Professor: Fukushima is absolutely horrifying — Radiation will be entering Pacific for decades, there’s no end in sight — Nobody has a solution, problems are unprecedented (VIDEO)

Published: November 27th, 2013 at 8:17 am ET


Excerpts from an Interview with Professor Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima City University, Nov. 27, 2013: I see the catastrophe as absolutely horrifying and ongoing. There is no discernible end in sight to this tragedy, radiation will continue to seep into the Pacific Ocean for decades […] when they have problems they are always global in scale. […] These toxins will remain dangerous for hundreds of generations and will disperse throughout the planet. […] the sickness and contamination resulting from the disaster will last for hundreds [of generations]. […] they knew that there had been a full meltdown on the first day of the disaster, and three full meltdowns by the third day, they denied this for almost three months. […] fuel has melted and is now located somewhere unknown beneath the reactor building […] if some rice is contaminated above this legal level it is not removed from the food supply, but rather is mixed with uncontaminated rice until it is below this level. This is a process for moving contaminated food into the food supply […] But by far the most disastrous thing is to allow so many children to remain in contaminated areas. All children should be removed from contaminated areas immediately […]

Prof. Jacobs, Oct. 18, 2013 (at 3:30 in): Nobody really knows how to solve the problems at Fukushima. There is nobody who has solutions to these. The problems at Fukushima are unprecedented, so even bringing in outside expertise, all that they can do is try to problem-solve. There’s no solution that other countries have that they can come in and fix the reactors, or rather shut down the contamination, shut down the leaks. So even other countries coming in and bringing their expertise will hopefully bring more professionalism than Tepco has shown in the last two and a half years, but even those experts will be at a loss it how to solve the immense problems that we’ll be facing for decades in Fukushima.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: November 27th, 2013 at 8:17 am ET


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66 comments to Professor: Fukushima is absolutely horrifying — Radiation will be entering Pacific for decades, there’s no end in sight — Nobody has a solution, problems are unprecedented (VIDEO)

  • Nick

    Absolutely horrifying.



    No discernible end.

    Sound like a nightmare folks?

    Enjoy what you have today. Tomorrow will arrive as somewhat different than most of us had planned.

    "..catastrophe as absolutely horrifying and ongoing. There is no discernible end in sight to this tragedy, radiation will continue to seep into the Pacific Ocean for decades […] when they have problems they are always global in scale. […] These toxins will remain dangerous for hundreds of generations and will disperse throughout the planet." (Jacobs)

    • Gradius

      Is THE END, everytime I say that someone inside tell us the same thing. Go hung and say goodbye to your friends and families, we are trully done for and is in Global scale. No place is safe, no place to run, no place to hide.

      • invisible ELEphant in the room

        Everyday I hear something that freaks me out a little more. Today it was:

        Fukushima Birdageddon

        This is very serious indeed! Your city or town will be bombed 24/7 with nuclear bombs in the future.

        The only place for humanity to survive will be underground in my opinion.

      • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

        True bro. But you know what? Since know one else knows or cares to know I am going to stealthily do all that you suggest without actually saying "goodbye". I will wait until all of the morons figure it out and then I will join in with them lockstep with tears and seeming "disbelief". It only counts when that time comes anyway. Any earlier and you are just a cuckoo bird in the eyes of society.

        When worldwide tears come people with their short attention spans wont even remember what you were telling them for the last two and a half years. Be cautious and look out for loved ones while pretending that all is well. You have time yet.

        • We Not They Finally

          Yeah, then it'll be a big "Why weren't we told?" I'm someone who actually hates the scene with Jack Nicholson dressing down Tom Cruise with, "You can't handle the truth!!" But sometimes I wonder….

        • nedlifromvermont

          Agree with zardoz and WNTF … so that is why we are here on enenews … a truly remarkable site!

          peace …

  • lickerface lickerface

    Letters from the IRS don't get me worried like they used to…

  • pkjn

    Radiation in American air and rain continues to rise.
    Bobby1's Blog –

    A new record of all-beta radiation was measured on Nov. 25 at Fukushima:

    The 26th, Tokyo Electric announced from observation wells located on the sea side of the 1-4 Unit Fukushima, radioactive materials that emit beta radiation, such as strontium-90 has been 910,000 becquerels detected per liter. Was taken in the 25th, I went up from 750,000 becquerels of collecting the 21st. In the well of the primary sea side, it was a record high.

    In The US, very high readings from rain were measured in Arkansas on Nov. 22. This is near the record high for this observer. This looks to be at least 18 times background. (Radiation in rain typically never exceeds 2-3 times background in high radon areas.)

