 min reading

    3:49pm – .137uSv/hr 5 min reading
    -This is next to 2 phone chargers and 2 computers. Could be our radon levels are up, but the wand is bagged, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

    Anyone care to share their thoughts? I am a bit surprised by them. They are by far the lowest that I have taken outdoors. The inside readings are pretty average, since I stated measuring.

    3:40pm – .


      I just checked and the jet stream isn’t going to hit me until tomorrow. Would that somehow bring my readings down that much?

    • Bobby1

      The NCEP jet stream map shows that the mid-Atlantic region is under the influence of the southern jet stream flow. That’s why the temp is mild. The northern branch comes in tomorrow. Apparently most of the radiation is in the northern branch.

      • alasanon

        ahhh, that makes some sense. Sometimes it seems, dare I say, “pleasant” when the Jet is right there? But, usually, as in now, not so much. :/

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello LM,’

      Yes, it could be radon as it is pretty rampant all over the country. I wish our readings were as low as yours but we live in a medium high area for radon.
      (Rotate clockwise)

      May I suggest you keep records and begin to gather your data for comparisons in the future. It is hard to say where and what this beast will do next. All we can do is continue to remain vigilant and take notes to share with others doing the same here. Sooner or later we will get a good consensus going.

      We narrowly missed the last jet stream passage as it sort of miraculously broke up and went to both side of our area. Our readings went up during the snow fall, but we seem to have missed the most part of this last wave.

      Still watching closely as the radioactive fallout is coming down and growing worse daily. It is good to see folks latching on to our only way of getting some kind of warning system going since our govt is not doing it’s job of protecting the american people. I elaborate on it more and share the good work of our sister ichicax4 is doing below. I invited her to come over and post this video, but have not see any posting from her yet so here it is again.

      Have not seen anything from Hamburg Geiger either. Is he OK? Lets hope so and send good wishes.

  • LapeerKate

    Hi all. Sorry the post of my readings is a day behind. I did the last reading late last night and no time to post until now.
    Rained all day in the Detroit area and then turned to snow about 3:30pm.
    My background level was 39.9cpm
    4:14pm I scanned a rain swipe over 28 minutes which averaged 143.4 cpm.
    Not encouraging to say the least.
    9:50pm did a quick scan of the snow on the ground, which was about 1″, and got 118 cpm, but not sure if it was the snow or the rain soaked ground underneath.
    10:00pm rescanned the rain swipe which still averaged 134 cpm.
    5:15pm rescanned the rain swipe from yesterday and down to 50 cpm.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello all,

      Posted this on another thread, but it should have been put here also. Check it out.

      Howdy hey!

      “And then if it just hits it right and if theres enough water and enough molten core you’re going to have a pretty powerful steam explosion so yet more catastrophic radiaoctivity releases in a great big hurry.”

      So, what we have been saying here since how long?

      All we can do is watch this closely. There on the ground they will know when it is getting close. Unfortunately, we all will not know until it pop-goes-the-weasel and spews out in a maybe not as violent way as the large hydrogen explosion, but it will put out lots and lots of greater than it is already amounts of radioactive poisonous contamination that WILL hit the jet stream.

      We all must remain vigilant and watch this closely. Please check in with your weather and counter readings on the permanent Radiation Monitoring thread.

      When it does react or goes off, we will then have to all get together and do the team-enenews analyzations to guesstimate when it will hit us using the models we have developed around how many days it takes to get here, and where it is in the jet stream at the time it waves over our locations planet wide. Check out how our Good Sister ichicax4 here is applying the team-enenews science.:

      We will all have to duck and hide WHEN it does that and what is not being discussed is, IF this does start a phreatic expulsion of “steam” that is radioactive and does not stop, are YOU prepared to retreat and take cover for an undetermined amount of time?

      Please then, keep preparing for the worst, and hope and pray for the best. Live in the fullness of every day wrapped in self-created quality time. As is being more and more confirmed, this will pop off eventually. The horror is in realizing it could be times three or more?

    • Au Au

      The rain must have brought down the 200 Gross Beta Count and Gamma count as it is quite low now.

