Japan Newspaper: “The seriousness of the current situation at Fukushima can’t be understated” — Report: Unmitigated radiation is pouring into Pacific Ocean — Video: They don’t know how to stop the radioactive leaks… we’ll never know how to stop this

Published: August 23rd, 2014 at 10:25 am ET


Yomiuri Shimbun (“The pro-nuclear Yomiuri Shimbun” –Source), Aug. 20, 2014 (emphasis added): Efforts to contain water contaminated with radioactive substances… are progressing at a snail’s pace. At present, dealing with radioactive water is the overriding issue in resolving a series of problems following the nuclear crisis… In May, TEPCO began… the “groundwater bypass program.” But this effort failed… The seriousness of the current situation cannot be understated… Another concern is the huge amount of highly radioactive water—11,000 tons—that has leaked and now remains in underground tunnels near the coast. The Nuclear Regulation Authority has pointed out there is a high risk of this water leaking into the sea and causing other problems. Simply pumping the highly radioactive water out of a tunnel will not work, as it would soon be replaced by more contaminated water flowing in from reactor buildings. TEPCO has tried to freeze water in a section connecting the tunnel to a reactor building, but the attempt failed.

Asahi Shimbun, Aug 20, 2014: [R]adioactive water [is] pouring from turbine buildings into trenches at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, as ice walls are proving insufficient.

Mainichi, Aug 20, 2014: TEPCO officials say the speed of the water flow… increased, making it difficult to freeze water there.

Even though highly radioactive water has been pouring into the trenches at ever increasing speed, they contain only 11,000 tons of fluid —  the same amount as in March 2011.

NHK, Aug. 19, 2014: In April, [TEPCO] began installing pipes to carry coolants in and out of the tunnels [i.e. trenches] at the No.2 reactor. Workers hoped to freeze the wastewater to stop it flowing out to the sea.

VICE News, Aug. 20, 2014: [U]nmitigated radiation [is] still pouring into Pacific waters […] in June 2013, TEPCO admitted that almost 80,000 gallons of contaminated water had been leaking into the Pacific Ocean every day since the meltdown. As of today, that leak continues [and accounts of] swelling radiation levels continue to surface […] 80 feet from the Pacific Ocean [groundwater] contained 20 million becquerels of the harmful radioactive element Strontium-90 per gallon […] these measurements were hidden from Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority […] As of August 2014, we know that radiation levels around the Fukushima area continue to rise, even after three years of containment attempts.

Speech by Kazuko Ito, Esq., member of the UN Women Regional Civil Society Advisory Group and Secretary General of Japan-based NGO Human Rights Now (At 5:00 in), published by Cinema Forum Fukushima on July 30, 2014 (at 1:15 in): To date, TEPCO still does not know how to stop the ongoing radioactive leaks from its facilities… The contaminated water is leaking, leaking, leaking into the sea – every day — and we never know how to stop this.

Watch Ito’s speech here

Published: August 23rd, 2014 at 10:25 am ET


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104 comments to Japan Newspaper: “The seriousness of the current situation at Fukushima can’t be understated” — Report: Unmitigated radiation is pouring into Pacific Ocean — Video: They don’t know how to stop the radioactive leaks… we’ll never know how to stop this

  • Cooter

    Even if they could stop the water, then what?

    • Cooter

      "As of August 2014, we know that radiation levels around the Fukushima area continue to rise, even after three years of containment attempts."

      So the current idea of pouring 400 tons of water into these plants has not mitigated the fact that the radiation is rising. By damming up this water will make it more radioactive, up to the point where you can't work at this site.

      This mess is only going to get worst. Day by day, gallon by gallon.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Stop the underground waters, jajajaja… what a silly joke…..

  • Cdog Cdog

    80 K gallons is what we call a flood. A leak is what I do when I want to relive myself.

  • weeman

    I live in Canada and even in the dead of winter, water does not freeze in flowing rivers, so did you think you could freeze the trenches, it is obvious that the flow of contaminated water to sea is swift and that your estimate of 400 tons realeased every day is low and out to lunch?
    The amount of contaminated water in trenches has not increased from march 2011, what that tells me it is escaping into the ocean at a unknown rate.