    • Gasser Gasser

      Mike and the Mechanics


      Take the children and Geiger counter
And hide out in the cellar

      By now the plume will be close at hand

Don't believe the Professors and experts

      And everything they tell you

      Believe in yourself, your the high command.

      Can you hear us, can you see us?
Can you see us posting, can you hear us calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me factulizing?
Can you hear me logically, can you hear yourself calling you?

      There's a gun and ammunition
Just inside the doorway
Use it only in emergency

Better you should load it now

      The Father and the Spirit

      Can't protect you from up here.

      Can you hear us, can you see us?
Can you see us posting, can you hear us calling you?


      • Gasser Gasser


Can you hear me, can you hear me factulizing?
Can you hear me logically, can you hear yourself calling you?

        Don't swear allegiance to any flag
Never! whatever flag they offer

        Never hide at what you really feel

Teach the children common sense

        For some day sons and daughters

        Will rise up and fight while we stood still.

        Can you hear us, can you hear us running?
Can you hear us running, can you hear us calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

        Can you hear us, can you see us?

        Can you see us posting, can you hear us calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me factulizing?

        Can you hear me logically, can you hear yourself calling you?
Can you all hear, can all you hear us brain storming?
You can hear us power thinking, were inventors calling you?

        Can you hear us Blanching! (were F—-ing calling you?)

(Listen up! Can you hear me) hear me dude's! yelling @ you?

(Can you hear TepCo running) hear them running bad boys?

(Can you read my word-smithing) see me posting you?

Calling you, calling you

        ~Gasser Classic~

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    "TOKYO (Reuters) – Tokyo Electric Power Co, operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, expects to make recurring profit of between $1.5 billion and $2 billion annually for a 10-year period, assuming it can restart its biggest nuclear plant …"

    • We Not They Finally

      Forget about dollars or yen. They need to be paid in liters of blood. Quick, quick, before it all turns to leukemia!

  • Socrates

    With nuclear energy as presently designed, and with reprocessing and nuclear waste problems unsolved, the large reactors with their spent fuel pools full of 40 years of spent fuel, the killing fields have been down with the deadly seed of destruction.

    Nature did not wait obediently for puny men to think through how they would deal with an infinitely large scale nuclear mishap. Such a mega – catastrophe has befallen the Japanese, and indeed, the entire world. We all will eat, breathe and drink the radionuclide forever.

    Japan will clamp down on the release of information and militarized to evoke feelings of nationalism and misguided patriotism – finding a common enemy such as China will unite Japan with the debt – ridden USA to accomplish the Asian pivot as a cover for those who pushed the peaceful atom. The icing on the cake will be the TPP "free trade" agreement providing corporations with immunity from liability for contaminated food and products.

    • flatsville

      Socrates, FYI

      This recently updated-–Nuclear-Power/

      For the poster who wanted to know the Top 10 US nuclear issues/legal actions that need assistance, simply look at the two tables-

      under construction
      planned and propsed

      There are a host of CWIP and/or ratepayer financing issues related actions/cases attached to those NPPs that need $$$ or citizen lobbying help.

      And if your in FLA, you have been and are being taken for billions on ratepayer financing.

    • Socrates

      "We are winning on the Eastern front," said Hitler's propagandists. We all know how that ended.

      One big blaze of glory feels better than admitting defeat. There might be new territory provided for those who wish to avoid the contamination. The idea of a new frontier for space to live in has its appeal to the territorial imperative in our genes. But what if the genes themselves are corrupted? One's heirs will suffer from mutations and developmental diseases?

      This is what the future will be, not glory.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    The biosphere is the new containment vessel

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Lion76,
      So true. Well put.
      Folks keep reading, posting, sharing ENENews -generating change worldwide 24/7!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 Perfect!

  • Socrates

    The attitude towards the disaster.was one of denial, deceit, and penny – pinching foolishness that made matters insoluble.

    The Nuclear establishment in the USA sees no problems with pushing ahead with their own nuclear agenda.

    Ellen Brown has written an article posted at about the TPP free trade agreement being pushed by multinational corporate giants such as Monsanto to control the food supply and further control the economy.

    We see the outlines of the NWO; it is corporate. The Pope said that they are worshipping the golden calf of the market.

    This is a rigged market with governments a lining with corporate interests over the rights of the individual.or even the nation-states.

    Their cat's paw is nukes and they control energy through public utilities that are privatized. The Nuclear Robber Barons are conquering the world that they have destroyed already.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      that is the ominous storm cloud. The dark forces actually DID win and with ease. Hideous dark ages are sure to follow

      • Socrates

        Yes, Dark Ages America – made to order by corporate money.