      Then it snowed and the snow was pretty clean (35). I got my snow sample from off the wood deck that allows rain to drip down between the boards and, also, it was the morning snow, and if the count had been higher during the night and previous evening, it could have degraded.

      Interesting that the rain sample reading hardly went down after 4 hours and 45 minutes. If it was radon it would have been back to normal background reading within that time. We might be looking at some other particle.

  • manontherun111

    Super high readings in london Ontario today..

    .45 micro/h… that is 3 times more then what i was getting last month… ill bet its from all this rain/

    • Bobby1

      Your London, Ontario readings are comparable to those in Ibaraki prefecture.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hello MOTR111,

      It would appear that you folks up in Canada are getting hammered hard. No wonder that the canadian govt is not telling folks up there how bad it is.

      Actually, every spot on earth will be hit with these waves of radiation and there is no escape unless the fukushima disaster is completely stopped.

      One day at a time.

  • HamburgGeiger


    Hamburg, Germany here. Still under the jetstream.

    Background is between 0,08 and 0,14 uSv/h today. I had to go into the rain today. Hate it and try to avoid it these days. My wet hair and my wet jacket measure 0,16 uSv/h. A 10-minute-count on the jacket for alpha, beta and gamma shows 25 cpm. Background is 22 oder 23 cpm as always.

    Going to take a shower now. 😉

  • Human0815

    Tokyo-Setagaya Ward

    by Radex 1706

    5min for First Floor Balcony
    10cm above the Ground


    My second lowest since the beginning
    of the F`Shima Crisis!


    ISI Model GCA-04W

    Weather: Light Mist – Medium Rain, Complete Cloud Coverage, 55 F

    5 minute reading from back patio.
    3 feet from ground
    .183 uSv/hr

    5 minute reading from basement
    2 feet from floor
    .155 uSv/hr
    I guess the jet stream is here today.

  • Wheever Wheever

    Southern Vermont 11am, est. Raining moderately hard, snow on the way. Southern limb of Jet stream still in control, will change tonight, when a winter storm hits us.

    Interior: ~.13µSv

    Exterior: .15-.17µSv

    Rain tray: .19-.26µSv

    I’m scared about the storm, when the northern Jet stream hits us. I will be monitoring frequently. I’ll keep you updated.

  • Wheever Wheever

    I’ve made an interesting discovery about my Soeks: it is strongly affected by electromagnetic fields, and/or Christmas lights give off radiation. (That last was a joke.)

    Last night as I was preparing for measurements, it was showing .18-25µSv in places in the house and on the porch it usually shows .10-.14 at night. I had a bit of a freak out, thinking that it was because of the jet stream and the snow. But when I got outside to check the snow itself, it was solidly at .13µSv. Not budging.

    So I thought about it a bit, and realized that the christmas lights in the living room were still on–and we have LOTS of lights in the living room. I went and turned them off, and all the house readings dropped by .05-.07µSv!

    I’ve also noticed that when I’m doing my night readings, when the motion-sensor outside lights come on, the Soeks will show a SPIKE to around .35µSV, and dump its confidence buffer, then everything will drop to normal.

    So, for everyone’s info, maybe it’s just the Soeks, but keep this in mind when doing readings.

    And another note: I keep hearing that “snow is 5x as radioactive as rain” but yesterday, even though the snow was brought by what should have been the hotter northern limb of the jet stream, the snow was roughly HALF as radioactive as my earlier rain measurements.

    Food for thought?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      JT posted this video that I found very helpful. The jet stream didn’t in her bideo quite reach Denver:

      JET STREAM FALLOUT CHANGE 12.4.-12.8.2011

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Good morning Wheever,

      You said:

      “I’ve made an interesting discovery about my Soeks: it is strongly affected by electromagnetic fields,…”

      And on the 27th of Nov Craig-123 posted this:

      “An aluminum box would eliminate electrical (EMF) interference as well, but I think that’s best done with a steel box –or a grounded screen enclosure made of ferrous metal (which will admit some beta).”

      And he answered on the 30th above.

