Prime Minister’s Wife: “Fukushima calamity beyond people’s assumptions… So much hidden… I hope they will make everything public” — Inside Source: They’re now trying to get people 55 & older to work on Fukushima reactors

Published: December 21st, 2013 at 5:10 pm ET


Kyodo News, Dec. 21, 2013: TEPCO mulls sending managers aged 55 or older to Fukushima […] for duties […] associated with damage stemming from the nuclear power plant accident, a company source said Friday. The plan, which the company is hoping to introduce in April, envisages those employees handling work related to victim compensation, decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear reactors of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, the source said […] TEPCO is considering sending veteran employees — around 150 per year — who agree to the relocation, according to the source. […]

Japan Times, Dec. 19, 2013: In an interview with The Japan Times last week, [Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s wife] Akie said the scope of the Fukushima calamity was beyond people’s assumptions. “I think it is better not have nuclear power plants, as it would be catastrophic if we have similar accidents again. I would rather not have nuclear power plants fired up, even if their safety is fully confirmed.”

Wall St. Journal, Dec. 7, 2013: WSJ: When did you develop your dislike of nuclear power? Mrs. Abe: After March 11, of course. Initially, I didn’t realize such an awful thing was happening. Then things began to come into the open and we began to see so much was hidden from us. I think people have grown distrustful. I hope they will make everything public.

From 2012: [intlink id=”japanese-engineer-radiation-doses-fukushima-daiichi-increase-dramatically-several-years-one-talks-about-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 21st, 2013 at 5:10 pm ET


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161 comments to Prime Minister’s Wife: “Fukushima calamity beyond people’s assumptions… So much hidden… I hope they will make everything public” — Inside Source: They’re now trying to get people 55 & older to work on Fukushima reactors

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I like Akie, she sounds like a nice person. And, she seems to have her head screwed on straight.

    It's such a shame that she's married to that idiot, I'm sure she could have done better.


      agreed davidh7426. On the face of it, she does seem compassionate and willing to say what others about her, fear to voice.

      There's also a remote possibility (and this is where my suspicious side kicks in) she's allowing herself to be used as the diminutive voice of 'bad' news. I'm not saying she is, but given her high-level associations with organized criminals (husband being a Don), I find it difficult to accept that she'd be allowed the freedom to express her inner feelings; especially in light of the repressive laws that have been recently passed in Japan…

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        I know Aftershock, my suspicions niggling too. But, I'm going to hope she's one of us, and not one of them.

        Though, it'll hardly matter who's side she's on, when the peoples wrath starts to rise. Her association with him, will doom her to the same fate.

      • freespirit1620

        My thoughts exactly.

        • freespirit1620

          I was agreeing with aftershock, isn't she committing a terroristic crime?


            @freespirit1620: to be fair, she's but a classic figurehead and as such, makes no policy that could implicate her persons in such manner. For all any know, she may be the voice of reason and worthy of our full attention. My anxiety comes from the endless betrayals and mind games that rain down upon us all. I only love to believe that someone at the proverbial top, is genuine…

            • Bones Bones

              When you are an accomplice to a crime, as she is since she is the PM's wife, then you are just as guilty. Her NOT speaking out is her crime. She knew exactly what was happening and I bet SHE WAS SAFE THAT DAY because they had the information. No, they just wanted to "save" Japan and instead of actually facing a problem they tried to bury it and lie their way through, but I guess they didn't realize the power nuclear evokes from the people. Japan will be stopped one way or another and no amount of pity me and oh we didn't know. This is such strange timing with the sailors suing TEPCO and Japan, isn't it? Still think she's innocent? This is to help their case against the sailors, and continue keeping Japan's power structure in place, and covering up the accident yet. Someone so close to the power of Japan and she did nothing till now? She didn't even do anything just said what WE ALL ALREADY KNOW. lol She's a criminal. They better be scared. Fukushima will be stopped one way or another and what the Japanese government does will determine the response from the world.

              • We Not They Finally

                Bones, ouch! She DID speak out once before, several months back. This isn't the first time. Ironically, now, technically, she could face jail time for doing the same thing as before. Don't think that will happen, but strange that she's not muzzled. And I know people will have a lot of good-cop/bad-cop theories. But I think that she's sincere.

                On the cynical side, of course (and one must be wildly cynical here!), maybe she is being allowed to speak because Abe thinks that her still saying really "nothing," will nevertheless serve to appease WOMEN, who have to be scared to death for their children's future.

                Still its strange. It's like we're still missing a piece — don't know what.


              OOPS!!! Grammatical error! Closing sentence should have read, "I'd only love to believe that someone at the proverbial top, is genuine…" Such an error makes a world of difference…

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Agreeing with everyone's thoughts here. Although for me it is her childish wording. Perhaps something is lost in the translation. I would have expected a prime minister's wife to sound a bit more sophisticated and not so little girl-like.

        The "how could we have known" card was played during the economic melt down too. It's called plausible deniability. I think they think when people do realize they've been lied to, it will keep violence against them to a minimum.

    • Bones Bones

      IF and that's a big if, she isn't doing this as PR damage control for the government because they've been exposed every single time any of TEPCO or the gov'ts slaves say a single word because all they do is lie. If this woman is truly speaking from the heart, then I give her huge props. Now, words are one thing; Actions are another. Don't give your husband any. lol Maybe, Japan doesn't want to be invaded because I'm sure the government knows billions of people would gladly follow the takeover of their government by foreign forces to begin dismantling those reactors and doing whatever is possible to seal it off from the environment i.e. no more leaks. I'm still pissed lady as YOU knew the whole time and if she didn't know the truth she is a moron. The more I think of it, it just sounds like damage control. Abe couldn't say this? Hmmmmmm….

    • Colinjames

      Sounds like an off-the-cuff comment to me, but I wouldn't put it past TBTB to use her as suggested. What really sucks, is that we can't ever take anyone's word at face value from the ruling elite class. Ever. Not unless its like a secretly recorded conversation or a hacked email. Sad, really, but one thing we know for sure- there's plenty we don't know about what they know, what they knew, and when they knew it. Imo, the new media laws in Japan are basically prima facie evidence they have much to hide. But we knew that already.

  • JP JP

    More and more real information will be coming. My guess is panic will also be coming before too long.

    • Bones Bones

      I think they are shaking in their boots. Japan, inc. faces intense posturing from the Chinese (And Abe's gov't is no help at diplomacy.), and the world is pissed at Japan for Fukushima being lied about for so long and left alone to this day. So, yea, I think Japan is shaking in it's size 2 women's shoes. This lady will witness Japan's fall at it's own hands AGAIN. Twice in a century…awesome job! If Japan doesn't open up to foreigners and their expertise and help, and if they don't come "clean" (They can never be clean as they are contaminated.) to the world REAL SOON, I honestly think they face occupation. It may come to that if they don't show some real leadership REAL SOON.

      • Bones Bones

        Don't forget, where was this woman's voice when the U.S.S. Reagan and the unbelievably brave seamen who, sadly will probably lose their lives for HELPING Japanese citizens. That is something Japan didn't do for it's own. She is a criminal. Make no mistake. She is complicit in MURDER.

