*Warning – Graphic* Photographer: “My first reaction was I was looking at a different race of people” — Brain outside of skull, kidneys outside of torso — Some doctors feel strongly there will be no more Belarus people in future (VIDEO)

Published: April 26th, 2012 at 7:49 pm ET


Follow-up to: [intlink id=”russian-govt-radio-the-number-of-victims-has-reached-one-million-people-today-consequences-of-chernobyl-meltdown-are-endless-and-uncontrollable” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Title: The Legacy of Chernobyl
Source: The Nation Blog
Author: Laura Flanders
Date: Apr 26, 2012

[…] To get a sense of just what those tens of millions live at risk of, take a look at these photographs by award winning photographer Paul Fusco. Earlier this month I had a the honor of participating in the fourth Schuneman Symposium held at the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. Among the speakers was Fusco, an extraordinary MAGNUM photographer who traveled to the Ukraine to see the legacy of Chernobyl after twenty years. Fusco expected to stay two weeks. He stayed for two months, following parents, children, nurses and cancer patients.

“It changed my life. I couldn’t leave. It was so immense in its implications. There is so much damage to so many people in so many ways…” says Fusco. […]


My first reaction was I was looking at a different race of people because the damage was so incredible.

Part 12

It was like a different race, kids on the floor […] they roll, they slither […] they’re like pack animals

Part 17

Some of the doctors told me they thought there would be no more Belarus people, this would wipe them out. […] They felt it very strongly and they were afraid.

Part 23 & 26

Massive growth outside of body containing kidneys

Part 27

Brain outside of skull

Watch video here

For those unable to view the narrated slideshow at the link above, here is a video version:

Published: April 26th, 2012 at 7:49 pm ET


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74 comments to *Warning – Graphic* Photographer: “My first reaction was I was looking at a different race of people” — Brain outside of skull, kidneys outside of torso — Some doctors feel strongly there will be no more Belarus people in future (VIDEO)

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Within a few years this will be commonplace, in many countries.

    Are the governments going to kill them, like the Japanese do, or allow them to live, like the Ukrainians?

    These are questions that are being discussed right now. Who's going to pay for their medical care? Will there be any medical care, after all the cancer patients break the medical budgets?

    Chernobyl – one exploding NPP, buried under concrete in a couple of weeks, with a million people affected (admitted to).

    Japan – 20 NPPs, 20+ SFPs in various stages of destruction, 3+ cores still melting, no containment, untold amounts of uranium and plutonium aerosolized and spread worldwide, levels increasing exponentially. New, highly lethal compounds spreading, no one knows how far or how long. Earthquakes daily.

    May G-d have mercy on us all.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Exellent summary T.I.S about what to expect.

      A situation where the hospitals are way, way behind capacity ( people dieing in parks, doorways) and no painkillers left combined with an
      emerging "mad max world morality" is not and will not be my cup of thea . At least not when we are not gonne survive anyway.
      Just saying, "enough sleepingpils" might also become hard to get…make sure you are prepared .

      When i'm moody because of the zillion ways we have so very focused on denial clusterfekked ourselfes checkmate, this docu gives me some
      hope for Mother Earth, sort off comforting i find. Earth: Making of a Planet – National Geographic Channel

      I hope she has the ability to remember us next time when she's growing intelligent species from here skin. Let her growing skills evolve and become AVATAR !
      Oeps sry, just dreaming out Loud now. More like a frustrated Dreamshout ?? ^^) about what could have been if the Capitalistic Algoritme (materialisme) did not become the Only operating system for the majority of cultures made out of two legged biological computers that killed the others.

      Earth: Making of a Planet – National Geographic Channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1-F4lxJPo0

      Meanwhile, be glad for every day you are alive in reasonable health , and enjoy peace if you have that luxury. Peace out.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        "Go back to sleep. We have everything under control"
        As they wipe out the human race WITH THE 1 NUCLEAR ACCIDENT TO BEAT THEM ALL. omg. Tweeting and spreading this very important report!

