Press Conference: We like to tell some serious news today — Seems that radioactive substances are “combining together” — “We are seriously wondering how much radiation has been spread” (VIDEO)

Published: March 19th, 2012 at 7:27 am ET


UPDATE HERE: [intlink id=”press-conference-part-ii-faces-scrambled-large-portions-audio-censored-local-official-lot-highly-radioactive-substances-city-safety-measures-be-conducted-immediately-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

SOS from Minamisoma
Press Conference Part I, Feb 20, 2012
Uploaded by: amuosim
Date Uploaded: Feb 25, 2012

Over 1,000,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium (alpha,beta, gamma radiation) form the mysterious black dust in Minamisoma, Fukushima JAPAN


Koichi Oyama:

I’m Koichi Oyama, who is a city council member and today’s MC

Umesaburon Kotake:

I’m Umesaburon Kotake who is the president of this group

Koichi Oyama:

  • We have been working since last September to help protect people’s everyday lives in this city
  • Now it’s been 11 months since the earthquake and various problems have broken out
  • Level measured last September and measured again this February there, and it was found the radiation has been scattering
  • We are concerned this fact is unknown to people and we like to tell some serious news today
  • People are starting to forget about radiation, but actually it seems that the radioactive substances have been combining together at our foot
  • You tried the well heard idea that alpha rays can be even blocked by a piece of paper didn’t you?
  • We usually care about cesium with gamma rays but we could suspect that there are more kinds of radiation such as beta rays other than cesium. OK let us move on next.
  • So we are seriously wondering how much radiation has been spread
  • We’re working hard to examine the issue and we’d like some research institutions to do that
  • This contains very high radiation and there are a lot through out this city
  • Please don’t take action hastily
  • Please tell people with focus on that
  • Please don’t attempt to touch them
  • That’s what I’d like to emphasize

Published: March 19th, 2012 at 7:27 am ET


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23 comments to Press Conference: We like to tell some serious news today — Seems that radioactive substances are “combining together” — “We are seriously wondering how much radiation has been spread” (VIDEO)

  • Mack Mack

    I'm concerned that the cancer rates are going to be astounding.

    Did you know that cancer rates in 1900 were 4%.

    Page 73:

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      If only we woulda known what we know now. Good grief..Killing machines. We all have family members who have died from cancer. I blame every one of these NPP's. 🙁

      • Mack Mack

        There was a study on cancer rates in Connecticut near npp's and they found:

        RESPIRATORY CANCERS rose 25%

        BREAST CANCERS 12%


        We're hearing a lot about pancreatic cancers and the medical community says it doesn't really know what's causing the rise of pancreatic cancers!

        Pancreatic cancer is now the 4th leading cause of deaths by cancer.

        Page 100

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        Mack: +1. Japan is sooo very doomed. If only we could get it together to act on the information we now have on this disaster, then many could still be saved. But we humans lack the will to act, and so we will not. Instead, we will watch the death of a nation, by it's own hand, in slow motion as it unfolds. My heart is truly broken by the fate that shall play itself out in Japan over the coming years!


    This may be of little consolation, but know that boundless tears are with you and yours. We promise that your losses will not be in vain. We will carry the remnants of your broken lives and lay them at the feet of those who've long denied you. Know that you and yours will forever be honored. I am saddened – not only for your losses – but for those who cannot – yet – feel the pain of this abandonment; such indifference to your plight is little-more than living death. Your pleas will not fall upon deaf ears. We will continue to demand for justice and relief. We dedicate ourselves – each in our own way – to you…

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    You can see the black clouds emerge from reactor 4 and reactor 3, it is terrifying, and even more terrifying to think of the Alpha radiation just ripping through people, little kids going to school.

    Here are just a few videos by the amazing Nuckelchen, I still haven't found the early ones that I remember:

    March 7 Black Clouds:


    Thank you nuckelchen!

    • NoNukes,
      This would exsplain the nuke fleas I have had landing on me this past week during Bikeweek in Fl, I have reported here !
      Burning nuke fleas on skin !

      • NoNukes NoNukes


        Your post brings tears to my eyes, I'm sorry. StillJill mentioned the same thing on her finger.

        How will we all survive this?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Cancer was a rare event prior to 1940 even for smokers.

    Sadly, now everyone over the age of 50 will have some form of cancer, if they were exposed by chance to this random "Radiation Contamination" splattered all over the planet during the last 60 years.

    We have found the "Cancer Epidemic Mutagenic Stimulant" and its called manmade "Nuclear Radiation Contamination" in all forms.

    Its time to spread the bad news worldwide and rewrite all the text books and then shut this "Cancer Industry" down.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Because no one is talking about it…does that mean no one cares?

    Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks via A Green Road Blog

    Tokyo radiation

  • bigfatscaryman sdyogini

    Ok. No one is talking about it, well maybe a few here and there, but fret not! In just saw a 1 yr difference of sheapard smith from fox, as you all probably know he went before the first explosion I think! Nevertheless, in one year, holy moly and I knew it the first report he did from there. My point, talk won't mean much when it will be right before your eyes, dropping like flies, maybe even YOU start to notice little things, weightless, loose teeth, hair loss, nausea, bruises, fatigue…..*sigh*. It's coming.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, Shepard is looking a little under the weather these days.

    Radiation contamination likes to sneak up on you and then into your body and then loves to play havoc with all kinds of internal body systems.

    Its generally a very slow long term biological killer.

    That is the beauty of its initial creation and then its repeated re-design by our educated scholars.

    Its become a freaking gold mine for everyone involved inside the "Nuclear Consequence Industry Chain" except for those that will get sick and die from the radiation contamination exposure.

    Can you believe 40 thousand people are running around the US right now with ionizing radiation called Iodide-131 flowing through their veins.

    All of them are walking dirty bombs contaminating everything they come into contact with.

    Its invisible and healthy Americans have no clue this is even going on within their traveled public buses, camp grounds, hotels, motels, resorts, restrooms cars, etc. and on and on.

    Yes this must be progress..

    • Bobby1

      obewanspeaks, yeah, there was a study of mothers who were treated with iodine-131 for thyroid cancer, and their children were subjected to a huge amount of it from their mother's breath. Something to think about when you're packed like a sardine in a bus, train or airplane. All those human dirty bombs contaminating each other.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This one is real Yummy too!

    The entire world is now living one "Gigantic Nuclear Technology Lie"!

    Myths are always created for others to believe, so that the "Original Myth Creators" may profit from the Myth they created.


  • Dear Admin, Any explanation why the faces are blocked out and the bleeping of what they said?

    It seems to me if you go to a 'Press Conference' you must realize you're being recorded. So what's up with that?

    @Whoopie "Killing machines" = True!
    @obewanspeaks "Gigantic Nuclear Technology Lie" = True!

    FALLOUT: Year #2 begins.

  • StillJill StillJill


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Might I answer?…FEAR.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    R=Radiation Contamination

    Understood and Expected from the very beginning by the scientists originally involved!

    Promoted and sustained by an uneducated world population.

  • Anthony Anthony

    A kind of denial IMO:

    **Now it’s been 11 months since the earthquake and various problems have broken out**

    Just bloody say it already…. your country had a nuclear meltdown.

    And its not just *VARIOUS PROBLEMS* -this is the most serious damage to our civilization.

    Perhaps if they start seeing it for what it is then effective action may be expected.

    its been a year and its time Japan stops minimizing this disaster. If you insist on manhandling this yourself then you need to get it together.

    I would draw some comfort knowing Japan sees this for what it really id.

    The *problem* isn't the earthquake.