        Nothing personal. If fact, the agenda is impersonal.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Yes Socrates….It's just business…

          • Socrates

            They make a buck at our expense since they privatize the profits and external ice (socialize) the environmental costs.

            If benefits are provided, the social desirability can be debated. At a certain point, the externalities must be accounted for. The concepts of accounting in nature must be considered in the long run.

            The colonial and capitalistic models provide incentive but little or no accountability for the future.

            The past 500 years has culminated in very destructive practices. The future should be bright and positive but it is never been dimmer. They call that "progress." Feudal lords at the helms of multinational boardrooms determine policy. They are in charge of the media and control the discourse.

    • We Not They Finally

      About "Monsanto controlling the food supply": Chemtrails causing poisonous aluminum to be rained down, and Monsanto has the only patent on aluminum-resistant seeds. So they and other corporate giants have everything to gain by misleading the environmental community into the big "greenhouse gasses" lie. Great bogeyman CO2 NOT!! Other toxins bad, really bad, but CO2 just makes the flowers grow, which in turn give off more OXYGEN.

      Unfortunately, there are hordes of idiots out there by now, calling themselves "progressive," who seem to think that CO2 will poison them and plutonium they can just ignore. Or even aluminum for that matter.

      Just look at Monstanto. Or John Holgren, for that matter, Obama's science advisor. A supposed environmentalist — well, except for that nifty book he wrote about eugenics — PRO-eugenics!! And he wildly pushes chemtrails to allegedly abate "global warming."

      It's made so much harder when we are not only surrounded by corporate liars, but by hypocrites and masquerades.

      • Socrates


        I did not know that about the chemtrails and aluminum – resistant seeds that are patented by Montsano. Do you have a citation for that?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Thank you for bringing up TPP, also called the Pacific Pivot. This will be the final nail on the coffin of democracy. OTOH, the world is finished anyway, not just democracy. But I'm one who likes to know what is killing me.

      But noone can put a number on just when the radionuclide load will reach the point where unmutated reproduction is viable. No one can cite that number. No one knows.

  • weeman

    No solution to present accident, so the only logical thing to do is close all operating reactors world wide, so we will not have another nuclear accident that can not be fixed, does anybody here think that we will never have another nuclear accident, it is not a probability but a fact.
    You have done enough damage to our genome.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      That would be the common sense thing to do! 🙂

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      isnt it tiring to repeat "shut them all down" when new international nuke deals are being made, resistance is made illegal, guns are drawn and the apathetic public is powerless?

      Fukushima didnt stop them, what does this say? This is a scene from Tolkien where the beasts come from middle earth and death spreads across the land. oooh nooo, lets just shut them all down

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        🙂 We all live in a surreal created bizarro land where the wizards in charge are simply empowered men and women through legally enforced word craft techniques.. 🙁

      • weeman

        What does that say, I will tell you, we are ruled by a society that is in need of repair and the present form of democracy is not working for the ones it was to protect,
        I equate nuclear power to slavery, the similarities are undeniable and this must change and if it takes a civil disobedient to accomplish it would be worth it.
        Withhold electic bill, half population one month the other half next, they can not disconnect all of us, it would take the majority of the population, but nuclear would be put to rest in short order, predict two years, solidarity is the solution, now we must recruit.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          yes Weeman, solidarity could do it, but it doesnt happen. Military coup, saved by UFOs, signatures, public outrage, none of this has been effective to shut down all nuke plants thus far

          • weeman

            We have tried the obvious, level one, now is the time to change stratagies and go to level two.
            I don't know if you realize we have made great strides and many more are coming on board everyday, now is as good a time to make a stance, people are becoming more aware all the time and the news coverage is increasing, day after day.
            We will win the day, we have to, as to loose is a death sentence.
            Hold your head up, hold your head high, you are all the voice of reason.
            So make it so, prime directive from the Weeman.
            If you can't be bad, be good, good, good.

            • weeman

              Closer to the heart, by rush.

              And the men who hold high places
              Must be the ones who start
              To mould a new reality
              Closer to the Heart
              Closer to the Heart

              The Blacksmith and the Artist
              Reflect it in their art
              Forge their creativity
              Closer to the Heart
              Yeah, it's closer to the Heart

              Philosophers and Ploughmen
              Each must know his part
              To sow a new mentality
              Closer to the Heart
              Yeah, it's closer to the Heart

              You can be the Captain and
              I will draw the Chart
              Sailing into destiny
              Closer to the Heart

              Closer to the Heart x7

              Closer to your heart.

              • weeman

                That is my reality, you can call me a dreamer, but some dreams come true same as nightmares can become reality too.

        • flatsville


          Re: elec bill. Brilliant!

