Japan Professor: ‘Fractionation’ probably caused much higher plutonium ratio in Iwaki — Expert: “Nuclear criticality explosions in Fukushima due to plutonium fractionation”

Published: March 23rd, 2012 at 2:21 am ET


EXSKF has a full translation of the Japanese blog that reported on the email regarding Professor Masayoshi Yamamoto’s plutonium findings discussed yesterday [intlink id=”plutonium-ratio-200-times-higher-than-govt-claims-detected-50km-south-of-fukushima-daiichi-surprises-japan-professor-who-made-finding-results” type=”post”]here[/intlink].

Some excerpts from the translation (Emphasis Added):

[…] Frankly, I am surprised that plutonium was detected [near Iwaki, 50km south of Fukushima Daiichi].

[…]  the ratio of Pu239+240/Cs-137 is 9.0E-5, which is 200 times the government estimate of 4.3E-7, showing more plutonium being detected than the government estimate indicates. It is probably because of fractionation.

Right now, I am hoping to test for uranium, and Am-241 if possible.

Chris Busby discussed plutonium fractionation 11 months ago in relation to the explosion at Reactor No. 3:

Title: Nuclear criticality explosions in Fukushima due to plutonium fractionation and the consequences for health; some questions from a physical chemist
Author: Chris Busby
Date: 23 April 2011
Emphasis Added

Nuclear criticality explosions in Fukushima due to plutonium fractionation and the consequences for health; some questions from a physical chemist

[…] With regard to the nature of the explosion I make the following suggestion: the melting points and boiling points of plutonium and uranium oxides are not the same. The MP of plutonium oxide in MOX is 2701 degrees C but that of the Uranium oxide is 3120 degrees C (Popov et al 2000). Therefore when a mixture of these boils, there will be fractional distillation of the plutonium oxide, separation of the mixture, just as happens with alcohol distillation from alcohol water mixtures or the fractional distillation of crude oil. Thus plutonium will become concentrated in the vapour and in the nearest cooler areas were the vapour condenses. This would inevitably lead to a nuclear explosion when the concentration of plutonium exceeded the critical level for chain reaction. It is not only in MOX fuel that plutonium exists in nuclear reactors. It is produced as a result of the neutron irradiation of uranium fuel. […]

Read the report here

Published: March 23rd, 2012 at 2:21 am ET


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80 comments to Japan Professor: ‘Fractionation’ probably caused much higher plutonium ratio in Iwaki — Expert: “Nuclear criticality explosions in Fukushima due to plutonium fractionation”

  • charlie3

    Finally! Now THAT explains the nuclear criticality explosions.

  • Kevin Kevin

    It dissapoints me that Busby did not/does not get the exposure he deserves in issues such as this.

    Of the few credible voices we have Busby and Caldicott are the most consistent and accurate, yet the exposure they receive is nominal.

    By the way Caldicott is in Portland Oregon on March 31st, tickets are still available.


  • James2

    I'm smelling another big rat here…

    The fact that Kevin – a Canadian manual laborer is now promoting Busby and Caldecott after so many months of posts destroying and covering up their ideas – that he knows the ticket count available to Dr. Caldicott's presentation – in Portland… Wow he gets around…

    Exact same thing he did with Arnie.

    Did you know that this group – physicians for Social responsibility – isn't really anything but a lobbying group? i bet you knew that, didn't you…

    From: Green Tracking Library – on Physicians for Social Responsibility

    Actual: An advocacy group that reframes environmental, gun rights, nuclear power, and other issues as public health issues to forward the left-wing ideological agendas of elite donors and well-heeled board members.

    Folks I told you awhile back that I thought it only a matter of time until they buy off Busby and Caldicott – I think Kevin's announcement and this event indicates it's probably a done deal.

    I'm interested to hear their next communications….

    • Fall out man!

