Professor: Damage to pressure vessel if melted fuel keeps heating up at Reactor No. 2? — Tepco blames faulty gauge, yet still fears rising temps

Published: February 13th, 2012 at 8:21 am ET


Title: Hot reading at reactor blamed on faulty gear
Source: Japan Times Online
Date: Feb 13, 2012

The temperature in the pressure vessel of reactor 2 at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant exceeded 90 degrees Monday, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said, but discounted the reading as the result of a faulty thermometer.

[…] we think it’s more likely now that the thermometer is broken rather than the temperature is actually rising,” Junichi Matsumoto, a Tepco spokesman, said at a morning news conference. […]

Matsumoto said Tepco will not decrease the amount of coolant water for the time being for fear the temperature is in fact rising.

About 18 tons per hour of water currently is injected, up from 10.5 tons up until Feb. 7. […]

The utility is checking the thermometer but is uncertain how long it will take to confirm its condition.

Toshihiro Yamamoto, a specialist in reactor safety management at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute

  • “It is unlikely the one showing 91.2 degrees is correct and the other two are incorrect because the other two show almost the same temperature”
  • “It is also possible that the condition near one of the thermometers changed. Tepco should not rule out”
  • “If the temperature is really above 90 degree, there may be a spot in the pressure vessel that is not getting sprinkled with water”
  • “If nothing is done, the temperature will keep going up and the pressure vessel may get damaged”
  • “Tepco will have to change the way it injects water or the amount of the water injected”

Read the report here

Published: February 13th, 2012 at 8:21 am ET


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73 comments to Professor: Damage to pressure vessel if melted fuel keeps heating up at Reactor No. 2? — Tepco blames faulty gauge, yet still fears rising temps

  • Frances

    […] we think it’s more likely now that the thermometer is broken rather than the temperature is actually rising,” Junichi Matsumoto, a Tepco spokesman, said at a morning news conference. […]

    Matsumoto said Tepco will not decrease the amount of coolant water for the time being for fear the temperature is in fact rising.

    IS IN FACT rising: I find the two statements absolutely contrsdictory. First, it is only a broken thermometer which is showing a rise and not a real increase in temperature.

    Then, we are told there is "a fear the temperature is IN FACT rising.

    George Orwell would be happy with such News-speak. Hello 1984.

    • kx kx

      George Orwell would cry because his warnings where not enough and his evil cousins plans succeding.

    • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

      If we assume Tepco is correct and it is a faulty gauge, this is very bad news. With all the rads, acid and salt frying everything electrical down there; as this gauge fails so will all the others with no possibility of replacing them.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Since this thermo is located closer to the possible location of the corium I tend to think it is probably accurate and hope I"m proven wrong. Have any of the gauges been replaced since 311? I can't remember but thought at one point they had replaced the faulty gauges. Anyone recall if they have replaced gauges? It's been almost a year and it's getting difficult to keep track of what good ole TEPCO has done and is doing.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      "I guess the question I’m trying to ask is, where is the outrage? Is it because we cannot see the radiation killing us that we cannot grasp the magnitude of the situation? I suppose we will all just stand idly by until the reaper comes to visit us or one of our loved ones. By then it will be too late. Who can say that there are not measures that we could be taking to protect ourselves if the reality of Fukushima and the various radiation leaks around the United States were not being lied away into obscurity?

      This is a massive cover-up and this atrocity is not going to stop until the people rise up in opposition­. Whether you can see the radiation or not it is omnipresen­t and those who are supposed to be protecting us from it are bought off by the nuclear industry. For our own sakes we had better start making some noise about this.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Whoopie,…you ask–"where is the outrage?"

        I believe our own 'or-well' has answered that one in the last poem.
        The 'outrage' part of their brains didn't develop in their reptilian brains. Just thought I'd point that out again if you missed that one. It helps explain things I think! 🙂

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Paul Langley: “Nuke-Free Japan by 2022 says Prof Broinowski” By Brett Stokes.
    February 13, 2012
    There were three stooges:

    Stooge Number One just attacked Broinowksi and said he was a liar and that Brook was a hero – complete crapola – he was the one I grabbed the mike from – kept bullshitting on even after he had lost the mike – arrogant and alienating.