          Take enough lead time to publicize. Third anniversary of Fuku may be a good target date.

          I think it could make an impact with a coalition behind it and in some states where NPPs are borderline for planned or new construction or decommissioning.

          Some will always be afraid of even non-violent passive protest. They are slaves in body and spirit.

    • "…nuclear accident, it is not a probability but a fact."
      – weeman

      He is 100% correct.

      If you haven't seen this clip from a lecture about NPP risks, perhaps you should.

      Gordon Edwards is math & physics professor
      Video: There will be meltdowns (risk vs reality)

  • A real problem exasperating all of this is that the USA see Japans restart of reactors NECESSARY to the security of the USA. They said that.

    Hence the coverup, Hillary's agreement to buy their contaminated food.

    The economic hitman AND the military industrial complex BOTH want Japan to be full of nukes.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Corporate and military interests..think it is quite in getting Japan ..Japan all the willing to return to producing nuclear material..while their country suffers extreme exposure.
      Get some work out of the human terrain…and let them die.
      Then again..they don't care..about our troops remaining there and others sent there as the US tries to drum up another war.This time with China..ensuring the perpetual war.
      This is all Humans know and come up with as a supposed viable future.

      PS..Can I have my candy bar ..and bottle of water now?
      I'll shield my eyes from the shiny medals on the chests of those.. being so 'merciful'.

      • We Not They Finally

        Isnt it by now obvious among the military and Corporations there are few if any who have any power to reverse the tide before we all drown in agony in the sea of self destruction..We didnt ask for any of this rot and greed and spiritual debilitation that has let all of us left out to spoil in a world that seems to care only for wealth and profit as we all disintegrate in a future without hope.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I think that it is understand that fate offered a moment of change.
          Nothing can change the outcome of the Fukushima disaster.
          But the dynamics of how this country is run..was given a chance to change.
          The Revolution…Occupy, etc. was the opportunity for see the needs and wishes of the people…and an offertunity to be involved in a more fair and concerned society.
          What..we were there just to get our heads beaten make some crumby list of those that dare defend the people?

          TPTB chose.. to continue trying to control a world that.. is now changed.
          Some of them surely realizing that their old skills no longer need apply.
          But greed..and failures to think in new ways seals the deal.

          This is the legacy of Human.

          Oh..there will be so muny comparisons to the Revelations through all this.
          How prophetic profound.
          Most books..of faith…contain a warning.
          No, not a plan for self-fulfilling prophecy…
          "Gee..look. It's just like Wormwood.

          Prophecy..foresight is a to what will happen without change..
          TPTB chose our which we can stand witness.
          I'd rather be in my shoes than in theirs..this life or the next.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    There are enough nukes created now to turn the entire Earth into a big ball of burning cinders in a 24 hour period. 🙁

    We don't need no more stinking Nukes and/or any more stinking badges!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Nobody has a solution, problems are unprecedented"

    Consequences are unprecedented..the sorrow and suffering to come unprecedented.

  • Seeker

    This man is a hero to me. I pray he stays safe, given the upcoming secrecy law.

    I started taking potassium iodide again–my 3rd. time since 3/11.

    Giving thanks for the life we have left,


  • Shaker1

    The dilution was dictated from the beginning of meltdowns, and it's something I personally assumed. I'm sure most of us have gotten a good education about reactors since this 'accident', but cursory knowledge of their workings could only lead one to that conclusion. It could have been mitigated somewhat, but how much is open to debate, especially when one factors in political considerations. What is not obvious, and unfortunately the lesson of Chernobyl is still lost, not in nuke dangers, not in its more-proper-than-this-yet-still-tragic-response, but in the cultural attitudes that get us here. Begin with man's tendency to form gangster-style 'governments', then proceed to the idea of the 'heroic' without the realization that we create the heroic need and circumstance, and that heroes are always, in some manner, tragic figures. The poor interpretations commonly assumed are monument and ancient to modern, while we, in our technological arrogance and the increasingly discriminatory educations that technology requires, would hardly recognize a hero who has actually made the effort to learn these lessons and make the correct assumptions. One will read Homer and not see the tragedy of Achilles, or take the retellings of Hercules at face, when, in reality, he was feared for his obvious tragic faults and sometimes grossly indiscriminate deeds; or look at evolution as some statement of progression and statement of power, when it must be assumed and is evident that…

  • Shaker1

    digression is part and parcel of 'survival of the fittest' and the idea of natural selection that is evolution's base idea.

    I truly would like to be surprised in this incident. Something like "we know how to fix it, know how to preserve the status quo even as bad as it is, and to save living things from the potential damage" would be nice. To be followed then by "we've learned our lessons and will do everything in our power, spare no expense, to clean up all the messes and ensure it won't happen again."