        • Bones Bones

          Also, like I said before…Why can't Abe say this himself? This just sounds like PR damage control. She can rot.

        • We Not They Finally

          You need to check back on ENE News articles. She DID say before that she was opposed to nuclear power. This isn't new.

          Maybe she cannot help who she is married to. How much personal history do you actually know here?

          • Bones Bones

            Reading through her interview she says one thing and then contradicts it. She presents herself as a strong independent woman and yet loses every debate with her husband. She was only against it after 3/11. She says she doesn't know the radiation levels in Fukushima. Hmm? That couldn't have anything to do with the Olympics or the new state secrets act. In fact, I don't remember reading her talk about the state secrets act, nor the lack of evacuation, or the cover-up her freaking husband is orchestrating. This woman sleeps with the head of Japan, inc. every night and we are just supposed to trust her. To me I found way too many inconsistencies. Did she talk about the sailors at all? I'd love to get her opinion on that. She needs to earn my respect considering she is in the heart of the beast. She looks friendly, but make no mistake she is part of the elite. What does she think about the poor souls aboard the Reagan helping HER country while their political establishment abandoned them. Now that her husband is in power, where is the support for people that want to leave? Do you get my point now? I'm not criticizing you just explaining my reasoning for being so critical. You have to be.

            • Bones Bones

              In fact, I said I'd be willing to do an interview since I don't know her personally.

            • "Now that her husband is in power, where is the support for people that want to leave? "

              I get your point. She should be more focused on the HEALTH of the Japanese people rather than telling us things we already know. Someone needs to stand up for the people! She is in the ideal position to do so. What's her husband going to say? You can't support evacuation of the Japanese people from contaminated regions of Japan?

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    I see the new is in Japan Times, which is a shill of nucleares (if not partners), so, … maybe it is the well known process of releasing more and more alarming "news" that started one year ago making public that the very worst nightmare would be the sfp4.
    Now, the new chapter is: somebody must tell the truth …. not muy husband… but somebody….
    I am also sufre that "they" are going to do someting big in the evident stage of sfp4…
    De will see but… I personally do not believe un anybody from the poder spheres… whoever it be….

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    And army and police is ready to handle social panic… or riots, or ….

    • Bones Bones

      Stop using money and Japan's government will collapse. That is the proper way to protest, with your power which is your money. Not a single word said, not a single shot fired and Japan's already barely alive economy will collapse. Get all your goods through bartering within your community and produce what you need and want. That is how you destroy the power structure of not just Japan, but the world. Stop participating in their criminality. This "woman" makes me sick. I will not fall for her little plea of sympathy. She's a liar. They knew the day it happened what the consequences were. If we knew, most thousands of miles away, then her and the real power of Japan knew too.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    In other words, what we have known here for almost 3 yrs is trickleing into the main (lame) stream media. This gets worse by the day. Technology to contain this nuclear nightnare DOES NOT EXIST! So the nuclear mafia mental masturbation continues. Gonna be an ugly world by this time nxt yr. 🙁

  • weeman

    My worst fears are coming to fruition, majority of cores were vapiourized, what is a spouse for!

  • bozzy54

    Abe, will throw wife in jail for ten years. Claiming that this opion is secret.

    • Angela_R

      Japan asked for help, but I suspect that when everything was laid on the line, no one felt confident that anything would help and may in fact have believed that any action could make things worse. Abe didn't cause the problems, though he may have contributed to the lies. I guess he tried to brazen things out.

      Likely over the years, every bit of nuclear waste has presented a similar quandary until a small mound grew into a mountain. But still they build them and declare "we have corrected the problems."

      • Bones Bones

        All the stories I've read say the complete opposite. Sure, they said they would be open, yet soooo many scientists are harrassed or ignored completely or not allowed in the country anymore. They are for sure censoring millions of scientists. They have yet to seriously ask for help AND ACCEPT IT. You can ask as much as you want, but you need to ACCEPT IT. lol

      • Bones Bones

        ZERO sympathy for Japan, inc. or Abe. They know full well what is going on and how they destroyed their country, the WORLD's oceans, my country is being contaminated and guess what I DON'T LIKE IT. Abe of course is guilty. The PM that stepped down would probably have been better than impotent Abe. And hey, guess who did all the hiding of information??? I think you know. He is 110% GUILTY.

      • ratpuppy ratpuppy

        I have a feeling that the only help Japan asked for was help on their terms. As long as the "help" buys in completely to the Japanese version of the truth, without contradiction.

        They only want the help of PR folks, they don't want scientists snooping around.

        As the US Government sent the USS Ronnie Raygun and Essex into harms way, there was probably a strong agreement to keep any discoveries quiet to avoid any embarrassment between Japan, the US, General Electric and Hitachi. Too bad they didn't let the poor flight deck personnel in on the secret. They were breathing, drinking and bathing in the deadly radioactive clouds to the point that there are now cancers, brain tumors, chronic headaches, open sores and rectal bleeding in what is now expected to be 70 recently healthy and active 20-40 year olds by the time the case is re-filed in January. There is even a pilot without a family history who has developed brain tumors so bad, it has cost him his sight! And all the US can think about is how to make these embarrassing veterans just go away!

        About the Prime Minister's wife. I just don't see how she is assisting Abe by stating that Japan shouldn't have nuclear power when Abe is having a cow trying to get them back on line as soon as he can. If she was saying that things are bad, and that the Japanese people should help the government more, then I might call her complicit in Abe's criminal negligence.

        But, I would like to hear those dinner…

        • ratpuppy ratpuppy

          I would like to hear some of the conversations at the dinner table when Abe and his wife are alone in the Prime Minister's Residence.

          • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

            To paraphrase Kyle Bass:
            Officials will never tell you the truth. They can't tell you the truth. They are there to promote confidence.

            With that in mind, what I would expect to find at that dinner table is PM Abe coaching his wife in the talking points.

  • outsider


    Unit 1 – 3 will explode due to salt water cooling failure
    Unit 4 will collapse while removal work in progress

    And any other wise predictions out there??

    • Bones Bones

      Sure, Japan falls, too many people are sick or too weak to rebuild, and eventually if technology exists to clean the land it will be taken by another country probably China/U.S. or a group of countries to just extract all the resources. I suspect a wasteland in a hundred years or at the most a small, sickly, and struggling third world country called Japan. Some heartless would call it natural selection, but the government and it's little fascist buddies at TEPCO are the ones who destroyed a once beautiful country and people with a rich culture. How's Chernobyl doin? lol

      • Bones Bones

        Basically, how ever we can evacuate the Japanese that want to leave, excluding the nukers and politicians that made these decisions basically anyone culpable in the cover-up and lack of response to the disaster, should leave as soon as possible. I think the biggest humanitarian thing we could do for the Japanese is get them out. I see only a downward spiral for Japan. Once again, twice in a century, the Japanese are failed by their government to the brink of complete destruction.

        • Angela_R

          Bones, are you aware that if radioactive substances are ingested or inhaled, that radioactivity can be spread to others via bodily fluids? Radiation would have occurred right from the first explosion in late March 2011. No doubt the leaders of Japan were advised of this and the problems associated with relocation.