      I hope they are above being bought or blackmailed. Certainly the pressures they must come under to shut up must be huge. Full credit to them for staying the course and not just giving up. No doubt if the Nuke industry could get away with it, I am sure they would just kill Busby. When you look at the Silkwood case, it becomes clear just how ruthless things get when money is involved.

      Anyway, I hope Busby in particular can stay the course and not be compromised. The information he has provided on the health effects of low level radiation is devastating to the nuke industry. The health effects from normally operating nuke plants are so severe and widespread, that it must end.

    • InfoPest InfoPest

      James, Are You A Pro-Nuke Troll ?? You Keep Claiming That Arnie Gundersen Has Been Bought Off By The Nuclear Industry. Now You Claim They Have Bought Off Busby and Caldicott !! These Are The Most Knowledgable And Prominant Antinuke Professionals We Have, And All You Want To Do Is Discredit Them !! What Is Your Motivation ?? You Have Personally Attacted Me When I Have Stated That The Unit 3 Explosion Was A Prompt Criticallity, Which Would Be A Death Blow To The Nuclear Industry If Proved To Be Possible.
      What Is Your Motivation ??

      • James2

        If you've paid attention to this site for any amount of time you know I am not a pro nuke troll.

        I think we've established that Gunderson's message has been compromised somehow. The discrepancies are too obvious to refute.

        Caldecott and Busby are the obvious next targets. I said a month ago that it was strange we hadn't heard much from Busby recently.

        Caldecott is now on a speaking tour of the US being hosted by pro nuke organizations – It's a high publicity tour inconsistent with her previous speaking opportunities.

        I don't think she would do it if she knew the organization.

        The proof will be in the message. If she continues to tell it like it is fine. If she all the sudden is backing off and gives a message that contains lies or significantly downplays the risks – inconsistent with her previous speeches – then we'll know

    • James I CANNOT imagine Busby or Caldicott being bought off!

      No way!!!

      • James2

        I just looked at Caldecott's schedule and which orgs are sponsoring the events and I'm pretty sure of it based on that

        • ENENews

          "Pretty sure"? This is absurd.

          The personal attacks and accusations are getting tiresome. If you haven't noticed the posts have been fewer this week… I've been busy dealing with some other things.

          James2 is going to take a break from commenting for a while.

          If the accusations and distractions continue, please write to enenewsofficial (at) gmail.com

          Have a good PRODUCTIVE weekend!

      • James2

        Majia – I know you are an observer of what goes on here. Just observe the shill's reaction to my hypothesis… You'll have the answer.

    • Bobby1

      Arnie is one thing, but Busby and Caldicott? Come on.

      Ron Arnold is the author of the Green Tracking Library.

      "Ron Arnold (born August 8, 1937) has been the Executive Vice-President of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise since 1984. He is a prolific writer on natural resource issues and one of the most effective adversaries of the environmental movement, according to the Environmental Grantmakers Association, which noted in a 1992 retreat that Arnold had "imposed a language and a set of messages into the grass roots community that is extremely effective." [1] A key U.S. Senate staffer writing in 2011 noted his impact on federal legislation."


      • James2

        So the guy is one of the "most effective adversaries of the environmental movement"?


        Thanks for making my point. I'm not sure these are the people who would sponsoring Anti nuke talks. .

        • Maxxforce

          If this is the "environmental movement" that advocates the use of nuclear as an eco-friendly power source that is green, clean and safe then yes, he would be the kind of person to sponsor an anti-nuclear event.

          Anti-environmental movement is not the same as anti-environment. Don't twist the grammar to fit your rhetoric.

        • Misitu

          Come on, we all make mistakes.

          In context there, "adversaries" makes absolutely no sense, I am sure it was an unintended malapropism for "advocates" which makes a great deal of sense.

          Just my 2p.

          Another 1p. says that ad hominem attacks are suspect. Reports of actual speeches with historic comparisons are useful.

          I think that this makes 3p. Or your currency of choice.

          "Peace In Our Time (Warning: may contain pieces of peace)"


    • Radio VicFromOregon

      James2, good thing for the rest of us that you have a poor sense of smell.