      When I read this last week, it spurred me to order a Trifield EMF meter to check the electromagnetic fields in our area.

      It is in today and I have to go get it from the PO. I will post some readings from this measuring tool later tonight.

      • Wheever Wheever

        Hi James,

        Yes, I thought about making a faraday cage or something similar for my Soeks, but really it’s just easier to be mindful of the lights/wiring/whatever when I’m doing measurements. We live out in the middle of nowhere, so there aren’t a lot of EM fields that aren’t generated by appliances and whatnot in our house. One of the benefits of living in the boonies. 😉

  • arclight arclight

    heads up enenewsers! Uk contamination update (unfortunately)
    storm front moved in this morning from the atlantic
    Norway was hit last week by the first one

    today I started to drive to didcot (oxford) from London heathrow initial readings began at 04.30 am GMT

    initially the soeks read 0.08 microsieverts/hr

    after about 10 minutes I got a 0.45 microsievert spike!!
    along the M4 corridor past slough 0.01 mcsieverts/hr

    road to henly and didcot with hilly terrain (up to 160 metres approx.) 0.13 microsieverts/hr with some spikes

    single spike of 0.15 microsieverts/hr around coal fed power station

    on return same values… spikes of up to about 0.3 microsieverts/hr
    London values on return were about 0.01 mcsieverts/hr

    Next reading
    1430 GMT
    0.14 to 0.18 microsievert/hr

    do heavier particulates get blown ahead of the storm?? these high peaks are very strong compared to earlier contamination
    most unhappy !!
    whats in the air?? the universities must know?? eurdep? criirad??

  • arclight arclight

    Strahlenbelastung 0.16 µSv / h
    Datum: 07.12.11 : 17:31 Uhr
    the seven day chart shows peaks following the storm front/edge
    interesting.. two peaks two storms!
    thanks mungo!!

  • arclight arclight

    FR0079 – MONTLUCON – 03 – AGG – GM (France) Lat: 46.3ºN, Long: 2.6ºE, 1 m. Above Ground

    over 200 nSv/hr!! on eurdep map other hot spots listed, including portugal! spain is europes garden!! 🙁

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Hello to all you great folks.

    Blessings and grace.

    Checking in from the Durango, Colorado region with yesterday’s readings because the site was down.

    Readings from 12-7-11.

    Under sunny blue skies. Snow melting fast.

    Interior: 51.5 cpm and .089-.213 uSv/hr.

    Exterior: 60.1 cpm and .101-.254 uSv/hr.

  • Estimating1 Estimating1

    Reporting from NY (mid-state) again; I did a cpm test on yesterdays (december 7th) rain and hood swab (swabbed from daily commuter vehicle). Rain showed no elevated levels at 55 cpm, but the hood swabbing was the status quoe with almost 300 CPM. I usually get a elevated reading when I wipe the hood of my truck and focus the probe on the dirtiest portion of the swab. Accumulation of fallout since the last rain? Local source? Any ideas? Also, please check out this list of nuclear incidents, see if any are near your locality….
    Thanks for any input. Blessings to you too James.

    • Wheever Wheever

      Estimating1, I’m kind of skeptical of the meaningfulness of car swab readings for a couple of reasons:

      First, roads carry a lot of shit–hazardous material, nuclear waste, medical waste, etc. Roads are also made out of all kinds of strange shit, and “road film” is basically particles of asphalt and tire rubber and exhaust, and who knows what’s in any of that.

      Second, the sheet metal of a car has a negative charge, which will tend to *attract* dust particles, and particles of things like thorium and dust that has radon attached to/embedded in it, etc. Cars actually attract radioactivity with that negative charge.

      The net result of running a negatively charged metal plate around over miles and miles of dusty dirty surface is, in my opinion, an elevated radioactivity reading. Especially for people who drive their cars every day.

      I drive my truck maybe once a week, once every other week, and when I’ve done car swipes after rain, it doesn’t really show anything of interest beyond whatever I’m finding in the rain already. Not on the hood, not in the bed, nowhere.

      Anyway, I’m not a physicist or anything, but I find it interesting that most of the really high readings we’re seeing on the internet are from either car swipes or HEPA filters, both things that will tend to concentrate the fallout from Fukushima even further.