    • Yup, when a bucket has a hole in it, the water level could stay the same if a certain known amount of new water pours in…and if the holes get bigger or more of them or a greater unknown amount of new water is added….actual measurement is? Mind boggling to me… sometimes I try to form a mental picture the geology, rainfall, drainage, new "leaks", etc.

      (Actually I just think of it more like a sieve these days, lol) Just one giant saturated mess of a deteriorating sieve above and below ground level, continuously douching the Pacific with death.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Wow Teri, Mother Nature is blushing…

        But, Fukushima is todays manmade nuclear contamination.

        Nuclear disaster 3.0 if you will. The numbers are adding up fast now.

        Didn't used to be that way. Back in my youth and before, they almost always slowly polluted the environment with deadly nuclear toxins. They knew how to take it slow and easy.

        The grandaddy of them all, Hanford. Sixty plus years of an ever increasing circle of radionuclide contamination. Roll on Columbia comes to mind. To end up in the sea, continously.

        Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the Columbia Plateau Regional Aquifer System, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington


        Where's Pasco! You would think they would… Naw, thats nuclear. This is just aquifer geology…

        Repeat over and over across this planet for time immortal now…

        One Earth, one environment, one life, one man destroying everything in his path…

        • maybesomeday

          Jebus: where is Pasco? Pasco, Richland, Kennewick [the Tri-Cities] are the heart of Washington wine country, about 15 miles downstream from Hanford. 160 wineries within a 50 mile radius. Currently 30% off at a local store in my area.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Sorry, I was being facetious. Hi neighbor, cheers…

            Was referring to the ommision of anything Hanford in the aquifer maps. In this particular study they chose Pasco as the center of all maps…

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Why didn't they just build the damned thing IN the ocean and paint a fish skeleton mural of people crushing all life in the ocean, with a tsunami of skeletons washing up and killing everything on land and in the sky? Nice sixties-ish atomic patterns and children breast-fed acid? Know what I mean.

        It's sick. Really twisted. They operate with government approval. What does that say about our governments? What does it say about our shopping skills in the representative markets? We be dumb monkeys. Stupid monkeys. We suck. What are we drunk on?

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Of course weeman…..it is scaping at an unknown este….. the nombres given initialy of flowing waters qre justo guetimates bases in nothing… por someone here is able to give an estimate number bases in somethig objective?

  • One thing I've never got about Fukushima is all this stuff about 'cooling the reactors', which we've heard non-stop since the start of the disaster. Surely, if a reactor has gone into meltdown, and the fuel core has reached temperatures of thousands of degrees, the last thing you'd do is introduce water to 'cool it'? because of course there'd be a massive thermal explosion (which, I believe, was the biggest worry at Chernobyl).

    I'm not sure what I can contribute to the comments section of this site, because there are people here who are much more knowledgable than me. Have I missed something with all this cooling water/thermal explosion stuff?

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Welcome and don't be afraid of making a contribution , a lot of folks here are on their own learning curve , I've been here almost three years now and I am still learning more and more everyday …

      Be blessed

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      No, you have not missed anything.
      In fact, you are one of the few who does understand the water/cooling

    • Rob, cooling the melted out reactor cores is all they can do at this point. They are relying on the original cooling system of the plant pre disaster. Radioactive coolant is leaking into the ocean only one aspect of this disaster. But to answer your question the compromised plant cooling system continues to run as whatever is left of the triple melted cores could catch on nuclear fire if not cooled. Also the vast spent fuel pool inventory needs cooling if that runs dry the nuclear fire could make fukushima unapproachable. The full cooling system serves melted cores and spent fuel pools. It has been serviced in some fashion throughout the disaster.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hello RobG, many of us have postulated there aren't explosions because the water being pumped in to cool the coria isn't reaching the coria. Since the reactors melted out in 2011, the coria have escaped containment. They're dumping water on something that can't be cooled. Likely cooling the spent fuel pools, but not the melted out reactor cores.

      There is also so much water under the plant whatever's being pumped in just gets diluted by whatever water is already there.

      Or so our speculation goes. Pretty much speculation at this point because if it is known where the coria are (and it probably IS known), no one is saying ….