    Stooge Number Two said he worked in radiation medicine (Broinowski asked him and he admitted he was not a physician but a physicist) and talked about fear as the enemy, straight from japan with an Indian accent – complete crapola

    Stooge Number Three was very polite and slipped in a “when Australia gets some of these new safe pebble bed reactors, they will be away from any population centre” complete crapola …

    <b>The Nuke Gang are organised, but they are losing ground fast.

    ♥ We Are The Media Now ♥</b>
    Love Langley…he has a way with words.


      What I mentioned on Saturday, that "…they are losing ground fast." They are. Thinking machines are now focusing on the use of this technology within the biosphere and now know that it isn't a practical solution to our energy needs; that there are more cost-effective – long-term – solutions/alternatives. We should soon see some major investments in renewable R&D funding, all around the world.

      Now, it only remains a matter of investor liability clauses…hint…hint…

    • or-well

      Whoopie, and All, good link, very telling, shows multiple tactics of Nukers.

      Here's something, about trolls & shills…

      When the Talking Dead come mumbling in
      trolling for action, emitting spin,
      acting smart, proving their dumb
      with every utterance blind and numb
      to the macro reality threatening all
      and talking like a wind-up doll –
      don't worry, they don't feel any pain
      there isn't much left but reptillian brain,
      the higher functions never developed
      or by lies were completely enveloped.
      There's only instinct in the skull casement
      (not very useful when seeking job placement)
      but it makes them foolish & useful tools,
      the type living in basements
      and fondling their jewels
      while surfing porn and discussion forums
      attention-obsessive and captured golems,
      who die in pain when radiated,
      whose kids get sick in downwind plumes,
      the result of NPP scheduled "blooms",
      whose family & friends get the same screwing
      by almost seventy years of nuclear spewing.

      Expendable. Do they know they're not in the "funny handshake club", as someone here (Vivvi I think) described it ?

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        🙂 Got to love this. "The Nuke Gang are organised, but they are losing ground fast" I AGREE totally.

        • or-well

          Crow-bait swinging
          from a gibbet
          when a million deaths
          are on exhibit
          and the lies
          no longer inhibit
          Justice in the
          Court of Survival.

          So to speak – a life sentence to some constructive labor would be OK too.


            nice one or-well. I especially love the "gibbet"!

            • or-well

              AFTERSHOCK – some here don't like the "hardline" stance, even in rhymes.
              Our windows of opportunity are closing along with our options.
              I can only reach certain conclusions.


                We have to differ here or-well. A new age is emerging from this disaster. Prior to this, you would've had an impossible time getting the average human to understand the dangers of using this technology within the biosphere. That's changed. People, on all sides of the argument, whether they agree or not, are seeing this in a new light. And searing intellect like yours, reinforces the reality of these hard truths. It's appreciated in ways you can't imagine…yet…

                • or-well

                  AFTERSHOCK, I hope you're right and I'm wrong.
                  I think there's a hard future coming, and would be with or without nuclear power, but one that's survivable with dignity and civil societies, if…
                  Thank you.


                  @or-well (and your 10:35 am post): nothing's as any of us would have it. In some respects, this is good; others, obviously bad. As there are no absolutes, you can be assured, we will survive as a 'species'. But what's more critical than survival is what's preserved within our being; what fuels our existence.

                  Be righteous in your way and such will insinuate itself into all about you. Have faith and be fearless. Most important, remember that we are – all – on the learning curve. Allow for those who are ignorant and self-serving; for their 'discovery' of the truth; as they too are apart of all. They will eventually realize that there are equally profitable paths in alternative energy technologies. Don't lose sight of a better world and reality will have no recourse but to find itself existing within it…

                • or-well

                  AFTERSHOCK, re yours of 10:56,
                  "Reply" button gone, so here:

                  I agree with everything you say, almost, including the better profitability of alternatives to nuclear, in the sense of genuine financial profit in a genuine market of transparency and fair laws.

                  (Big topic, inadequate summation on my part.))

                  Certainly, Alt-En "profits" us all many ways, beyond monetary.