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          And your right DisasterInterpretationDissorder. That is how I AM living. I'm living for the MOMENT, enjoying what little time is left. We're on a course of DESTRUCTION and there's not a god damn thing we can do about it. WHO IS TO BLAME? The LIST GROWS AND GROWS!! ALL GOVERNMENTS FAR AND WIDE!! And to think we PAY OUR GOVERNMENTS TO PROTECT US?!?!? WTF?!?!?
          It leaves one Question with me: HOW THE FUCK CAN THEY LIVE WITH THEMSELVES????

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            One more bitch: the ad's on this site DISGUST ME. I know it's no fault of the Admin. But really, the woman hugging the hell out of her dog?!?! WE ARE TOAST. EVERY LIVING THING WILL BE TOAST SOON. By "soon" I mean in the next few years we ALL will be dying of cancer and other diseases. THE RADIATION POISON WILL TAKE US ALL DOWN SOONER than later.
            WE ARE TOTALLY "GONE".


              Calm down Whoopie. I've seen others that I find equally outrageous but we all know it's a matter of economics. This site does such an invaluable service to the world, we can suffer the minor insults…

            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              We all need to look into our hearts, Whoopie, and find that which brings us bliss. Whether we define that as Happiness, or Contentment, or something else, we need to find Peace within ourselves.

              Helping others, taking time to nurture ourselves, we need to find strength to get through what's coming.

              Learning about children that have found peace with their cancer, and anything that makes me laugh, is a good place to start. Music, good friends, good food, it all helps.

              Just remember that we can't fill someone else's glass from an empty pitcher. We need to keep our batteries charged, that we may be Lights to others.

              • Mica

                Nicely said, TIS. At this point – to quote Ram Dass: –

                "We are all just walking each other home".

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              @Whoopie I know what you mean , i've been to Cuba once to check out Evil Communist Terrorist Dictatorship (US propagand forced upon the world, they are still pissed stealing the slave colony from Spain to fistfek it a litle deeper diddent work as desired) for myself.
              I've rented a car and drove all the way true. I remember driving and wondering why it was so pleasant and calming, after all i've been to other poor but beautifull country's before.
              Then i realized there was no advertising in the landscape, no billboards screaming BUY CRAP !!! LIVE TO CONSUME FOREVER MOAAAR!!!

              This brought me automatically back to a natural state of being where one can focus on life itself and live simply focusses back, that was quit an eyeopener to me.
              I've always tought about advertising as a psychological poison and always zap away when the ad-breaks coming up on the tv.
              But i never realised before how much distracting stress it induce on the brain, even on subconscious levels…
              I'm glad to see there are other persons that are also sensitive to that. :toast:

              But Aftershock is also right , the surviving of Enenews is more important now than the way it is accomplisched in this case.
              Besides , i don't see them here, popup blocker i guess. Peace out.

          • gnomesang gnomesang

            their sociopaths who feel nothing except self preservation. when i first learned how really bad this situation was about a year ago, i thought to myself that the bar scene in the first "star wars" movie might not be so far off into the future…

            of course the real reality will be that those being born needing care will be more and more and those born that are able to do the caregiving will be fewer and further inbetween.

            i know if i focus too much on how angry it all makes me, than it will only make me ill. i try to focus on the work of john hutchinson and the shred of hope his work allows me for the future of humanity.

            i will never buy a GE product again and will do anything i can to see that the san onofre power plant never starts again. (shutting all nuke plants will be a focus of mine.)
            i am disgusted with my generation for allowing this industry to exist, the industry itself is criminal and immoral and the thought of any child having to suffer one bit due to it, is unconscionable.
            shut all the fuckers down.
            crimialize war and criminalize nuclear.

    • These are the horrors we spoke of in March 2011, ..
      The Horrors were coming and the wales of mothers languishing looking onto their dreams becoming nightmares before their eyes in a flash and shock of unbelievable horror and realization !

  • Extensive Chernobyl documentaries with a 10 minute photo essay by Paul Fusco, the man responsible for the black and white photos of Chernobyl children (thank you always, Whoopie, for this find and share of Paul's work)

    Nuclear radiation effects on children and other humans is no joke

    Fukushima vs. Chernobyl Radioactive Fallout

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Facebook will not allow me to post a link to these videos! Are they censoring content now? I can't even post the link from YouTube!