      • Bobby1

        It’s a good point. If you’re comparing rain with snow, the rain shouldn’t be from the car top. Maybe get a bowl or glass with a funnel on top, and let the rain fall on it. Dab a paper towel in it to do the reading. Then you can compare rain on the ground with snow on the ground from another measurement, apples to apples.

        The car is collecting rads like a filter.

  • Estimating1 Estimating1

    Good thoughts, I can’t say I disagree. That makes a great case for our vehicles to be some of the best resources we have for determining what particulates are in the atmosphere! Either way, it is on my car! The fact that is present is disturbing. I beleive the concept of checking area of concentration will help us determine if other area of concentration should be monitoer as well, i.e.- dairy (milk, butter and my favorite; ice cream), natural textiles, rain water harvesting, some food products, soil. Beleive me, I hope your proposition is correct and that most of my alarming findings (1300 cpm- yes a car swab) are from natural sources!!! But I need to consider the fact that there is a triple melt down going on and that I may be accumulating small amounts of fallout in the enviroonment around me. As I am not a physacist either, just a engineer, I can’t make those determineation with the means that are avaiable to me. I will take you suggestions and I will start sampling swabs of stationary non metal objects. I greatly appriciate your comment! Thanks.

    • Wheever Wheever

      You’re welcome, Est1. I think it’s important to keep an eye on what’s going on with as little drama and hysteria as possible, trying to be scientific and objective as possible, given the mess we and the whole world are in with Fukushima.

      I didn’t mean road film was from “natural” sources, I said it was from ALL sources, including Fukushima, but all just concentrated unnaturally. Without gamma spectrography we’ll never know what’s in the road film, or where it came from!

      Yes, keep swabbing the car. Can’t hurt, even if it’s scary. but pay more attention to stationary non-metal objects, too. See if there’s a corollary between one finding and another. (I’m betting that you’ll find more of a corollary between how much you drive and how hot your car swabs are.)

      I have a particular plastic tray on my deck that I use as reference. And also, if you want to get scared, check the downspout of your roof gutter. That’s the place I’ve found the highest readings so far.

      Keep us posted and stay safe!

  • Au Au

    New fluffy snow southern MI (from off a wood deck) :
    We are in the jet stream. We are not on the edge of the jet stream.
    Total count over 10 minutes 372=
    37.2 CPM
    µSv/hr .13

    Total Beta Count 65cpm at the moment
    Gamma is climbing a bit.

    Even though most of my readouts are within normal range, I post them so people know, at least, that the snow is not that hot, at least, not at this moment.

  • Finally got Soeks geiger counter today. Shipped from Russia July 22!

    I have no idea why it took so long but it wasn’t the vendors fault except for relying on regular post. So maybe free shipping isn’t the best way to go. Will submit more data when I have more time. .09-.11 mcS in coffee shop. Running shoes I wear in rain seem to have same background radiation. This is good news. More data when I have time. Cool little gadget, better late then never.

    God Bless

  • arclight arclight

    FR2384 – FA0KRS934MA – 50 – SIT – GM (France) Lat: 49.5ºN, Long: 1.7ºW, 2 m. Above Ground

    Shows orange spot on map, right click mouse till you get the hand and left click.. then you get a day spectrograph, use drop down and look at it for a month.. no data except the 9th dec at at 240nSievert/hr or 0.24 microsievert/hr


    The republic of Ireland monitoring.. all spectrographs, when opened to monthly view have a blank space over the last week!! Blatant censorship!!

    United kingdom still looking at them but I concur with the average readings if a 0.01 or 0.02 lower than my readings.. but not taking in to account the crazy quick peaks nor the slow to go peaks… evened out a bit?? Taking into account the sunspot activity like tepco too?? At night? In the winter??

    The uk has a new backround level.. it is 0,11 mcsievert/hr lowest very odd reading 0.08 highest peaks from 0.18 mcsievert (frequent) to 0.42 mcsievert/hr (odd reading) and reasonably frequent short and slow paeks of between 0.2 to 0.32.. none of this is shown on eurdep!!