                  It seems where I disagree is on the nature of "they"…you see, I believe there are some folks, while part of this All that we are, who will resist abandoning nuclear and much else that is destructive, to the bitter end.

                  I believe there are those who are irredeemable, have power, and must be removed from the decision-making equations.

                  It's my opinion "they" will never "see the light" and won't "go quietly".

                  If I didn't think we could build a better world, well, who knows, I DO believe it, I just don't think it will or even can look much like the present system, and that presents a number of challenges.


                  @ or-well (and your 11:30 am post): the power-elite derive their power from resistance. This doesn't mean one should remain passive on any particular issue. But due to the enmeshed nature of any modern society, it is impossible to 'dethrone' these people. And when we look down through the tube of history, such efforts have more-often-then-not been used to expand the stranglehold over the will of the people. I don't pretend to believe in 'working within the system', either, as the system's obviously been compromised at every level. Instead, I think it more productive to 'influence' the thoughts of 'others'. Attempting to generate consensus within the masses is best achieved with the cooperation of those who control that consensus. The struggle against nuclear power technology and weapons has been going on for decades, with sadly, little to show in the way of solid progress. The likes of Helen Caldicott have been lone voices for far too long. Then something like Fukushima comes-about and the dynamic begins to not only offer revitalized interest, but also grounds for innovation. Those at the top are equally aware of this reality. And they're also the only ones who are capable of relinquishing the nuclear sword. We just have to 'visualize' how we can – all – benefit from that change…

                • or-well

                  AFTERSHOCK to 12:01 –
                  Yes,"bypass" is a good option to "dethrone", (at best a slim chance, at worst a risk of worse.)
                  Yes, enmeshed power and people both weaving and snared in a web woven across multiple societal input channels.
                  Media help would be nice…
                  Subsidisation redirects too…

                  But directed consensus or
                  cooperation from TPTB – I just don't see it coming, not from enough, not in time.
                  Yes we must attempt alternative thought influence.
                  OK, I think factions of Corporate power could see innovation, and a swell of change-demand from below(masses)is possible, but Political power commanding military might is well aware that ENERGY access determines maintenance of the staus quo.
                  Except, now, many influences are at work, approaching tipping points, capable of upsetting all balances.

                  "Nuke biz" will accept gov't extracted social subsidy of finance and health, unless they recognise and acknowledge the dire reality, which, apparently, they have yet to do, despite ample chances.

                  However farfetched, Military refusal could take the nuke sword out of political play.

                  Much overlooked here is the oil card. Maybe just as well.

                  So many resistant minds to influence eh. Hard to find consensus solutions to unacknowledged problems…

                  Many haven't felt the earthquake. Too few have heard the alarm, and even fewer realise the tsunami is not as far offshore as they think.

                  Then there's the problem of successful psychopaths in power.

                  Maybe it does only take 6% of a population to bring about change…

                  Keep "influencing" AFTERSHOCK !


                  @or-well (and your 1:17 pm post): you've hit on all of it. Intuition tells me you're capable of getting this; how thoughts are the fuel of the…universe. Stay sharp and tempered…

      • StillJill StillJill

        "Or-well",…another smashing truism IN THEIR FACE! Bravo!

        But,…don't they sit around in their underwear, fondling their family jewels, livin' down in Mom and Dad's basement? Just sayin'!

        • or-well

          Hi StillJill, it's so hard…the nuclear apologists are so diverse…puerile goofs with no connections…paid disrupters…spokesflacks…"true believers" (remember DiogenesNJ?)…those "blinded by science"…and the big boys in the "club"…
          Well, I DO try and be "in the face" at times, also adding some silly to "lift the weight" some, emphasizing absurdity, being "darker" than comfortable…
          "shock and awshucks"?
          I try and keep occassional visitors in mind, try and offer images and a sense of things more than specifics, others here do that better…
          Court Jester? Some may think I minimize the severity at times, exaggerate at others…
          I ALWAYS try and include "content" even if it's masked…sneakin' into the basement of consciousness maybe…
          Sometimes I have to "vent"…

          • StillJill StillJill

            Yes,…hello or-well! 🙂
            Indeed, we are to 'teach' on three different levels,…forget what they are,…but I go by braille anyway. You have Mastered this,…I am on the way there! 🙂
            Truly,….no smoke blowin' or-well,….I have seen your tailoring your message to the appropriate audience,…and appropriate message. Some days full throttle,…other's, a soothing story.

