Press Conference: People were trying to commit suicide aboard USS Reagan during Fukushima mission — Some tried to get off ship — It was living in fear every day, it was horrible (AUDIO)

Published: March 11th, 2013 at 3:01 pm ET


Title: Press conference with US Navy Quartermasters (retired) Maurice Enis and Jaime Plym
Event: The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Date: March 11, 2013 at 1:00p ET

US Navy Quartermasters (retired) Maurice Enis and Jaime Plym who both suffered radiation exposure and subsequent health damage while serving on the USS Ronald Reagan during a Fukushima aid and rescue mission.

At 27:00 in

US Navy Quartermaster (retired) Jamie Plym, USS Ronald Reagan: Like he said, we sometimes are brainwashed into thinking that, ‘Oh everything is fine, they wouldn’t do that to us.’ It’s a weird situation to be in.

US Navy Quartermaster (retired) Maurice Enis, USS Ronald Reagan:  When this was going there was people trying to commit suicide. There was people trying to get off the ship. It was like living in fear every day. It was horrible.

Watch more from the event here (live stream)

Published: March 11th, 2013 at 3:01 pm ET


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15 comments to Press Conference: People were trying to commit suicide aboard USS Reagan during Fukushima mission — Some tried to get off ship — It was living in fear every day, it was horrible (AUDIO)

  • heh. They wouldn't let me in the Airforce or Navy 30 years ago because I'd proven I was capable of killing , myself..
    It's all sh1ts & giggles and maim the foreigner until your own side go turncoat on you…then suddenly there's nowhere to run to..

    • Proton

      It's a easy concept similar to bankruptcy… Dissolve… melt-away… Good-bye… no personal responsibility … blah blah blah wall street takes the hit… we pay more for foreign-made crap…

      Oh, what's that? They have a foreign subsidiary? We're screwed

      All survivors!
      Return to resource-based economy…

        • Proton

          Great link Mack…!


        • WindorSolarPlease

          Thanks Mack for the link.

          Everyone knows that when you join the service, you just might be putting yourself in a high risk situation.

          However, there are always procedures that the high rank officers should enforce, did they?

          The service people, should never be forced/ordered to sign anything, that is not why they are in the service.

          As far as health care, anyone that was in the service who risks their lives, should never be denied health care.

          Instead, Eliminate all pensions and benefits for Senators, Congress people, and Presidents after they leave office.
          They don't need it. Taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill for a lifetime of pension costs for someone who serves a few years in office.

  • Mack Mack

    "Health Effects of Radiation – Findings of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation"

    A few points from the Hiroshima/Nagasaki study:

    * in utero – "correlation between radiation exposure and both mental retardation and microcephaly (small head size)"

    * "growth retardation for survivors who were exposed to the bomb’s radiation in childhood"

    * "Dose-related decreases in school performance and IQ scores"

    * At "about 0.2 Sv there is about a 10 % increase above normal age-specific rates" of cancers

    * "Significant excess risks are seen for many of the major types of cancer, including cancers of the stomach, lung, liver, colon, bladder, breast, ovary, thyroid, and skin."

    * Cancers "about 8% attributable to radiation"

    * "Incidence of radiation-related leukemia peaked at 7– 8 years after exposure"

    * "The risk for leukemia was much higher for those exposed as children than for those exposed as adults."

    * 1 Sv or more: "diarrhea from damage to the intestines, reduced
    blood cell counts and bleeding from damage to bone marrow, hair loss due to damaged hair-root cells, and temporary male sterility"

    * "the clearest evidence of increased risk with radiation exposure is for arteriosclerosis"

    Learn more here:

  • I'm thinking, in view of the thread topic, that the USS Ronald Reagan would have had to undergo significant decontamination after 311 before being brought back into operation.

    Sure enough:

    "The Reagan has been in Bremerton for significant repairs for over a year. It is based out of San Diego on temporary reassignment to Bermerton [Bremerton] for the duration of the work. Likely taking her out for a spin as part of the final stages of work.
    Comment by Shannon — 7:52 pm March 9, 2013 #"

    And, I wonder if that decontamination was successful, given that it was seen recently with sailors on deck:

    " I was there and saw the sailors standing on deck it was an awesome site." [same site][Comment by 3 — 6:47 pm March 9, 2013]

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "And, I wonder if that decontamination was successful, given that it was seen recently with sailors on deck:"

      The entire fresh water system was saturated with radioactive water. They didn't replace all the fresh water piping on that carrier.

      But since the Radiation Registry was shut down, who cares, right? Certainly no one at the Pentagon. Or higher.

