Nuclear-friendly Journalist: “It’s shocking we don’t know where the fuel is” at any of the 3 reactors that had meltdowns at Fukushima (AUDIO)

Published: September 8th, 2013 at 4:02 pm ET


Title: Japan Plans ‘Ice Wall’ to Block Leaking Radiation
Source: KQED’s Forum
Host: Michael Krasny
Date: Sep 5, 2013

At 36:00 in

Eliza Strickland, associate editor at IEEE Spectrum, a magazine that focusing on technology and engineering:

They have to later build robots to figure out really where the fuel is.

It’s shocking that we don’t know where the fuel is.

A sample from Strickland’s IEEE Spectrum report ‘24 Hours at Fukushima‘: “[…] the calamity will undoubtedly improve nuclear plant design. True, the antinuclear forces will find plenty in the Fukushima saga to bolster their arguments.”

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Published: September 8th, 2013 at 4:02 pm ET


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34 comments to Nuclear-friendly Journalist: “It’s shocking we don’t know where the fuel is” at any of the 3 reactors that had meltdowns at Fukushima (AUDIO)

  • rockyourworld

    its shocking how ignorant they were when they built this flawed design in an earthquake/tsunami zone on landfill! truth is they know where it is and they're not telling. they can find gas 7000 feet down and underground bunkers from the sky but usgs claims they dont know. ha!

    • MichaelV MichaelV


      What a ton of bulls&!+

      This Tokyo Olympic thing has floored me.

      Remember when the friend of long time Chicago Mayor Daley, Michael Scott was found floating in the River?

      He alerted his wife to call the police if he was late in returning as he was having a 10pm meeting with some unsavory characters.

      She did, and the Chicago PD found his body in the Chicago River about an hour later.

      Mr. Scott was a big proponent of bringing the Olympics to Chicago; we protested, and won, even though the President made a trip overseas seeking to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

      They were buying huge tracts of land, displacing entire neighborhoods and families via higher land/tax values, so we marched and raised hell.

      The 2016 Olympics are headed for Brazil, I think, instead of my sweet home.

      Mr. Scott was the point man in acquiring properties but when the deal fell through he knew the end was upon him.

      There's a connection to property value and radioactive contamination.

      Everything is fine folks, no problems here, move along….

    • SS4U SS4U

      Who insures such risky endeavors ?

      Or maybe they figured a government bailout, who knows.

      While they were drooling over the money they would be making on all of this, had they considered the worse case scenario ? You know, plan for the worse but hope for the best ? Good business sense at the very least.

      Will Japan dump US bonds to pay for damage :

      or China buy Japansese bonds ? lots of money at stake here.
      How sad for everyone

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Nuclear was never safe, and never could be. And is being phased out. It will no longer exist. Decommissioning is a long road, but required for earth's survival.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Phased out? An engineer writes this comment from the above article;

      As Engineers we need to realize that we must develope and install Nuclear reactors in order to drive the need for clean and cheap energy.

      Others get angry because not one single person was killed, thus the article is a scare piece.

      If we want to phase out nuclear and all stupid practices, we must phase out the stupid people who promote them. This is not easy and is not happening

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Eliza says lessons learned will help us build safer plants in the future. We learned that one accident, caused from ANY NUMBER of unanticipated events is enough to endanger all life on earth. Fukushima or the next accident will be your LAST CHANCE to learn lessons. The word fool is not adequate

    The pro nuke mentality exemplifies what is wrong with our engineering world, our political world, and even a large proportion of our public. What sane person would promote machines that destroy the world and which have no known method of dealing with the radioactive waste? Thus, they are insane, which would make an interesting study for the psychologists, many of who are also crazy.

  • Marushka, very poignant observation. One year into their 40 year "decommisioning" program, they have managed to only increase radiation in the Pacific and on site. As far as where the corium is, they should at least tell us where they think it is. They must have secret data collected at time of melt down that scientists have analyzed. Not to mention the heat and radiation signatures must be detectable with some sort of hi tech equipment. But part of TEPCO's motivation for lying is to acquire more bank loans which they plan to pay off by starting up other nuclear plants. Its not just lying to the public but they need to do that as well to minimize compensation payments. There is zero motivation to tell the truth. Not even the Japanese government wants to tell the truth for various reasons including a succesful Olympic bid. However up here in Canada I notice a fair bit of Fuku news shows up in the business section. Business investors, especially in the USA, are not willing to invest in NPP as there are historically huge cost overruns, no solution for spent fuel and if something goes wrong a financial nightmare. Slowly people are realizing that nuclear is just a poor investment unless underwritten by the government. Germany has a strong economy as it winds down its NPPs. Japan is crippled by this triple meltdown. Putting the health issues aside, nuclear power is just a money pit.

  • weeman

    Do you remember how long it took the Russians at Chernobyl to locate the corium, three years and another three to map it, now the Russians gave it the old college try, remember the Russians did not need to deal with SFP and that is the priority at the moment.
    It will take time to establish its location, but I am not impressed by the progress in establishing it location and state and we have to know this to know how to proceed?.

    • mairs mairs

      So, how's construction on their floating nuclear plant going. 🙁

      • weeman

        It's not, the point was anything is possible if your options are limited and was put forth only to show you have options and study feasibility.
        You think that I did not see this was a remote possibility, but if the buildings keep sinking you will see some sort of action along these lines.

  • rockyourworld

    anyone here? check this out! is it the cam or is that black chunks in the sky?

  • rockyourworld

    sorry heres the iwaki train station link

    • mairs mairs

      I would say it's particles on the housing that the camera is in. If dust settled on it and it rained a little, you'd see dirt spots. That's what it looks like to me anyway.

  • rockyourworld

    whats up with the sky there? anyone know the distance from fukushima to this train station?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Tepco needs to hire George W. Bush as a spokesman. W could make jokes about all the places they are looking as he laughs and says, "No, not there!" They could even make a reality show about it: Government forces led by Former President raided a Pachinko Parlor today looking for the missing nuclear fuel. Mr. Bush, any comment? "Not here hehe." Ha ha hahaaa nope no nuculars here…

  • ftlt

    These scientists ought to be working real hard to find a way to neutralize nuclear materials… It seems to be our only hope…

  • soern

    Does anybody know how deep it is, from beneath Daiichi to Magma?
    20 Miles? More? Less?
    Any Geologist around here?
    Can't find a map for this.

  • SusanS

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