    Especially eurdep Ireland!! No mention of the three hurricanes I mentioned earlier in the week, the press over here put it this way

    BREEZY NOT FREEZY :/ think the weather specialists have gone to the southern hemisphere!!.. haven’t checked to see if any more are developing… but we are due the last one I saw soon!!

    TOTAL GAMMA PEAK 5th to 6th

    heres the iodine 131 portion of the gamma

    leaves about six out of nine bequerels of what??

    increase in beta radiation


    • arclight arclight

      ….beta what isotope would that represent!! Is that just a beta portion of the gamma stuff?? No idea!!

      Heres the hottest place in norway.. after last years mysterious radiological event shown nicely on the annual chart on the bottom of this link you can see the dip before fukushima to more normal background, then the dip before mercoule..

      and the present shows a slight peak last Saturday when they had the first hurricane and a peak on the ninth when they got hit by hurricane number two (glansing blow) in my kids area they had a couple of hundred ground strikes.. also unusual and by adding two and two together (impossible for a highly trained and professional- physicist unless hes called busby of course), I like the theory that isotopes are in the storm and isotopes are causing the storm!! Japan just bashed Norway… weather wars cool… now im off to play my harp, might have a nice harp larger to go with that, sorry better stop harping on!! 🙂

      Oh and in a warped way eurdep (the scientists with large felt markers that even out the bumpy bits and cover over the gaps!! Should have sent one of them extra large felt marker pens to your colleagues in eire! Shouldn’t you?? Now everyone know theres a bit of a cover up going on!! Ah bejebus boys! Youll have ta cop yourselves on now.. get with the program,!! Big felt thingies no gaps please

      Just saying from a completely amateur, unprofessional physics sort of way! I only have common sense and the ability to read the gieger thingy!! Wait till I get something to test the food!

      Icrp! sorry meant ICRaP!

    • Bobby1

      I was checking twitter, it was a bad nosebleed day in the UK (Friday). Alpha and beta radiation is the big story outside of Japan, gamma is tagging along like the red-headed stepchild.

      • mungo mungo

        hi bobby1, can you give us more info on the nosebleeds?

        • arclight arclight

          i too would be interested to see that!! thanks in advance bobby 🙂

        • Bobby1

          It’s just that when I went on twitter search for nosebleeds, the reports were coming in from the UK every few minutes. It looked bad.

          Somebody who knows how to compile twitter info should correlate it with the jet stream.

      • Nosebleeds in uk vid:
        I am ichicax4 on you tube. Any and all info regarding the nosebleed situation would be much appreciated!

        • Bobby1

          I’ve been watching nosebleed reports on twitter on and off for a few months, and they seem to be correlated with the jet stream position. Nothing scientific, it just seems that way.

          It could be studied scientifically, because it is straightforward to get the jet stream data. Getting the twitter data is harder, plus you need to know the baseline utilization rates etc.

  • Wheever said, Blame the Canadian PO, I think. So weird, I have original Russian post stamp July 22. Also had a Russian tracking number I could use to track on Russian Post web site. Said shipped on July 22 and then said shipped I think a date in October. Someone said it could be Canada Customs in Russia? I don’t really know how all that works so who knows? Conspiracy theory or too much Vodka? Any ideas? Don’t think it was Canada Post, was it Russian Post or customs in Russia? As an aside, I didn’t pay any duty so that was cool.

    Its a cool little gadget, paid just under 300 canadian dollars for it and it came set up for me in English with batteries.

    So I have .06 in my apartment, .10 to .12 on souls of shoes and umbrellas. .12 on heppa filter I have running all the time with one spike of .22. In room with window that has been open for one week and basically door closed to rest of apartment goes up to .10.

    But weird when I put close to open window behind a screen it fluctuated from .04 to a spike of .22. All measurements in mcS.

    Now of course all readings are normal but I’m wondering why the spikes and fluctuations? Could that be minute pockets of man made radiation? I’m thinking if no “extra” radiation in environment shouldn’t the readings remain stable?