    • Kevin Kevin

      James2, you totally crack me up dude.

      First, I am not a "manual labourer" I have stated on more than one occassion what I do, although I am proud Canadian.

      Second, I have consistently boosted both Busby and Caldicott.

      And what exactly did I do with Arnie? If you paid any attention to detail as you consistently claim, I tagged Arnie with "Uncle Arnie" from day one, however I held out hope that he might come around and use his positioning to bring down the hammer. After the Japan National Press Club conference, it was clear to me that Arnie is a company man with no potential of coming out from under his obligations. I made this very clear and cited numerous instances which went unexplained by Arnie and took great pains to explain exactly the curve of opinion I held with Arnie.

      I have consistently refuted your ridiculous assertions, which have occurred here since day one. Others have asked the pointless and futile attempts you make to prove that I am shill cease and desist. I myself have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt my role and reason for being here.

      What is odd is your inability to accept the facts and your relentless need to make false accusations. Like this most recent one that I somehow worked to undermine the work of Caldicott and/or Busby. This is an utter falsehood for which you can provide no examples and only have your, rather consistent, over the top opinion to stake your ever decreasing credibility on.

      In short, give it up, and quit making baseless acusations. Its foolish and pointless.

      If you smell a rat, its probably much closer to your vicinity, take a look in the mirror.

      • James2

        So Kev – why are you plugging Caldicott's speech in Portland, and telling how many tickets are left.

        And why is she sponsored by a pro-nuke organization?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Dr. Helen Caldicott to speak in Portland on March 31, tickets still available
          Published: Thursday, March 22, 2012, 11:59 AM Updated: Thursday, March 22, 2012, 12:56 PM
          "Nuclear expert Dr. Helen Caldicott to deliver keynote address at Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility's Annual Awards Dinner March 31st, 2012…"

          Physicians for Social Responsibility are not pro nuclear. Where is your link? As usual the link is non-existent except in james2's single, solitary mind.

          • James2

            Ahh Anne – why am I not surprised that you know all about this shindig too?

            Well – here's what I posted above

            From the website Green Tracking Library – on Physicians for Social Responsibility

            Actual: An advocacy group that reframes environmental, gun rights, nuclear power, and other issues as public health issues to forward the left-wing ideological agendas of elite donors and well-heeled board members.

            "reframes nuclear power issues for elite donors and well-heeled board members"

            What does that sound like to you???

            • Kevin Kevin

              the "Green Tracking Library" is a site that works to promote radical right wing libertarian viewpoints which uphold outrageous conspiracy theories that somehow Billionaire philanthropists like the Rockefellers are "left wing" and part of a plot to kill us all, but only after they try and carbon tax us to death.

              There are significant problems amongst ENGOs funded by these groups, but a conspiracy of the left it is not. Nor is Caldicott working to reframe nuclear agendas for the purpose of the left.

              • aigeezer aigeezer

                I thought – why is Kevin not posting a link this time, so I went looking for one.

                The only links around seem to be from the GTP itself. The usual neutral-style Wiki links are not around, nor could I find any pushback links.

                So for the sake of completeness, here is the site. You'll have to draw your own opinions about content:


                The person behind it appears to be Ron Arnold


                After reading a bit of this stuff, I'm starting to think my dog may be trying to poison me as part of her master plan for world domination – therefore I have demanded to see her birth certificate. Seriously, if you are the tiniest bit susceptible to paranoia, don't follow these links.

                Full disclosure: Kevin is in Canada. I am in Canada. As far as I know we have never met each other. Canada is a big place. Canada has no plans for world domination – that I know of. Really. Yes, I do have a birth certificate. It is Canadian though. I've never seen Kevin's, come to think of it. I don't know anyone who has. Aha!