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Can only describe the video title and say it's from YouTube. FB censoring?

        It's interesting to note in Russia they actively monitor the people for radiation exposure, full body exposure, Cesium 137 exposure, etc.

        The "evil empire" taking better care of its own people than the U.S. and other countries affected by Chernobyl and Fukushima?

        • snowwy snowwy

          either that or they do just the monitoring better

        • Chelsea_

          That's been a sticking point with me since this disaster happened.

          The USSR responded to and promptly got to work on Chernobyl in *1986*, and it's taking over a year now just to get a sense of what's actually happening in Japan! Something is wrong with this picture. My respect for Gorbachev has gone up significantly since the Fukushima accident.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        This just tells us who Facebook reports to.

        Don't they have an IPO coming? What Wall St. firm is handling that?

        Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.


        If you value truth, Facebook ain't the place.

      • gnomesang gnomesang

        i can only post to my own wall, facebook sucks that is why i only use it to post things that will piss them off.

  • stopnp stopnp

    In Gorbachev's memoirs he attributes the Chernobyl disaster to the end of the economy in the Ukraine . Wtf does that say for nuclear power? That was one accident.

  • captndano captndano

    It's nearly impossible to view through the gushing tears it brings to the eyes….


      @captndano: I agree. Sitting here in my office with headphones on, watching this; fighting back against tears.

      Every day I become more enraged by what's transpired over these many-many years. I know the only path to salvation is through forgiving; forgiving those who brought about this nightmare and forgiving myself, for having been indifferent to it for-far too long. We need to be as loving as those who have the courage and strength face these children every day.

      Laura Flanders and Paul Fusco have done a wonderful service to all of humanity. Blessings upon them and theirs…

        In one of the seven videos I posted the other day, there were children being shown brought to the people there to help, the children had feet rotting from what appeared to be gangrenes and other types of rot on parts of these children's feet/hand/bodies possibly from lack of care or being frozen !
        As many children that have good care takers, I AM SURE that there are many more that the Russian authorities DO NOT WANT TO COME TO LIGHT !
        The horrors are many children are dieing horrid deaths for lack of care I would think !


          @xdrfox: suspected as much from their government; for that matter, any government facing such numbers. I'll have an impossible time hunting-down the link(s) you're referring to. Could you repost it? I'd like to push that one out with the others aigeezer and dodge put-up…

          • AFTERSHOCK,

            The Children Beyond Chernobyl, Part 2/7


            This is very disturbing to that it shows more then anyone can imagine, and it happens every day, but worse, the children are bearing this each day, were as you only May/have to LQQK !!!!


              @xdrfox: thanks. I'll preview it first before pushing out to others. Some of the people in my mailing list may not have the stomach for this material…

              • AFTERSHOCK,
                As bad as some of the children shown here are, I am sure there are sooooo many never will be seen by outsiders and will die in horrid misery !

                : |


                  @xdrfox: seeing the images of the young girl who went dancing in the 'black' rain was enough. This was once a perfectly healthy child who had to pay the price for our collective stupidity. Reminds of the eternal question, "When will we ever learn?"


                @xdrfox: well, I had to stop watching it after the first two minutes. I'm going to attempt the courage to continue later on. Right now, I can't muster the psychic strength to look upon these horrors. I should have prepared myself better with your words of warning…

              • gnomesang gnomesang

                aftershock, their probably the ones that need to see it most.

            • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

              Seldom do I physically recoil even though I have braced myself because I know I may see something horrible.

              All I can think of now is that I don't want any part of nuclear power. I want off the grid. I just can't be a party to this horror anymore.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    I am glad that the pics are not showing because i block all ip's except the main ip's of sites.. Probably horrible pictures. I watched some Chernobyl stuff and saw pictures i will never forget. Terrible that the world is lead by evil.


      @lacsap: "…world is lead by evil." is a misnomer. The world's not being led by evil. It's suffering under the yoke of ignorance. The concept of evil is nebulous and as such, impossible to dispel. On the other hand, ignorance is something we can all (including those we'd deem 'evil') work towards reducing…

      • Bobby1

        Aftershock, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hos 4:6). Willful ignorance on the part of leaders is an aspect of the evil.