            • or-well

              Thanks, you are kind! Many days I successfully fight the need for "validation", other days I succumb…but I will never give up.
              That's not what Humans do…
              I'm not skilled with computers – HAHAHAHA understatement! – I must learn – maybe a Blog someday (shudder…scary!)

              • StillJill StillJill

                🙂 We are still human,…we must succumb when our batteries get low. It's a process getting to the receiving comfortably, huh?

                It's awful FUN learning this stuff together! 🙂


            Diogenes…Pompey. Are you bringing me back!

            You are one sharp knife…

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Puerile … one of my favorite words! Yep.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hey Or-well,

        They have a DEFECT in their reptilian brains! That's why the pro-nukers aren't alarmed! That's the part of the brain governing the fight or flight response. If it isn't working properly, a person will not have normal or healthy fear or self-preservation instinct.

        Love your poetry, just a tiny detail ….

        • or-well

          Hey Ho (heehee) I claim poetic license, as well as poetic licentiousness, except I keep THAT under retraint here…

          • HoTaters HoTaters


            Oh, I just KNEW sooner or later someone would address me as "Hey Ho" ! Guess I had it coming, non?

            Poetic license is just fine! After all, some HAVE accused TPTB of being reptiles and not human!

          • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

            This is the favorite part of my day….reading or-well and responses to or-well's fertile, perceptive thoughts as they gather momentum.
            Good Morning Jill, Ho taters, AfterShock, B&B, Whoopie, Stock, x-docfox, Heart,…..and a big welcome to openeye.
            I've got 19 years clean and sober, and Enenews is like a big, wonderful AA meeting as we struggle with our planetary nuclear addiction.

  • maaa

    Demand Tepco to reduce the amount of injected water since the gauges are "faulty"

  • exnavynuc exnavynuc

    Where is the water going. Is this water in a closed loop, or are they just pumping that much water into a open system and hoping that the water is directed where it is needed. I would think that 18.5 tons/hr would fill up the entire building


      good question exnavynuc. I was thinking the same thing. Where is this water going? What percentage is being evaporated and what is being lost to 'leakage'? It's likely they have a return system that's being used to re-inject into the damaged facility. But what happens when this liquid becomes highly radioactive? Do they keep cycling it? What percentage is being 'lost' to the surrounding environment? We've heard the stories of how millions-of-gallons were dumped into the sea because it became too 'hot' (radioactive) for recycling. Is this happening here, again?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Arnie Gunderson says the melted down fuel is lying on the bottom of the reactor. If this is to be believed, it's anyone's guess where the water is going. Probably an accurate description. Water appears to be turning into vapor due to the heat from the molten fuel. Conclusion? It's not circulating properly.

      I'm not sure we even know which pipes around #2 supplying it with water may be damaged — aside from the molten corium blob issue. Arnie G. says pipe breakage is an ongoing issue due to cold winter temperatures at Fukushima.

      Do you remember early on, after the accident, when containment failure was described as "the worst case scenario" ? Well, it has come to pass, by at least X4, and that's not including the state of the SPF's or whatever was blown out of the #3 SPF.

      Not a pretty scenario.

      Arnie mentions the #2 containment in the program posted today. Link below to his recent talk with Dr. Helen Caldicott on her radio program. 'Discusses Unit 2 starting at 5:37, and again starting at about 8:10. Arnie says it is not a closed loop and there is a hole in the bottom, discussed in the context of "cold shutdown" being a fallacy.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Damn it. I left a Heads Up to Jamie Lee Curtis about Fuky and the Mod's haven't posted it.
    PISSES ME OFF!! "screaming head off"

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Thanks Mungo. Posted to Vogtle thread.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Scarey, how frighteningly uninformed some of the people at the Physics Forum are on the epidemiological effects of radiation, the difference between radioactive isotopes released from bomb blasts vs. what is found in a reactor — or after a meltdown. If that weren't bad enough, some of the folks there are ignorant enough to believe there have been no above ground nuke tests since the 1960's!