  • Shaker1

    80K gallons would fit into a cube 22 ft. per side and approximately 300 tons. I think it's an underestimate. Last I looked they were pouring in that much water themselves. It's also obvious that at that rate they haven't the decontamination capacity to deal with the water. I would imagine that water in those trenches closer to the ocean also contain some measure of saltiness. One thing that I find interesting is that I haven't seen a chemical analysis or temperatures published of that water, though I'm sure it varies from point to point, but I'm not a number-hound in general. They just publish measures of radioactivity. One would think that a chemical analysis would have been integral to even the thought of freezing water and the refrigeration media choice. Chemically altering what appears to be water can have a great impact upon its freezing temperature.

    Which brings up another question. Yesterday with the mention of hydrogels as some measure for control of water I did some research into them. There are a lot of varieties, but it should be obvious that on the fresh water side of the compound it shouldn't be a problem, but closer to the reactors and turbine buildings there's again that question of chemical composition of the water and its impact upon the gels.

  • Cdog Cdog

    The cores have not stopped criticality's since forming one mass, but theoretically they generate less concentrated heat which could save the day.
    Like Chernobyl the spontaneous criticality's are being reduced through the merging of cement, steel, and dirt instead of sand, cement, and zeolite.
    Initially the two or three 5000F cores of unregulated fissile uranium/pluto rushed through the containment vessels and into the basements like hot lava, (we saw the catastrophic damage/evidence of this when they went to look for the cores.)
    So the cores absorbed the steel at the bottom of the containment vessel and the control rods before hitting the containment floor.
    The big prayer is that in both the10 or so feet of concrete of the containment vessels have been able to withstand the irregular, and hopefully unconcentrated decay heat.
    Then InEpCo merely needs to shores the incoming and outgoing water.
    It is possible most of the world will survive another day if those babies didn't melt through…

  • I know a six year old little boy who knows about Fukushima. When We talk about it he's always ready and willing to become a "scientist" and run right over to Japan and "fix those reactors". No fear.

    Something delusional inside of me gets excited to hear children with such unmitigated enthusiasm to "fix" a problem. The generation the fissionists always dreamed about. Such bravery.

    What do Us adults do? Besides hand wringing nothing?
    My lame answer:

    Get the rad word out, People! To everyone you can

    Then the least We can do is buck up, put our boots on and arm Ourselves with printers and scissors.

    For the children. The "Fix It!" generation, who have already been labeled by academics "The New Silent Generation".

    Many are dying silently now because We let them.

    Other easy get the rad word out resources

    Do the least you can do. Boots on, People. For the children.


      If they choose not to listen dust off your sandals, move on and never give up. If you are severely disabled even the thought of helping can do great deeds amongst the unbelievers. No person can be held guilty if they turn and in truth help save others.

      In some countries passing leaflets and placing cards is a breach of local law. Littering with truth can come at a cost. I have been informed that some people have been most astute in such matters. One person said to me "You have to be caught before they can fine you! ".

  • Checkmate

    Chemfood is right, get the word out. Just look around you at all the people walking around without any N100 filter masks including: playing and attending high school and professional sports outside without protection or even the players. It is unreal. Look at the kids walking with parents to school, look at the teachers, etc. We have a nation full of media generated zombies. It is mind-bogging!!!
    Maybe a great idea is too wear tee-shirts that say "Nuke Radiation Is Bad" and wear a N100 mask wherever you go… This may get the word out faster. Also bumper stickers.


      A few years ago the Australian government was toying with the idea of making statement based shirts illegal. This might push them over the psycho limit. I like democracies.

      Free speech as long as you don't use it.

      Someone said to me, "If you don't like it here, then go somewhere else! " My reply is; nature wants me here and why should I move for a bunch of leather licking corporate puppets, flying anti-human flags!

  • what a cycle… I am in awe, after three plus years to see more realistic, earth shattering news emerge this last month… there's a cycle each of us goes through in watching this horror unfold…

    some of us knew from the onset it would be awful… over time we have experienced grief, solitude, the art of finding others in the same book – on the same page, more grief as we learn more together, feeling insulted by asinine PR from industry and gov shills/trolls, learning in real time how messed up everything is over nuclear, seeing how people in Japan cope / watching people in the US begin to cope…

    I don't know where I am in the cycle, it was simple to figure out in the first couple years, similar to the ritual of grief/loss… but now… I just don't know…

    Time for more MSM revelations… bring it on, yer awful late…

    • name999 name999

      obvious, I don't know how to cope with this and I have a huge bag of tricks for health and healing. Coming to this site helps manage this knowledge in a way, but it just keeps getting worse. And this is just the beginning of it.