          And do you really think that if Plutonium was being produced, it was for use by Japan? The unfolding story will have commenced decades ago.

          • We Not They Finally

            Apparently that's true. I think it was Arnie Gundersen that said that recently. That if/when doctors work on highly contaminated patients, they get contaminated too.

            That would mean QUARANTINE. But of a positive, not a negative sort. They already have negative quarantine.

            Shy of having a whole other island to transport the people of the island of Japan to, unclear how that could happen.

          • Bones Bones

            Yes, my mother is a RN and setup the EMS program at the hospital, and I know full well you pee out radioactive substances and poop it out too. It does come out. That is why so many are upset that patients go home so quickly and pee the radioactive tracer down the drain usually I think over a period of 8 days. You bring up an excellent point, one I really did forget about.

    • NoFixedID

      1. Efforts to empty SFP4 aborted due to stuck or broken fuel assemblies.
      2. Rising groundwater and escalating radiation levels render increasing areas of the plant inaccessible.
      3. Major quake topples reactor 3, along with its SPF.
      4. Inspired by a re-run of 'This is Spinal Tap', the IAEA expands the International Nuclear Event Scale to 11.

  • Angela_R

    I believe they are only starting to realize some of the horrifying aspects and that it will effect everybody.

    The following was written by Albert Einstein over 67 years ago. While it refers, in the main, to the atomic bomb, it is synonymous with the dangers of the power of Nuclear Energy.

    Headed: America's Voice must come From the Village Square.
    Not even scientists completely understand atomic energy, for each man's knowledge is incomplete. Few men have even even the bomb.
    But all men, if told a few facts, can understand that this bomb
    and the danger of war is a very real thing, and not something far away. It directly concerns every person in the civilized world. We cannot leave it to generals, senators and diplomats to work out a solution over a period of generations. Perhaps five years from now several nations will have made bombs and it will be too late to avoid disaster.

    Ignoring the realities of faith, good will and honesty in seeking a solution, we place too much faith in legalisms, treaties and mechanisms.
    To the village square we must carry the facts of atomic energy. From there must come America's voice.

  • Angela_R

    Science has bought forth this danger, but the real problem is in the minds and hearts of men. We will not change the hearts of other men by mechanism, but by changing our hearts and speaking bravely.
    When we are clear in heart and mind — only then shall we find courage to surmount the fear which haunts the world.

    The above is an extract from an article that appeared in the New York Times in 1946. Why was this not read at every school, not just in America, but everywhere, why was it not part of a Science lesson?
    But we did not understand. It kept going until it became an unstoppable? Monster.

    • Bones Bones

      I submit we all know the real dangers. I just think the ones not employed by the NMIC and believe it's safe are just ignorant or just trying to live in denial because they are so scared. Well, no one listened to any of us before the disaster so I guess I don't have much sympathy for anyone still believing the lies. Chernobyl, taught in my school as well as TMI by a wonderful physics teacher who explained the massive damage it entails. Now, it could be much more in depth like explaining internal versus external emitters, but I think anyone with half a brain after looking at Chernobyl and TMI (Those are just the popularly known ones, not the hundreds of others.) knows how damaging nuclear material is. Chernobyl, Japan, and the oceans, will never ever be habitable. If one does live there, don't expect anyone amazingly gifted to come out of such a place. Most will be dumb and impotent if they even survive past birth and childhood.

      • Bones Bones

        So simple to understand. Coal plant blows up and the immediate area is affected, but not dead forever. A nuclear bomb factory aka nuke plant blows up and entire swaths of countries and continents are contaminated. Now, anyone with a brain can understand just how dangerous it is. If they don't, then that person would be an absolute moron or they work for the NMIC.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        For the research minded, here is what must be one of the definitive biographies of Chernobyl health and other contamination consequences.

        I wouldn't know how to evaluate any biases emanating from the New York Academy of Sciences, but the statistics in their 2009 report are probably reliable.

        The sections 5.3.2 and 6.2 on thyroid disease and cancer are of interest to me inasmuch as I understand thyroid illness will be the leading physical evidence of increasing radiation illness in Japan:

    • To the village square. We all need to get the rad info "out there".
      Print, cut & tack up wherever there's opportunity in all our communities. At least drive citizens to ene where they can stare down reality in good company. a la Vital1, the document here can help us each get the rad word out, boots on the ground.

      To all, doing our part and wanting to do even more:

      P.S. Who are the lady leaders of your town?

  • Idea!

    Maybe Mrs. Abe should call Mrs. Obama and explain to her the coverups and misinformation so that she can then explain it to her husband President Obama.

    Especially the topics of damaged DNA, children and future offspring. She might also mention that the 3 uncontrolled meltdowns are continuing unabated with no clue as to any kind of a plan.

    Seems like when SHE EXPLAINS the tough to understand topics TO THE PRESIDENT he understands a bit better. 🙂

    Explain, as best you can, to your loved ones about things like radiation mitigation and awareness. Don't wait for them to learn about Fukushima through the MS Media because that is never going to happen.

    Word of mouth, eye to eye, heart to heart… get the point across.

    Good luck Mrs. Obama. Do the right thing.

    • lovE lovE


      Yes, then "More lovE" can come into our world.

      But perhaps by personal experience the ObamaNation will learn that splitting the atom was a sin. Especially if they catch a whiff of the radiation in the seas during their 14 day Hawaiian vacation.

      • Bones Bones

        You know, I really wonder why Obama would take his pretty, smart children to known contaminated areas and not fight to get Fukushima contained, not just for America's sake, but his children! They don't deserve this just like the rest of us. Is he seriously that evil? Poor kids man. Jesus.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          @Bones…I am sure they have filtering, and how do we know where exactly Obama's are holed up.

          All of these people know exactly what is going on….I heard that companies involved in cancer treatment have had stock increases because of the expected flood of cancer cases.

          His children are part of the elite now, lifetime medical coverage…secret service…no need to feel sorry for them. Save your compassion for all the children that are consuming Cesium-137 while Obama keeps it quiet.

          • Bones Bones

            That is true, very true. You make good points and I agree, but I don't wish harm on any child. You know what I mean. I just find it appalling a father would allow his kids to grow up in a world like that when he has the power to gather the world together and end or at the very least mitigate it…like even just looking like progress is being made. hahaha They also have the best healthcare too, not like the billions of poor children around the world. Still, I don't want anyone becoming sick or dying from this. Only the criminals, and for their sake I won't say any more as they are just kids and innocent. You know who the criminals are and especially in the U.S. You just told me. lol Thanks for the perspective though, you are totally right.

          • "…children that are consuming Cesium-137 while Obama keeps it quiet."
            – newsblackoutUSA

            And there you have it.

            Hopefully, a 'day of reckoning' is at hand for the Nuclear Industry and its proponents.

            reckoning: retribution for one's actions
            (or inaction, as the case may be)

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          There are a lot of truly smart people out there — scientists even — NASA scientists even — who have totally swallowed the "nuclear is safe" pill that they have been told all their long lives…so, it would really not surprise me if we were to learn that even President Obama may not be aware of all of the truths and facts. He may be surrounded by people of the same scale as those at Tepco who are still living in total denial and fantasy about what is what. (At least — this is what I'm thinking and hoping might be going on regarding the President and his family). So many just do not know…. and they think they are relying on so-called experts… I mean, I'm sure the President has a million things on his plate, you know. (shrug)

    • We Not They Finally

      ChasAha, Obama and his wife knew enough to hightail suddenly to South America to evade the initial radioactive plume across the U.S. While not warning ordinary Americans AT ALL.