      EPA states above ground testing continued until at least 1980.

      Greenpeace says the last above ground nuclear device was detonated on October 16, 1980.

      The blind leading the blind?

      While I appreciate reading comments from the more informed people at the Physics Forum (when they talk about physics) they are frighteningly uninformed about other aspects of nuclear energy.

      I'd go on there and debunk some of the comments, but I'd be out of my league if challenged with any physics-related information.

  • openeye openeye

    Hello all,

    I just discovered there is an active group here. Or-well's brilliant reincarnation poem convinced me to join. Still Jill welcomed me to the forums (bless you); I realized how isolated in a parallel universe I had felt: I do not know a single person–among family, friends, online groups, etc.–who is not in denial.

    In one online group they've begun a debate whether humans have a survival instinct w/ a positive role in evolution; I sent them Matthew Stein's recent "400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon;" they ignored my post as if I were invisible.


    • or-well

      openeye, Welcome!
      I just want to say
      YOU'RE NOT ALONE !!!
      well, that and I'm just a small "o"…
      who felt the denial exploding my head,
      who thought the asylum by inmates was led,
      who wondered if anyone anywhere fed
      the voices denying the wolves with eyes red
      who keep telling us all we're safe in a bed
      while enabling dangerous nuclear spread.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      You are not alone in feeling like you're alone in a parallel universe & everyone seems to be in denial. I was told I was "fearmongering" after sharing with some trusted friends on the seriousness of the Unit 3 explosion and possible vaporization of the Spent Fuel Pool. Tried to discuss what it could mean that all that MOX fuel might have escaped the containment, and got batted down like a fly on a wall.

      Didn't even find this site until August or so. What an eye opener it was to start reading the articles posted here, and learning about how truly awful nuclear energy really is ….

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Openeye, nice to meet you! Welcome aboard this liferaft (how StillJill calls it, and she's right!)!

    • Misitu

      Welcome Openeye. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Wow, openeye,….that must have REALLY made you feel like you WERE in a parallel universe,…and/or, 'invisible'! An even MORE F'd-up universe at that! 🙂 Not to be my friend! You have arrived HOME! Welcome again,….we've truly been waiting for you!

    One poster used to call us the, "Turned-On, and Tuned-In" crowd. I used to like that!

    I miss you Jack, Elenin! (I don't care what my Sis B&B says!) (Love you B&B!) 🙂

  • StillJill StillJill

    Aftershock,…in response to your 12:01– I quote, "And they're also the only ones who are capable of relinquishing the nuclear sword."

    Totally wrong there my friend!


      @StillJill: when taken in context, they are the only ones. Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy are one-in-the-same. No government in the world that has such power is going to be swayed by protest. They haven't been and will not be. What they have, they intend to keep. Appeals to the rational mind don't even come into the argument. The only way to 'disarm' this madness is to develop alternative paradigms. If you feel empowered by chanting against this abuse of power, continue doing so. If you feel a better person for having done so, continue doing so. But such will not sway the poised sword. They have a complete rational for holding that sword and no amount of argument has changed their thinking. They've heard it all. They don't care one-iota what your arguments are. They're so set in their way, they'd burn the world before relinquishing that power! So, we can start developing new 'models' for social evolution, or, continue tilting at windmills. And if you're tempted by the romanticism of a people's revolution, such only brings greater destruction; a destruction they'd be only too happy to accommodate us with. That is, after all, why they refuse to relinquish this power…

      • or-well

        Hey AFTERSHOCK, your post at 1:26 is clarifying for me.
        Alternative energy paradigms and new models for social evolution are what we need !

        Sums it up as best a summation can, IMO.

        I suspect more and more in the PTB can see the need and desireability of the first, and this changing nuclear dynamic you mentioned earlier should reinforce that.

        On that, I expect to see extend and pretend it's BAU for some time, but an exogenously forced re-evaluation of same possibly acquiring momentum.