          @Bobby1: not being one for biblical references, I appreciate how you've inadvertently supported my position…

          • Bobby1

            Aftershock, nothing inadvertent about it… but some people choose to be ignorant, and some try to keep others ignorant. The nuke industry, politicians and media, are not only covering their eyes and ears, like the monkeys doing the "see no evil, hear no evil" thing, they're doing their best to keep everyone ignorant of the dangers of radiation, and the rape of the earth for profit.


              @Bobby1: so, to avoid beating each other to death over semantics, let's agree that it's – really – about ignorance.

              Coloring others as being 'evil' allows them to avoid the truth (facts) of a matter. Not knowing the facts (truth) is essential to being ignorant.

              There are many good souls in this world who simply don't know the truth of these issues. They are simply ignorant.

              As stated long ago, those who may sit next to you in worship, may themselves be unwittingly involved in a host of 'evil' technologies or services. They simply don't know the truth.

              As to those who intentionally hide the truth? Concern yourself less with their actions and more with exposing others to the truth (facts) of their actions.

              If only out of self-interest, we will all eventually find common ground. The collage of images captured by Paul Fusco speaks volumes to the reality (truth/facts) of nuclear technologies.

              Regardless what goddess or god you dedicate your soul to, it is your obligation to bring forth the truth. That is the purported goal of this anti-nuclear movement. It's not about hauling others to the nearest lamp-post. It is about bringing forth a genuine condition of love and peace within this world. It's likely we may never get to such ideal conditions, but only through such effort will we find a tolerable future…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hi Aftershock, just a comment. Evil is willful, harmful intent. But I agree with Bobby1's statement about people being destroyed by a lack of knowledge. My interpretation of the evil part, anyway.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        One very ancient definition of Evil is: "Imposing one's Will over another".

        Laws were developed to protect us from this. Basically, you can do what you want to yourself, just don't involve anyone else without their permission. This is the idea of 'common law', versus 'victimless crime law', whereby people have decided to pass laws that interfere with your personal rights.

        Things have changed significantly over the centuries, but this is pretty much where it all started.

        Now, today, who wants to impose their Will over us?


          @Time Is Short: now this is a logical definition. Thanks for jump'n in!

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Time Is Short, I find myself leaning strongly in that direction the older I get. I regret that fringe adherents always seem to sabotage the basic elegant concept though.

          For example, here is a century-old list that starts off delightfully, then goes terribly wrong (I think): "For each person, these include the right to: live by one's own law; live in the way that one wills to do; work, play, and rest as one will; die when and how one will; eat and drink what one will; live where one will; move about the earth as one will; think, speak, write, draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build, and dress as one will; love when, where and with whom one will; and kill those who would thwart these rights."


          Once a good idea gets the trappings of a "movement" it can get pretty weird (like all movements).

          I used to delight in probing the moral dilemmas arising from such concepts, for example:

          Masochist: "Beat me, please beat me."
          Sadist: "No way. I refuse. Muhahaha."

          But these days my metaphysical orientation doesn't go much beyond "Hell is other people", which is a variant of your theme.

        • "Laws were developed to protect us from this."

          They passed new laws taking all those laws away a long time ago, in favor of … Corporate Laws now ruling the America people !

  • It's hard to watch, yes, but there is more to learn, the fire burns, we shouldn't play with it, because it burns many and far beyond our time and space !

  • StillJill StillJill

    I'm feeling tonight,….that we really turned the page! It feels like the cat is at last almost out of the bag. Yet,….I sure don't feel like, 'rolling over and lighting up',…you know what I mean? 🙁


      You're wonderful Jill. If we're heading into Hell (and I fear we are), I want you at my side. At least I'll get a chuckle now-and-then…

      • StillJill StillJill

        Thanks AFTERSHOCK,….thought I was all alone out here again. 🙂
        You've got it,…there's room in my bunker! Gallows humor will be served up daily! 🙂

  • The Blue Light.