    Forgive me I haven’t been following this thread as I have been despondent due to excessive shipping time for my Soeks and couldn’t participate. Maybe these questions have been covered but I don’t want to go through over a thousand posts. Will measuring cell phones damage equipment? I’m curious as to what radiation emits from cell phones as my two rug rats both under three like playing with them and talking to relatives. Also I am guessing plastic bags the thinner the better for accurate readings. If battery indicator showing red does that affect readings or just machine will be dead soon. Any other hints or whatever would be appreciated. More measurements to come. God…

      • arclight arclight

        hi mark
        the fluctuations are normal..

        in the uk for instance 0.04 to 0.15 is considered normal.
        but that is an average measurement.. a basrline average might be 0.01 in thisa caes.. most of the hits will be under 0.1 and maybe the odd 0.15 which will raise the average staitically.. thats why its a big deal when there is a gap like whats found on eurdep in ireland.. its like they want us to find it!!
        if you look at a spectrograh you will see normal ocsillation throughout the day …. unless you are eurdep uk, you get your kid to retrace the spectro with a jumbo marker… and allow 0.03 for sunspot activity at night, think europe is allowing for 0.02 at night, not sure? tepco is alowing for 0,03 microsieverts/hr

        welcome mack to the wacky world of the smoke alarm americium inspector… stand well back!!? 🙂

  • 12:30 !:00 my time, Pacific, Walk around neighborhood, clear cold night, unseasonably dry and cold (-3 c ) for close to Vancouver, New Westminster to be exact if you are familiar with B.C. pretty steady .11 mcS with fluctuations up to .14. Didn’t change over sewer grate, sidewalk caked in frost. Bought 1/8 ounce of pot, Bar .10 to .11, same as outside basically and same as Starbucks taken around 12 hours earlier. Has been dry for a while the acid test will be precipitation. Actually I have a good baseline for dry weather. Is Port Coquitlam in the Far Northern Cascades? I really don’t know where the Rockies start. Will do higher elevations for sure. Anyways back in apartment hallway shows steady .10. On kitchen table, 1/8th in plastic bag, put Soeks such that bottom vents were right over contents meter showed steady .08. This appears to be a constant. Basic apartment .06. However, after smoking, I read .10. during smoking meter fluctuated spiked .16 . I wonder who smokes cigarettes. The Geiger Muller Tube somehow absorbs electrons or something such that the greater the particulate the more electricity powers meter. Now turning hepa filter on ( hasn’t been on for days).
    One room windows closed, New Honeywell cylinder hepa filter running for long periods of time. OK just spiked to .33 now leveling off to .08 .o6. Now 2:00 small joint smoked, air filter on meter levelling off at .06 again. Now cranking filter up to full speed and I will monitor levels. It will be interesting to measure fish. God Bless People

  • Sorry please bear with me I have one other question, do you other SOEKS users get occasional spikes .22 .33? as relative to my normal background, about .10 mcS ? got them outside and in apartment, occasionally. Is this machine of mine sensitive to detect hot particles by the occasional spike or is this just an anomaly of the machine?

  • arclight arclight

    hi! oh i mean high mark! :)”On kitchen table, 1/8th in plastic bag, put Soeks such that bottom vents were right over contents meter showed steady .08. This appears to be a constant. Basic apartment .06. However, after smoking, I read .10. during smoking meter fluctuated spiked .16 ”

    some heavy testing their mark 🙂 LOL!

    to get a reading of food stuffs i read that it had to contain over 500 bequerel/kg i believe

    i got a slightly higher reading of some canadian black cherries and wild mushrooms in uk at he end of the summer pre mercoule i think? no reading of milk but got a slight reading of new zealand butter that i thought was safe! (bought pre gieger 🙁 ouch! used half of it) the english butter was lower! but it could still contain nasties even if you dont have a positive reading.. so common sense says dont chug the milk products! CRIIRAD said in their statement after mercoule that the release MAY not be bad as long as the releases stop! and that the area around any release would be worse hit, dose wise!

    but the air has maintained its post fukushima levels of iodine 131 and i believe now cesium 137 and i strongly suspect a heavy beta emmitter too! going by existing spectrometer eveidence listed above!