        On the social model front, I expect to see considerable pushback to the "hierarchical/hoarding" model poster Pallas89Juno mentions, with it's non-productive Elite$$$ harvesting wealth and power, while fending off like-minded competitors.

        I think we must resist "business as usual" on many fronts, and as you say, do what we can to influence thoughts and the public dialogue.

        But I still think the "R" word might become a last option. We in the West are much too comfortable to be anywhere near such a thing, but that could change with any number of tipping points being reached.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          "R" has accomplished much needed social change throughout man's history.

          Some change is only accomplished by such means.

          I am not one to advocate such action except when, for survival, it is a last resort.

          'Absolutely don't believe man can, by "wishing it so" or by "visualizing it' re-create the world and some kind of Utopia. It has never worked and there is not a shred of evidence to suggest it ever has. Where's the evidence? Wish it weren't so, but what is, is.

          That is not to say societies like the Hopi did not have a better way of living, and a more peaceful existence than some of their neighbors. They did. More warlike neighbors always seem bent on destroying those who are not as aggressive. It's like there is a sick need to dominate and destroy others.

          Sadly, mankind has never shown the capacity to live for any length of time without aggression and warfare.

          I argue it is impossible to exist and co-exist on such a level (in peace), given our present collective state of spiritual evolution. We are incapable of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps in this regard. To change this would require a complete re-wiring of our brains and thinking. We probably don't have time to "evolve" collectively in such a direction as to make peaceful co-existence possible. There is too much inertia working against such change ….

          We still need to affect change as best we can. To each his own, I suppose.

          • or-well

            HoTaters,Counter-"R", and those willing to co-opt the "R" and turn it to their own use have always been a problem.
            At least we know that.
            I don't think we have time to physically evolve,of course.
            But we can "evolve" socially.
            I do think we need to learn one very essential lesson – to examine very closely and if need be restrain those who seek to be "at the top".
            I mean, when does a population rise up and collectively shout "Leaders – take us to war! We want our sons dead!"?
            Not without manipulation, and well-promoted belief systems.
            So after we restructure social administration, in our spare time we can revamp our economic models as energy realities force us to rethink the meaning of material wellbeing.
            We need to use any and all tools available.
            Change is coming, one way or another. Maybe we can respond intelligently. Maybe not.


            @HoTaters: it's – all – about visualization. All that you see about you is the result of vision; human and otherwise. You do yourself a great disservice when you disconnect the power of your 'imagination' from where it can take all. And make no mistake about it, it's all about fragmenting our common vision as means of impeding our true power. When you accept the idea that 'force' of matter is the only practical alternative to change, you play into the hands of those (on high); who long-ago learned these concepts and became proactive in integrating them into their vision of how things should be. But alas, they didn't realize that they were also in need of greater objectivity in the vision, and ultimately have become victims of their own success. It is now time for humans to accrue to their destiny as thinking machines; to understand just how powerful – and dangerous – thought can be; dangerous, of course, to those who can't accept the incumbent responsibility of its use. Of course, some might think that advanced civilization need-only go as far as the development of the pen? Well, the technology that sits in front of us, was long-ago visualized by other thinking machines (Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace to name but two of the earlier units) and like all such visualization, continues to evolve…

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Hi or-well, check out Lots of good folks, great initiatives and positive vibes also in the West!

          • or-well

            Hi B&B, there's a "TransitionTowns" group in my town.
            Where I live, the Town Council is quite influenced by developers it seems, "old guard" thinking is entrenched and the Town is, well,lets say unprepared for change.
            The last local election really depressed me. All the old boys came back.
            However, lately I have been thinking about the Transition folks again, so I must see what they are up to!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Or-well, what is "BAU" ?


          @or-well: the tipping point has arrived. Yet, not unlike all genuine revolutions, this one will also remain undefinable until after its passing. You should all be very excited; those that are new to the naturalist moment and those that have been fighting in it for these many decades. A confluence of events and technologies are coming together to bring about a new dawn! The very technologies that fit so-well with the nuclear power industries are now being positioned to serve the renewable energy systems. The opportunity on all fronts – from remediation to production – is going to become so attractive to investors, they will become nothing-less than monumental in their scope. It now only remains a matter of where we want to go; no longer if…

          And I must add, I am proud to have encountered such well-meaning people as I have on this site. In truth, I was losing hope in humans…

      • StillJill StillJill

        You said, "No One is going to make them relinquish,…." I hardily disagree. God is someone. He will stop the NUKE boys DEAD in their tracks,….and 'we' get to watch!

