Prime Minister Kan: I thought nuke mishap could destroy Tokyo

Published: September 6th, 2011 at 9:10 pm ET


Former Japan PM: I thought nuke mishap could destroy Tokyo, Dong-a Ilbo (Korea), September 6, 2011:

Former Japanese Prime Minister Kan Naoto says he felt a sense of crisis that the nuclear plant mishap in Fukushima could obliterate Tokyo and its vicinity, said the Japanese daily Tokyo Shimbun Tuesday.

Statements made by Kan

  • “The week shortly after the accident is the period when I felt the highest sense of crisis […] The thought of an uninhabited Tokyo made me shudder.”
  • “At around 3 a.m. March 15, three days after the accident, I got a report from then Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Banri Kaieda that Tokyo Power Corp. was about to withdraw from the nuclear facility. So instantly I summoned the company’s president Masataka Shimizu and asked him to set up a joint countermeasures headquarters of the government and the company at the company’s headquarters.”
  • “Had Tokyo Power Corp. withdrawn from the nuclear power plant, nobody might live in Tokyo now.”
Published: September 6th, 2011 at 9:10 pm ET


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27 comments to Prime Minister Kan: I thought nuke mishap could destroy Tokyo

  • Ken31ONCA

    give it time maybe they will figure out eventually parts of tokoyo are uninhabitable too you didnt destroy tokoyo but its the next closest thing. you can still say you destroyed japan, good work PM Kan may you burn in hell

  • Mostly the thought came to mind. Once the IAEA an NRC told me……
    Once I learned my worst fear was imminent, I did what any great captain would have done…

    I told my officers to see it to the end…

    While I resigned.

  • CEO’s or Top Dogs That have left within the past few days

    Something is going down … RIGHT NOW….

    What do they know ?

    NO Links Too many to list. Just search the Headlines below to verify.

    Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz:’I’ve Been Fired Over the Phone’

    Mooney resigns as head of Disney’s consumer products unit; eyes ‘leadership role’ elsewhere


    BOA the exit of two executives. David Darnell and Tom Montag

    Websense Loses CFO

    Noble Corp says CFO resigns, heading back to E&P

    Martha Steward CFO Named ( who Left?)

    1 Time CEO resigns expectantly Glenn Orsmond

    Drexia ceo resigns

    Mobilarm CEO resigns as director

    Gopalan Krishnan has resigned from the post of chief executive 01 September 2011

    BHP, Xstrata’s Cerrejon Coal Mine Says CEO Teicher Resigns

    Robert Kelly, Bank Of New York Mellon CEO, Resigns On Differences In Approach

    Xoma CEO Resigns After Four-Year Push To Go Commercial

    More layoffs at Savannah River Site, CEO resigns

    Cosi CEO resigns, chairman takes over as company faces delisting

    Sino-Forest CEO resigns; trading suspended

    The chief executive of Topaz Energy and Marine, resigns

    HMSHost President and CEO Elie Maalouf announced his resignation

    Sports Authority CEO resigns

    Rumor: Newegg China CEO Resigns

    According to Business Day Glenn Orsmond has resigned as CEO

    Qantas Super CEO resigns

    Borders Group Inc. CEO Ron Marshall has resigned after about a year

    NPR CEO Resigns In Wake Of ‘Sting Video

    Robert H. Cole Resigns From Starinvest Group, Inc. as New Management Team Is Created

    Microsoft Enterprise sales chief Simon Witts resigns, internal e-mail says

    Lib Dem chief executive Chris Fox resigns

    Nebraska State Sen. Dave Pankonin has announced his resignation, effective October 7th

    Hungary bourse head resigns -news agency MTI

    George Kurdahi resigns from MBC

  • I can’t remember this many heads resigning unexpectedly in such a short period.

    Most notably are telecoms, banks and energy companies. People who would have insider knowledge if something huge were about to happen.

    Please add any more you can find here. I stopped at 50 just to get it posted, but there are more, including lots of board members and other executives.