      The shocking news of the violent murder of a journalist this week is so severe. And it is a bigger metaphor of the destruction of what is best in us, of pursuit of knowledge and truth, human compasion.

      I used to go into nature, wander along the Pacific coastline and feel relief. So much has been taken
      from my life already. From all of us. Words cannot express this.

      • name999… I can not say I understand all of what you are going through, but, I have been there at some point… now that I live in Uruguay I find my outlook much improved. I'm experiencing a different level of awareness and my sense of grief is shifting…

        • name999 name999

          obvious, I made a move too and it has helped but that is just a temporary fix.

          I resent that I had to give up so much for the greed and stupidity of an aggressive war loving community drenched in money.

          The Pacific Ocean was my place to feel inspiration, awe and beauty. It was always there for me and I have such deep hurt at what has happened to our oceans and the advancing of a toxic soup in it's place. All the dead sea life…

          Continuing of the nuclear market place, building more all over the world.
          Just so discouraging that humanity has come to this. So disappointing. So much loss.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            I'm feeling you
            No words to describe my angst

          • name: for me, my move is a permanent fix. Uruguay will get the least of the fallout while still offering greatest diversity of foods locally grown. No need to buy food from contaminated areas… someone suggested Falkland Islands, but, there are so few resources there… they undoubtedly rely heavily on imports. And, it's under British rule. I think Uruguay has the best opportunity to stay pretty clear of Fukushima impacts at least until the end of my time here.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              As long as there aren't issues with the nuke plants in Argentina, Brazil, and (soon to be) Chile, you should be fine.

              Have been contemplating moving to Uruguay for awhile now.

      • While I quite agree that "The seriousness of the current situation at Fukushima can’t be [overstated]" –and have been emotionally burdened for 50 years by knowing that a satisfactory outcome for our civilization is very unlikely (per:

        > http://webpages.charter.net/123goto/tct.htm
        > http://webpages.charter.net/123goto/map.htm#flare

        –I counsel critical thinking and friendly skepticism toward the day-to-day pronouncements which come from our own circles of friends and sources.

        I also counsel experiencing the simple delights of Nature, especially as manifest in the vicissitudes of our wonderful coastal and estuarine regions –where I'm fortunate enough to live (here in Oregon). Life is short, even without NPPs.

        * IMO: even those exclaiming the radiation perils which loom ahead –are in denial, or are only dimly aware –of how multiple, serious and certain are all the threats to our survival.

        * On the other hand: cautions about the current levels of radiation hazards in the normal course of living (breathing, eating, recreating) –often come from folks who don't know what they're talking about, or how to take meaningful readings with a Geiger counter.

        * We hear too little in our forums from those who identify themselves as having a professional, hands-on working knowledge of radiation matters. I can only speculate why: their communication skills lack the common touch, they got shouted down by loudmouth know-nothings when they tried, (–more)

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          @craig great reading
          thanks for sharing
          is this yours ??

        • –or maybe it's simply too declasse for them to be seen posting here at Energy News.

          ** That all being said, and aside from one 40% and one 70% possible bump in my readings during 2011 (when my methods were still pretty rude), my ground monitoring readings these past 40 months have been rather flat:

          > http://webpages.charter.net/123goto/map.htm#newgrph

          –plus there's been no residual radiation in any of my scores of air filter draws –just the highly variable initial radon daughter counts.


        • Craig: I have to wonder…

          would your opinion be different if WHO, CDC, and other affiliated/mainstream medical organizations actually reported (historically) the full scope of medical issues and trends related to radiation exposure?

          would you be more apt to say, yes, while life is short under normal circumstances, it would be wise for families to consider moving outside the fallout prone areas and ensure, somehow, that your food is least contaminated by Fukuhsima, or other sources of man made radiation….