        This madness WILL end,…but not by "R",….I'll agree with you there!

  • PattieB PattieB

    The thing is… we don't even NEED to find any new 'green' energy… we done invented a bunch already that would give everyone on this planet FREE power, not just cheap! The gov & big industry bought, brow-beat, or dut to buricratic BS in cort… STOLE it all and kept it hidden from public!

    We don't NEED nukes, OR fossile fuels.. it's all a string of lies for the sake of making a buck, and… oh yeah! They are as it so-happens, control-freaks that have decided we are all just expendable drones! And as to that?… is far more on this planet than suits their needs… so have decided to kill billios of us off!


      @PattieB: in truth, the principles of thermodynamics is as applicable to renewables as it is to nuclear powered boiling water reactors. The difference is, the arrival of embedded processing technology that is both cost-effective and reliable, now promises the realization of what was once considered 'backward'. What we're witnessing in technical innovation, from energy-harvesting to networking topologies is going to bust-out renewables into common everyday environments. And it isn't just about the latest wiz-bang thing to come out of the lab. It's also about the economic opportunity that swings in favor of large corporate institutions as well as the little guy. This is imperative if you're interested in seeing a break from centralized power generation facilities. You must have technology that feeds everyone's interest…not just a select few…

  • openeye openeye

    Thank you, or-well, and the others who welcomed me–so I'm NOT alone or invisible! Or insane!

    Just wanted to give you the Emily Dickinson poem which inspired my user name:

    There is a pain so utter,
    It swallows substance up;
    Then covers the Abyss with Trance.
    So Memory can step
    Around, across, upon it:
    As one within a Swoon
    Goes safely,
    Where an open eye
    Would drop Him,

    And to tell you the lion icon comes from St. John of the Cross, who wrote the following after his many months of imprisonment and torture: "The awake lion prowls where once it feared to tread."

    I will send a link soon to the most hardline Fukushima video I have seen yet (last Spring)–still searching in my puter. It was about Fukumshima as an extinction event for all the large sea mammals, whose homebase is a certain conveyor belt ocean current, as well as for all livestock and wildlife in North America; I made a written transcript and then tried very hard to find my own leonine self so I could keep going.

    Merci buckets once again for the warm welcome!


      @openeye: as "The awake lion prowls where once it feared to tread." seems fitting to these issues, I humbly welcome your presence…

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Welcome, openeye. Good contribution here. I look forward to the video about marine life.

    • StillJill StillJill

      OpenEye,…Wow,…I got my pearl for the day,…at least! 🙂
      " St. John of the Cross, who wrote the following after his many months of imprisonment and torture: "The awake lion prowls where once it feared to tread."

      Brilliant cross and shield to stand beside my friend!

      Love it!!!

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    I want to Thank EneNews & everyone who reads or comments on these articles for being a Light of Energy & Hope that others can follow. I have learned that because of forums like these those that are insecure or unsure are given a safe place to voice those concerns. And often from that arises answers & different ways of looking at things. By gaining confidence & knowledge within the *safety of a forum it leads to more confidence to reach out & speak to others but also gives us a safe place to fall when the world bites back.

    For some, sites like this allow us to get outside of ourselves & see the suffering of others & allow us to think big. Ironically a friend who goes a bit overboard on the poor me gives me the opportunity to bring up briefly the news headlines from Japan or other major issues. So rather than admonish her about the poor me, I use it now as a way to 'brain-wish'.. her out of herself & into acknowledging the bigger issues others are dealing with.

    I also use these issues as an excuse to bring up renewable energy ect. I think just getting more people talking about renewable will help brain-wish away from Nuclear to some degree.

    ~So for those people that get the glassy-eyed stare when talking about Fukushima, change direction completely & talk to them about renewable energy.~