                Sorry, Admin. It has been a strange week around here. Glad you're back in the saddle!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Success! PSR Kansas City wins key victory towards shutting down local nuclear weapons plant.
            March 23, 2012

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Nuclear power is uneconomical. Nuclear power is polluting. Nuclear power is a public health threat. The nuclear industry is seeking to capitalize on legitimate concerns about climate change in order to gain access to the federal, state and local subsidies necessary to prop up this mature but uneconomic energy industry. This is an industry plagued by cost overruns, construction problems, loan defaults, bankruptcies, and accidents. As the nuclear industry tries to resuscitate itself and promote a new wave of construction, taxpayers and ratepayers alike should not bear the burdens of this completely unsafe investment.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            at risk. Fortunately, there also are new opportunities to eliminate this threat.
            “We need your help to send a strong message to our government in favor of a nuclear free world. …”

          • Maxxforce


            Mission – Paragraph 1
            "Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, Physicians for Social Responsibility works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival. PSR is the medical and public health voice working to prevent the use or spread of nuclear weapons and to slow, stop and reverse global warming and toxic degradation of the environment."

            History – Paragraph 4
            "In all our work, we value science and education as a basis to empower the community and the individuals' voice for change. We are working for a world where every child can grow up free of violence and environmental damage which affects their well-being."

            I highly doubt such an organization would promote nuclear power in any way shape or form. If any links can be provided showing evidence of PSR promoting, endorsing or supporting the nuclear industry, I will gladly investigate.

        • Kevin Kevin

          I have myself never spoken directly with Caldicott, but have been a fan of hers for several years. She seemed to me to be a lone voice in the wilderness, whose feisty and unabashadly anti nuclear.

          I sent a link, that I got through google alerts, about Caldicott, largely because as I understand it, there is considerable presence here on ENENEWS from the West Coast of the US. I noted it was in Portland and thought people here might be interested.

          I have no idea how many tickets are left, I simply copy and pasted the headline at the link.

          With respect to Pro nuke sponsors…. I actually did not take that close of a look. It is an award ceremony and those things are often, well less than stellar and for purposes other than stuff we may support. I am sure Caldicott being a professional has been a great many rooms that could be defined as less than anti nuclear, but that does not shade my opinion of her. She has proven to me that she is solid.

          But I am sure that wont stop you from another wild eyed decrying of a shill that seems to be your schtick.

        • Looking at Caldicott's 'Appearances' page – http://www.helencaldicott.com/appearances/ – I see a busy schedule, mostly public events. The March 31 appearance in Portland is listed as:

          Portland Noon – Occupy teachin St Francis Church, 6-9pm PSR Annual Dinner and speech Oregon Zoo

          So. A teach-in for Occupiers at a church, Caldicott's own organization's local annual dinner and a speech at the Oregon Zoo. Can you tell us what's so suspicious about that? Her engagements are at schools and universities, public libraries, and events put on by various anti-nuclear, pro-environment and renewable energy groups. Do you have any evidence at all that she's now pro-nuclear? Because that's really quite laughable.

      • James2

        Oh, and one more question. If my claims are baseless – why do you feel the strong need to defend against them?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Because there are people around the world reading all your disinformation.

          I am and have always been and always be 100% anti-nuclear. You attack the 100% anti-nuclear people all the time.

          I didn't know about this speech until I just read your post on this site. But it takes only a few seconds to get the correct information on the internet.


  • CaptD CaptD

    Back on topic, the spread of radioactive pollution from Fukushima is continuing to spread southward…

    What about all the radionuclides that they are not reporting?

    Look at this study to get a better idea of what has spread Globally:

    Radionuclides from the Fukushima accident in the air

  • bleep_hits_blades

    James2 seems to introduce/stir up controversies that endlessly preoccupy the ene.newsers, gets them/us quibbling and bickering….

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Bleep_…This divisive tactic is used extensively by COINTELPRO
      Agent Provocateurs.

    • James2

      I don't introduce any topic intended to create divisiveness.

      I tell it like I see it.