          I encourage everyone who can, move… research the fallout potentials and the food contamination and move… get your employer or shareholder group to see how Fukushima will impact much of, not only the west coast, but much of the US and Canada, and Mexico for that matter… and move…

          there's a difference between acknowledging that, yes, our great outdoors is magnificent and psychically healing and tromping or meditating around in the great outdoors, sucking up and touching Fukushima radiation, perhaps enjoying a Fukushima poisoned berry, or a handful, along the way… exercise caution, above all else, exercise caution.

  • Jebus Jebus

    This applies more now than ever…

    Wake Me Up When September Ends


    "becoming who we are"

  • razzz razzz

    It is damned if you do and damned if you don't when it comes to adding or not adding cooling water to the melts. The bottom line is that they have to add water even if it is saltwater. The melts have found groundwater for cooling but any residue (probably measured in tons) left behind, high and dry, still needs cooling like spent fuel would. Water shields and contains most of the radioactivity besides carrying off the decay heat. Problem is, you need to contain and control the cooling/shielding water which isn't happening.

    They always talk and worry about a spent fuel pool melting down and releasing its captivated radioactive poisons into the environment but 3 melted cores have already done the same thing. Instead of being mostly airborne fallout, now it is more waterborne or seaborne fallout. Dispersed aerosolized spent/melted fuel still is the biggest fear.

    The buildings leak so bad that nothing can be done except dump water on them and lose the water due to leaks.

    Since the backup plan of entirely flooding the containments is not possible any longer with leaking and melts' whereabouts unknown, this is as good as it gets.

    They never talk about the pedestal. Thinner walls compared to the basement, a sideways breach would be more likely esp. thru pipes and access hatches or how else does the melt get to the downcomer pipe openings?

    Masks don't help with radioactive submicron particles unless you are just trying to make a fashion statement.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Huh! Is this someones truth?

    I was checking the Federal Register.

    Here: https://www.federalregister.gov/topics/radioactive-materials

    If you look at Thursday 14th you say what is that doing there.

    Specially Adapted Housing Eligibility for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Beneficiaries



  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ""we’ll never know how to stop this"" ???

    Well, actually we do know how to stop any nukemess in the world from being a messy wreck..
    It takes guts and commitment from everybody.

    This sketch here is just a limited peek at a small part of the total concept for Fshima mitigation..


    Lotta debate about icewalls, I know they are not a final solution, just intermediate.. note; I originally colored the small close-in icewall red because it is very-iffy, but still worth a shot.

    Big-circle containment is the first step to water&air control.
    Start with a massive foundation. Don't fight the water, use it to dissolve the "Alka-Seltzer tablets" then reclaim the radwaste with mining industry technology [plus whatever other good ideas we got]


    Fshima is just 0.5% of the global problem of nukemess.

    I also have some plans to cleanup the nukemess in Nevada after years of nuke-bomb testing by military morons.

    WIPP is just another flustercluck enviro-cleanup we have to deal with..
    same as 1000 other rad-hazard sites worldwide.

    A good start for the global megaproject is to replace WallStreet with a vending machine, putting an end to speculative economics.

    FUKU teaches DeepZen Humility


  • I know many people hate this song, what with Claire Torry wailing away (there's a story behind it all), but for me it encapsulates the human experience and the nightmare we are now living through:

    Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky

  • Black Reign Man Black Reign Man

    TEPCORIUM is following the nuclear disaster/release play book.

    Disaster happens, is footnoted in the media, then the media moves on. Disaster is out of sight, out of mind (to the sheeple at least). After 3 years the cancers, mutations and other biological affects begin in a way that can't be denied. Scientist scratch their heads wondering what could be causing all the cancers and such. They conveniently fail to make the possible connection to the disaster.

    The play book has served the industry well since the dawn of the atomic age. This time not so much. The afterglow can't be separated from the disaster for long. Try as they may.

    The only way for the powers to dodge responsibility is to have another nuclear release in the region, A release that can be blamed on a faceless, horrific enemy – like a terrorist group. They don't even have to release additional radionuclides, just say some dirty, boomless bomb was detonated. Sure there is some nuclear contamination from FD, but the massive amount of contamination affecting living creatures comes from the evil doers.

    TEPCORIUM and the powers that be have their scapegoat.