      I'd hardly be looking to Mrs. Obama to go make a difference. I would think that the two of them already know the same things, yet nothing has been done but public silence, and meanwhile the EPA has raised the "acceptable" levels of radiation to lethal, and O. wants MORE nuclear plants.

      But I would like to see Mrs. Abe go do something constructive for JAPANESE women. I don't know the will or the means at that end. My sense is that she is sincere but she may also be powerless.

      • Bones Bones

        Damn, I forgot about that little "trip." Thanks for jogging my memory. He really is an evil bastard and the wife is just as much an accomplice. That was that always be nice part that I need to suppress. When there is evil being done, only the good of heart can stop it. Evil deeds flourish with no opposing force.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I don;t think they went to South America because of anything related to Fukushima. They had some other conference or meeting going on there and it was just a coincidence.

        • Then we have the little matter that Exelon was a huge political campaign contributor for President Obama.

          Before the election he was all about renewables. After election day, he was all of the above, including funding two new nuclear reactors, where NONE had been funded or built for say 30 years or so?

          He seems to be PRO nuclear to the nth degree.

  • tsfw tsfw

    She's just another pawn.

  • tsfw tsfw

    I wonder if they'll use her to slowly break the news to the world. It just doesn't make sense to pass a secrecy law, and then allow her to shoot her mouth off without a master plan. Will be interesting to see how this evolves.

    • We Not They Finally

      The article says it was last week. It may have been just PRIOR to that law being passed.

      • Bones Bones

        She also obfuscates about Fukushima, acts like only another accident could destroy Japan, she's in denial, and clearly on damage control patrol. Nothing said about radioactive Tokyo, the abandonment of the victims from day one, the destruction of lives by private hands with no punishment (I.E. this is not nature's fault.), nothing about the sailors, nothing about the Olympics being radioactive, etc. So really, she said absolutely nothing and people are STILL believing authority. She needs to PROVE herself first. You can't sleep with the king and say you are the opposite of his policies. Sorry, doesn't work that way. She'd leave him if she gets nothing across anyway or ya know stop slee..gonna puke omg. Everything she says just about is contradicted by herself. She says she is so strong, yet loses every debate with her husband; So strong, yet is under his control to open her own business (Where did that money come from?) and it had to turn a profit in a year or he would shut it down? That's strength man. lol She's gotta PROVE herself by DOING and throw down some data. Unless she is seriously going out, getting data or compiling it from independent labs (She said they are lying and yet she doesn't have him stop. Why are they lying Miss Abe? WHY? YOUR HUSBAND'S GOVERNMENT IS LYING. WHY??) and exposing all the facts about Fukushima, and getting people out of there, then she is just another puppet with a softer more friendly LOOKING face. Oh, and what about my…

  • Occupant Occupant

    Japan would be smart if they advertised in America: "WORK ABROAD, free travel, meals, room and board, $15.00 an hour"

    That may get most of the disgruntled Walmart slave workers out of here.

    • Bones Bones

      If something like that were to happen, I would be at the door of the offices and explain exactly what will happen to them and how Japan would use them. Not an option, period. They've been exposed and they know it. This is all fear of the world and they are trying to act all innocent now. Nope, Japan inc. and TEPCO are still genocidal. This woman is pathetic and useless. She needs to prove she is 110% anti-nuclear and get off your rich ass and use that money to spread the word all across Japan. If she just tells us what we already know, then she is just as GUILTY and a pawn used for posturing. Abe couldn't say this?…Why do you think that is? Hmmmm…. She is just as guilty unless she proves herself. Respect and honor are EARNED. As of now, she's just a PR liar trying to save face yet AGAIN.

      • tsfw tsfw

        Amen Bones, I'm not buying it. People are losing jobs and going to jail for speaking out. Is this a ploy to make us think that the secrecy law isn't as tight or restrictive as it really is? Multiple motives have crossed my mind. All I'm sure of, is that this is not a matter of her practicing freedom of speech ..bullshit. She's a pawn surrounded by very intelligent evil men. I don't know the rules of this game, but I can see it's a game.

        • We Not They Finally

          tsfw, that may well be true. But what do you want her to do? Lay her body down on the floor of the Japanese Diet? Me, I wanted Senators here in the U.S. willing to lay their bodies down on the Senate floor all through the Iraq War, but no one even got close.

          • Bones Bones

            I don't care who you are and what position you have, if your women wants you to do something she will make you do it and make you feel guilty you didn't do it before she even asked. lol A woman has the power to control a man. That is a well known fact. She could do the right things, but she doesn't because she believes the same crap. Why are we appealing to authority here? She is his freaking wife. lol After all the atrocities just committed by her husband, she's still with him. I hear nothing about the real problems of Japan just the most simplest yea some parts are radioactive. She even says ANOTHER disaster and Japan is lost. Uh, it's already lost. The biggest disaster in history and she thinks Japan is going to make it? OK That is who "leads" Japan. Quite the duo I must say. hahahahahhhahaha

            • PurpleRain PurpleRain

              A woman has the power to control a man??!!! What fuckin planet do you live on? That is such a stupid and very false thing to say.

              Usually you are way more smart than that.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Women have always had/have the power to control men… 🙂

                I should know, since I have had the same one for 38 years. 🙂

                I am under control!

            • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

              I don't think that leverage thing you speak of works for sociopaths.

              Profile of sociopath:

            • She could start a movement that would change everything..

              All she has to do is tell women to stop having the hunga bunga with men who are pro nuclear..

              The next day, all nuclear would shut down… Guaranteed.

              The same for war, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, etc.

              Name any issue. WOMEN have all of the power.

              When will women wake up and ensure a safe future for humanity?

        • Bones Bones

          I think you are DEAD ON with your assesment TSFW. I don't know if I've seen you before, but a hello to a new friend. I hope you stick around, and if you have been here I'm sorry I missed you. I feel like Anne is our nan here, we got the resident experts, guys like you and me who may not have the degree, but understand and taught ourselves, but also understand how propaganda works. I dunno if you ever read Manufacturing Consent, but if you haven't it's basically a blueprint for how to make propaganda. It shows examples throughout history of how and why they governments use the media to control. When you understand HOW, you understand what is propaganda. I think you already know this. lol

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      "disgruntled Walmart slave workers."
      You make me sick with your disgusting prejudices!

      Sounds like you are the "TYPE" who should be sent to work there!!!~


        @PurpleRain: caught that too. I didn't want to jump on top of post, in hopes someone else would flag it first. Thank you PurpleRain for holding the line on decency and human rights. To think, we're supposed to all laugh at struggling working class people who are forced to live on a paltry paycheck…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You really mean our college graduates don't you? 🙂

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Matters little what anyone says because the world is now witnessing what a broken reactor can do. And with all damage being irreversible.