    Oh, well…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    R A D I A T I O N

    Permeating land, sea, and air.

    Sidewalks are empty.

    People stay inside.

  • J.

    Jacobs is a good man. One of the most valuable things he said is that TEPCO and the government lied to the world for three months. This makes everything that follows suspect. They knew within a few days there was meltdown and melt through, and kept up a show of "proceeding to cold shutdown."

    There is no reason so suppose that they have suddenly become honest.

  • nuknomore nuknomore

    We all knew once pandora's box was opened there was no turning back.. And we pleaded for our planet.. But money and power won..
    Now noone wins.. We all loose..
    Our beautiful pacific ocean is ruined.. I go there and look out at it.. And realize my grandchildren, IF they survive.. Will never enjoy setting their feet in this water.. The beautiful creatures in it.. have no where to go.. And are suffering.
    It breaks my heart.

  • We Not They Finally

    Thank you, Prof. Jacobs! Finally just straight-out truth.

    But o.k., I take it that this guy is probably an American? Will he then still be subjected to penalties from the new Japanese secrecy laws? Or deported? Or if he is jailed, will the American Embassy even CARE?

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Time to fire up the spaceships and get off this planet…only one problem…. no spaceships.

    Put a fork in it…we are done…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    They are coming… 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Not really..just wanted to make you feel a little better…

  • skizexq skizexq

    reminds me of a Thomas Dolby tune, newsblackoutusa:

    To The Lifeboats:

    In dreams the skies are azure blue
    The sea's a mirror pond
    Then you wake up to howling wind and rain
    Upon your rooftiles
    It won't be long
    It won't be very long now, Caroline

    The superstitious sailors of old
    Refused to learn to swim
    But there's no need to drown these days
    Cause we've got lifeboats.
    Where are the lifeboats?
    There are no lifeboats.
    There are no fucking lifeboats…

    There's a freak storm blowing in
    In from the Arctic
    There's a freak storm blowing in
    In from the Poles
    I'll be the last to leave the bridge
    The last rat off your ship, England!

    By dawn we are the castaways
    The turtles on a log
    We're drifting off the coast of France
    And listing sideways
    It won't be long
    It won't be very long now, Caroline

  • We Not They Finally

    When it comes to greed there is no common sense.When it comes to greed there is no heart or soul.When it comes to greed there is no civilized humanity just a bunch of very wealthy greedy creatures resembling H G Wells Morlocks…Oh for a time machine to visit
    somewhere in time to go…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Ah..yes..escapist thoughts..I have them.
    I am however..long enough in understand at least my own destiny.
    Many ..though in great pain..are where we are supposed to be..right here fighting for the people.

  • Socrates

    At Yale a professor says it is scary but not alarming. In Japan, this professor says it is horrifying.

    Word usage varies inversely with distance. This is a matter of perception. As the releases of radioactive materials continues into the ocean and atmosphere continues, all of us will become alarmed.

    Sell a field has accumulated many tons of Pu. They understand that they have only three ways to get rid of it. Meanwhile, it is a liability. To me, this is alarming.

    One man's scary is another man's alarming. Scary becomes alarming when the potential.consequences are considered and the closer you are to the source. These consequences are global in nature. Horrifying is the most apt term. Those who play with fire will burn everyone. Trust us, we're geniuses, they say. To me, they are idiots.

  • Sam

    Every human being on this planet has at least 20 atoms of Hitler, 20 of Genghiz Khan, 20 of Ceaser, 20 of Cesium…..

    "Death is inherent in all things composite."
    – The Buddha, circa 500BC

  • Seeker


    "I am however..long enough in understand at least my own destiny.
    Many ..though in great pain..are where we are supposed to be..right here fighting for the people."

    This made my day!


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @ Seeker..The fact that someone understands..just made mine.

  • jec jec

    Excellent look at what Japanese seaweed is showing for radiation bio-accumulation by a lay person with a very simplistic but effective video example. And as scientific as anyone testing to identify the problem! Those video tests should drive our governments to start their own efforts! Wonder what the kelp on the West Coast of the USA is showing now, as radiation/cesium was detected last year?? And of course, this might point to one reason for smaller fish, sardines/herring, to show population collapses in British Columbia. And then without small fish, the larger fish and sealife also show population collapse, like salmon. All just theory at this point, but possible damage could be caused by radiation. Our governments should test, track and follow this radiation streaming out of Fukushima, its not over..its just a silent disaster you can not see. Unless the governments already KNOW how bad it is and want to ask as a emergency room for ill and sick radiated people…..