      I've been right more than wrong.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        James2, your latest attack on Kevin – "he knows the ticket count available to Dr. Caldicott's presentation – in Portland… Wow he gets around…" – when Kevin posted a link that explicitly said tickets are still available reminded me of the many previous ad hominem attacks you have made on anyone who disagrees with you.

        If you want me to take you seriously, find a different way to express your ideas – no bluster, no more bullying, add some specific supporting evidence other than your own opinions, and no more cheap shots to your ever-growing list of adversaries. Until then, I'll just tune you out.

        You have squandered your credibility, which is the only asset anyone brings to an Internet discussion. All that passion – wasted – for no perceptible gain.

        Anyway, do as you please of course, but your audience just got a bit smaller.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        James2…I find your NEED to be right to be harmful. I suggest you look into what is said by psychologists and others about this NEED.

        In the Lojong, or Mind Training teachings, in Tibetan Buddhism, the need to be right can really get in the way of self awareness, self development, and even of truly seeing the truth.

        I can hear the content of your response already—ah yes, you don't need to rely on some superstitious religion to show you how to find out what is—RIGHT!

        As to your statement that you don't set out to "CREATE" divisiveness. I believe you don't, but that is the result your NEED to be right creates, regardless of your intention.

        Peace Out!

  • dosdos dosdos

    Nothing here that I haven't been saying about unit 3 explosion. Except that this indications that the detonation was purely the plutonium, which I don't see.

    What I saw on the video was two hydrogen explosions, or a single explosion that took its time traveling the length of the building, followed by a detonation in the location of the SFP.

    The plutonium oxide melts sooner than the uranium oxide, but it floats on top, being the lighter. You get the two layers touching across the molten mass, and a shockwave infuses the two layers together into a single mix (shaken, not stirred).

    Plutonium is the exciter for MOX. It is much easier to excite neutrons from the plutonium than the uranium, which is the advantage of MOX, it's not as critical in configuration to maintain a controlled fission state. A shock wave through the plutonium would excite it even more than natural, and as it mixes with the uranium layer, you would have a huge surge of neutron flux from both. Hence, a criticality large enough to detonate. Add the contents of SFP as a load, kawhoom, a raw fuel contaminated countryside. Plenty of vaporized fuel as well.

    But at least this is looking at a criticality, rather than saying it was a hydrogen explosion and nothing else.

    • InfoPest InfoPest

      I Agree And The Nuclear Industry Knows That Is What Happened. So That Is Now Their Achilles Heel. It Means That Every Nuclear Plant In The World Is A Potential Nuclear Bomb. It's Now The Nuclear Industy's Biggest Secret Because If The Mass Media Ever Got Proof And Told The Sleeping Masses That The Nuclear Plant Down The Road Might Go KABOOM If Something Goes Wrong, The
      Sleeping Masses Might Wakeup!!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    dharmasyd, that's kind of what I was wondering about…

    Not that I was following it all that closely, but my general impression has been that the huge long drawn-out controversy here about Arnie Gundersen was mainly James's doing.

    Frankly, it ended up seeming to me to have been quite a 'tempest in a teapot.' A rabbit-trail that many found 'irresistible.'

    Re Busby I find it hard to credit any negative suspicions about him. Busby has been a tireless hero, and a brave one – he comes out and says things that most do not have the guts to say, such as talking about the criminal collusion behind the international cover-up of the enormity of the Fuku. disaster and its very grave negative health implications for all of us; my admiration and respect for him know no bounds.

  • glowfus

    so the reactor turned into a giant still and we are now all are drinking the plutonium whiskey!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    James dangling more controversy bait (?)

    • James2

      So bleep rather than attack me – why don't you attack my idea.

      Explain to me why Caldecott is speaking tonight in Santa Barbara and an anti environmental guy is sponsoring her…

      What do you think she'll say? Do you think she'll talk about how the plutonium is deadly and there is every chance that it has reached southern california?

      Gosh, do you think she'll praise the shutdown of the nuke plant there and explain why it should never be allowed to restart???