    The only positive thing that could come from this is to dismantle the other 400+ reactors in the world. Combined, they only provide 10% of world's electricity, (not a relevant amount by any measure).

  • what lies beneath what lies beneath

    AWFUL TIMES AHEAD FOR JAPAN AND U.S…& CANADA. Its funny how so many people "forget" about us here in Canada too.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      @what lies agreed….include also all people on the Bering Sea, and Korea, & all countries on the Pacific.

  • Socrates

    Every country that uses nuclear energy has committed the exact same sin. There was a chance those countries knowingly took a risk, against the advice of some of the world's smartest scientists. Some of these scientists were brutally marginalized and persecuted.

    Ok. Now we will all pay the price for all eternity for their extreme arrogance and corruption. Our children will pay and so will theirs.

    This women is the good cop. Fine. She is doing more than Mrs. Obama by acknowledging that there might be a little bit of a problem perhaps. That is a huge step.

    We all have to get real honest right now. This problem was caused by the mi try industrial complex with its bas-tard son, the so-called peaceful atom.

    Get real! Cut the crap! You can't bullshit a bullshitter.

    How come I could see that the nuclear energy was a risk that humanity could not afford by the time I was five years old? I took one look at those mushroom clouds and in my guts, I knew they were nuts. When the uranium mines wanted to falsify records, now why would that be?

    I hope that nuclear energy will be the next litigation victim following asbestos and tobacco. Stop the cover up. One biology class at the high school level tells you all you need to know.

    • Socrates

      The corporate model with immunity from the financial consequences encourages operators to take chances. Look at SONGS. They will not produce records. They put their tails between their legs and ran. They closed it down rather than to restart. Now they want the ratepayers to cover them for 2.5 billion dollars. Barbara Boxer told 'em that taking out of Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties was an unacceptable risk of restarting. Ditto with Japan. They have already done enough damage.

      First, let's see all the falsified records they base their safety assessments upon. Doubling down on a mistake is the gambler's fallacy. Japan can NEVER recoup it's losses. That is what is unique about nuclear. It is a one way ticket to hell. It will only get worse.

      Technology will NOT solve this problem for Japan or the West coast of Canada and the United States. Thousands of years from now, the remaining humans, if any, will be severely affected. Cut losses now and study how to remediate this planet. I am so sick and tired about hearing about profits. We all must return to nature and stop destroying this planet. Stop having children until this crisis is under control.

      We must save this planet from these fools who see no problem. We live symbiotically with nature, or not at all.


        really liked your closing thoughts, Socrates. If we're to put things right, remediation will take precedence over every-other issue that confronts us…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        .. 🙂 Socrates, some very powerful words my friend!

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Yes Socrates….all nuke activity must cease forever.

      • We Not They Finally

        Socrates, you're a lawyer and you seem to think that litigation is a remedy. And sometimes it is. But ongoing damage to EVERYONE is not anything remediable through the law. Me, I just want to see lawsuits for the publicity and educational value. I mean, we all must be owed upwards of a million dollars, yes? But that will not FIX it.

        So far as getting records released, it is more likely to come through whistleblowers than through lawsuits. We have to hope that the nuclear industry has the equivalents of Wikileaks or Snowden.

        • Bones Bones

          I see the merits of both lines of thinking and think both should be used. The criminals hide behind law, and that is important to have a lawyer who understands such intricacies, but also what you just said is spot on as well. Both are great tools or ways of tackling this in our own ways. We all have different skill sets and WNTF and Socrates awesome posts. Those differences make us stronger, diversified, and greater ideas will flourish as long as we remain open to all avenues of taking this on. I understand how the law could be used to help get Japanese here by fulfilling certain visas' requirements, etc. Create a corporation that relocates, rehabilitates them into the new society and voila you can offer them a job and sponsor them. Now, Socrates would know the exact way to do that, but I would think the idea of using the law to our advantage is wonderful.

          • Socrates

            Bones, you are correct.

            Law used to be the crucible of social change in Sixties. Tort law is an essential part of regulation. But the courts are far from activist these days. Nowhere is this more evident than I. 9-11 and 3-11.

            Taking the profitability out of destruction of the environment by compensating victims would require an approach such as in Ecuador where the environment is given standing to sue – or people have standing to sue on behalf of the environmental per se, and not just EIS or EIS disclosure laws as we have in environmental law.

            There was a rush to surrender civil liberties following 9-11. 3-11 means that citizens have civil remedies,n as opposed to the willingly surrendered civil liberties.

            And, yes, as with the Exxon – Valdez case, by the time SCOTUS hears the case and sets aside the jury's verdict, we will all have cancer and the Pacific Ocean will be dead.

            But the documents and testimony will reveal who profited and help establish the evidence of their crimes. The press failed and the political system failed to protect us.

  • w

    Hope her opinion on Fukushima and the dangers of nuclear power will go viral…. or we can help pass along her words…

  • Bowtieman Bowtieman

    Mama's mad and their mad all over Japan… Tired of pillow promises…women are going to take this wide open…they care about family and the health of their offspring…

    • tsfw tsfw

      I hope so but I think this is just a good cop bad cop scheme. I'm told that's negative and dark and pessimistic though so what do I know …

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        @tsfw I agree with you…good cop bad cop to keep the populace thinking someone cares about them so the masses don't take to the streets with pitchforks and torches.

        • We Not They Finally

          Actually, she's spoken out before. Apparently, she really does have huge reservations about nuclear. (Or so it seems. This is someone we don't know personally, and in a strange stressed culture.) But whether she could organize women (especially) right under her husband P.M.'s nose — doesn't seem likely.

          • Bones Bones

            Yea dude, even IF, and huge IF, she's sincere here, she is too weak to take on her husband. She speaks a lot about women empowerment, but she constantly contradicts that. I don't see her as a strong woman at all. So useless either way.

            • Bones Bones

              Nothing she said touched on ANYTHING controversial. We all know how contaminated Japan is. She can't hide that and that is all she said. Again, no Olympics, abandonment of victims, toxic land all over even in TOKYO, secrecy bill, and the list goes on and on and on. This is like an interview with Mrs. Obama.

  • soundmind

    "IF" there is anything to reincarnation, then perhaps we won't make the same error twice, considering decades and millennium from now we will all be born into highly mutated bodies. Perhaps in those years we will lead simpler lives as Neanderthals, our inheritance retrograded. But, if the spirit force witnessing all of this is truly love and compassion, then we will break the chains of karma and ignorance and return to another planet in this universe and another Garden of Eden. Let us hope then that no one cares for another bite of the apple and human kind can proceed as if we collectively had that rare commodity-intelligence. Imagine being just born into this world, and your parents saying, "they destroyed it.", "but, you should have seen it in your grandfather's time." What Dreams May Come? Eh?! I suspect the author and Robin Williams got it right. What opportunities we had! What Promise! But, all we wanted was "cheap" electricity, sir. Congrats! You sure enough excited some electrons, yes sir're bob. Talk about climate change—it's sure to change now. Talk about ending wars,—-not necessary anymore, sir—no profit in it. Did the Elitist and Illuminati win? Nope, we all have lost the future that once was, there is no escape even for the landed gentry. Ain't Karma a Bitch?