    It's sad having to imagine what goes on in evil minds.

    • yeah… and once the playbook page turns to data collected post 311 to determine "baseline" via helicopters over major cities and one airforce base I know of… pre-next event…

      they obfuscate the dialog with post 311 rad levels being a certain level…

      when, if they had data on 1970s and 1980-pre Chernobyl and then 1986-pre Fukushima…

      well… that'd be a study worthy of dialog…

  • rogerthat

    ''Even though highly radioactive water has been pouring into the trenches at ever increasing speed, they contain only 11,000 tons of fluid – the same amount as in March 2011.''

    This is magic water – it flows into the trenches ''at ever increasing speed'' but it never flows out. into the sea. remarkable.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    FACT IS . .

    Scientists of the world have no clue how to stop one nuclear plant from contaminating earth.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    To get a real sense of how they think this video although full of propaganda and critical of Caldicott should provide readers with a full measure of the battle of hearts and minds and what has been accomplished in the long struggle against nuclear power. The powerful entrenchment of nuclear industry and the ongoing development of Thorium salt reactors. The hormesis debate and the LNT debate are highlighted as well as critical look at co2 and renewables and Germany's efforts to ween itself off nuclear energy. See if you can detect the omissions and half truths. About 2 hrs.

  • Nick

    I recall pictures of cracks at the FDNPP showing the rip in the earth, indicating tremendous forces at work. I remember saying uh oh, this is not good and my spine experienced a tingling that seconded my feelings.

    Unit 3 had exploded before I saw the earth tear so I was already alarmed beyond fear, but seeing the crack confirmed that we were in for an event beyond human control.

    It remains beyond human control (except for black out) and my spine has not forgotten that hair raising week after 3/11/11.

    I can.t explain it, but I have always had an atomic view of our world and know too much about organic chemistry and shared electrons in molecules to sleep easily at night when I think of the horror, unspeakable horror flowing into the Pacific.

    Our world will descend into chaos soon, the spiral has begun.

  • kbw kbw

    I read an article that cannabis will absorb radiation.

    • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

      Because radionuclides mimic basic elements (potassium, iron, phosphorus) they become ubiquitous in environment. Hardly anyway to avoid it once it is loose.

  • sludge7051-x

    Why don't I hear Greenpeace screaming bloody murder over this? It would be appropriate.

  • Crickets Crickets

    "The seriousness of the current situation cannot be understated" – That's the problem. It can and IS being understated. Actually, the seriousness of the current situation should not be understated..but again, it is, each and every day. The silence is deafening.

  • Crickets Crickets

    Why would they continue to spin their wheels and spend so much money to try to stop the water from going into the ocean when the 'experts' have told the world it's no worse than eating bananas and potato chips? So contaminated water continues to flow into the ocean for another ten, twenty…one hundred years. No worse than adding a few more bananas to the diet each day, right? What a bunch of liars.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    “The seriousness of the current situation at Fukushima can’t be understated” + 1

  • FXofTruth

    There is only ONE way to save the planet.

    Since all this nuclear fuel was extracted from deep in the Earth, it has to be RETURNED to the deep Earth…and the ONLY way is to bury (4)four, very powerful, shaped-nuclear bomb very deep and DIRECTLY POSITIONED under the entire plant area.

    Each nuke is lined up straight down toward the Earth's core, one in front of the other. The nukes would be at 4 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles, and 1 mile intervals. The possible yield from the explosions, verse bedrock moved (and turned to glass) would need to be calculated then computer tested.

    Each weapon would be triggered within a minute of the previous one.
    When the final one at the 1-mile mark blew then, everything in a one-mile area would drop into the sinkhole – all buildings, all melted cores, and vast amounts of ocean water. But, at the rate ocean water is being destroyed now, this would be a drop in comparison.

    Since everything to date, has failed miserably and expanded the problem exponentially, the biggest risk of doing this type of plan is – one of the nukes might not fire off properly. So to ensure that this does not occur, smaller "trigger nukes" would be in place and positioned within range to "trigger" a ms-fired larger nuke if needed or to "enhance" the carving out process.

    Now, who has a better idea?
    Doing nothing about this problem IS NOT AN OPTION!