    1. Sun Microsystems
    2. Royal Bank of Scotland
    3. Bank Leumi of Israel
    4. Lenovo
    5. Wellpoint (on March 1)
    6. Ingersoll-Rand
    7. Gasco
    8. Syntel
    9. Motion Picture Television Fund
    10. GrainCorp
    11. Connaught Plc
    12. Netplay TV
    13. AgResearch
    14. Zain Telecom
    15. Ethan Allen Institute
    16. Fahrney-Keedy Home & Village
    17. Nordzucker
    18. France Telecom
    19. TransWorld Entertainment
    20. Parlux
    21. Medical Developments International Ltd
    22. PBR (on March 1)
    23. Aeropostale
    24. Cook Islands Tourism
    25. Uranium International Corp
    26. San Francisco AIDS Foundation
    27. Borders Books
    28. YTB International
    29. Western Australia Business News
    30. Bergen Group Rosenberg
    31. Phumelela
    32. Bartow Regional Medical Center
    33. NV Energy (CFO)
    34. Shanda Interactive
    35. NB Power
    36. Empire Aero
    37. Argentina Central Bank
    38. Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (CFO)
    39. Arbitron
    40. Lihir Gold Ltd
    41. Meredith Corp
    42. Red Bull
    43. Golden Harp
    44. Endo Pharma
    45. Nuplex
    46. CLICO
    47. Mirada (chairman)
    48. Remedial Offshore
    49. Abercrombie & Fitch Co
    50. Commerce Resources (CFO)

    • theypoisonus

      off topic to Tacoma

      I’ve been off the internet all day and really didn’t do much Japan reading yesterday either, just headlines and a couple of blogs.

      You know about the bogus gold bars that the US paid China with some time back, right? I ran across that info again yesterday and got into it again.. also, it appears that China was not the only receiver of bogus gold bars, India also got them.

      Right before Iraq was invaded by TPTB, Saddam made the statement that from that time on, he wanted gold for his black gold, then he was history. Then Quadafi did the same and you see where he is now.. They have confiscated all his and the countries wealth.

      Enter Chavez 8/15/11 (or so ). He has requested/demanded all his/Venzuala’s gold from the EU and the US..It is a HUGE Amount of Gold, in the tonnes.. he will, no doubt, make sure what he gets from the US is rested and not tungston steeel coated, instead of solid gold.

      This article is quite interesting. Thought you, Tacoma, would find it enlightening.

      The US fiat currency is going down the drain. The Euro may follow. No one wants to be paid in fiat US paper money anymore, and these countries know now it is not ‘backed’ by Gold.

      I agree with you. I had not noticed the mass-ceo-resigning event, but will do some looking to add to your list. I’m taking your list and c/p it to a page to keep and add to.

      Thank you for that info.
      I agree, something is afoot !

      I’m sure you already know about this site: and this one:
      and #Wfind Wiki links release. Been doing some reading in that area also.
      Watching the slow distruction of Japan and evenutually Mother Earth was eating me alive, so I’ve been reading other stuff to take a break. I check and see what the latest “news” aka lies are of Fuku, but even that upsets me.
      When doing the Wikileaks, I do look for Japan info, possibly nuclear related, hoping !

      I have more on the gold, but it is easily found via google. Mike Rivero has a You tube Video on it among many others. There is ONE debunker that I found on the first or second link of google page that comes up, and the independents believe she is a shill to discredit the info spread.
      Peace Out

      • theypoisonus

        rested+ TESTED

        and any other typos. 🙁

      • pg

        The UN, corrupt British elite, and the 7 headed mob of cartels, all need to go. Every single one of those murdering freaks. I say lets stuff them all in FEMA camps, sort it all out later. No way in hell we should allow them to represent US. Now that the Internet exposed them all, lets close this chapter. Too many people out there need our help…and we need to release the chains that bind our military to the guild of mercenaries…

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Tacomagroove,

      Why do you think so many have resigned? Are they getting out of dodge?

      • I am under the impression that they are certainly aware of information we are not privy too…

        In march there was a 10,000.00 usd CEO dinner, that the first contamination map of the united states (private map) was released.

        This map showed levels that were 10 times what had been reported main stream media channels…

        So there is obviously a difference in what the public sector knows, in comparison to the corporate and industrial realms…

        but its easy to infer that (when all of congress took a vacation south) coincidentally, the same week as the meltdowns…

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Putting in my reservations for a limo pickup, to go to a safe place for Six Adults, One Newborn, and Two very small Chihuahua’s please.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Would have been be nice if they would have at least built public bunkers, putting in water, food, medical attention, and so on in place.

            However, there are no plans like this for the public.