    • Socrates

      Makes much sense…

      It is an anthropological phenomenon that people fail to use wisdom with technology. Even empathy is developed in a survival of the fittest paradigm. But the survival value of empathy does not work in the monopolistic market jungle created on Wall Street and inside the City of London.

      The paradigm is who can be the greediest. Humans made it through the ice ages by working together. Then they used their neocortex to "make money" and increasingly bigger weapons.

      One way or the other, humans wish to use near energy or weapons to end life on this planet of the apes…. that has always been our fate since one man used his stone ax to hit the other on the head. Humans can play with fire but cannot avoid burning down the house.

      I am surprised that an accidental nuclear war has not happened already. I'm thankful for that.

    • We Not They Finally

      I'm with you, soundmind. Reincarnation does not have to be HERE. Best I can tell, this planet is a reformatory, but rehabilitation has been going poorly, with the worst of the inmates in charge. It's pretty unthinkable that people in no way complicit in all this would be stuck on this unruly planet forever. At least I hope not…

      • Angela_R

        "It's pretty unthinkable that people in no way complicit in this would be stuck on this unruly planet forever."
        The innocent were in no way responsible but the deliberately ignorant have contributed to it being allowed. I doubt any would be interested in being around people who have been entirely self-orientated.

        Some Millennium ago a visionary tried to describe one of the devices that produced a nuclear explosion. I think his description is sometimes translated as 'the Abomination of Desolation.'

  • Simple Strategy, Start Getting Nuclear to Pay Its Real Cost
    Nuclear is a stupid technology that entraps the best and brightest into it's lie. It is also a way to steal from the future, like printing money, or like making pension promises that are just impossible to keep. They are all theft.
    here at the Nuke Pro we have several strategies, one of which is to make nuclear start addressing some of the costs of dealing with the spent fuel. Of course, with Solar PV now at 3 cents per kWH, and plants like Kewaunee (bought dirt cheap at $280M) and they still can't turn a profit in a market of 14 cents per kWH. Well the conclusion is obvious, nuke doesn't pay. And if the new Vogtle ever pull back the moderator rods….and costs $16B, how can that possibly work. Even will socialized insurance costs.
    But once we get them to start absorbing the real costs of decommissioning, and not just let the plants sit for 60 years, and not just let the spent fuel sit in pools forever. Then the true cost of nuclear will start to appear…..and the plant closures will rocket forward, as a race to get out gets underway.
    By the way, we can't just let these old plants sit for 60 years. WE THE PEOPLE need the infrastructure, as these are the perfect locations to feed in solar farms, molten salt generation, and peaking nat gas generators to smooth out the renewable inputs. Sorry nuker….suck it up and green field it back to where it was, except of course for the transformers, switchgear, power…

    • lines, syncronisers, and various distribution panel equipment that will be so useful for the "Fresh Energy". And in case it isn't obvious, if the plant sits for 60 years, all these assets will become worthless.
      Who is next? Pilgrim? Palisades? Plenty of candidates. Just pick any Entergy plant and you have a likely target for activist education.
      This is a real job creator, not fake government jobs, not entitlements. This is work which must be done. We must get rid of these old plants, and the waste. Dry Cask everything, now, in about 7 years it can all be done. And decommission the plants enough that the useful electrical assets can be used for the Fresh Energy. It is not necessary to completely dismantle the plants now…but there are going to be a lot of nuclear workers who can sure use the work of dismantling. Why not do it all now? The average worst radionuclides have half lives of 30 years, so in 60 years, they will have dropped to 25% of where they are now. So what if a bit more personal protection is needed, what if we need to use a few more robots. We can't let the risks and the assets sit fallow for 2 generations just to let them be a little less hot.

      $350 B estimate in the article below sounds high. My high estimate to Dry Cask all the uncasked waste in USA is around $15B.

      Nuke Pro out. Drop a comment!

      • We Not They Finally

        Nice long rant and I appreciate the sentiment. But those lands are contaminated FOREVER. And who will "make" the psychopaths in charge do anything humane at all? Plus you way underestimate the health risks of "dismantling," which is apparently not even feasible with Fukushima. They don't know how, it's too "hot" to get near, and if you think that the risks DECREASE over time, there may be a gap in your education. The damage gets WORSE going down through the generations!

        Plus it will keep spewing for decades. NOT get "a little less hot." Like letting a hot cup of coffee cool off. It doesn't work that way. There are already whole species being decimated and the whole ecological balance of life.

        Some of the worst of it, we do not even see. At least not yet. Plankton and algae give off 70% of the oxygen needed for the world. When those species die instead, they give off methane.

        You mean well, but I think there is some denial still in play. It doesn't mean not to do what we can AT ALL. It's just that wishing won't make this NOT an extinction level event. It already is.

        • Angela_R

          You get it:) We Not They Finally.

        • bf9 Fitz

          But, ~70% of the earth is covered in water as well. If we were to plant as many trees and other plants as possible everywhere we could (restoring the amazon for example) I think we could make it for a while longer. More time bought = more time to develop solutions. The challenges are great, yes, but I still believe that to some degree this can be rectified. It's just going to take an awful lot of worldwide action, and that's the ultimate question. Will the world be able to do THAT?

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Good question but then abrupt climate change has happened in the past proven by the forests that were once growing in the Arctic in abundance. The Earths wobble has change therefor this will lead to a change in the jet stream flow patterns, which will lead to a inconsistent pattern of sky water flow, which will lead to changes in growing areas worldwide. The Earth will rebalance but the Sun is the in the drivers seat for now.

            All the pollution in all forms is sadly ours and only ours to deal with… 🙁

  • captndano captndano

    I know it's not polite to ask a lady's age, but I do wonder how old Mrs Abe might be? just asking….

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    I like how they want people 55 and over to work on the reactors. They want to kill two birds with one stone as Abe has publicly displayed great disdain for senior citizens saying he hoped they would all die soon so they wouldn't drain the economy.

    We are entering the age of Logan's Run…

    • Bones Bones

      I guess he's talking about himself too. Is he suicidal? lol If I've ever seen a "useless eater" it's Abe not the ones who rebuilt Japan from the ground up from the pathetic emperor's sickening atrocities that got Japan razed to the ground and for good reason.

      • We Not They Finally

        You might look up Yoichi Shimatsu on the Abe family. They are war hawks going way back, who were sure that Japan should have won WWII. Abe's grandfather was apparently a notorious war criminal, who reveled in what you call "sickening atrocities." Shinzo Abe himself, was apparently instrumental in getting MOX fuel into Japan through the Cheney cabal some years back.

        Also see Shimatsu on the currently appointed so-called "Minister of the Environment." Says that he started out in a cult who believed that nukes should be planted all over the world and set off at will! These are criminal lunatics, but they think that they are the real Japanese patriots.