    • Angela_R


      I'm sorry but you are kidding, aren't you?

      • We Not They Finally

        He's probably NOT kidding, but he should be. Arnie Gundersen actually reviewed some pros and cons of detonating nukes there early on, and came down solidly on the side of NOT doing it. "Unintended consequences?" I don't know that we have a clue what further damage it might do, even to the earthquake faults lining Japan.

        Ironically, during the 60's there was a lot of underground testing. I never saw any review of what (for example) that was doing to the aquifers down there. Could not have been good news!

        Probably part of your own visceral response was that it is crazy on its face to use MORE nuclear to somehow "cancel out" nuclear. And I don't think that one has to be a scientist to see that!

        That said, I've suggested many times on this site that it seems like what should be considered is to first evacuate all of the northern Japan, and then flood as much contaminated water as possible INLAND, instead of out to the sea. To contain this to Japan as much as possible, rather than recklessly polluting the Pacific ongoing.

        But yet more nukes? My God, no!

        • We Not They Finally

          Angela (if you are checking responses,) do google an extraordinary Croatian man named BRACO. You'll see why, and it's really true. You've always seemed like a very receptive, spiritual soul.

          • Angela_R

            WNTF, I think what you are asking is – Can it work?

            Had to think about it for a while, I had reckoned that working on energy fields, wave fields of sound etc. would be successful,(maybe need to also qualify), but this…well on contemplation, I guess it falls within 'faith healing' i.e. belief. So maybe he knows it is not him, maybe he doesn't, but I see him as merely an instrument to induce a reaction by one's own positive energy. But that will not answer mankind's problems. We'll still go on doing the same old, same old..this will not bring an end to humanity's suffering

    • The answer is simple, lift and seperate

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Earth is still moving as a big 6.0 hits Napa, so we may not need to do anything, since Japan might sink into the ocean all on its own if the Earth keeps groaning from our human activity.

    The fault in Napa has not been active in over 1,000,000 years?

    Guess we all should worry, since there are still 350+ of these Nuclear plants all over the Earth. 🙁

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    It's getting harder and harder to tell people about this. The articles here just get more and more jarring every day.

    When I start to tell someone about it, this what I feel like: Summed up perfectly on a coffee cup illustration



    You know I cannot believe that agents for the NSA, FBI, INTERPOL, CIA, FEDERAL POLICE etc can look their own children in the eye, their aged parents, wives and lovers knowing that they are conspiring to murder billions of people.

    You must be sociopathic to be such people. Void of morals. Non-human. Selfish for financial gain. Selling themselves like prostitutes to the corporations, eager for their pension plan they may never get.

    And they call me immoral for being a homosexual. I was made gay, manufactured in heaven, married to Yahuah, our son Yahuahshua. When I was taken up, I lifted the veil of Yahuah and lived.

    So socially isolate me, tell lies about me. Throw stones at me and watch them cry.

    Yahuah saw you try to kill me between Pindara hospital and the Gold Coast hospital. Throwing a blinded by lasers disabled innocent person to the street in the process of heart arithmia. He also saw when you gave me atomic mouthwash as a child in Manchester Infirmary and my nose bled for weeks culminating in my nose being quarterised. God sees all.

    Have a good laugh throw some stones.

    Repent for the kingdom of heaven is upon you.

  • privacyisaright

    I know this is somewhat off topic but I had to post this article from the LAtimes. First in depth article about the New Mexico incident Ive come across in mainstream news.


    This paragraph brought tears to my eyes..

    The plant's ventilation and filtration system was supposed to have prevented any of the radioactive material from reaching the environment. But investigators discovered that the Energy Department never required the ventilation system to meet nuclear safety standards. When monitors detected radiation, dampers were supposed to route the ventilation air into filters to prevent any radioactivity from reaching the surface, but the dampers leaked and thousands of cubic feet of air bypassed filters.

    When is society going to wake up about these repeated crimes against humanity?

    • We Not They Finally

      "Leaked" again. The dampers "leaked." I'm rooting for a New Nomenclature Project. Someone do it, please! Change "low level" to "chronic." Change "dose" to "ongoing, escalating exposure." Be sure to include CUMULATIVE.