      The news reporters that have invited have all been now warned that she is probably working

      • Anthony Anthony

        James I think your problem or the problem with you is your delivery, not your content. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. You teach me lots if my *filter* is on as I read through your aggressive and condescending debating posts. In fact, you'd make an excellent debater but the same skill is at odds in a community setting. For someone who feels the need to absolutely have your opinion absolutely asserted, you are shockingly intolerant and rude in your dissections and responses to others opinions which differ from yours.

        You only need to read your posts to see this is true.

      • NoNukes NoNukes


        This Ron Arnold that you're quoting is the anti-environmental guy, "spiritual" advisor to pro-nuke George Bush, according to Wikipedia (via Playboy), his Green Tracking database is for the purpose of undermining environmental groups:

        Arnold is upset that PSR "forwards the left-wing agendas" (e.g. the anti-nuclear movement is historically left):
        "An advocacy group that reframes environmental, gun rights, nuclear power, and other issues as public health issues to forward the left-wing ideological agendas of elite donors and well-heeled board members."

        It looks like the board members are mostly doctors, which is what you would expect of a physician's group. "Elite donors" could mean anything. It sounds like he doesn't have much on them.

        PSR has an anti-nuclear track record beginning with the study on teeth in the 60s:
        "PSR originally opposed atmospheric nuclear testing by documenting the presence of testing byproduct strontium-90 in children's teeth." Is there any evidence that they have participated in the greenwashing of nuke?

        I would appreciate hearing both Caldicott and Busby speak out loudly and clearly about this Alpha emitting "dust" and the levels of radiation currently in Japan and internationally. Has anyone heard them speak about the Alpha "dust?" Enenews has been reporting it since at least November, or earlier?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    james I am not too interested in another long controversy about people in the anti-nuke community. I can't see what good purpose it serves.

    You do seem to have a tendency to foment these controversies. That's all I am saying. I think they are divisive and a waste of time, is all.

    Maybe you can find someone else to bicker with about Caldicott… and Busby.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    The tears at the end of the video says it all:

    March / April Public Appearances for Dr. Caldicott
    Posted on March 3, 2012
    Friday 16 March
    Film and discussion
    Temple United Methodist Church
    1415 Northeast 43rd St
    Watch trailer online
    A critical look at how the authorities handled the nuclear crisis and Tsunami relief by an American who volunteered in the clean-up. Visit Kickstarter page for Surviving Japan.

    Surviving Japan
    A Documentary project in Seattle, WA by Chris Noland

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Chris Busby and others at Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station 10 March


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Prof.Chris Busby VERY IMPORTANT !Nuclear power and solar flares
    Posted on March 5, 2012 by solar junky

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      "I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (www.youtube.com video explains the dangers of nuclear reactors and solar flares. In the 1850′s the earth was struck by a massive solar flare from the sun. Fortunatly, the only power back then was telegraph lines, which were destroyed. After the catastrophy at Fukushima however, we learned the hard way, what happens to a nuclear reactor when there is a loss of power. If the earth was to take another hit as in the 1850′s, the damage would be catastrophic to say the least. without power, every nuclear reactor on the planet would possibly have the same outcome as Fukushima. Needless to say, that would be the end of humanity, and all life on the planet. We can only pray that this doesn’t happen. Nuclear power is the most dangerous form of energy ever created, we must abolish this life destroying form of energy at all costs. With all the talk from NASA, about the possibility of a massive solar flare hitting the earth, we are running out of time. Time to put an end to nuclear power, before it puts an end to the earth, and all livings thing on it. "

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Is Helen Caldicott’s Nuclear Madness Still Relevant?
    Posted March 11, 2012
    “….Untold damage
    “Why can’t our decision-makers and atomic safety regulators pay some attention to Caldicott’s statement that each commercial nuclear reactor produces nearly 200 to 250 kg of plutonium every year, which is dangerous for at least half a million years? Plutonium is one of the deadliest elements in the world. Although naturally occurring plutonium is in very small quantities and does not pose a threat to human life, commercial production of the element can cause untold damage to our working and living environments.….”