    Einstein: 'Nuclear energy is a hell of a way to boil water'.
    Ain't that the truth.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    You can see Fusco's Chernobyl still image slideshow here:


    They will haunt you.


      thanks aigeezer. I was looking for this link. I want to push this out to everyone today.

      I'm also thinking, these images would be perfect for anti-nuke posters/placards. I'd have to secure permission from Fusco before doing so.

      Something like "GE…Brings Good Things to Life!" would fit perfectly at the bottom of any of these images. I know GE had little to do with Chernobyl, but that doesn't absolve them for their part in this latest catastrophe. Of course, we can wait a bit for the horror show that's about to unveil itself throughout Japan and the world…

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Good idea, AFTERSHOCK. Your comment got me thinking that the Internet slideshow could also be shown to groups or used as an email sig link without getting special permission.

        I hope your poster/placard idea catches on everywhere.

        Yesterday, in my media zone, the Chernobyl anniversary was marked with a single brief scroll item on one channel – nothing else.


          @aigeezer: in truth, over the last two decades, my life's been one of deep subservience to the 'machine'. Though I knew of Chernobyl, I didn't fully grasp its significance until Fukushima. That's one of the reasons I hang my head in shame; not apprising myself and others to the dangers of nuclear power. Don't misunderstand. I go way back and know all-too-well what this technology's (nuclear) about. I simply got sidetracked in pursuit of my own survival. It is such self-centered behavior that got us all here and why we're only seeing passing mention of Chernobyl, these days. We are a sad bunch…

  • dodge

    Some of us watched this a year ago, you just can't forget the images. There are terrible birth defects, all around the world, often difficult to determine cause. The concentration shown in these photo's is astounding. Tragically, the astounding thing about this is that there is "normal life" continuing in the region, and that the availability of stories and photo's like this dose little to bring this to the attention of the world. People have an amazing ability to ignore what they don't see as directly affecting them personally. It's likely that from this time forward, there will always be a __ number of people affected with dramatic symptoms like this. Strange that these people fall into the category of "acceptable risk".


      @dodge: you are correct in highlighting how we're all deemed to be expendable. What I would differ with is your take that "People . . . ignore what they don't see as directly affecting them personally." Poverty is the determining factor. Those who had the means left this region long ago…

  • dodge

    This republishing of this story is our opportunity. follow the below link back to the Nation, and carefully respond. Do so in a way to attempt to draw response from people not yet aware or fully committed to following this story. Let's see if it is possible to be a bright light which helps show the truth, without being a blinding light shining in a person's eyes causing them to shut their eyes and minds to the truth.


  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    The new normal. If you have X amount of radiopoisons in the air, better up the safe limit to 2X. When the level goes up to 4X, just increase the new safe limit to 8X, etc. Worked great when Japanese government did it. Begin a "Support By Eating!" campaign, run a beauty contest. Sick, sad world!

    TEPCO job opening: Bagman, to deliver cash to Japanese Government officials. Full time, permanent position.

    • StillJill StillJill

      PUN,…that is decidedly funny as hell!
      You could write for Jon Steward, or Corbert.

      Too bad the material is only (sickeningly) true!

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    AFTERSHOCK I want to thank you for your thoughtful insights into the condition we all find ourselves in right now. You give me reason to live. If there is one thoughtful person it stands to reason that there may be more. There are times when I am beyond my depth to deal with the truth I am aware of. Yet I know that being aware is not enough. It's people like you and quite a few others on this site that keep me going, that help me understand that mankind was not a wasted effort, maybe a failed effort but not wasted. It is a learning process and that can be risky. I am thankful to be here at this time and to be able to participate in any way I can to perpetuate life and learning on this planet, my home and the mother of all live that I am personally aware of. Take care and love to you all……..


  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Life is what I meant to say…………….


  • Chelsea_

    I've seen these photos quite a few times; I've long been desensitized to them. But the fear of "there will be no Belarusian people" is false. There are still plenty.

    Other than that, I'll repeat what I said above… I do not understand how the 'evil' USSR got right to it and cleaned up their mess as soon as they possibly could in freakin' 1886 (!!!), and Japan is taking over a year just to analyze the damn situation.