    • Ana Ana

      The big thing is they want people over 55 to go work at Fuku. By saying that they have admitted that it is a death sentence to work there and they are trying to minimize the costs of medical care and to blame "old age" on the next wave of worker deaths not radiation. By the way, lots of energy here talking about her and what she thinks about nuclear power. It is not relevant – she has no power to decide or change anything. At most her statements are scripted as a trial balloon to see what the response is in Japan. Believe me, as the wife of the PM, she is intelligent and well versed in political maneuvering. Her public words reflect nothing of her personal beliefs.
      Ana in Sacramento

  • Bones Bones

    Ok. Miss Abe, you state you are willing to meet with people who have differing opinions or people who criticize you. I would be willing to come meet you and do an interview with you, in a discussion type format, personal and taped and then edited. I don't mean live broadcast tv unless you want that. There are many here who would love to talk to you. In fact, some experts like Grampybones and others are invaluable. I am just willing to meet you. You've intrigued me, but by no means do I trust a word out of your mouth. It just seems like propaganda light, to make Japan look better despite all the evil and may I say genocidal negligence? A nice soft woman is always easier to accept than if Abe said this. Funny, your husband should be arresting you under the new secrecy laws. Or is this some sick joke to say to the world, see I criticize and I'm his husband so you are all just fine. There is always a hidden motive and I will find yours.

    • Socrates

      Are you old enough to remember Tokyo Rose, Bones? Not the same but use of a woman to carry out propaganda…. I feel your pain even if my husband does not… ain't it awful… just awful.. etc., etc. Divorce Abe and then let's have an honest discussion….

      • Bones Bones

        Sorry, I meant wife obviously. lol Wow, you make a great point Socrates. I remember hearing about her from my Pop. Unless she gets out from his grip no matter what she may believe in her heart never will she ever be able to execute her will freely. Crazy, def gave me a new way to look at this, more like she's just being played as a pawn, but she could be in on it. I don't trust women much. lol I'm a man, I don't quite understand the pain part, but thank you. lol You mean like deception by women? Boy, if they did it in the past they will try it again. I still believe it's just propaganda, but you do give me another way to think about it. Now, I'm more intrigued. I would honestly interview her. Thanks for the post and thanks for the history lesson, Socrates!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    TEPCO! Japan! Hear our demands:
    1. Confess to the public that 3 lost coria left Reactor Buildings1,2,&3.
    2. Release to the public 3D maps of the underground coria.
    3. Build the Impermeable Wall completely around Ruins1-4 within 6 months.
    4. Stop dumping 300 tonnes of water per day through Containments1-3 to "cool" corium that is no longer there.
    5. Pay for the evacuation of mothers and children from Tokyo and Central Japan to safe foreign locations.
    6. Build a fleet of ships to skim tsunami debris from the surface of the Pacific Ocean.
    7. Build a fleet of ships to transport contaminated water from Fukushima out to sea for treatment and disposal.
    8. Decommission all nuclear plants immediately. Do not sell nuclear technology overseas.
    9. (Keep this option open for additional demands, to be announced at a later time.).

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I'm right behind you on all of those demands! But — even if they did transport water from Fukushima out to sea do you really believe in your gut that anyone would actually "treat it" before disposal? (Shaking my head). Without some kind of huge government oversight department breathing down their backs and lots and lots of federal regulations (Japan government, USA, China, England, Canada..etc. etc..)…. I don't believe they would do any "RIGHT thing" they would just dump it behind all of our backs. It's that whole — let's not and say we did, thing going on. Just like children.

    • You are serious, aren't you? Keep dreamin man. LMAO

  • nedlifromvermont

    good comments people.

    We are going to fight Entergy on its proposal for 60 year "SAFSTOR" for Vermont Yankee.

    Eventually it will be better to take the property from this nuclear operating company, by eminent domain, and raise the funds however (gas taxes, water rate increases from Metro Boston MDC) to rapid decommission the crap reactor and SFP (fool pool) than to play the nuclear waiting game (shell game, Ponzi scheme) and get our lives back … …

    but minor detail … we are still downwind from about fourteen reactors operating on Lake Ontario … and the other 400 plus shitboxes …

    women seem to "get it" better than the men … how nuclear is a bad bargain …

    keep bangin' at 'em 'newsers. Thanks to the reformed nukers among us, for the straight talk. Stock, Alpha One, Grampybone, JoyB …

    so sad, the Pacific "die off" … starving brothers and sisters …

    so tragically unnecessary …

    and we gave them a waiver on liability??

    what were they smoking? UO2?

    peace …


  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    I really agree with you nedlifefromVT … I think that women might "get-it" a little more than men about how bad nuclear is because of our gender specifically and about how terrible birth defects might be.. and about the pain a child or anyone suffering from ill-health might have to endure, etc… because we are attuned more toward life and birth and nurturing, even if that does sound cliche. I have to agree sometimes with Dr Helen Caldicott about some of this. Men are more attuned to death. to war, to fighting, and power and control… While women are the co-creators of life…and wellness (hence nursing, caring for the elderly, etc. Yes. It's an obvious gender issue-topic. And I am a feminist. But men have always courted death in every culture across this planet and woman –life. Perhaps this is why "balance" is the only hope any of us have for the future. We each have value. We each deserve respect. We have to get our women into more leadership positions to help guide that 'balance'. (Have you noticed how much a nuclear plant even resembles sexual anatomy). Honestly. I'm not being funny. It's as clear as day. 🙂

    • Socrates

      Carl Jung agrees with your an analysis with anima and animus becoming disordered. Our society is fascinated or possessed by disordered feminine side in men, and animus possession in women.

      Marie Louise Von Franz spells it all out.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, very sensual, primal and exactly what to expect from hot blooded animals…

  • Sol Man

    The other news, yesterday, that the water sample was found to contain 1.9 million becquerels per liter and that this was from 75-80 feet below the reactor. So with 1,000 liters per cubic meter then multiply by 1,000 to get 1.9 billion becquerels per cubic meter!
    Then is it to be assumed that this is the level of contamination that is flowing to the sea? This, no one would want to think about.

    Our beautiful world is in such deep trouble.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    “Fukushima calamity beyond people’s assumptions…"

    A comedy of errors..
    Now and for how long.. will the physicians in Japan debate whether of not the children are getting sick from the radiation from Fukushima.

    "Oh…but it's too soon."

    "'s too soon."
    We aren't asking them to have sex for the first time!

    Experts differ over nuclear accident's effect on cancer rate in children

    "Most of the experts dismissed the possibility that effects from radiation from the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant could appear so soon in children."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And as they talk it over…

    Water leaks found near Fukushima tank barrier

    "The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says 1.6 tons of radioactive water is estimated to have drained into the ground from the barrier surrounding tanks storing contaminated water.

    TEPCO officials said they found water coming from the barrier's foundation joints on Saturday afternoon.

    They also said they measured 93 becquerels per liter of strontium 90 in the water remaining within the fence. The radiation level is about 9 times the national limit for water allowed to be released from the barrier.

    The officials said they believe cause of the leakage was deteriorated joints.

    They also said that, from the radiation level, they believe the leaked water is not radioactive water from the tanks but rainwater that had collected inside the fence.
    They added that they think the high level of strontium 90 was detected because the rainwater absorbed radioactive materials that have been spreading in the environment since the March 2011 accident.
    They confirmed that no radioactive water leaked into the ocean, as there are no drainage systems leading to the sea near the site."

    This sentence..