  • bleep_hits_blades

    James is pushing people's buttons again, getting another emotional controversy going, that is off topic for this thread.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Wow! Glad I missed this ABOVE today. 🙁

  • Just wasted a whole bunch of sparse internet time reading through the above posts. Very annoying. The story line is about plutonium reaction and scientific stuff about what the plutonium is really doing. Nuclear is very technical which makes it really easy to Bu!!$hit. Putting it bluntly. Controversy over various players such as Busby, Arnie, Caldicutt or the Pillsbury Dough Boy should be in general topics. Whether purposeful or accidental, taking us all off topic as James 2 has done ( and done in the past )is something a shill would do. Not calling you a shill Jamie, but the end product of what you are doing, whether you are right or wrong, is the Shill Mode of Operations. So think about it.

    Vainly trying to at least stay remotely on topic, has anyone read the latest "The Economist" magazine? 14 page pull out on nuclear energy and while they totally downplay the dangers, they do make a purely economic argument against nuclear, basically saying the industry can't stand on its own with out government subsidy. A clear case of corporate welfare. They don't paint a rosy future for the industry. Worth reading even though there is a real minimizing of the dangers and in the back pages a unrelated article saying Japan is open for business, as they are participating in a tourist trade show. More propaganda.

    God Bless All

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Thanks, Mark, brave of you to read the Economist for us. It doesn't sound good for the industry, because the cost of nuclear is probably the most effective argument against it. Tell Americans that something will kill them and they will make Youtubes of themselves drinking it, but tell them that it will cost them $100 a year, and well, they will fight to the bitter end against it, even going so far as a city council meeting. Yet since China is now building 27-100 new nuclear plants, I think that the Economist is a little late to the anti-nuclear reality.

  • steve from virginia

    I disagree w/ Busby and his plutonium condensation hypothesis. A non-thermal reaction including plutonium would not be explosive unless it was properly contained as it is in a weapon. Critical mass of Pu-239 is over 2kg which is a lot of condensate in a very small space w/o any of the other components needed for an explosion.

    As for Pu in the environment, no doubt about it, a lot more than people will like. Each reactor had at least 150kg of Pu in the fuel. Some of the fuel in reactor unit 3 was ejected and possibly fuel in units 1 and 4. Plus, the three derelict reactors are still leaking rads into the atmosphere day and night. Cesium isos are as damaging as Pu if for no other reason than there is so much of them in the environment with more to come.

    • hbjon hbjon

      OMG. That was supposed to be a link to a fishing vessel from Japan.

      • hbjon hbjon

        I thought they were gonna sink the debris to prevent the spread of radioactive particles making the trip to North America. That fishing boat looks extremely contaminated to me. Where is the coast guard?

        • CaptD CaptD

          Far better to take some RAD reading and if it is not contaminated, someone should claim salvage rights to it, as I bet it is worth plenty even as scrap!

          I expect to see huge amount of debris reach North America, why not start planning for it now and adopt a PLAN that uses the recycling value of all of it to pay for its safe recycling and or disposal?

  • hbjon hbjon

    Just sit right back and hear a tale, A tale of a contaminated ship, that started out from a Nipon port during a mighty tidal rip. No phone no lights no crew aboard, the mighty ship was lost, If not for the courage of the Canadian Air Force crew the Sashimi might be lost, the Sashimi might be lost.

  • CaptD CaptD

    I expect to see SPIKES of radiation after each EQ, as the Corium(s) interact with the ground water below the Complex…

    Salt and boron are also interacting with the Corium(s), so there is now a brand new branch of Nuclear Chemistry that was unknown before 3/11…

    I also believe that the ongoing EQ's are also acting like a "spark plug" to further initiate additional sub-critical fissioning reactions are causing the temperature spikes, which I refer to as The Fuky Effect.

    Fukushima is not over by a long shot and could produce a Hydro-Corium Steam event that cold spread radiation Globally…