    • Struggling Bank of America shakes up exec ranks

      2 Bank of America executives to leave; Darnell, Montag to become co-chief operating officers

  • Cambie

    They would have lost Toyko, but the wind saved them, blowing steadly offshore during the worst of it. The contamination to the North West happend during a brief reverse flick. Do they realize that they owe their lives to a whim of the wind? Do we realize that if such an accident happened inland here, the wind couldn’t save us?

    • Sickputer

      They have lost Tokyo…it just hasn’t sunk in yet. The winds did not save them…just gained a little more time before final reckoning. Food and water riots are eminent.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    So now i want to know what has been prevented by not leaving.. The worse had already happened by the explosions which ejected the plutonium and other stuff over japan, the pacific and then heading for US. Spraying watter on melted fuel or cores DOES NOT HELP A THING (only worsen it because of watter evaporate en gets radioactive steam). A nuclear meltdown cannot be stopped, never ever! So Kan don’t speak like you are heroes now, The Russians are heroes because they did all correct, they cleaned the surrounding area fast and placed a sarcofagus over the plant with lots and lots of concrete under neath. Japan does a tent and vent high radioactive material and burns radioactive waste (when wind direction is heading over sea up to US then Europa)!

    • theypoisonus

      According to some scientists, via Thom Hartman show, The Fuku disaster has/ is causing problems with the Earth’s Magnetic Field also.

      I just saw the video on You Tube.

      over and out

      • Link Pleaseeeeee…

        Also did you read my paper on artificial radiation belts?

        • theypoisonus

          Sorry, I got lost.. lol reading ‘stuff’

          Here is the link for the Geeky Science segment on Thom Hartman show on RT.

          While I’m posting, I will add these, altho someone has probably posted them somewhere already..
          Is this the Angry Man at Fuku Diachi?

          On the gold / tungsten steel switch a roo..
          This happened some time ago. The China pay off which was bogus bars was back in 2009. ( I think) Then, as far as the gold bars deal goes, No one really knows who/when it was done.

          The right wingers say Chinton did it, and the suggestion in one article stated that her present job as Sec. Of State gave her the opportunity to move gold around.

          The left wingers go to the Nixon? theory?
          And when I first read about it about 1 1/2 or so years ago, it was hinted that it was G H W Bush.. as he was head CIA.. it could have been he and Clinton as they were complicit in the Mena Ark. drug dealing incident w/ CIA..and Ollie North.

          Who really knows who did it, but it sure has , along with bogus wall street actions, and endless wars we can not afford, etc. given the US a pretty bad/negative reputation.

          I have not formed an opinion on who, but am very concerned that it DID happen. 🙁

          Peace out, bed time for this ole broad. 🙂

  • tao4409

    Guess this Kan guy must live in Tokyo. What a douche.

  • tao4409

    Tokyo is POISONED, much like here. Thanks TEPCO and their cronies.
    Ok folks, wake up, accumulate the lead and the crete it will take to cap this thing off. Venting that crap up the stack isn’t a soloution, much to the contrary. BURNING it is no better. Scoop all the soil you want off the playgrounds, then BURn the waste to redeposit it. MORONS.

    • theypoisonus

      Alot of very angry commentors at EX-SKF are saying the same thing.

      personally, they should have nuked that damn place when they knew how bad it was..put the people on ships, whatever and END IT !!

      Six months later, they are building a bloody greenhouse on it and that is STOOPID for so many reasons I can’t even go into.

      The article I posted above of Enson/ fuku diary will give you some new info.. they have become completely lax on all security.. they don’t even check people when they leave and that guy got in too easily. Even a non Japanese man with him got in under a blanket in the vehicle !

      Also, they are going to stop the free food program for the workers later this month !!

      TEMPCO is going broke and any ‘compensation’ they were to start giving people in Oct. isn’t going to happen, I fear.

      They are either completely dillusional or completely stoopid, doing the same things over and over and wondering why it does not work.
      Look it up.. that is the discription of INSANITY !! 🙂

      Peace out and goodnight

  • It makes no diff who or how many CEO’s resigned.

    …if they believe North America is evil poisoned, then the planet is evil poisoned too.

    who cares if one lives an extra five years on a planet that will need 300,000 years to naturally clean itself up.

    red red wine

  • theypoisonus

    @ red red wine

    Well said. I think Mother Earth needs a break from ‘humanity’, she is getting very sick and tired.
    I fear for her deeply.