      @Chelsea_: couple of things. Though the Russians were hesitant at first, they did go full-bore in getting things under control. As to the results of that effort? We'll likely never know just how effective they were. They were fortunate in one respect, being the geographic location of the Chernobyl facility and relative isolation.

      The Japanese are experiencing a different story. Strong geo-political coupling with the USA may be one reason for the ongoing incompetence. Think who and from where this technology was primarily acquired and you'll want to consider that it is the US government itself, that may be influencing the strategy and responses to this catastrophe. This is only conjecture but it must be factored into the analysis. Just keep in mind the initial response of our military and subsequent withdrawal. If the US government knew the extent of damage (and we now know they did from day one), would they now be standing around with their hands in their pockets? Not unless they were being directed so.




        Regarding the impotent response to Fukushima:

        Another is that Japan is heavily inundated with organized crime (Yakuza). Something that we would see as anomalous, they see as natural to their social structure. Though this is a reality and irrefutable cause behind their incompetence, it is another factor.

        Finally, (what may be obvious to the enenews crowd) is the extent of the damage and the harrowing logistics that are being presented to the world. Put another way, I simply don't think the Japanese are provisioned to handle this catastrophe. Put all of the above together and you end-up with a lot of hand wringing..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    In my personal correspondences..those in which..I try to say a thing or two in haste..as always.
    After… a brief synopsis of the ongoing situation at Fukushima.and just before..I get the response..something about.."great cause"..and "oh, well..what can we do about it"..
    I post them pictures of the Children of Chernobyl.
    The Children of Fukushima do not deserve this.
    THIS is the point of contention.
    We fight the good fight.

  • glowfus

    slideshow or sideshow? pershaps a duality of deformities. damn it. and all because a half dozen or so technicians,,,,

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      And designers, and contractors, and politicians, and the bankers that run it all.

      Missed a few.

  • howardtlewisiii

    Extensive, detailed data collecting and analysis established that birth defects are induced by even low levels of radiation over just a few years' time. The U.S. government confirmed Dr. Linus Pauling's truth in data collecting and analysis back in the 1960s.

    Certain jive-ass punk U.S. Presidents have seen fit to cast aside decency and base animal instincts and inflict this monstrosity on others. A rhesus monkey would not touch nuclear weapons if it knew what they were. your run of the mill satan worshipper would out of amplified narcissism. This group of actual practicing satan worshippers still lurk in the shadows of the Pentagon while congress prances and mewls and worries about their own reelection and convenience and safety.

    The last individual I know to be director of all psychological warfare was an NSA general, friend of Bush41, and head of the "church of satan". You should Yahoo! search 'NSA general' and 'church of satan for the surprise answer and impress your friends. The congressional wussy wagon to FEMA camps should be activated FIRST.


      @howardtlewisiii: you had me right up-until the attempt to spin this into another of the endless battles against 'evil'.

      Can you recall mini-Bush and his rants against the evil ones? Every opportunist in history's feathered his position with claims of righteousness. In fact, other than misguided aberrants running around adorned with Faustian horns, there is no such thing as Satanism. This was but another (of the endless) attempts to smear and marginalize those who were not of the Judeo-Christian ethos. Thinking that we'll somehow join under the banner of 'righteousness' is what got us here!

      Humanity is at the precipice, not in spite of but precisely because of this judgmentalist fervor. We are – all – one in the eyes of the creator…

  • pahldixon pahldixon


  • BringoutYourDead

    I,ve been lurking here for some time. I was pronuc until about one year ago, when I realized that my pronuc stance was based totally on my ignorance of all things nuclear. The photos in the video above are more than one can bear, and I'm just looking at them through a computer screen, those people are living them.
    I just wanted you people to know, YOU are making a difference, even if it's just one person at a time, it counts.


    • arclight arclight

      hi boyd
      and these pics do not represent the larger larger of lesser more obvious disease and disabilities..

      i understand your shock.. covering the forgotten children of chernobyl and the kazahkstan semey peoples has brought me to tears on a number of occasions..

      thank you for your encouraging words..