      The liars are currently still left with way too many tools by which to propagate the lies. We need to reform the language about it.

  • combomelt combomelt

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of the United States….

    “My fellow Americans,
    3-1/2 years ago, a massive 9.0 Earthquake hit Japan, triggering a Tsunami which killed tens of thousands of people. But that was not the end of the tragedy for Japan. Even now, we are still at the very beginning of an enormous environmental disaster, the likes of which the world has never seen before.
    Fukushima, Japan is home to 100s of thousands of people. 125 miles north of Tokyo. it is an area of rich farmland, thick forests and beautiful beaches. On March 11, 2011, 3 operating nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station were cut off from the power grid. The earthquake destroyed pipes and fittings, weakened walls and valves, and cracked the Spent Fuel Pools in 3 of the reactor containment buildings, while also cracking….

    • combomelt combomelt

      …the Pressure Containment Vessels and cracking the pipes connecting the Torus cooling wells at the bottom of each reactor vessel. During the next few days, the fuel in the dried out pools and containments melted together into enormous lava like blobs of superheated radioactivity and melted out of their protective containments down into the basements, and eventually burned through the concrete foundations and into the ground. 1 theory is that as these blobs hit the ground and the water table, great amounts of hydrogen gas was generated, and 3 of these reactor buildings exploded, scattering their highly radioactive fuel contents far and wide across Japan, into the Pacific Ocean, and high into the stratosphere. The other theory states that the fuel pools, normally full of water covering the spent fuel, became exposed leading to nuclear criticalities resulting in atomic bomb-like detonations at at least 2 of those reactors, and resulting in the same widespread contamination continually flowing to this day through every thinkable contamination route. cont…

      • combomelt combomelt

        …The radioactive fallout from this unprecedented disaster reached the United States approximately 1 week later through the Jet Stream, raining down deadly dust sized particles onto every roof and grassy front yard of every city and town, every road and field, every grazing head of cattle, and each and every field in the Central California bread basket to each strand of corn and wheat in the great midwest from Iowa to Texas. As I have said, and I want to be clear here, lethal particles from those reactors in Japan are now everywhere, all across this great nation of ours.
        Now, we see the Pacific Ocean dying. Already in the last 3+ years we have all seen the strangest migration patterns of sea life, some species not seen for decades are now starving, coming up from the great depths in search of food, as the entire food chain is breaking apart. Massive extinction of multiple species is at full throttle. Sea Lions, whales, clams, mussels, oysters, starfish, jellyfish, dolphins, tuna, and the list grows larger every day.
        Let me be clear. The disaster in Japan has not stopped. These reactors were built on top of an underground river. The Great Earthquake cracked the basements of the reactor buildings. 100S of…

        • combomelt combomelt

          …thousands of gallons of groundwater now flow through the cracked walls of the basements each day, over, through and around radioactive fuel particles blown out of the cores and pools, then, all this water flows out right into the Pacific Ocean, into the Kuroshio current which takes all this lethal water across to Alaska and straight down the west coast of North America all the way to Mexico. 100S of thousand of gallons of it each day. To give you all some perspective on how much water that really is, well, that's as much water as there is in the swimming pool at the House on Martha's Vineyard I'm staying at this weekend.
          Because of this, though signing this Executive Order, I am declaring the West Coast of the United States to be under attack, and pursuant to my powers as POTUS, I am declaring…
          1. there is no immediate danger,…..

          • combomelt combomelt

            2. shelter in place,
            3. listen for national emergency updates on the radio,
            4. make sure you all have a million years worth of food and non-tritiated water on hand because this isn't going to get any better. Ever.
            Let me be clear. From the very beginning, my administration has been monitoring the constantly deteriorating situation at Fukushima Daiichi, and advising the government of Japan and Tepco, the operator of the now destroyed nuclear facility. Myself and my entire administration will not rest until this disaster has been put out of everyone's mind completely.
            Thank you very much,
            mumblemumble, America.”

            • WOW! 🙂 Love it. You know what's funny? I just got off the phone with a friend who lives in Florida and we were just saying, some author who really knows how to write a good hair raising fiction read with tons of factual stuff in it, should do the Nuclear Smackdown story for their next book.

              All the history, events, incidents and accidents? We are living it.

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