    love this thread! love you all you gieger nerds!! keep up the good work! “the truth will out!”
    ps pot in the uk has been found to be clear.. types tested…

    north african hash
    thai weed
    homegrown skunk

    and i tested them with the gieger as well! 🙂 LOL! (test before smoking.. thats where youre going wrong 🙂 )

    • Arclight…as hemp is known for potassium/cesium uptake in soil I have been curious about how many rads may have accumulated from summer outdoor grows. I would recommend at this point all medicinal marijuana users look into growing indoors where air/soil/water can be controlled.
      As a former clinical researcher for NIH and other institutions I have been aware of the numerous studies that prove marijuana not only cures but PREVENTS cancer. I am a registered patient in Michigan and recently discussed this with my doc when I went to get my card renewed. Legalization needs to occur immediately, so that every man, woman, and child can work mmj into their diet. Regardless of one’s feelings about medical marijuana, Fukushima has made this a whole different ballgame. There is ample evidence that marijuana is safe for children…in FACT a large study done in Jamaica showed that not only were babies born to pot-smoking mothers healthier, they actually OUTSCORED the babies of non-potsmoking mothers in EVERY CATEGORY of health and development. True story…google the study, its absolutely astounding.

      • I’m sorry I started the pot thread, as I don’t think this is the place to discuss pot issues. Just tested some as someone said grow lights irradiate product. For the record I am against legalization.
        Daily use will reduce ambition, motivation and slow down your brain.

        • arclight arclight

          mark it is our duty as dosimetists to bold go where no other dosimetrist ahs been! i am sure spock would concur that you have done arthritis etc sufferers everywhere a service and thank you eyechix for invaluable advise on how to minimise the contamination in the evil weed! if plutonium is legal why not pot?

          Daily use of plutonium will reduce ambition, motivation and slow down your brain and your balls!

          easy choice!! 🙂

        • Actually that depends on the amount inhaled or consumed and the THC vs endocannbinoids ratio. The higher the endocannabinoid ratio, the lower the THC (except for Alaskan ice strains which has been hybridized to exhibit both). THC is what causes the lethargy…but as I am permanently disabled from a back injury and was on 13 meds for pain and fibro, a complete zombie…mmj helped me go down to 3 meds and live a much better quality of life.

  • selfsovereign

    Steam generator that doesnt use nuclear fuel, 170% efficiency using a ‘water hammer’ / water cavitation.

    Who here has seen Fenton?

  • Gmouse

    Hi Folks,
    New poster.. I’m a retired physics lab rat, particle research, class II fed rad worker cert. My Rados digital gamma/X-ray dosimter shows 2.2 mr accumulation for last 24 hrs. The post Fuku “normal” is about .2-.3 mr per 24 hrs. I’ve been conducting local survey since 3-20-10. Started a bit late!! I’ve seen 2-4x “background” level before, this is 10-11x “background” level. Time for large iodine dose??Personal countermeasures are now more critical. Old posters…nothing compares 2 U..Thankyou

    • arclight arclight

      hi gmouse! you are very wellcome here! great CV! we are developing this site in responce to unknown releases and known releases… trying to support the evidence as it develops, its been a bit of a learning curve on this thread.. and so much has been happening!
      look forward to your proffesionalism! hope to pick your brains on some matters but am busy ferreting around, as i am want to do! 🙂 but will engage you with some questions when i have a quite moment to think about it meaningfully… hope thats ok??
      are you equiped for food testing? access to a spectograph? worth asking i think? 🙂

    • Gmouse,
      Welcome to our forums, the edges of jet stream currents seem to have higher counts then in the middle, seems your on the edge !

  • Gmouse

    I’m reporting from San Diego Cal.

  • bfly

    Has not rained for a couple of weeks.I brought my inspector to the beach to sample a few pieces of driftwood. The first driftwood sampled was 43.7cpms it was dry and near the mouth of the river. the next was a soggy stick that came in on the high tide. One that you would pick up to throw to a dog.42.7 cpms. for your norcal report.