  • Mack Mack

    Lucas Hixson/Enformable wrote this about Fukushima:

    "All of this Cesium, the equivalent to that generated by seven and a half nuclear bombs is thought to have deposited on foreign lands, even more, at least the equivalent of that generated by more than four hundred nuclear bombs, is known to have passed over and deposited elsewhere or still traverse the upper limits of the atmosphere, and North America is one of the first recipients of whatever the prevailing winds drag across the Pacific Ocean, yet none of the EPA guidelines were exceeded."


    Reading that paragraph made me realize how much the USS Reagan could have been exposed to.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      “A recent study was prepared for Greenpeace Germany by international nuclear safety expert Dr. Helmut Hirsch. Dr. Hirsch’s assessment, based on data published by the French government’s radiation protection agency (IRSN) and the Austrian government’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) found that the total amount of unstable radionuclides Iodine-131 and Caesium-137 released between March 11 and March 23 has been so high that the Fukushima crisis already equates to three INES 7 incidents.

      Release of radiation from the stricken reactors has reached 10,000 teraBequerels (10,000 trillion Bequerels) per hour, measured for radioactive Iodine-131.”

      “The uranium bomb which the United States dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II released 89 tera becquerels. It killed 140,000 people – many instantly, others within weeks of the blast as they succumbed to severe radiation burns.”

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Fukushima Spewing Equivalent of 112 Hiroshima Nuclear Bombs Worth of Radiation Every Hour; via A Green Road

    At Fukushima Daichi, 3 Coriums Left Containment Compared To 1 At Chernobyl; via A Green Road

  • We Not They Finally

    It was heart-breaking to watch the press conference. I hope that these (former) enlisted people can get the testimony back-up from other former enlisted — who are also now out of the service and cannot be threatened with retaliation. They described a situation where they were forced to give up all legal rights on entering the service. But then they were coerced into signing ADDITIONAL papers when the contamination was proven. Then they destroyed the young man's medical records! After saying he was the most contaminated one on the ship! They should totally have the right to sue on the BASIS of the coerced additional signings and destroying the medical records. Then senior people on the ship told them that THEY had been given iodine tablets while the junior people were not. I don't really understand the difference between all that and deliberate pre-meditated assault.

    • fuganzi

      "Then senior people on the ship told them that THEY had been given iodine tablets while the junior people were not. I don't really understand the difference between all that and deliberate pre-meditated assault."

      well. . . let's look at this from a purely mathematical point of view.

      Understand this: I'm opposed to our widespread industrial use of nuclear power, and military imperialism. In both cases, I think we've already put ourselves irreversibly into a situation where we can't really stop, without doing more harm than good.

      But people who sign up for the military, DO understand that they're probably going to sacrifice their lives.

      AND: by protecting the officers, (not the enlisted) from iodine exposure – each exposed person who becomes disabled, would have to be supported AT THEIR SALARY, via the pension system. Officers are WAY more expensive to support on disability, than enlisted personnel. (It's also likely that they didn't have enough iodine on-hand for ALL crew. IMO: that was a stupid oversight. Someone should straight-up be shot for that call.)

      However – what will end up costing us more, in the long run, will be the inevitable lawsuits. Nobody saw this coming? The people who earn craploads of money off of nuclear power and war, are not going to be the ones paying. So they don't give a hoot.

  • sunpower

    It's late in the game. Let's speak frankly about the US service personnel's nuclear problem in general, since they are not holy cows.
    For anyone following the US military's DU saga, shown in the documentaries "Invisible War" or "Poison DUst", contamination of personnel is no surprise. The Navy gets paid to target humanity using nuclear weapons and cruises around banking one badass salary to operate floating nuclear reactors. That radiation routinely boomerangs on proliferators is no surprise except to them. I wonder if it was a Navy seaman who pulled the trigger on the Al Amiriyah air raid shelter with all-amerkin DU? US airborne cluster bombs shower the environment with little burning pellets of uranium. And what's in the Navy's gatlings? The fallout from the Ronnie Raygun alone makes the sailors' contamination take on quite a wicked twist.
    But why even join such a mafia in the first place? Personnel were not drafted. They talk about THEIR radiation exposure…what about THEIR victims? Or THEIR own BWRs?
    Hey at least Rickover recanted at the end that the nuklar Navy had been a huge mistake. A big elephant in the room is that the Navy plans to procede into hell full ahead with all nuclear propulsion…bankrupted. Empire launches itself always blind and doomed. Too big, too wrong. The Navy themselves are the problem. THEY are the nuclear terrori$t$.
    I wonder who is gonna do the dirty work with such a high burn rate plaguing…