    "They added that they think the high level of strontium 90 was detected because the rainwater absorbed radioactive materials that have been spreading in the environment since the March 2011 accident."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    We have to fight nuclear power on all fronts.
    We have to.

    Hundreds protest France nuclear firm in Niger
    Dec 21 2013

    • flatsville

      Heart wrote something about fighting nuclear power on all fronts…Sine I don't see the enenews crowd by and large taking to the ramparts they can order LEDs on line and then go to to keep the wind energy PTC and ITC in place and then write their Congressional Delegation re: this-

      >>>A zero-emissions facility — such as a wind farm, solar facility or nuclear plant — would be eligible for a production credit of $23 per megawatt-hour through the first 10 years of a facility's life, the same level as the current PTC. Or it could claim a one-time investment credit worth 20 percent of a facility's costs, compared to the existing 30 percent ITC.<<<

      See where this "overhaul" is headed?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    But ..Big Daddy Abe..(snicker, snicker) ..says ..yes…to nuclear power.

    Abe says he disagrees with Koizumi's nuclear power stance
    Dec 21 2013

  • ruppert

    Be careful what you wish for to some of the earlier postings about this collapsing the Japanese government as if they collapse it will be the start of an inevitable global economic collapse. There have been many predictions that Japan would be the first domino to fall and not completely from Fukushima.

    The problem in most arguments posted try to make distinctions between the Japanese government and other governments when it comes to why nobody is doing or saying much about Fukushima.

    They are all joined at the hip and Japan will not go down alone. I think it's very naive to wonder why the U.S. is not getting more involved as basically Japan was coerced into using "peaceful atoms" after WW2 and Japan is in a very strategic location for the U.S. and I'm sure there's much that all sides don't want to be revealed if Japan were to allow access.

    I am surprised at Obama going to Hawaii. Even (as last time) if they avoid swimming, they will be exposed to higher levels of radiation.

    The U.S. got the choice of "rock or hard place" and have chosen the hard place. The rock of global panic can be delayed but I can't imagine they are stupid enough to believe it won't eventually come. Everyone will play the good cop and bad cop and demonize japan until we eventually find ourselves "On The Beach".

    Just remember that if Japan becomes uninhabitable that there will be around 50 other reactors stuffed with spent fuel that can't be maintained.

    • nedlifromvermont

      @ruppert … too true that … thank you for keeping it real … time to send in the Marines, Army, Navy everything we got ….

      them that ran the Able and Baker tests in 1946 on Bikini Atoll, with a target fleet and a live fleet, … the fourth and fifth atom bomb experiments ever exploded, over a mothball fleet, under tight radiological control and monitoring … tests which are beguilingly and poetically retold in a real time log of events released in 1948, "No Place To Hide," by author and Radiology Support Service team member, Dr. David Bradley, … which gives insight into the early and honest interpretations of the horrors of radiological contamination …

      they knew the truth about the environmental disaster of contamination, back in 1946!

      Still the "military-industrial complex" (read General Electric Company and their uranium-obsessed business allies,) persisted in this totally evil project of "harnessing the atom" … life on Earth be damned!!! …. and thus the legacy of the Manhattan District … wholesale contamination of the very biosphere …. over the righteous objections of those insiders who understood the threat, Linus Pauling, John Gofman, Albert Einstein …. and who knew what was going on …

      the Price Anderson sellout by Congress …

      totally and absolutely unnecessary … but now we have no choice but to hold the perpetrators harmless, and order them into the radiological battle front, at Fukushima and beyond …

  • Seeker

    @We are not they finally

    Keep at it w/ the info re the new Minister of the Envir, who still IS in the cult. And Abe is rumored to be. This cult believes they alone will survive nuclear apocalypse, and then rule the decreased world population. Make sure to check out the Ministry of Extinction article at rense, AND ITS LINKS. Remember, if Shimatsu takes this seriously so should we.

    The intelligent posters here have not integrated this news AND THEY MUST. You cannot fight WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The powers to be are playing a very silly juvenile game that should have ended in 1945 on this planet's surface.. 🙁

    Wars, thoughts of war and/or preparations/expenditures for war should end worldwide..

    These are very ancient mid-evil childish thought patterns…

    • Socrates

      Healthy masculine energy balanced by healthy feminine energy to save the planet is necessary. Instead, we have what we have….

      May the Force be with you, Obewan! I'll see you on the other side – if there is one. The battle is not over here yet. The Primitives have fooled people into following evil ways to enslave and exploit. Nuclear priesthood and the cult of death is all part of the domination power trip.

      • Colinjames

        Little story for ya on that note- Years ago, as a bartender, I had the same 3 shifts for an entire summer, call it mon, tues, wed. Invariably, week in, week out, mon + tues were a nightmare, wed always smooth as silk. I began to wonder why… Mon, all dudes (mgr and waiters) tues, all girls (but for me and the cook), and wed? 50/50 guys and girls. Extrapolate that, I truly believe the world would be a much better place if we had a more even balance of men and women in places of power, and I believe there are studies that show as much- that countries w/ more female legislators run more smoothly, I might just have to search for that story. But you're right. All about the balance.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Colin, great story and the problem with Nuclear Radiation Contamination is that in negatively affects the females of all the species effected by its distribution disproportionately.

          Search out world populations by number of men and women. It appears there are now more men in many civilization than women. These imbalances usually lead to wars…I think its a testosterone thing. Maybe mounting sexual frustration. 🙁

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          @Colin: It's all about 'dating': Going to my first gym, Mon. night was packed, no machines available. Tues was dead, then Wed. the gym was half-packed, some machines open, but lots of social interaction.

          When I asked the manager what was the Mon-Wed 'rush', he explained: "Monday is 'date night' for Friday-Saturday, and "Wednesday is for those who didn't get a date on Monday".

          That's the extrapolation…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂

  • bdais92

    Maybe our time should be spent spreading the info to women in powerful positions because people believe a womens sincere word over a mans. Does Mrs. Obama have an email, how about her daughters, the queen of England, females council members…. ?? We obviously cant get through to the men "in charge", maybe the women or children could get through to these people….? Im tired of ALL the inaction!! I demand action, too bad my word or opinion doesnt matter to TPTB in the world!!!! :(((((((

  • pjrsullivan

    Is it not in the range of possibility that this deadly leaking reactor is all a well staged op?

    Might the plan from long ago not have been to poison on out our environment with long lasting mutagenic, carcinogenic lethal toxic chemicals? Is it not understood that nuclear technology is a science of genocide?

    What if we could have had all of the clean free electricity that we wanted over a century ago?

    Here's a link that gives some technical aspects of how free energy can be extracted. It has to do with high speed earth and universal motion:

    What might it take for labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into its own hands? We need to get this dirty bomb shut down labor, will you give us a hand here please? Thank you.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 Now your thinking!

  • Tiza Tiza

    Has anyone heard of the ALPS?

    I'm wondering if they are using that and it's working?

  • Seeker


    That's the one! Shimatsu just reported on the cult on Monday, saying the new minister is like Charlie Manson in the WH. Did you read what this new minister said when he visited Fukushima after taking office?? Why do you say "No worries… Not!"?????????????????

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

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